Bunny of my Dreams – Chapters 22 to 29

edit64Written by Zim999 and Luvthatsuper (October-December 2006 / January 2007)

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Time went by, one day in the girl’s locker room Ashley was in nothing but her panties. She was examining her breasts and liked what she saw. Her breasts were already size 36 C cup, and it felt as if they were getting bigger yet. She started to rub her nipples slightly and thought of Kevin in his swimsuit. She could feel them hardening and becoming tender. Just then Laura walked up to her.
“Uh, Ashley, what are you doing?”
“OH! Oh, I was just examining how my chest was looking.” Ashley nervously lied. “Well, don’t be ‘examining’ for too long, we gotta get into class within 10 minutes.”

But just then Laura asked, “Ashley you been really happy with Kevin, what is he like?”
“Oh He’s really sweet, he’s one of the cutest boys I met.” Ashley said.
“What have you two done since the campout?” Laura asked.
“Well, we spent a lot of time together, shared secrets, talked about what we like, even wrote poetry for each other.”
“Yeah, I even found out he has a thing for plungers on cartoon girls butts.”
“Hmmmmmm, that dosen’t seem too weird. I’ve definitely dated worse.”
“He’s just has certain needs.”

The bunny and squirrel then looked at the clock. They quickly changed and went to the gym. After swimming class, which was the last class, Ashley went home.

She went into her house, to see her mom on the couch.
“Hi sunshine.” Her mom said and they kissed.
“Hi mommy.”
“How was school?”
“Great as always.”
She then went to her room, put her bag down and locked the door.
Her room was full of really cute things: tons of stuffed animals, bunny slippers, a bunch of key rings, pink wallpaper, purple carpet, rainbow blankets, various pictures of Kevin and herself, tons of Barbies, her favorite was the scuba diving one. A dive mask was on her chair, a fish bowl with two gold fish, a bulletin board with some of her favorite drawings she made when she was little. Her room was just as personalized as Kevin’s.

She sat on her bed and pulled off her socks and loosened up her shirt. She lay back on her pillow and pulled out her sketchbook and pencils. She started flipping through the book until she found her most current work, an intimate picture of her and Kevin. She drew herself and her bird, heads first, kissing passionately. The young bunny drew with hasty hands and rising vigor as her paw created what her mind desired; herself embraced topless in Kevin’s wings, her right paw clenching on the back of his neck, her left paw down the front of his trousers. His right wing wrapped around her shoulder, his left hand on her rear end with his fingers through her tail.

The paw dropped it’s pencil and moved to more pressing matters. It slid it’s way down her stomach and underneath her panties to her clit. Her other paw had pulled up her shirt and started to rub her tender breasts. Heat overtook her, and she sat there for the next half hour pleasing herself to the thought of her man.

When all was said and done, and the mess she made cleaned up, Ashley thought of what she was to do with all these feelings.
“Ok, I love him, I want him, and he’s the kind of man I want looking out for me. But, I promised myself I wouldn’t get close to someone like that until they knew everything about my past…” She let out a deep moaning sigh as she rolled back onto the bed and closed her eyes.

“About my… father…”

The words she whispered as she began to fall into a deep, peaceful slumber.

The final words to pass her tall ears was Kevin’s sweet voice, soft on the wind, “I Love You… I’ll only do… what You want… I… Love… You…”



Kevin was changing out with no shred of fear, actually with slight pride, as he looked around the locker room. That’s when he saw Rodriguez changing in the corner, towering over all the other boys around him. Kevin felt cross about this croc. His caring nature felt sorry for him as an outcast, but hated his attitude. Kevin pulled up his suit and slipped on his cap. He walked out and waited for Ashley outside the lockers. They hugged and kissed then walked into the indoor pool. The kid’s shifts were picked out and Ashley and Kevin had this pacer to sit out, so they snuggled up in the corner of the gym.

“So how’s my little Honey Bunny been?”
“Just fine, Sweet P.”
The couple started talking between kisses.
“How’s your little sister been?” Ashley asked.
“Just fine. Strange as usual, but fine. I am her older brother, and the only one she’ll have. No matter what, I have to be there for her.”
“You are one sweet Peacock.”
They didn’t say anything much else after that, their mouths well occupied with each other.

The whistle blew as the first group of cubs slowly walked away from the pool’s edge and did various things to dry themselves off. Some shook, others walked out of the pool not even wet, some dried with towels. The second group was due to practice, and in it was Ashley.
“Aw, I have to go for now, I’ll be back soon,” Ashley said as she stood up and walked toward the pool as Poke was heading toward Kevin. When the bunny was out of ear shot, Poke leaned down towards Kevin and started jabbing at him.

“Damn man, you’re lucky, Ashley has got to be THE hottest Bunny in this school, even more then Cynthia. I tried to get her once, put she just wouldn’t put out. She wouldn’t even do so much as go to a kiss. Let me warn you though, DON’T make her angry. I had a red paw print on the side of my face for 2 days.”
The young lion made himself comfortable next to his friend.

“Yeah, she’s very sweet and very creative,” Kevin said leaning back.
“Please, answer me a question that’s been on my mind ever since I saw her,” Poke said, putting his elbows on his knees and looking at Kevin. “Is she a good yiff?”

Kevin had gotten used to Poke’s manners, or lack of them. He answered with just as much smugness in his voice, “I have no clue.”
“You gotta be kidding me! You two haven’t done it yet!?”
“Nope, she doesn’t want to and I’m not gonna push her. Now to get off that topic, don’t you think these caps are itchy?” Kevin asked as he pulled off his cap.
Poke followed suit complaining about the sheer annoyance the caps were.

They were chatting when they heard it, a splash and a muffled scream. Not even the teachers caught it, but Kevin did. He stood up, Poke looking at him stupidly. The small splashes were coming from Ashley’s lane. Without even thinking of it, or of how it might look, Kevin put his arms out in a cross shape and extended his wings fully out and took the air. Poke watched Kevin closely trying to figure out what was happening.

From the air, Kevin could precisely see Ashley struggling under the water with Rod. He could tell that this wasn’t a mere trick or prank; the Croc had sick plans. Ashley managed to surface long enough to grab a breath of air, but what was really happening was only able to be seen by Kevin. Rod clawed at her suit at her chest and her hips, and spun her under him and started to reach toward his own suit. All Poke could see was Kevin flapping in the air, some splashes and a sign of anger starting to come across Kevin’s face. He saw his Crest stand straight on end, a threatening pose, and his small talons emerged from their sheaths on his toes. With a mighty flap for leverage, Kevin swooped down towards the pool, dropping in feet first, striking position. He slammed into the water and hit his mark on the spot. His talons sunk right through the scales of Rod’s back at his back base and between his shoulders. With strength ten times of his own and powered by love, he lifted the croc out of the water and carried him towards the other side of the pool. Ashley surfaced to see Kevin flapping wildly holding Rodriguez a steady fifteen feet above the concrete, leaned forward, shouting in the terrified crocs’ ear.

“NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME, YOU WORTHLESS SACK OF SCALES!!! TURN YOUR FUCKING HEAD AROUND AND LOOK AT ME!!” Kevin shouted as he was leaned forward by the crocs’ right shoulder.
Rod turned his head to look Kevin in the face, pure terror filled the croc boy’s eyes.
“Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is going to do so much as TOUCH the love of my life. NOT YOU, NOT ANYONE!! I saw clear well what you were doing. I saw you almost DROWNING ASHLEY so you could have your sick, Twisted way with her! Had I not intervened, you would have DROWNED and RAPED her! You would have killed her, wouldn’t you? WOULDN’T YOU?!?!?! ANSWER ME!!!!”

Rod slightly shook his head yes.
“YES! I tried to rape her, I tried to drown her, JUST PLEASE DON’T KILL MEEEE!!!” Rod shouted out crying rivers like a little infant from the fear and the shearing physical pain.

“Oh, Yes. You know it. I know it. Everyone here knows it. I COULD kill you. One swoop and you crash headlong into the cement at 60 miles and hour. And everyone here knows that if I were to kill you now, it’d be justified. You just told everyone YOU WERE PLANNING ON KILLING MY ASHLEY! I could AND SHOULD kill you, but I’m not like you, Rod. I Don’t hurt others unless they give me no choice…”

By this time, the entire school had gotten word of the happenings and everyone had gathered around the pool house and were watching through the glass walls as Kevin began to climb higher into the air. Up to 50 feet he rose came out through the open roof to the parking lot and showed Rod his options.

“Now listen here scumbag, you have two choices, only TWO. You can say right here in front of everyone, how you tried to RAPE my sister and MURDER my girlfriend, tell of any other people you have harmed, and SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE to never hurt so much as a FLY for as long as you live; OR you can be the stuck up asshole that you were before, don’t confess to anything, and you get to make out with the asphalt at MACH 4!!!! NOW, what’s it gonna be?”

