Bunny of my Dreams – Chapters 8 to 14

edit64Written by Zim999 and Luvthatsuper (October-December 2006 / January 2007)

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As the two little birds walked around the mall, their senses being bombarded from all directions, they went into store after store. They stopped at everything, from candy and card stores all the way to Khol’s, looking at everything and keeping things they might want in their minds.

Just then Kevin saw something that caught his attention, it was the largest Yu-Gi-Oh card store he’d ever seen. He grabbed Sally by her wing and they went in. Kevin’s beak fell open when he saw they had the other 98 cards and the spare Riryoku spell card he needed, plus, to make things better, they were on sale for only 50 dollars. “Sally I think I’m dreaming.” Kevin said. Sally pinched her brother. “Thanks sis I needed that.” He said again. Kevin bought all the cards he needed and placed them in the Deck he kept in his fanny pack. He turned to Sally and asked, “Where to now sis?”

“Let’s go to that Hot Topic store we saw on the way in!” shouted Sally with glee. An equally excited Kevin responded, “I was just thinking that!” The two siblings ran toward the store that had captivated them on the way in.

The Peacock Siblings went in the store and they saw all the cool stuff, including stuff from one of Kevin’s favorite shows, Invader Zim. He really loved the show, and ever since it went off the air in 2002, he wasn’t feeling like himself. Everyday he would write stuff about Zim, which was saved in his laptop. Every file he wrote, every picture he drew, every single thing related to Zim was sacred to him. He would also collect pictures of Zim with Gaz, and pictures of his favorite secondary character, Gretchen.

Sally had her eye on many different shirts and wristbands, such as one’s bearing Happy Bunny phrases. As she was rummaging through some t-shirts, she saw a tail through the rack. It was white tipped, orange, with semi- fluffy, mid length hair. This was it, her first encounter, and she wondered who it was. As her wing lurched forth and touched the furry tip, she heard a sharp gasp. Sally immediately pulled her hand back, and wondered whom it was she had just violated. Her question was quickly answered with a foxy face staring over the clothes rack, saying, “Well, hi, I’m Edna, and you are?”

Sally just stood there, a bright red coming across her cheeks. She stammered, forming words in her mind, as her beak did nothing. She managed to utter forth the phrase, “I.. I.. um.. I’m Sa… Sally.” The little vixen never seemed to take her eyes off her, and the stare continued, as she replied, “That’s such a pretty name, say, did you just move here? Because, I haven’t seen you before.”
“Me and my brother have been… um… home schooled. Our parent’s just wanted us near them… I guess…” Sally replied shyly, her face getting redder by the second. She felt so embarrassed to be acting shy, and the more she felt shy, the more embarrassed she became.
“Wow, that sounds pretty dull. Have you ever been out of your house before?”
“No, this is the first time,” answered Sally, getting a little more comfortable. She didn’t quite know what, but something about this girl made her feel… calm.
“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?” Edna said with a slight grin, all the while making Sally feel at ease. Edna stepped on through the rack and faced her newfound friend; inspected what she was wearing, and could not help but notice all the purple and green. “I guess I won’t be needing to ask your favorite colors.” Edna said with a giggle. “You said you have a brother? I have one too, in fact he’s the one taking me out shopping. How old is your brother?”
“He’s 12, and I’m 8,” Sally replied.
“No way! Get out! My brother is 12 and I’m 8 also! Your brother just has to meet mine!”
“That would be great! I’ll go get Kevin now!” Sally said, completely over her shyness by now, as the girls ran off separate ways to retrieve their siblings.

Moment’s later…

“Kevin, this is Edna and Edward fox, they live just down the street from us!
“Nice to meet to meet you two.” Kevin said.
“Same here.” Edward said back.
“So what is School like? Cause next week is our first day.” Kevin said.
“I know how you feel, Edna and I went though the same thing on our first day, but you’ll definitely get over any shyness when you REALLY enter Pouncefield.” The foxes looked at each other and giggled.
“Well, that’s all cool, I found some things I wanna try on, Kev, so I’ll be in the change rooms,” Sally told her brother.
“OK sis, I’ll stay here for now, don’t be too long.” Kevin said with a wave. He and Ed then chatted away, about different things, as unbeknown to them, Edna had slipped out of sight, carrying some various clothes, including very lacy panties and bras.
As the vixen approached the changing rooms, she tiptoed up to the door, lifted her paw, and let three soft, but firm, raps on the door. *knock knock knock*

