The Dream Hacker

edit64Written by Dr. ?

DISCLAIMER: “School Days” is a Palcomix production. Based on the lives, events and places created by Krezz Karavan and company. All characters belong to their respective owners. This story is concepted and written by Dr.?. All cubs involved in this story are of complete fiction, those who do not understand fiction, nor the antics the following cubs, or the situations involved, should not be reading this story. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.



It was the start of another day at school and Edward and Edna waited outside of their home for the bus. The only difference is that Laura was standing there with them. Her folks were on vacation and Laura was staying with them. The bus pulled up and all three of them boarded. All of them sat on the bus and Edward simply crashed in his seat. Pokeinfo turned around to look at his friend. “Man, you look like shit. What happened to you?” he asked.
“I haven’t been getting any sleep.” Edward answered.
Pokeinfo looked over to where Laura was sitting, over by Jenny as usual. “Well, your girlfriend must be working you all night, huh?”
“I wish, she stays with Edna. I’ve had nightmares for the past couple of days. Nightmares that keep me up at night when I can finally wake up from them, that is. I don’t wanna talk about them.”
“Are we talking about homocidal manic nightmares, serial killer nightmares, Freddy Kruger-meets-Pinhead type nightmares?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it, just wake me up when we get to school.”
Pokeinfo turned around. I still think Laura’s keeping him up at night. thought the young lion cub.

“So how long are you going to be at Ed’s place?” asked Jenny.
“Until my folks get back.” Laura answered. “I wanted to go, or at least sleep in the living room, but I share Edna’s room.”
“Is that bad?”
“She masturbates in her sleep.” Laura whispered to her friend and the two girls shared a laugh.
“You should sneak into Ed’s room sometimes, mess around some.” more giggles from the girls.

Edward got his wake up call when the bus got to school, but his day just got worse. He constantly fell asleep in class, and it got him into trouble. During the break to last class, Edward ran into Pokeinfo again. “You holding up?” he asked his friend again.
“I got detention, maybe I’ll catch up in my sleep then.” Edward answered.
“Uh huh. Well good luck with that.”
“Thanks.” Edward yawned.
Detention came to Edward and the young fox managed to get all of his work done, then he dozed off. Finally, he could get some sleep. The young fox had his dream, and in his dream…..

“Dude, you are gonna love this place, the girls are hot here.” said Pokeinfo. “Ed, you’re gonna have a good time here.”
“The girls here are fine, Ed, you’ll love the place.” said Raptor.
“I don’t know about this, guys.” said Edward, shy as ever. “Are you sure this place is good for me?”
“Trust us, I’ve seen some of the teachers go in here, I know this is a good place.” said Raptor.
“You’ll love these girls, they’re hot.” said Pokeinfo.
The guys walk in and see all the girls dancing on poles and the young fox had a smile on his face. I like this place… this is my kind of party. thought Edward as the three guys sat at a table.
“Okay you guys, whip out the singles.” said Raptor and all three guys pull out their bills.

“Okay fellas, it’s that time again.” was heard by the announcer. “Please direct your attention to the main stage. It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite dancer, Bootylicious!”
Cheers instantly were heard from everyone inside the club. “Man Ed, you’re gonna love this chick.” said Raptor. “She’s got body, a pretty face and an apple bottom.”
“Rap is right, Ed.” added Pokeinfo. “I’d plug this chick if I had a chance, she is fine.”

The lights dim and the dancer named Bootylicious walked down the stage. She was a yellow colored feline with orange eyes, purple hair with red highlights in her bangs and a slim frame. Her hair was in two shoulder length ponytails and three rings in her left ear. As she walked, the red tassels on her nipples spun like airplane propellars and she had a nice red piece of string thoung, and hips that would never lie. “That’s some nice butt floss she has on.” said Raptor.
“Come on boys, show me you love me.” Bootylicious said and the guys hollared as they tossed their bills at her like it was a shower. As she walked, her tail whisked behind her and managed to go across Edward. “Hey there, hot stuff. Wanna dance?”
“Um… yeah.” Edward answered and held his dollars, placing them in her string.
“Nothing like a guy’s night out.” said Raptor.
“Lucky bastard. I wish it was me.” said Pokeinfo.

