When Billy comes to Town – Part 1

edit64Written by Billy Plats

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Cast and Credits:

Edward, Edna, Jenny, Lucy, Laura, Cynthia, Pokeinfo, Jessica, Belle, Linda, and Rodriguez: Krezz Karavan
Mrs. Trousers: McLeut
Sonia, Alex, Charlie, Henry, and Jessica Sosserone, and Cid Leon: Alex Mason
Ethan/Nathan Lupis: novaspectre
Mako Grey and Xerxes Wolf: MakoGrey
Salt and Pepper: Sonia
Dingo Paige: Paige
Billy Plats, Stephen Plats, Mary Plats, Jen Tigre, Jerry Squirrel, Geoff Bevar, Amber White, Carl Panther, and Barbara Walsh: myself

Special Thanks to:

Krezz Karavan for creating School Days.
Everybody who let me use their characters.
Everybody who was inspired by Billy or put Billy in their own stories.
All the writers that came before me to help me become a better writer and to inspire me.
And last, but not at all least, all my fans who have been reading all this time. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


*bzzt* *bzzt* *bzzt*
Alarm clock.
A webbed paw lazily reaches up from underneath the covers to hit the snooze button.
Ok, alarm’s off. What time is it? A furry head just as lazily pokes up from it’s pillow to check the time on the alarm clock. 8 A.M!?!?
The young cub jumps out of bed and starts to get dressed.
Gotta skip the shower today. Can’t believe I woke up late. Then again, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being up in the morning than at night.
As soon as he is clothed, the furry kid pushes his duck-like feet through his bedroom door and down the hallway to the dinning room. When he arrives, he notices that his father already has books out on the table, and one is open. The kid sits down to see which one is open.
Ugh, it’s math…
The young child sighs, depressed about having to start the day of with the subject he likes least. The dad looks at his son.
“You okay Billy? You slept in today. I thought you were going to miss school.”
“Nah,” Billy replies. “Just a rough night in bed.”
“What happened? Did you have a nightmare, sweetie?” asks his mother from in the kitchen.
“No mom. Just not used to sleeping when the moon is out.”
“But it’s been two weeks son. Surely you should be used to it by now?” his concerned father asks.
“Dad, it may be easy for you to get used to it. You need to, you have to work. Mom and I shouldn’t be so able to get used to it. I mean, she cleans and cooks all day while I’m hitting the books. That’s something we should be able to do at night.”
Just then, Billy’s mother takes a look into the dinning room to see if everything’s alright.
“I think we should tell him, Stephen.”
“I agree, Mary.”
“Tell me what?” Billy questions his parents, intrigued by this recent secret. “Did I do something wrong?”
“No son,” Stephen replies. “We’ve been here in Pouncefield for 2 weeks now, and you haven’t even gone outside to play with the other cubs. Now, I know leaving all your friends behind in Melbourne was hard, but I’m sure you’ll make new friends here that can be just as close as your old ones were to you.”
“Dad, do you realize what you’re saying?” Billy says sceptically. “We’re platypi! It was easy for me to make friends back home in Australia. We lived in a platypi community! We all looked the same. This isn’t a community where everybody looks the same. I’ve looked out the window; I’ve seen them. There’s tigers and lions and bears, and that’s not mentioning the foxes, the rabbits, the…”
“Ok Billy, I get the point, there’s a big gene pool here,” Stephen says, cutting Billy off. “What’s your point?”
“Dad, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?”
“Yes, son, I have.”
“What other creature on the planet has the face and paws of a duck, but has a body that looks like a beaver?” Billy cries.
“So your unique. Honey, I’m sure the other kids’ll like you for who you are, no matter what you look like,” Mary says caringly.
“Mom, kids in your day may have been accepting. However, kids today will make fun of you until there’s no tomorrow if you’re slightly different. I don’t want to go through that kind of horror.”
“Well, son, you really don’t have a choice,” replies Stephen. “We know that if you don’t get out of this house, you’re going to grow up mean and bitter. And trust me, once the kids get to know you, they really won’t care what you look like.”
“But daaaad…” Billy groans.
“No more discussion. You start at a school called ‘St. Lovejoys’ tomorrow. Today, we finish your last day of homeschooling. We’ve delayed long enough. Time to hit your math book.”
Billy groans some more.
Great. I don’t know which is worse… having to do math or having to go to school with other kids. This day’s just getting better and better by the minute. God, what did I do to you to do this to me?
“Huh?” blurts a startled Billy.
“Son, I know that this is a bit of a shock to you, but you’ll be alright. Trust me. And you’ll see what I’m talking about tomorrow,” Stephen states in a calm, soothing tone.
“I hope you’re right dad. I hope you’re right.”
Stephen then looks at his watch.
“Well, that’s it for me teaching you, son. I have to get off to work. Your mother will pick up where we left off when she’s done with your breakfast. Have a good day,” Stephen says. He then goes into the kitchen to grab his jacket and a kiss from his wife. “Love you, dear.”
“Love you too, honey.”
After the “I love you”s, Stephen rushes out the door. Billy hears the car doors open and close, and engine rev up, some screeching, and then nothing.
I really do hope your right, dad. I have a feeling that it’s going to be worse than you think. But, you’re right, we won’t know until tomorrow.
And with that, Billy puts his head back in his math book and starts studying again.


“No! Just leave me alone! Stay away from me!”

Screams can be heard through-out the halls of St. Loveyjoys. Billy, the young male platypus, is standing in the middle of a circle of kids.

“Come on, just leave me alone! Haven’t you guys had enough for one day?!?”

“No, we haven’t, freak!” screams a young lion cub.

“What made you think you could walk in here and just try to be normal, duck-bill!” a tiger yells.

“Go crawl back under the rock you crawled from underneath of and leave us normal kids alone,” a few of the others in the circle shout.

“I didn’t do anything to you guys! Just please…” Billy says, starting to cry. “Just please leave me alone.”

“Oh look, we made him cry! And that was just from our words,” a rabbit child says mockingly, starting to laugh at Billy’s breakdown.

“Just… words? Wait, NO!”

And with those screams, the kids take turns punching and kicking poor Billy. One cub lands a hard blow across Billy’s bill. Another gets a swift kick into Billy’s gut. The final blow is a cub from behind, nailing Billy in the back of his head with both fists. Billy goes down for the count.


Billy soon awoke from his slumber, only to realize it was just a nightmare.

What time is it?

Billy, nearly in tears from his dream, looks at his clock.

Only midnight. I’m not going to get to sleep tonight.

Just then, his parents come in, both scared to death that their son may be in trouble.

“Not another one?” they both ask in unison.

“Yes, another one. I told you that me going to a school with other kids was a bad idea.”

“But you haven’t even started yet. Trust me, tomorrow, everything will turn out fine. You’ll see,” Stephen says, trying to comfort his startled son.

“At any rate, dear, you need to try and get some rest. Don’t worry so much about what will happen tomorrow. Just take it as it gets here,” Mary adds.

“I guess you’re right, mom, dad. I love you both. Good night.”

“Good night, son,” they both say, again in unison.
Maybe everything will turn out ok tomorrow.
Billy thinks that to himself many times before falling asleep for the night.


*bzzt* *bzzt* *bzzt*

Alarm clock’s going off. Must be 5:29.

Billy springs out of bed, hits the alarm clock, and dashes off for his bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower. The warm water relaxes Billy as it hits him and cascades down his brown fur.

First day of school. Maybe if I just keep my head down, everything’ll turn out alright. This water does feel nice though. Have to take another one when I’m done with my laps.

Billy soon finishes up, turns the water off, gets dressed in swimming trunks, and heads out his back-door. In his backyard, there are 2 pools, one Olympic sized and one recreational sized, a garden where Mary grows all sorts of vegetables to go with their dinners, and a shed, where Stephen keeps his tools. Billy walks toward the bigger of the two pools.

10 laps might be enough to calm me down before I head off to school.

And as the though finishes, Billy jumps into the pool and starts swimming the distance back and forth. After his laps, Billy hops out of the pool and heads back into his house, only to be greeted by an upset look on his mother’s face.

“How many times do I have to remind you to take a towel with you when you do your laps?”

Billy sighs. “Sorry mom. With everything that’s been going on in the past 24 hours, I really didn’t think about it this morning. And the swim wasn’t even to practice, like normal. I was in the pool to try and calm down.”

“Well, please head back outside while I find you a towel to dry off with. I don’t want you dripping all over the carpets.”

Billy sighs again. “Ok mom.”

Billy heads back outside. He stands there, staring at the sky, looking at the moon as it starts to disappear behind the horizon.

I miss my friends back in Melbourne. They’re all probably enjoying the night’s sky right now, and I have to be up with the sun.

Billy, now depressed, hears his mother open the door.

“Here’s that towel. Now, dry off, get ready for school, and come have some breakfast with us. And tomorrow, try not to wake up so early. School doesn’t start for about another hour and a half.”

Billy just frowns as he takes the towel and starts to dry his fur. He heads back inside and goes toward his room. Behind a shut door, Billy takes his time changing out of his swim trunks and into his school uniform.

Well, at least my clothes won’t be one of the reasons I get picked on today.

There’s a knock on Billy’s door as he’s thinking this thought. “Son, are you dressed yet? Your mother said you were up and getting dressed in your new school outfit.”

“Yes, dad. I’m dressed. I gotta say, this uniform’s quite nice. It breathes, plus the tie kinda takes a bit of attention away from my bill, although I’m not fond of wearing a tie to school.”

Stephen just sighs outside Billy’s door. “What is with your obsession thinking that everybody is going to hate you when they first meet you? You’re a good kid. If they don’t like you for who you are, then forget about them.”

“Easy for you to say, dad. You’re an adult, you don’t have to worry about what other adults think of you.”

“And you don’t have to worry about what other kids think about you. Now, hurry up and come have breakfast. We’re having steak and eggs for breakfast.”

“Is this one of those last meal type deals, dad?” asks Billy. “It’s not usual for us to have anything other than eggs or pancakes or something like that.”

“Well,” Stephen replies, “this IS your first day at a new school. What better way to send you off than with a nice breakfast?”

“I’ll be out in 2 minutes.”

“We’ll save you a plate-full then,” Stephen says and he heads of toward the kitchen laughing.

Maybe I should just think of this like my folks do. I don’t know what those kids are going to be like. Maybe they will like me for who I am.

Five minutes later, Billy shows up to his seat at the kitchen table. His parents are already digging in. Billy grabs himself a plate and starts to eat. The next fifteen minutes go by in silence, apart from the munching and the complimentative “mmm”s from Stephen and Billy . After everybody finishes, Billy grabs all the dishes and puts them in the sink for his mother to wash. He then sits down on the couch in the living room. Turning on the tv, he looks for something to watch. An hour seems to fly when Mary yells in to Billy.

“Son, you need to get going. Your going to miss the bus.”

“Do I have to take a bus on my first day?” groaned Billy, who’s obviously not too comfortable with a fifteen minute bus ride with other kids before even getting to school.

“No, but you’ll be late if you don’t take it. You need to meet some of the kids. Trust me, you’ll be fine.”


With that, Billy grabs a paper bag, cuts some holes in it so he can see, puts it on his head, and starts to head for the door. This, of course, is immediately caught by Stephen, who grabs the paper bag off his son’s head.

“No antics today, son. I know you don’t want people to see your face, but going to school with a bag on your head will make you look retarded. We don’t want that.”

Billy just rolls his eyes as he heads out the front door and down the street to the bus stop. A block away, he stops in his tracks. He sees a pair of foxes waiting by the bus stop. He gulps, and starts to take baby steps toward the pair.

Well, moment of truth. The taller one seems cool, but that smaller one has an evil look in her eye. Or maybe that’s just my imagination.

He walks up to the bus stop and the pair of foxes. The smaller fox notices him instantly.

“Hi there. You must be new. I haven’t seen you around before.”

“Yeah, my family just moved in from Australia a few weeks ago. Been home-schooled until today. My folks are making me go to a school called ‘St. Lovejoys’.”

“Cool, we go there too. My name’s Edna Fox. This is my brother, Edward.”

Edward just waves a hand, not really paying attention to whats going on.

“My name’s Billy. Billy Plats. Nice to meet you, Edna.”

“So, I gotta ask, Billy…” Edna starts. “Are you a beaver or something?”

“No, I’m a platypus.”

“A plat-i-what?”


“Oh, I’ve heard of them,” Edward chimes in. “They’re Australian mammals. They look like beavers, but they have the bills and paws of ducks. Often called “Duck-Bills”. Although, from what I’ve read, there’s only one type of platypus, so the name doesn’t really mean anything.”

“Wow. I’m impressed. You must be quite the grade-grubber or something,” Billy says, surprised at Ed’s knowledge.

“Nah, I just try to learn new stuff when I can. Glad I did too. Never would’ve though I’d actually meet a platypus, let alone one that goes to our school.”

“Well, if you two are done setting up a date for tonight, our bus is here,” Edna quickly cuts in.

Billy and Edward both quickly sigh and roll their eyes as the bus pulls up to the curb. Ed and Edna quickly get on, leaving Billy behind. The young platypus gulps one last time.

Well, those two were nice. Here’s where I find out whether they’re just always nice, or if kids here really don’t care.

He then puts his first foot on the step up onto the bus, anxious to see what’s going to happen to him on his first day of school.


Billy steps up onto the bus, worried about the other kids. His worry causes him to not even hear what Carlos, the bus driver, says. Billy just walks toward the back of the bus, passing many kinds of cubs on the way. He passes a lion and bunny sitting together, and also a cat and a squirrel. He also passes Ed and Edna, who just smile comfortingly. Every group he passes has one cub staring at the platypus in disbelief, and the other cub is whispering to the first cub. Billy manages to overhear some of the chatter.

“Is he a beaver?”

“Is that supposed to be a bird of some sort?”

“I think that dude’s an alien.”

“What kind of freak did they let on this bus?”

Billy sighs as he finds a seat in the very back of the bus. He stares up to the front of the bus, noticing everybody apart from the two foxes he met staring at him.

I knew this would happen. Those fox cubs must just be nice to everybody.

The bus ride to school was the longest and quietest fifteen minutes of anybody’s life ever. Everybody started piling off the bus, with Billy being the last to get off. This time, he hears what Carlos has to say as he takes his last step off.

“Good luck kid. You’re going to need it.”

The bus doors close behind Billy, and he feels a deeper depression than when he was looking up at the moon this morning. He truly knows in his heart that surviving today will be no easy feat, and it’s only his first day. Bells begin to ring before Billy even takes one step toward the school doors. He enters the building and is quickly snagged by Edna.

“So, what’s up? How you like it so far?”

“I really don’t,” replies Billy. “I think the kids hate me.”

“Nah, they don’t. They just need to get to know you first. You think Ed and I were loved the first time we came to school?”


“Well, um… got your schedule yet?” Edna quickly changes the subject, knowing what Billy said to be true.

“No, I don’t even know where to go in this school. I wish I were home right now.”

“Don’t be so blue, dude. Here, I’ll help you to the office. There, you can pick up a map of the school and your schedule.”

Edna grabs Billy’s hand and guides him to the Principal’s office. “Well, I gotta go to class. I’ll try and catch you in lunch.”

“Ok, and thanks for showing me the way here.”

“Not a problem.” With that, the young fox skips off towards her first class. Billy walks up to the receptionist.

“Um, excuse me ma’am… I’m new here, and I was wondering if I can get my schedule and a map of the school.”

The receptionist looks at the child. “Oh, you’re the platypus from Australia that just enrolled here from homeschooling, aren’t you? Give me a second to find your schedule.”

Billy just stares at the receptionist as she clicks on the keys of a keyboard.

Aside from those foxes, she’s the first not to say anything about my appearance. Maybe I’m just losing my mind and I imagined all those conversations.

“Ah, Mr. Plats? I have your schedule right here. I’ll print it out for you and you can be on your way.”

“What about a map?” asks Billy.

“Behind you on that table there,” the receptionist states as she hits another key on her keyboard. The printer beside the monitor starts printing a piece of paper. Once it’s finished, she hands the paper to Billy and smiles.

“Enjoy your first day here. And don’t pay attention to the other kids. Just give them a little time.” With that, she turns back to the keyboard and sends the young platypus on his way.

Well, that confirms it. I’m going to be made fun of today, if not beat up. What the hell were my parents thinking?

He heads off for his first class. When he gets there, he’s greeted by the teacher. The kids in the room start to stare as Billy walks up in front of the class.

“Children, may I have your attention please? Today we have a new student in our class. His name is Billy Plats. Mr. Plats, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?”

“Yes ma’am,” starts Billy. “I’m a platypus. I moved here two weeks ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with my mother and father. I’m 12 years old and I enjoy swimming.”

“Yeah, with a nose like that, you should enjoy breathing too,” one of the kids quickly says. With that, the room starts busting out in laughter.

“Children, children. Settle down. There’s no room in this class for that kind of behavior. Young man, you just bought yourself detention today.”

“Aw man…” sighs the child.

“Alright Billy, you may take your seat. Everyone, please get your math books out. Today’s lesson is multiplication.”

Billy heads down the aisle of desks and chairs, looking at each kid staring at him. He hears the same chatter he does on the bus. When he reaches his desk, he pulls out his math book, opens it up, lays his head down, and sighs.

Well, this is just great. I really do hope that this is the worst of it for the day. I can’t imagine how things can get any worse.


After the bell rings, ending his first period class, Billy takes his leave of the room. The thought he had at the beginning of class is still buzzing around inside his head.

I really do hope that this is the worst of it for the day. I can’t imagine how things can get any worse.

With this thought still swimming in his head, Billy runs into a tall crocodile. The croc turns angrily and starts yelling.

“Who the hell you think you are? Nobody runs into Rodriguez without apologizing for it.”

“I’m sorry, Rod,” Billy starts. “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

“And your face. What the hell’s up with you, freak? You some kinda mutated beaver or something?”

“Platypus, and please don’t call me a freak.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think of how that would make you feel.”

“Thanks for apologizing,” Billy says with a half-smile. With that, Rodriguez busts out with laughter.

“Ha ha ha haaa… you… think… I would… actually APOLOGIZE to somebody who looks and acts like you do? Wow, it’s a shame you didn’t get good looks, because your brain’s not really sparking. Your just a mess. Now, normally, I’d take pity upon complete wastes of life like yourself, no brains, no looks. But since it’s your first day here, I feel I have to teach you some respect, duck-boy.”

With that said, Rodriguez immediately picks the platypus up with one hand. Students start to gather in the halls to watch the fight. Tears start to form in Billy’s eyes.

“What’s that? You gonna cry? I haven’t even hit you yet. Man up.”

Fists start flying as Rodriguez pounds Billy without mercy. Students start to look away as the beating is too bad to watch. Many blows to the face, some to the kid’s gut, a few to the back of his neck. Rodriguez winds up for the final blow when a bloody Billy lifts his right leg up and crashes it down heel-first into Rod’s left shoulder. This causes the giant croc to drop the messy cub. Billy looks up at his attacker. He notices a red sore around the wound where he made contact.

This isn’t good.

Rod starts to scratch his shoulder.

“What the hell? Did you just give me some sort of rash?”

“Worse, I’m afraid,” Billy says in a sorrow-filled tone.

“Worse? How… graagh…”

With that, the croc falls down from excruciating pain. His entire left arm has gone numb, and Rod’s in too much pain to do anything else to Billy.

“Somebody run and get the nurse or call 911 or something,” cries the blood-covered platypus.

A few children run off in different directions. One gets the nurse, another heads off for the Principal’s office, while a third heads off away from the fight, hoping not to get caught watching the fight. The nurse and the principal arrive at the same time to the scene.

“What happened here?” demands the principal.

“Rod and I got into a fight. He needs help. He’s been poisoned.”

“Poisoned?” gasps the nurse. “How can he be poisoned from a fight?”

“I’m a male platypus coming of age. I have barbs on the back of my heels, and I had my shoes custom made to allow them to stick out. It was uncomfortable to wear tight shoes with my barbs. Anyway, the venom in my crural glads must be starting to develop. When I hit him with my barb, I must’ve poisoned him. It’s underdeveloped enough to the point that it’s non-lethal, but you should get an ambulance for him.”

“Going to have to,” the nurse says. “Children, do a few of you mind helping me carry Rodriguez back to my office?”

A few reluctant hands go up into the air. With that, everybody, aside from the principal and Billy, leave the scene of the fight.

“What to do with you, young man. So far as I know, your the only mammal in this school that has venom stored in glands in it’s body. This kind of stuff isn’t covered anywhere. I’m going to have to send you back to class. But from now on, you must wear something over the barbs on your feet so you don’t poison anybody else. You’re dismissed.”

“I’m sorry about what happened. I didn’t mean to poison him, just stun him a little with the pain of my barb digging into his shoulder. I hope Rod gets better soon,” Billy says, wiping blood from his bill and eyes.

“We all do. Are you ok enough to get up?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Thanks.” Billy staggers to his feet and heads off toward his second period class.

Jeez, what a great start. First, I get picked on without mercy, then I get into a fight with a guy twice my size, and then I wound up putting him in the hospital in one shot because my venom’s developing and I hadn’t realized it. Now the children will be too scared to make fun of me, but then they won’t be willing to be my friends now. Why did I have to come to a school with other children?


Lunch couldn’t get here any slower today. I know I SAID my venom wasn’t lethal yet, but it’s hard to tell how much actually got into that poor kid.

Billy’s mind still races from all the events of the day. He walks the halls, looking at his map, trying to figure out how to get into the cafeteria. Without looking up from the map, he stumbles into Edna. He knocks her down, quickly puts his map away, and helps her up.

“Is that any way to treat a lady?” yells Edna playfully.

“I’m sorry Edna, I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?”

“Well,” Billy starts, “for starters, I’ve already been made fun of more times than Michael Jackson, I got the shit kicked outta me by a croc twice my size, and when I went to stop the fight, I accidentally poisoned him, sending him to the hospital.”

“You’re the one who put Rod in the hospital? The kids have been saying some alien did it.”

“Um, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m the one everybody’s been calling ‘alien’ and ‘freak’. I just wish these kids were more like you, Edna.”

“Trust me,” Edna says, reassuringly. “In time, they’ll love you for you, not for what you look like.”

“You know, you sound just like my parents. Anywho, I’m trying to find the cafeteria. Hopefully eating lunch will get my mind off of things.”

Enda just smiles a little and chuckles on the inside.

“Oh, I’ve got something better to help you get your mind off things.”

“What, you guys got a pool here?”

“Oh, I have something better planed,” Edna says with a devilish look in her eyes.

Oh, that’s just great. There’s that look I saw this morning. What does she have planed?

Before Billy can say anything, Edna grabs his hand and heads off for the gym.

“Where are you taking me?”

“The gym,” Enda replies.

“Why the gym?”

“You’ll see.” Edna’s look dominates her face at this point.

A few moments later, the couple enter the doors of the gym and quickly dash behind a set of bleachers.

“What are we…”

Before Billy can finish his question, Edna’s got her hands unbuttoning his pants.

“Edna, stop it!”

“Why? You said you wanted to get your mind off things? What better way than yiffing?”

Edna starts sliding one of her hands down Billy’s boxers. Billy jumps back at this, pulling Edna’s exploring hands away before they get a feel for anything.

“What are you doing? Just enjoy this.”

“No! How old are you? Eight? Nine? And we’re in school. Even if I did want to, this isn’t the place to be doing something like that.”

“Oh, buddy boy,” Edna says, “you’re in for quite the awakening. There’s not one cub in this school at our ages that isn’t yiffing during school hours. It’s only a matter of finding a spot to do it at.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, I’m not. Ask anybody.”

“I gotta get outta here. See you around, Edna.” With that, Billy buttons his pants back up and dashes out of the gym. Billy just runs around the school, looking for a place to lay low from Edna for a short while. When he enters the boys’ restroom, he can hear moaning sounds coming from the stalls, and two pairs of feet in each stall.

What kind of crazy school is this?

Billy rushes out of the restroom and just runs down a hall for a little while. He finally arrives at the cafeteria at the end of the hall. Some of the kids weren’t eating, and Billy starts to imagine why that is.

Even at lunch! Edna was right!

As disturbed as Billy is, he gets in line to grab a tray of food. After paying for it, he finds the only empty table in the room, which is near the center, and takes a seat there. Needless to say, tables in the immediate area of Billy empty out toward outter tables. There is a 2 foot radius around Billy where there is not one child sitting. Billy looks around the room and sighs.

Well, at least they aren’t making fun of me.

Billy couldn’t have been more wrong. Around his seat, children start to gossip.

“That’s the alien that killed Rod.”

“Hey, the freak’s here! He’ll poison you by looking at you!”

“Don’t go near him. If you even make eye contact, he’ll try to kill you with his poison feet!”

Billy, unaware of these conversations, goes about his business and starts to eat his lunch. Half-way through his meal, Billy notices Edward coming in his direction. Ed grabs a seat at Billy’s table.

“Aren’t you scared?” asks Billy.

“Of what?”

“Of the poisonous alien freak.”

“We have that around here?” Ed asks.

Billy just gives Ed a stare.

“I’m talking about me. You haven’t heard about what happened to Rod yet, have you?”

“Yeah, I heard some kid laid him out in one blow. That was you? How’d you get so strong?” Ed asks excitedly.

“It wasn’t my strength. It was my poison.”

Billy lifts up his right foot and places it sideways on the table. The other children start screaming and running.

“Take a look at the end of my heel there. See the barb sticking out the back of the shoe? That allows me to poison somebody with my venom.”

“Wow, a venomous mammal. I didn’t even discover that in my readings.”

“Please, after the way we platypi look, we need something to give us some ‘street cred’,” Billy says, laughing.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. And hey, don’t let any of this get you down. Just think of it this way, the day’s half over. One more half and you can go home.”

“That’s a nice way to think of it. Thanks.”

“No problem,” Ed says. “Now, I better go, it’s not like the gang to not have lunch with me. I should find them and see what’s up.”

