Bunny of my Dreams – Chapters 15 to 21

edit64Written by Zim999 and Luvthatsuper (October-December 2006 / January 2007)

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Later that same day at Ashley’s house…

Ashley was in her bathroom on the toilet with her pink panties around her legs. She couldn’t stop thinking of the Bird-Boy she met in the hall. Her mind was racked with the image of his face. Why could she not stop thinking of him.

“I haven’t felt this awkward in my life! What is this strange tying in my stomach?” her mind raced as the picture of his smiling, handsome face repeated flashed itself into her mind. She sat there in the bathroom for over an hour, just thinking of him, thinking about herself, about her body. Long after she had intended to be in the bathroom, she noticed an odd wetness at her groin. “What the…” she said out loud. “I already went to the bathroom, how could this be?” She looked down, half expecting to see yellow liquid in the bowl, half not knowing what to expect. She was astonished to see a slightly white, translucent puddle floating on top of the normal water.
“What is this? Oh my god! Am I having… an orgasm?” she thought to herself, delving deep into her own body, as she started to quiver and clench, as pleasure overtook her. Her paw slipped down her chest and to the top of her clit, and started rubbing gently. All the while, the glowing eyes and blushing cheeks of Kevin’s face enthralled her, rocketing her into a heavy heat. She kicked and grabbed as her body clenched and convulsed in overwhelming pleasure. She panted and moaned as she experienced the rush of sexual release.

She panted heavily as her thoughts started to clear, “Oh… my… god…” That’s when she realized, she had knocked over and unaligned many things in the bathroom. Worst of all, her legs stretching and kicking had ripped her panties right in half. All that was left was one loop of cloth around each of her ankles. Her mother knocked on the door, “are you OK girl? You’ve been in there a while.” Ashley stammered, “Yea, I’m fine.” She then quickly tidied up the bathroom and slipped her panty loops off, and walked out of the bathroom in just a skirt and shirt. She hid the loops from her mothers’ eyes in a towel she had wetted down, to make it seem like she had a shower. Her mother took the bait, and Ashley walked off to her room.
Ashley put on a new pair of panties and rolled back on her bed. She was still thinking of Kevin, and how she felt for him. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to get to know him better,” she thought to herself. She laid on her bed and thought more about the sweet peacock of her fantasies, as she drifted into a peaceful slumber.

At the Peacock’s…

The family was at the dinner table, eating and chatting. Kevin, however, was silent. He was focused on the pain in his hand. Paula broke the silence, “So Kevin, how was your first day?”
“What? Oh, OK, my classes are pretty fun. Not much of particular interest though.”
“Well, did you make any friends?”
“Not really, I didn’t talk to any…” Kevin stopped talking dead in his words.
“What is it dear?”
“It’s nothing,” Kevin lied, as he ate a few more bites of dinner. “May I please be excused mom? I’m not really that hungry.” Another lie. He stood up, and held his plate low, turned quickly, and walked into the kitchen. Thankfully, his swift movements had prevented his family from seeing the bulge in the front of his shorts. He walked around to the stairs, ran up and went into his room and locked the door. His mom’s innocent question made him think of Ashley again. He had tried to push the girl out of his mind during school, since he kept getting aroused by thinking of her. He started to take deep breaths, and suddenly, he felt inexplicably tired.
“Maybe a nap will calm me down,” he thought to himself. He got undressed and crawled into his bed with his boxers on. His eyelids shut but he did not cease to see. He still saw quite clearly the image of Ashley with her legs spread on each side of him. He quickly fell asleep, but was awoken an hour later by a knock on his door. “Kevin, are you OK bro?” Sally asked. He woke up and said, “Yea I’m fine, was just napping, having pleasant dreams.” That’s when he noticed something odd. He had dreamt about Ashley; her smiling face, little nose, deep eyes, but also, a different aspect.

While he was unconscious, his mind did what he wouldn’t allow it to do; took the memory of Ashley and undressed it. He knew right away what had happened, he had relieved himself in his sleep. His wing was down at his crotch, member in hand, and his boxers were around his knees. The bed was damp with sweat and his cover had a very conspicuous stain on it. He panicked, threw down his boxers, hid them under the bed, flipped the cover so the stain wasn’t visible, and got dressed. He opened the door and let Sally in, and they had a discussion about his sprained wing. While they talked, Kevin didn’t really pay full attention. His mind was focused on Ashley. He thought about her throughout the remaining night, asking himself what he thought he felt. As the clock struck 11, he finally faded out of reality, drowning in the glowing face of the Bunny of his Dreams.



The next day at School….

The Peacock siblings walked in. “You know Sally, I hope that Croc keeps to his word. I’m not in the mood to fight and I don’t want to see anyone picking on my baby sister.” Kevin. Sally then felt it was to time to ask her older brother why he’s been acting so weird lately.

“Kevin, even if you did hurt your hand, you’ve been very different the last few days. Like last night, you didn’t finish dinner, you looked flushed, and you were spacing out while I talked to you. On top of that, your room smelled sweaty, and like something else I can’t put my feather on. Is there something going on that I should know about?”

Kevin opened his beak to answer, but, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the object of his affections walking by, and he blushed severely as he watched her walking towards him.
Ashley seemed happy to see the bird she couldn’t get out of her mind, and was blushing just as hard. “Hi Kevin, who’s your little friend?” the blushing bunny asked.
“Oh, you two haven’t met yet,” Kevin replied, blushing slightly less now. “Ashley, this is my little sister Sally. Sally, this is Ashley. We ran into each other in the hallway.” Kevin said, at which point, he and Ashley started to chuckle lightly.
“Nice to meet you Ashley.” Sally said.
“Like wise,” Ashley replied. “Well, I have to get to cheerleading practice now, I’ll see you later today Kevin,” she cheerfully said blushing. She waved back as she ran off into the building. Kevin waved and gazed at her as she left, and would have stood there forever if Sally hadn’t broken in.