“Um… Occupied…” came the shy voice from inside.
“Sally, it’s me… It’s me, Edna.”
“Oh! Edna, what do you want?”
“I need to try on a few things, mind if I come in?”
“Um… OK! One second,” Sally said, as she unlocked the door, letting her new friend in.
Edna slipped into the room with Sally, and as they changed together, showing each other the different outfits, Sally couldn’t help but notice that the new girl wouldn’t take her eyes off her. While Sally slipped on a new bra, Edna dropped hers, and stepped toward the little bird. “Edna, how’s this look?” asked Sally, turning toward the fox, though, she only got through part of the question, as Edna grabbed her by the cheeks and kissed her deeply.



Muffled by the lips against her beak, Sally tried to pull away, but was being pinned against the wall. “What? Edna… what are you do… mmmhmmhhhmm.” She began to moan as Edna’s hasty hands rubbed along her neck, shoulders, chest and back. Edna swiftly unclasped and dropped Sally’s bra. Through the sighs and the pants, Sally managed to ask, “Should we be doing this? I’ve never kissed a boy before, let alone a girl.”

With an excited grin, and lustful eyes, Edna responded, “There’s a first time for everything.” With that, she proceeded to move her hands to the peacock’s breasts.

Lips and beak never missing contact, Edna grabbed Sally’s left breast with both hands, rubbing it gently in circles. By this point, Sally had caved into Edna’s desires, and was willing to do whatever this fox wanted. As their romp furthered, Sally’s panties were becoming noticeably wet, while Edna’s were equally sodden. As Edna probed and prodded further through Sally’s feathers, she felt the sensual touch of feathers on her back and shoulders.

Hands continued to wander, tongues intertwined, and bodies joined as one. As Edna rubbed along the peacocks’ chest, she started to move down. First to her stomach, then to her hips, inner thighs, and finally back to the top of her panties. Edna fondled with the waistband, and slipped her fingertips down in between the feathers and cloth. Sally let out a sigh of utter ecstasy, for she knew what was going to happen, and her body yearned for it.

Edna slipped her fingers, down to their full length, into Sally’s panties, to satisfy the question that was on her mind since she laid eyes on the bird. Edna opened her eyes and moved her lips off Sally’s beak. They locked eyes, as the words poured forth from Edna’s lips. “Just as I thought, you are a virgin,” she said with a widening smirk, “We’ll just have to fix that now, won’t we?” With a compliant nod from Sally, their lips locked once again, as the girls started to remove each other’s panties. They fondled each other’s crotches as they continued to embrace.

Edna then moved toward the changing bench, and sat Sally down. She removed her lips from Sally’s and moved to an awkward position, turning away from the bird. She knelt over and grabbed Sally by the ankles.

“Edna, what are you doing?” Sally asked, as her question was answered.

With a swift movement, Edna heaved Sally’s legs up onto the bench, and forced Sally into lying on her side. Edna then lifted her legs up, and lay on her side facing Sally in a perfectly positioned 69.

Sally moved her beak forward slowly to the pink crevice in front of her, where as Edna had gone to Sally with haste. Sally lurched forward, quivering from her own anxiety, and the pleasure Edna was giving her. Sally panted and inhaled the sweet aroma that was a fox in severe heat. Her tongue slowly creped forth, and at long last, made contact with Edna’s clit.

Passionately, they felt and experimented with each other as their panting and moaning continued. They both had placed one hand on each other’s chest, and one wrapped around the hips. Sweating, moaning, panting, and yiffing; a racket was coming from that room. After about 20 minutes, though it felt like hours, the climax began.

Sally started to tingle and twitch in her lower body, she wasn’t sure exactly what was happening, but she knew she didn’t want it to stop. Edna’s thighs started to tighten around Sally’s beak and her legs buckled and stretched, as both girls started to moan excessively. Then it happened, Edna slipped her hand under the base of Sally’s tail, and slipped her index finger into her anus. Sally shuddered and squawked in ecstasy as she squirted straight onto the vixen’s muzzle and face. Edna then shivered in delight, as she came so strong, she couldn’t do anything but pant afterwards, unable to move.

After basking in the afterglow of the warmth of their bodies, the girls sat up, and kissed once. Edna was the first to speak after that.