“Ok take care, Ed.”

With that, Ed takes his leave of Billy, leaving him alone to drown in his thoughts.

Yeah, the day’s only half over. This first half, I’ve been abused endlessly, nearly killed a dude, and found out everybody in this school is yiff-crazed. I can’t imagine it getting any worse than this. It probably will though.



The bell ending school rings. Children start scampering around, finding their friends to hang out with for the rest of the day. Billy just walks as everybody runs past him. No one is even paying attention to the young platypus.

Nobody’s even willing to look at me. What a day this turned out to be. Sure, I won’t be getting made fun of any more, but the kids are too scared of me to get to know me now.

“Hey, Billy, over here!” Ed yells, waving for Billy to join him. Billy, reluctantly, does go over to where Ed and his sister are standing. Edna and Billy share awkward glances at each other as thoughts enter Billy’s head.

I can’t believe how yiff-crazed she is, especially for someone her age. I wonder if Ed knows. I wonder if Ed and Edna… Oh, no way, that’s just sick. I doubt Ed would do anything like that to her.

Enda’s thoughts are a bit different.

Either this guy’s gay, or he’s a real challenge. I’m hoping he’s a challenge. I’d kinda like to see if he’s hiding a duck cock or a beaver cock in his drawers. I’m willing to bet duck since he wasn’t so willing to have some fun with me.

“Hey Ed, Edna. Who’s this kid?” a lion cub asked, approaching the trio.

“Oh, hey Poke, this is the new kid, Billy.”

“This is Billy? Hey, I recognize him! He was on the bus this morning. Well howdy there, stranger. Name’s Pokeinfo. Most just call me Poke for short.”

“Like Ed said, my name’s Billy.”

“Why didn’t you introduce yourself earlier?”

“Well,” Billy starts replying, “it’s kind of hard to introduce yourself in front of a bus full of gawking children who have no clue who you are. And man, was that a mistake for me to do. I’ve garnered one hell of a reputation today. ‘Come one, come all! Come see the alien half-duck, half-beaver freak that can kill you in one blow!’ Man, that’s going to be tough to get rid of.'” With that, Billy sighs.

“Hey, could be worse, you could be getting pummeled all day,” Poke says with a laugh.

“I did get beat up once today. Which is how I got that rep. I was fighting a dude name Rodriguez. That’s gotta be the angriest dude I’ve ever seen. Anyway, he picked me up with one hand and just wailed into me with the other. I tried to stun him a little by sticking him with the barb on the back of my heel, but I accidentally poisoned him instead. From what I hear, he’s going to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks.”

“A couple of weeks without Rod, huh? Man, you should be given a medal or something for doing something so totally awesome!” Poke replies with a chuckle. “Man, I’ve only known you for two minutes, but you’re ok in my book. Great guy, great personality… you need to work on your self-image a little more… but I already enjoy hanging out with you.”

“That’s only because I put Rod in the hospital.”

“No way,” Ed cuts in. “If he tells you that he thinks you’re an ok guy, listen to it. He doesn’t tell people things they want to hear just because they did something he enjoys.”

“Jeez, Poke, you think you can wait for me next time. I understand you want to hang with Ed and Edna for a little bit today, but leaving me to hoof it here by myself is not cool.”

A rabbit cub approaches the group. Billy recognizes her as the rabbit sitting with Poke on the bus this morning.

“Hi guys. Who’s the beaver?”

“I’m a platypus, thank you very much.”

“My bad. My name’s Cynthia.”


“Hey, Billy, don’t get any thoughts. I see the look in your eyes. She’s mine,” Poke cuts in laughing.

A small blush can be seen above Billy’s bill if you look close enough. Edna sees it, but nobody else does.

That confirms it. He’s a challenge. God, trying to sack him might be as much fun as teasing Ed around the house.

“Is this the ‘gang’ you were talking about at lunch today, Ed?”

“There’s a few more coming. Just hold your little webbed feet.”

“Ha ha… making fun of my feet. How could you? I thought we were friends,” Billy says in a playful way.

“Who did you think was your friend,” asks a squirrel who managed to sneak up behind Billy.

“Woah! Where did you come from? And who are you?”

“I’m Laura, Ed’s girlfriend. Nice to meet you… uh… what did you say your name was again?”

“I didn’t, but it’s Billy. Nice to meet you too. This everybody?”

“Jeez, you’re one antsy bloke. What’s your rush? Got somewhere you gotta be. Anyway, name’s Paige. Nice to meet you. This ol’ dingo’s finally got another Aussie to talk to.”

“My name’s Billy. And I’m glad to run into another kid from Australia. I was beginning to think I was the only one here. Hey, who’s that hiding behind you?”

Paige steps aside to reveal a black cat-girl standing behind him. She tries to take cover behind Paige again, only to be stopped by him.

“This is Jenny. Don’t worry about her, she’s shy. But once she gets to know you, she’ll talk your ear off.”

“Hey, that’s not funny,” Jenny says, with a bright blush covering her face.

The other kids start laughing.

“Don’t worry about it, Jenny. Name’s Billy, nice to meet you.”

“…” Jenny doesn’t respond.

“Wow, she is shy. Oh well, gotta have all types. So, is this it?”

“Yeah, this is the ‘gang’. Now that we have final introductions down, let’s catch the bus,” Ed says.

“Can’t, got cheerleading practice,” replies Laura.

“And we both have soccer practice,” Poke and Cynthia chime in.

“And we kinda made plans today to go hang out. Nothing personal, mate.” Paige adds.

“Ok, well, you all take care. Edna and I are going to hang with Billy a little more,” Ed replies, waving to his friends as they leave.

“You two wanna hang out with me?” asks Billy sceptically.

“Of course we do, silly,” Edna replies, poking Billy in his ribs. “Why wouldn’t we?”

“Ok, well, mind coming over to my place? I’ve got to practice my laps. Maybe you guys could enjoy it too.”

“Running? Eh, I think I’ll pass,” Edna says with a little disgust.

“No, not running, swimming. I’ve got a couple of pools. One’s for recreation, the other is Olympic sized for me to practice my swimming in.”

“Cool, count us in. We should try having a pool party this weekend then,” Ed states.

“Yeah, sounds cool. Well, let’s get going,” Billy says, walking down the hall.

Billy, for the first time since moving to Pouncefield, has a new sense of happiness.

I’ve managed to make friends, I’ve driven off a potential bully, I hope, and I’ve made an impression on the school. It’s not one I like, but it’s better than what I though would happen. Plus, now I’m hosting a party for kids who actually like me for who I am. And this is only day one. I think I’m going to enjoy it here.


“Whoa, nice place ya got here, Billy,” Ed says.

“You should’ve seen the place I had back in Melbourne. This is only half as good.”

“Well, point us in the direction of the pool,” Edna says, anxious to get wet.

“First things first, do you guys have swimming gear on underneath your school uniforms?”

“No,” the two foxes reply in unison.

“Do you have some with you?”

“Yes,” the foxes say in unison.

“Well, let’s get changed. Edna, you can use my parents’ bedroom. Ed, you can use my room… I’ll use the bathroom to change.”

Off the three cubs go to get changed. Edna and Ed are taken to the rooms Billy has asked them to change in, while Billy enters the bathroom. Five minutes later, everybody meets out by the recreational pool.

“Wow, this pool is big!” Ed says in disbelief.

“How big is it?” Edna asks.

“It’s about four foot deep, and about 18 foot in diameter. Basic recreational pool. I practice my laps in the bigger pool. It’s Olympic sized, like what you would find at a public pool, but it’s in my backyard, so I can practice without stopping. You guys can join me if you want, or you can swim in the small pool.”

With that, Billy heads for the big pool.

“You do have a towel with you, right?” Mary calls out to her son.

“Hi mom, didn’t know you were home. No, I don’t have a towel. Could you bring me three?”

“Why three, hon?”

“One for me and one for each of my friends.”

With that, Mary steps out into the backyard.

“Well, are you going to introduce me?”

“These are…”

“Hi, I’m Edward,” Ed says, cutting Billy off.

“I’m Edna, Ed’s kid sister. We live a few blocks away from here.”

“You do?” asks Billy and Mary in unison.

“Yuppers,” Edna replies with a beaming smile on her face.

“Well, now, you see dear. Not only did you make friends in school today, you managed to find ones that live nearby.”

“Ok mom, could you bring me the towels now?”

“Sure thing. Have fun kids.”

Mary enters the house to find some towels. Billy, instead of waiting for his mother to return with the towels, hops into the pool and starts swimming. He gets some laps done before his mother returns with the towels. Billy catches this out of the corner of his eye and finishes the lap he’s on.

“How many laps did you just do?” asks Mary.

“Only five.”

“Dear, you need to stop slacking if you want to be as good a swimmer as your father. In the minute I was gone, he would’ve had 10 done.”

“Mom, I’ve got company.”

“Ok, well, enjoy your swim, kids.”

Mary goes back inside the house. Ed and Edna just stand there with a dead stare at Billy.

“What? Is my fur a mess?”

“You did five laps in only a minute?!?!?” cried both foxes in unison.

“Yeah, and that’s a tad slow. Normally I can get seven done in a minute. I’m relaxing with my practice today.”


Edna puts her hand on the back of her head, unable to believe what Billy just said.

“Man, you should try to become an Olympic swimmer or something when you get older,” Ed says jokingly.

“Nah, most the gold medalists are platypi from Australia. I don’t want to be another one. I’d rather hold down something a little close to home. Something in an office or something like that.”

“Well, you should at least join the swim team,” Edna tells Billy.

“You guys have a swim team? No, I can’t do that. Kids already think I’m a freak. Last thing I need is to show them up in the water.”

“You really do have self-worth issues, don’t you? I thought Ed was bad,” Edna responds.

“Hey, I’m just a little shy is all,” Ed replies, a little upset.

“Guys, no sibling feuds near my pools. These pools are meant to have fun. If you’re going to fight, I’m going to have to send you two to your corners,” Billy cuts in, sticking his tongue out and laughing.

With that, the young cubs start laughing. They all enter the small pool and start horsing around. Playing games like “Marco Polo” and taking turns tossing each other across the pool. Time flies when Mary comes out.

“Billy, it’s time for your friends to go home.”

“Awwww,” all three moaned.

They climb out of the pool and dry off. Ed and Edna say goodbye as they walk in the house. Mary shows them out the front door and they walk off down the street towards their home. Mary then enters the backyard again where Billy’s still drying off.

“You giving any thoughts to that swim team?”

“You heard that, mom?”

“Yes, and I think it would be a good idea to do it. You can make some more friends in the process. It’s your decision though. At any rate, you should get dressed, your father’ll be home in a half hour and we’ll be eating dinner. We’re having meatloaf tonight.”

“Ok mom.”

Mary enters the house for the last time this evening. Billy looks at the sun, which is slowly starting to make it’s decent into the horizon.

Deja-vu. Well, I might have to join, but we’ll see.


“MMmmm… hmm?”

Billy wakes up from his sleep. He checks his clock to see what time it is.

Only 6:15. I told my mom I’d be up at 6.30, so breakfast probably won’t be ready for fifteen minutes. Good, got time to grab a shower and get dressed. Gotta remember to not have company over today. Gotta buy new shoes today. Let’s see… 3 sizes too large should give my barbs enough space to be comfortable, and they shouldn’t slip off my feet.

Billy hits the off button on his alarm clock to keep it from going off. He goes through his morning routine of a shower, brushing his teeth, and putting on his school uniform.

The Principal’s still going to be upset that my barbs stick out of the back, but I’ll just have to make sure not to get into a fight today. Should be easy after what happened yesterday.

A small rap is heard on Billy’s door.

“Honey, you up yet? It’s 6.35.”

“Yes, mom, I’m up. Dad hasn’t eaten everything yet, has he?”

“Now, he doesn’t have THAT big an appetite,” Mary replies, laughing. “But you might want to hurry before you have to eat table scraps.”

“I’m on my way! Save me some food please!”

“Ok, but you’re going to have to be quick. Bus arrives in ten minutes.”

With that, the door opens. Billy looks his mother in the face.

“Cool, can’t wait to get to school!”

“Now, who are you and what have you done with our real son?” Mary asks jokingly.

“He’s gone. I’ve met quite a few kids I’m willing to call my friends. They like me for who I am, just like you and dad said. And they’re all types. There’s a lion, a bunny, a squirrel, a dingo, and a cat. You already know the Foxes. But, yeah, did I mention a dingo?!? It’s awesome that I’m not the only Aussie in this school.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear your day went well yesterday, honey.”

“Well, not so well. There’s something I need to tell you and dad when we get to the kitchen.”

“Well,” Mary responds, “let’s hurry so you can tell us what you need to say and so you can eat before getting to school.”

Mary and Billy walk down the hall. Billy has a half-smile on his face, happy to know his folks were right, but worried about what they’ll say to him putting a kid in the hospital from his venom. Mary has a smile on her face, happy that her son has found peace at school. They shortly arrive in the kitchen, to be greeted by Stephen, Ed, and Edna.

“Hey Billy,” the two fox siblings greet the young platypus.

“Hi son. Good night I take it? I see a smile on your face.”

“Good night, but rough morning. Mom, you’re going to want to sit down. I have something serious to tell you guys.”

Mary takes her seat at the table.

“Son, what happened? Did something bad happen yesterday at school?” Stephen asks.

“Yes,” Billy admits. “I got into a fight yesterday.”

“Oh, how awful! I’m glad to see your ok.”

“Yes mom, I’m ok. The kid I fought yesterday isn’t though. I… I… uh… how do I put this?”

“Just tell us son,” Stephen says assuringly.

“I poisoned him and he’s in the hospital for two weeks.”
Both Mary’s and Stephen’s jaws drop as their son admits he’s poisoned somebody.

“But how?!? You’re only 12, son. Your crural glands shouldn’t even be developed enough to contain a drop of venom, let enough to poison a kid so badly.”

“Well, they are, and I feel awful about it, dad. The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt anybody.”

“Well, son, eat your breakfast and we’ll talk more about this when you get home from school,” Stephen replies. There’s no sense of anger, disappointment, or any sort of negative emotion in his voice and he tries to comfort his son.

“Um, you’re going to have to grab something for on the way. It’s 6:40. We’re going to be late for the bus if we don’t get going,” Ed cuts in, trying to keep the situation from getting tense.

“Yeah, you can sulk at school,” Edna adds playfully.

“You guys are right. Ok, bye mom. Bye dad. Love you both,” Billy says as he rushes out the door with Ed and Edna.

“Love you too, son,” Mary and Stephen say in unison as they watch their son leave.

“And he didn’t even think of using that stupid bag trick today,” Stephen tells Mary with a laugh.

“Go easy on him with this talk, Stephen. He’s finally happy with his situation here. Don’t crush him.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Mary. It’s just the ‘birds and bees’ talk every kid coming of age gets. But this will be different because he can kill along with get frisky.”

“Well, don’t frighten him.”

With that, they give each other a hug and a kiss as they both walk into the living room to watch some television.


The bus pulls up to the stop, and Billy is the first one to board.

“Hey kid. Glad to see you weren’t run out of town yesterday,” Carlos says with a snicker.

“No, sir. And I don’t expect to be any time soon.”

With that, Billy walks toward the back of the bus, shortly followed by Ed and Edna. Billy overhears some of the chatter that he missed yesterday in the cafeteria, but isn’t bothered by it. Billy finds an empty seat behind Laura and Jenny and sits down.

“Hey Laura, hey Jenny. How you two doing today?”

“Obviously not as well as you,” Laura replies with a smile. “Glad to see you found some self-confidence between yesterday and today. Yesterday morning, you got on the bus and took your seat as if you were zombified or something, not saying one word to anybody. Now, you’re starting conversations. What’s next? Jenny walks up to a random guy and compliments him on his looks?”

Jenny blushes. “That’s not funny, Laura.” Billy and Laura both laugh at Jenny.

“Aw, come on, Jenny. Lighten up. She’s joshing with you.”

“…” More silence from Jenny toward Billy.

“Just give her some time, Billy. Once she gets to know you, she’ll be a real chatter-box.”

“Yeah, I hope. That’d be a real boring conversation if she doesn’t.”

Jenny blushes even brighter and just looks out her window. Billy just smiles and laughs on the inside. He leans over to the other side of the bus to listen in on Poke and Ed talking.

“Are you serious? Two pools? And he’s throwing a party for us this weekend?” Poke asks excitedly.

“I really don’t know, I only made the suggestion. I hope he follows through with it. It’d be a good way to have some fun and be a big ice-breaker. Sure, he met you all, but nothing breaks ice like a pool party,” Ed replies.

Oh, I’ve got my own idea of “fun” for that platypus in mind. Edna’s thoughts are, of course, on other activities. This pool party’ll probably be my best chance to get some alone time with him. And I’ll be the only available girl there. Gotta hand it to Ed for coming up with something that fits perfectly in with my plans.

A smile grows on Edna’s face as her thoughts race. Poke and Ed see this and just shrug it off, thinking she’s happy to be going to school.

“So, is it a party for everybody, or just the eight of us?” Cynthia asks, poking her head up over the back of the seat with a tiny bit of drool dripping out the side of her mouth.

“It’s for… Wait, eight? I count seven,” Ed retorts.

“Did you count yourself?”

“I guess I didn’t, Cyn. Well, yeah, I only suggested that the party be for his friends only.”

“Oh, yesterday, none of you would give me the time of day, but now I’m your friend?” Billy cuts in, laughing.

“Hardy har har, bill-boy. You know, it was partially your fault too,” Cynthia starts. “You shouldn’t’ve been so shy. I don’t care what you look like, true friends can see past looks and into your personality. Look at Ed! He’s the ugliest guy on the planet and yet we still hang out with him.”

“Did you just call me ‘bill-boy’?” Billy asks through bits of laughter. At the same time, Ed responds, “Har har har. You’re lucky I’m not the kind of guy to take things personally, or you’d be in trouble.”

Everybody, aside from Edna, who’s daydreaming, starts laughing. The bus ride seems so short with all the friendly chatter the group was having. Their laughter is interrupted by the stopping of the bus.

“Ok, we’re here. Time to get off,” Carlos tells the kids.

Everybody piles off the bus and heads for the school doors. Billy, Ed, and the rest are standing in a group as the bus closes its doors and pulls away.

“Well, I guess it’s time for school. Catch you guys at lunch,” Billy says, waving to his friends.

“Yeah, catch you at lunch,” Ed replies as they head for the doors.

Billy stands there with a smile on his face, actually looking forward to the day. Just then, he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey mate. Not getting second thoughts, are you?” Paige asks.

“Nah, just getting ready to go inside. Hey, wait, I didn’t see you on the bus.”

“Man, you should open your eyes more. I was sitting in the seat behind you. Anyway, just wanted to let you know one thing. If anybody gives you a problem, just come see me and I’ll straighten them out.”

“Thanks, Paige, but I think I’ll be alright. Remember, I’m the freak who poisons. I doubt anybody’s going to mess with me for a while.”

“You know, you really are a cool bloke. And don’t worry about the other kids. They’ll get to know you soon enough,” Paige tells Billy.

The two laugh about the conversation as they enter the building and head off in different directions.



Gee, that’s great. I can’t even sneak by the principal to get to my first period class.

Billy stops in front of the door to the Principal’s office.


“I thought I told you to get shoes that cover those barbs on your feet?”

“You did, and I’m going to be getting them after school today.”

“Well, if I see those things tomorrow, you’re in trouble. That’s it for now. Dismissed.”

“Hey, wait, how do I go about joining the swimming team?” Billy manages to get in before the principal closes the door.

“Talk to Jennifer Tigre. She’s the captain. Gotta warn you, there’s only a few kids on the team. It’s not a very popular sport here in Pouncefield. Good luck.”

With that, the principal closes the door, leaving Billy to try and find the swim captain by himself.

Jen Tigre, huh? Tigre, that doesn’t sound familiar. Well, if anybody knows who she is, it’s gotta be Laura, Poke, or Cynthia, seeing as they’re all on sports teams too.

Billy walks down the hall to his first period class.

“Nice to see you, Mr. Plats. For a moment, I though you wouldn’t be joining us. Please take your seat,” the teacher greets Billy when he gets there.

Billy down the aisle of chairs and desks to the back, where his desk and seat are. The kids stare at him, and whisper to each other, but nobody is whispering anything loud enough for Billy to hear.

Yeah, they’re afraid of me. At least they aren’t openly mocking me.

Time flies, and, before Billy realizes it, the morning classes are over. He heads to the cafeteria, lost in his thoughts, to try and catch up with Pokeinfo when he bumps into a young female tiger cub.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” Billy apologizes.

“It’s ok, I was just kinda standing here in the way. I really shouldn’t have been though,” the tigress replies.

“Well, it was nice to meet you, uh…”

“Jen. But everybody calls me ‘Stripes’.”

“Cool, my name’s Billy. I’ll catch you around sometime Jen.”

With that, the two young cubs part ways.

Hm… I hope to see him around the school some more. Seems like a cool guy.

Billy sighs as he walks to the cafeteria.
Wow, she was kind of cute. Bagh, who am I kidding? She’ll never go for a guy like me.

When he gets to his destination, he sits down at the table Ed, Poke, and Cynthia are sitting at.

“Hey guys. What, not everybody eating today?”

“Nah, Billy. We don’t always eat lunch together. But we never eat lunch alone,” Ed replies.

“Oh, Poke, Cynthia, there’s something I gotta ask you both.”

“Shoot…” Poke answers.

“Ok, I wanna join the swim team…” Billy starts.

“Jen Tigre,” Cyn says, cutting Billy off.

“Yeah, I know. I just don’t know who she is and was wondering if either of you two know her.”

“Oh, Jen. Yeah, she’s not too hard to miss, if you know her,” Poke answers. “She’s gotta be the only cat that should’ve been born a fish. I swear, she spends more time in the water than on dry land. Which is why she’s captain of the swim team.”

“She’s a cat?” Billy asks.

“A tiger, to be more specific,” Cynthia adds.

“Well, how do I find her?”

“Well, she’s a tiger. They aren’t that hard to find. But she answers to ‘Stripes’. It’s a pet name that she got in kindergarten. You can probably tell why,” Cynthia continues.

At this point, Billy stops paying attention to what Cynthia and Pokeinfo are saying.

Oh, what irony. The person I have to find is the same one I bumped into before getting here. I should’ve asked for a last name. Would’ve saved me from having to ask about her.

“Um, hey, do you guys know where she goes at the end of the day?”

“That’s silly,” Ed says. “She goes to the pool. The swim team practices everyday, just like any other sports team.”

“Oh, duh,” Billy replies with a chuckle. The other three cubs start to laugh at this point. The bell ending the lunch period rings, and Billy takes his leave of his friends.

Well, it looks like shopping will have to wait for later this evening. I’ve got a cat to find at the pool today.


Five minutes to go. Calm down, it’s only the swim team. Then again, it’s also the cutest girl I’ve met since coming to Pouncefield. Again, crazy thoughts. Even if we got together, it would never work. She’s a cat, and I’m a freak.

Billy sighs as the bell ending school rings. Before anybody stands up, Billy is already up and out the door. He pushes his webbed feet as fast as they can toward the school pool.

Gotta get there.

And without warning, he turns a corner and runs smack dab into Edna.

“Oh, sorry about that. Hey, tell Ed I said hi.”

With that, Billy’s up and off again.

Where the hell is he going in such a hurry? Oh well, I’ll have him to myself in three more days.

Edna walks away from the crash. By this point, Billy’s reached the pool, where the swim team is just getting out of the locker rooms.

“Ok team, we really need to start practicing. We’re the worst team in the state. I know it’s only the three of us, but we can do better,” Jen tells her team.

“Come on, Stripes. That’s never going to happen. If you haven’t noticed, swimming’s not a big thing here in Pouncefield,” a male beaver replies.

“Not yet, but after today, it will be,” Billy chimes in.

“Who the hell are you, freak?” the beaver asks angrily.

“Billy Plats, the answer to your problems. Unless you think you can do better than me, don’t call me a freak again, buck-tooth.”

“Grrr… nobody calls me buck-tooth!” yells the beaver.

“Geoff, don’t! Don’t waste your energy,” Jen steps in.

She then walks over to Billy. “Don’t mind Geoff, he’s just… whoa…” Jen says, with a blush starting to form, nearly invisible. “You know, you’re kinda cute now that you’re not knocking me down.”

“Har har har. I get it, I look weird. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m here to join the swim team,” Billy says with disgust.

“No, I mean it. You’re actually kind of cute. Nice and cuddly.” With that, a blush forms over Billy’s bill. This goes unnoticed, and Billy manages to regain his senses.

“Yeah, anyway, like I said, I’m here to join the swim team. It looks like you could use the help. I mean, no wonder you guys are in last place. You got an arrogant, annoying beaver, a tiger, and a squirrel as a team.”

“Hey, my skills aren’t that bad,” Jen replies. “And Jerry and Geoff aren’t half bad either.”

“Yeah, and I’m ready to prove that, freak,” Geoff taunts Billy.

“Let’s do it then, buck-tooth,” Billy retorts.

“GRAAAGGHH!!! NOBODY CALLS ME BUCK-TOOTH. Get on your block,” Geoff yells.

Billy strips down to his boxers.

“Don’t want to get my uniform wet,” Billy comments.

The two similar looking cubs take their positions. Geoff’s making faces at Billy, who’s face is cold as stone. Jen grabs her whistle.

“Ok, the first one to do three laps wins. And Billy, if you win, consider yourself on the team.”

With that, Jen blows her whistle. Both cubs jump from their blocks and into the water. Billy halts where he surfaces as Geoff swims away. Geoff gets a lap done before Billy starts to swim. Within 15 seconds, Billy catches up to where Geoff is, a lap and a half into the race. Billy finishes the lap and starts to just tread water.

“What’s wrong, Geoff? I thought you were good at this!”