Rodriguez shouted out through his tears his confessions of trying to rape Sally, attempted to drown Ashley, beat up kids like Edward, forced himself onto countless girls, and tormented the entire school. He swore upon his life and the lives of his entire family he would never hurt anyone ever again. Slowly but surely, Kevin began to descend, and his last words to the boy were, “you made the right choice, and now all you need is a landing befitting of your personality.” Ashley chased along under him as Kevin flew down and with a swoop, dropped Rod into the dumpster full of cafeteria garbage. Kevin then crash-landed in the field behind the school from exhaustion. Ashley ran to the man who saved her life, sprawled out on his chest panting heavily, heart racing out of control. He would have died within minutes had it not been for her. She rushed up to him and kneeled down next to him, examining him.

The last memories Kevin had before he blacked out were of Ashley stroking his head and looking him in the eyes, herself full of tears. “You saved my life…” was the last thing he was to hear for some time to come. Her body lying over his, crying out an ocean of tears. Unable to move, unable to run, she cried, as all she could do. She cried and cried as she watched her savior fading away from her.

What was done out of love to save one so dear
Saved you’re true love and brought death to you near
You gave all you had to be her shining savior
You lie dying in front of her, now’s her chance to return your favor.



A noise…
A sound in the darkness…
Another sound, rustling to the right…
beeping… beeping… it never ceases…

light, light, shining on my face…
a voice amidst the shadows crying out…

That voice… that voice…
I know that voice…
A new voice… my voice…
Open your eyes…

A crack of light shone through his lids as Kevin squinted, not sure of anything. His eyes adjusted to see a white ceiling in his view. He looked toward the right, the direction of the cry. There Rodriguez was, lying on his stomach, open red holes on his back being treated with sterile dressings. Kevin didn’t realize how badly he had nailed the boy. The gashes were 2 inches deep each, 10 in all. He didn’t know it yet, but he had luckily missed the boy’s spine.

Only one thing was going through his mind, “Is this real? Am I alive?”
He tried to sit up, but his muscles couldn’t do more then lift his head. He tried to lift his arms to try to figure out what was what. He could do only as much as raise a finger. As he scanned his bed, he saw he was in a light blue gown, tied up on his back, he could feel the knots. He had IV’s stuck in his arms and a tube wrapped around his head with a nostril piece to supply oxygen. That is when the beeping came to be noticed.

He looked toward the noise, and as he tipped his head back to see, he saw the source. It was an EKG machine monitoring his heart beat. Out of the corner of his eye, beyond the IV post, he saw a familiar figure. Using the faint strength he had, he rolled his head over to see Ashley, sprawled out on a row of chairs, small pillow under her cheek and a tiny cover over her body, barely covering her from shoulder to hip. Kevin examined her for a minute, and could not help but notice that her hair was slightly matted and her and the fur all over her body was a bit raggedy. It was obvious she hadn’t showered or groomed for a while, and this made Kevin ponder as to why.

Then something shocking began to happen. Ashley’s body started to slowly dissolve right before him! Kevin yelled and yelled but no sounds came out. The walls started to liquefy and he saw his own body disappearing. Terror struck him. What was happening? What was going on? Then came the same daunting, dismal blackness. Black. Darker then night itself. Cold, lonely, and desolate. The universe itself was blank, nothingness, Death.

Lurking forth from the nothingness came into view a hooded figure, cloaked in black and handling a scythe in a fashion terrifying. Closer and closer the skeletal cloaked servant of Satan came, and Kevin tried to move but felt glued to the spot. This is it, this is the end. A sudden depressing coldness came about him, as if his soul had been put on ice.

This was it, the end, the final curtain on his short life.

Raised was the scythe, ready to strike the final blow.
All hope lost, nothing left to live for.
The outlook of death embraced, it’s meaning he did know.
Listened as Death uttered, “You come with me now” he heard something else, another voice more.

Such a soft sweet voice he knew all to well
A Dear rabbits’ siren song making a desperate last call
“Please Dear Kevin, don’t bid me goodbye,
I’m nothing without you.” Then came a light in his eye

A crack in the darkness, a glimmer of hope
A person that loved him someone who couldn’t cope
If he took up Death’s offer and took the easy way out
He should fight for his loved one, he should come about

He walked towards the light as it got brighter and brighter.
All of his senses were returning as he saw his true lover.

There she was, clad in rags, flowing tears,
The one who stood by him for what felt like years.

Down her cheek rolled a tear, a most powerful one
Onto his cheek it landed, It’s power undone

His life to his body came running so fast
Returned to his love was Kevin at last

After three days of silence
And worry and woe
Two souls in true love
Will conquer any foe

Kevin opened his eyes to see Ashley’s tight shut, her face over him weeping and mourning for him. He looked at her closely and tried to raise a hand to her face, but exhaustion kept him from raising so much as a finger. All he could do was muster all the strength he had to whisper one phrase, “How did I do?”

Ashley’s eyes opened up and looked into Kevin’s. She stared into him as he looked up and smiled. Her tears changed, she still cried, but now she cried for joy. She climbed onto the oversized bed next to him, and sat there looking into the eyes she thought she would never see again. She put one paw on his shoulder and stole a kiss from his lips. Kevin’s heart had been dormant beating slower then normal, but the sensation he received from that one sweet kiss sent his heart racing and the machine he was attached to into a beeping overdrive.

A nurse came bursting through the door shouting, “Tachicardia! Tachicardia! Code BLUE! CODE BLUE!” and was instantly followed by a crash cart and 6 other nurses, all to see Kevin and Ashley lying on the bed, faces still locked in that sweet kiss. Nothing was going to separate them until they were ready, and the nurse who called the code just shamefully announced, “False alarm, disregard any Cardio Myopothy from room 12.” Closing the blinds thinking cubs will be cubs, the nurses shut the door and hung a, “Do not disturb,” sign on the knob.

Inside room 12, Kevin and Ashley sat in that sweet tender kiss for over a half an hour. When she finally broke from his lips, Ashley told her love, “You did more then you could imagine.”
“How long was I out?”
“Well, shortly after you fell onto the ground, you blacked out. I sat there trying to do whatever I could to cool you down and try to slow your breathing. The school had called in an ambulance when you were holding Rod in the air. The EMT’s came up to you and immediately loaded you onto a gurney, and as they took your pulse with me there, you were over 270 beats per minute. The second they pulled my hand off yours, your heart stopped. I followed them and insisted on going in the ambulance with you. They shocked your chest and got your heart beating again, but it was very unstable. You were legally dead for over 5 minutes. As soon as your heart was beating again, it would rise to incredibly high rates of up to 200 then crash down to as low as 30. The doctors tried everything they could to stabilize your heart, but nothing worked. You only seemed to be stable when I was holding onto you.”

“I was dead for five minutes?”

“Yes, you were, the most agonizing and terror filled minutes of my life. We arrived at the hospital and they wheeled you into here, in the intensive care unit. I ran along side the gurney the whole way here. I didn’t care what they told me, I wasn’t going to leave you alone. By the time you got here, you had slipped into a coma. They got you stabilized with IV’s and oxygen, but they said only time would tell if you would ever wake up. I used my cell to call my mom and have her bring me my stuff and I stayed here. I never left this room, the entire five days you were out. I sat here praying for a sign of life from you. I heard occasional grunts, but you never woke up. Just now, that brain wave monitor over there showed your mind starting to activate a bit, and that’s when I stood over you and cried to you, and here you are.”

“But didn’t you have to use the bathroom or something, what did you do then?”

“When I absolutely had to leave for a reason like that, I had my mom in the room on her phone while I kept talking to her through mine. I wanted to know what was going on with you at every moment. I didn’t even go to school.”

“Well the coma would explain the weird dream I had, and just now, when you were crying to me, it pulled me away from something very dark. I was looking Death in the face, with his scythe raised to cut me, and I was ready to die. That’s when I heard you, and saw a little light that I followed until I woke up. You saved me Honey Bunny.”

“Well all that is passed, and we are here now.”

“I need to know,” Kevin asked, “What happened to Rod?”

“He had some serious deep cuts on his back from your talons, but his spine and no other vital organs were damaged. He spent a day in the hospital and got released on painkillers. From what I’ve heard, he’s kept to his promise and hasn’t touched another student. He’s supposedly even given his lunch away a few times and let people cut in lines in front of him. Everyone is calling you a hero.”

“Well, I feel I really want to get out of this hospital, and I just want to be with you.”
Ashley leaned forward to kiss him again, but her lips met a feathered palm.

“No, don’t, I haven’t brushed my beak in nearly a week.”

“Sweet P, I wouldn’t give a damn if you hadn’t brushed in a year, I only care that I can kiss you. Now get your feathery face over here and kiss me!” Ashley grabbed Kevin by the wrist and yanked him roughly into her arms and kissed him deeply for what seemed like an eternity. The couple was still kissing when the nurses walked in for an inspection. They nicely asked Ashley and Kevin to split up and almost had to pry the two apart. After an hour-long inspection of capacity and brain function, Kevin was given the permission to head home. Paula and Brad picked up Kevin and Ashley at the hospital and quickly answered a question Kevin was about to ask.

