The Haunted House

edit64Written by Elix

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(This story was the winner of the School Days’ Halloween Fanfic Contest of 2007)

The Haunted House
Pokeinfo, Edward, Edna, School Days universe © You should know by now
Scenario © Elix, 2007

Pokeinfo grinned, seeing Edward approach. The school’s open house was working beautifully. Dressed up in a vampire costume, complete with fake blood-stained muzzlefur and outrageous tuxedo, the lion stopped Edward from walking through the entrance. “Wait, you need to wear this.” He produced a green plastic necklace with a round cylinder at the bottom, like a pendant, and he handed it to the fox.

“What? Why?”

“Because. It’s very dark and you’ll need this to see your way.” Edward looked at the necklace and then took it and slipped it over his head. He was dressed as a pirate, with a plastic scimitar tucked in the red sash about his waist. Pokeinfo then bent the tube, with a little crack, and the two chemicals in the cylinder mixed, glowing brightly .

The lion watched the fox head into the darkness through the curtain, and then he tugged a little sign out and hung it from the curtain. It read, “Closed for 15 minutes.”

In the darkness, Edward slowly stepped forward. A red light was glowing around the corner. As he approached the corner, a loud creaking sound came from around it, and the red light suddenly went out, leaving the fox in the dark. It came back on again after a moment, and Edward’s heart started beating faster as another light lit up further down the black-curtained corridor. Everything was dark except for the lights.

As Edward passed the corner with the red light, he saw that it was a lamp with some wires on it, and a speaker attached. The other light was also red, but it seemed to come through fabric in the ceiling. The boy walked towards the second light, since the first lamp had been much less scary now that he saw it. The glowstick around his neck gave the curtains a very pale light.

Suddenly, the lights both went out, leaving Edward in the dark. He yelped as strong paws gripped his wrists and tugged them upwards. “Hey! What’s going on?!” A strong rope of some kind wrapped around his wrists and suspended him, his toes barely able to touch the floor. In the darkness, the fox could feel cold fingers pulling his costume apart, undoing his sash, removing his plastic sword. Fingers drew his pirate pants down to his knees, and a warm muzzle of some kind wrapped over his sheath. “Hey! Stop!” Something wrapped around his muzzle, binding it shut.

On edge from his apparent capture, Edward could not help but become erect, the adrenaline driving his heart. The mouth on his shaft bobbed along, making wet sucking sounds. He tried to pull away, but cold, strong fingers pulled on his rump, and all he could really do was squirm since his pants hobbled his knees while he hung by his wrists.

The mysterious mouth moved off of his kitcock, and something else found it instead, squeezing him inside. He felt whatever it was wrap his length in tight, slimy warmth, more snug and hot than any blowjob he’d had. “Someone’s making me have sex!” was all he could think, bound and gagged in the darkness. The glow from his glowstick wasn’t bright enough to even light his belly, let alone his assailant. Whoever was raping him slid all the way down on his shaft, and then pulled back, bobbing firmly. The motion didn’t cause the fox to sway, however, but the sensations were intoxicating. Edward screamed, not because he was enjoying it, and the gag muffled him.

As the surprise sex continued, Edward found his resolve breaking. Only the discomfort in his wrists was keeping him from thrusting forward and squirting inside this unknown girl. The lack of being able to see or protest was wearing down his will, toes starting to curl. “Hmmf! Mmmf! Meef! Hmmeef!” He shook his head, muzzle bumping his stretched arms, and he felt that tenseness begin in his belly. Whoever it was with him could feel it too, and she pushed down hard, pressing on his balls, before she squirmed back and started up the pressure again.

Edward whined. He was going to come. He was being forced to come. He thrashed with his hips and legs, helpless, but that only made it worse, as the motions intensified the sex. With a loud cry, muffled by the gag, he dug his toes against the floor as much as he could and thrusted forward, squirting his seed, eyes closed. A sudden flash danced over his eyelids , and he opened them. “Hmmf?!”

“Gotcha, Edward!” Pokeinfo’s voice? The red lights turned back on, in front and behind the half-naked fox. A stream of cum oozed over the bare floor, light by the red light, and Pokeinfo suddenly walked into Edward’s field of vision, holding a camera. He tucked the camera into his pants pocket and untied a dark gray rope that was tied off on the wall, easing it out and lowering the caught fox back onto his heels. As the lion helped the fox dress, he refused to answer any of Edward’s questions. When the two boys walked out of the other end, Edna was coming out of the girls’ bathroom, wearing her St. Lovejoy cheerleader costume. She glanced at Edward, and then gave Pokeinfo a dirty look. “Aw, man! You let him through already?”

“Already? Weren’t you in there a minute ago?”.

“No! I yelled to you to make Edward wait ’til I was back out of the bathroom because I had to poo, and you said ok!”

“Uh? I didn’t hear you say anything…wait.” Pokeinfo pulled out the digital camera and turned it on, checking the stored files. “I could’ve sworn Edna was fucking you, Ed.” The lion turned the camera around, puzzled. In the preview frame was Edward, bound and half-undressed, ejaculating onto the floor, the flash highlighting a squirt of cum in mid-air.

*End of story*