Upon hearing this, Geoff pumps his paws and finishes his second lap. Billy and Geoff both then start on their third lap. Billy goes at Geoff’s speed until halfway through the lap, where Billy stops taunting Geoff and finishes the race. Jen blows her whistle as Geoff swims to her and climbs out near her. Billy climbs out of the pool where he’s treading.

“Well, looks like we got a new teammate. Nice race Geoff,” Jen says.

“Hmph… this isn’t finished. I will be practicing, and one day I will beat you,” Geoff grunts.

“Well, we’ll have to get you a pair of trunks in our school’s colors. We can’t have you swimming in your boxers. Although I kinda like it,” Jen says with a chuckle.

Billy’s clueless until he realizes his boxers are skin tight due to the water. He blushes as he quickly grabs a towel and covers up.

“Well, if your skills in the water don’t impress people, that might.”

Geoff and Jerry just shake their heads.

“Put it away, Stripes,” Jerry sighs.

“Kill joy,” Jen says to Jerry with her tongue sticking out.

“Well, it was nice to meet you all, but I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Billy says, walking to his clothes.

He then gets dressed, wet boxers and all, and leaves the pool area. Halfway down the block, he’s stopped by Jen.

“Hey, Billy. You know, I was thinking. How about we go out on a date?”

“Seriously? You do know that I’m the ‘poisonous alien freak’ everybody’s been gossiping at school about, right?”

“You’re not a freak. Why do you care so much about what others think?”

“Well,” Billy starts, “I came from a place where everybody looked alike. Nobody looks alike here unless they’re siblings. And with the way kids have been treating me, it’s no wonder I’m kinda cautious about what people say.”

“You just haven’t found ones that will treat you right. Trust me, let’s hang out together tomorrow. You’ll have a good time,” Jen replies reassuringly.

“Ok. I guess that’ll work. Tomorrow after swim practice, ok?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jen answers with a smile, walking back toward the pool.

Billy then continues to walk toward his house. No bigger smile has ever been recorded in the world than the one that Billy wore the rest of the way home.


“So, how big you planning on going?” Stephen asks.

“Three sizes big. Did you really need to come into the shoe store with me while I picked out a pair of shoes?”

“Yes son. First off, I need to pay for these. Secondly, I need to make sure they stay within the uniform code of the school. And third, we need to have a talk.”

“A talk?” Billy asks.

“Yes, son, a talk.”

“About what?”

“Well, what you said this morning got me thinking. Son, you’re coming to an age where…”

“DAAAAAAAAAAAD,” Billy groaned. “If this is that ‘bird and bees’ talk, please don’t. I already know.”

“Firstly, don’t cut me off again, son. That’s disrespectful,” Stephen reprimands his son in a stern tone. “And second, these ‘birds and bees’ are more dangerous for you than kids your own age.”

“I don’t see how,” Billy rolls his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” Stephen retorts, starting to get upset. “Listen, you’re coming to an age where new things are happening. I know you studied this in your biology class back home, but you’re now at an age where your crural glands, which is where we male platypi store our venom, are developing. You said you put a kid in the hospital for two weeks, right?”


“How big was he?”

“I dunno,” Billy starts trying to recall Rod’s size. “I’d say he was about 200 pounds, about 6 foot tall.”

“Just how much venom has developed in you, son? It would take A LOT of venom to do that much damage to a kid that size. If he were any smaller, you could’ve killed him!”

“KILLED HIM?!?!” Billy gasps.

“Yes. Our venom’s not powerful enough to hurt large creatures, but if we inject into a small one, it’s lethal. It makes up for our lack of fighting skills.”

“Oh man, I hadn’t realized that it was lethal. They never taught us that,” Billy sighs, discouraged.

“Well, it’s ok son. That’s why I’m here. To teach you things you don’t know. So, your mother tells me you also have a date tomorrow.”

“It’s not really a date. I’m just hanging out with the captain of the new swim team I’m on, and she just happens to be a girl.”

“You made the swim team, huh? Way to go, son,” Stephen praises Billy.

“But, this girl, what kind is she?”


Stephen stares a little at Billy.

“Oh… she’s a tiger. Her name’s Jen Tigre.”

“Well, just remember, if you guys plan on getting frisky, have some protection. And watch them barbs.”

“DAAAAD!” Billy groans again. “Can we please get off this subject? I’m starting to get weirded out.”

“Ok, so, your mother tells me your planning on having a pool party. You should invite your new friends on the team.”

“Well, not all of them are my friends. One of them doesn’t talk much, and the other’s a bit of a dick.”

“BILLY! Watch your tongue when your in a store,” Stephen scolds his son.

“Sorry, I forgot we’re not at home. But, yeah, he’s not really somebody I’ll ever consider my friend. He’s obnoxious.”

“Ok, so just invite this Jen girl.”

“Was planning on it.”

The silence there-after is comforting to Billy.

Man, I can’t believe my dad gave me “The Talk” in public. How embarrassing.

They grab a pair of shoes, three sizes large, and pay for them. The rest of the night goes as smooth as silk. The family watches some TV before young Billy goes to bed.


Another routine morning for young Billy. Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, walk to the bus stop. When he gets there, he says hi to Ed and Edna.

“Man, hump day,” Ed says with a sigh.

“Hump day?” Billy asks.

“Yeah, hump day. Tradition here in Pouncefield. Everybody yiffs all day,” Edna says with her tongue sticking out.

“Pay her no attention. I dunno where she gets her energy at in the morning sometimes. But, hump day, middle of the week. Half-way done. Comes from the saying ‘Over the hump’,” Ed replies.

Oh, believe me, Ed. “Hump day” has a new meaning now. And only two more days until another “Hump day”. Edna thinks to herself.

The bus pulls up as Edna’s thoughts cease. The three climb on board and take their usual seats. Billy sits behind Jenny and Laura, and Ed and Edna sit behind Poke and Cynthia.

“Hey, Laura, Jenny, I’m throwing a shin-dig at my place on Saturday. Pool party. You guys are welcome to come if you want.”

“That sounds like fun. Count us in,” Laura replies.

“Us?” Jenny whispers to Laura.

“Yes, ‘us’. Come on, Jenny, you gotta get to know some other people. Billy’s not going to hurt you.”

“I know he’s not. I just… I dunno, I just get nervous around new people.”

“Well, come to the party. It will be fun,” Laura whispers assuringly.

“Ok, I’ll come, only if it keeps you from nagging me about it,” Jenny whispers back, now staring out her window.

“Like I said,” Laura says to Billy, “count us in.”

“Awesome,” Billy says as he turns around to Paige. “And you?”


“Wanna come to my pool party too?”

Paige looks up ahead a seat to look at Jenny.

“Jenny going?”

“According to Laura, she agreed to come.”

“Then I might have to. Keep her from leaving the party.” The two start laughing. “But, yeah, count me in.”


Billy then leans to the other side of the bus.

“You all coming to my pool party?”

“Sure, we’ll come,” Poke says, speaking for Cynthia as well.

“Cool, it’s on Saturday.”

Billy sits back in his seat. Edna’s furious now.

SATURDAY!!! That’s one extra day I gotta wait. But I can’t. I gotta know what that guy’s hiding “down under”. Why couldn’t it be on Friday. Gotta try and snag him today.

The bus pulls to a stop. Once the doors open, everybody gets off and enters the building. Billy walks past the Principal’s office toward his first class.

“Nice to not see those barbs today, Mr. Plats.”

Billy ignores it an heads for his first class, unaware of what this day truly holds in store for him. School goes just as fast as it did the day before for Billy. It’s now time for lunch. Billy heads for the lunch-room, but is quickly intercepted by Edna.

“Billy, you gotta come with me, quick!”

“What’s wrong, Edna?”

“It’s Ed! He’s fallen down and he needs helped up. You’re the first one I ran into. I can’t lift him by myself.”

“Lead the way.”

Edna grabs Billy’s hand and leads him down some hallways. They reach the back of the school when Edna stops.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you forgot where he fell…”

“Nope, he didn’t fall. This is where you fall… under my spell.”

With that, Edna pushes Billy on his back in the middle of the hall.
“Ouch, that hurt! What’re you doing?”

“I gotta know what you’re hiding. It’s been driving me crazy since your first day here.”

Before Billy can move, Edna’s got his pants unbuttoned, unzipped, and moved down around his ankles.

“Edna, stop! Not here! Not with you! Please no!”

“You know, saying no only shows you want it more,” Edna says with a smile.

Billy tries to get up, but Edna pins him down and sits on his chest with her back to his face. She slides his boxers down.

“Whoa, now why would you hide something like this from me? You know, the only parts of you that are duck-like are your paws and your bill.”

Edna grabs Billy’s limp cock and starts to massage it gently. Before she can get it to stand at attention, Billy forces Edna up and off him. Billy quickly rises to his feet, pulling up his boxers and pants.

“Edna, I said stop. You’re too young for this.”

“But I gotta have what I saw.”

Billy zips his pants up and rebuttons them.

“I gotta go.”

With that, Billy runs off, away from where he was nearly seduced.

I’m starting to break him. I will have him by week’s end.

Edna, pleased with herself, just sits there and smiles.


The end of the school day couldn’t get here any quicker for poor Billy. Billy’s thoughts race as he heads for the pool.

What’s up with that crazy kid? You know, if the guys found out I’ve been forcing myself not to give in to Edna, I’d be ragged until the cows come home. I just can’t bring myself to yiff her, though. She’s so young. But she doesn’t act like it sometimes. God, a good swim is exactly what I need.

Billy’s thoughts cease when he gets to the pool. Jen’s sitting there on a bench, in her swimsuit, waiting for Billy.

“I thought our star swimmer was going to be a no show.”

“I come from the other side of the school. Besides, I’ve got a lot going on in my mind right now.”

“Oh?” asks an intrigued Jen. “Like what?”

“I’d rather not go into it. So, hey, you got my new swim uniform?”

“Not yet, comes in tomorrow. But, with your skills, you really don’t need to practice today.”

Geoff and Jerry come out of the dressing room in their swimsuits. Geoff is not happy to see Billy after their encounter yesterday.

“Great, you’re back. I was kinda hoping you were joking about joining,” Geoff says to Billy with a frown on his face.

“Don’t be upset just because I beat you.”

“Whatever. What’s wrong, too good to practice with us?”

“No,” Billy replies. “Jen says my swimsuit won’t be here until tomorrow. So she’s letting me sit today out.”

“Is this true, Stripes?”

“Yeah,” Jen answers. “It’s true. Why have him swim without a suit? You want him to show you up again, Geoff?”

Jen, Billy, and Jerry all laugh. Geoff just frowns.

“Whatever. Like I said, one day, I will beat him.”

“Not today though. Now, let’s practice.”
Billy takes a seat on the bench Jen gets up from. Jen, Geoff, and Jerry all dive into the pool and start practicing laps.

Wow, Jen really should’ve been born a fish. Look at her. She’s so fast, so graceful, so cute.

Billy, unknowingly, pitches a tent watching Jen work her magic in the water. Jen manages to catch it out of the corner of her eye, but decides to just keep practicing. Each teammate manages to get 20 laps in before Jen calls an end to practice. The three cubs climb out of the water and head for their changing rooms. 15 minutes go by before all three cubs are changed and out of the locker room, and Billy has lost his erection by now. Geoff and Jerry go sit near Billy and start talking to him as they wait for Jen.

“So, Billy, what do you think?” Jerry asks his new teammate.

“Not bad. Jen definitely is the fastest out of you three, with you coming in at a close second. You two have real potential. Geoff, if he wasn’t so full of himself, could see he needs some work.”

“Hmph, shows how much you know,” Geoff grumbles. Jen approaches the trio.

“Hey, guess what, Stripes. Billy here thinks that I’m close to being as good as you,” Jerry says excitedly.

“Oh, did he? Well, that shows your improving. Well, that’s all for practice. You guys are dismissed.”

Geoff and Jerry head off, away from the pool, in separate directions. Billy and Jen just sit on that bench.

“So, where to now?” Jen asks.

“How about we stay here? Something about the pool always puts me in a good place.”

“As I noticed. I saw that bulge in your pants when you were watching me,” Jen says with a smile and a chuckle.

“Say what?”

A blush forms over Billy’s face. Jen sees it and laughs.

“It’s quite ok. You don’t need to be ashamed.”

“But I am. It’s not gentleman-like for something like that to happen.”

“Nor is it gentleman-like to tease a girl with such a toy like you did yesterday.”

The blush grows brighter and larger. Jen just smiles.

“It’s ok.”

Before anything else is said, Jen’s already sliding down her panties from underneath her school skirt.

“What’re you…” Billy starts, but doesn’t get to finish.

Jen’s got Billy’s pants unbuttoned by the time he gets those two words out. She smiles as she unzips them and slides them down.

“Jen… wait!”

“What’s wrong, don’t want to do this?” Jen looks into Billy’s eyes.

“Not really.”

“Then I’ve gotta change your mind.”

Jen then slips a paw inside Billy’s boxers and pulls out his cock. This action alone caused it to go stiff.

“Well, it looks like part of your mind already has been changed,” Jen says with a smile.

“Jen, please. Stop.”

“Just trust me on this. You’ll feel good.”

With that, she starts to lick the length of Billy’s stiff rod. This sends shivers up the young platypus’s spine. Seeing the joy in his eyes, Jen starts to massage her clit as she licks and strokes Billy’s dick. It doesn’t take long for Jen to get herself wet. Jen can feel Billy tense up in her hand, so she stops.

“Hey, wait, what? Aw come on, don’t stop.”

“I’m not. Just changing the situation a little before you blow. So much for not wanting to yiff.”

Jen then stands up and straddles Billy, slowly lowering herself onto his lap and around his member. Billy lets out a soft groan. This new sensation sends chills up his spine. New feelings, new pleasures. The new feeling of his rock hard cock rubbing against the soft, wet walls of Jen’s pussy. Billy leans his head back a little and smiles. Jen smiles a little, placing Billy’s hands on her ass. Jen then starts to slide up and down Billy’s rock hard, thick shaft. Both cubs start moaning in ecstasy. Billy leans up and locks his lips into place with Jen’s. Billy starts to slide Jen up and down faster. This causes the kiss to break as both cubs moan louder.

“Oh, Billy, you’re so good…”

“Oh Jen… that’s… you feel so great.”

The sliding gets faster, as both cubs are close to climaxing.


Both cubs cum hard, and Jen feels Billy fill her up. The sliding stops as Jen and Billy kiss each other passionately. A few moments later Jen climbs up off of Billy and sits next to him on the bench, placing her head along his shoulder.

“Oh shit…”

“What’s wrong, Billy?” Jen asks, looking at the worried platypus.

“I just came inside you without protection. Aren’t you worried about pregnancy?”

“Nah, my mom got me some of them rings on my thirteenth birthday about a month ago. No worries. I gotta say, you felt so good up inside of me. Nobody’s been that deep in me before.”

“I’ve…” Billy starts, blushing. “How do I say this… I’ve never… really…”

“It’s ok. Now you have. And there’s more where that came from.”

“Does this mean what I think it means?” Billy asks.

“It sure does. So make sure you treat me nice.”

Billy looks at Jen and smiles. He then kisses his new girlfriend again as they sit there, enjoying the moment


A half-hour passes as the couple just sits there, cuddling and kissing. Billy finally breaks the silence of the moment.

“Hey, Jen, I’m holding a pool party Saturday. I was wondering if you’d like to come.”

“Of course! I’d love to come.”

“Cool, I’ll have to walk you to my house tonight then, so I can show you where I live.”

“And tomorrow I can show you where I live.”

“Sounds good,” Billy says as he starts his next train of thought. “Hey, Jen. I was wondering…”

“Why I’m called Stripes?”

“No, Cynthia told me about that. Your last name doesn’t sound like it’s from around here.”

“That’s because it’s not,” Jen starts her story. “It’s Spanish. It means ‘tiger’. My great, great grandfather grew up in Madrid, Spain. He grew up to become a tailor. Not being a big success in Spain, my great, great grandfather came here to try and start over. He was a big success, despite not being able to speak English. He quickly learned, though. You can’t really tell that I’ve got some Spanish heritage in me. My great grandfather, grandfather, and father all were born and grew up here in this country. I was also born here, and I plan to grow up here. Although, it would be nice to one day travel to where my great, great grandfather grew up and see where I come from.”

“That sounds nice. Thanks for sharing your story.”

“Thanks for listening.”

Billy and Jen just smile at each other. Billy turns his head and catches a glace at a clock hanging in the distance at a bank.

“Oh shit, it’s 5.30! I need to get going. Here, walk with me. I’ll show you where I live.”

“Sounds nice.”

The two cubs scramble to make sure their uniforms are complete. Jen puts her panties back on, and Billy pulls up his boxers , then his pants, after which buttoning and zipping them up. The two cubs then leave the pool area and start walking toward Billy’s home, paw in paw, cheek by cheek. They arrive at Billy’s house at 6.

“Well, this is it.”

“Really? Cool! I live about five blocks away from here.”

“Really?” Billy asks excitedly. “Maybe tomorrow we can catch the bus. I catch a bus about a block that way.” Billy points down the street.

“Sure, see you tomorrow.”

The two kiss softly. Jen then heads off down the street, heading for her home. Billy enters his house with a smile upon his face.

What a day. I think I’m going to enjoy the swim team even more now.

Billy then goes to the living room, where his parents are watching tv.

“Hi, Billy. Swim practice go ok?” Mary asks.

“Forget the practice, son. I want to know how your date went. Nothing happened, did it?” Stephen cuts in.

“DAAAAAD!!!” Billy drops his head, shaking it while sighing.

“Well, just make sure nothing does happen. We don’t want any surprises coming from this new girlfriend of yours.”

“How’d you know she was my girlfriend?” Billy asks. “We just agreed to it ourselves today.”

“Son, your mother and I were young once too. Usually, if a date goes well, that couple tends to see more and more of each other. I kinda figured the same thing happened to you. Anyway, there’s some food left for you on the table. After that, you should probably do your homework.”

“Ok dad,” Billy says.

Billy grabs a plate of food and takes it to his room, where he finishes his evening. He eats the food, does his homework, grabs a shower, watches tv for a little bit, and calls it a night at 9 PM. He puts his head on his pillow and falls asleep with this thought in his head.

I can’t wait to see Jen at the bus stop tomorrow.
Billy gets up in the morning at 6.30. He goes through his routine, and is out the door without breakfast. He arrives at the bus stop where Ed and Edna are waiting.

Well, there’s Ed and Edna, but no Jen.

“Hey man. Oh, what happened? Rough night?” Ed asks his friend.

“Yeah, kinda restless. I was hoping to meet somebody here.”

“Aw, how cute. Billy was looking forward to seeing me today, and it kept him up all night,” Edna replies playfully.

“No, not you Edna. My girlfriend was supposed to meet me here this morning.”

“You have a girlfriend?” both fox children ask in unison.


Why me? Damn! Wait, I still have a shot at this. Nothing stops somebody from yiffing just because they’re in a relationship. This is perfect. I’ll let this mystery girl work his log, and on Saturday, I get a broken down Billy. He’ll be unable to resist me.

“Hi Billy. Who’re your friends?”

Edna’s train of thought is interrupted by this new voice. A female tiger approaches the trio.

“Jen, this is Ed and Edna. Ed and Edna, this is my girlfriend, Jen.”

“Jen, as in ‘Stripes’ Jen, the swim captain?” Ed asks.

“Bingo,” Jen replies with a smile.

Uh-oh. That may be a problem. How do I compete with somebody who’s a better swimmer than I am? Wait, remember, she works the log, Billy can’t resist. It’s just a matter of patience. Billy WILL be mine.

“So, how long you two been going out? Since you first met a couple of days ago?” Edna asks the tigress.

“Not even 24 hours. We had a date yesterday after swim practice, and we decided to make it a little more steady.”

“Get in his pants yet?” Edna asks, chuckling.

“EDNA!!!” Billy yells with a blush.

Jeez, not even 24 hours and he’s already getting worked. I may not have to wait until Saturday at this point. “Well, good for you two,” Edna says with a smile.

“Ed, do you mind if I kill your sister?” Billy asks playfully.

“I kinda do. She’s a pain in the ass, but she’s my pain in the ass.”

Edna crosses her arms and pouts. The others start laughing as the bus pulls up to the stop. The doors open. Billy gets on, followed by Jen, then Edna, and Ed bringing up the rear.

“Jeez, kid, how do you keep getting people to hang out with you?” Carlos asks, shocked to see a young tiger among the company now.

“I just be me.”

Billy walks and takes his usual seat behind Jenny and Laura. Jen sits with Billy, and the fox siblings sit behind Poke and Cynthia.

“Wow, somethings wrong today,” Edna says to Cynthia, who’s got her head laid back on the seat and her eyes shut.

“Huh… what’s that?”

“Poke’s getting you off today?”

“Yeah, he owed me after how he made me hoof it alone to meet Billy.”

Just then, Cynthia lets out a gasping moan, followed by heavy breathing. Poke sits upright in his seat.

“Jeez, can’t you two go five minutes without having to get each other off?” Ed asks the lion.

“Hey, if you and Laura sat together, you’d be getting off every chance you could too.”

“I guess you’re right, but she enjoys sitting with Jenny. I’m not going to stop that.”

“Boy, you are whipped, but big time,” Poke says with a laugh, making whipping sounds.

“Very funny. That’s why Cynthia got off this morning and not you.”


“Ha, and you call me whipped.”

The two start laughing.

“So, Billly, since when did you and Stripes start hanging out?” Laura asks the young platypus.

“Since yesterday.”

“You two an item yet?”

“As of yesterday,” Jen replies.

“Seal the deal?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Billy says with a blush. Laura just laughs.

“It’s cool. At least you two seem happy.”

“That we are, Laura. That we are,” Jen says, snuggling up to her boyfriend.

“Hey, cut that out! You’re making us sick over here,” Poke yells across the bus at the two cubs. As if scripted, Cynthia slaps him in the head for saying that. “Ow, hey, I was joking with them.”

“You owe me another now. You’re such an embarrassment sometimes.”

Everybody starts laughing. The bus pulls up to the school and everybody gets off. Billy and Jen are the last two off, and they stand there where they get off for a few moments, holding paws. They soon enter the building, still joined.

“Well, this sucks. Just a shame we won’t see each other until Lunch.”

“You don’t go to recess?”

“Not yet, still trying to learn the school. Every recess, I have a teacher show me the school. I’m learning my way quickly. I should know the school, inside and out, by the end of the week.”

“Aw… you should skip that and spend it with me today,” Jen says.

“I might just do that. You take care of yourself until recess,” Billy says, letting go of Jen’s paw. The two cubs kiss and part ways, and Billy walks off to his first class.


A bell rings. It’s now time for recess. Billy starts to make his way to the playground, only to be stopped by Edna in the middle of a hallway.

“Where you going, Billy?” The young fox asks.

“To recess. Jen’s waiting for me. And I don’t want any hassles from you today. I don’t know what gets into you sometimes… One day, you seem so innocent. The next, you turn into this super slut that can’t get enough. I never know which it is with you. I swear, you’re bipolar or something.”

Edna crosses her arms and frowns, hurt by what Billy said.

“I’m sorry I’m young enough to be innocent but old enough to know what I enjoy. Is that such a crime? You’re not much older than me, and yet it seems ok for you to hook up with Jen.”

“I’m 12. I know what’s going on.”

“And I do to, despite only being 8.”

“See, you’re not even in double digits yet. There’s no way you can know what’s going on with your body, let alone other people’s bodies.”

“But I do. And now I’m hurt. First you call me a slut, then psycho, and now you’re calling me stupid. Some friend you turned out to be.”

Edna runs off crying. Billy chases after her.

Damn! Smooth, Billy, smooth. You hurt one of the first two friends you made here in this town. I need to apologize to her right away.

Edna continues to run and cry. She finds her way to the playground, where she runs off to a corner and continues to cry. Billy follows her to the corner.

“Listen, Edna. I’m sorry about what I said. I’m just shocked that somebody your age does half the stuff you do.”

“That’s no excuse for what you said though.”

“I know. Is… is there any way I can make it up to you?”

“Well, you could always hang out with me after practice today.”

“Edna…” Billy sighs.

“No, not like that. Just hang out with me. I can show you I can have fun in more than one way. Unless you got something planned with Jen?”

Edna stares at Billy with puppy-dog eyes.

That’s a cheap shot, Edna. “Nah, I got nothing going on today. I can hang with you. 4 PM sound good?”

“Gotta be at least 4.30. My practice doesn’t let out until then.”

“What do you practice?”

“I’m on the soccer team,” Edna says, beaming. “I’m the new goalie.”

“I didn’t know you played a sport. Well, ok. 4.30 it is then.”

“See you at 4.30, by the soccer field.”

Billy then leaves Edna alone and heads over to Jen. “Jen, sorry, I gotta bail after practice today.”

“Why?” the tigress asks her boyfriend.

“Well, to make a long story short, I hurt Edna’s feelings today, and I’m going to make it up to her by hanging out with her today. I was probably going to take her to get some ice cream or something.”

“Ok. I hope you manage to fix everything between you two. You, Edna, and Ed seem pretty close.”

“Yeah, but not as close as you and I are,” Billy says, giving his girlfriend a kiss on her cheek. Billy and Jen just smile and hold each other for the rest of the period. Edna watches this from her corner.

Bingo, “Operation: Platypussy” is working like a charm. Well, seems like my acting’s getting better. You will be mine, Billy. You will be mine.


A bell rings, ending recess and starting lunch. Billy walks from the playground to the lunch-room, paw in paw, with Jen. When they get to the cafeteria, Billy tells Jen find a table for them to sit at as Billy gets both her and himself a tray of food. He shortly arrives at the table Jen picked out.

“Now, come on Billy. I said treat me right, not spoil me. You didn’t have to buy me lunch,” Jen says with a smile.

“Well, this is my first real act as your boyfriend, so I figured I’d make it a good one.”

“Well, your first act could’ve been something better, but I understand why you’re not going to hang out with me today. I just hope Edna’s ok. It’s a shame to see such a nice girl hurt.”