“Sweety, Ashley is going to be staying with us for a week or two,” Paula explained, “Her mom wanted to spend some time alone, I guess. From what she and Ashley told me, they do this every year at this time.”

The family drove up to the house in relative silence, Kevin and Ashley kissing most of the ride there. They pulled into the garage and the clock read 11:30 pm and the date was November 29th. Sally was already asleep and the whole 4 of them walked up the steps.
Paula and Brad watched their little baby boy walking into his room with Ashley, actually leaning on her for support, and they felt no sense of danger. Any girl who would stay by his side for 5 days straight truly loves him, and is deserving of their unconditional trust.

In Kevin’s room, the young couple closed the door and started getting ready for bed. Kevin took off his shirt and socks and was already in his shorts. Ashley walked into the bathroom and put on her lacy tan nightgown that offsets her hair and tail. She walked back in to see Kevin with his arm raised sniffing underneath. He looked up at her and blushed at both her beauty and the embarrassment he was feeling.

“I’m so sorry, I smell like a Skunk Farm.” He said blushing redder then an apple.

Ashley just walked up to him standing in the center of the room and put her hands on his shoulders, “You smell like someone who just flapped himself into a coma, did you expect to come out smelling like potpourri? Well, that doesn’t matter. I like the way you stink.”

It was at that moment she really paid attention to the smell and took a good whiff.
“Say, you wouldn’t happen to have any of that incense left, would you?”

The two just burst into laughter as Kevin pulled out a stick and lit it in the dragon burner.
Finally, as the clock struck midnight, the two were in Kevin’s bed, arms wrapped around each other, lights turned out. Their lips locked for a while and after a few minutes, they locked eyes and softly whispered the words, “I love you,” As their eyelids shut themselves and the cubs drifted into the peaceful land of dreams.



During the night, Ashley felt a rumble in her bladder. Carefully she slid out of Kevin’s arms. She tipped toed out of his room and into the hallway. At that same time Sally also felt a rumble in her bladder.
It was a shock to both girls to see both of them in the same house heading for the same bathroom.
They both stood there for a second.
“What are you doing here? I thought you were at the Hospital with my big brother?” Sally asked.
“Well Kevin is finally out of his coma, he’s ok now.” Ashley answered.
“Yup he’s in his room and I’ll be here for a few weeks as well.”
“Why are you going to be here?”
“My mom and I need some time alone around this time of year.”
“Can I see my big brother?”
“Sure, but I gotta go to bathroom.”
“Me too, but you go first.”
“Thank you.”
Ashley walked into the bathroom and pulled down her panties and sat down on the toilet. Wouldn’t you know it, she left the door cracked open, and this bathroom was about to scare her yet again. As she sat there, struggling to keep her eyes open, she sees the door start opening, but no one was there. As her eyes shot open startled, she got frantic. That’s when she heard it…


It was Sunny, looking up at her from the floor. She picked him up and snuggled him as he purred like a drum in her ear. She finished up and walked out of the bathroom, still holding the kitty. As she walked balk out, she saw Sally standing there in Kevin’s doorway, just staring at him.

“He’s cute when he sleeps, isn’t he?” Ashley asked.
“Yeah,” Sally said letting out a sigh.
“Bathroom’s all yours for now.”
Sally walked into the bathroom as Ashley walked into what was now their room, placed Sunny down on the end of the bed. She put her paws on the bed edge and tried to stealthily slide under the covers. As she got her feet under the covers and tried to lie down, a wing slipped under her back to her outer side, rolled her over and met her face to face.
“You naughty little wabbit, you twied to get away fwom me,” Kevin teased as her rubbed her thigh with his free hand and started sliding it up her side. “Well, it’s wabbit season, and I want me some Bunny.” Kevin deeply kissed the woman he loved as she kissed him back. It was getting unexpectedly interesting when he felt Ashley’s paw slipping from his back past his shoulder blades and to the side of his hip, and advancing forward. That’s when they heard something loud in their ears.


Their playtime was stopped by a furry purring little head in their faces, insistently meowing for their attention. Grudgingly, they stopped, to pet him as he sat right between them. That’s when Sally walked in.

“Hi baby sister.” Kevin said happily.
“Oh Kevin.” Sally squawked as she ran to his edge of the bed and hugged him really tight.
“I missed you soooooooooo much Bro.” She said as she cried into his shoulder.
“I missed you too Sis,” Kevin said as he held her tight.
Ashley looked at how happy the siblings were to see each other again and smiled.
“Care to join this hug Ashley?” Kevin asked.
“I would love to.” She said and hugged the two sweetest peacocks she met in her life.
“I love being with both my girls.”
“Us too.” The girls said in unison.

There they lie, the four of them, Kevin, Ashley, Sally, and Sunny, cuddled up in a bunch. After a long time passed, them chatting about school, how Kevin’s stunt changed everything, and how the other cubs felt. Apparently, unknown to Kevin and Ashley, many cubs had come to the Peacock’s and dropped off gifts and offerings. Their parents had actually collected over 2000 dollars cash from kids that were thanking him for finally putting Rod in his place. When Sally dropped this bombshell on the conversation, Kevin and Ashley looked each other dead in the eyes and silently agreed.

“Uh, Sally, it’s getting late, you need to sleep. Take Sunny with you, petting cats is proven to relax.” Kevin smiled. Sally nodded and exaunted leaving a bird and a bunny who are madly in love with newfound money sitting in nightclothes in the middle of a bed.

“Oh my god! $2000! What are you going to do with it?” The ecstatic Bunny softly shouted.
“I’m going to spend it on you, all on what you want. Shower my love with gifts.”

“Oh, Kevin,” Ashley moaned as she grabbed her man around the neck and kissed him deeply. As the kiss progressed, the mood got more intimate, and the heat picked up. Suddenly, Ashley pulled away from Kevin’s lips and hung her head in shame.

“I don’t deserve your gifts… I don’t deserve any of it…”

“Of course you do my love, you deserve it all,” Kevin said as her kissed her again.

She pulled away again, and explained her point in the most erotic voice she could think of with a grin coming across her lips, “But, Kevin… You told me I’ve been a naughty wittle wabbit, and the only thing naughty wabbits deserve is a good, hard, spanking. And being the bad little bunny I am, I want you to be the one to give me what I deserve.”

Ashley leaned down on her haunches over Kevin’s knees and stood her rear end as high as she could.

“You’re serious about this, you want me to spank you?”
“Oh yeah…” Ashley moaned as she saw Kevin raise his wing slightly behind her. With little force, for fear of his own strength, he gently tapped her next to her tail. She seemed upset as she told him, “Now I know YOU can hit harder then that. I’m begging you, give me all you’ve got.”

Reluctantly, Kevin raised his hand up and brought it down with about half the power he could have. Even at his held back strength, the slapping sound was extremely loud in the silence of the house. Kevin looked down at his bunny’s face with his hand still firmly on her rear. He saw her clench and was worried he had hurt her, but a soft moan a moment later quickly changed that. A simple nod was all that was needed for him to do it again, slightly harder. The harder the slaps became, the louder her moans of pleasure grew.

Kevin found out that this little rabbit liked things ‘different’, and he found himself enjoying the fact that she was being this open with him. Seeing Ashley’s fine hindquarters turning pink enthralled and aroused the young bird till he had an all too obvious erection poking Ashley in the thigh. After the final slap at nearly as hard as he could, Ashley grabbed Kevin’s thigh and looked up at his eyes with both pleasure and pain in hers.

“Thank… you…. I reeeally needed that, and I also need something else. Something that I can feel you need as well.”

She bounded from below him looking up to pushing him over, lying on top of him, kissing him. She quite fast released her dominance to be equal, lying on her side next to him. Between the kisses and the paw rubbing along their bodies, Ashley managed to get out her point through the flames of passion, “My… Body… Needs… You… Now… As… Does… Yours…”

The two lay entwined wrapping more into each other under their covers. That is when Ashley made her fateful move. Without ever leaving his lips, she took his hand in her paw and placed it on her stomach, urging him to keep going. Kevin took what she had offered and went where he had been waiting for. Slowly, he slipped one finger, then two, three, then his full hand into her tan panties, now slightly wet. He felt his way through the fur gently, till he found the promised land, signaled by a quiver of pleasure from all throughout Ashley’s body.

Gently, with tender delicacy, Kevin slipped his first finger, followed suit by two more, between the soft, wet, folds. His hand was cupped down between her hips, sweetly fondling her with his fingers, rubbing her clit with his thumb, softly palming her outsides while feeling her through inside, and tickling her thighs with the feathers on the back of his hand.

Ashley had delivered him to her promised land, and it was now her turn to pay a visit to his. She slipped her paw down into his bulging shorts, and felt around his package. She explored what was to later be her ride to joy. Around his sheath and up his penis till she reached the head. She fiddled around with it for a few moments then slid back down underneath to his taught scrotum. She fondled the sack so tenderly, as if it were a glass egg, precious and fragile, each sensitive treasure inside ready for release. Clasping him within her paw, she began to stroke and squeeze.