“So that’s why you’ve been acting strange,” Sally scoffed at her brother.
“What do you mean?” Kevin asked, trying to hide his embarrassment.
“You can’t hide it, the blushing, longing looks, you’re in Love with her. You can’t deny it!” Sally scoffed.
“Yes, I have a crush on her, but don’t tell her that! I’m scared of how she’d react. I don’t think I could handle her hating me.”
“Well, you should try to get to know her, spend some time with her, and then tell her how you feel,” Sally advised her older brother. “From what I saw, though, I’d say she’s just as in love with you as you are with her,” Sally encouragingly told her brother with a smile.
“I think you may be right Sally. Maybe she likes me too.” Kevin said. Sally smiled. “I’ll talk to her a lunch.” Kevin said. The siblings went their separate ways into the day.

Later at Lunch…

Kevin saw Ashley sitting alone. He walked over and softly asked her “Is this seat taken?”
Ashley looked up from her tray and smiled, “Are you asking if someone else is sitting here, or are you asking if you can sit here?” she asked Kevin with a slight giggle.
“Um, I’m not sure. Tough choice… hmm… I’m leaning towards option two.” They both laughed and Ashley patted the seat next to her, “please, sit down.”
Kevin sat down and looked at Ashley’s tray, almost nothing was eaten, not even the carrots. Concerned, Kevin asked, “What’s the matter? You hardly touched your food?”
She looked him straight in the eyes and started to cry, “I just got told I wasn’t chosen to go to the regional championships. I was looking forward to the tournament for 2 months now,” Ashley said, as she started to tear up.
Kevin put his wing around Ashley and pulled her close.
“Feel better?” he asked softly. Ashley let out a little smiled. “A little bit,” she whimpered. They both sat there for a bit, enjoying each other’s warmth. Kevin leaned in close to Ashley and whispered in her drooping ear, “Let’s try to turn that frown into a smile. Try to think of something that fills you with happiness. That’s what I do whenever I’m sad.” He rubbed shoulder with his wing as she leaned into his chest and thought. She sat up and looked him straight in the eyes, his wing still around her back.

“I feel a lot better now, thank you,” Ashley said smiling. “So, what did you think of?” Kevin asked, gazing into her eyes. He noticed her starting to blush as she answered, “I was thinking of you. But not just you,” she said. “I was thinking of you and me.”

“Oh?” Kevin asked, slightly shocked. “And what was it that you though of us?”
“We were sitting there, just like this…” she hesitated, thinking of what to say, “then… something happened.”
“What happened?” Kevin asked, curiously, “What happened with…”

His question was cut short as Ashley lunged forward, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. The two sat there, kissing passionately. Ashley pulled back and put her paws on Kevin’s cheeks, looking him in the eyes.
“That’s what happened. I kissed you, then told you that I loved you. Now that it’s actually happened, I’m not sure if it will turn out the way it did,” Ashley told her love as she looked down from him fear of how he’d react.
Kevin moved his wing up and lifted her chin to face him. He then kissed her as deeply as she had him. He looked her in the eyes and asked, “did I do that?”
“Yes, that’s what you did, and you told me something,”
“Did I tell you that I loved you more then life, and that you were the one who completed my soul?”
“No, you didn’t. What you said wasn’t nearly that tender.”
“Well, I must have been a liar. For what I just said is the truth of my heart.”

The couple kissed in the tender embrace of Love fulfilled. As they converged their lips, two longing souls merged into one rhythmically beating heart. Two lovers; mind, body and soul, intertwined as the forces within them melted away, and all that remained hither was the embodied force of true love, unleashed.



Later after school at the Peacock house…

Kevin was in his room daydreaming about Ashley. He began picturing her in different clothes; like scuba gear, in just her panties and bra, with a plunger stuck to her butt. He started to drool on himself till he heard a knock on his door. He got out of his chair and opened it, it was Sally.

“Can I come in bro?” she innocently asked.
“Sure, you don’t have to ask.” Sally stepped in and noticed her brother wasn’t himself.
“So, how’s it going with Ashley?”
“I love her, she loves me, we made out at lunch, so, pretty good I’d say,” Kevin reported in a completely normal voice.
“Oh that’s cool.” Sally replied.
“Yup, I heard scuba diving lessons start soon. I can’t wait to see her in a tight diving suit.” He began spacing out as he said that.

Sally cringed, for she knew that look. The look of lust. She saw it in Edna’s eyes at the mall. “Soooo Bro,” she said loudly, snapping him into reality, “What do you wanna do tonight?”

“Well, it is a Friday night, maybe we can talk mom and dad into letting us have a sleep over party on Saturday. Maybe hitch up those tents in the backyard.” Kevin suggested. “That’d be great! We could invite the foxes, and Laura, and you could invite Ashley,” Sally said, with a suggestive smirk.
“That sounds cool.” Kevin said, unfazed by Sally’s obviously sexual implication. They went to their parents and Kevin used his negotiating knowledge and skill at soft-positional bargaining to get them to agree. The two little birds were ecstatic over the party to be, each for various reasons. They went outside and set their tents up in the vast yard. They had already made the calls, and the whole group would be there. They set one tents in a triangle formation, and they would all face in to a central fire.

Meanwhile, at Ashley’s house…

The black bunny babe sat alone on her bed in her room. She lay there for an hour, thinking of Kevin, and of their first kiss. She thought of the party, and was very anxious. Was he going to try to push their relationship further? Did she come on too fast to him? She called Kevin up and had a talk with him. They discussed how they planned the party out, and Kevin comfortingly reassured her that everything was perfect.

His voice calmed her down, and the words “I Love You,” sweetly echoed through her tall ears as she drifted into a peaceful slumber.



Saturday afternoon rolled it’s way in and the kids had set up the preparations for a fire in the center of the three tent entrances. The two birds sat on the couch eagerly awaiting the arrival of their guests. *Ding dong*

“Someone’s here!” They shouted as they stood up and bolted toward the door. Kevin got there first and opened the door to see the apple of his eye, Ashley, standing there in a knee length red skirt and red and white converse low top sneakers. She had on a half formal red silken gown top, the kind that has short puffy sleeves. She had ruby red nail polish on.
She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. He kissed her cheek back, and invited his gal into their humble abode. Sally took one look at her brother and couldn’t restrain her laughter. He hadn’t noticed Ashley’s lipstick, and had a crimson red lip mark on his cheek.
“Hey bro! You got a lil something right here,” Sally said through her laughter. He wiped his cheek off and looked at Ashley who just blushed and giggled. He couldn’t help but join in the laughter.
“Nice one Honey Bunny,” Kevin said.
“It might be awhile before the others get here, so, would you like to see the house Ashley?” Sally asked.
“I would love to,” She replied, and with that, she put her stuff on the couch and the three went upstairs. As they were ascending the case, Kevin was behind both the girls. As they went up, Kevin could see Ashley’s pink panties and Sally’s purple panties. He couldn’t peel his eyes off of the shear thinness of them. So dainty and fine, and with a slightly closer look, he noticed that his bunny had on lacey lingerie. They made it to the top floor.

