The Dream

edit64Written by Mako Grey

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Part 0

The dream
July 31st 1920

Mako was walking around town with peace and quiet. There were rumours of a wolf gang coming out of the woodwork. He made his way to the park with the sun shinning in the sky. He sees a grey fox and a white arctic wolf standing there. He makes his way up to the two of them and notices the wolf is pregnant.

“Hello, there and how are you?” asked Mako.

“Good and you?” asked the grey fox.

“Good, thanks for asking” said Mako.

“May, I ask you your, name?” asked the grey fox.

“Mako and yours?” asked Mako.

“This is Flake and I’m Declan” said Declan.

“May, I ask when your expecting, your cubs Flake?” asked Mako.

“Soon and where having a boy and girl” said Flake blushing that could be seen.

“Ah that so cute and a nice way to start a family” said Mako happy for the two of them.

“Thank you” said Flake.

“May, I ask what’s going to be there names?” asked Mako with curiosity

“Sure, the boy’s name going to be Thomas and the girls Anne” said Flake while waiting for the day to finally be here.

“What, nice names and I’m sure they will be cute cubs” said Mako.

“Thanks and why all these questions?” asked Flake.

“Three years ago, I lost my wife caring are first cub from a random gun shot. To this day, I haven’t found the fur that did it. When I do there, will be hell to pay” said Mako wanting revenge.

“I’m sorry to hear that” said Flake.

“Thanks and if you need any help with anything, just ask except that” said Mako hoping they figured out what he meant.

“Ok and what, do you do?” asked Declan.

“I’m a private eye and I hope to, see you two again” said Mako.

“You, too” said Declan.

“Same, here” said Flake.

“One last thing, I’m going to guess your going, to give birth August eighteenth” said Mako.

“Why the eighteenth?” asked Flake wondering how he came up with that.

“Just a guess, that all” said Mako.

The three of them parted there ways and Mako spent the rest of the day wondering around Pouncefield.

September twenty first
The Wolf Gang hits

Mako was at the casino gambling in a game of poker while up twenty bucks at the time. A loud noise could be heard off in the distance as the gang was starting there take over of the town.

December 25

Christmas time and a lot of cubs along with the adults were scared off the gang. A lot of the adults went to a party at the Yiff and drink bar. The adults got carried away with both things and got trapped in the bar. They all got burned alive and no one could idea the bodies.

January 1

Peace lasted for one day and many furs thought the gang left town. Everyone did what they wanted that day but didn’t know the gang was just begging.

January 20

Mako celebrated his birthday alone and it was also the day the anniversary of his wife death. He visits his wife gravestone that read here lays Maria Grey. Born 1899 Died 1918.

April 1

The wolf gang drives by the school and kills a lot of students just for fun. Only one survived and no name was revelled.

July 4

One celebrates there freedom these furs were in fear. The gang violence gets out of hand and many are staying home while not going to work. The fur that survived the school shooting died by the wolf gang’s hand and a private eye is looking into the mater. Details are very scares at the moment.

September 5

School starts again but many students are not wishing to attend due to what happened already. Parents are forcing them to go or be strapped to a pole for target practice for the wolf gang. Many girls agree to this only if there in the house at the time.

January 2

The police authorities have gave up any search for the wolf gang or to stop anything they do. There are rumours around that they have been bought out by the gang. Many are now taking into the own paw to protect themselves by any means.

January 20

Mako spends his birthday with the two furs he met at the park a few years back. There cubs are home schooled for there protection. Mako has a feeling that Flake is part of the wolf gang as this is one big cover. He might just be stereo typical on this mater.

May 24

The wolf gang takes down the local brewery and a lot of furs don’t know how there going to have a bear to calm themselves down from this fear. Many are hoping there will be alcohol still in this town.

August 15

Fire spreads in a residential part of town late at night. Many believe no one escaped the blaze. Mako thinks it affected his two friends and there cubs thinking they died in the middle of the night.

January 1

Gang violence reaches fifty percent and there are at least three hundred dead. The body count is still rising. Hope this ends before there nothing left in this town.

January 20

Alcohol comes back into town and is more expensive then before. Furs are paying what ever they can get just to take the edge off. Mako spends his birthday getting wasted and thinking about killing himself to end the misery he’s in.