“Oh, that’s just the way to throw some salt into the wound there, Jen,” Billy says with a sigh. The two cubs start laughing. They are quickly joined at the table by Ed, Pokeinfo, Cynthia, and Laura.

“Hey guys,” Billy and Jen greet their company.

“Hey,” everybody returns the greeting to Billy and Jen.

“So… hey Ed… what kind of things does Edna like doing?” Billy asks.

“Why?” Ed asks as he and the rest of the cubs take their seats.

“Well, I hurt her feelings today by accident, and I was going to make it up to her by taking her out today. I just don’t know what she’s into, and I don’t want to hurt her any more…”

“Well, she likes ice cream, movies, and yiffing.” Ed replies blankly. Billy quickly shakes his head, unable to believe what he just heard.

“Say what? You know she’s yiff-crazed?” Billy asks, shocked at what he heard.

“We all do,” Laura cuts in.

“Wait, you’re going to be hanging out with a yiff-crazed girl instead of me today?” Jen asks.

“Nothing’s going to happen, Jen. I’m going to show her a good time that DOESN’T involve clothes being removed. I’ve been able to resist her before, it should be 20 times easier now that I got a cute girlfriend to spend my time with.”

“Just promise nothing will happen,” Jen says.

“Nothing will. I promise.”

“Wow, the cute couple’s first fight. NO ACION FOR BILLY TONIGHT!!!” Poke cuts in, laughing. His laughter is cut short by a dead stare from the rest of the gang.

“Ouch, sorry. I gotta learn to keep my mouth closed sometimes,” Poke says, putting a paw on the back of his head.

“Well, tomorrow it won’t be. I’m calling in that favor you owe me tomorrow,” Cynthia tells her lion.

“Wow, and I thought I was bad with that in the morning,” Pokeinfo laughs. The rest of the cubs join in on the laughter.

“So, Billy, you said you could resist Edna, right? You gotta tell me how many times she’s tried to get you, and how you did it being single!” Poke asks Billy.

“Well, it wasn’t easy, and it happened twice. The first time was after I got into that fight with Rod and put him in the hospital…”

“Yeah, which was a good move, by the way,” Poke cuts in.

“Don’t cut in,” Ed scolds the lion.

“Ok, can I finish?” Billy asks, starting to sound upset.

“Sorry,” Ed and Poke reply in unison.

“Anyway, it was after that fight. I ran into her on my way to lunch. She took me to the gym where she said ‘she was going to help me get my mind off things’. Well, let me tell you, she tried her hardest to get her hands down my pants. But I was so freaked by what happened to me that day, I just quickly got outta there before anything what-so-ever happened. The second time was yesterday, the day after I joined the swim team…”

“The day of our date?” Jen asks.

“Yeah, it was during school hours though. She told me Ed was sick somewhere and she needed help lifting him up and getting him to the nurse’s office. So I went with her, but she led me to an empty part of the school, threw me on my back, and tried to seduce me yet again. I tell you what, that little fox is strong when she wants something. Anyway, she managed to get a hold of me for a few seconds before I was able to get her off me and out of that situation. But trust me, I’m on guard for her sneaky tactics today. I’m hoping that if I go somewhere public with her, she’ll behave.”

“No she won’t. She’ll actually try harder in public,” Ed says, sighing.

“Hey, how do you know so much about this, anyway?” Billy asks.

“I’d rather not talk about it.” Ed sighs some more, putting his head down.

“Oh, dude, that’s just wrong. You’re own sister…” Billy starts.

“No, it’s nothing like that. It’s something I’d rather not go into though.”

“My bad. I’ll drop it,” Billy replies, feeling guilty.

Just then, the bell ending lunch rings, and the children disperse. Jen and Billy start walking down a hall together. They stop at an intersection where they get ready to part ways.

“You know, I’m going to trust you with Edna. Don’t betray me,” Jen tells Billy.

“Don’t worry about it. You think I would ruin us just to have a piece of Edna pie?” Billy replies, laughing. Jen doesn’t even so much as grin. “Sorry. Trust me, nothing will happen.”

“Ok. Like I said, I’ll trust you. Well, I gotta get to class. See you at practice.”

The two kiss and part ways.


“Man, blue is not my color. It makes my bill look big,” Billy says with a chuckle, showing his new team swimsuit to Edna.

“Those are cool. So, what did you have in mind for us to do today?” Edna asks her platypus friend. The two of them are sitting in the bleachers of the soccer field.

“I dunno. I was thinking movies or ice cream or something,” Billy tells the young fox, putting his speedo in his backpack, slung over his shoulder.

“Nah, how about we go hang out in the park.”

“Why the park?”

“I’d rather be somewhere that looks nice and where we can be alone and talk without worrying about who’s listening in on us.”

“And to try and yiff my brains out,” Billy says, defensively.

“I told you, nothing like that, Billy. I’m not all yiff and fuck around here all the time,” Edna responds, pouting.

“Well, your brother seems to know otherwise,” Billy replies.

“What, he told you about my escapades around him?”

“He didn’t mention anything. He only said he knows how you can get.”

“It’s nothing like that. I wish it was, but it’s not. To be honest, and don’t tell anybody else this, I love my brother.”

“Well, that’s not unusual. I love my parents.”

“No,” Edna says, staring at Billy. “I love my brother.”

“Huh? Oh… ooooohhhh. How long?”

“A couple of years now. I try everything I can to get him to love me back, but nothing works. I taunt him with my body. I tease his own body, and instead he runs off with Laura.”

“Have you tried just being up front with him?” Billy asks.

“I try, but everytime I attempt to, I get nervous and my wild side kicks in, scaring him away. That’s why I try to find comfort in other boys. I just want to know my brother’s love for me is as much as mine is for him.” Tears start to form in Edna’s eyes. “Maybe he will never love me like I love him.” Edna breaks down and starts crying.

Wow, I had no idea. “Well, maybe his love isn’t as strong as yours for him is NOW, but give it some time. You keep working him, he’ll crack.” What am I doing? What she wants is immoral! And yet I’m saying it’s ok! “Trust me, if things don’t work out with him, there are other guys out there.”

“I know. You know, you really are a true friend,” Edna says, wiping the tears from her eyes. Billy gives her a comforting hug. At that time, Jen walks by, crossing the field to go home. She looks into the bleachers and sees the sight of her platypus boyfriend and the yiff-crazed fox hugging.

“How could you?” Jen shouts at the two cubs.

“How could we what?” Billy asks.

“I’m not blind. I should’ve known I couldn’t trust you. “

“What, this? This is nothing!”

“Oh, nothing? You have more planned?” Jen asks hysterically.

“No, of course…” Billy gets in before being interrupted.

“Just spare me the bullshit. We’re through. And to think I loved you.” Jen runs off crying.

“Jen, wait!” Billy shouts. But his words fall upon deaf ears. Jeez, what just happened? Wait, did she just use the “L-word”? Billy just slumps down and sighs.

“Billy, you ok?”

“I really don’t know. I mean, I shouldn’t care that we’re already broken up after one day of going out, but I do.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Edna asks, ready to pounce on the depressed platypus.

“Um, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d actually like to be alone now. Thank you for sharing your story with me.” Billy says as he stands up and walks away, depressed about his current situation. Edna just sits there for a few moments as Billy disappears from view.

Wow, I didn’t think telling that to Billy would get me so emotional. But what happened here? I only wanted a chance to yiff Billy. Instead, he got hurt! That’s not what I wanted. I gotta figure out a way to fix this. Wait, get a hold of yourself, Edna. He’s broken down. After a couple of days without the yiff, and without a girl, he’ll be begging you for some. Just bide your time. He’ll be better tomorrow, and that’s your chance to attack. I think I can wait.


Billy stands at the bus stop quietly the next morning. He’s lost in thought.

What am I going to do? How am I going to get her back? Do I want her back? God, what a bombshell.

Edna’s thoughts are, as usual, about her future conquest.

I can see it in his eyes. He’s ready to break. And when he does, I’ll be ready. But I can’t stand to see him like this. What to do?

Ed’s thoughts are unrelated to either Billy or Edna.

These two are awfully quiet. I wonder if they made up yesterday. Well, at least it’s Friday. End of the school week, and Billy’s party is tomorrow.

The bus pulls up to the stop, and Carlos opens the doors. Billy is the first one on with a sigh, and the fox siblings bring up the rear.

“What’s wrong? Lost your friend already?” Carlos asks with a twisted laugh. Billy ignores it as he walks to the back of the bus. Before Edna or Ed manage to take their usual seats, Billy sits behind Pokeinfo and Cynthia.

“Hey, that’s our seat, Billy,” Edna demands.

“Edna, would you mind sitting elsewhere today? I gotta talk to Ed and Poke before school.”

“About what?” Edna asks, starting to get upset.

“I just need to talk to them. Please?”

“Edna, maybe it’s for the best. It’s not like Billy to demand something,” Ed says, putting things into perspective for his dear sister. Edna sighs and takes Billy’s usual seat behind Laura and Jenny. They immediately turn around.

“What’s up, Edna? Why aren’t you sitting with Edward today?” Laura asks.

“Billy’s called a pow-wow with him and Poke.”

“About what?” Jenny questions the fox.

“Billy and Jen broke up yesterday.”

“Why would they break up? They seemed so good together,” Laura comments.

I want to tell the truth, that a friendly hug was the cause, but I can’t. Because then word’ll get around that there is nothing between Billy and me, and Jen’ll take him back. “I have no clue.”

“That’s a shame. Oh well, Billy’ll find somebody new,” Laura says.

Over on the other side of the bus, Billy’s meeting is on the same topic.

“You’re kidding? She automatically assumed that you were going to do something with Edna, and she dumped you just like that?” Ed asks.

“Yeah. It’s what I get for trying to make friends with people. I get hurt.”

“Don’t talk like that, dude,” Pokeinfo tries to cheer his friend up. “Just try to explain to her what happened.”

“I haven’t seen her since the incident. She probably doesn’t want to hear from me anyway.”

“I’ll say something to her,” Cynthia chimes in. “If a girl’s going to listen to anybody, it’s going to be another girl. I’ll even talk to Edna about it. She’ll probably come with me and help vouche for you.”

“I dunno if that’s a good idea,” Billy sighs.

“Trust me,” the young bunny replies. “Once Edna and I tell Jen what really happened, she’ll forgive you.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple. She used the ‘L-word’ when she dumped me yesterday.”

“Lesbian?” Poke asks playfully. Billy just gives a dead stare at the lion.
“Sorry, just trying to be funny.”

“I’m not in the mood. No, she said she ‘loved’ me.”

“Oooooh…” the other three cubs groaned.

“Yeah, I know. Tell me about it. How do you make it up to a girl who’s heart was broken.”

“Well, first thing you gotta do is to get in good with her again. Once Edna and Cyn talk to Jen for you, take her out on a few dates, and get her to realize it was all just a huge mistake. And make sure you tell her you love her too,” Edward advises his platypus friend.

“I can’t do that. I don’t really know if I love her or not. I don’t know if I know that feeling.”

“How do you feel about her then?” Cynthia asks.

“Well, I enjoy being around her, even if we aren’t doing anything. And I felt my heart sink to my feet yesterday when she dumped me, and now I want nothing but to get her back.”

“Sounds like love to me,” the bunny replies with a smile. “Trust me, you love her, and so you shouldn’t have any problems telling her so. Like I said, I’ll get Edna to help me explain what’s going on.”

“Thanks, Cynthia. You really are a true friend,” Billy says with a smile, his mood lightening.

The bus pulls to a stop and the children get off and rush for the doors. Cynthia waits by the doors for Edna. The young fox quickly reaches the waiting cub.

“Hey, Edna. Wanna help me get Jen and Billy back together?”

“Why, did he ask you to?”

“No, I’m doing this because I want to. Come on, let’s go find Jen.”

Cynthia turns toward the doors of the school. However, before she can take one step, Edna quickly grabs her.

“Please don’t talk to Jen.”

“Why not?”

“Well… I kinda want a shot at Billy.”

“You broke them up?” Cynthia asks with an upset tone in her voice.

“Not intentionally. It was an accident. But now that they’re apart, I would kinda like to try and hook up with Billy.” Cynthia just sighs and frowns upon hearing this.

“Ok, but you owe me. I’ll keep quiet. But if Billy doesn’t seem 100% happy by the time his pool party is over tomorrow, I’m getting him and Jen back together. And you WILL help me.”

Oh, he’ll be 100% happier by the end of his party, I guarantee. “Agreed. Thank you, Cynthia.”

“Whatever. Come on, we got class.”

The two then enter the school and go toward their classrooms.


Time flies as the school day is over and the swim team is meeting at the pool. Geoff, Jerry, and Billy are all sitting on the bench while waiting for Jen to finish changing. She finally comes out of the locker room, takes one look at Billy, and just walks past the trio. The look in her eyes is enough to kill a herd of adult rhinos, if looks could kill that is.

“Ouch, man. Whatever you did, you sure did it big time,” Geoff says with a laugh.

“Not one word today, buck-tooth. I’m not really in the mood. You know what, hold that thought.”

Billy gets up off the bench and walks to Jen, who’s standing at the edge of the pool. Meanwhile, back on the bench, Jerry manages to keep Geoff under control.

“Geoff, don’t. Let him be.”

“But nobody calls me ‘buck-tooth’. I’ll kill that kid.”

“Just let it go. He’s upset right now.”

Geoff just sighs and sits there, not in the best of moods. Meanwhile, back at the edge of the pool, Billy starts talking with Jen.

“So… Jen… how you doing?”

“Fine. Thanks. Get in the pool.”

“Now hold up, did Cynthia talk to you yet?”

“Why would she talk to me?”

A look of shock crosses Billy’s face. “She didn’t talk to you about what happened between me and Edna yesterday?”

“Oh, so now you’re bragging? And face-to-face. Well, I hope she’s that good. You know what, get out of my sight. You’re not practicing today.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I can. I’m the captain. You’re lucky you’re still on the team. And you can forget about me coming to your party tomorrow.”

“Fine, I didn’t want you there anyway. And for your information, nothing happened between Edna and me. She was upset, so I hugged her like someone would their brother or sister. But I guess that’s enough to make you wanna dump somebody. I’m outta here.”

Billy storms off for the locker room. Within minutes, he’s changed, out of the changing room, and walking home. Practice goes as usual for the rest of the team, except for Jen, who’s mind is distracted. Geoff’s performance is better than hers is with the state of mind she’s in. She ends the practice a half-hour early. Geoff and Jerry get changed and head on their way. Jen just sits there, after they leave, soaked and sitting on the bench, thinking about what was said.

“I hugged her like someone would their brother or sister”. Yeah right. Does he really expect me to believe that. I know what I saw. But I can’t shake the feeling that some part of what he said, if not all of it, was true. Maybe I should go to his party tomorrow to appologize.

Jen sighs as she sits there, trying to decide what’s real and what’s not. Meanwhile, back at Billy’s home, Billy is in his pool. He’s been swimming for the past half-hour, and continues to do so.

I’m glad to know she’s the jealous type. Then again, I guess I would be jealous if she were hugging a yiff-crazed dude. I feel bad that I yelled at her, but she just made me so mad when she wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. I hope she shows up to my party tomorrow. I’d like to appologize to her. God, I know I’m a mess when swimming doesn’t help clear my mind. I’m going to need a good night’s sleep if I’m going to be able to host this party tomorrow without losing it.

Just then, Mary comes out from inside the house.

“Billy? Phone call for you.”

Billy stops swimming and climbs out of the pool.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Edna. Dry off and come get it.”

“Ok mom.”

Billy grabs a towel he’d thrown on the ground at the side of the pool and dries off with it. After he’s dry, he wraps it around his neck and enters his house. He walks to the living room, sits on the couch, and picks up the phone from where Mary left it sitting.

“Hi Edna,” Billy says with a sigh.

“Hi Billy. Hey, how you holding up?”

“I feel worse than I did on day one. Cynthia betrayed me.”

“What? How?”

“She said she was going to talk to Jen about what happened between you and me yesterday, but she never did. Now Jen hates me even more.”

Oh jeez. Everything I do backfires. Billy’s upset, now he hates Cynthia. Cynthia’s not really ok with me keeping Billy and Jen apart to try and make Billy and me work… Maybe I should call it quits. “Maybe Cynthia didn’t run into Jen at all today.”

“I hope that’s the case, Edna. So, how you holding up?”

“I’m feeling better today, but I’m bummed to hear you and Jen are having problems. Well, hey, I gotta get off the phone. Dinner’s done. I’ll see you tomorrow. What time?”

“It’s going to start at noon. Make sure to grab Poke and the rest, since you and Ed are the only ones who know where I live.”

“Ok. Well, good night, Billy.”

Billy hangs the phone up.

That was nice of Edna to check up on me. She’s not such a bad kid. I’ll have to thank her tomorrow.

Billy finishes his night with dinner, a little tv, and preparing towels for tomorrows party. He turns in at 10.

I’m so nervous. Tomorrow’s going to be big, I can feel it.

These are Billy’s last thoughts as he drifts off to sleep.


Billy gets everything ready for his party, but has a heart full of sorrow. Billy sets up tables for his guests to eat at when they get hungry, sets towels on a rack out near the pools so his guests can dry off, and a CD Player for some music while having fun in the pool. The young platypus also inflates a few balls and tosses them onto the water. Everything’s all set up when the gate to the backyard opens. Shortly there-after, Edna and the rest of the cubs, all changed in their swimsuits, make their way into the backyard. Jen is not among the company.

“Hey, Billy. Thanks for throwing this party for us,” Pokeinfo greets his host.

“Yeah, it was a nice thing to do,” Cynthia adds. Her light mood is quickly heavies a bit with the look she receives from Billy. What’s his problem?

“Just make sure not to leave those two alone. They’ll clog your pool’s filter system up,” Paige says, laughing as he enters the backyard.

“I don’t think you need to worry about those two as much as you do this dog and his cat,” Edna cuts in, slapping Paige playfully on the back.
Billy looks at Jenny, who just blushes and turns away from Billy. Billy shrugs it off and walks to Ed and Laura, who’re cuddling as they sit by the pool.

“So, what’s up guys?” Billy asks the couple.

“Not much. You got a nice house, Billy,” Laura replies to the platypus. “And Eddy wasn’t joking about you have two pools.”


Edward blushes. “Yeah, Laura calls me that once in a while. You know how girlfriends can be, they’ll give you pet names.”

“No, I don’t, Ed. Remember, mine dumped me.”

“Oh yeah, hey man, sorry.”

“Nah,” Billy starts, giving a false grin. “It’s cool. She made it quite clear yesterday that she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore, so I’m going to see what other girls are here in this school.”

Edna can’t help but to overhear that particular part of the conversation. A big smile grows on her face, but she can’t help but feel sad for Billy. She goes about her business of swimming.

“Yeah, don’t get so hung up on one,” Laura says, trying to comfort her host.

“Yeah, she’s not right for you anyway. If Cynthia talking to her didn’t straighten her out, nothing will,” Edward adds.

“Actually, she never did. I was going to confront her about it today, but I decided against it. It’s a party, a time for us to have fun and get along, not start a fight. I’ll ask her about it in school on Monday. But, yeah, anyway. Welcome. There’s chips and pizza for you guys to eat, I’ve got some music playing. The small pool’s for horsing around and just having a good time, big pool’s for actual swimming only. Enjoy yourselves.”

With that, Billy takes his leave of the fox and squirrel. He then walks to the splashing cubs swimming in the small pool. Billy just stands there, watching for about a minute, when Edna finally says something to the dry cub.

“What’re you doing? Get your platypus butt in this pool right now,” Edna shouts, sticking her tongue out.

“Are you sure you want that? For this cub to show you all up in the water?” Billy replies with a half-hearted chuckle, still depressed over what has happened between him and Jen.

“Shame on you, Billy. Are you really going to deny this sweet girl what she wants?” Poke yells out from the pool.

“No, I guess I can’t.”

With that, Billy climbs into the pool.

“Hey, so I gotta ask, where are your parents?” Edna asks Billy.

“They’re out for the day. They figured that I’m old enough to have some friends over without supervision.”

“Silly thing for them to do, right?” Poke whispers Cynthia’s ear. Without another word, Billy splashes the lion.

“No jizz in the pool!” Billy scolds Pokeinfo, laughing.

“How did you hear what I said?”

“I didn’t. But usually when you, you horny lion you, whisper something in Cynthia’s ear, it’s about getting off. Again, no jizz in the pool!”

“Ok, ok! No jizz in the pool, but I can’t make any guarantees for no jizz period,” Poke retorts, sticking his tongue out and laughing. Billy splashes him again. “Jeez, I was joking!”

“I know, I just enjoy splashing you.”

With that, the cubs start splashing each other, laughing and having a good time. Edna manages to get a few cheap shots in on Edward and Laura, who’re now sitting at the table.

“Ha ha, sis. Very funny…”

Edna just sticks her tongue out as she turns her attention to the cubs in the pool. Everybody’s having a good time.


Two blocks away from the Plats residence, Jen stops walking to think for a few moments.

Oh crud, I hope he’s home. The party may not be until tonight. Wait, what kind of lame-brain holds a pool party at night. Well, then again, he was dumb enough to get caught in the arms of another girl, especially one as yiff-crazed as everybody says Edna is. And then he tells me it was nothing. I must be losing my mind. I caught him in the arms of another girl, and yet I feel like he’s telling the truth.
Jen starts to pace a little.

Maybe it’s me just hoping he’s right so that I know he’s not a two-timing jerk. Maybe it’s me just hoping he was just trying to comfort her so I can go back out with him.

Jerry, who’s out for a jog, stumbles upon a pacing Jen.

“Hey Stripes. What’re you doing in this neck of the woods?”

“Oh, hi Jerry. I was debating on whether or not to go to Billy’s party. Wait, what’re you doing around here? That where you going?”

“Nah, I’m jogging. I jog all over town every once in a while to keep my stamina up. I wasn’t invited to Billy’s party.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I think he wanted it just for you and him to spend some time together, not him and the team to spend together.”

“Well, he’s got some of his other friends over.”

“And how many of them are paired up?”

“I don’t know. I’m only going to guess that there’s only one couple at the party.”

“Stripes, you’re gullible if you believe that, especially in this school. Look, he invited you, and you alone, from the team. He probably wanted to be with you. Well, that was of course until you two started fighting. Why is that?”

“Well,” Jen says, getting ready to explain what happened to her chipmunk teammate, “I caught him in the arms of another girl.”

“What girl?”

“Edna Fox.”

“Ouch, that’s the wrong set of arms to be… did you say arms?”

“Yeah, they were hugging.”

“Only hugging?”

“Yeah, only hugging.”

“Wow, are you ever misguided, Stripes,” Jerry tells the young tigress. “If Edna was only HUGGING somebody, it wasn’t to try and yiff them. Nah, if she wanted Billy, she would’ve been sitting on his lap or something. If they were only hugging, then you jumped ahead to a conclusion that was never going to happen.”

“Oh no, you really think so?”

“Trust me. I know from experience,” Jerry says with a blush. “Edna’s not the kind of girl to be slow with something she wants. I hate to say it like this, Stripes, but you fucked up. You need to apologize to that poor platypus. Or, and I can’t believe I’m telling you this, you can do MORE to show how sorry you are.”

“Yeah, gonna have to. You take care, Jerry.”

With that, Jen dashes off down the block toward Billy’s house. Jerry takes off jogging in the other direction.

Well, I guess I’ve got a lot of making up to do. Poor Billy. I wish I’d listened to him.


Inside the Plats household, seven hungry cubs are dried off and grabbing pizza and chips to eat. Billy’s standing off to the side watching everybody. He, while everybody’s grabbing some food, then pulls Cynthia aside.

“Hey, I wasn’t going to do this today, but it’s been bugging me all day.”

“What is?” Cynthia asked Billy.

“I thought you were going to talk to Jen for me.”

So that’s what that look was about. “Yeah, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her yesterday. I don’t really know her schedule, and she wasn’t there for lunch. You would’ve known that if you showed up, but neither of you did.”

“So you really didn’t see her at all yesterday?” Billy asks.

“No, not at all.”

“Ok, thanks. I thought you betrayed me for a second.”

“Billy, I’m hurt. Honestly. You think I would steer you wrong? Billy, you’re my friend. I would never do anything I thought would hurt you.”

“I’m sorry, Cyn. Forgive me?”

“Yeah, I can. Just try to trust me. I’ll talk to her when I get a chance.”

With that, Cynthia returns to the table to grab some food. Edna, who was watching the conversation, unable to hear what it was about, decides to question the bunny about it.

Edna approaches Cynthia. “So, what was that about?”


“I saw you talk to Billy. What was it about?”

“Oh, he wanted to know why I didn’t talk to Jen yet.”

“Well,” Edna starts to ask, starting to panic, “what did you tell him?”

“That I didn’t run into her yet. Remember our deal. If he’s not feeling better by the end of this party, I’m talking to Jen. I know you’re not the patient type, and the fact that you haven’t pounced on him yet shows you really do like him, but I can’t stand seeing him hurt. If you’re going to make your move, do it now.”

Oh, trust me Cynthia. Despite popular belief, I can be real patient for something I want. “Will do. And thanks for still giving me this shot.”

Edna smiles as she leaves the bunny’s side to go talk to Billy. Within moments, she’s standing next to Billy.

“What’s wrong? Not hungry?”

“Nah, Edna, not really. This thing with Jen’s got my head on wrong. I can’t stop thinking about it. I know she said she didn’t want anything to do with me anymore, but I can’t help but to still want to try and make it work out.”

“It’s still fresh for you. Once you’ve gotten some other girls, you’ll soon forget about Jen.”

“Yeah, Edna, I guess you’re right.”
Edna then places her lips close to Billy’s ear. “You know, I could help you forget,” she softly whispers to him.

Billy turns his head to Edna and just gives her a dead stare. “Edna… how long are you going to pester me about this?”