“That was the best time I’ve had in a long while.” Edna smiled and kissed Sally again, “But we have to clean up and get presentable,” she said, as she stood up holding Sally’s wings. “Here, we can use the piles of clothes we brought in to dry off,” Sally pointed out, as she picked up a couple pieces of clothing and wiped herself off.

“That’s why I brought um in,” Edna said with a giggle.

The girls cleaned up, and slipped on the clothes that they had entered with. Edna stepped out first, followed by Sally. They walked up to their brothers, giggling and laughing as if they had been swapping jokes. The brothers were fooled, even Ed didn’t suspect anything had happened between them, and he usually can tell in an instant if his sister has “been at it,” so to speak.

The girls split, but before they did, Edna whispered softly in Sally’s ear, “if you ever want to meet up, I slipped my home number and address into your pocket.”

The Peacock’s rang up what they wanted to get, and finished their shopping. They met up with their Mom and walked back to the car. As they pulled into the driveway, Sally said in a euphoric voice, “Kevin, I’m gonna like it here.”



Late that night, Kevin was in his room at his desk going though his new cards. He was really happy to finally get the last of the cards he needed. Just then Sally came in. “What do you want sis?” Kevin asked. “Can we talk for a bit?” Sally asked, blushing slightly. “OK, what about?” asked a slightly confused Kevin. She stepped in to her brother’s room and closed the door silently behind her. As she looked at the clock, it read 10:23. Their usual bedtime was 9 o’clock. She then turned and locked the door behind her. This caught Kevin’s eye, and made him just that much more curious.
“May I ask what your doing Sally?”
“I just don’t want anything to disturb us, I have few things I need to tell you.”

Kevin got up from his desk and walked over to his little sister. “This sounds unusually serious for you, let’s sit down.” The two kids sat down on his bed; Kevin with his arm wrapped firmly around his sisters’ shoulder, holding her closely. “What is it you wanted to say?”

“Well,” Sally replied, blushing slightly, “In light of recent events, I felt I had to come clean on a few secrets I’ve been keeping from you. I feel we have to be able to talk freely to help us handle going to school.”
“Go ahead, I’m all ears for you,” said Kevin with a smile. “To start, remember when Sunkist knocked your Yu-Gi-Oh challenge trophy off your shelves and broke it?”
“I sure do, I didn’t play with that cat for months after that.”
“Well, she didn’t do it. I did. I was dancing with my beanie babies in your room when one flung out of my hand and hit your trophy.”
“Sally……” Kevin was ready to yell at his baby sister. “What else did you do that you blamed on Sunkist?” Kevin asked, clenching his beak.
Sally realized how angry her brother was, but she knew she had to come clean with him. “Well, I was also the one who had crashed your computer that one time…” she said, looking at her feet.
“That was you?!?! I lost so much of my work! Why didn’t you tell me?!” demanded Kevin, in a not too calm way.
“I… I’m sorry… I just… I just… I was afraid of how you’d react,” Sally said looking her brother in the eyes, hers welling up with tears. “I was afraid you’d hate me.”
Realizing how distraught she was, and overcome with guilt and compassion, Kevin consoled his sister with a gentle hug and a whisper in her ear. “There, there Sis. I could never hate you for anything. I can only love you. You’re my sister, and the only one I’ll ever have. You are precious and dear to my heart.”

“Oh Kevin, you are so forgiving, I love you too,” Sally said hugging him back. “Sally it’s time I told you a few things that I blamed on Sunkist as well. Remember the time I told you the cat ruined your bobbing Cactus? I was responsible for that, but it was an accident.”
“Well that’s not bad, I’m just glad you told me.” Sally said, snuggling closer to her brother. That’s when Kevin asked the fateful question, why Sally was really there. “Sally after we came back from the mall, you seemed very different. Did something happen there that you’d like me to know about?”
“Well yes, and I want to tell you, but I’m not sure you’d be able to handle it.”
” I can handle anything you tell me, no matter what you say, you’ll always be my sister.”
“OK, but I don’t think you’ll expect this…” Sally said as she hesitated. “When “OK, but I don’t think you’ll expect this…” Sally said as she hesitated. “When I was trying on clothes, Edna came into my dressing room, and we tried on different outfits…” she hesitated again.
“Is that all?” Kevin asked.
“No, no, it’s not. She… she kissed me.”
“OK, that’s a bit creepy, but not bad, you walked away right?” “No, I didn’t. I’m not sure what it was about her, but something made me kiss back, and then one thing led to another, and we ended up…” Sally swallowed hard but forced herself to say it, “We had sex in that room.”