There they lie, fulfilling their needs and desires, exploring their bodies, and attempting to discover what the other wants and needs. Nary a time did their lips ever release, but their eyes were open now, staring deep into the soul of the other. Ashley was first to feel it, the overwhelming pleasure coursing throughout here veins, and her eyes clenched shut. Her hips tightened around Kevin’s hand as he felt the moisture land straight into his palm. The warming fluid and powerful clenches from the paw around his Privates caused Kevin to cum right after her, almost as one. Ashley had her paw around his head as the first thick white stream clung to her fur. She began to stroke again in response letting the rest drain out onto his shorts.

They opened their eyes and stared at one another, basking in the afterglow of the glory that was their adventure. The tensions released and all possible doors now open between them, they slowly released their lips and panted heavily, all the while smiling. Ashley was first to speak, her mind riddled with the taunting memories that always resurfaced their horrible faces upon this time of year.

“Sweet P, that was truly amazing, you surprise me in so many ways. Now it is my turn to surprise you… There are a lot of things you need to know about me. Things no one else but me and my mom know. I have a lot of things to tell you that will shock you, and many times will be hard to say.”
“I’m here for you honey bunny, I invented shocked, try me.”
“Ok, to start, I wasn’t an only child…”


CHAPTER 26: Black Past

All of Kevin’s feathers stood on end and he managed to ask out stuttering, “Wait, you were a single child of your mother and your father got killed on the police force…”

“No Kevin, that was the cover story, the lie I’ve been living the past 9 years of my life. No, Kevin, you must know the truth of my past, I made a promise to myself. The man I love must know and accept everything, and be there for me. You must know what happened….”

9 years earlier………

In the heating rays of the daytime sun,
We see two children having fun
Youth so tender, sweet and blissful,
About to see third snow fall Romping around in a pool in sunny
Weather were a little boy and girl bunny
Splashing and playing oblivious to their fate
December 6th was approaching, a terrible date

In the hot summers day, Ashley was playing in a kiddie pool in the front yard with a fellow bunny. She had scuba gear with a snorkel on as she was floating stomach down on the water. She was swimming back and forth, scanning the pool bottom until she saw a furry foot in her view, then she felt someone pushing down on her from her shoulders.
Struggling through the splashes, she managed to surface to see William standing over her, pinning his twin sister under the water and splashing her.

“Oh, Willy! Stop it you poo-poo head!”
“Sissy, it’s almost our birthday! Live a wittle! We need to be happy, no matter what happens wiff mommy and daddy… so no need for mean names like dat! Come on, lets dwy off and go in sissy.”

The two bunnies dried off and started walking with towels in hand toward their house. As they approached the front door, they heard the sound they hated most, they’re parents fighting over money and custody and all this grown up stuff they didn’t understand. The two walked in quietly and went to their room together, over hearing the fight going on upstairs.

“I can’t believe you spent the kids school fund at the race track!! How could you doom them like that?” Angel Bunny asked her husband.
“Don’t tell me what to spend the money I earned on! I can do with it whatever the hell I want!”
“You’re a deadbeat, a disgrace to this family! You care more about getting your fix then your children’s future!”
“Listen to me, bitch, those kid’s are mine. There’s no way in hell you could win this case! I will have them and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it whore!”
“I’d rather die then see you handling my babies!”

Angel then took a hard fist to the eye and fell down, sprawled out on the floor.

“Don’t force me to grant that wish. You stay in this room bitch.”

He walked past her to the bathroom and locked the door. He pulled away a tile from the tub wall revealing what he had actually spent the money on; a few tied up plastic baggies containing some pink pills and others with white powder. Pulling out one bag of each, he made a line of powder with a razor and set out 2 pills. He snorted the line and popped the Ecstasy he had set out. Rushing with haste in the power of his high and pulsing urge for sick pleasure, he put on a light jacket, hid a camera inside, walked out of the room and headed downstairs to the twins’ bedroom.

He opened the door and locked it behind him, while Will and Ashley stopped chatting on their beds and stared at the father they both feared. He walked up casually trying to chat calmly saying everything would be fine, but he needed their help. The poor little cubs knew what he wanted from them, and Will and Ashley got prepared to do what their father wished of them.

He pulled out the camera, started recording, and put his free paw down his trousers as he watched little Will began to hug and kiss his sister, wrapping his arms around her. As their father urged them on, the two looked each other in the eyes, wishing it would stop. Although they didn’t know why, Will was told to start rubbing himself in and out on Ashley. Still fully dressed, the two were directed into going through different positions dry humping on camera. Will didn’t know what was happening to him, but all the rubbing made his little self feel weird, stiff, as if it were standing up on it’s own.

To their relief, their father had finished himself off, and was done with the two. He sat there, sprawled out on a chair in the corner of their room for a few minutes while the twins stared at him, wondering what he got out of this. They watched as he simply stood up without even saying thank you, and walked out of the room.

“Daddy’s scaring me,” a terrified Ashley stammered.
“Me too Sissy, me too.” Will said as he hugged her tight.
“Why does daddy make us do that,” she cried into her brother’s shoulder.
“I don’t know, sissy. Mommy and Daddy are going threw hard times, but I think evewything will work out in the end.”
“I think you’re right Willy, I think you’re right…”

The two bunnies then fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion, oblivious to how serious the problems that faced them were. The two of them lay snuggled in a hug sleeping straight through the day into the morrow. A hollowed morn awaited them as their parents fought ruthlessly through the night. The sun arose and on this day was dated December 5th one day till their birthday. The two awoke with new hope and heads held high, walked out of their room and watched TV while they listened to their parents fighting continue.

“Those kids are coming with me, bitch!”

“Like hell they are! I won’t rest until they are 100 miles from you! I’m leaving now, the twins need their bath. I wouldn’t expect a bastard like you to know or care about that anyway,” Angel said as she stormed out of the room. Her husband sat there simmering and gathering more and more rage as she left.

Angel walked up to her babies sitting on the couch and told them it was bath time. Will grabbed a rubber duck and Ashley grabbed her favorite little toy squid. The two bunnies hopped into the tub and started splashing and playing as Angel washed them. It was ill fated that he ask, but Will unwittingly asked his mother, “Mommy, what’s going to happen wiff you and Daddy?”

“Well, you shouldn’t concern yourselves with it. Mommy and Daddy are having troubles with each other. We still now, and always will, Love you, but Mommy and Daddy are going to not be living together anymore. Don’t you worry, I’ll be sure I’ll be taking you with me.”

The door to the bathroom was kicked in with a thunderous crack that startled the little bunnies into tears as their dad came bounding in, empty whiskey bottle in hand, cursing and heading toward Angel. The bottle struck Angel upside the left cheek and sent her tumbling over into the edge of the tub. As she turned, a fist came in to hit her right eye that landed her face down bleeding on the mat. After a few more kicks to the legs, the father turned and walked out, leaving his wife beaten on the floor. Will and Ashley watched in horror as she got up and looked at them, shards of glass sticking out of her mangled face. She pulled out what she saw from the mirror and washed her face as Ashley and Will looked on in horror.

Angel dried her face then finished washing the babies fast and set them in the living room. The twins then sat on the couch with their mom.

“Mommy, why was daddy so mad at you?” Ashley said as tears ran down her face.
Angel then picked up Ashley and hugged her.
“It’s OK sweetheart, mommy will be just fine. Daddy isn’t himself right now,” Angel said as she hugged her baby girl and baby boy and struggled to hold back her tears.
“Kids, I promise you, tomorrow, I will get you out of here. Think of it as your birthday present.”

Late that night, as the sun had set, Angel stood in the door frame shouting at her husband who was higher then a kite. Will and Ashley stood up to listen and watch, as Angel Yelled that she was going to take the kids and leave, tonight. Having just come out of a bath, all they were wearing was underwear. Will watched as his father punched out his mom again, and decided enough was enough. He bounded over as fast as he could and stood in the way of his parents, shouting out, “Don’t you hurt mommy! I won’t wet you hurt her!” the little bunny tried as hard as he could, punching and kicking at his fathers shins.

“Stop it you little brat! I said STOP!!!” he raised his right foot and, with the weight of a wrecking ball, slammed Will on the side of his head with a deafening crack. The bunny flew over 6 feet through the air back towards Ashley, landing on his crushed face onto the coffee table, breaking right through it as if it were paper. Ashley ran forward and untangled the mess of bloody fur and twisted limbs that was her brother. She placed her hand on his chest. Nothing… bloody fur and pale skin was all that was left. Will was no more, cold, dead.

Before Ashley could do so much as cry, her father had broken one of Angel’s legs and had Picked up Will’s body and Ashley and walked out to his car. Opening the back seat first, he threw Will’s limp body into the back seat and placed Ashley in the passenger seat right in front of Will. The engine flared and with a heavy jolt, the old caddy took off at great speed down the streets.