“As long as it takes to get you on top of me, underneath of me, behind me, whatever you prefer.”

Billy just sighs. Well, she does have a good point. This would help me get my mind off things, but I don’t want to screw up any chances of me and Jen getting back together, if there are any chance. After yesterday, I’m not quite sure. Oh, I don’t know what to do.

“You’ve got five minutes. I’ll be waiting in your room. If you don’t show, I’ll take it you passed on the offer.”

Edna gives Billy a quick pat on his backside as she walks out of the kitchen and down a hallway. Billy sighs as he looks where Edna left the kitchen, thinking to himself.

Ok Billy. You’ve got five minutes to decide which is more important. Trying to fix things with Jen, who obviously doesn’t want to fix things with you; or getting your mind cleared. What to do, what to do?


Finally, Billy’s house.

Jen pushes her paws the last few houses on the block until she reaches Billy’s house. She stops to catch her breath for only a moment. Jen then walks up onto Billy’s porch. The tigress then knocks on the front door. No answer. She then rings the doorbell. No answer. As a last ditch effort, she shouts “hello”, hoping somebody would hear her. No answer. Jen just sighs as she walks off the porch and down the street.

I guess he doesn’t really want me here after all.

Before Jen can get half of the block away from Billy’s house, she hears someone scream for her.

“Hey, Stripes. Where you going? The party’s here.”

Jen turns around to see a lion cub waving for her to come toward him.

“Hey Pokeinfo. I think I’m going to go. Billy doesn’t want me here.”

“Doesn’t want you here? He’s been pretty useless without you today,” Poke tells the young tiger.

Jen beams upon hearing this. He misses me. Jen then walks up to Pokeinfo, and he shows her to the party. Jen just stands in amazement of the backyard as Poke closes the gate behind her.

“Wow. It’s amazing.”

“And this is just the outside. You should see the inside. It’s nice.”

“Maybe you can give me the tour. I don’t seem to see Billy around here.”

“Oh, well, he’s in the bathroom at the moment,” Pokeinfo tells the tiger. “Hang out here with us until he gets back. I see you’re ready for a dip.”

“Yeah, I figured to come changed, in case Billy forgave me.”

Poke and Jen join the others back in the pool, where they’re playing a friendly game of Dodgeball in the pool. Ten minutes pass as Jen starts to wonder where Billy is.

“Hey, Ed, I don’t see your sister here, and I haven’t seen Billy. What’s up?”

“Oh, Jen, um… I honestly don’t know where Edna is. Billy’s around here somewhere.”

Jen hops out of the pool and quickly enters the house through the back door. She runs down a few hallways until she arrives at an open door. She looks in and is shocked by what she sees.
Twelve minutes earlier, in the kitchen, Billy finally decides what he wants to do.

“Hey, guys, I’m going to use the bathroom real quick. No swimming for 30 minutes after you’re all done.”

“That’s an old wives tale, mate. You can go swimming right after eating,” Paige informs the platypus.

“Ok, well, just don’t kill yourselves.”

Billy leaves the kitchen, and his guests, and walks down a hall. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, the cubs finish their snacks.

“So, Paige, were you serious? You don’t have to wait after eating to swim?” Poke asks the dingo.

“Nope, not at all. My dad often lets me go for a swim in our own pool after eating. Like I said, old wives tale.”

“That’s cool,” Ed cuts in. “Well, why don’t we get in another swim?”

“Sounds good,” Laura says.

“How about a game of Dodgeball while we’re at it?” Cynthia suggests.

“But how’s that gonna work? All you gotta do is duck down into the water to dodge,” Ed informs Cynthia.

“Ok, we’ll make a rule that if you duck underwater to dodge, you’re out.”

“Agreed,” the other 5 cubs say in unison.

“Well, let’s get going,” Pokeinfo says.

With that, the cubs leave the kitchen and go into the backyard. Pokeinfo, being the last one out the back door, closes it. At the exact moment he closes the door, somebody knocks on the front door. It goes unheard.

“So, let’s pick teams,” Cynthia tells the cubs.


“Huh, who’s that?” Jenny asks.

The cubs just sit there, waiting to see if the mystery voice will say something else, but only silence.

“Ok, ok… let’s not all check it out at once,” Pokeinfo says with a sigh as he walks to the back gate. He opens it up and takes a step outside to see Jen, walking away from the house.

“Hey, Stripes. Where you going? The party’s here,” the lion shouts out toward the tigress, starting to wave to her.

Meanwhile, back inside the house, Billy stands outside a closed door.

I shouldn’t’ve lied about needing to use the bathroom, but it’s none of their business what I do in my own house.

Billy opens the door. On the other side, he sees Edna, sitting on his bed, waiting for him. She looks at him and stands up. Billy enters the room, leaving the door open.

“Wow, leaving the door open even. You’ve changed since losing Jen.”
Edna then gets out of her swimsuit and walks over to Billy, who’s just standing there.


“Sshhh… let’s just both enjoy this.”

Edna then loosens up Billy’s trunks and slides them down around his ankles. Needless to say, something greets Edna, face to face, as she finishes pulling down his suit.

“Wow, you really have changed. Our last encounter, I even touched it and I didn’t get this response.”

“Edna, listen…”

“Sshhh… follow me. I’ll take care of it for you.”

Edna then grabs Billy’s hands and leads him to his bed. She then lays down on his bed and spreads her legs, showing her puss to the young cub.

“Come on. Come and get some of this.”

Billy ignores the sight and just sits down on the corner of his bed, his back turned to Edna.

“Oh, I see, you like a sitting position better. Ok, I can do that.”

Edna gets up off the bed and walks in front of Billy. She tries to straddle him, but he keeps her from getting down onto his stiff cock.

“Come on, don’t be shy. Somebody obviously wants to play.”

“That’s just what I’ve been trying to say, Edna. I don’t want to. You’ve been cutting me off before I could get a chance to tell you.”

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah, I figured that making you wait five minutes to find out I wasn’t coming was heartless, so I came to tell you nothing’s going to happen.”

Edna, in a state of shock, stops trying to straddle Billy. She then takes a seat next to him.

“You still love Jen, don’t you?”

“Yes. I actually do still love Jen, even though parts of me say I shouldn’t.”

“Yeah, that’s kinda obvious from the greeting I got a few seconds ago.”

“Edna, no jokes please. I know you want me, but I just can’t bring myself to ruin any chances of getting back together with Jen,” Billy says, looking at the young fox.

“I understand.”

Edna drops her head beneath her shoulders and sighs.

“Don’t worry. If Jen and I don’t work things out, I’ll be coming for you,” Billy says, trying to cheer the little fox up.

Edna smiles just a little upon hearing this. Billy then gets a sudden tingle in his bill. He then looks from Edna to the door. He sees Jen looking in, soaking wet.

“Jen! This isn’t what it looks like!”

Billy gets up to walk to Jen.

“Just stop there.” Billy stops in his tracks. “Ok, I’ll tell you what this looks like. We’ve got a yiff-crazed fox, naked, in the room of a boy, a boy I came to apologize to and try to get back together with, and that same boy’s as hard as a rock, and also naked. Now, tell me, what’s going on? Because the evidence is stacked high against you.”

“He came to tell me nothing was going to happen between me and him, Jen,” Edna starts to tell the tiger. “I kept cutting him off, I stripped both of us of our clothes, I even laid down for him to plunge into me, but all he did was sit down and tell me nothing was going to happen.”

“You’re telling me he’s that stiff and he didn’t even try anything with you?”

“No, I didn’t. I told her the same thing I’m going to tell you. I love you Jen. When you broke up with me, my heart felt like it sank to my feet. I didn’t want to hear from nothing or nobody. And then that fight happened yesterday, and I just could seem to get myself together after that. I want you to believe that nothing happened between us.”

“I do, Billy. I do. I love you so much, too.”

The two go in for a hug, only to be stopped by a stiff platypus rod.

“Maybe we’ll save the hug and kiss for AFTER a cold shower.”

Billy looks down and blushes a little. “Maybe you’re right.”

The two cubs laugh as Jen leaves the area, walking back down the hall to return to the party. Billy turns to Edna, who’s sitting on his bed, depressed.

“Look, I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?

Edna just looks at the platypus. “Hand me my swimsuit, for starters.”

Billy reaches down and grabs Edna’s suit. He picks it up off the floor and tosses it to her. He also grabs his own suit.

“I’d appreciate it if you stayed, Edna. You’re one of my best friends here. If it weren’t for you and Ed, but especially you, I wouldn’t have any friends, and definitely no Jen. You’re the one who opened the doors to me here.”

“Oh, trust me, I’m staying. I need to make sure your ‘no jizz in the pool’ rule is enforced, even to you.”

The two laugh as Billy leaves the room.

Well, it’s not because of me, but he is happy. Oh well, I’ll just have to try harder. But not today. I’ll let Billy enjoy his girl.


Thirty minutes later, everybody’s dressed and out of the house. Paige, Jenny, Edna, Pokeinfo, and Cynthia all start a game of “Marco Polo” in the recreational pool. Ed, Laura, Billy, and Jen all sit at the table near-by.

“So, you two are together again?” Laura asks the platypus and tigress.

“Yeah. Billy and I worked everything out. It was Jerry that helped though.”

“Jerry?” Ed asks.

“He’s a dude on the team. Squirrel. He’s not a bad swimmer. He doesn’t seem to talk a lot,” Billy comments.

“Trust me, he loves to talk. And everything he says seems borderline genius. He told me about how Edna is, and the fact that her only hugging is a sign that she’s not planning to yiff,” Jen says. “I can’t believe I let my imagination run wild.”

“Hey, don’t blame yourself. I know that if I found Ed here in the arms of a yiff-crazed girl, I’d probably flip out too,” Laura says, trying to reassure Jen.

“And I know I would’ve done the same if I found you in the arms of a yiff-crazed dude, Jen,” Billy tells his girlfriend. “By the way, never let me see you in the arms of Pokeinfo.”

The four cubs start laughing.

“So, Billy, why you got two pools anyway?” Jen asks.

“Well, one’s for recreation, as you can see. The other one is for practicing my laps.”

“Boy, you really do love to swim, don’t you, Billy?”

“Hey, it’s about the only thing we platypi are good at.”

“Not anymore,” Jen says with a wink. Billy blushes at this. “So, wanna race?” Jen asks.

“Are you sure you wanna get beat by me?”

“Oh, somebody’s cocky,” Laura chimes in.

“You better believe it. His dad can do 10 laps in under a minute. Billy’s got ‘world-class swimmer’ bred into him,” Edward adds to the conversation.

“Then I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I beat him,” Jen says, sticking her tongue out at Billy.

“Oh, you’re on, little kitty.”

The four cubs laugh some more as they get up from the table and go to the big pool. Billy and Jen stand beside each other at one end of the pool. Laura and Ed stand away from the pool, getting ready to watch a good race.

“Ok, first to five wins?”


“Hey, Ed, heads up.” With that, Jen tosses Ed a whistle she kept in her swimsuit.

“You always keep a whistle with you?” Ed asks.

“Only when I plan on racing.”

“Ok, well, get ready. Get set.”

Ed then blows on the whistle as Billy and Jen dive into the pool. The first three laps are pretty even, Billy and Jen staying neck and neck. As both cubs finish their third lap, Jen starts to gain momentum and pulls away from Billy.

“Oh boooo!” Laura heckles Billy playfully. “Stop letting her win!”

Jen finishes her fourth lap. Billy’s one quarter of a lap behind at this point. Billy finishes his fourth lap, and Jen’s halfway through hers now. Billy gives it a last-ditch effort, and pumps his arms and legs as fast as they can go. He quickly makes up the lost ground, but it’s too little too late. As Billy gets ready to finish the fifth lap, Jenny beats him to it, one second ahead of him. Ed blows the whistle, bringing an end to the race. Both cubs climb out of the pool and sit on the edge.

“You… let me… win, didn’t… you?” Jen says between heavy breaths.

“Actually… no… I didn’t. I’ve… been in… a… funk the… past few… days. It’s… thrown… my game… off. Good… race,” Billy replies.

“Liar,” Jen says with a chuckle as she pushes Billy back into the pool.

Ed, Laura and Jen start laughing. Shortly there-after, Billy surfaces and looks at the laughing cubs. He quickly splashes all three of them and climbs out of the pool. Once he’s out all four start laughing. They rejoin the others for a short while. Time flies for the young cubs, and what was noon has turned into 5 PM. The cubs start climbing out of the pool to dry off. As everybody dries, they enter the house to eat a little more. Mary and Stephen arrive home from their day out as the kids are sitting down to eat. Mary and Stephen poke their heads into the kitchen to check on the cubs.

“Everybody having a good time?” Mary asks the children. Each cub nods their head. “That’s good.” Mary smiles and walks down the hall, past the kitchen, to the living room.

“Hey, son, I hate to do this to you, but you’re party’s gotta end soon. It’s getting late, and you’ve got a lot of cleaning to do,” Stephen says in. The cubs all “aw” Billy’s father. “I’m sorry, kids. But Billy agreed to clean everything up from the party if he was allowed to have it.” Stephen then goes and joins his wife in the living room.

“That sucks, Billy. I can’t believe you agreed to that,” Poke says.

“Dude, it’s cool. I don’t mind cleaning up a few dishes and taking out a few trash bags to have my friends over for a day filled with fun,” Billy tells the lion.

“Well, we’ll have to do this more often. We should get together and do something tomorrow,” Ed suggests.

“You guys can, but I can’t join you. Sunday’s now my ‘relax day’. Now that I’m not being home-schooled, I don’t have to worry about any work on Sunday, so I can sit back, relax, and cool off from the week.”

“Sounds lame,” Poke says with a chuckle. A piece of pepperoni is thrown across the table from Billy and it smacks the lion jester in the face. “Not cool!” The other children laugh.

“Don’t make fun of my Sunday, then,” Billy says with a chuckle. “Nah, it’s cool. But, yeah, it allows me to unwind and to bond with my parents.”

“Sounds nice,” Paige reassures the platypus. “Yeah, you always need time to relax and to bond with the ones you love, mate.” He then puts an arm around Jenny, who’s sitting next to him. Jenny slightly blushes as Billy sees this.

The kids laugh at this and go back to eating. After everybody’s dinner is finished, all the cubs, except for Jen, say good-bye to Billy, thank his parents for having them over, and head out the front door, walking to their homes. Jen’s still sitting at the table as everybody leaves.

“Man, what a crazy day,” Jen says to her platypus companion.

“Crazy day? Been a crazy week for me.”

“How so?”

“Well, let’s see. I’ve been mocked relentlessly, I’ve had the shit kicked outta me by an angry dude, I nearly killed said attacker, I’ve had Edna all over me, I get my first rival, I get my first yiff, you and I hook up, you and I break up, we get back together… it’s been a roller-coaster week for me.”

“Well, the week’s over now. Next week should be better for you.”

“Yeah, I hope. Hey, while you’re still here, I’d kinda like to introduce you to my folks.”


The two cubs get up from the table, walk from the kitchen to the living room, and stand before Mary and Stephen.

“Mom, dad, this is Jen, the swim captain I told you guys about. Jen, this is my mom and dad.”

“Nice to meet you, Jen” both Mary and Stephen greet the tigress.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. and Mrs. Plats,” Jen replies. Jen then looks at Billy. “Hey, Billy, I gotta go. I just realized I never told my mom where I was going. If I don’t get home soon, she’ll flip.”

“Oh, ok.”

Billy then walks Jen to the front door. He opens it for her, and they kiss right before she steps outside.

“I’ll see you at the bus stop on Monday, Billy.”

“See you.”

They smile as Billy closes the door. Stephen walks up behind Billy.

“So, that’s the girl, huh? She’s cute. Like I said, make sure to use protection.”

“DAAAAAAAAAAADDDD!” Billy blushes as Stephen laughs.

Billy finishes his night by cleaning up his party aftermath followed by watching TV with his folks until 9 PM. He then goes to bed. The last thought he thinks before drifting off is one of joy.

What an awesome week. I can’t wait for Monday.


Monday rolls around, and Billy is happy to be in school. Kids during class aren’t gossiping so much anymore since Billy found himself a cute girlfriend, and some have even talked to the young platypus. During recess, he and Jen spend the entire play time holding paws and kissing each other. Edna sits in a corner, watching the young couple, wishing it was her. Lunch rolls around, and Billy and Jen eat together, and a few kids from other tables sit with the couple, trying to get to know Billy. Everybody’s happy for Billy and Jen, except for one fur, Geoff, who wants nothing more than to publicly humiliate the young platypus much like Billy humiliated him on their first encounter. The day ends, and it’s right before swim practice starts that Geoff talks with Jerry about Jen and Billy.

“I thought those two were splitsville?” Geoff asks his squirrel teammate.
“Nah, they worked things out. I guess she listened to what I said,” Jerry responds.

“You talked to Stripes and got her and Billy back together?” Geoff asks in an upset tone.

“What’s your problem with Billy, anyway? He’s a cool dude. So he showed you up in the water. You and I both know you were the worst swimmer on the team before Billy.”

“It’s the way he beat me. He toyed with me. He gave me a head start only to take it away as quickly as he gave it. And then he taunted me about it. And then he got Stripes. You know how long I’ve been trying to get her to notice me as more than just a teammate, Jerry.”

“Well, you know, you don’t do yourself any favors there,” Jerry tells the upset beaver. “You are arrogant, and you love to try and show-off. Not too many girls are into a guy who’s always boasting about himself.”

“But I did it for her. He comes in, wins one race, and she thinks he’s the best thing ever. It’s just not fair.”

“Yeah, well, you had a chance to strike. It was when they were fighting over a misunderstanding between Stripes, Billy, and Edna,” Jerry says.

“Edna? As in Edna Fox, SLJ’s number one pole rider?”

“None other than. Yeah, Billy gave her a hug to comfort her, and Stripes flipped out at that…” Jerry starts. Geoff stops paying attention at this point.

Edna Fox, huh? That’s got some possibility behind it.

Jen and Billy leave the changing room, holding hands. Jerry gives Jen a small nod of approval, and Geoff just frowns and turns away.

“Ok guys, let’s get ready to start practice. Our swimming’s been improving, but we need to improve on our entries and turns. We’re not getting into the water smooth enough, and we seem to be taking too long getting our bodies turned fast enough to start another lap. If we’re going to win our next meet, that’s where we gotta improve.”

Jen then blows her whistle, and everybody takes their places to work on entry into the pool. The hour flies as practice comes to a close. The cubs climb out of the pool and get dried off. Geoff approaches Billy before he finishes drying to go to change.

“Yo, Billy!” Geoff calls to the platypus.

“What do you want, Geoff?”

“Just to say congratulations on working things out with Stripes.” Geoff then extends his paw, awaiting a shake from Billy. Billy just looks at Geoff sceptically.

“What’s this about? Last week, you hated my guts. Today, you’re telling me that you’re happy that I got together with Jen? What’s the catch?”

“Dude, I don’t hate you. I was just a bit bitter that you were better than me. But I’ve come to terms with it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still am trying my hardest to beat you, but I’m not going to hold a grudge or anything like that.”

Upon hearing this, Billy smiles and shakes Geoff’s paw. Billy then heads to the changing room to change. Geoff just stands there alone.

Hook, line, and sucker! Now that his guard’s down, it’s time to execute Stage Two of my plan.
Geoff just laughs to himself as he enters the changing room.


Tuesday morning rolls around, and things keep getting better for Billy. Kids have all but stopped talking about Billy in a negative tone, and Jen and Edna are starting to get along. Recess rolls around, and the children are at play, all except for three cubs. Jen and Billy are, as usual, holding paws and kissing each other. Edna, as usual, is watching, wishing she could feel Billy’s swollen member up inside her wet snatch. She starts to daydream about that encounter when something pokes her in the head. She snaps to reality and looks around to see what poked her, only to find a paper airplane with the words “Open Me” written on the wings. Edna listens to what is written and unfolds the paper airplane. Words are written on the inside. Edna reads the note.

Edna Fox, this is for your eyes only. I have a business proposition I would like to ask you, but I would like to do it face to face at a place where we can be alone. Meet me in front of the front doors to the school at 4:45 PM. Come alone, and bring this note so that I know you read it. Show this note to nobody. If I find out you have, our proposition is off. I look forward to seeing you this afternoon.

Edna folds the note and tucks it away in a pocket in her skirt.

A mystery person wishes to meet me? He wants me to meet him alone? Jeez, sounds like somebody’s shy about getting off. Hopefully he’s cute. Oh well, I won’t know until this afternoon.

Later in the day, at 4:45, Edna stands outside the front doors to the school, the note crumpled in her hand. She hears a voice, but doesn’t know where it’s coming from.

“Did you bring the note?”

“Yes, I did! It’s here in my hand,” Edna tells the voice.

“Did you tell anybody about this meeting?”

“No, I didn’t. And I’m alone.”


A male beaver comes around the corner of the school and walks to the young fox. When he reaches her, he simply puts his paw out.

“Name’s Geoff.”


The two shake paws.

“I know who you are, and that’s why I sent you the note.”

“Did I really need to bring it?”

“Yes, yes you did. I had you bring it so that I knew you didn’t just stumble upon this spot.”

“So, what’s the deal? Why did you ask me here?” Edna asks Geoff.

“I have a proposition for you. Tell me, what’s the one thing you want more than anything right now?”

“I don’t feel that I want to tell you what I want most right now,” Edna tells the beaver, thinking about getting with her brother.

“Ok.” Geoff sighs. “What’s the second thing you want the most right now then?”

“Why am I even talking to you?” Edna asks.

“What would you say if I said I could get some alone time between you and Billy?”

“I don’t want that anymore. He’s got Jen now.”

“You let me handle that detail. Billy will be coming to you tomorrow, and he’ll ask if you talked to Jen about a plan. All you have to do is say ‘yes’, and you can have Billy to yourself.”

“What do you have planned?” Edna asks the beaver sceptically.

“I want to show Billy that I’m his friend. And what better way than getting him free pussy? Trust me on this.”
“I’m not always that kind of girl. Ok, you’re an ass. This conversation is over,” Edna angrily says with a huff.
“Wait, wait. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Will you please do it?”

“Wait, what about Jen and Billy?”

“Jen and I will work something out so that it’s ok with her about you two.”

“Ok. Well, it was nice to meet you Geoff. Tell Billy I said ‘hi’.”

With that, the young fox skips off.

Perfect, she’s gullible. Let’s just hope Billy’s just as gullible. Time for Stage Three. Geoff starts to laugh.
Forty-five minutes earlier, at the pool, swimming practice comes to a close. The team all gets changed and each cub goes their normal route. Billy holds Jen’s paw as they walk to Jen’s house. Geoff heads off in another direction to his house, and Jerry follows behind until he has to make a turn in another direction down the same street Geoff goes down. Except, today is different. Instead of going his normal route, Geoff heads back toward the school. Jerry notices this, and decides to investigate. He follows the beaver back to the school grounds, where Geoff stands at one of the corners. Jerry hides behind a bush, but keeps an eye on Geoff to see what he’s doing. Forty-five minutes pass, and Geoff still stands at that corner. Jerry starts to wonder what’s going on.

That’s odd. It’s not like him to hang out at the school. What’s he doing here?

Geoff says something out loud, but to nobody.

“Did you bring the note?”

Now he’s talking to himself.

“Yes, I did! It’s here in my hand,” a voice replies from around the corner.

He’s meeting somebody here? Who’s he meeting, and why?

Jerry watches Geoff for a few more seconds, and Geoff starts to move. Geoff rounds the corner to meet his mystery guest. Jerry gets out from behind the bush and quickly runs up to where Geoff was standing. He peeks around the corner to see Geoff talking to a young female fox.

That’s Edna! Why would Geoff be meeting Edna in a place like this at a time like this? What is Geoff planning? Oh no, Billy!

Jerry tries his hardest to ruin the meeting, but can’t bring himself to do it. He has no evidence yet that Geoff’s meeting is about Billy, or that he has something bad planned for the young platypus. Jerry stays put, looking around the corner, trying to catch parts of the conversation.

“You let me handle that. Billy will be coming to you tomorrow, and he’ll ask if you talked to Jen about a plan. All you have to do is say ‘yes’, and you can have Billy to yourself.”

Ok, now it’s about Billy. But Geoff doesn’t like Billy. Why would he be talking about him? I don’t like where this is going.

Jerry continues to look on, but the meeting shortly ends, with Edna skipping off away from Geoff and away from Jerry. Geoff then begins to laugh. As much as it pains him to do so, Jerry lets his friend walk away from the meeting without conflict. He wants nothing more than to confront Geoff about the meeting, but he’s still unsure of what the meeting was about. Jerry decides to let things stand the way they are, and wait until tomorrow to make any sort of action. He then walks home, hoping that Geoff’s meeting was innocent.


Wednesday morning rolls around, and the week has been going good for Billy. His new-found respect has made him happy with his new school. His girlfriend and he have been spending a lot of time together, enjoying each others’ company. Jen and Edna have even become good friends. Billy stands at the bus stop with Jen, Ed, and Edna, waiting for Carlos to show up.

“Hump day,” Ed sighs.

“Dude, don’t even do that!” Billy snaps at Ed.

“What did I do?”

“Last time you said that in my presence, all hell broke loose! I don’t want something like that to happen again. Things are finally getting good for me. No ‘hump day’, ok?”

“Jeez, calm down. You don’t need to spas on me,” Ed says, somewhat upset.

“Sorry. It’s just that I’m finally happy with the way my life’s going. I don’t want something like that ruined just yet.”

“Aw… Billy’s so cute when he’s worried,” Jen and Edna comment in unison. The two giggle as Billy blushes.

“It’s amazing how a few days can straighten out even the oddest couple,” Billy says with a sigh.

Carlos pulls up in the bus at that time. He opens the doors as the four cubs get on. They make their way to the back, when Billy notices Geoff in the front seat of the bus. Geoff signals for Billy to sit with him. Billy stops Jen, who’s just a few steps ahead.