Kevin’s beak fell open. “You… had sex? You’re only eight! She’s only eight! How could you do that?!”
“I’m sorry.” Sally said. Kevin just sat on his bed knowing that his baby sister just told him she had sex with her new friend. He thought around all that meant, and finally came to his senses. “Well, from what I’ve seen online on a few blogs, kid’s talk about sex, I just never thought they actually did it. I guess this it’s our secret now sis, and to let you know, I think no less of you.”
Sally went from sitting next to her brother, to a leap and tackle hug pushing him onto his back, hugging and kissing him on his cheeks. “Oh, Kevin! I love you soooo much!”
“I love you too Sally,” he said as she rest herself on top of him, her arms still wrapped around him. They lied there for what seemed like hours, just enjoying each other. The two lay there with their faces against each other, and slowly drift into sleep.



The next morning, when Kevin woke up, he saw Sally was sleeping on top of him, he then remembered what happened last night. He then wondered how he was going to get up with out waking Sally up. He then saw this was a time to joke around with his baby sister. With out waking Sally up, he moved his hands to the waistband of her shorts and carefully pulled them down showing Sally’s green panties. “This is like the time I helped her undress to help her use her potty chair,” he thought.

He gently rubbed the swell of her back and rubbed her cheek with his beak. Sally started moaning in her sleep, “oh Edna… Edna…” Kevin chuckled to himself slightly, and spoke softly into Sally’s ear in a sensual voice, “Oh Sally, get your lazy butt off me and make me some eggs.” Sally snapped awake and realized what her brother had done. She quickly sat up and pulled her shorts up. All the while Kevin was laughing his feathery ass off at her. She gave him a playful slap across the cheek. She got up and walked out of his room, sticking her tongue out at him. He kept on laughing so hard he nearly passed out, and barely heard his sister say, “I admit it, you got me, but two can play at that game, you just wait!”

Sally went in her room, took off the clothes she slept in, leaving her in her panties and bra. “Looks like it’s time for me to finally wear my new school girl outfit.” She said as she put on her new dress, shirt, socks and shoes. “I’m glad there isn’t a dress code for panties.” She said and giggled.

Kevin managed to stop his laughing after several minutes in a giggling fit, got undressed, and was going to get dressed when he realized he had to wear his uniform. He slipped on the blue dress slacks, black shoes, white shirt and black tie. He made sure his mom ordered a dress shirt with a pocket, which he then slipped his Ipod into. He slipped on his stylish blue fanny pack and his blue book bag, looked at himself in the mirror, and gave himself an approving nod.

Meanwhile, Sally had finished getting her jewelry on, and her purple and green need in her outfit was satisfied. She then looked at her locket, and the words of her aunt rang through her head. “You must keep what is most dear to your heart close to it, and this locket will do just that.” Sally had tried different things in the locket, but they all made it feel ingenuine. She decided to try something she hadn’t tried before. She sat down and took out a pair of scissors and a picture from their family vacation. She cut out a heart shape around the heads of Kevin and herself, and put that into the locket. Suddenly, as she put that locket around her neck, she felt… completed.

“I’ll show Kevin this on the bus.” She said as she hugged the locket close to her. She then picked up her backpack. “Let’s see what do I need the most besides my school stuff?” She said. “I know! I’ll decorate my bag with some of my beanie babies and globes!” she took some of her favorite beanie babies; Bones the hound, Waddles the duck, Scales the crocodile, and Rocket the blue jay, put them in her bag so their heads were sticking out of the back of the bag. She then thought better of it and decided to not put a snow globe in her bag.

Meanwhile in Kevin’s room, he was also adding stuff to his bag. He placed 5 Gir clip ons he got from Hot Topic and 4 Invader Zim pins. He then checked out his fanny pack. In it was, a pair of car sick bands, 3 Fruit Twistable Pencil Toppers, his Invader Zim wallet and four pairs of Future like sunglasses, and of course, his Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

They were both up and ready 30 minutes before the bus was supposed to come. Simultaneously, they opened their room doors and saw each other dressed and ready to go. They locked eyes, and said to each other, “wow, you look good.” Then they both blushed heavily as they went downstairs to the family room. Their parent’s were surprised that they were not only looking very sharp, but that they were up early.