April 3

The wolf gang has an April good Friday massacre down at the park where there to be at least fifty dead and twenty five wounded. Many were spending there time yiffing. It was over heard a fox saying to a bunny of course!! Let me show, you my cum filled eggs.

June 4

Flake and Declan where found alive along there cubs as they were visiting there aunts out of town. They are staying there for as long as possible until they feel like its safe to return with there cubs to town.

September 5

The day school starts as class began where students were starting out. The wolf gang drove by and killed many. The largest bank in town was robbed and many residents don’t know what to do as there life savings where in the bank.

October 1

The wolf gang has at least eight hidden hideouts over town and the croc has taken over a part of the town. No fur dares to sit foot there and others are afraid to leave. The croc has others do there work around that part of town as no one has seen the croc in the fur to see who it is. Could be the leader very close to the top but no one knows for sure.

October 31

Many went out for trick or treat but more got pain along with torture. No cubs were killed this night but were missing legs or arms along with other things words can’t describe.

December 31

The last day before the New Year and the town is way to quiet as it almost seems like the wolf gang left.

January 20

Mako goes out of town and visits his friends out of town as it’s the last peaceful time he will have in awhile. Mako spends a week with his friends out of town for some peace and quiet.

April 1

The case for Scott begins.


It was the year 1925 where gangs where running ram bit and rioting was getting even worse by the minute. The town was Pouncefield and there wasn’t any pouncing going on in the yiff sense. In a small office sat a cat with cigar in one paw and a blade in the other. The cat also had a hat on covering his eyes along with a business suit on. He has a bunny typing away reports along with letters to other furs in the private eye business. A chipmunk came walking into the office in a dark blue over coat and with an expensive time piece on her. Tears are coming down her checks soaking her fur along with a painful look on her face. The chipmunk walks closer to the cat and places a picture on the desk. The cat’s eyes light up as he looks at the photograph only to recognize who it is.

“Where did you get this and who are you?” asked the cat.
“I’m Lucy and this is my husband Scott. He was kidnapped and possibility being raped as we speak from the gang of wolves. He was at the local pub drinking when the wolves got him. The photograph got dropped off to me earlier today. I also heard you were the best Mako” said Lucy
“This dam is sure is hot and I knew this would be a tough case to crack. The wolves have been picking off, local straight furs for awhile now, but there never been any leads, to who they where, except a couple of hairs, left at each scene. Now all I have to do, is figure out where this Scott is, to solve this case, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy” thought Mako while undressing Lucy with his eyes.

He gave the girl anther look and back at the photo while his mind is at work.

“I’ll accept this case and I’ll find your husband” said Mako.
“Thanks and I wish you the best” said Lucy.

The chipmunk walked out of the office and Mako sat there looking at the photograph while smoking his cigar. All that was behind the fur was a brick wall but nothing else and knew this wouldn’t give him any hints this way. He got up from his chair and made his way out of the office to the local pub near him. His receptionist waves him goodbye as he makes his way out the door while grabbing his coat. The sky turns to dark as a storm settles in with thunder being heard off in the distance. Mako walks across the street to the pub as the rain starts to pour down behind him. He sits down on a stool in near the bar with the bartender an older looking shepherded looking in the opposite way cleaning out the glasses.

“Hello Hector, can I get a martini?” asked Mako wanting something to calm the nerves.
The bartender turns around and sees the cat sitting there looking at him with a smile on his face.
“Hi Mac, one martini coming up” said Hector.
“Thanks and have you seen this fur recently?” asked Mako placing the photo of Scott on the bar.

The bartender looked at the photo and back at Mako with a strange look in his eyes. He then turned around and made the martini for him. After making the martini he turns back around and places martini on the bar right beside the photo.

“Well, he was here about two weeks ago, hitting on dark furred cat that I’ve only seen that one time. Those two were sitting off in the far corner drinking Tonic water and I did notice they were kissing each other like lovers would” said Hector
Mako takes a drink of his martini before continuing.
“Can you give me any details about this cat?” asked Mako.
“Sure, she was in a purple dress, black high heals along with some diamond earrings. Also they looked like brother and sister” said Hector.
“Thanks and here what I owe you” said Mako giving Hector the money.