“Hey, Jen, I’m going to sit with Geoff today. It looks like he’s got something he wants to talk about.”

“Ok, but don’t blame me if you gotta paw off in the bathroom today.”

“Ha ha… very funny. I’ll catch you at recess.”

With that, Jen goes and takes her usual seat behind Jenny and Laura. The three start to gossip. Meanwhile, back in the front of the bus, Billy sits down next to Geoff.

“So Geoff, what’s up? Wait, I didn’t know you rode the bus.”

“Yeah, I normally don’t. I don’t live far from the school. I made sure to catch it today, though, because I wanted to talk to you about something serious.”

“What’s wrong? Having problems?”

“No,” the beaver starts. “It’s not me with the problems. It’s you.”

“What do you mean ‘me’? Everything’s going great. The school’s starting to accept me, I’ve got friends who, I feel, I can trust with my life, and Jen and I love each other.”

“That’s the problem,” Geoff says with a look of sorrow in his eyes. “Stripes really doesn’t know if she can trust you yet. It’s only been about a week since your mishap. She doesn’t really know if you’re over Edna.”

“But I haven’t really been attracted to Edna.”

“She doesn’t know that. Listen, I’ve been talking with her. She really wants to trust you, but she first has to know you’re over Edna. She thinks that if you and Edna hook up, you’ll be completely over her. She thinks part of you still wishes you yiffed Edna.”

“Yeah, like I’m going to listen to that. Jen and I love each other. If she had any worries, I’d be the first to know. I doubt she’d also agree to me yiffing another girl to trust me.”

“That’s just it, she loves you too much to let you know she’s worried about your relationship. You think she wants you to know that she’s afraid that you not getting with Edna may have you second guess your relationship sooner or later?”

“Why would she tell you though?” Billy asks sceptically.

“Stripes and I were good friends before you and her started going out. You know a girl tells her best of friends everything. But if you don’t believe me, ask Edna. She and Stripes have already talked it over, and it’s cool with both of them.”

“Really? I’ll have to ask Jen about it then.”

“No!” Geoff urges the platypus. “No, don’t do that. If you talk to Stripes about it, then she’ll know I told you, and she’ll be upset with me. Just trust me on this. I’m trying to be your friend along with hers here. If you have to ask, go ask Edna. She IS your friend too, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. She is my friend, but I still should at least say something to Jen.”

“Billy, if you love Jen, then trust me. Just go talk to Edna.”

“Ok, I’ll talk Edna. But if she doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about, I’m going to be coming back to talk with you.”

“Ok,” Geoff says as he smiles at the unsuspecting platypus. Good thing I had the meeting with Edna BEFORE this then. Now it’s just a matter of following them. Time for Stage Four. Now or never.


Later in the day, during recess, the children are all at play, except for four cubs. Jen and Billy hold each other, Edna watches Jen and Billy, wishing she could feel Billy inside her, and Geoff, who is acting like he’s playing, is not far from Edna, hoping Billy will talk to Edna about “the plan”. Billy breaks his hold on Jen, and Jen is shocked by this.

“Why’d you let go of me? You’re not turning gay, are you?” Jen asks jokingly.

“Nah, I gotta go talk to Edna.”

“About what?”

“She lost a bet, and I think it’s time she paid up.”

“Oh, ok. Make sure you split it with me,” Jen says with a chuckle.

Billy chuckles upon hearing his. He then kisses his tigress and he walks away. As soon as he’s out of Jen’s hearing range, he lets out a deep sigh. He then walks up to Edna.

“Hey, Edna, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Huh?” Edna snaps out of her daydream. “Oh, hi Billy! Yeah, what did you want to talk about?”

“About you and Jen.”

Geoff perks his ears to catch the conversation.

“What about us?” Edna asks the platypus.

“I was talking to Geoff. He told me you and Jen made a plan about how to get Jen to trust that I’m over you.”

Yes! He took the bait. Now, Edna, do as you were told and say “yes”. Geoff starts to laugh on the inside.

“Oh, yeah. Jen and I agreed on that.”

“Really?” Billy asks sceptically.


“Wow. I didn’t think Jen would agree to us yiffing.”

“Well, Geoff said that he and Jen talked about it, and it seems the best thing in both our interests,” Edna replies.

“How’s this best in your interest?” Edna just stares at Billy. “Oh yeah, that.”

“Yeah, that,” Edna responds. “So, anyway, where you wanna do this at?”

“Well, my place is a ‘no-go’. My parents are home.”

“And Ed doesn’t really do too much outside of school, so our house isn’t good either.”

“I’m sorry to be nosey, but I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion. I’ve got a solution to your problem,” Geoff tells the pair of cubs as he approaches them. “My dad works until 6 PM every night, and my mom’s out of town on a business trip. My place will be empty.”

“Are you sure?” Billy asks the eager beaver.

“I’m sure, I’m sure. Just make sure to wash anything and everything you two use. I don’t want that musky smell of yiff on my sheets or on my couch. I’ll show you two to my house from the front doors at about 4:45.”

“Thanks, Geoff. I owe you one,” Billy says excitedly. “Now I’ll be able to get Jen to forget about the mishap.”

“Well, I gotta run. You two take care.”

Geoff then takes his leave of the two cubs. Oh my god, this is a little too easy! Billy’s just as easy to play as Edna is. Wait, why am I complaining. Everything’s going according to plan. Time to ruin Billy. Geoff laughs out loud upon thinking this. The bell soon rings there-after, bringing recess to an end.


“Wow, Geoff, you say it’s just you, your mom, and your dad in this place?” Billy asks his beaver friend. He, Edna, and Geoff are all standing in the living room of Geoff’s apartment. Geoff has just finished giving the two a tour. The kitchen and living room are separated by a change of tile. There are five separate doors in the living room. Three lead into three different bedrooms, one goes to a bathroom, and the fifth is the door going outside.

“Yeah, just the three of us. Dad’s been thinking of moving into a bigger place, but I’m actually quite cozy here. Anyway, he’s going to be at work for the next hour. I’ll be heading over to Jerry’s place, about two blocks from here. We’re going to be shooting a video for one of our classes. Oh, and thanks for leaving your shoes and socks by the front door. My dad doesn’t want any kind of dirt from socks or shoes on the carpet.”
With that, Geoff leaves his house, video recorder in hand.

“Wow, I can’t believe how cool he is once he’s not trying to be a dick,” Billy says to Edna.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the dude’s always giving me crap during swim practice.”

“He’s probably just competitive. I mean, would he go through all of this if he didn’t want to be friends with you?”

“No,” Billy replies. “I guess he wouldn’t. You know, part of me wishes I could see that video.”

“Why? It’s just for a class.”

“But he’s working on it with Jerry,” Billy says. “Jerry seems to be a bit of a genius. That would be a good video.”

“Well, maybe we can get Geoff to show it to us later. Right now, there’s something else I’d rather be working on.”

Edna looks deeply into Billy’s eyes. She leans in to kiss him, only to have Billy stop her.

“What’s wrong?”

Billy just looks at Edna. In his heart, he really doesn’t want to do this. He knows, however, that he needs to in order to get Jen to forget about the hug.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t think we should be doing this in the living room. Let’s at least go into a bedroom, where we both can be a little more comfortable.”

Edna nods, and the two open a door to one of the bedrooms. Billy lets Edna enter first, soon following. He closes the door and locks it behind him. Billy then gets a strange tingle in his bill.

“I don’t think I want to do this here.”

“Why not?” Edna asks, sitting down on the bed in the room.

“I just got a tingle in my bill.”


“Well, my bill tingles when somebody is nearby,” Billy informs the young fox.

“Yeah, I’m nearby, silly,” Edna says with a chuckle.

“No, somebody I don’t know about is nearby. I know you’re here, so I can tune that tingle out. But there’s another person nearby. I don’t know who or where, but I can feel him or her.”

“That’s probably just your nerves. It’s just us, alone, in a bedroom. The only other person who knows we’re here is Geoff, and he went to Jerry’s place.”

“I guess you’re right,” Billy says with a sigh.

Meanwhile, outside Geoff’s apartment, Geoff hides below the window to avoid being seen.

God, talk about gullible. Come on! It’s a shame Billy’s too in love with Stripes to see past his own bill.

Geoff chuckles a little. He pokes his head up to look inside the window. He watches as Billy and Edna enter the bedroom he was camped outside of. He ducks down to avoid getting seen, but presses his ear against the wall to try and catch the conversation. He can’t understand much of what is said, but one thing comes through clear as crystal.

“Well, my bill tingles when somebody is nearby.”

Geoff pulls his ear away from the wall, starting to panic that he blew his shot at ruining Billy.

Oh shit! He saw me, or he saw through my rouse, or something. He knows what I have planned, and he’s not going to fall for it.

Geoff then puts his ear against the wall, hoping that his plan is still ok.

“That’s probably just your nerves. It’s just us, alone, in a bedroom. The only other person who knows we’re here is Geoff, and he went to Jerry’s place.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Geoff pulls his ear away again, almost ready to jump for joy. He readies his recorder.

THANK YOU EDNA!!!! You just saved the day. Well, saved the day for me, that is. Now, time to make a video.

Geoff laughs as he pokes his head and paws up. The red light on his recorder is on, and he is ready to tape the action going on inside the house.

“I guess you’re right,” Billy says with a sigh.

The two cubs, Edna and Billy, then lock gazes. Billy stares into Edna’s caring eyes as Edna stares into Billy’s passionate eyes. Without saying a word, Edna starts to remove her shirt.


“Second thoughts again, Billy?”

“No. I should be the one doing that.”

“Then get your fine ass over here and do it.”

The two chuckle as Billy approaches the young vixen fox. A sudden chill runs up Edna’s spine. She’s been with a lot of boys since moving to Pouncefield, but she’s never had to work as hard for them as she did Billy. Billy stands before Edna, who’s sitting on the bed, and touches her on the shoulder ever so gently. Thoughts of triumph run through the young fox’s mind as she pulls him down onto the bed with her. The two cubs lock bodies together as they passionately kiss each other for a while. The kiss is broken when Billy decides to kiss the young fox’s neck ever so gently. She returns the favor by rubbing his chest and arms, all the while untying his tie. She throws it into a corner of the room, and slowly removes Billy’s shirt. Billy breaks his kiss and lifts his arms, allowing the young cub to get the shirt off. She tosses it aside, and goes back to work rubbing Billy’s chest and shoulder. She sticks her tongue out and starts to lick Billy’s nipples. This feeling sends a shiver up the young platypus’s spine, and he jumps ever so slightly.

“I see somebody enjoyed that.”

“You better believe it.”

Billy then unbuttons Edna’s shirt. She lifts her arms so that Billy can get it off her. He lifts it up over her head and tosses it aside. He turns his attention back to Edna, who’s topless beauty has Billy dazzled. His semi-erect cock catches Edna’s eye at this point.

“Wow, I didn’t realize I was THAT pretty,” Edna jokes. “Let me help you with that.”

Edna unbuttons Billy’s pants with her paws, but uses her teeth to pull the zipper down. Billy’s boxers couldn’t contain the erection this sensual act finished, and Edna is met face to face with this erection.

“Well, looks like somebody’s ready.”

“You’re complaining?” Billy asks his foxy partner.

“No, not at all.”

With that, Edna slides Billy’s pants down around his ankles and pulls them off him, tossing them aside. She then starts rubbing his legs, starting at his calves and working her way, slowly, up to his thighs. She then starts to rub the inside of his thighs, and the young platypus shivers at the new erotic joy he is feeling from this. Edna smiles as she sees this shiver. She then grabs the bottom of Billy’s boxers and tugs them, ever so slowly, down the boy’s legs.

“Oh, wow, Edna.”

“What, don’t like this?”

“Nah, I just never expected somebody like you to be passionate about yiffing. I figured you were the kind of girl that would just move her panties aside and just hop on.”

“Not all the time. I do like to enjoy foreplay from time to time,” Edna says as she finishes pulling off Billy’s boxers, tossing them aside. Billy sits up on the bed, and then stands up from the bed. “You done already?”

“No. You want foreplay, I’ll show you something that’ll send shivers up your spine.”

With that, Billy pats the bed, motioning for Edna to come closer. She does, and Billy turns her so that her body’s facing him. He then slides her skirt and panties both down to her ankles in one fluid motion, taking them off when they get there. Billy then pulls Edna forward, ever so gently, until her snatch is even with the end of the bed. He spreads her legs a little, and places her feet on the floor.

“Now, try not to squish me.”

“Oh, I won’t. I know this feels good.”

“Oh, trust me, my young fox. You’ve never felt THIS before. This is something new and kinky that Jen and I have been working on. She seems to enjoy it.”

With that, Billy turns his back to Edna, who gets a curious look upon her face. Billy then backs up a little, until the very tip of his tail is barely touching his partner’s clit. This sends a wave of shivers up the young fox’s spine.

“Whoa-ho-ho!!! Oh yeah… that’s nice…”

Edna starts to moan as Billy wags his tail up and down, side to side, and in circular motions. This new sense of somebody using their tail to stimulate her is driving Edna wild. Billy hears the moaning and decides to speed it up, driving the poor young fox even wilder. He starts to hear a panting in with the moaning, and quickly stops his tail.

“Oh… Billy… come on! Don’t do that to me,” Edna says, almost in tears, both from the joy of what she just felt and the frustration of nearly cumming, but being denied.

“Nope, sorry. That may feel good, but I’ve got more in store for you.”

Billy then gently slides his companion back onto the bed and lays next to her. He pulls her on top of him, with her face meeting his stiff rod and her wet box meeting his face. Billy can smell the juices that have built up, and it’s driving him nuts, so he starts to lick Edna’s nub. Upon this, Edna crashes her mouth around Billy’s rock-hard member, sucking and stroking. Moans of joy and ecstasy come from both cubs as they enjoy the taste and feeling of each other. Edna can feel Billy stiffen and tense up in her mouth, so she stops. She climbs off of Billy.

“Aw, come on! I was enjoying that,” Billy cries out. Tears form in his eyes from the joy and the frustration, much like Edna.

“Yeah, but you’ll enjoy this a little more,” Edna says as she lays down on the bed, pulling Billy on top of her. Billy excitedly thrusts his cock into her wet snatch, but hard. Edna winces a little.

“Oh, I’m sorry, you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Not too many boys go so rough their first time with me. A lot still think of me as a virgin…” Edna tells the platypus with a blush.

“Trust me, that day in the gym, I knew you weren’t a virgin. But, I’ll try to be a little softer with you.”

With that, Billy starts to slide his hard pole in and out of Edna. Edna’s moans and cries of joy are pleasing to Billy’s ears.

“Oh… GOD BILLY! No wonder… I tried so HARD… to get this in me… you feel so… just so GOOD!”

“Oh, man, Edna… Why did I resist you? Oh yeah…”

Billy and Edna start moaning together as Billy continues to slide his shaft in and out of his young vixen fox. Edna closes her eyes and leans her head back, the ecstasy of the moment overwhelming her. She lets out a loud moan.

“Oh GOD!!! Oh… Billy… give it to me!”

Billy starts to pump faster, Edna’s walls starting to contract around him until he can barely fit. Billy starts throbbing, and before anything goes off, Edna flips them over.

“Uh-uh-uuuhhh… can’t have you cumming like that. I want to ride your cock until you can no longer stand it.”

Edna waits a few moments until she feels his throbbing stop. When he finally stops, Edna starts to slide up and down along his stiff cock. She starts to moan as his shaft rubs against the walls of her wet pussy. Billy starts to moan a little as well. Billy leans his head back, closes his eyes, and smiles. It’s not Jen, but he’s happy to be with somebody right now. Edna leans her head back and smiles too, happy that’s she’s had this chance with Billy. She starts to ride faster as she squeezes Billy with her snatch. This causes the young platypus cock to start throbbing. Edna’s close to climaxing as well.

“Oh, Billy! Cum with me!”
“Oh Edna!”

Edna throws her head and body back as Billy’s gut thrusts him forward. Both cubs, moaning and screaming each others’ names, cum fiercely at the same time. Edna collapses onto the boy she just rode. She smiles, panting, and kisses him. She then rolls off of him and cuddles with him, laying one arm across his chest and her leg around his. Billy places an arm around Edna and holds her close. The two doze off. Meanwhile, outside, a red light goes off. Geoff ducks his sweating head down.

Got it all! Now time to make some magic. God, that was hot though. I wish I had a girl like Edna.


Thirty five minutes pass before Billy wakes up from his nap. He rolls over to see an empty space next to him in the bed.

Great. Go figure Edna would sneak out on me while I was asleep.

“It’s about time you woke up, sleepy head.”

Billy turns over to his other side to see Edna standing in front of him, fully clothed.

“Well, sorry if that wore me out more than it did you.”
The two cubs laugh. Edna sits on the bed beside him.

“So, now you go back to Jen, right?”

“Yeah, I go back to Jen. This was nice, but I love Jen.”

Edna sighs and frowns a little. “I wish I was Jen.”

“Why, so you could have me to yourself?” Billy asks with a chuckle.

“No. So I could know the one I love loves me.”

“Oh, Ed. Listen, don’t let him get you down. Remember, there are other guys out there. I know your first love is the hardest to ignore, but it is possible.”

Edna smiles as she hears this. “So, I got a question… do you really use your tail like that on Jen, or was I some sort of guinea pig?”

“I use that on Jen. She really does seem to enjoy that. I’d kinda like to know why though. Doesn’t seem like something that would be pleasurable.”

Edna’s smile grows as she rolls Billy back onto his back and spreads his legs a little. She sits between his knees and starts gently thrashing her tail against his genitals. The action quickly gets a rise out of Billy.

“Whoa… no wonder Jen likes that. That’s really kinky.”
Edna turns around to Billy. “Looks like you could go for a second round.”

“Nah, I’ll probably just hit the bathroom real quick and spank it or something.” Edna frowns upon hearing this. “Hey, I think you’ve done more than enough for one day.”

The two chuckle as Billy sits up and gets off the bed. He picks up his various articles of clothing scattered across the floor and gets dressed. He goes flaccid getting dressed. Billy grabs Edna’s hand and pulls her up off the bed. Just then the two cubs heard a door open and close.

“Hello? Geoff? Are you home?”

“Oh shit, it’s Geoff’s dad. What’re we going to do?” Edna frantically gets out.

“Here, you climb out his window. I’ll go out and tell him that Geoff invited me over, but had to run somewhere real quick.”

Billy and Edna dash to the window. They open it up, and Billy helps Edna out the window. As she’s climbing out, her feet touch nothing but the ground. Geoff has, in the time that Billy and Edna were sleeping, moved from his hiding spot. Edna quickly dashes off. Billy closes the window and leaves the bedroom. He’s quickly spotted by Geoff’s father.

“Who are you? What’re you doing in my house?” Geoff’s father asks in a stern tone.

“Hi sir. I’m Billy. I’m a friend of Geoff’s. He invited me over, but he had to run and get something from Jerry. He said he was going to be back shortly, so I sat here and waited. It’s probably been a half hour since then. I should probably get going.”

“Ok, well, no need to hide in the bedroom. If you’re a guest of my son, you’re welcome in the living room.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. It was nice to meet you, sir.”

With that, Billy picks up his socks and shoes along with Edna’s socks and shoes. He then slips his shoes on and heads out the front door. He walks down the street about two blocks, where he runs back into Edna. He hands the young fox her socks and shoes.

“Thanks, I forgot these.”

“No problem.”

The two cubs start walking down the street, heading for their homes. A block down the road, they run into Geoff.

“Hey Geoff, how’d the film go?” Billy asks his beaver friend.

“Oh, it went great. It’ll be a big hit. I’m going to show it here at my place tomorrow. I’ll be handing out fliers with directions and everything. I’d appreciate it if you two came to see it.”

“Sure thing,” Edna says with a smile.

“Cool. Oh, Billy, make sure you bring Jen too. She’s going to want to see this.”

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll bring Jen, and I’ll help you pass those fliers out myself.”

“That’d be super, Billy. You know, you are a real good friend. Tomorrow, my video will have the WHOLE school talking. And it’s all thanks to you, Billy.”

Geoff smiles as he walks off toward his home. Billy and Edna continue to walk to their homes. A block from Billy’s house, he and Edna part ways so that Edna can go to her own home.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, at the bus stop,” Edna replies with a smile as she skips off toward her house alone.

Billy continues to walk to his own house, alone, lost in thought.

Man, Geoff must be confident in his video if he thinks the whole school will talk about it. He and Jerry must have done some nice work on it. I can’t wait to see it.


The next day, at recess, everything goes as normal. Children play, Billy and Jen hold each other, and Edna watches. Billy and Jen are interrupted when Geoff approaches them.

“Hey guys,” Geoff greets his friends and teammates with a smile.

“Hi Geoff,” Billy and Jen return the greeting in unison.

“Hey, Billy, mind if I pull you away for two seconds?”

“Um, sure Geoff.”

Billy lets go of Jen and walks away from her with Geoff.

“So, Billy, how you doing?” Geoff asks as soon as they’re away from Jen.

“Not bad. Got some fliers for me?”

“Sure do, pal. They’re not with me though. Here, let’s walk and get them.”

The two cubs enter the building and walk down some halls.

“So, how are you and Stripes working out?”

“I dunno. You know, I followed Jen’s crazy advice, but she doesn’t seem any different. I wish I could just talk to her about it.”

“Well, please don’t, Billy. Like I said, I’m being her friend along with yours. If you try to talk to her about it, she’ll know I told you. I don’t want her upset with me.”

“Don’t worry. You’ve been more than a friend to try and help me with my problems. I was wrong about you. You’re not such a bad dude.”

“Thanks Billy. You’re not so bad either.”

The two smile as they continue to walk. Billy’s smiling because he’s gained a new friend. Geoff is smiling because his plan is working flawlessly. The two cubs reach their destination, which is Geoff’s locker. Geoff opens it up, pulls out a stack of papers, and hands them to Billy.

“You sure you wanna do this for me?”

“Hey, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?”

“Good point. Well, hey, lunch is about to start. I’ll catch you later.”

“Yeah, see you around,” Billy tells his friend with a smile. The two part ways.

A bell rings, bringing recess to an end and lunch to a start. Billy heads to the lunchroom with fliers in hand. He hands them all out to the students eating lunch before grabbing himself some food. He sits down at his usual table, and, before he can start eating, Jen arrives in the room and sits with him.

“So, what did you and Geoff talk about?”

“Oh, nothing. I told him I’d help him pass out fliers for a movie he’s showing at his house today.”

“Cool. What kind of movie?” Jen asks her platypus boyfriend.

“You know, I’m not really sure. All I know is that Geoff thinks it’s going to be great. He says he’s sure the whole school will be talking about this movie. Let’s go catch it today.”

“Ok. Yeah, I think I can cancel practice today to see this thing,” Jen replies. “I can’t wait to see this thing. I hope it’s good as he says.”
“Me too,” Billy says.

“You two hope what is as good as who says?”

Ed, Laura, Paige, and Jenny sit down at the table.

“Oh, hi guys. We hope this movie that Geoff is showing is as good as he says,” Jen tells her new company.

“A film, huh? What kind? Is it romantic?” Laura asks.

“We really don’t know,” Billy informs the group. “None of us know except for Geoff.”

“Ok, who’s the ‘Geoff’ bloke you keep mentioning?” Paige asks.

“Oh, he’s a beaver who’s on the team with us. He’s showing this thing at his house. Jen and I were planning on going. You all should come too! Make sure to tell Edna, Cynthia, and Poke.”

“Ok, can do,” Edward replies with a smile.

With that, everybody aside from Billy gets up to get some food. When everybody has their food, they sit down to eat. Moments after everybody’s done eating, the bell rings. Jen and Billy walk away from the cafeteria, paw in paw, cheek by cheek.


The school day ends, and cubs scramble out the front doors and in different directions. A lot of cubs between the ages of ten and fourteen are heading for Geoff’s place. Younger cubs are going home or going to a friend’s house to play. Older cubs are just going wherever they feel like. Billy waits by the front door for his friends to show up. Everybody arrives shortly, except for Jen.

“Ok, everybody’s here, let’s get this over with,” Pokeinfo starts the conversation off.

“Not everybody’s here, Poke. Jen’s not here. I’m not going without her,” Billy informs his lion friend.

“Oh come on! I don’t really want to see this thing,” Poke moans.

“Then don’t go. We’ll have a good time without you,” Ed says with a chuckle. Moments later, Jen shows up with Jerry.

“Hey Jen. Ah, so that’s what kept you… You went and got Jerry,” Billy states. “So, Jerry, any info you want to share about this movie?”

“What movie? The one we’re about to see at Geoff’s?” asks Jerry, who is confused by Billy’s question.

“Yeah. I mean, you did help make it after all.”

“No I didn’t,” Jerry informs his misguided friend.

“Of course you did. Geoff said he worked on it with you last night.”

“Nah, the only thing we worked on together was our history report. We taped a reenactment of the Titanic sinking in the ocean.”

“Hmmm… well, then this should be interesting,” Billy says with a laugh.

“You think he’d show that to all these people?” Jerry asks sceptically.

“It’s gotta be what he’s showing. It’s the only thing he’s taped recently.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Ugh, can we talk and move? We’re going to miss it if we don’t get going,” Edna urges the cubs.

“Yeah, Edna’s right. Let’s get going,” Jen adds.

With that, everybody walks to Geoff’s place. All the couples are holding paws, and Edna just skips alongside them. They shortly arrive at Geoff’s place and knock on his door. Geoff opens it up and greets his company.

“Welcome, welcome. Please, come on in. I saved you guys front row seats. It’s packed. This is a great turn-out. Thanks for passing out the fliers, Billy.”

“Ah, it’s no problem,” Billy says with a smile. “That’s what friends are for, right?”

“Yes indeed, Billy. That’s what friends are for. Oh, by the way, remember to take of your socks and shoes before stepping on the carpet.”