“So Ashley, which room do you want to see first?” Kevin asked with an oh so subtle wink.

“I wanna see yours,” she said with a grin.

“Whatever you want,” he told her with a smile. He pushed open the door to his room, completely tidied and perfect. Ashley stepped in past him as he ushered her in with his wing. She lifted her nose to the ceiling and sniffed the air a few times. It smelt of lavender and apricots. She looked back to Kevin as her mouth dropped open slightly. He had cleaned everything and put in scented candles just for her. As they looked at each other, smiles came across their faces. She adored him for being secure enough in his masculinity to use scents like that, and he knew from her eyes that his ploy had worked.
She then saw all the high tech stuff he had:
A laptop computer, a neon lamp in the shape of an Angel fish, a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, track lighting, a large (but neat) pile of comics and cards on the desk, a lava lamp, a large shelf full of DVDs, a collection of Cars from the movie Cars, a bunch of action figures from Star Wars, Invader Zim and the Simpsons, different versions of board games, posters of card monsters. The room had everything.

“So what do you think, honey bunny?” Kevin asked.
“It’s absolutely marvelous! It’s magnificent, and what is that enticing aroma?” she asked her man, twirling around in circles trying to pinpoint the fragrances’ origin.
Kevin looked at her with a smile as he turned her toward the marble incense holder in the shape of a dragon in flight. “It’s fresh garden medley, a mixture of watermelon, cinnamon, lettuce, and carrot aroma. I bought it just for you, Sweety.”
Ashley looked him in the eyes, “You… did this… for me?”
“Yes my love, all for you. I’d move the heavens themselves if it meant you would be happy,” Kevin passionately whispered as he wrapped his wings around her neck and kissed her deeply.
“Ok I think that’s enough of this room, on with the tour!” Sally interrupted after letting them enjoy their ‘moment’ for more then a few minutes.
“What room next sweetheart?” Kevin inquired of his young maiden.
“The bathroom, I got to use the potty.” Ashley said, blushing, as she felt a rumble in her bladder.
“Oh it’s right there.” Kevin said pointing to the room next to his.
“Thanks Kevin” she said as she went in.

Kevin watched as she entered the bathroom, then heard, “I’m glad you’re happy.” It was Sally.
“I am happy, she is just so perfect.”
“Well, I’m glad but as you said to me earlier, try to be considerate,” Sally said sticking her tongue out.

Meanwhile in the bathroom…

‘I can’t believe he did all that for me, he is so sweet and so handsome. Yet, he is a boy and even though this feels right, I have to keep my head level. I’ll see what he does tonight, if he tries to pressure me after I tell him no, then I’ll know it isn’t right.’ Ashley was deep in thought on the toilet, her lacy panties and red skirt around her ankles. She leaned back and stretched out a bit to think, as she stared into the ceiling. Just then, a rub against her ankle scared her into reality. Ashley screamed in terror of something being in that room with her. She ran screaming out of the room, her skirt and panties still on top of her socks. She fell down a few times scrambling to the door as she opened and shut it. Panting heavily, she leaned with both hands against the door, her backside pointed straight at Kevin.
Sally ran up before anything else could happen. “Ashley, your in the hallway, in front of Kevin, without any clothes on.” she said clearly and crisply in the floppy ear standing straight at attention.

Ashley managed to stammer out, “Something… touched… me…” she then snapped back and pulled her clothes up swiftly and turned to the corner out of embarrassment.
“You said someone was in there?” Sally asked, opening the door slowly.
Aside from the completely destroyed room, there was nothing out of ordinary except for a furry little face sitting on the ground facing the door. Sunny greeted the bunny girl he had rubbed up against with a simple little smile, a soft “mew” and loud purring.

“Well, I guess you met our cat,” Sally said, with a giggle to break the awkward silence.
“Oh it was only your cat.” Ashley said, as her heart was slowly calming down. She then picked up Sunny and hugged him while he purred into her ear. Kevin’s eyes were still wide open, staring into space. Aside from Sally, Ashley was the only girl in real life that he had seen with nothing on her lower half. His heart was racing as he tried to regain control of himself, and stop the swelling down south. All the while, he was still thinking to himself “What a cute little ass and fluffy cottontail.” Just then, the doorbell rang and the girls ran downstairs to get it without noticing Kevin’s bulging slacks. Lucky him, he got saved by the bell.


CHAPTER 19: The Slumber Campout

As the three opened the door, they saw Edna standing there, dressed rather nicely, and Ed and Laura behind her. The group was ushered in, and Sally and Edna hugged and chatted as Kevin, Ashley, Ed, and Laura complimented each other on their outfits.
After chatting a while about their clothes, they went to the yard. Kevin and Ashley were holding hands giggling. They then sat around the center of the tents as Kevin started the fire. It was already fairly dark out as the fire gained strength. Kevin and Ashley sat to the left, Sally and Edna to the north, and Ed and Laura to the right. The sat and watched the fire grow and chatted about school, friends, games, and various other oddities. That’s when Edna broke in with an idea that got unanimous support.

“Why don’t we play Truth or Dare?”
“That’s sounds cool sis, you choose who goes first.” Edward said.
“Sally, Truth or Dare?” Edna asked.

“Dare,” Sally said with a bold tone. “Ok, brave girl, I dare you to run around the campfire flailing your wings screaming, ‘I’m an idiot,’ and then run face first into that tree.”
“That all? Piece of cake,” Sally scoffed as she performed the ridiculous task bestowed upon her. “Ok, that hurt,” Sally said as she came back to the laughing circle rubbing her sore beak. “Ed, Truth or Dare?”
“Truth.” Edward said. “What is the most embarrassing thing Edna did when she was little?” Sally asked grinning.