Mako takes the photo of Scott and places it in his pocket before finishing his martini. He walks out into the poring down rain. As Mako was lost in thought about who this girl could be a group of furs were sneaking up behind him with evil intent on there mind. Two of them pulled out beating sticks and hit Mako in the back of head knocking him out. Mako fell on the ground in the middle of the street. The two furs continued to beat on him as he lay motionless on the ground. The group of furs walked away from Mako leaving him there in his beat up blacked out state as the rain continued to poor down.


Mako wakes up in the middle of the street with the rain coming down. He notices a shadow of a fur standing over him but couldn’t tell who it was. The fur stepped closer and Mako could make out who this was but didn’t know the fur. The foxkat walked over towards Mako with a firm step and outward composure of the manner. Foxkat has bright red fur, yellow tip on the tail, with orange eyes and has a certain thing about them.

“Look’s like you need, a hand” said Foxkat extending there paw.

Mako accepts the foxkat’s paw and get’s off the ground.

“Thanks, for the help” said Mako.
“Your, welcome” said Foxkat.

The two look at each other as this awkward silence is surrounding them. The rain begins to stop and the sky clears up as the sun comes out behind the clouds. He digs through his pockets to find the photo along with a note pad to write any details down. Mako writes down everything leading up to this point including the foxkat in front of him for future reference.
“Did you, see what happened here?” asked Mako.
“No, all I saw was you on ground” said Foxkat.
“I see and do you know, who this is?” asked Mako holding a photo of Scott to show the foxkat.
“I’ve seem to recall seeing, him at St. Love joys hanging out with a girl. They looked to be almost twins, if I do say so” said Foxkat.
“Anything else, you can give me?” asked Mako while making a note of it.
“There was anther one, there hanging out in the shadows looking onto the pair. I couldn’t make out who was, as it seemed to be a black costume of some kind” said Foxkat.
“Thanks, for the help as you’ve been quite helpful” said Mako as he wrote the last bit of details down.
“Your, welcome” said Foxkat.

The two of them separated and walked in opposite directions of the road. Mako was in thought about what would cause the attack and if there was any trace left after the rain. He knew it would almost be impossible to find any traces left afterwards. He made his way home as he could here ruckus along with seeing the town getting worse. He walked up to the apartment and noticed some graffiti on the walls. He walked up to the wall and placed his paw on it and noticed the paint was still wet. On the wall it read the wolf gang rules and pay or die. He took into effect this one couldn’t be that far away and started to look for any sort of clues lying around. He looked around and saw some paint drops on the ground. He made his way in the direction of the paint drops heading even to a worse part of town.

In this part of town it was run by a croc that no ones ever seen and it not safe to come unprepared to this part of town. There are followers of this croc that beat up anyone and everyone who aren’t in there good graces. That if they have any at all and even beat up the police if they ever come to this part too. Mako looks around and see’s this little old lady coming out of the grocery story in her wheel chair with some food. He decides to help this lady out but before he could two of the croc followers tackle the lady and beat her up extensity while stealing her groceries also. Mako walks over to the lady as she’s in need of some assistance.

“Can I, help you?” asked Mako extending his paw.
“Yes, thank you” said the lady.

Mako helps the lady up in her wheelchair as it was bit of a struggle with the weight and all. He let’s out deep breath as he needs to catch his breath after all that.

“What, did they want?” asked Mako hoping to help her out.
“Nothing but, perhaps you could help?” asked the lady.
“I love to and may, I ask you your name?” asked Mako.
“Thank you and its Cecil Forrester” said Cecil.
“Is there any place or a clue perhaps, you could give me that would help?” asked Mako.
“I’ve heard rumours that the leader lives, in a building seen by night but not by day” said Cecil.
“What does that mean?” asked Mako.
“Not sure, but that all I know” said Cecil.
“Thanks and I’ll look into this” said Mako.
“Au revour” said Cecil.
“Au revour” said Mako.

Mako continued on his way down the street while looking at all the injured broken down furs even some bleeding with no hope of surviving in this neighbour hood. He even sees a fur getting beaten to death while being yiffed at the same time.

“I have, to stop this as it’s just wrong. No one deserves this and this croc has to pay” thought Mako clenching his fists.

He comes to the end of the trail of red paint pissed off and notices it was a dead end. He sees the can of red paint on the ground and looks up to see your next. He turns around and notices a group of the croc followers standing behind him with the intent to kill on there mind. He sees foxes, wolves, cats and rats ready to destroy him at any cost even with there own lives.

