Bunny of my Dreams – Chapters 1 to 7

edit64Written by Zim999 and Luvthatsuper (October-December 2006 / January 2007)

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CHAPTER 1 – It Begins

This whole story started at a house where no one ever left, it was the home of Bradford and Paula Peacock and their two kids Kevin (aged twelve) and Sally (aged eight). The reason why no one left the house is cause the Peacocks were scared that their kids might get hurt, so Kevin and Sally were home schooled for the past 12 years. Bradford Brad for short had a job at home on his computer. Paula always had everything sent to the house from the stores. But this time things were different when the Peacocks were having their movie night watching Cars.

Sally asked a simple and innocent question to her mother.

“Mommy, why do we not go to school like those little cars?”

Her mother had no retort she could give suitable to answer it, for Paula and Brad believed it unsafe for their kids to go to public school, for bullies and other horrors they never wanted their kids to know about, or ever hear of.

At the question, a seed was planted in Kevin’s mind, and he could not stop wondering, “why?” “Why aren’t I having a normal life?” The more he pondered, the more the thoughts cemented, and soon he couldn’t bare to be home schooled anymore, he wanted to be with other children, to play, to have fun, and just plain out live.



Kevin approached his mother and confronted her with his thoughts.

“Mom, Sally has a good point, I can’t take living in the house 24/7, every year, can we just go to a normal school and meet friends?” Kevin asked.

Startled, his mother looked at him for a minute, perplexed as to how she could answer. After a few moments of awkward silence, she stammered out, “I’m not sure, dear, I’ll have to talk to your father.”

Filled with new hope, Kevin trotted back off to his room, where he found Sally playing with his computer. “Oh shit, he’s gonna kill me,” Sally thought, for she knew her brother hated her touching his things. She winced as he approached her, but to her amazement and relief, no contact was made, only his voice rang through saying, “Sally! Mom said she’d talk to Dad about us going to public school!”

Kevin then lay on his bed. Sally still sat in the large chair. “Kevin are you OK?” the little peacock asked.
“I’m fine baby sister. Why do you ask?” Kevin asked back.
“Well you didn’t yell at me for touching your laptop.” Sally said.
“Are all my files still there?” Kevin asked.
“Yes I only went online for a tiny bit,” the little girl replied.

Then, the thought finally registered: her brother said they might be going to a public school! She squealed with glee as she jumped out of the chair and bounded toward her brother. Kevin looked up right as his sister landed on her knees on his chest, bouncing excitedly. “Did she really say that!? Are we gonna go to school?! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” Sally squealed in delight.
“Yes, *ouch* YES! She did now get off me! That hurts!!” Kevin yelled in pain.

She then gave her brother a hug. “Finally I’ll be a normal little peacock like our cousins.” Sally said.
“Good… now get off me.” Kevin repeated. She did. But as she did Kevin could see up her dress and could see her white panties with little hearts on them.

“Geese Sally, be more careful, try to keep yourself decent, for my sake.” Kevin said in disgust.
“Waddya mean bro?” answered a confused Sally.
“As you jumped down, I saw your..,” he hesitated for a moment, not sure what he should say, “your unmentionables,” he whispered.
“Oh, is that all?” Sally chuckled, for she always thought it was funny how shy her brother was. Sally then lifted up her dress and showed her brother her panties.
“Sally…..” Kevin said as he started to sweat. Sally just giggled.
She enjoyed teasing him, it was one of the only things she had to do for fun. “Looky wooky Kevy wevy,” she said as she started to rock her hips back and forth.
“Sally….. Sally… *huff* Sally, get out of my room..” Kevin said, at which point he pushed his sister out of his room. All the while, she was laughing herself silly at her brother, for she knew he may be shy, but he’s just another boy.

Sally then went in her room and sat on her bed covered with Beanie Babies. She loved those things a lot. “My big brother is so funny, guys.” She picked up Speedy the turtle and hugged it. “You all know how he is,” she said, grasping Bones the hound, “he so can’t keep his eyes off me when I’m in his room.” Sally continues to play around with her beanie babies and chats with them about her brother and school. “Oh right! I can’t wait to go! I could get to meet boys Floppy,” she said, looking towards a bunny. “Oh how great would it be to find a sweet little guy to care for me, be there for me, *aaaaaaaaahhhh*,” she let out a long sigh, as she drifted into a day dream of her perfect boyfriend.