“Oh Brad look at our babies, they look so grown up.” Paula said.
“They sure do dear.” Brad said.
Sally smiled in a cute little way. “My little babies are growing up too fast,” Paula said as she took a picture of the kids.
“Mom, can you please get out of the way, your blocking the TV,” Kevin said to his mom.
“Yes sweety, I will,” she said as she turned and started to cry slightly. They watched TV for about 10 minutes until Paula had finished breakfast. They ate silently, thoughts swirling through all of their minds. Finally, 5 minutes before the bus was to come, the two kids said bye to their parents and stepped out the door into their new lives.



As Kevin and Sally were outside waiting for the bus, their parents were watching them from the window. “They grow up so fast, seems like only yesterday they were taking baths together.” Paula said. Brad put his wing around his wife’s waist and pulled her close. Outside the siblings were really hyper and anxious to get on the bus and get to school. Just then, the bus pulled up and the two climbed on slowly, whispering to each other. “There they go,” Paula said, with a slight choke in her voice.

Kevin asked Sally, “Where should we sit? In the front?”
“I think we should sit in the middle,” Sally replied.
“OK Sis.”
They walked on as the driver Carlos introduced himself and commented on Kevin’s “Cute Butt.” The two had mentally gone over everything and prepared themselves for this pivotal point in their lives, but nothing could have prepared them for what they saw next. Kevin stepped on first and started to walk towards the back, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a lion and a rabbit girl doing something he’d only seen online.
The rabbit girl was licking the lion’s penis. Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off the two. He and Sally sat across from them with out saying a word. Sally then saw a bump was in her older brother shorts. She watched as her brother’s bump kept growing, and he started to pant slightly.

The bus stopped again and two foxes climbed on, and headed toward the back. Edna passed the two and saw what was happening. “I’ll welcome them to town,” Edna thought to herself with a fiendish snicker across her face. She stealthily sat down in the seat behind them. She then put her bag down and kneeled down on the ground, she slipped under the Peacock’s chair and turned on her back. She then curled up and reached one paw up Sally’s skirt, and one onto Kevin’s bulging lap. Sally instantly recognized the paw and didn’t react nearly as sharply as her brother. Kevin shouted and jumped up and flapped for a few seconds, squawking. Sally grabbed her brother and pulled him down into the seat. “Relax Kev, it’s just Edna,” she said, as she pointed down to the furry face on the floor, smiling and waving at them cheekily, as if nothing was abnormal.

Kevin signed in relief, but he didn’t like being touched by anyone anywhere on his body, especially his “personal parts”. Sally giggled at what her big brother did. But she didn’t know was that Edna was slipping her paw down her green panties. Kevin didn’t say anything cause he was already embarrassed about what happened before.

Now more then a couple kids were staring at him, and Edna finally broke the silence. “So, what is your deal? Haven’t been with anyone before have you?” She said, while she was still rubbing Sally sensually. Kevin nodded slightly, blushing from embarrassment, while sally blushed out of pleasure. “I’m fairly shocked, you still a virgin? Wow, we should do something about that,” Edna snickered as her paw started creeping up Kevin’s leg.

“Hey! Stop that! I’m mad enough for what you did with Sally, and what the fuck are you doing now?!” He shouted at her as he realized what she was doing to his little sister. He slapped her arm down, which subsequently caused Edna to pull down Sally’s panties.

“Humpf… you’re no fun!” Edna pouted as she slid back under the seat. Sally snapped back to her sense after a few seconds, her panties still around her calves. She stood straight up and looked down at her brother, scolding him. “What did you do that for!? What’s so wrong with me feeling pleasure and happiness? Why do you have to be so stubborn?!” Sally screamed at her brother, then gave him a hard slap across the cheek. She picked up her bag, pulled her panties up, and stepped into the aisle. “Come on Edna. Let’s go!” she said as she grabbed the fox by the wrist and walked her toward the back of the bus.
Kevin started to rub his cheek, for the first time in his life his little sister had really hit him hard. He felt like he was going to start bawling tears, for he took emotions harder then most people. He didn’t want to cry on the bus, though. “I’ll talk to her when we get off,” he thought to himself, holding back tears.

Kevin peered over his shoulder, and saw his sister kissing Edna deeply. Then he saw her open one eye and glare at him. That single look tore straight through Kevin’s heart. “What happened to my sweet little sister? Where is she?” he thought to himself as he turned toward the window and tried to muffle his cries within his wing.