“Don’t you worry little Ashley, Daddy won’t hurt you. You’re my little sweet peace of heaven…” He said as he rubbed her little leg. “You, my darling, didn’t act up, you were good, and you want to still be good, don’t you? Daddy needs you to be good and quiet as he takes off your little undies.” He slipped her underwear down her legs and began to feel his way around, keeping his eyes on the road and his mind on his fingers. He began to push one finger up into Ashley and she let out a sharp cry. “Owwie!!!! Daddy!!! That hurts!!! OOWW!!”

“Shut up Ashley! Unless you wanna end up like your brother! Enjoy this, like I am!”
He shouted as he kept pushing into her. Ashley bit her lip to the point it bled to keep from making noise as that finger inside her ruptured her tiny little wall, and she began to bleed. She opened her eyes long enough to see the dead end ahead, an made a sharp move to cover her face with her arm as her father looked up to see the tree.

The collision hit the driver side dead on at 50 miles an hour. The drivers side was completely totaled, while the passenger side remained relatively intact. Slowly, Ashley opened her little eyes to see but only one color… red. Her fathers blood everywhere, she turned to see his body, jabbed in the chest with branches, ribs and broken arm bones sticking out through his skin, the gear shift through his face.

With all her might she opened the door and then pulled out Will. She dragged him away from the site and stood in the field. The little flame in the engine had caught and the car went up in an instant, her father still inside, burning in a flame that was deserving of his evil torching soul. There Ashley stood, soaked in blood, not even so much as shedding one tear, until the ambulance arrived and the firemen put out the blaze.

All she could say to anyone was a simple and agonizing phrase, “Why? Why mother? Why…”

The sun broke crimson on that day, December 6th, Ashley’s birthday.
Her father burnt to ashes, her brother slain
Her mother in a hospital, in terrible pain
Blood was spilled that said night
A child shaken to the marrow
Her life to be recluse from hence onward
Exists no such greater a sorrow.

Ashley choked on her words as she finished her tale, reliving the day she had tried so hard to forget. Her promise now fulfilled, she wept like she should have all those years ago. Kevin wrapped his wing around her and held her head to his shoulder as she cried out the pain she had held deep inside. The looming shadow of her father now shone in full light ran away from her, never to return. The fear in her heart left, pushed out by love. The man she had wanted in her life all these years to be there for her was now finally there, her savior found.

The true saint in her eyes, a bird who can help her to walk.
Her hearts true savior, Kevin Peacock.

CHAPTER 27: Golden Future

The sun broke in through the bedroom window and onto the faces of a handsome young bird and a beautiful bunny. Kevin’s more sensitive eyes detected the change first, and opened up slowly. The image before him was of pure beauty; Ashley’s peaceful sleeping face gilded in pure sunshine, almost as if to have a spot light over her cherubic features. Dare he do it? Dare he touch this untainted cheek with his wretched hand? As he gaze upon Ashley’s lovely face her nose twitched and her eyes began to open slowly. She looked into his eyes and smiled, then kissed him gently.

The kids woke up and each got ready for the day ahead, Ashley in particular. As the family sat around the breakfast table, they chatted idly about everything that had been going on, and Paula and Brad handed Kevin the money that had been collected. He knew right away that he was going to do everything he could to cheer up Ashley. After breakfast, Ashley and Kevin went to his room to talk.

“Like I said last night Ashley I going to spend all the money on you.” Kevin said.
“Like I said, I don’t deserve it all, you should save some for yourself, too.”
They shared a kiss.
“So whatcha wanna do? I’ll do anything you wanna do today.”
“Well can we visit Will’s grave? I go there every year around this time.”
“Absolutely, Honey Bunny.”
“Oh Kevin.”
Ashley held onto him and never wanted to let go.
“We should get going if we wanna get to the florists before they close. We should plant some flowers for Will.”
“You’re right Sweet P, thanks. Let’s go.”

The two walked downstairs and Kevin told his mom they’d be going out for a while. Right as they opened the door, they saw Pedro standing there with a wrapped box and some flowers in one hand and was getting ready to knock with the other.

“Hi, umm, is Sally home?” the timid bird asked, not wanting to make eye contact with Kevin out of shame.
“Yeah Pedro, she’s upstairs, go right on in. Just, let my parents know you’re here.”
The little parrot boy sidestepped his way around the two and informed Paula he was there then headed up towards Sally’s room. Kevin and Ashley chatted about the two as they walked down the sidewalks.

“Even though they are so young, they really make a great and cute couple,” Kevin said.

“Yeah, they do. Well, here’s the florist.”

The two walked into the shop and browsed around for a good plant to purchase when Ashley saw what she wanted to get all along but could never afford. It was a plotter of white roses, yellow daisies, and violets, and it cost 150 dollars. Without a pause, Kevin bought it and carried it out with them.

Ashley led Kevin along a dirt path leading from behind the end of the road by her house. Winding through the woods it finally opened up to a small grass clearing that sun shone through on. Like a spot light, the rays were focused on a small wooden cross sticking out of the ground. Slowly, they walked over and kneeled down beside it and saw a small silver encrusted plaque that read as follows:

William Baxter Bunny, 1994-1997

Faith take this child, slain in youth so ill.
Our hearts shall always contain the memory of innocent, young Will.
Death grips on his body, but his soul unstained.
The child who was never given a chance, in heaven, shall have a chance once again.

Kevin dug a small plot and planted the flowers in a small triangle around the plaque. He then knelt next to Ashley and they sat there for a while, arms around each other, Ashley crying slightly. As they were on their way out, Kevin made a suggestion to his girl.

“Honey Bunny, you look like you could go for some relaxation. What about a trip to the spa?”
“Sure Sweet P, but can it wait for later? I mean we have a ton of cash we might as well, you know, do some cool stuff that we both like.”
“OK, what do you have in mind?”
Ashley smiled and kissed Kevin.
“What is something you always wanted to with your brother?”
“Well…… I always wanted to go to an arcade so I could try and beat him at Dance Dance Revolution. He always beat me at the house but I had been training to beat him in public.”
“Sounds like fun, and a very good challenge. I happy to be very good as well,” Kevin said as he stuck his tongue out.
“OH, that’s it, YOUR ON!” Ashley shouted as she playfully shoved Kevin back and started running. “Race ya there!”

Kevin stood there for a second smiling, glad to see her happy. Then he realized he had been put up to a challenge. He ran up to speed and with a leap, took to the air. Riding the thermals, he flew over her, watching her run. He took a short cut over the buildings and landed by the arcade entrance. He leaned up against the wall and waited casually for her to arrive. Ashley rounded the corner and was greeted by open arms and Kevin saying, “Hey there slow poke, what took ya so long?”

“How’d you- but I- you were- you flew, didn’t you?” Ashley managed to stammer out through her panting as she fell forward onto Kevin, completely exhausted. He held her up as she was completely limp, worn out from the running.

“Yeah, I flew. Figured I’d save my legs for the game. Now you need to save yours, and I can help with that.” Kevin explained as he leaned down and held one hand behind her back and swooped out her legs with the other. He knelt for a second then stood up straight, his darling in his arms. He pushed open the door and carried her through the arcade, setting her down a bit before they reached the crowded DDR station.

“Go take a seat and rest your legs while I get us some tokens. Looks like we’ll be waiting awhile while these novices play.”

Ashley slowly walked over to the small crowd of people around the game and took a seat on a bench towards the back. The second she sat down, everyone turned and looked at her, and kids started asking questions about Kevin like; “Is he ok? What’s he like? How is he?”

Before Ashley could open her mouth, she heard Kevin’s voice, “He’s fine enough to take his girl out for a day of fun.”

The crowd cleared and Kevin sat beside Ashley on the bench, leaving their turn token on the DDR stand. From the looks of it, they’d be there for about a half an hour before they got their turn. Even though cubs were offering their turns left and right, Kevin refused them all and explained they shouldn’t be treated special, they just got there, they need to wait.

All the cubs were anxious to see Kevin dance, he was famous for his ability and certain skill at songs. Most famed of which was Tsugaru, known nearly worldwide for his video on the web of him break dancing from halfway through the song till the end, still hitting every note, even in a headstand and spin. They waited there answering a few questions until Kevin finally asked if he could be left alone for a little bit. He could tell the attention was starting to get to Ashley, and he needed to calm her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her. Nothing else mattered.

As they shut their eyes and rocked back and forth a bit, Kevin humming in Ashley’s ear, they began to take no notice of the loud noises around them until, “HEY!! YOU TWO!! YOU’RE UP!”

Their eyes shot open and before they knew it, a half an hour had passed, and it was, indeed, their turn to play. As Kevin stood up, he asked Ashley if she was sure she still wanted to play in front of everyone. The fact that she bounded ahead of him and onto the dance pad answered that question loudly and clearly.