That night Kevin woke and remembered about what his mom said last night. “Maybe me and Sally will finally go to a real school.” He said to himself. He walked out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. Only to find Sally was in there on the toilet with her heart panties around her legs and bunny slippers on her feet. “Morning Kevin.” she said. Slightly shocked, yet too drowsy to really give a damn and scold his sister, Kevin didn’t fight it, and replied, “Good morning to you too.” Perplexed at this response, Sally inquired, “are you going to yell at me, or be mad?” Her question met a simple and terse, “no.” Kevin proceeded to get a glass of water, while Sally, still half-naked, stood up and stepped out of her panties and slippers toward her brother. “Are you OK Kevin?” Sally said. “Just fine sis why you ask?” He said back. “Well the last time you saw me on the toilet you felt embarrassed cause I was still being potty trained. You almost fainted.” “This time is different baby sister, our lives might change when we start school. Now put your panties and slippers back on” he said. “OK.” She said and she did.

In the other room…

“Brad, I know it could be good for the kid’s to have more friends, but they could get very hurt!” Paula said to her husband. “Yet, they could be just fine, and have a normal life, better then the one they have now,” Brad replied. “I know,” Paula sighed, “But, I’m still having apprehensions about the whole ordeal.” “I’ll give it a try, but at the first sign of anything amiss, and I’ll pull them out of the school,” said Paula. “Agreed?” “Agreed,” Brad replied. “Now, we’ll surprise them with it over breakfast tomorrow.” the couple simultaneously said. With a kiss, the pair shut off the lights and drifted off into sleep.

That night while Kevin was sleeping, his door opened and Sally walked in. “Kevin I had a bad dream can I sleep with you?” Sally said. “OK but don’t wet my bed.” He said back. Sally smiled and got in bed with her brother.



Morning came, and the sun broke through the blinds. Paula was up and ready to head downstairs to make a special breakfast. As she passed by Sally’s room, the door was open and Sally was missing. In a panic, Paula ran back down the hallway to tell Brad, but as she passed Kevin’s room, she thought she’d make sure he was there. To her surprise, not only was he there, so was Sally, lying there with her brother, arms around him. “How sweet,” Paula said, as she ran to grab the camera. *snap* *flash* “This is going into the album,” she thought to herself, as she continued to walk downstairs. “Right next to the potty training pictures.” She thought.

Back in Kevin’s room…

Sally woke up and saw she was in bed with her brother.
She thought she would have some fun with him.
She started jumping up and down on the bed waking her big brother up.
“I’m up, I’m up! Stop it, Sally.” He yelled.
Sally giggled.
“Finally, sleepy-head,” she giggled. “See you at breakfast, I gotta change.”
“You do that,” Kevin said. He looked at himself and got out of bed, he got dressed, sniffed under his arm, and thought better of it and went to take a shower. He was in luck this time Sally wasn’t on the toilet. He took of his shorts and underwear and got in the shower.

Meanwhile in Sally’s room…

Sally was sitting at her vanity, brushing her feathery mess of a head into long, straight, shoulder-length flows. When she finished with that, she changed out of her PJ’s, out of her heart panties into a pair of light green ones, then slid on a purple skirt and a purple belly T-shirt. She slipped on her purple socks and green sneakers. Then she put in her snow globe dangle earrings and gold locket; the one left to her by her aunt when she passed away. She then put on her purple and green striped wrist sweatbands. After a few minutes checking herself over, a wide smile came across her face, and she jumped onto her bed and leaned back. She picked up the remote and turned on the TV.

At that same time Kevin got out of the shower, he wrapped him self in towels and went in his room. He opened his closet and put on clean underwear, socks, his yellow shirt with a pocket in the front and black shorts, he then put on his cap, his future like sunglasses and iPod, he then walked into the hallway and went down stairs, to see that mom had finished everyone breakfast. “Morning honey here’s are you waffles.” Paula said as Kevin took a seat.

“Where’s Sally?” Kevin asked his mother. “Well, she’s not here,” cracked Paula, “I’ll get her.” Brad then took his seat across from his son. Just then, Paula walked in with Sally, who had her iPod blasting so loud Kevin could make out the lyrics, “Neunundneunzig luftballons, Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont!” He always thought his sister had a weird taste in music. They took their seats, and before the kid’s could get into their food, Paula stopped them. “Kids, your father and I have talked it over, and we have enrolled you for this coming semester at St. Lovejoy’s.” Two seconds and two dropped forks later, joyous screaming filled the room.



Later that same day, Kevin and Sally were getting ready to go to the mall for the first time. They were both ecstatic over this first trip into the publics’ eye. In the parents’ bedroom, Paula was getting ready as well. She was a little apprehensive for something might happen to her precious fledglings.