Ed looked over at his sister, who was staring at him as if to say, “Please, I’m begging you, don’t say it.” Ed grinned widely as he began to tell the story. “Well, when Edna was 4, she was just getting out of diapers.” Edna’s face turned red as she hung her head down. “She was on the way to the bathroom when she had an accident. Our parent’s had company over, and Edna being Edna, took her pull-ups off, ran into the living room stark naked, and screamed out, ‘Mommy!! I made poopy in my pantsies!’ at the top of her little lungs.”

Edna doubled over trying to hide herself from the humiliation. Sally put her hand on Edna’s back and started rubbing gently.
“It’s OK, everyone has stupid and embarrassing stuff like that happen. It’s completely alright,” Sally whispered comfortably in the fox’s ear.
“OK, Ashley truth or dare?” Ed asked.
“Truth.” Ashley replied.

“Are you a virgin?” Ed asked.
“Yes, I……. Well, actually, no. I’m not.” Ashley said as she sat staring blankly into the roaring fire. The horrific memory resurfaced itself and replayed in her vision as the embers flickered in her eyes. Everyone stared at her as she looked into the fire as if it was pulling her in. The horrific flashback ended and she snapped out of her trance. She tried to act normal, “OK Laura truth or dare?” Ashley asked.
“Ashley… are you ok?” Laura asked with a concerned look about her face.
“Yeah, I’m fine, so truth or dare?” Ashley asked.
“OK dare.”
Ashley had a brainstorm and smile came across her face.

“I dare you to make out with Edna!” Ashley shouted out with an evil grin. Her instant response was a double, “NO WAY!!” from both Ed and Sally. Laura was staring at Ed while Edna was staring at Sally. “Geese, it’s nothing to freak out about. It’s just a harmless game,” Ashley injected.
“Yea, I wanna see this,” Kevin said with just as sinister a smirk. Grudgingly, Ed and Sally backed down, and Edna and Laura proceeded to kissing for about 3 minutes before Ashley had to say that was enough.

“OK now that that’s over with, Kevin truth or dare?” Laura asked.
“Dare me.”
“I dare you to kiss your sister on the beak.” Laura said, smiling. The peacock siblings stared at each other, deciding without words. “OK.” Kevin said, getting up. He walked over to his lil sister and sat down.
“And it can’t just be a quick peck, you gotta tongue it.” Laura ordered.
The two birds puckered up as Kevin planted a deep kiss on Sally’s lips. It started off slowly, but, picked up momentum fast. Kevin gently slid his tongue out and interlocked it with hers. The two were blushing slightly as he wrapped his arms behind her back, and she wrapped her wings around his shoulders. None of it felt awkward at all, in fact, they both quite enjoyed it. Something about it felt natural. They would have continued if it weren’t for the hooting and cheering from the other kids. Kevin got up and sat back down next to Ashley, wrapping his arm around her waist.
“It’s just a harmless game,” he reassuringly whispered in her ear.

The game played on late into the night, and the cubs where having a ball with it. The dares went away from being sexual to being just plain out stupid. Somehow, Edna managed to get her brother to run around in his boxers shouting, “I’m a little pixie!” They all laughed themselves stupid as he tripped over a rock and fell flat on his face.

The fire burned out and the groups split up and went into their tents, but the fun and games didn’t stop there…



After the fire was out and the cubs retired to their respective tents, what was to be expected of hormonally crazed sex driven adolescence occurred. Ed and Laura were up to their usual games when left alone. Ed unpacked his bag and pulled out his tan leather hood, full back shackles, and his favorite leather codpiece. Laura pulled out of her bag; her finest black leather boots, laced short shorts, her studded black leather bra, and her best hand lash whip.

In the tent to the north, Edna and Sally were playing around with each other in new ways. They wrestled in their underwear, until said underwear was removed. Then they rolled around on the sleeping bag kissing and exploring each other with their hands. The first two tents were going all out and having a ball, but the same could not be said for the third. As Kevin and Ashley sat listening to the ruckus, they attempted to drown it out with idle conversation.

“So Kevin, what do you like to do for fun?” Ashley asked.
“Well I spend most of my time online chatting with friends.” He replied.
“What do you guys talk about?”
“We role play, come up with art ideas, talk about shows, the works.”
“Sounds interesting, and like a lot of fun.”
“It is. So, what do you do in your spare time?”
“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I write poetry and draw,” Ashley said as she began to blush.
“Hey, look here,” Kevin said, lifting her face to his, as he began to quote Shakespeare. “Shall I compare thee to a mid summers’ day…”
“Oh Kevin,” Ashley sighed as he finished serenading her. “You know just what I like.”
“I know what else you like…” Kevin leaned forward and kissed Ashley deeply. Kevin slid on his side up next to her and laid his wing over her side and around her shoulder, spreading his feathers out to act as a blanket for her. They lay there, passionately kissing for several minutes as Kevin. Ashley had leaned into her man, and laid her paws on his shoulders. She almost lost herself in his arms, when what she had feared happened. She had felt his other hand slip down her side and to her hips. The feathery fingers were in the waistband of her skirt, and still advancing, when she pulled away from Kevin’s lips and looked him in the eyes.
“What is the matter?” a concerned Kevin looked into her eyes.
“Baby, I love you, truly, but I’m not ready for this. I don’t want to rush this, this is the greatest relationship I’ve ever been in. If we push this now, it will never be the same. I don’t want to do anything until I’m ready for it. Please, if you truly love me, respect this.” Ashley explained, starting to tear up slightly.

“Ashley, I love you, and I only want what’s best for you. If that means waiting until n so be it. Even if that means waiting until the end of time, I’ll do whatever makes you happy.”
“Oh Kevin! That is exactly what I wanted to hear! You don’t know how much this means to me!” Ashley proclaimed as she started to cry from joy, “I just, I… I… I…” she stammered as Kevin stopped her with a finger to her lips.
“All you need is right here, I’ll always be there for you. Now, quell those tired eyes and hasty lips with a tender kiss into the night.”

The couple engaged in a tender embrace, their love radiating through the night.
Sweetly they lie, face to face, and drift into sleep where their dreams take flight.
A true love such as this, endures the trials of time.
The emotions of which leave the mind sublime.

A couple that shares a love such as this.
Will live their lives in utter sweet bliss.



