Author: Krezz

I'm the crazy fox. I'm in your toughts. You love me or you hate me, there's no gray area. My mind is full of dreams, sometimes is full of nightmares, but is full all the time. I don't do scripts, all my comics are done at the fly... and here's the confession: I'm not the one who write all that stuff, can you guess who's the author? That's right, is you! Stunned? ha ha ha! Yeah, I read every comment you made, every gasp you do, every comment and every critic note, then, I read between those lines, I see what you think and what you want, I read those key words and those hidden thoughts... so, each page is a product of what you previously wrote... ¿don't believe me? Then you have to pay a little attention to what you wrote... you have to realize that you are a f*cking genius! *bows in respect* But... Remember the only truth: everything is in the eye of the beholder. I'm the crazy fox. I'm your neighbour in this planet, I'm Krezz. Now smile with me! :)

Charles caught by Julia

Charles testimony:
Ok I was walking in the woods until a female snake named Julia hypnotize me.
Julia: Oh what adorable ferret come to play but let take these clothing off first.
So she took my clothing off, then grab me as her tail enter into my tail hole I was moaning but I was under her power and she began to humping me with her tail while kissing me with her tong.
Julia: I am going to keep you for awhile as my pet.