They stepped up and Ashley immediately set the level to heavy for the both of them, not even asking Kevin which he preferred. She scrolled through the songs and started small, slow tempo songs like ‘Ballard of Love’ and picking up slightly as they went. Second to last song came up, and Kevin watched as Ashley selected the song he feared she would…… Tsugaru. Thoughts racked his mind as he watched her start the song. He tried his best to look professional, but also look like he didn’t know exactly what was coming. At the opening pause, he decided he’d act like he didn’t know it was coming and still bounce on beat to it. He never let his combo go above 50 and he made sure he didn’t get all perfects during his combos. Ashley took notice and was slipping a few steps as well, but at the speed the steps were coming, anybody without a crazy amount of training would miss a good deal of steps. The song started to hit the slow hold notes that would normally cue Kevin to start breaking, but he instead grabbed the handhold bar and acted like he needed support. The crowd jeered in disapproval and muttered things like “he’s lost his touch,” or, “he’s soft for her.”

The song finished out, and Ashley had barely came out ahead of him, and Kevin looked over at her assuming to see happiness. He was shocked to see her standing there looking slightly sad and happy. The crowd of cubs had been shouting at Kevin for going easy on Ashley, but he had made them keep quiet with a mean glance. Ashley grabbed Kevin by the arm and walked him over away from the crowd making a signal she intended to return.

Kevin was panting as if out of breath from exhaustion and was hunching slightly. Ashley turned towards him and looked him dead in the eyes, not too happy.

“Oh, cut it out! Stop with the phony breathing and stand up right,” Ashley demanded. Kevin immediately straightened out and listened intently.
“I know you threw the game for me, and that’s why I was smiling. Knowing you tossed away your fame and glory just to try and make me feel better. I used to watch videos online of great DDR dancers hoping I could be better then them, the same as Will used to do. I had all but forgotten about your routine after I gave up on my DDR goals about 2 years ago. After I met you that day in the hall, your routine popped back into my mind. I had memorized your steps and then added my own extras to it, with hopes of finding you and challenging you to a dance off. That time is now and that’s why I asked you to wear exercisable shorts under your clothes; I did the same. I am now officially challenging your title. If you accept, standard rules; crowd judging in case of tie perfect, all flares allowed, and barefoot.”
She held out her paw in offering a shake. Kevin shook her hand and looked her in the eyes, now full of pride.
“You’re on. I’ll break out the old moves and see what you can do.”

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear Sweet P. Now that we are still out of site, this would be a good spot to take off these excess clothes.” Ashley started to pull off her top and to show her tight athletic top and slid her long skirt down to show her runners shorts. She then sat down, took off her shoes and socks, stood up and watched as Kevin finished changing out of his clothes.

The crowd of cubs were anxiously waiting in hopes of seeing something spectacular, and one bunny boy had actually pulled out his camera and was recording. A flood of cheering erupted as Kevin and Ashley rounded the corner and removed the hand bars from the stand. The two addressed the crowd in turn explaining the official challenge. The crowd cheered but got silent as soon as the song started. The cubs weren’t disappointed; for Kevin hit every step from his old routine, but more impressively, Ashley was matching him step for step and flared step for flared step. Ashley’s first step towards upstaging was on Kevin’s famous head spin. Kevin got into a headstand on the center square and was hitting the arrows with his hands, spinning a few times on momentary breaks. He did a total of 4 spins in 3 pauses and ended on a double side arrow handstand.

Ashley, on the other hand, had practiced a lot harder and never stopped her spin. She was in a split legged star spin for the whole duration, still hitting every note, and stopping her spin on the same note into handstand as Kevin. The remainder of the song was hit step for step by the two, but Ashley had a trump card saved.

At the ending of a slow 3-note succession of UP, Double side, to DOWN, Kevin jumped both feet onto top and back handspring his hands on the double and land on the final note. Ashley played her trump, knowing the crowd expected his move, she had to make it look like she was to match, then pull out a blast. She jumped onto the very front edge of the up arrow and whipped through a handspring that landed her feet on the Side arrows instead of her hands. She then, already having done harder then Kevin, pulled the ultimate stunt; a tuck back flip onto the final arrow.

The two looked up from the dance pad to the final score screen. Both had scored perfects and it was a dead even tie. Panting, Ashley looked over at Kevin and reached out a hand to him. The two hugged and leaned on each other, Ashley shuffling her foot on the ground, twitching her fluffy tail.

They faced the crowd and waited for a second, then an overwhelming shout came when the winner was asked for.


Ashley let out a scream and jumped for joy. She jumped high even for a bunny, almost as high as Kevin’s shoulders. She landed and grabbed Kevin so tightly that he could barely breath. They heard a cub shout out from the audience, “How about a kiss for the camera!!” and then and instant chant broke out. “KISS!! KISS!! KISS!!”

Hooting and hollering ensued as the couple kissed passionately; a deep tender kiss to rock the ages. They humbly left the arcade, carrying their clothes in Ashley’s bag, and expecting to see that video online sometime soon. They walked hand in hand and chatted about what to do next.

“So Ashley, whatcha wanna do now?”
“Well what do you have in mind?”
“No you’re the birthday girl, you choose.”
The little bunny thought.
“How about we go for a walk at the lake?”

“You’re so sweet, baby,” Ashley sighed as she stepped in closer and wrapped her arm around Kevin’s hip.

They walked silently down the sidewalks and arrived at Pouncefield Park. They walked around the Park and saw people playing with their dogs, couples of cubs sneaking off into the woods to play “games”, and they stopped off at the candy shop and bought some popcorn to feed to the ducks later.

They walked to the lakeside and sat down on a bench. They hugged and looked out at the tranquil water.

“Hey Honey Bunny, get the popcorn ready and watch this,” Kevin said as he stood up and took an odd stance. Ashley held the popcorn and watched as he spread some of his feathers and hunched, then started making oddball chirping and squawking noises while stepping around like an idiot. As soon as he straightened out again, Ashley saw hoards of ducks swimming towards them; more ducks then she’d ever seen at this pond before. Kevin sat back down and wrapped his arm around her and smiled.

“How’d you do that?”
“I speak common bird; picked it up when I was a fledgling. It works with most birds.”
“That’s amazing!”

As they were feeding the ducks, Ashley made an interesting comment.
“You know Kevin being at this lake makes me think about the ocean.”
“Yeah makes me wonder about all the fish and dolphins and other sea life.”
They both smiled.

“When I see water, I think of your eyes,” Kevin said.
“Really?” Ashley asked interested, “How so?”
“Well, just like your eyes, water, like these ponds are deep, boundless pools of beauty. Peaceful, calm and delicate; their beauty never ceases to amaze me,” Kevin said looking dead into Ashley’s eyes and stealing a kiss from her lips. They both smiled at each other and finished the bag of popcorn as Kevin told the ducks to disband.
They got up and walked along the winding path out of the park.

“So now what Honey Bunny?”
“We could just talk.”
“OK, what was school like before me and Sally came to it?”
“Well before you, that Rod was a scary bully and the biggest jerk at school.”
“I noticed.”
“Well, he would roam around and push other kids around. He would also do whatever he wanted to the girls, and nobody had the guts to stand up to him. He even tried to get at me, but, being a bunny, I was far too fast for him. Even if I wasn’t, I would have put up a fight.”
“What about other then just Rod?”
“Well, I joined the cheer squad earlier and I kicked butt on the team. The school had a very good music department, and I helped them win the state competition for my Solo at the choir competition.”
“You like to sing?”
“Yeah Sweet P.”
“I love to sing!”
“OK, let’s hear what you got.”
Kevin sang out an awesome couple versus of “We will Rock You” and shocked Ashley. “I joined the choir as well, but I was unconscious for the first day of it,” Kevin said sticking his tongue out.
“Well, we have it on an odd set up, it’s every 3 days for last period.”

Ashley giggled smiled and hugged Kevin.
“I love you Kevin.”
“I love you, too, Ashley.”
“So now what?”
“We could go to the mall?”
“That would be great.”
They smiled and walked down the street, it was a long walk for them so they talked some more.

“Kevin what was Sally like when she was little?”
“Sally was never what you would call, ‘normal’. She would always take off her clothes and run around. She has a weird obsession with snow-globes and beanie babies, and she was in diapers until she was three and a half!” Kevin said as he started to laugh uncontrollably. “She always had a way of getting into things and getting stuff stuck to her. Turn your back on her for more then five seconds and she’d be covered in something, whether it be mud, glue, cheese, or my favorite, coco powder.”
“She got herself covered in powdered chocolate?! That IS hilarious!”
“Not as funny as when she was being potty trained, and the little stool toilet got stuck to her butt! Or the time she fell down in the bathroom and she got the plunger somehow stuck to her rear!”

The couple burst out into hysterical, uncontrollable laughter as they walked the rest of the way to the mall, just laughing.

“So Ashley what do you wanna do while we’re at the mall?”
“Well how about we just shop around?”
“Sure fine with me.”
She smiled and kissed him.
It was like a dream come true to a couple with 2000 bucks just being able to enjoy the company of each other shopping.
“So where to first Honey Bunny?”
“Hmmmmmmmm……. Why don’t we go to the comic store”
“Sure, I’d love to.”
So the two walked into the comic store and started browsing around. They saw a bunch of things that interested them. Kevin then saw something that made his tail spread. The Newest 52 Die-Cast Cars he wanted all in one value pack, and on sale nonetheless! It was at an unbelievably cheap price, and if he got them, it would complete his collection of the 34 he already had at home.