The cubs awoke and most had to get dressed again. Kevin decided to pull a ‘dirty’ prank on Ed. After Ed had gotten dressed in his crisp white shirt and stepped out of his tent, he was hit with a gust of soot filled wind. Kevin had flapped into the fire and got Ed covered in ash. The cubs all laughed and said their goodbyes, though Sally seemed less then happy. Kevin held Ashley’s paw and walked her out the door, and showed her off with a soft, “goodbye Baby.”

He hadn’t pushed for anything more then holding her hand, it was her who kissed him goodbye. After she kissed her man, she looked him in the eyes and stated, “I have no problem with that, you can kiss me anytime you want.”

“I’ll certainly remember that,” he said as he waved her goodbye.

After all their friends left, Kevin headed for his room, but before he arrived, he glanced into his sisters room and saw a depressing sight. Sally was lying on her bed, face in her pillow, tail laid down between her legs. Kevin walked over to her bedside and sat down.

“What’s the matter little sister?” he asked her as he laid his wing on her back.

“Oh Kevin, Edna didn’t love me! She was just using me as a toy!” she shouted as looked up at her brother, her mascara running down her cheeks with her tears. “She only wanted me to screw with me, as if it were a game! I loved her! I thought she was true, but she’s just a dirty little whore! I hate her, yet I still feel for her. She made me feel right, and now I just feel wrong.” She put her face back into her pillow.

“There, there. Just let it all out.” He softly massaged her back with one hand. Sally rolled over and sat up to face her brother. She fell into his arms and wept into his shoulder. Kevin wrapped his wings around his sister and rubbed her back and shoulders gently.
“There, there, just let it out.”
Sally cried for about ten minutes then looked her brother in the eyes. “Thank you so much Kevin, I needed that.”
“I’ll always be here for you,” Kevin said as he wiped his sisters’ face clean.

Another ember in the fire of their relationship had been kindled in that moment.

The next few weeks passed by fairly normally. Sally got adjusted to Edna’s idea of ‘fun’ and Kevin and Ashley spent most of their time together. The normalcy was shattered, though, when the P.E. coaches announced they would be teaching swimming for the next few weeks.

“This is going to be sooooooooooooo cool,” Kevin said to Sally as they were on the bus home.
“Why do you say that big brother?” Sally asked, “it’s just swimming.”
“Granted, but, this might be a great chance to see my Honey Bunny in a bikini,” he said as he was fantasizing about the bunny of his dreams.
“I hate to burst your bubble bro, but I checked the dress code for the class. It says girls must wear one piece suits. All students must wear swimming caps and goggles.”
“AW! That’s no fun!” Kevin pouted in disappointment.
“It also says the all boys must wear speedos”
“WHAAAT?!?!?! Please tell me this is a joke!” Kevin shouted as he grabbed the paper from his sister.
“Dude, relax, they do this unit every year,” Pokeinfo the lion boy explained. “Just relax, ask your parents to let you go shopping, buy the suit, and they won’t know.”

“Well, you’re right man, but the thought of wearing something that revealing, especially in front of Ashley, it just scares me.”

“Relax dude, I’m sure you’ll get used to it. Keep in mind, everyone is different, and however big or small you are, the girls always have fun with it.” Poke scoffed with a fiendish smirk. Kevin just started to blush slightly.

Later, as Kevin sat at his desk looking at pictures of cartoon girls wearing diving gear on his laptop; girls like Babs Bunny, Fifi Lafume, Amy Rose, Ami, Yumi and various others, he started to drool. When he pictured Ashley wearing that stuff, he couldn’t help but lock his door, drop trough, climb into bed, and stroke himself. “Oh Ashley.” He moaned as he reached his climax. After cooling off for a few minutes, he thought to himself, “I am going to have to control myself at school. It’s not as if I can just do this in the middle of class.” He cleaned himself off, got dressed, and closed his windows on his laptop. Just as he opened the door, he saw Sally there with her hand raised to knock.

“Hi baby sister, come in.” They both sat on the bed.
“Was there a reason you wanted to come in now?” Kevin asked.
“Well I was in my room and I heard you moaning, so I wanted to see if you were ok.” Sally said.
“Oh, is that it? Well, I’m fine, no need to worry.” He began blushing and looked away from his sister. Sally examined her brother closely and after a minute, put all the pieces together; the moaning, the odd salty smell, his sweating, the blushing, and the ruffled covers on the bed.
“It’s ok, I know what you were doing now. It’s natural, so don’t feel embarrassed. Just learn to clean up better next time, and wash your hands.” Sally scoffed as she stuck her tongue out at Kevin. He stuttered a bit and blushed even harder, which only made Sally laugh harder.

The kids went downstairs and asked their mom to take them shopping. Kevin bought a navy blue speedo and Sally got a light green one-piece suit. They both got the swim caps and goggles, and a few other clothes to stick in their bags to hide the swim gear.

The next morning came and the fledglings got dressed and ready for school, swim gear in their bags. As they were waiting at the bus stop, Kevin was daydreaming about seeing Ashley in her swimsuit. He kept spacing out ‘till Sally tapped his shoulder.
“Bus is here big bro.” Sally said.

Meanwhile at Ashley’s house…

The Black Bunny Babe was dressed in her school clothes with her tight-fitting swimsuit in her bag. She walked onto the bus and saw Kevin sitting alone, Sally sitting two seats back. Kevin patted the seat next to him as he scooted in to the window. Ashley dropped her bag from her back onto one arm, turned away from Kevin, took it all the way off and backed into the seat next to her man.
“Good morning Honey bunny,”
“Hi Kevin,” Ashley said back.
“How are you today Baby?”
“I’m fine, how about you and Sally?”
“We’re great, thanks for asking.”
He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and spread his feathers out down her body. She leaned herself into his side and kissed him on the cheek. They placed their arms around each other and Kevin gently covered her with his warming wings.
“So, why is Sally not in your seat?”
“Well, I wanted to have you sit with me, and she wanted to have a seat open to try and make new friends, if you know what I mean?”
The two laughed out loud and just smiled at one another, enjoying the company. They began to kiss and before they knew it, Carlos was turned around shouting, “Off with the lot of ya now!”
They had arrived at school and got off the bus hand in hand. Luckily for them, they shared all of the days’ classes.