“For it has come to past, that who shall throw the first punch, will serve a bloody demise. You will all be doomed because you have, thrown many when I have thrown none” said Mako pulling out his blade.

None of them are fazed by the blade Mako holding in his paw and are more egger to destroy this cat. They all rush forward towards the cat but stop dead sort of touching him as a bell rings. The gang runs off and Mako tries to follow but loses track of them very quickly. He heads back to where he helped the elderly women earlier only to find everything been destroyed. There were dead bodies of fur’s, decapitated and in other ways words could not describe. He walked to the grocery store and saw the lady dead by her wheel chair.

“This, croc going to pay, a server sentence that even in hell, it won’t be paid” said Mako with evil intent on his mind.

He thinks on what that women said to him and wait’s till it turns dark for the clue to present it self. He wonders around the town and see’s one building he’s never noticed before. It was in perfect shape compared to everything else around it and he see’s some of the gang from earlier going in it. He looks up and notices a sign that reads in light there is darkness.

“Cleaver” thought Mako wondering how he missed this.

He walks up to the entrance to the club and notices there a big buffed up Doberman guarding the door.

“Password?” asked the Doberman.

Mako was stumped as he knew he couldn’t blow his cover yet and now needed a password to get inside.

“I don’t, know” said Mako.
“Incorrect and if you don’t leave, I’ll break your arm’s” said the Doberman.

Mako walked away as he was afraid that the Doberman would do it too. He walks down the street and sees no one in sights. Mako was exhausted from everything that happened today.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, for you croc” thought Mako.

He comes back to his apartment as nothing really has changed except for a bum sleeping in front of the place. He walks up the stairs and heads into his apartment 3B. He looks around and sees the place is as how he left it. The only thing that was different was a letter lying on the floor in front of him near the door. Mako picked up the letter and examined it closely. The read was vivid and had a couple clues that could help.

Dear Mako

I am a friend and I’m here to help you. We’ve met awhile ago but you may not remember as it has been ages. I’m in the wolf gang but not one of them. I’m not even a wolf for that mater. I’ve been told by the hostage known as Scott that he will let you have anything you want if you save him. He said that after extreme ball torture and I’ve never seen anyone cry that much. I would do it myself but I’m in to deep and have many connections in here. I even have a lover within the gang but they don’t know the truth about me. I’ve heard from someone that you were looking into the croc and made it to the front door. Most have died getting that close. The passed word is el coco. I hope this helps from you friend.

A true friend

“Interesting to know and the croc going to pay dearly for, what’s happened” thought Mako while wondering who this was.

He sat down in his black chair with a lot to think about from today. With all the thought Mako fell asleep in the chair hoping tomorrow would get him closer to the truth behind all this.


Mako wakes up in his black chair only to hear a knock banging against the door.

“I wonder who, that could be” thought Mako.

Mako gets up from his chair and looks out the window only to see the sun just coming up over the horizon. The banging becomes more frequent every passing second as Mako get’s closer and closer towards the door. He arrives at the door and put’s his paw on the handle as the banging stops. There no sound but complete dead silence and there was nothing to indicate anything at all on the other side. Mako opens the door only to see nothing at all except a box near his feet. He picks it up and walks back into his place while closing the door behind him. He walks back to his chair and opens up the box only to see it was a black suit. There was also a note attached to it. This is the last suit you’ll ever wear.

Meanwhile in Pouncefield there a meeting taking place. The gang of wolves and few other members where setting up something big. Everyone was using code names in case someone was listing.

“You see gentlemen and ladies a local private eye in on to us” said one of them.

“What do you suppose, we do X?” asked anther.

“We, move forward at no cost” said X.

A loud scream of pain could be over heard as the group of there were disturbed.

“Will you please check on that, M and ask double X to hurry it up?” asked X hoping to extract the info soon.

“As, you wish, master X” said M bowing toward X.

M walks off to see what double X is taking so long with extracting the info.

“This has come, to my attention that the croc is has the private eye on his list” said X.

“How, can we be sure?” asked one of them.

“This, info, comes from a member of the croc, family” said X using family loosely.

“What in place, to stop this?” asked one of them.

“Nothing, currently but there is something in play, for the croc party tonight” said X.

“Which, is?” asked one of them.

“The croc, keeping it secret just in case, there a traitor in the group” said X while having this funny feeling.