As he brought the cars up to the counter, he saw Ashley walking up with a small stack of manga books with small subtle “hentai” warning labels on the corners. He looked up from the books to her face with his beak dropped open. He regained himself as she simply smiled with a faint smirk and said, “I thought I’d get something we could BOTH enjoy.”

They rang up and walked out of the store back into the mall.

“So Ash, now what?”
“Well, we could check out Hot Topic?”
“Cool, I heard they may have gotten some new Zim stuff.”
Ashley smiled and they both went to the store.

Browsing through the aisles, they spotted different things, like a new Zim T-shirt, Ashley found some studded snap on bracelets, and various other things. They walked out and started strolling about, looking at different shops when they past by one with an interesting sign and a beaded dangling door. The sign read in pink neon, “The Bounded Bunny,” and Ashley slowed down just slightly as they passed by, entranced by the sign. Kevin didn’t think much of it and they kept on strolling.

They walked around the shops buying things here and there, not worrying about costs because even after he came back, more and more cubs kept sending in donations as thanks. For the next couple weeks, Kevin would be making a steady income. As the two walked out of the mall, a few cubs from school came up and personally thanked Kevin and handed him another $50. Ashley and him had become accustomed to events like this.

“Well, let’s see, we shopped, went to the park, what do you want to do now BunBun?”
“Well, my paws are pretty sore from all this walking.”
“Say no more; the Spa is waiting.”

Only a short walks away, Kevin slipped the bags over his shoulders and picked Ashley up offering to let her rest her paws. They arrived at the Pouncefield “Paws and Spas” center, and as Kevin let Ashley back onto the ground, they shared a nice long kiss. Opening the door and walking up to the counter, they rang the bell and stared into each other’s eyes while they waited for the clerk.

They were stunned when they looked up and through the door behind the counter walked a familiar face; an all too familiar face that was as equally shocked to see them as they were him. Kevin stammered out, “Wha.. Wha.. What are you doing here?” There they stood, jaws a gape, in utter awe to see him at the Spas of all places.

So many questions to be answered,
So many things to talk about.
So many faces shocked and twisted,
So many things to be found out.

CHAPTER 28: A day on the Spa

They stood in shock as the little Lion boy answered, “Look, nobody knows this… you are the first two kids to come here… I thought I was safe here, but I guess I was wrong.”

“But Poke, what do you mean by that?” Kevin asked his best friend.

“Look, before I go through anything, you two have to swear not to tell a soul about this.”
“We swear.”
“Ok, my family needed a bit of money help a year back, so I got a workers license. I didn’t want anyone to know or think I was poor, so I tried to find a job no cub would come to. The Spas had an opening and I took the job. My family has no problems now, but working in storage with all the botanicals, learning tons of new things, I fell in love with this place. I got promoted to desk about 5 months ago, and I’m the Spa guide.”

“Oh Poke, that’s cool!” Ashley said, “A man with knowledge of care is sweet.”

“Yea, but I don’t want the other kids to know that I know that you should use Apricot essence to exfoliate the pads of your paws. I don’t want to be picked on by the other guys, so not even Cynthia knows I work here.”

“It’s okay, we won’t tell a soul.”

“Thanks man, it means a lot to me. I do get great pay here; I mean, how do you think I managed to send you $100? Well, anyway, I want to know, what are you two doing here anyway?”

Kevin looked over at Ashley and stated, “I’m here to show the lovely Lady here out for a nice day of relaxation. We’ll take the full package.”

“Very well, but I’ll let you in on something that isn’t listed up there. There is a cub discount, under 15, and it’s nearly half the regular price. I’ll set you up for 2 Cub packages.”

“Thank you very much Poke,” Ashley said with a bit of a lofty tone in her voice.

Poke led the two to the changing rooms, where they had to strip down and cover themselves in towels. It was very awkward at first when Kevin walked out with a white towel around his waist and saw Ashley with a towel wrapped in two towels; one around her waist and one around her mid chest, leaving her stomach exposed. It was all Kevin could do to not get an erection in front of his best friend. Poke then took them to the first stop in the Spa, the hair treatment.

Kevin and Ashley took their seats as the two employees prepared the various shampoos. Kevin had lost all his worry and was completely lax after the wondrous feelings of being pampered begun. The sweet smells of fresh fruits, the feeling of fingers working through his feathers, the sighs coming from Ashley, everything was fine, no matter ho he looked or how they were dressed. He felt completely comfortable being this open about himself and enjoying the lovely pleasure that was pampering.

The hair was finished and his feathers never felt so soft or smelt so fresh before in his life. They sat and looked over at each other and grabbed paws as the two bunny assistants came in with the facial materials. On went the facemasks and the little slices of cucumber as they turned on some soft, relaxing music for the young couple. They lay there, holding hands and sighing sweet nothings about how great this spa was.

The two assistants walked in again and began to remove the facemasks and Kevin and Ashley’s faces were glowingly bright as the next treatment started; the manicures and pedicures.

It was all going quite nicely as they had their nails filed and Ashley had hers painted a light tan. The whole thing went a little odd when Kevin was asked to unsheathe his talons and they were covered in dried blood. He had never gotten a chance to properly wash them after he woke up in the hospital, so he at least got them to be washed and cleaned now. Be it an odd situation explaining how he, a little Peacock had blood all over his talons. After everything was said and done, Poke led Ashley and Kevin to the second to last part of the package, the full body massage.

Kevin and Ashley walked into the new room and saw two older lionesses, about 23 years old. Kevin turned to Poke as Ashley went on in and lied down on the table. Poke simply blushed slightly and walked out of the room. Ashley called to Kevin and he turned around to see her lying on the cushioned table, her face turned to him, her top towel undone hanging down off the edge from under her chest. All he could do was go to the other open table and lie down, turning his head toward his beloved.

The lionesses began by rubbing their shoulders and neck, and moved down to their mid and lower backs. It was a new mixture of pain and great relief that the two cubs had never felt before. Deep digging paw and thumbs into their muscles, releasing and rubbing away all the tension and stress that had built up within them. Gasps and sighs were a near constant noise coming from the two. As they lie there, the paws moved to the back of their thighs and down their calves.

Ashley was beginning to moan softly as the backside was finished, then they heard, “Ok, cover your chest and sit up for the final set.”

Kevin sat up as Ashley redid her top towel and sat up as well. The two girls leaned down and began to rub on the cub’s legs. Kevin had to focus as hard as he could while his thighs were being done to not look down the girls’ shirt and not look at Ashley, or else, there would be another hard muscle to take care of. Lucky for him, these two lions were well trained and were down to the lower legs within minutes.

It soon came to be the final step of the body massage, the feet. Ashley began to sigh loudly and moan slightly as each paw was delicately rubbed, enthralling her every second of the way. Kevin didn’t think much of the moans; she had been complaining of sore feet, and his were fairly sore as well. The lions knew well why Ashley was moaning; rabbit’s feet are a point of arousal, as the same with their ears.

Poke came in as soon as the other two lionesses walked out, and he could tell instantly what was happening to Ashley. She was about to go into heat, and if he didn’t get them alone, she wouldn’t be able to contain herself. He swiftly called them and led them toward the saunas.

Ashley’s tail was twitching and she was rubbing on Kevin’s shoulders as Poke opened the door to a small sauna and simply said, “You two enjoy yourselves now.”

Kevin smiled as he walked in, moved to the far side of the sauna, sat down and opened his eyes to something that had caught him completely off guard. Ashley had dropped her top towel to the floor. Kevin’s young body responded in the only way it knew how to seeing the love of his life unraveling herself; his tail spread open behind him and a bulge was quickly growing under his towel.

“Hehehe… I’m glad you liked that, cause I know you’ll like this,” Ashley said in an erotic voice stepping toward him creepily like a stripper. She grabbed at the towel that was covering her waist, got a firm grip on it with her right paw, and with one swift movement, ripped the towel off and threw it into the wall.

”Ashley… what are you doing?”
“What do you think sexy? Giving you exactly what your body is telling me it needs,” She said as she unraveled the small towel that was keeping him covered, exposing his now throbbing erection. She sat down and began to rub along the base of his shaft. The two of them were completely overrun with emotion and excitement at seeing each other undressed for the first time ever. Kevin’s pleasure was taken to a new height then before when he felt the hot breath of his lover teasing at his crotch, and the sweet kiss of her lips on his moist head. Those tender lips slipping over his manhood and down to the base of his groin. The warm and wet tunnel of her mouth was enthralling, and her tongue sliding around on the underside of his cock. Faster and faster she bobbed on his member, bringing him new levels of enjoyment.

“Oh god Ashley! I don’t think I can… I can’t…. AAHHH!!!”