As the two were at her locker, they were ready for their first class together, keyboarding. They walked into the computer room holding hands. For this class Kevin brought his own laptop and Ashley was always his partner. Kevin played a trick on her as they went to separate computers. He sent her an IM with an encrypted link that showed up as a link to funnyjokes.com, but was actually a link to a dirty bunny site. He laughed as she opened the page, and she blushed slightly and shoved him jokingly. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t contain her laughter, either, as she closed the page and the bell rang.

Later as they were in the hall…

“So Kevin, I saw all those pics you had on your laptop…..” Ashley said.
“What about them?” Kevin asked.
“I saw most of them had to do with cartoon girls in their panties,” she hesitated, “among other things…”
“Is that wrong?”
“No, not at all. You can like whatever you like, as long as it doesn’t get between us.”
“You know it won’t. Those pictures mean nothing, and you mean everything to me”
“Aw, I love you Sweet P.”

“I love you too, Honey Bunny,” Kevin said as he put his arm on her shoulder and pulled her in close. What happened next gave him a serious shock. He was expecting to feel her paw on his shoulder. Instead, he felt a few furry little fingers go down the swell of his back and a paw go into the pocket on his outer cheek. Startled, Kevin’s body reacted before his mind could. All of his feathers stood on end; the ones on his arms fanned out to form his wings, his crest of feathers on his head stood strait up, and his tail, for the first time in front of his girlfriend, fanned out to it’s full 5 and a half foot span and to 2 feet above his head. He looked like a scared cat, with wings.

“Hehehe, startled you didn’t I?” Ashley laughed at the goofy site of her boyfriend. Glancing at his tail for the first time, she saw a beautiful rainbow of greens and purples and blues with eyespots mixed in.
Kevin took a few deep breaths and collected himself enough to speak.
“Yeh, you sure did. Wasn’t expecting a pocket invasion,” he chuckled.
“Well, you should get used to it Sweet P, cause my paw is comfortable, and it doesn’t want to move,” Ashley whispered breathily into his ear, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.
Kevin’s tail fluttered again slightly as he realized how much more intimate his bunny was rapidly becoming. Remembering his promise, “I’ll only do what you’re comfortable doing,” he moved his hand from his shoulder and slid it down her back.
“Well, all is fair in love and war,” he whispered as he slid his palm onto her rear, “and what goes around, comes around,” he said as he gave her a teasing squeeze. The only response he received was a deep kiss and a look in the eyes that said more then words ever could.

They arrived at English class, hand in hand, just a minute before the bell rang and they took the luckily open seats in the back. Kevin walked ahead and pulled the chair out, “After you, madam.”
“I thanketh thee, fair monsieur,” Ashley replied with a chuckle as she turned around and took the seat offered to her. Kevin pulled out the seat next to her and scooted himself close under the table. This classroom was one of the few in the school that still had two person tables instead of individual desks. The two put their arms around each other’s hips as the bell rang. Their teacher stood up and made a simple address, “You will be writing poetry today. I don’t care what it is about, as long as it isn’t too yiffy, and as long as you put effort you get the grade. If you need me, I’ll be online. Don’t need me.”

The teacher then left the room and headed for the computer lab.

Meanwhile, in the back of the room…

“Kevin, I wanna know, have you ever written any big projects?” Ashley asked.
“Well, a few years ago I wrote a massive cartoon crossover where Invader Zim teamed up with Cartoon Network. They had a war with the mind rotting Nicktoons that everyone hates. The Nicktoons died out like Dodos.”

Ashley sat there and giggled. “How is it that you can make me laugh with just about anything?”
“I guess I just tickle your,” Kevin said getting quieter and closer as he did. With a sudden raise of voice, he grabbed at her sides and arms shouting, “FUNNY BONE!!”

The tickle fight had begun as Kevin used the retractable feathers on his arms to tickle her face and neck as his fingers tingled under her armpits and squeezed her sides. Ashley tried to ask him to stop through the laughter, but part of her wanted more. His reign ended as she made a gutsy move. His hasty fingers quickly stopped as he felt a clasping around his crotch.
“You’re mine!”

Ashley lunged forth and pinned the Peacock against his chair taking her turn at tickling his ribs. Her ploy had worked completely, and Kevin couldn’t put up any resistance to the ticklish onslaught. His mind was racking over the fact that she was comfortable enough to, even if it was a false ploy with alternative motives, to grab him there intentionally. Through the insane laughing he managed to get out his plea of surrender, and they sat back into their seats still giggling at the sheer stupidity of what had just happened.

Thankfully, the other cubs had already gotten to playing their own games. Poke had Cynthia bobbing on his lap, Ed was on his knees in front of Laura, two bunnies in the corner were doing what bunnies do best, and amidst it all, Kevin and Ashley were there, leaning against each other with Kevin’s wing around her back, just writing poetry about each other. About 10 minutes before the end of class, all the other cubs were tidying themselves up and scribbling together cheap poems they knew the teacher would accept.

Kevin and Ashley, on the other hand, with their minds overrun with the passion that is love, wrote beautiful poems that were well beyond the teacher’s mediocre expectations. The papers they handed in astonishingly read as follows:

Ashley Bunny

My Darling, my Precious, my Golden Knight
Wrap me in your arms and take flight
Soaring through the setting sun
Clouds passing us by. Oh, what fun

Charming, Tender, Caring, Sweet
All these traits thine heart doth meet

Thou fell unto me like a saint from heaven
Upon first eyes’ connect, our love did begin
My heart has been pierced by dear Cupids’ arrow,
Thine name on the shaft, written tender and narrow

Thou art the key to my young hearts’ lock
My darling sweet angel. My lovely Peacock


Kevin Peacock

I’ll kiss thee yet
I’ll kiss the o’er again
I’ll kiss thee yet
My lovely angel, we are one

When in my arms
With all thy charms
I clasp my countless treasure

I seek no more of heaven to share
Then such a moment’s pleasure

And by thy eyes so deep and true
I swear I’m thine forever

And on thy lips I seal my vow
And break it? Shall I? Never!

Before classes end, the pair swapped papers and read them. A glow came across both of their eyes and their lips connected. The walked out hand in hand and moved onto their next class, math.

As they were walking to their next class…

“Ashley, your the sweetest bunny I have ever met, thanks for the poem.” Kevin said and kissed her cheek.
“Thanks, you’re the sweetest Peacock in the world.” Ashley kissed him back.