Everybody does as Geoff asks as they enter his apartment and take their seats. Geoff walks to the front of the living room and turns on a tv.

That’s what friends are for indeed, Billy. Geoff almost breaks out in laughter from his thoughts as he looks at Billy, Jen, and Edna, who are all sitting beside each other. Well, “friend”… It’s time we get this underway. Time to humiliate you much like you humiliated me in front of Jen. “May I have your attention please? This video is a shining achievement in documentary films everywhere. Nowhere else will you see this kind of raw, unlimited potential. And it’s all thanks to me.”

“Hey, we worked on this together!” Jerry shouts.

“No, this isn’t that history tape. This is something that I did alone. Watch and enjoy.”
Geoff pushes play on the VCR. The viewing cubs are shocked at what they see. On the tv, Geoff’s home movie is showing. Edna is on top of Billy, riding him into submission. Immediately, Jen gets up and storms out. Billy and Edna soon follow after. Outside, the action is about to get as hot as the action inside on the TV.

“How could you? I thought you loved me,” Jen says, breaking down into tears.

“I do! I did this for us!”

“Yeah, I can see you really did this for me. God, Billy… I… I just… I don’t know what to say. How could you go behind my back and sleep with Edna?”

“Geoff said he talked to you about it,” both Edna and Billy reply.

“Geoff never said anything to me. Tell me, Billy, was she worth it? You know what, don’t answer that. I’m going in and getting Jerry. I need a shoulder to cry on right now, and yours seems too busy locked with Edna’s right now.”

“But Jen…”

Jen ignores him as she enters the building again. A few moments later, Jerry and Jen come out and walk away. Billy turns to Edna furiously.

“How could you? You set me up!” Billy yells at Edna.

“Billy,” Edna starts, breaking down into tears, “I… I had no idea! Geoff told me he and Jen talked it over and she gave me permission to have some alone time with you.”

“Yeah, like I believe that one. You were in on it with Geoff the whole time, weren’t you? You planned for this to happen, didn’t you? You couldn’t stand the fact that Jen and I were happy, so you created a plan with the one guy who hated me as much as you hated Jen to break us up. You’re sick. I don’t want to speak to you right now. Get outta my sight.”

Edna breaks down and starts crying. “I… I didn’t…”

“Get outta my sight!”

Edna runs off, crying. Billy just stands there, beside the door to Geoff’s place, waiting for Geoff to poke his head out. Ten minutes go by before anybody leaves the building. Edward happens to be the first one out.

“Dude, are you ok?”

“Ed, no offense, but I’d rather not talk to you right now.”

“Why not?”

“Because you remind me of your sister, and I don’t really want that right now. Just please give me some time alone.”

“Ok, but if you ever need somebody to talk to, know that I’m here for you.”

“Cool. Now, if you wouldn’t mind, could I have some alone time now?”


Ed walks away from the upset platypus. Five more minutes go by, an cubs start to leave Geoff’s apartment. The last ones to leave are Paige, Jenny, and a fox with silver fur. They all pass Billy, but Jenny stops not long after doing so.

“Um… Paige…”

“Yeah, Jenny?”

“You go on ahead. I want to talk to Billy.”

“You want me around for some courage or something?”

“Nah, I think I’ll be ok.”

“Ok. Good luck. Oh, make sure to tell him I said ‘everything will be ok’ for me, ok?”

Paige kisses Jenny and walks off. Jenny approaches Billy.


“Hey Jenny. What do you want?”

“Um… hi…”

“Not right now, Jenny. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I’m not in the mood right now.”

Jenny takes a big gulp and swallows her nerves. “I know I’m not the most outgoing girl in school, but I know when somebody needs somebody to talk to. You’re that somebody right now…”

“Jenny, nothing against you, but I’d rather not talk to anybody right now.”

“Well, let me talk then. I can only imagine what your feeling right now. I know I’d be pretty embarrassed for something like that to happen to me,” Jenny says, blushing at the thought of getting caught on tape.

“I’m not embarrassed. I’m pissed off. I’ve just been betrayed by Edna and Geoff, two people I thought were my friends.”

“Edna is your friend.”

“Yeah, some friend…” Billy says with an angry sigh.

“She IS your friend. Trust me on this. She wouldn’t ever do anything to intentionally hurt people, especially people she cares about. And trust me,” Jenny’s blush grows a little larger and brighter, “that video shows that she REALLY cares for you. Talk to her, try and figure out what happened. I know you’re upset with her, but it’s not for the right reasons. Trust her. She IS your friend. Well, hey, I need to go. Paige is probably waiting for me down the street. Listen, everything will work out. I’ll see you on the bus tomorrow.”

Jenny leaves the young platypus to soak in her words as she heads back to her boyfriend.

Maybe Jenny’s right. You know, she is innocent, so maybe Geoff used that against her to make her unknowingly betray me. But she’s smart, she would’ve figured out what he was up to. Then again, I’m no slouch in the brains department either, and I fell for this. If only I hadn’t been so blinded by love, I could’ve figured out what was going on. Now Jen hates me and Edna’s upset. Why does my continued existence here in Pouncefield always seem to hurt the ones I care for?
Billy’s thoughts are interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see a silver fox standing next to him.

“I thought you walked by?”

“I did, but I saw that look in your eyes. It was one of pain, of hurt. I figured I’d come back and try to cheer you up.”

“Who are you anyway?”

“Name’s Alex.”


“I know who you are, Billy. You’re the talk of the school right now.”

“Yeah, and after this, it’ll be the talk of Pouncefield. My life sucks right now.”

Billy sighs as he slumps his head down.

“Your life only sucks because you’re only focusing on the negativity in your life. If you focused on the good in your life, your life wouldn’t seem so bad. You’ve got friends who care for you, you have a girl who loves you…”

“Loved me, not anymore,” Billy says, cutting Alex off.

“Loves you. Trust me on this. Where was I?”

“I have a girl who loves me…” Billy tells the fox, reminding him of where he was at.

“Oh yeah, you have a girl who loves you, and you’ve got a good spirit.”


“Yes, spirit. You know, if you weren’t so good, people wouldn’t be trying to ruin your life. You’re better than what you give yourself credit for. Trust me, everything will work itself out. First things first, though. you’re going to have to talk to four different cubs to get your life back in order from this. Those cubs are Jerry, Jen, Edna, and Geoff, in that order.”

“Why would I want to talk to Geoff, especially after this?”

“Forgiveness is the greatest quality one can have. Trust me, if you forgive him, you will be at peace with yourself.”

“But I really hate his guts. How can I forgive him?”

“Give it time. It WILL work itself out. Now, remember, make sure to talk to Jerry, then Jen, then Edna, then Geoff. In that order only! If you do it like that, everything WILL work out,” Alex tells the young platypus with a smile.

“Oh yeah? What makes you so sure? And how do you know everybody’s names?” Billy asks Alex sceptically.

“Let’s just say I saw it all in a dream.”

With that, Alex walks away.

Saw it in a dream? That guy seems a bit off to me. Maybe he’s nuts? But he’s right, I do need to talk to Jen and Edna. Jerry probably can help me vent my anger, but I can’t bring myself to talk to Geoff. I just hope everything does work out.
While Billy is talking to assorted cubs, Jen and Jerry are walking down the street and are having their own conversation.

“I can’t believe he would do this to me. You know, I was right to suspect him. I shouldn’t have listened to you about that hug, Jerry.”

“No, you should’ve, and you did. That was good, but there’s more to this tape that what meets the eye.”

“Oh yeah, like what? I don’t know about you, but I thought I saw Edna and Billy on that tv getting it on worse than two bunny cubs in heat.”

“Yeah, that’s what you saw, but it wasn’t for him to cheat on you,” Jerry tells his tigress companion.

“Really? That video sure fooled me then.”

“It was Geoff.”

Jen stops in her tracks. Jerry walks past her a few steps, but stops when he sees that she’s stopped.

“What did you say?”

“It was Geoff. He set the whole thing up.”

“How so?”

“Well, on Tuesday, he had a meeting with Edna. I didn’t hear it all, but I heard that he was going to give her something she wanted if she said yes to Billy when he asked if you and her had a plan about something. And then Wednesday rolled around. Geoff actually caught the bus that morning. He sat down in the seat in front of me, and he didn’t even notice. Then you, the Foxes, and Billy got on. You all sat behind me, but Billy sat with Geoff. I was able to overhear everything. Geoff said that you told him that you were still kinda nervous about trusting Billy with Edna. He told Billy that you said that the only way to gain your trust was to yiff Edna. He also made sure Billy wouldn’t ask you about it by telling the poor soul that if he asked you, you would get mad at Geoff and that you would deny ever making a suggestion.”

“Wow… Geoff really thought this through, didn’t he?”

“Yeah. He has.”

“Now I don’t know who to be madder at… Billy for not coming to me and doing this instead, or Geoff for planning all of this.”

“Not Billy, that’s for sure. Billy did what he did because he loves you. He was blinded by his passion for you to ask you and possibly hurt your relationship with him. You’ll have to talk with him about that. As for Geoff, he hasn’t really been able to get over that humiliating defeat at the hands of Billy. He even told me so himself. I’m probably the only friend that poor guy has.”

“Now you are. Before this, I was his friend, but I don’t think I can be now.”

“Don’t give up on him. He’s a good guy. He just obsesses over being the best, which causes him to alienate himself from others. I wouldn’t blame you for being upset with him, but don’t decide not to be his friend while you’re still angry at him. Give it a few days, and if you still feel you can’t be his friend, then fine. No good choices are ever made when somebody’s angry. Oh boy, that reminds me, I’m going to have to go tell Billy and Edna both the same thing I told you. Will you be ok by yourself from here?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m going to have to talk to Billy tomorrow. Right now, everything’s just kind of fresh, and I’m exhausted from everything that’s happened. I’m going to go home and just sleep it off.”

“That’s probably for the best. See you at practice tomorrow.”

“Yeah, definitely. Got a match Saturday, we need to practice twice as hard tomorrow to make up for the lack of practice today. Expect to stay late.”

“Ok, take care.”

Jerry then dashes off back the way he and Jen game. Ten minutes later, he runs into Billy, who’s just finishing his chat with a silver-furred fox, and tells him the story.

“So Edna really had no clue?” Billy asks Jerry.

“None what-so-ever.”

“That’s just great… I did it again,” Billy mumbles with a sigh.

“What did you do again?”

“Hurt Edna. I yelled at her, accused her of planning all this with Geoff. She’ll probably never forgive me for this.”

“Well, if you talk to her, and soon, she’ll probably forgive you. But if you let a few days pass without talking to her, she probably won’t.”

“Well, I can’t talk to her just yet.”

“Why not? You exhausted from all this too?” Jerry asks Billy.

“No. Some weird fox told me that if I talk to certain people in a certain order, everything would work out. He said that if I talked to you, then to Jen, Edna third, and finally Geoff, everything will work out for the best situation possible. It sounds crazy, but I’m going to follow that advice.”

“Well, may your endeavors work out for the best. You and Stripes are a good couple. It would be a shame for that to end. Anyway, I should get going. I need to talk to Edna about this before I have to get home. Do you know where she lives?”

“Yeah, I’ll take you there. It’s only a couple of blocks away from me.”
The two cubs start to walk. 45 minutes later, they pass Billy’s house, still heading for the Fox household. Another 15 minutes later, they reach their destination.

“Well, here it is. The home of Edna and Edward fox. I should get going. I’ll see you at practice tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you there. Hey wait, Stripes warned me that practice is going to be twice as long tomorrow to make up for the lack of practice today. Expect to stay past 5.”

“Ok, Jerry. Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for being such a friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you to help me patch things up.”

“Good night, Billy,” Jerry says, smiling at the platypus as he rings the bell to the door. Billy walks away and heads for his house.

Busy day tomorrow. Gotta talk to Jen, Edna, and Geoff, along with have a double-practice. That’s not even including enduring the ridicule from the other students about seeing me and Edna going to town on each other. Tomorrow’s going to be hectic…


Friday morning rolled around. Billy walks up to the bus stop, where only Edward and Edna are waiting.

“Hi Billy,” Ed greets Billy as he gets to the stop.

“Hey Ed.”

Edna and Billy exchange glances. Edna puts her head down and looks away from her former friend. Billy sighs.

I want to talk to her so much right now, but I can’t. That Alex dude said that if I talk to Jen before I talk to her, things will work out. Wait, why am I following the advice of some loopy fox?

“Hi guys.”

Billy’s thoughts are interrupted by a familiar voice. Billy turns to the voice and sees Jen approaching the three cubs.

“Hi Jen,” Edward and Billy greet Jen. Edna and Jen exchange glances. Edna turns from Jen much like she turned from Billy.

“So, hey, Billy, can I get a moment alone with you?”

“Sure. Hey, Ed, make sure Carlos doesn’t pull off without us.”

“Ok Billy.”

Jen grabs Billy’s arm and pulls him a distance away from the Fox siblings.

“I was talking to Jerry…” Jen starts to say, low enough so Edward and Edna can’t hear her.

“Yeah, I caught up with him too. Listen, about what happened…” Billy interrupts Jen, also low enough to not be heard.

“Shush! This is my time to speak. Listen, Jerry told me everything about how Geoff set you up. I can’t even begin to understand why you’d believe that I had doubts about us.”

“I believed him because I wanted us to work so badly. My heart couldn’t stand the fact of you doubting any part of the relationship, so I followed Geoff’s plan blindly.”

“That’s just it, though. If you thought I had doubts, you should’ve come to me. There is never anything I won’t be willing to talk to you about, especially when it comes to our relationship,” Jen tells Billy.

“‘When it COMES’? Don’t you mean ‘when it USED to come’?” Billy asks.

“No, when it COMES to our relationship. I got to thinking… There’s no sense breaking up with you over this mishap. I know you did what you did because you love me, and because you were set up to do it. Granted, I will have my doubts for a little while, but I think I’d like to make this work. Just try not to be so blinded by love from now on. Know that you can talk to me about ANYTHING.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. I’m so sorry, and I do love you,” Billy tells Jen.

“I love you too Billy.”

The two kiss each other softly.

“You know, Jen, we should probably get back to the others. They’ll probably think you killed me if we don’t get back soon,” Billy says with a chuckle

The two walk back to the bus stop. Edna looks at them, seeing a pair of smiles. She’s tempted to ask Billy what happened, but she decides against it, not wanting to upset him any more. She drops her head and looks away from them.

“Work everything out?” Edward asks Billy and Jen.

“Yeah, we did. Hey, Edna…”

Edna picks her head up and looks at Billy.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I jumped to conclusions. It took a lot of people talking to me, but they all said the same thing. You’re too innocent to plan something so evil against somebody. I’m sorry I didn’t believe that, and I’m sorry I accused you of it. I’m also sorry that I yelled at you and hurt you. Can you ever forgive me?”

“You and Jen aren’t mad at me?” Edna asks Billy.

“No, we’re not,” Jen answers for Billy. “We know, just like Billy said, that you were used in an evil plan much like Billy was. Let’s just all forget this happened.”

Edna smiles and nods her head. Carlos pulls up shortly there-after, and the four cubs climb onto the bus, Billy being last to board. His thoughts right before stepping on are, of course, about yesterday.

Well, this is it. It’s back to square one with me. Everybody will be talking about me, not wanting to talk to me, and just making fun of me. Part of me wishes I walked now. Oh well, here goes nothing.


Billy steps onto the bus, and stands right next to Carlos. The bus immediately fills with various noises. Some kids are applauding, some are whistling, and others are cheering. Not one negative noise comes from anybody.

“Jeez kid, how do you always get so popular? It seems like every time I pick you up, you seem to get more and more popular among the students.”

“I’d rather not talk about it,” Billy says with a blush.

“Well, take your seat, Mr. Popular,” Carlos tells Billy.

Billy listens and walks down the aisle of the bus, passing cheering cubs along the way. This causes Billy to blush even brighter. He finally reaches his usual seat, beside Jen, behind Jenny and Laura, and sits down. As he sits, the cheering and applauding dies down. Jenny and Laura turn around.

“You got popular overnight,” Jenny starts the conversation off. Laura is in a state of awe after hearing what Jenny said.

“Wait, wait wait wait! Who are you and what have you done with the real Jenny?” Laura asks playfully.

“What’re you talking about?”

“A few days ago, you wouldn’t give his poor kid the time of day. Now that he’s a star, you’re going to talk to him?”

“No, it’s not because he’s a star. I finally swallowed my nerves yesterday and had a chat with him about what happened.”

“Yeah, and it’s her words that got me listening to other people,” Billy tells Laura.

“This is too odd. People are treating Billy like a star, Jenny’s starting conversations… what’s next? Eddy goes and streaks around the school.”

Jenny, Laura, Billy, and Jen all laugh at that. The rest of the ride goes with trivial chit-chat about how everybody’s been doing, plans for the weekend, and how the week’s been going for everybody. The bus slows down and stops in front of the school. Billy gets off and enters the school. He’s lost in thought.

Ok, the order was Jerry, Jen, Edna, Geoff. Three down, one to go. I don’t know how I’m going to forgive that beaver. He nearly broke me and Jen up, he nearly ruined my friendship with Edna, and now, instead of flying under the radar, I’m the biggest blip on the screen. The last thing I ever wanted was to be famous among the cubs. Calm down, remember what Alex said… “Forgive Geoff, and you’ll be at peace with yourself”. That loopy fox was right, though. I talked to everybody in the right order, and things have been going good so far. Maybe this final talk will bring everything to a close.

Billy walks down the halls to his first class. As soon as he enters, the children start applauding and cheering, much like on the bus.

“Settle down class. I know we’re all happy to see Mr. Plats show up to class on time, but that’s no reason to carry on like this. Mr. Plats, please take your seat.”

With that, Billy walks down the aisle of desks and chairs. Each cub he passes gives him a pat on his shoulder or on his back and whisper “Way to go!” to him. He reaches his desk at the end of the row, sits down at it, and puts his head down, embarrassed by his new fame. The rest of his morning classes go just like his first morning class went. Cheering, pats, and embarrassment. Recess rolls around, and Billy tries to keep an eye out for Geoff while paying attention to Jen.

“Jeez, this school is nuts. A couple of kids get caught on tape, and they’re treated like celebrities or something,” Billy says with a sigh.

“Welcome to St. Lovejoys,” Jen replies with a giggle.

“Yeah, well…” Billy trails off as he catches a glimpse of Geoff in the distance. “Hey, Jen, hold on for a sec. I need to go see a beaver about a film.”

“Don’t do anything drastic,” Jen scolds Billy.

“Nothing like that. Just going to go talk to him.”

With that, Billy leaves Jen’s side and approaches Geoff, who has his back turned to the approaching platypus. Billy taps Geoff on his shoulder. Geoff turns to see who it is, and once he does, tries to run from Billy. Before Geoff can get any distance, Billy grabs Geoff’s arm tightly, making sure he doesn’t slip out of Billy’s webbed paws.

“Hold on Geoff. I’m not here to fight.”

“Let go of me. I’m not falling for that.”

“Geoff, calm down. I’m only here to talk.”

Geoff stops trying to get away.

“Ok, I’m done. Mind letting go?”

“No, but if you try to run again, I’ll grab you again, and I won’t let go.”
Billy lets go of Goeff’s arm. Once released, Geoff just stands there.

“Ok, let’s have it. Let’s have your best shot, but make it good. If it don’t put me down, I will be knocking you out.”

“I’m not here to fight you, Geoff,” Billy tells Geoff. “I’m here to talk.”

“Ok, so what do you have to say then?”

“What can I say that your actions haven’t already said? You’re a dick for what you did. You turned a couple against each other, you exploited a poor young girl’s innocence against her, and you did this all in front of the school.”

“Yeah, well, what can I say? It was sickening how you humiliated me in front of Jen. I wanted nothing more than for you to share in my humiliation. But it didn’t work,” Geoff admits with a sigh. “You and Jen are closer than ever, Jen hates me, and now you’re more popular than when you put Rodriguez in the hospital. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t done it. Truce?”

Geoff extends a paw. Billy reaches out and shakes it.

“Truce. See you at practice.”

“Yeah, see you at practice. Just don’t think that this means that I’m done trying to beat you in the water,” Geoff says as he walks away.

Such a strange dude. If he wasn’t such a dick all the time, he could be friends with everybody in this school. Oh well, he enjoys his way of life, and I’m not about to change that. Wow, wait a second… Jerry, Jen, Edna, Geoff… that’s all four. I’m done talking to everybody and in the right order. I feel good, I have Jen, Edna and I are friends again, and everything is right for the first time in my life since my first date with Jen. That crazy fox was right. I’ll have to hunt him down and thank him.


Lunch and the afternoon classes go much like the morning classes for poor Billy. Everywhere he goes, he’s greeted with applause and cheer. The day ends, but not quick enough for Billy. Even as he walks from his last class to the pool for practice, the kids all cheer as he walks by.

I’m glad the weekend is here. It’ll now give these kids a chance to forget that stupid video.

Billy finally reaches the pool, where his teammates are all changed and ready to practice.

“Well guys, it looks like our star finally decided to show up,” Jen says jokingly.

“Ha ha, Jen. It’s a frenzy out there. That stupid video has made me some sort of celebrity. I hate it. I was hoping to get through the first few weeks unnoticed. But between Rodriguez and Geoff, that’s no longer possible.”

“Hey, at least they aren’t making fun of you,” Jerry informs Billy, trying to cheer him up.

“I actually think I liked it better when they were making fun of me,” Billy says with a sigh.

“You always find some way to make everything sound bad, don’t you, freak?” Geoff says.

“Hey, I’m not a lime-light hog like you, buck-tooth,” Billy says with a laugh.

Geoff just frowns at this. “You know, I’m going to let that one go because you’re famous. If you weren’t, I’d be laying you out right now.”

“Whatever, come on, we got a meet tomorrow, and we’ve been slacking off a bit the past couple of days,” Billy says, walking to the changing room.

“He’s right. We’ll get started. He’ll join in after he’s changed,” Jen tells the team. Jen, Geoff, and Jerry dive into the pool.

Two hours later, after practice is over, everybody gets changed and meets on the bench for one last team meeting.

“Ok, now, tomorrow we’re going up against the Pawstin Cherries. This is our first time going against a public school. They could be better, they could be worse, we don’t know. They do have three times as many kids on their team as we do, so we’re going to have to be in top shape. Everybody rest up. Tomorrow, we have the Medley Relay, Billy’ll be running a 1000, Jerry’ll be running a 200, I’ll be doing the 500, and Geoff’ll be doing a 100. We each have 2 races, and we’ll need every ounce of strength we can get to do our own races along with the Medley. Geoff, you’ll be our starter, then Jerry, I’ll follow third, and Billy’ll be our anchor. Ok, now everybody go home and get some rest. Hands in team. 1, 2, 3, GO SAINTS!”

Geoff and Jerry take off. Billy and Jen walk side by side away from the pool.

“What a funny sort of week, huh?”

“Don’t even start that, Jen. My life here in school’s been crazy. It’s almost like I’m living in some sick demented dream where bad things are destined to happen to me.”

Jen and Billy laugh at that idea.

“Wow, things can’t be that bad here for you, can they?”

“Let’s see…” Billy starts.

“Rhetorical. So, you really think you can do the 1000 and then immediately participate in the medley?”

“Hey, you have me last in the relay. That’s more than enough time to recover from a 1000 yard swim,” Billy says with confidence.

“Man, there are only two things you’re really confident about, huh?” Jen asks Billy.

“Two? I only count one… swimming. And yes, I’m quite confident with my swimming abilities,” Billy replies.

“No, two. Swimming, and you and I both know the other one,” Jen says with a chuckle. Billy blushes a little.

“Is that all you ever seem to think about?”

“Nah. Sometimes I do, but other times I just mention it to see that cute little blush of yours,” Jen tells her boyfriend. This causes Billy to blush just a little brighter and larger. “See, like that. It’s cute.”

“Not as cute as you though,” Billy responds, giving Jen a kiss on her cheek.

The two continue to walk to Jen’s house, paw in paw. Time flies, and before either cub knows it, they’ve reached Jen’s house.

“Well, here we are,” Billy says.

“Yup. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow. Love you.”

“I love you too.”

The two kiss each other goodnight as Jen enters her house and Billy walks toward his own. He walks alone, lost in thought.

Tomorrow’s going to be great. So long as Geoff doesn’t blow the 100, we should come away with wins in each race. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


Saturday afternoon rolls around. Billy, Jen, Geoff, and Jerry are all at the school pool. They are changed and ready for competition.

“Well, team. It’s finally here. First meet of the season. Don’t push yourselves too hard during your races. Remember, we each have to do a race before our medley,” Jen reminds her team.

“Well said, Miss Tigre.”

An adult approaches the team.

“Oh, that’s right. Guys, I’d like to introduce our new coach to you,” Jen informs her team.

“DAD?!?!?” Billy cries. Jerry and Geoff shake their heads quickly, shocked by what they just heard.

“Yes, son. I’m the new swim coach. The school board was hiring a coach to replace the old one, and I figured it was easy cash,” Stephen says.

“What about your job? You can’t coach us from 3 to 4 and be at work at the same time.”

“Don’t worry about that, son. Jen’s the captain of the team. She’s been doing a fine time running the team without a coach. Things will remain that way. Every Sunday, I’ll give her a workout schedule, and she’ll make sure that’s enforced over the week. Then, on Saturdays, we’ll have one last practice to see how Jen has done. But not today. Our competition, the Pawstin Cherries, will be here any second. You guys go sit on the bench and rest for the next 15 minutes while Pawstin gets changed and the introductions are done.”

“Yes sir,” the team responds. They go and sit on one bench.

15 minutes later, the Pawstin swim team is at the pool, changed, and sitting on their team bench. Fans are sitting in bleachers, ready to cheer the cubs on. There’s an ambulance truck sitting not far from the pool in case of injury. The national anthem has just finished playing. A man comes on over the PA system.

“The first event of the day is the 100 Yard Freestyle. Swimmers, take your marks.”