He grasped at her hair as his entire body clenched. Quickly, Ashley’s mouth began to fill with hot sticky liquid. A few streams in and the epic climax was over, and Kevin was leaned back exhausted from the rush of it all. Ashley slipped off him and fondled with what was in her mouth before finally swallowing it.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, ‘cause now it’s your turn to put your mouth to use,” Ashley said as she sat on her haunches on the wooden oak bench, presenting herself to her man. Kevin rolled on his back and slipped underneath her hind legs, putting one hand on her tail, the other one to rub one of her massive paws. He slowly moved his beak toward her snatch, breathing out a hot breath right before he reached it.

He softly nuzzled her slit with his beak, and nibbled at her clit gently. He continued exploring her further and slipped his tongue in between the warm pink folds. Breathing out warmly, using his tongue to full advantage, and the roughness of his beak to tickle her clit, her quick gasps and moans of pleasure told him he was doing everything exactly right.

Not after too long did her breathing and moans of pleasure become erratic, her body began to clench, and the musty smell of her groin became more intense. With a sharp rub of her hind cheeks and a slip of a hand down the back of her thigh, Ashley’s pleasure pushed into overload.

As Kevin slipped his tongue deeper into his love, Ashley’s climax began, and her clenches and contractions were so severe, Kevin thought his tongue was going to be ripped off. Very swiftly, he gave her clit on last little nibble, and her screams of pleasure were followed by a final clench and a floodgate of juice flowing forth from her into Kevin’s mouth. The sweet taste of his beloved was enough to make him blush. He had never imagined doing this for her could make him feel so good, be it not an orgasm, but a simple feeling of euphoria of giving such pleasure to another.

He slowly slipped back out from under her and helped her sit back up, leaning onto him. The rest of the half hour they were in the steamy room were spent simply holding onto one another and enjoying the ability to be fully open with the one they each adored. The tranquil peace and serenity was broken by a knock on the sauna door and a familiar voice calling, “Ok you two, time’s up.”

The couple scrambled to grab their towels back on and made themselves presentable. As they stepped out of the sauna, Poke greeted them with a simple question, “Did you enjoy yourselves here at the Paws and Spas?”

They looked at each other, smiled, and replied in unison, “Yes.”

After they got dressed again, the spa was closing, and Poke closed up and walked with them until they had to split their ways and head home. As Kevin and Ashley slinked in silently, the clock read 11:20pm. They silently walked up the stairs and sneaked past Paula and Brads room, knowing they would be sound asleep. There was one thing they hadn’t counted on though, and that was the noise coming from the half open door to Sally’s room.

Ashley crawled on all fours and peered in through the door as Kevin leaned over her to see what the commotion was. In the overhanging shadows of the room, they could make out Pedro under the covers positioned over Sally, who’s tail was spread open wide underneath her. From the rhythmic motions of the blankets, and the moans grunts and gasps, it was obvious that the two were making love. What surprised them more was that they didn’t want to look away.

“I should be disturbed by this….” Kevin whispered in Ashley’s tall ear.
“Well, I wouldn’t blame you for not being, your sister is very beautiful you know.”
“I guess your right… and the fact that she used to tease me growing up doesn’t help at all… right now, I really don’t know what to think of her.”
“Well your pants say your liking what you’re seeing, and I have to say, this is kind of turning me on, too.”
Kevin grinned at this and slid a hand down Ashley’s back as he breathlessly whispered in her ear, “Well, I have a solution for that. Just bring your fluffy tail into our bed and we’ll fix that problem.”

The young lovers continued on into the safe haven of each other’s arms as hands explored bodies and tongues intertwined into the night. Four young souls finding true eternal joy amidst themselves. Deep love between a bird and a bunny, and a romance not delved into between two young fledglings.

What more can we say that hasn’t already been said?
Maybe what goes on within Sally’s bed?

This tender sweet love has taken time to come about.
Perhaps… just perhaps… we may just find out…


CHAPTER 29: Love Birds

Entry from the Diary of:
Pedro Parrot

Oh Diary,

Is there anything my sweet, sweet Sally can’t do? Last night was totally amazing. The way she rode me was insane. It started off normal enough, but boy oh boy did it change. As I was working my magic on her, and she was flashing her beautiful tail for me while I nibbled on her breasts; her brother and his girl started watching through the cracked door. I knew from hearing their whispers, and Sally was in a position to look over my shoulder and see them.

Sally had told me about how she used to tease Kevin, but knowing the fact that her brother was watching her yiffing seemed to make her go mad with desire. I could feel her tightening around me as she came under the covers. By the time Kevin and that cute bunny Ashley had retired to their room, for what I can only assume was yiffing, Sally had gone wild. She grabbed me by my shoulders and flipped me over onto my back, climbing onto my chest.

My God she was good! I mean, holy shit man! I had no idea she knew how to bounce like that! Leaning all of her weight onto my elbows and locking beaks with mine, I was completely under her control. I lovingly kissed her sweet lips as she raised and dropped her warm, wet cunny onto my member with relentless force.

We both began to moan uncontrollably as I felt myself begin to lose control. Our legs entwined and talons got stuck into sheets as we began to cum as one.

“Sally! Uggghhhh…. Oh god Sally! I can’t hold it!”
“Cum inside me!! I want to feel [oh god] your juice inside me [moan] for the next week!! Oh fuck me Pedro! Yiff me till I’m overflowing!! [AAAAHHH]”

She clenched so tight around me as she came again, I felt like I was about to explode. Then, I totally lost it as she fanned her beautifully sexy tail out and literally shook her tail feathers in an erotic dance of colors. I thrust hard into her from beneath as my hips lifted her off the bed and I did what she had asked of me. I came so hard like I’ve never before, filling her until I felt my own cum start to leak out of her onto my thighs with every thick creamy jet of pleasure. Being under her control was amazing, and I gave all of myself to her.

We fell asleep basking in the afterglow with her chest panting against mine, laying down over me. When I woke up this morning, it was to the sound of her iPod blasting the song by Good Charollette, ‘Girls and Boys’. As I cracked my eyes open, there she was, the love of my life, dancing her heart out in front of her vanity. I crept out of bed and snuck up behind her swaying form. With a quick sweep in, I wrapped my wings around underneath her arms and grabbed onto her supple breasts and rest my chin on her shoulder, gently swaying with her as the song drew to a close.

I pecked the iPod off and pulled the earplugs out as she turned her head to kiss me. As we looked forward again, we realized how silly we looked standing there, both naked, yet looked natural. I broke our embrace as we both put on small bits of clothes and changed the sheets on the bed, taking the ‘used’ ones out with us towards the wash. She stopped me to take a look in on Kevin, and we saw them sleeping peacefully, face to face on their sides. I couldn’t help a smile as I looked at the two.

We then cleaned ourselves up, which, showering together with her is SO nice. We wash each other’s backs. She let’s my wash her beautiful tail last, and it’s a LOT of work, but worth it ^_^. Before I met her, my back was never felt this clean.

We sat down on her couch after I cooked her up a great breakfast, sharing some pancakes and sunny-side up eggs. I know it sounds creepy, two birds eating eggs, but they aren’t anything to worry about. They don’t come from a furry, but just a barnyard chicken, so it’s guilt free to enjoy. After breakfast, Sally grabbed a big book from the bookcase and sat it down between us. It was their family photo album!

Browsing through the pages, seeing family history, their parent’s marriage, and other old photo’s, I’d stop and ask questions when I saw things that caught my eye.

“Wow! I didn’t know your dad served in the army!”
“Yeah, his serving was part of the reason we were home schooled. He saw horror when he served in Greneda, as short as it was.”
“He looks good in a uniform, hey, what’s this?”
“Oh, that’s Kevin as a baby, and that’s mom holding his egg as he was hatching.”

We flipped through the old memories until a page caught my eye as she skipped past it.

“Wait a minute… was that YOU?”
“No, no, no…”
I pushed and grabbed as she struggled to get the book, but she fell over onto her cute little butt onto the floor as I saw what she had tried to hide.
“This IS you!! Baby… HAHA!!!” I burst into laughter as she sat there blushing redder and redder. “Aw, you were so cute as a baby, wait… is that you on the toilet? How did you manage to get covered in chocolate? OK, that is just too funny! You got a plunger stuck to your butt!”
“Ok, Ok, you saw my embarrassing baby photos, so please move on.”
Oh, my sweet straightened herself out and sat next to me as I could only mutter one last phrase, “Boy… what I wouldn’t give to be that plunger…”

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, until I convinced her parents to let Sally spend the night at my place, even though my parents wouldn’t be home till about 3 in the morning. We walked out the door, her with a change of clothes in her backpack and to be left alone late into a Saturday night. One can only imagine the possibilities. We took to the air and I saw her beautiful body flowing through the wind, ruffling feathers in an adorable way.

Landing on my driveway, I walked her inside and we played video games for a while and actually got our homework done, leaving us with nothing but free time. I must go now to cook and prepare the candle light dinner I have planned. The scented candles and delectable food I have planned should push her buttons just right, and I have a feeling she’s ready to put out. I’ll wait to put any moves on her until the mood music starts to play, at which point, she should be ripe and ready to go crazy on the fold out couch by the dining room.


Dinner is now over and the music is playing. She seems eager, so wish me luck. Oh, here she co…

*End Entry*


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