“You mean everything to me, and I didn’t just write a poem for you. That was also a song, and it goes as such…” He sang to her with a sweet lofting voice that would have made even sirens stop and listen. She stared at him with tears of pure joy flowing out of her eyes. She grabbed him by the shoulders as he sang out his promise of a vow, and she took that vow right from his lips. The moment was short lived as they heard the two minute warning bell to get to class. They ran along and got into class, and unfortunately had to sit apart from each other. It was for the best; the math teacher was one strict hound, straight from the army tough. He didn’t tolerate any goofing off in his room, and not even Poke would act up in that class.

The class ended and the kids gladly ran out the door to the best part of the day for most, Lunch. Kevin and Ashley got their lunches, each with some that they planned on giving to the other. Kevin had got a serving of carrots and Ashley had grabbed a Fruit Twistable, knowing it was Kevin’s favorite from the many boxes in his room. The two walked over to one of the tables in the corner to be alone together. They began asking questions of one another.

“Ashley, since we’re sitting alone, we could tell each other anything.” Kevin said.
“OK, you ask me a question, then I’ll ask you one.” Ashley said.
“OK, what was the scariest thing that happen to you that involves a bathroom?”
Ashley then thought of what happened on the day she meet him and thought how she ripped her panties that same night, but then she remembered of something that happened to her when she was a toddler.

“Well, when I was very little, I was in the tub with my mom giving me a bath. She had been singing softly to me, and saying everything would be OK. I noticed she was starting to cry, and I asked her, ‘why momie cwying?’ That’s when my dad slammed the door open, startling me and striking fear into my mom’s eyes. He was carrying a bottle and was shouting things I couldn’t understand at her. That’s when he…”

Ashley started to tear up and started choking on her words.
Kevin rubbed her back gently trying to comfort her as she finished the horrific story.

“He beat her, right in front of me. He beat her so badly. There were bloodstains on the floor as he walked out of the room leaving her in the fetal position on the floor. It was horrible. He beat her while they were splitting up. Then he constantly drank and yelled and threatened to take me away from my mom. I was so terrified, Baby,” she turned into him and put her face in his shoulder, trying to muffle her cries.

Kevin wrapped his arms around her and spread his wings out to cover her as he gently rubbed the back of her neck. They sat there for about 5 minutes, Ashley bawling over the terrible memories. Kevin comforted her and wiped her tears. After she had cried herself out he gave her the carrots he had bought for her and just held her as she regained herself. She got back to normal as the bell rang for lunch to end. He helped her to her feet and they walked into their next period; Art class.

As the two were walking in the hallway…

“Ashley, your dad seems as if he was a brutish terror for you.” Kevin said.
“He was and I’m just glad I’ll never have to deal with him anymore.”
“That’s very good. What happened to him?”
“He died when I was about 6.”
“Well, at least he’s gone. If you wouldn’t mind answering, how did he die?”
She flashed back to the horrific incident that stopped her in her tracks at the camp out, but forced it out of her mind before she relived it.
“I’ll tell you that some other time, Sweet P.”
“Ok, I’ll wait until you want to, Honey Bunny.”

They held hands as they went into the art room.

As they took their seats they saw on the board that it said: “Draw what feel like drawing today.”
This gave them both ideas. They both took out paper and erasable pens and started to draw. Time went by fast and before they knew it, only 5 minutes remained in class.

“Show me what you drew Ashley,” the Peacock said. Ashley showed Kevin a pic of him dressed as a knight clad in silver armor, and herself as a damsel in a tower.

“That’s really sweet Honey Bunny, here’s mine.” Kevin showed her a pic of himself dressed as the Dark Magician and Ashley dressed as the Dark Magician Girl. Ashley’s heart started to race.
“That is sooooooooooo cute, Sweet P,” she said as she leaned forward and embraced the bird she loved so dear.

The couple went into the History classroom and had an uneventful hour. The teacher blabbed on about the middle ages and of the renaissance. Poke made a wise crack, when the slide of Michaelangelo’s David showed up on the projector, that got him sent to the vice principles office. He later got off with no punishment, as usual, since the vice didn’t really care about anything the kid’s did.

The bell rang for the glorious time of the day, Recess. Most of the cubs were running out the door, but Kevin and Ashley were just walking slowly, hand in hand.

“Hey Ashley, after hearing that story you told me about seeing your parents fighting; did you have a rough childhood?” Kevin asked.
Ashley then remembered the stuff that happened to her when she was little.

“Yea, my childhood was fairly rough, and my dad was a chronic drinker. He scared me so much. I’m glad he’s gone now, the things he did to me were unspeakable. I just want to be with you now, and be alone. There’s a quaint little spot over there,” Ashley said as she pointed to a little clearing by some bushes that were in front of a small apple tree.

“Sounds like fun.”

They moved over and sat under the shade, hearing slight rustling and panting coming from behind them. Typical, some cubs where inevitably going to spend recess behind the bushes yiffing, and the sounds no longer phased Kevin. Ashley leaned into him as they sat cross-legged in the shade. As Kevin tried to tune out the noise from behind the bushes, he heard a distinct phrase with a Brazilian accent in the voice.

“Oh god! I’m going to cum, Sally!”

Kevin’s eyes shot wide open and he stood straight up. Ashley was watching in wonder as he turned around and pushed his way through the wall of brush to discover a scene that would haunt and disgust him for days to come.

Lying on his back leaned against the tree was Pedro, the nine year old green parrot boy. Pedro’s jeans were around his knees and his tie and shirt were undone. Sally was to his right side on her knees bending over. Her right hand was cupped around his scrotum squeezing and rubbing gently, and her left hand was stroking the base of his throbbing member, while the remaining section was slipping in and out between her lips.

“SALLY?!?!?!?!?” Kevin shouted in shock.

“KEVIN??!?!?” Sally gasped as she looked back to her brother with a little bit of white fluid dripping out the corner of her mouth. Kevin felt his stomach churn at this site, and as he was trying to contain himself, the worst possible thing occurred. Pedro let out a soft moan as he clenched and shot one last jet of cum directly onto Sally’s cheek and chin. It was too much for poor Kevin as he turned around and ran back through the bushes covering his mouth. He burst past Ashley as she stood up and watched him bend over behind a tree and spew his guts out. Ashley rubbed Kevin’s back as he continued to be nauseous. She looked over to the bushes to see Pedro walk out trying to re align his tie followed by Sally who was wiping her cheek with a tissue. Ashley put the pieces together and almost vomited herself. All she could do for her poor peacock was to help him stand and clean up.