Else ware where this meeting taking place. M has made there way to see what double X was doing to get the information.

“How’s, it going and X sent me” said M.

“Not, well, this one putting up a fight and this is the sixteenth one in two months. You sure this, is the right one this time?” asked double X.

“Let’s hope X got the right one and someone looking for this one” said M.

“Great and if were wrong” said double X.

“Don’t think, that as it won’t happen” said M.

“I won’t and I have to get back to work” said double X.

“Just, let me know if there any progress” said M.

“I will” said double X.

M left double X alone and went back to where the others were talking. Double X went back to see if the prisoner would release any info.

“Where did you, hid it?” asked double X punching the prisoner in the kidney’s.

“I don’t know what, you’re talking about. I’m just a tailor” said the prisoner.

The prisoner just got repeatedly punched without being asked a question. Other’s came and hit the prisoner just for fun or doing other things to this one. Back where the meeting was taking place.

“M how, did it go?” asked X.

“Not, well as the prisoner has yet to say anything useful” said M.

“That, not good as are boss won’t like this” said X.

“Who is the boss as I’ve never, met the leader?” asked M.

“Nether, have I as I only to speak to the leader in shadows” said X.

A new fur steps in to the group that looks nervous as what could happen if something was said wrong.

“Excuse me, I’ve been told by the leader to be here” said the new one.

“Who, are you?” asked X.

“You can call me, T” said T.

“Ok and why, are you here?” asked X.

“We’ve identified the, private eye. Goes by the name Mako and will be at, the party tonight” said T.

“Excellent and we can stop this Mako soon” said X placing there paws together.

“How are we going to do, that?” asked T.

“Simple and it will be easy, as pie” said X.

“How, did you come across, this info?” asked one of them.

“One of the small times groups, came off a big lost. They saw the cat walking out of, the bar and decided to let off some steam” said T.

“Is, there anyway this will be traced back to us?” asked X.

“Not, that I can see” said T.

“That good and we don’t want are prisoner, to revel are identities” said X.

“True and don’t worry, double X and I have a plan if that ever happens” said M.

Meanwhile back at Mako place. Mako just got dressed and was all set to take the croc down.

“Now, only if I can remember how, to get there” thought Mako.

A knock came at the door and Mako wasn’t expecting any visitors any time soon.

“I, wonder who that is” thought Mako walking towards the door.

He opens the door slowly while being suspicious in case any found out where he lived. As the door opens a fur he hasn’t seen before is pointing a Winchester at him.

“Come, with me, or die as a certain someone wants to see you” said the fur.

“Who, are you?” asked Mako.

“I am not a rat and I am a rat. Names Chester rat” said Chester.

“Well, Chester what this about?” asked Mako keeping an eye on the gun.

“Enough, talk as were going now” said Chester.

“Ok, let me just close the door” said Mako.

Mako closed the door and followed Chester outside to a carriage. The driver couldn’t be seen and the two of them steeped in the carriage.

“I’m, sorry but you’re going to have to be, blindfolded for the trip” said Chester.

“Ok” said Mako while being cautious.

Chester put a big black blindfold over Mako face before setting off to anther part of the town.


After a short ride in the carriage it comes to a halt and Chester takes the blind fold off Mako.

“My, employer inside will, find you and do you have any idea, where we are my dear fellow?” asked Chester.

Mako thinks about this for a few seconds before answering him.

“Simple were, at the last watch as we went down the love shack. The last watch name started out as the last watch you’ll own but it stuck. It also rumoured to be one of the wolf gangs hideout’s but there hasn’t been any substantial proof on that. I was a little lost at first but it was simple once we reached Miss. Dobermans freshly baked treats. As for you’re employer, I have a few ideas my dear fellow” said Mako.

“Care, to elaborate?” asked Chester wondering what his thought were.

“No, but, all in good time, Chester all in good time and what was the point, of blindfolding me at all?” asked Mako for curiosity.

“Protocol and I’ll keep that in mind, if are paths ever cross again. One last thing my employer will come to you and now I must go” said Chester.

“Ok and off to where?” asked Mako for every clue possible even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the case.

“If, you must know, I’m off to see friends” said Chester.

“Ok and goodbye” said Mako.

“Goodbye” said Chester.