“What do you think we will do first bro?” Sally asked, as she was clambering around her vanity for her lipstick.
“No clue, going to a supply store no doubt,” he replied, using her mirror to comb his crest of feathers. “What do you think?” he asked his sister.
“It looks like you lost a bet,” she said chuckling. “Here let me help.” She grabbed her brother by the shoulders and threw him down onto her seat. “You see your part is over here, and over here, so you have to flow with it,” she said, working with hasty hands through his hair. “Then you take these feathers and push them straight back, and there, you not only look nice, but it’s a whole lot better for your hair to be like this, you should be seeing less of these,” she said, plucking a feather and showing him his split ends.
“Well, thanks Sally. You look great too.”

Her eye’s lit up and a smile came across her face. “Thank you Kev, that means so much to me!” Sally said as she grabbed her brother in the tender embrace of a sibling hug and kissed him softly on the cheek. “I love you Kev, your the best brother a girl could ask for,” she whispered softly in his ear.
“I love you too Sally,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her. They stood there for a while, enjoying each other’s mutual love for one another, when Paula’s voice broke the moment.

“Kids! Get your things and come downstairs, we’re leaving soon!” She shouted from the kitchen.
“I guess we better go,” Kevin said, “We don’t want mom to be mad, not now.”
“Yeah,” Sally sighed, as neither of them wanted that moment to end.

The two peacocks let go of each other; it had felt like they had been hugging for days. They grabbed their iPods and went down stairs holding wings. Paula was waiting for her babies and she was happy to see them together. She smiled. “Let’s go sweeties.” She said.

Later in the garage…

“Mommy, when was the last time we used the car?” Sally said.
“Well since you were born honey. When we came back from the hospital after you hatched.” Paula said.
They got in the car and with luck it started.

As they were driving, the kids saw how great the outside was. They looked at one another’s faces showered in sunbeams for the first time. Like an epiphany, Kevin realized how beautiful his sister was, and Sally realized how handsome Kevin was.

After a while of basking in the light of their faces, they turned to the windows and looked at their surroundings. Even after living in Pouncefield for 10 years, they’ve never actually seen anything past the neighbors’ houses from their respective windows. Time passed by with the scenery, then, Kevin turned toward Sally, and really SAW his sister for the first time. She was absolutely gorgeous, slender and fine, with the perfect curves of a model. He pondered as to how he could never have seen her like this before; at which time, she turned to face him. He blushed slightly, and that’s when Sally got struck. Her eyes met her brother’s for a brief moment, then noticed how his beak came to a fine curve, how his brow-line curved in a gentle m-shape. She saw his shoulders, wide and strong, with his chest taught and fit, showing through his shirt. They sat there staring, for what seemed like an eternity. A sharp voice broke the silence, “Kids, we’re here!”



As Kevin and Sally got snapped back into reality from their mother’s voice. They looked about them, as they saw themselves surrounded by cars on all but the rear side. Their mother looked at them, and realized they were afraid. “It’s OK sweeties, the ground won’t bite,” Paula laughed, “look.” She opened the door and stepped onto the ground, then went to the side of the van and opened the sliding door. “Now just come on and hop on out,” she said.

Kevin and Sally both did. “There see. Now, both of you hold my wings so we don’t get lost” Paula said. “OK Mom.” They both said. The three Peacocks walked into the mall. As they walked in, Kevin and Sally’s eyes widen when they say all the stores. “Wow.” They both said.

“Look at all the colors!!” Sally screamed, though, her voice was close to drowned out by the roar of the mall. “Now kids, we have to go to the supply store,” Paula stated, “this way.” Kevin whispered in his sisters’ ear, “Told ya.” Sally and Kevin looked around and tried to memorize the stores as they passed, when one store caught both their eyes. “Hot Topic,” the red neon sign read. They only caught it at a glance, but it stuck in their minds.

“We’ll look at the other stores when we get your supplies.” Paula said. They continued to walk. They then made it to the store they need to get their stuff from. “Let’s see here… We need to get you two backpacks, pencils, pens, markers, paper and binders,” Paula said, “so keep that in mind and go pick out your fav-” She couldn’t finish her sentence before the kid’s ran off into the aisles. *sigh* “I remember my first day, I was just as excited, and I can’t blame them.” Paula thought out loud.

The Peacock siblings were looking at all the cool stuff. “Wow, who had thought the outside was sooooooo cool.” Sally said. “Sure is baby sis.” Kevin said. Sally smiled. Just then Paula walked up to them. “Stay close kids you’re new to this place.” she said. “OK mommy.” Sally said.