As the couple walked toward the door to head to history, Ashley told Kevin, “That had to be hard on you to see, I was disgusted by it myself. I can’t imagine how hard that had to be to see your sister like that.” She rubbed Kevin’s shoulders as they walked into science class.

Science went by normally as Ashley spent the entire period consoling her Peacock. Kevin was back to normal by the end of the class and was able to thank Ashley for all she had done. They exited the classroom, arms around each other’s hips, and headed toward the class that had been on their minds the entire day, Gym. They stopped in front of the locker room doors and kissed for a while then went their separate ways.

As Kevin was changing in the boys’ locker room all he could think of were two things, one was Ashley, the other was his baby sister sucking that parrot’s dick. He felt it was worse then when Sally told him she had sex with Edna. He still felt he was going to throw up again. “Sally…..” He thought to himself. He then started to take off his pants but got nervous of changing in front of everyone. Poke came up to him, already in his speedo and swim cap, and started cracking jokes.
“Cmon man! Just drop um and flop um! You got some tackle so let’s see it!” the lion jeered.
“I dunno, I’m just nervous…”
“Look around you man! LoveJoy’s school basically requires you be willing to strip on demand. Everyone does it, and nobody cares.”
“I’m gonna go change in the stalls.”
“Fine, be that way man, but I’m gonna be there waitin.”

Kevin walked toward the bathroom stalls with the lion not far behind him. He already had his shirt off and walked into the first stall and closed the door. He pulled down his slacks and took off his briefs. Kevin took the small swimsuit and pulled it up around his waistband. It was quite tight around his privates, and as he let the band rest on his hips, he realized how much he had. Poke was standing outside the stall with his arms crossed, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Cmon! Let’s see it!” Poke scoffed.

The door opened and Kevin backed out and turned around carrying his clothes. Poke’s arms dropped to his sides and his mouth fell to the floor.

“DUDE! You’re fucking HUGE!!!!” he shouted. Kevin rubbed the back of his neck trying to act modest, for he put the lion to shame. He stuffed his clothes into his locker and got ready to walk out and face everyone. The other boy’s were already muttering praise that was raising Kevin’s confidence of himself. He walked proudly to the front locker door and headed into the hallway.

The adjacent girls locker room came out at the same spot separated by a small wall. Ashley was on her way out in her blue one piece and swim cap holding her ears down to her shoulders. As she stepped into the hallway, she saw Kevin walking out at the exact same moment. The two stopped dead in their tracks and slowly faced one another. These tight fitting outfits were the closest the two had been to being naked together. They had both wondered about he other’s body, but they were both amazed with the reality. Kevin was astonished by how plump and perfectly formed her breasts were. “They have to be at least a C cup,” he thought, and her hips were sleek and fine.

Ashley saw his shoulders, broad and strong, and his chest. His Pectoral muscles were well defined, and he had a slight 6 pack of abs. And of course, she gawked at the size of his package. “Holy shit… He’s gigantic!” she thought to herself. The two of them blushed and fiddled their thumbs or rubbed the ground with their foot, bashful and shy.

Kevin slowly reached out his arm and offered her his hand. Ashley slowly took his hand and, like magic, their shyness passed and the couple wrapped their arms around each other. Into the poolroom they walked, and were greeted by the swimming coaches. Three otters met them, two males, one female. After all the cubs were in the poolroom lined up and ready for instruction, the Otters went over what was to be learned in the course.

“You must be able to prove comprehension in the 3 basic strokes; breast stroke, back stroke, and butterfly.”

Poke made a giggle and a chuckle as the teacher said breast, but unfortunately for him, his laughter didn’t go unnoticed.

”Excuse me young lion, do you find something funny?” the female otter said. “would you please come front?”
Poke slowly edged through the group and stood in front of the teacher at the edge of the pool.
“Do you find the term ‘breast stroke’ funny young man?”
“Well, yea, I do.”
“Do you know what I find funny?”
Poke shook his head no. The teacher grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him into the pool with incredible power. Poke flew through the air flailing like an idiot until he hit the water ass first. When he surfaced, spitting out water, all the cubs were laughing at him and the teacher answered her previous question, “Little wet kitty cats!”

That was the last of Poke’s clowning in that class, and the rest of the period went on normally. The cubs learned the basics of treading, swimming underwater, and breath control. The cubs went into the locker rooms, dried off and changed, and ran out the door after the final bell rang.

Kevin and Ashley walked together to the buses and he walked her onto their bus. He ushered her into their seat and sat down after her. They kissed passionately for a minute and then sat enjoying each other’s company. Kevin sat up straight as he saw Pedro walk onto the bus, followed by Sally. The Peacock’s stop came first, and when the bus pulled up, Kevin rushed off the bus and into the house, while Sally walked in slowly.

Late that night…

Kevin was in his room thinking about everything that had happened when he heard a knock on his door followed by a familiar voice, “Bro, can I come in?”

Sally opened the door and stepped into the room. Kevin rolled away from her and faced the wall under his covers.

“Look, Kev, I know what you saw and I know how you must feel about it. I’d be disgusted if I walked in her and saw you giving it to Ashley. But I want to let you know that I happen to truly Love Pedro. He makes me feel safe. He makes me feel as if I’m surrounded by a castle when I’m in his arms. I love Pedro and he loves me. Look, he’s written me poems and love letters and everything,” Sally said holding a pile of papers. “Kev, you weren’t supposed to find out this way. I was getting ready to surprise you tonight by telling you I found someone that truly loves me. This was supposed to be a happy night, but now it’s terrible. I really need your support. I need to know that you still love me as your sister.”

Kevin turned and faced his little sister and got out of bed to stand facing her. “I will always love you, but I just need time to adjust. Now dry those eyes and give me a hug.”

The two siblings stood there for what seemed like hours until Sally broke the hug and faced her brother. “Thanks Bro, I needed to hear you say that.” She said as she kissed her brother on the cheek and walked back to her room.

Kevin climbed back under his covers and got comfortable again and closed his eyes.

All troubles quelled and all worries turned to certainties, the biggest day of his young life was over, and the future looked bright.

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