In the back of the bus…

Sally and Edna stopped kissing. Sally then looked over at Kevin and thought of what she did. “Sally are you OK?” Edna asked. Sally was spacing out and realized that she hurt the very best friend she had for 8 years. The dismal thought crossed her conscious as she watched Kevin cry, “What in god’s name have I done?”



The bus stopped at the School and the kids got off. Kevin was the last one to get off, slowly. He was still sad that his own baby sister slapped him, even though he was trying to help her. “Well here goes nothing,” he said as he slowly shuffled his way into the school.

Sally was walking through the halls, her thoughts racked over Kevin. Edna went down another hall as the kids filed to their classes. Sally passed by a crocodile boy who was leaning against some lockers watching the kids going by. Sally caught his eye, and he decided to follow her.
As Sally opened her locker and went to pull her bag off her back, she felt something tug on it. Turning around, she saw Rodriguez standing there, holding Scales between his claws. “Hey! You give Him back!!!” Sally screamed at his as she tried to get at her precious stuffed animal. Rod was taunting her with it by holding it just out of her reach.

“Why should I, you walking feather duster?” Rodriguez taunted in mean tone.
“What have I done to you?” Sally said, near tears.
“Your here, that’s what you’ve done. Bringing your cute little feathery ass into my school was your big mistake.”
“If it’s a problem you have with me, then handle it with me! Just leave poor scales out of this! He never did anything to you!” Sally screamed at the bully.
“Wow, you really do love crocs don’t you?” Rod tauntingly asked.
“Yes!! Now let him go!!!”
“In that case you must also love me, too,” Rod proposed with a fiendish smirk.
“Love you? We just met, and your very mean,” Sally said trying hide her fear. Rod grabbed Sally by her shirt and pushed her against the lockers.
“Admit it, you know you want me…” he said as he started to move his hand from her shoulder to her breast.
“Oh my god…” Sally thought to herself, for she knew what this boy intended to do to her.
“Somebody HELP!!!!” Sally screamed out, before her mouth was gagged with her very own beanie baby. Kids stood and watched, wanting to step in, but did nothing for fear of Rodriguez. Just when everything looked bleak, Sally saw a flash in the corner of her eye. Then she heard a voice she recognized shouting, “YOU GET OFF HER!!!!!!!”

It was Kevin coming to her rescue!! Rodriguez turned to the sound right as Kevin’s fisted right wing connected with the croc’s face at Mach 2. A deafening cracking sound was heard as the fist connected and the croc fell to the floor.
“DON’T YOU EVER GO NEAR MY SISTER AGAIN!!!! YOU GOT THAT YOU OVER GROWN SALAMANDER?!?!?!?” Kevin yelled at Rod as he squirmed around on the floor.

“HEY!! BASTARD!! I ASKED YOU A FUCKING QUESTION!!! OR ARE YOU TOO STUPID TO ANSWER?!?! SAY YOU’LL STAY AWAY!! SAY IT!!” Kevin demanded as he stood over the boy. “I’ll stay away from her!! I will!!” Rod feebly whimpered under the crushing pain of his broken jaw and public humiliation. Kevin looked down at him and lifted his foot far back. With the power off 10 kick offs, he landed a heavy blow on the croc’s crotch. Kevin jumped back as the boy started rolling around and around in agonizing pain. “You better keep to what you said, or next time, it will be a hell of a lot worse,” Kevin threatened as he spat on the bully. He walked over to Sally to check her out. He pulled Scales from her mouth and straightened her shirt out.

“Are you alright Sally? Did he hurt you?” All Sally could do is nod no in shock at what her brother had just done. He wiped off Scales and barked one last order to Rod, “Now Get Out Of My Sight!!”

Rod got onto his knees and hands, vomited, and crawled his way into one of the back halls to massage his severely damaged ego. Sally stared at her brother’s face. He was glaring intently at the boy who had just violated her. Even after what she had done to him, Kevin pulled through for her. His words rang back into her mind, “I could never hate you for anything. I can only love you. You’re my sister, and the only one I’ll ever have. You are precious and dear to my heart.” Her eyes teared up as she fell into her brothers’ shoulder and wept. Kevin wrapped his arms around her as she cried, and through her whimpers he could hear her softly say, “I… Love… You…”



“Sally, I’m just glad that you’re not hurt,” Kevin whispered in her ear. “Now we have to get to class, my first period is on the other side of the building, so I have to go. Are you sure you’re alright?” “I think so, and I’m soooo sorry for what I did on the bus, I feel like a bitch,” Sally whimpered.
“You most certainly aren’t, you’re my sister, and I love you, you can’t do anything that would make me stop loving you. Everything I did was out of concern for you, but I shouldn’t have butted into your personal life. You need to be free to explore your feelings without me interrupting. If you like Edna, then I’ll just have to be friendly to her. All I ask is that you keep me in mind when you two are near me. Now dry those tears and go to class.” Kevin told his little sister.
“Thank you Kev, you’re the greatest brother a girl could ask for.”