“Oh! Oh! I want this pack, Mom!” Sally screamed as she pointed to a bright purple and neon green backpack. “Figures she’d pick a pack like that,” Paula thought to herself. “OK sweetie, and how about you dear?” she asked Kevin. “I think I like this,” he said, putting on a navy blue pack and modeling it for his mother. “It looks good dear, I already have the other supplies here in the cart, so toss in your packs, and we’ll check out.”

Supplies paid for, and happiness coursing through their veins, the family walked toward the exit. “Mom, can we go browse some stores to get new clothes and other stuff?” asked the kids simultaneously. Hesitant, Paula says, “I guess so, here’s $100 for each of you, just don’t spend it all in one pla-” “THANKS MOM!!” her kid’s yelled as they ran off into the distance. *sigh* “Wow, look at them, they really are growing up fast… perhaps, too fast…” Paula thought to herself as she sat down on a bench, a tear running down her cheek.



As Paula sat on the bench, she was thinking about her babies growing up, she thought how her kids were so cute when they were chicks. She opened her purse and took out a little book she always kept close to her heart. It was marked “Treasured Memories.” She hugged the book, unlocked it with a tiny key and opened it.

Looking at the old photo’s made her remember all the adorable times when her babies could barely crawl. She saw the photos of Kevin and Sally’s hatching. She started to cry as she saw how small and helpless Kevin was, and that he completely depended on her. Now, he is running off on his own to school, and hardly sits with her anymore.

She started to have flashbacks of when she was pregnant with Kevin’s egg. She was talking her one of her big sisters.
“You know, Penny, I’m glad I’m finally having a baby,” the young Paula said. “After a year of struggling to conceive and 2 miscarriages, I’m just not sure what to expect.”
“It’s going to be OK sis,” Penny said, comfortably reassuring her stressed sister. “I can feel it.”

Two weeks before Kevin’s due date, Paula started getting cramps and feeling dizzy. “No, he’s not ready!” she told herself. Then, she felt a warmth at her crotch, she went into the bathroom, and sat down. She pulled down her panties, and all she saw was red. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!” She screamed, as she put her face in her wings. She got up, ran to Brad, and they drove to the hospital. On the way, Paula started gasping for breath, felt as if her muscles had disappeared, and started losing consciousness. She had gone preeclamptic, and was at a serious risk of not only losing her unborn child’s life, but her very own life as well.

As Paula started slipping away, the thought came across her mind, “am I going to die?” As her mind left her body, and everything started to get dark, she uttered what she thought were to be her last words, “Brad, I love you.” Brad watched as his wife slipped farther and farther away from him. He got the wits to call in the hospital and warn them they were coming, and that probably saved his family’s life.

Paula pulled through, though, she was unconscious for her child’s birth, and the photo she was looking at was her in a hospital bed with Kevin’s egg in front of her, taken by Brad. He feared it was the last time he’d see her.

Back in the present Paula looked at the next picture the day Kevin hatched. “That was one of the happiest days of my life.” Paula said. She continued to look at her little book. She saw pictures like Kevin’s first steps, Kevin learning to use the toilet, Kevin holding a stuffed tiger, Kevin sitting on Paula’s lap watching TV, Kevin taking a nap in his mom’s arms, Kevin’s first birthday, Kevin’s first bath, and Kevin hugging his mom. Paula smiled really happy. “My little boy is growing up so fast, it seems only yesterday he was in an egg in my belly.” She said.

“And to think, he almost didn’t make it. I don’t know how I could have went on if he didn’t.” She thought aloud. Her eyes glanced over to the first baby picture of Sally. “Oh, Sally, my little, if not odd, girl. You were a problem from the start,” Paula said, now talking aloud to the pictures and herself. “Your egg came out sideways, and you yourself hatched out then walked out of your shell backwards. Oh, how you got into everything, since the moment you could crawl, you were climbing up counters and getting into mischief.” Paula said. “I remember the day you went in the bathroom for the first time and some how the toilet plunger got stuck on your butt. It was so funny; to your brother at least.” Paula said. She continued to look at the pics; she then saw a pic of Sally on her little potty chair. “That day was unforgettable.” Paula said, “After you developed your bad habit of leaving the bathroom unlocked, you started to be potty trained,” Paula told herself, letting out a sigh.

“Poor Kevin, entering the bathroom with the thought of taking a bath, only to see his baby sister completely naked on a little seat with your pull-ups at your ankles. All you did was look at him and say, ‘hi brother!’ My little baby’s face turned redder then an apple, and *plop!* Like a cut down tree he falls. You problematic girl, you knocked your own brother unconscious…” Paula thought, as she slumped back into the bench, and drifted into the realm of daydreams.


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