Mako steeped out of the carriage and started to head to the last watch to shed some light on this case before it goes on for too long. He also recalled that he had to go back to where the croc is to finish what he started in that part of town. As he walks by a green fox in ragged clothes playing a washboard is hoping to get money from furs walking by. There was a male peacock with a sign in front of him and was playing the trombone for furs. The sign read Frank Ellsworth and No’sh fox the street band.

“Here, a coin for both of you, if you’ve seen any wolfs pass by?” asked Mako holding to coins out.

The two of them looked at each other trying to recall on seeing any wolfs pass by. Then No’sh looked back at the cat knowing the answer.

“There, were a few wolfs that came, out maybe a couple hours ago. There were some others with them and they weren’t wolves” said No’sh.

“Care to, elaborate?” asked Mako.

“My, memory a little fuzzy, perhaps some more coin will make it clear” said No’sh.

“Perhaps, twenty dollars will do it?” asked Mako giving No’sh the cash.

“That, it will. There two red ferret hybrids with them and anther but didn’t get a good, look see. They hopped into there private carriage and went in the croc direction” said No’sh.

“Thanks” said Mako.

Mako continued walking and made his way inside the Last watch with many furs inside. Some seemed to cleaning house while others just kept on losing hoping to earn some of it back. Mako noticed an open stool beside a platypus looking sad and depressed with only one chip in front of him.

“Is, this seat taken?” asked Mako.
“No and help your self” said the platypus.
“Thanks and who might you be?” asked Mako sitting down.
“Billy and you?” asked Billy.
Mako and do you know this one?” asked Mako showing the photo of Scott.
“Yes, why?” asked Billy.
“I’m looking for him, as he’s been taken by the wolf gang” said Mako.
“I like to help as, it happened around a week ago” said Billy.

A little over a week ago

Billy left home as he left something important at school that day. There was the sound of gunfire in the air and a lot of furs on his street dead due to the wolf gang. As he reaches the corner with a stop sign and sees’s two furs on the other side of the street having a conversation but Billy couldn’t hear it. A black model T car came up to the stop sign and pulled out a Thompson submachine gun shooting the two on the other side of the road. Billy ducks for cover in case they set there guns on him next. As he’s lying there on the ground and notices the local newspaper The Daily Pouncefield and the main headline catches his eye. It read Nellie Tayloe Ross becomes first female governor of Pouncefield. Farther on the front page it read crime raises to eighty percent and it there no end in sight.

“This can, only get better” thought Billy.

He looks around and see’s the car gone for now. He gets’s off the ground and walks across the street to notice two dead foxes dressed in school uniforms.

“They almost look, like brother and sister” said Billy while having no idea who they were.

Billy continues on his way towards the school while a little startled by what he just saw. The school only had one floor with many of the windows broken by drive by shooting at students for no reason at all. Many cubs have died due to this as they were just starting there life and many weren’t a lover of any kind ether. As Billy walks into the school hoping nothing bad could happen he goes by some old class photos of happier times before the wolf gang took over. One particular photo caught his eye and it was the class of eighteen sixty-five with his old class mate Gabriel Grey.

“It was a better time, then this and Alice in Wonderland came out, that we all read as a class project” thought Billy.

With Billy lost in thought about those better days he heard some noise coming from outside and thought they were coming back to shoot him. Billy moves closer and hides himself into the shadows as the noise was getting closer. He peaks around the corner to see two skunkat’s standing there in the open having a conversation.

“You, know sis, I can’t believe the gang killed Ed and Edna fox” said the male skunkat.

“Nether, can I bro and to think, they were going to come over for the night” said the female skunkat.

“Yes and this, gang getting worse sis” said the male skunkat.

The two skunkat’s notice a foxkat walking by and thought it was an informant for the wolf gang. The foxkat notices someone in the shadow’s but doesn’t know who it is from this distance.

“Let’s get, out of here bro” said the female skunkat.

“You, said it sis” said the male skunkat.

The two skunkat’s and the foxkat went on there way to other parts in town. Billy heads off to grab the thing he needs before heading home for the night while making sure he wasn’t followed. Billy has been on edge ever since that day while thinking the wolf gang going to come and finish him off.

Back at the Last Watch

Mako looks at Billy hoping for more but that all the info he had.

“That’s the story” said Billy.

“Thanks and you have ever been so, helpful with this case” said Mako.