The Peacock siblings hugged really tight and then went to their classes. As Kevin was walking in the hall, he was thinking if his sister would be OK by herself. Lost in thought, he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. Likewise, one of the cheerleaders was reading a book as she was walking toward Kevin.

The two walked closer and closer till finally, with a hard thump, they walked straight into each other. Kevin had the stronger footing of the two, and managed to not fall over backwards. He landed hard on his knees and started rubbing his forehead. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a furry black leg to both his left and his right. He slowly looked up, and saw the blue skirt, and then a white shirt. he saw the chest and then her face. He saw the red nose, the closed eyes, and the 2 cute little teeth sticking down from her upper muzzle.
That’s when he saw the ears. Tall black and floppy, hanging down by her shoulders, and her straight tan hair hanging down in the back to her shoulders. A dainty little paw came up to her muzzle and rubbed her nose until it returned to its normal black color. Not knowing it, Kevin had lurched forward examining her closely. Suddenly, her whiskers twitched and her eyes shot open. Kevin stumbled back embarrassed yet again, and he looked to the ground and blushed. “I’m sorry, I uh, I wasn’t looking.”
“No, that’s OK, I was reading.”

Kevin’s supplies had scattered everywhere, and he was clambering around to pick them up.
“Here, let me help you pick up.” Her soft voice rang peaceful bells in Kevin’s ear. They were gathering things up when it happened. The last piece of supplies was Kevin’s notebook. As he laid his hand on it, he felt fur under his wing. He had placed his hand right on top of her paw! Both of them slowly looked up at each other, locked eyes, and magic ensued. She saw a handsome young man dressed neatly and well groomed, who had obvious intelligence that was, at the same time, subtle. He had a charming aura about him, and it captivated her heart.
He saw a face that glowed from within, and a girl who had the eyes of an angel. They both stared into each other’s eyes for a minute, basking in the glow of true love. Then they both blushed heavily and clambered to their feet.
“My name is Kevin.”
“I’m Ashley.”
They both stammered like idiots trying to talk to each other. The tardy bell rang and they both simultaneously said, “uh oh, I gotta run!”

Ashley ran to the gym to get to her cheerleader practice. She was an important member of the team. When she got to the gym Laura the head cheerleader walked up to her. “Why are you late, Ashley?” she asked in an impatient tone.

“I kinda ran into someone in the hall… Quite literally. It still hurts,” she said, rubbing her nose.
“So, who was it?” Laura asked.
“He said his name was Kevin, he’s a Peacock.”
“Oh, is he cute?”
Ashley hesitated, “I wouldn’t be able to say so, I didn’t get a good look at him.”
Laura sniffed the air, “Do I smell a crush?”
Ashley looked at her half shocked, “No, I just crashed into him and helped him pick up his stuff.”
Laura grinned widely.
“What?” Ashley asked.
“Ashley… You’re blushing…” Laura scoffed.

Sure enough Ashley was blushing. “It’s not like that Laura, besides we just met, I think he’s the new guy.” Ashley said.
“I heard from the other girls in the squad that he kicked the ever loving shit out of Rodriguez.” Laura said. Ashley was astonished, and her jaw fell wide open. “No one in the history of St. Lovejoy’s has fought Rodriguez and didn’t end up in a hospital!” Ashley started thinking to herself, and remembered his face. She thought about him more and more throughout the day, and noticed a strange feeling in her stomach. The thought crossed her mind, “Am I… in… Love with this boy?”

Meanwhile, Kevin went through his day being applauded for what he did to Rod, but the praise wasn’t what was on his mind. All he could think about was Ashley’s smiling face and glowing eyes. He found himself daydreaming about her, and began to feel strange. He pondered over this feeling till the thought came to him, “could this… be love?”


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