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History was one of the least liked subjects for some of the students at St lovejoy and Adrian was one of those students. So when the assignment came to do a report on the history of the first Thanksgiving with a partner, the rabbit was less then thrilled. The teacher randomly assigned each of the students together with Adrian being paired up with the cute redhead bunny, Cynthia.

This was a golden opportunity for Cynthia to enjoy the company of one of the most elusive boys at school and without the worry of pesky sheep. Who knows what sort of naughty fun she could get away with him? The plan was simple, invite him over to her place to have ‘Study’ session and repeat. Of course she had to work a little bit of the holiday spirit into their fun, but that would only add to it. So she set her plan into motion and asked her fellow bunny to join her at her house during the weekend.

It wasn’t long before the weekend hit and Adrian found himself at partner’s doorstep, feeling rather anxious for some reason. The truth was he really liked Cynthia then again he liked a lot of girls at school…  but she was one of the few he liked the most however, due to her well… friendliness towards him. Gathering his courage he pressed the doorbell and was greeted by the smiling face of his history partner, who welcomed him and told him to wait in the kitchen while she got everything ready.

So far everything was going perfectly as she got all everything needed for their “study session”. All it would take is some leftover Halloween costumes she got from the store and a bit of a silver tongue to convince Adrian to re-enact out the first Thanksgiving with her, Pouncefield style! After all, what better way to learn about history then to experience for one self? It was safe to say that someone was going to get stuffed tonight it wasn’t the turkey.

Commissions Gallery Update

Let us tell you a story… har har har!

Tales of the Wisp: A ‘perfect’ family

There was once a small family of sheep that lived in a cozy little home. A beautiful mother, two charming little girls and a rabbit boy who they had taken in. They had a peaceful life together with love and affection unrivaled for each other, but as with all good things must come to an end. There was a fear inside the boy’s heart, a fear of being left all alone again by the ones he loved. He wanted nothing more then to protect his family and be loved by them, but what if something was to happen? The thoughts slowly ate at his mind.

It all happened one dark and stormy night with the wind howling outside their home. One of the girls were killed by a surge of power from an outlet, robbing the life from her eyes but was it due to faulty wiring? Next came the mother who heard the screams and tried to rush downstairs, only to trip and tumble to her demise, but how was she so careless? The last girl watched in horror as both her sister and mother had passed, holding herself close to her brother as she cried. The rabbit held his sister and whispered that ‘Everything will be alright, I’ll make sure that nothing bad ever happens to us again,’ as the last thing she saw was an eerie smile on her brother’s face everything went black.

Nobody knew what exactly happened next as the house was burnt down the next day with officials claiming it was struck by lightning. The strange thing was that there were no corpses among the wreckage and nobody could find the family that lived there. The rabbit was true to his word as he held  too his ‘perfect’ family, not having to worry about losing them nor being alone ever again. After all… If something to happen, all he would have to do was ‘fix’ them again.


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