“You, going to stop the gang?” asked Billy hoping for this madness to end.

“If, it comes to that, yes or I’ll die trying” said Mako.

“One last, thing before I forget. Are you related to, Gabriel Grey?” asked Billy.

“Yes and you’ll have to find out the rest, of the story. I like to keep my, past private and I must be going” said Mako.

“Ok and good luck” said Billy.

“Thanks” said Mako.

Mako get’s up from his seat and continuous to look around the casino for the informant that wanted him. Billy had a single thought on his mind after Mako left him there alone with his own thoughts.

“He, looks a lot like the, fur I once knew” thought Billy.

Mako continues to look around for the fur that sent for him but didn’t know who to look for. He walks up to the bar and see’s a blue fox in a tux talking to a girl ferret hoping to get some action for the night only to be interrupted by the shiatsu.

“How, would you like your, drink sir?” asked the Shiatsu.

“Shaken not, stirred” said the blue fox.

“Coming, right up” said the Shiatsu.

Mako looks at the blue fox and looked like a spy from Russia with love in his heart.

“Excuse me, sir may I ask you, your name?” asked Mako.

The blue fox looked at the cat for a sec before answering him.

“Teff, Teff Sininen and you are?” asked Teff to his companion.

“Teff, pleasure to meet you and you can call me, Mako” said Mako.

“Oh, oh better call, Mako” said Teff.

“I don’t really, like that saying and why are you here?” asked Mako.

“Just, waiting for a friend named, Scott and I’ve been here for the, past two days” said Teff wondering where he is.

This gave Mako an idea on what was happening here but wanted to here it from the fox’s mouth.

“Why?” asked Mako.

“He, said he found out, who every member of the gang was and wanted me to stop it with the group of mine” said Teff.

“Were, this group of yours?” asked Mako.

“Around” said Teff.

“I see and Scott won’t be coming, to see you” said Mako.

“Why, that?” asked Teff wondering what happened.

“The gang got him and I’m on a case, looking for him” said Mako.

“How’s that going?” asked Teff while a little shocked to see his friend gone.

“Good, I have a few leads and a lot of it’s pointing in the croc direction” said Mako not wanting to say too much.

“I’ve heard of him, but not sure who the croc really is” said Teff.

“Thanks and I hope to see you, again after this case” said Mako thinking this fox has something to do with what going on.

“You, too and when you see Scott, tell him I’ll be waiting here for him” said Teff.

“I will” said Mako.

Mako left Teff at the bar and wondered farther into the back only to find a great big muscular Great Dane standing in front of a door leading to somewhere.

“Where does, that go?” asked Mako with curiosity.

“None, of your business, unless you know the password?” asked the Great Dane.

“El, coco” said Mako hoping he was right.

“Wrong and leave before, I break your legs” said the Great Dane cracking his knuckles.

Mako backed up slowly with no doubt in his mind that the Dane would do it. He wonders the floor thinking over things while looking for the informant. He walks to a stage that only a furs sitting around and two female singers walk onto the stage. A female skunkat and a female yellow wolf started to sing a song on stage. They sing the song in unison. Mako sits there listening to the song in the year nineteen twenty five he thinks the female skunkat is the one Hector was referring to a few days ago. The song ends and everyone claps thinking about those times in the year eighteen sixty-five. Mako get’s up and moves closer to the stage as the girls curtsey.

“Excuse me, do ether one of you know, a Scott skunkat?” asked Mako wanting an answer.

The skunkat ran in the opposite direction of Mako thinking he was part of the wolf gang coming to get her. Mako tried to go after her but was forced down as the crowd ran up to the stage to protect her. He lost his lead and was stuck waiting around for the reason he was here for. As time passed well into the night and the casino crowd was staring to head back to there home’s in fear of the gang. He over heard something quite clearly as if he was standing right beside the one who said it.

“Frankly my, dear I don’t give a damn. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day, I’m going to win the jackpot and get us out this hell hole of a town” said the fur.

“I wonder who, that was” thought Mako.

Mako looks around from where he’s standing but isn’t able to get a visual on the fur. As he continues to look around he get’s tapped on the shoulder by a fur behind him. Mako turns around to see this fur standing there all dressed up and not being able to tell who it is.

“Mako, Grey?” asked the fur.

“Yes and you, are?” asked Mako wondering who this is.

*To be continued*