Geoff and his opponent, a male pitbull, take their spots on their platforms.

“Get set.”

Both Geoff and the pitbull duck down, ready to dive in. At that moment, the ref shoots a gun into the air, signalling the start of the race. Both kids dive in and swim at equal speed for 25 yards. Geoff starts to find a rhythm and picks up speed and distance on the pitbull. 50 yards in, Geoff manages to get a one yard lead on his competitor, and starts to pick up the pace. By 75, he has a two yard lead on the pitbull. Seeing the danger of losing, the young pitbull decides to give it his all. 95 yards in, and the pitbull manages to regain the lost ground. Two more meters pass in the race, and the pitbull gains a yard on Geoff. Geoff starts to push harder, and two more yards go by before he can regain his lost ground. The final yard is upon the two racers, and they are neck and neck. Geoff starts to give it everything he has, along with his pitbull competitor. With one quarter of a yard to go, Geoff gets a small lead and manages to maintain it through to the finish.

“Saints win the race!”

Crowds start to cheer as both kids pull themselves up out of the water. Both cubs’ teammate rush over to them. Geoff gets praised by his team. Both teams then sit on their benches. The announcer comes back on over the PA system.

“Next up is the 200 Yard Freestyle. Swimmers, please take your marks.”

Jerry and his competition, a female chipmunk, get on their platforms, much like Geoff and his pitbull opponent did before them.

“Get set.”

Jerry and the chipmunk get ready. The ref then shoots his gun into the air, starting this next race. Jerry outclasses his opponent. Within 100 yards, he has a five yard lead on his opponent. 50 yards more go by, and the lead is extended one more yard. By the time 195 yards go by, both swimmers just start pacing themselves, Jerry realizing he’s got a huge seven yard lead, the chipmunk realizing she can’t make up the lost ground to win. The race shortly ends there-after, with the Saints winning yet another. Much like Geoff and the pitbull, these two racers climb out and go to their benches.

“Next race will be the 500 Yard Freestyle. Swimmers, on your marks.”

Jen gets up from the bench and takes her mark on her platform. She’s racing a young male chimp.

“Get set!”

A pistol is then fired. Jen and the chimp dive in. The race is pretty even for 150 yards. As the two start on yard 151, the chimp starts to swim faster. Jen notices his increase in speed and swims faster herself. She’s able to keep this up until she reaches the end of yard153. She finishes the yard, swims to a side, and climbs out.

“Cherries win! Saints forfeit the race.”

The crowds cheer as Billy and Stephen race over to Jen, who’s laying on the side of the pool in pain.

“Jen, you ok? What’s wrong?” Billy asks when he and his father get there.

“Uhhnn… my arm… it hurts…” Jen says in intense pain.

“Can we get a doctor, ref?” Stephen shouts to the referee. The ref runs off. “Jen, where exactly does it hurt?”

“Oooh… my shoulder…”

The ref returns with a doctor. The doctor examines Jen’s shoulder. After a few moments, the doctor figures out what the problem is.

“Dislocated shoulder. I can pop it back into place, and she’ll be fine. However, she’ll have to sit the rest of the competition out to prevent further aggravation. I’ll signal the ref and let him know you’ll be forfeiting the Medley Race.”

“No, we’re not,” Billy nearly yells.

“Billy, what do you mean no? There’s no way we can do the Medley without Jen. We only have three kids now.”

“I’ll run her lap for her.”

“I can’t allow it, son,” Stephen tells Billy. “I can’t allow for you to run a 1000, then run two laps in a Medley.”

“Dad, please. Just trust me,” Billy begs. Stephen and Billy stare at each other.

“I… trust him…. AGGGHHNNN!!!” Jen says as her shoulder is popped back into place by the doctor.

“Ok, your shoulder should be fine. Like I said, this young lady must be benched. Good luck with your races.”

The doctor heads back off to sit in the awaiting ambulance truck. Jen stands up and walks back to the bench. Stephen watches Jen walk to the bench, the looks back to his son.

“Are you sure you can do this? You’re going to be putting your body through more than usual. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Trust me, Dad.”

“Your attention please. Would the Saints’ next swimmer please take his or her mark? If a swimmer does not step up to the platform, the Saints will forfeit the 1000 Yard Freestyle.”

“Alright son, I’ll trust you,” Stephen says, assuring his son.

With that, Billy rushes and takes his spot on his platform. He looks over to his opponent, and nearly falls into the water out of shock.



“Um, excuse me, what did you call me?”

Billy shakes his head, unable to believe what he sees. He’s racing Edna. He blinks a few times. However, after blinking his eyes, Edna disappears, leaving a young snow-white fox behind in her tracks.

“I’m sorry. You reminded me of somebody I knew. Good luck,” Billy tells his competitor.

“Thanks. Good luck to you.”

“Ok, swimmers, get set!”

A pistol goes off, and the fox and platypus dive into the water. Billy pushes himself his hardest and leaves his poor fox opponent behind. Before she can get 50 yards done, Billy has 100 yards done. This of course discourages the young fox, and she slows down to conserve her energy. The fox only gets another 10 yards in by the time Billy gets another 100 in, and this trend continues for the next 795 yards. With five yards left to go for Billy, and 870.5 yards left to go for the fox, Billy pumps as fast as he can and finishes the race. The two kids climb out of the water. The young fox slumps her head down as she walks to the bench. Billy sees this, and does the same. He shortly reaches the bench.

“What’s wrong, son? You just won the 1000 in a landslide. Not too many people can say they did that,” Stephen congratulates his son.

“Not too many people can run the 1000 like I can. I shouldn’t be on the team,” Billy sighs.

“Of course you should,” Jerry says, trying to cheer his comrade up. “You can’t help that you’re naturally better.”

“You’re right. I guess I just need to learn to not give it my all. I think I hurt that poor fox.”

“Your attention please. We are taking a five minute break. Up next is the Medley Relay Race.”

“Well why don’t you go say something while we have some down time?” Jerry suggests.

“Ok, I will.”

With that, Billy walks over to the Cherries’ bench. He approaches the fox he just races.

“Hi,” Billy says.

“Hi there,” the fox replies with a sigh.

“Hey, I just wanted to say sorry about what happened with that race.”

“Oh, that. Hey, don’t worry about it…”

“But I am worried about it,” Billy confesses. “I forgot that there are other kids here, not just me. I’m used to giving it my all against my teammates. They enjoy the challenge. I forgot that I was racing against kids from other schools. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok,” the fox replies with a smile. “Just glad to know you aren’t such a dick. Well, it was nice to meet you. You should get back to your team so you guys can plan the Medley.”

“Ok. You take care.”

Billy walks away with a smile. He sits down on his own bench. Four minutes pass, and there’s an announcement.

“Would the swimmers for the Saints and Cherries please take their marks?”
Stephen looks at his team.

“Ok team. It’s the Medley. Jen tells me the order is going to be Geoff, Jerry, Billy in place of Jen, then Billy again, right?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Plats,” Jen answers.

“Ok. Good luck team.”

Geoff, Jerry, and Billy get set up in their positions.

“Um, excuse me, where’s your fourth?” the ref asks the team.

“She’s hurt. I’m swimming in her place,” Billy informs the ref.

“I’m sorry, but that’s not allowed. Do you have another swimmer?”

“No, we don’t,” Billy says with a sigh.

“Then I’m sorry, kid, but the Saints are disqualified.”

The ref then walks away. A few moments later, an announcement is made over the PA system.

“Your attention please. Due to an insufficient amount of swimmers on the Saints’ team, the Saints are disqualified from the Medley Relay. Pawstin wins the race.”

Geoff, Jerry, and Billy drop their heads down. The kids from Pawstin start cheering. A half-hour later, everybody, aside from the St. Lovejoys swim team, has left the school pool. The Saints are all changed out of their swimsuits and into street clothes.

“This sucks. I can’t believe we lost because we were disqualified,” Geoff grumbles.

“Yeah. Who knew that a swimmer can’t run two legs of the Medley in one race? Oh well, it’ll just make the next Medley that much better when we win,” Billy says with a smile on his face.

“Whatever. Well, I gotta go. See you all Monday,” Geoff replies as he walks away.

“Yeah, we should all get going. See you guys Monday,” Jerry adds as he walks away from the pool too.

“Jen, would you like a ride home?” Stephen asks the hurt tigress.

“If you wouldn’t mind. I’d appreciate it.”

Billy, Stephen, and Jen leave the pool area and enter the parking lot. They get in a black Honda Civic 2007. Stephen drives away from the lot. 15 minutes later, they arrive in front of Jen’s house.

“Well, thanks for the ride Mr. Plats. See you Billy.”

Jen gets out and goes inside her house. Stephen then drives off. They get to their own home, park the car, get out, and go inside. Mary greets the two men returning home.

“Hi. How’d the meet go?” Mary asks.

“Don’t wanna talk about it,” Billy says as he goes to the living room.

“We lost our biggest race, a Medley Relay, by disqualification,” Stephen tells Mary.

“Oh. Well, there’s always next meet,” Mary replies.

“Of course there is, dear.”

The Plats’s finish their day enjoying each others’ company, having dinner, watching TV, then bed. The next day, Sunday, has much of the same. The second week of Billy’s life has come to a close. Week three is right around the corner.


Monday morning rolls around, and Billy was wrong about his schoolmates. They haven’t forgotten about the tape. When he arrives in his first class Monday, the students start to cheer for him again. Much like the Friday before the weekend, his morning classes all start like that. He is cheered as he takes his seat in each class. Recess rolls around, and it couldn’t get here fast enough for the young platypus. He walks out onto the playground, and much like before, is applauded for his work. Billy walks over to Jen, who’s sitting on a bench, and sits next to her.

“God, I hate this. This fame’s driving me nuts,” Billy tells his girlfriend with a sigh.

“Get used to it. Geoff’s made you a superstar with that film. Everybody’s going to be treating you as such for a while to come, and that’s if the tape hasn’t been copied and is in the hands of most of the students here.”

Billy laughs at this statement. Jen doesn’t join in. Billy’s laughter ceases shortly there-after.

“Are you serious? Kids could have a hold of that tape?”

“HELLO! Have you forgotten where you go to school? I’d be surprised if that tape hasn’t circulated around the school yet.”

“How can you be so calm about it?” Billy asks frantically.

“Because you’re with me, and we love each other. Now, let’s stop this chatter and get down to what we usually do,” Jen says with a smile.

“Not while I’m around, you’re not,” Pokeinfo tells the cubs as he walks toward them. He’s followed by the rest of the usual circle of Cynthia, Jenny, Paige, Edward, Laura, and Edna.

“Hey guys,” Billy greets his company.

“Hey mate. So, how you two working out?” Paige asks.

“We’ve worked everything out. But Billy’s not too happy with his new fame,” Jen tells the curious dingo.

“I wouldn’t be either if I was famous for what he is famous for,” Jenny says.

“Nah, it’s cool, Jenny. I just wish the kids would forget,” Billy says with a sigh.

“Welcome to Pouncefield. You need to start remembering where we live,” Cynthia says with a laugh.

“Yeah, you’re right. So, hey, Rodriguez is getting out of the hospital today,” Billy tells his companions.

“Oh, that’s just great. Oh well, it was a nice two weeks without him,” Edward says with a sigh.

“So, um…” Billy trails off.

“Yeah?” all the other cubs around him ask.

“Would any of you like to go see Rodriguez with me?”

Nobody responds. The jaws of everybody except for Billy drop upon hearing this. Nothing is said for a few moments. Eyes do not blink, mouths do not close. It is as if the world had been paused. Billy breaks this silence.

“What’s everybody acting like that for? What do you guys say? Wanna come to the hospital with me?”

“Are you crazy?” Laura asks the young platypus.

“No. I want to go up and see if he’s ok.”

“Dude, trust me, don’t. He won’t want to see you for a while,” Ed informs Billy.

“So none of you want to come see him with me?” Billy asks.

“None of us, including you, are going to see him,” Edna tells Billy. “I don’t care if I have to tie you down somewhere, you’re not going to go see him.”

“You’d do that too, wouldn’t you?” Billy asks, jokingly.

“You better believe it,” everybody but Jen and Billy reply.

With that, the kids start to laugh as recess draws to an end. The bell rings, ending recess and beginning lunch. Billy and Jen sit at their usual table after grabbing some food. They are joined by Edna, Edward, and Pokeinfo.

“Wow, you guys aren’t eating with your girls today?” Billy asks.

“We don’t always spend time with our girlfriends,” Poke tells Billy.

“Besides, they decided to hang out with some of their other friends at lunch today,” Edward says with a sigh.

“Boy, you guys are all whipped I tell you,” Edna says.

“ARE NOT!” Ed and Poke yell at Edna. Billy, Jen, and Edna start laughing.

“So, were you actually serious about seeing Rodriguez today?” Jen asks, stopping her laughter.

“I was, but I don’t think I am any more,” Billy replies.

“Good idea,” Poke, Ed, and Edna tell the young platypus.

The cubs go about eating. The lunch period ends, and the five cubs go off in different directions.

God, I want to make sure Rod’s ok, but maybe everybody’s right. The dude DID kick the shit outta me last time we met. Yeah, everybody’s right. I should just avoid him for a while. Billy thinks as he enters his first afternoon class.


The day ends quickly for Billy. His thoughts about Rodriguez has made the day shorter. Even his walk from the end of the school to the school pool has been made shorter from his thinking.

I know the dude’s a prick, but it’s not right for me to not make sure he’s ok. I DID nearly kill the dude. Just because somebody’s mean doesn’t mean that it’s ok to hurt them and not feel bad about it. Then again, I have to look at it like I’m Rod. Here’s a dude I tried to kick the shit out of. He laid me out in one blow, nearly killing me from it. I know part of me would want to avoid that dude for a while, but also part of me would want to get revenge. I don’t know how Rodriguez would react to me. He’d probably go for option two, get revenge. From the way everybody talks, that is the dude’s way of life. I think I should just avoid him for the time being.

“Billy, EARTH TO BILLY! Wake up!”

Billy is shaken from his thoughts by these words, but a little late. He knocks down the speaking person. He shakes himself back to reality to find that he has run into Jen and has knocked the both of them to the ground.

“Oh, Jen, I’m sorry. You ok?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. What’s up? Why were you lost in space?”
Billy gets up and then helps Jen up. He looks around and notices he’s at the school pool.

“Sorry, I was thinking about Rodriguez,” Billy admits.

“Not again. Trust me, get your mind off Rodriguez,” Jen says, frustrated.

“I can’t get my mind off him though. I nearly killed him, and I haven’t even made sure he was ok since I put him in the hospital.”

“Oh, Billy. Trust me, one way or another you will get your mind off of Rod,” Jen says with a seductive smile.

She then puts a hand on his crotch. He quickly moves it away.

“What about practice?”

“Canceled today. My shoulder’s not cleared until tomorrow to swim. And your dad thought it would be best to give the team the day off as a reward for such excellent work Saturday. Now, enough about swimming. Put my hand back where it was.”

“No Jen. I’m not in the mood today.”

“But we haven’t done anything like this since the incident. You don’t still have something for Edna, do you?” Jen asks.

“No, of course I don’t. Still worried about that?”

“Yes, of course I am. Ok then, tell me who you think of when you paw off,” Jen demands.

“You, but I haven’t done that in a while. But you said there’s no practice? Wanna walk home with me?” Billy asks.

“Sure…” Jen says with a sigh.

The two grab each others paws and walk away from the school pool, and the school itself, and walk down the street to head toward Jen’s house. Three blocks away from Jen’s house, a dark green Hummer H2 drives down the road. A window is rolled down in the back. Billy and Jen look into the car. They see a fur looking out at them.

“I’ll get you tomorrow, freak!” the fur shouts as he is being driven away.

Billy and Jen look at each other.

“Yeah, Rodriguez still hates me,” Billy admits.

“Told you. Don’t worry about it. Just avoid him the rest of the week and you should be fine,” Jen tells her platypus boyfriend, trying to cheer him up.

“You’re right. Come on, let’s get going.”

The two finish walking to Jen’s house. When they arrive, Billy gives his tigress a kiss goodnight and watches her enter her front door. After it’s closed, he walks to his house. He’s greeted by his parents when he gets home.

“How was your day, sweetie?” Mary asks her son.

“Not bad, but I don’t think I want to go to school tomorrow.”

“Why not, son? Bad day today?” Stephen asks.

“No, but do you remember that kid I put in the hospital?”

“Yes,” both Mary and Stephen reply.

“He comes back tomorrow. I want to avoid him, and the best way I know how is to stay home tomorrow.”

“Son, you’re going to school tomorrow. Worrying about another kid is no reason miss any school. Now, go on to your room and do you’re homework. We’ll call when dinner’s ready,” Stephen tells his son.

Billy then heads to his room. His night is finished with him doing his homework, eating his dinner, and watching tv before going to sleep. Even as he dozes off, Billy’s thoughts are on Rodriguez and the day tomorrow.


All day during school the next morning, everybody was talking about the return of Rodriguez. Some where sad to see him back, others were starting to roam the halls in fear. Billy is the only one that was both sad and fearful. Billy knows now that Rodriguez wants his revenge, and Billy would rather that not happen. Billy’s walking to his second period class, not really paying attention, when he runs into a familiar face.

“Ow, hey, watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry,” Billy says with a sigh. He then looks at the person he just ran into. “Oh, Rodriguez… um… hi?”

“Oh, it’s you freak! Well, that makes this beating all the more enjoyable. Don’t think I’d forgotten what you did to me. I’ve been thinking about it since you put me in that hospital a couple of weeks ago.”

“Listen, about that. I’m sorry, I didn’t know I could poison you…” Billy tries to explain to the enraged croc, but to no avail. Rodriguez grabs Billy tightly around the throat and lifts him three feet off the ground. “Ach… you’re… choking… me!”

“Good, more pain. Time to beat those two weeks outta you, freak!”

With that, Rodriguez punches Billy right across his bill. The punch is hard enough to knock a heavyweight boxer out. Billy almost falls unconscious, but Rodriguez makes sure he doesn’t by giving him a swift punch to his gut. Billy starts screaming in pain, and kids start to gather. They look on as Billy receives a worse beating than his first one from Rod. Rodriguez punches Billy a few more times in the gut, a couple of times in the chest, and another time across the bill, each one harder than the last. Billy starts to cough up blood. Rodriguez then focuses his might into a blow below the belt. Billy screams out in intense pain.

“Freaks like you shouldn’t reproduce. Time to finish this.”

Rodriguez then throws Billy across the hall. Billy lands hard on his back and falls unconscious from the beating and the landing. Rodriguez then walks toward the fallen platypus, ready to stomp him into submission, when somebody tackles him from behind. The mystery assailant then starts rapidly punching Rod in the face.

“Pick on somebody who can fight back.”

Just then, a teacher walking by comes in and breaks everything up. He sends a few kids off to fetch the principal and the nurse. The teacher’s able to hold Rodriguez and his opponent away from each other until the principal and nurse arrive. The nurse grabs Billy and takes him to her office. Rodriguez and the mystery fighter are sent to the Principal’s office. An hour passes before Billy wakes up. He opens his eyes to see two foxes and a tiger standing over him.

“Jen… Edna… Alex… where am I?”

“Nurses office,” Jen informs the beaten platypus.

“What… what happened? Last thing I remember was running into Rodriguez…”

“Yeah, he did a number on you,” Edna replies. “God, we were so worried. Thank god you’re ok.”

“Dude, why didn’t you fight back?” Alex asks.

“The only… ouch… ow… oh man… I’m hurting all over. Anyway, the only fighting I know how to do is to defend with my barbs. I couldn’t do that this time, though, because I didn’t want to hurt him again. Last time nearly killed him, could’ve been worse this time,” Billy admits.

“Yeah, but you wound up taking the beating,” Jen says.

“Some things are worth the lives of others, even if they don’t do well to others themselves,” Billy tells his company.

“You’re right, Billy. But you don’t know how to fight?” Alex asks.

“No. Oh, man… what’s the report? How much damage did I take?” Billy questions his friends.

“Well, the nurse thinks you’ve got a couple of cracked ribs. She phoned your mom, and she’s on her way to take you to the emergency room. You’re lucky I showed up when I did, or else Rod would’ve made sure you spent longer than two weeks in the hospital,” Alex says.

“You saved me? Why?” Billy asks sceptically.

“Well, I feel like we’re friends. What, I’m not your friend?”

“You were my friend since that moment you put out your hand to help guide me through that incident with Geoff. This just solidifies it a little more,” Billy says, chuckling a little before wincing in pain.

“Don’t do that, Billy. Take it easy,” says a worried Edna.

“So, tell me, how bad was the beating? Where all did he hit me? I feel like I was hit by a semi.”

“Well,” Alex starts, “he got in a few powerful blows across your bill and in your gut. He also took a cheap shot and punched you in your junk before throwing you across the hall. He came up and was about to start kicking you, but, like I said, I jumped in and stopped him,” Alex informs his hurt friend.

“That bastard took a cheap-shot and hit in my nuts?” Billy asks, getting upset.

“Please watch your language, Mr. Plats,” the nurse hollers at Billy.

“Sorry. But, he did that? What a cheap son of a… gun,” Billy says, upset.

Just then, Mary enters the nurses office. She signs a form and carries Billy out to her car. The kids they pass look away from the defeated platypus. Mary then drives Billy up to the hospital. He’s taken into a room for an examination. Mary sits out in the waiting room, waiting for news on her son. An hour and a half goes by in silence.


“Mrs. Plats?” a doctor calls out as he enters the waiting room from his office.

“Yes? How’s my boy, is he ok?” Mary asks nervously,

“Yes, yes, he’s fine. He has a mild concussion and three broken ribs. He’s ok to go back to school, but he can’t do anything intensive for about two months.”

“That means swimming, huh?” Mary asks the doctor.

“Yes, it does. Also, under his uniform, he’s going to have to wear some padding to protect his ribs while they heal. I’ll be back with him. Please wait here.”

The doctor then takes his leave of Mary and heads back into his office. Two minutes pass before Billy exits the office and enters the waiting room. Mary walks over to her son.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?”

“Could be better. Gotta wear some sorta padding and I can’t swim for a few months,” Billy says with a depressed sigh.

“It’s ok, dear. At least it wasn’t anything to stop you from being able to be with your friends,” Mary says with a reassuring smile. Billy sees the smile and grins a little.

“I guess you’re right, mom. Come on, let’s go home.”

Mary and Billy leave the hospital, get in their car, and drive home. Billy’s silent the whole way home, thinking about the day’s events.

A concussion and three broken ribs. I’m surprised my nuts are ok. Damn that Rodriguez. Thank god Alex was there, or else I’d probably be in a body cast right now. I’ll have to call him when I get home and thank him. Wait, I can’t. I don’t know the dude’s number. There’s always the phone book. Wait, that won’t work either. I don’t know the dude’s last name. He’s only introduced himself as Alex. I’ll have to hunt him down tomorrow during school.

The car pulls into the driveway. The sudden stop breaks Billy’s train of thought. He and Mary get out of the car, lock the doors, and enter their house. Billy immediately goes into the living room. He checks the answering machine, which has eight messages on it. Billy pushes play. The first message gets to Billy.

“Hey, freak! How’d you like that beating? Don’t even come back to school tomorrow, because there’s more of that in store for ya. BWAAAA HAAA HAA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA HA HAAAA!”

Damn that Rodriguez. What the hell is his problem?


“Hello,” the second message says. “This is Edna and Edward. We were calling to see how Billy’s doing. We hope to see him on the bus tomorrow. Good bye.”


The messages there-after are from Paige, Jenny, Jen, Pokeinfo, Cynthia, and Laura, all calling to see how Billy is and if he’s ok. Billy is about to erase the messages when the phone rings. He picks it up.


“Hey, Billy? It’s me, Alex. Glad I caught you.”

“Hey Alex,” Billy says with a sigh, relieved that he managed to catch Alex’s call. “How you holding up? You didn’t get in trouble for saving me, did you?”

“A couple of detentions, nothing major. I don’t know why that principal of ours is so light when it comes to fights with Rodriguez. Maybe there’s some morbid pleasure that comes from watching Rodriguez get beat up?”

“I dunno. Hey, thanks again for saving me. I really owe you one. Actually, I have a favor to ask, which would make me owe you two,” Billy tells Alex.

“What is it? What do you want? A bodyguard?”

“No. Teach me how to fight, please.”

“Oh… ho… boy… that’s a good one,” Alex says, laughing. “You… wanting to fight?”

“I’m serious.”

“Wait, you are? Why do you want to know how to fight? Don’t let Rodriguez destroy who you are. Your pacifism is what makes you such a good guy.”

“But if I don’t knock Rod out without using my poison, he’ll never leave me alone. Please teach me to fight.”

“As much as I hate the idea of you fighting, you do have a point. Rodriguez’ll never leave you alone if he thinks you’re weaker than him. But let me ask you something first. How hurt are you? Answer honestly, because I’ll know if you’re lying.”

“Concussion and three broken ribs.”

“It would probably just be better for you to duck Rodriguez right now. You don’t want to wind up worse, do you?”

“No, of course not. I guess you’re right,” Billy says with a sigh.

“Trust me on this. Avoid Rodriguez. And as far as fighting goes, there’s nothing to it. Just make a fist and swing it. Or use your foot and kick. Now, of course, there are place to hit somebody to really make them feel it, but we can’t get into that kind of stuff until your healed. Like I said, for the time being, just duck Rodriguez. Hey, I gotta go. Sonia’s got Charlie chasing her around. He’s going to need mine and Destiny’s help.”

“Sonia? Charlie? Destiny? Who are they?” Billy asks.

“Sonia’s my sister, Charlie’s my brother, and Destiny is my girlfriend. Remind me to introduce you to them one day. Not today though. Take care Billy.”

“You too, my friend,” Billy says as he hangs the phone up.

Alex is right. I should just try to avoid Rodriguez for the next month. Probably easier said than done.

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