The Naughty Cubs

edit64Written by Teffet

DISCLAIMER: All characters and situations appearing in this work are fictitious, and are intended for mature audiences only. If you are not a legal adult, or it is illegal for you to read about adult situations, then you may not read futher. All characters belong to their respective owners. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.


Ah, the holidays. It’s a time of relaxation, celebration, and gift-giving for all!
But this year, in the small Town of Pouncefield, something is about to go terribly, terribly wrong…


Edward Foxx, he sprang of the bed.
He had a small bump on the back of his head.
And Edna Foxx, that was his little sister,
She was the devil that gave him that blister.
He wasn’t angry, not even a bit.
The bump was for Laura, whose butt just won’t quit.

Laura was beautiful, gorgeous and hot.
Laura loved Edward, she loved him a lot.
And Edward liked Laura, she made him feel good.
He’d love her all day, if only he could.
Because Edna was jealous of Laura the squirrel.
She thought she was gross, and wanted to hurl.
She did her best to keep them in view.
All day and all night, and always she knew.
Knew if she was with them, she’d have no cares.
No naughtiness, vulgar and pointless affairs.
For in the end, Edward, he belonged to her.
She loved him so much, she needed his fur.
Yet Laura, she knew, of Edna’s desire.
But if she confessed, she’d be called a liar…

Now back to the story,
and all of it’s – glory…

It was Christmas morning, and all was in motion.
Edward had tripped, and caused a commotion.
But it was alright,
the spirits were all bright!
Edward got up, and opened a present.
Inside the box was the moon of a crescent.
Edna had opened a big teddy-bear.
Then a knock on the door, that gave them a scare.

Into the house leaped Laura the squirrel.
She was out of breath, wide-eyed, and scared; the poor girl.
“We have to get out!!!”, she said in a rush.
“Because Santa’s attacking”, which she said in a hush.
“It’s gotta be cold-”
“He’s after us, Ed!”
The three ran out the house, their faces were red.
“What happened to Santa?”, asked Edna, confused.
Laura kept running, all answers refused.

Then out of the sky, a distant light shimmered.
And out of nowhere, dropped Santa. He glimmered.
Santa looked sullen. Exited, but grim.
He even looked angry, his belly was slim.
No jolliness, happiness, or even some glee.
With a glint in his eye, and a bump on his knee.
“I don’t understand it, not even a bit!

Every cub in this town has been naughty, oh shit!”

“Every cub?”, asked Edna. “Even Edward and me?”
And then Santa replied, “It gives me no glee
I must inform you that you have been naughty this year.
You had sex with Edward, my small furry dear!”

Then Laura and Edward jumped back with the shock.
She explained how she mated, well past 1 o’clock.
“While Edward’s asleep, there’s nothing to hide.”
“But Edna, that’s sick!”, Edward then replied.
“Say what you want, but I love you, big bro.”
Then Santa, he laughed. He screamed “Ho ho ho!”

“If you really loved Edward, that’s too bad for you!
‘Cuz this whole town has been naughty, so cry ‘boo hoo hoo’!
And give back your presents! Just hand them right here.
You were all naughty, so no Christmas this year!!!”

“But why were we naughty?”
“You’re too young to mate!”
“But I am not naughty.”, and Santa took the bait.
“There’s no way you’re a virgin, that’s completely absurd!”
“Come now, Santa,” lied Laura, “I give you my word.”
“I suppose if you’re quiet, ugly, and rude…”
“I’m not quiet or ugly, but I’ve not been seen nude.”

“Something about you says you’re lying, I think.”
“But if you were Santa, you’d know.” And he blinked.
“Why doesn’t he know?”, said Laura, victorious.
Santa looked grim, but Laura: still glorious.
“He’s not Santa at all, it’s just a big trick!
An impostor, my dears, of good ol’ Saint Nick!”

She pulled off his robe, and stomped on his foot.
For inside the robe, all covered in soot;
There hid Pokeinfo, the treacherous cub!
“You ran out of luck, Poke-ey. You’re out of our club.”

“Hey, what’s up guys? What’s going on?”
“Just stop, Pokeinfo, this game is like TRON:
It’s not very long, but it is very hard.
And always you lose when you let down your guard!”

“I’m sorry you guys. You can have back your present.”
“Shut up, Pokeinfo. Go get dressed, and get decent!”

“There is one more thing I just do not get.
How did you know of me and Ed, my sweet little pet?”
Pokeinfo was flustered, he didn’t know what to say.
“I really just guessed, I’m sorry Edna, kay?”
“No, not a problem, it’s all for the best.
I’m going home, to sleep and get rest.”

The hurt feelings of cubs, they were all healed.
And Laura had won: She saved all of Pouncefield!!!
But Edna felt bad about poor Pokeinfo.

She took him back home, and gave him a show.
The cubs: they were happy, real snug in a bed.
Yiffing and yiffing, and some giving head.

Edward and Laura skipped into her house.
She smiled and laughed, and pulled off her blouse.

And that is how this story comes to an end.
So now I sit back, smile and click SEND.