Edward was pulled on stage and seated into a chair, then Bootylicious gave her lap dance to the young fox. Thank you fellas. thought Edward. He closed his eyes and let her tail swish around him, but when he opened his eyes, they yellow feline was changed. Instead, it was Edna giving him the lap dance. “Hey handsome,” Edna said as she turn arond and grabbed her ankles, “spank me.”
Edward began to freak out as Edna giggled at him and everyone else is still whistling and throwing bills. What’s happening, what happened to the cat girl?
Edna sat in his lap, wrapping her legs over his shoulders. “You shy boy, don’t worry. I won’t bite you… too hard.” said Edna.

Edward woke up sitting in his seat, he was sweating profusely and his sweat was cold. Not again…. he thought as ran out of the classroom. Outside, about twenty-five feet from the window ot the Detention hall, Edna sat holding a book. She was giggling away her cares. “God, I love doing this.” she said to herself. “It will be a matter of time before he finally understands what he wants.” Her laughing only grew as the young vixen was frantically kicking her legs into the air while clenching a red hardback covered book, then regained her composure and turned the page. The name of the book: How to Hack Dreams.


Later that night at the dinner table, everyone was eating and enjoying the meal. “Son, you seem worn out. Have you been pulling all-nighters for a test or project at school?” asked Edward’s dad.
“I… I don’t want to talk about it.” Edward answered as he shoveled his potatoes into his mouth with his fork.
“Edward had detention today.” Edna rats her brother out.
“Did you get into a fight with that Rodriguez boy again?” asked Edward’s mother.
“No, I didn’t get into any fights.” Edward answered.
“Pardon my japanese Ed, but you look like shit.” said Laura.
Edward puts his fork down and sighs. “If you must know,” he began, “I’ve been having nightmares for the past couple of days. Nightmares that keep me up all night.”
“Are we talking about Stabby-stabby nightmares, Late Nite Horrorfest nightmares, or some Freddy Kruger shit?” asked Edna.
“Edna, watch your mouth at the table.” her mother scorned her.
“It’s nothing like that.” Edward answered.
“Well why don’t you just go to bed now? You look like you need more sleep anyway.” suggests his father.
“I’m gonna take a shower, excuse me.” And the young fox left the dinner table.
“I want his potatoes.” said Edna.

The young fox took his shower, he was all alone with the door locked. He made sure he locked the bathroom door, especially since Edna had a habit of taking his towel and tighty whities and making her chase her around the house like Jay Byrd. When will these nightmares end…. he wondered. I don’t know how much more of this I’ll be able to take. And that was a really good draem too. That dancer was fine, and that name on that cat…. Bootylicious. Man, what I wouldn’t give for some bootylicious right now. Thinking about the good part of that dream gave him a healthy bone. Edward wasn’t one to beat it with his girlfriend in the house, so he simply just let himself suside as the water ran over his body. For once, the young fox was starting to relax. Three raps came from the bathroom door, “Save some hot water for the rest of us, you sponge!” Edna yelled.
“Sorry.” said Edward and out of the shower he stepped.

Edward managed to fall asleep rather quickly and he managed to be content with his subconscious. Edna was in her room reading her book. “Tapping into another person’s subcon is only the beginning.” she read as her fingers turned to the next page. “To truly control what a person dreams, you must first match their mental wavelength. Once you’ve done that, it can even be possible to not only manipulate subcon, but also to change it to your own wills and desires.” An evil smile swept across the young vixen, she was ready to test what she has just learned. “This method is known as Somniotic Mesmerism.” {somm-knee-otic mez-merr-ism} Edna thought about the term, then read more. “SM is an ancient form of dark hypnosis used in medieval times by magic users known as ‘Shades’, it was believed they would use this to peirce the minds of their opponents and break their will before defeating them in battle. Whoa, that’s pretty deep. Such a technique should be used with caution, for it can, if used improperly, have disastrous results.

“When used carefully, it can even save lives of norms.” Edna put the book behind her pillow and placed it so the book was concealed behind it. Which ironically for her, was impeccable timing as Laura entered her room. “Did I catch you writing in your diary, Edna?” asked Laura.
Edna blushed. “Something like that, yeah.” she answered.
“My badt.”
“It’s okay, I’m glad it was you over my brother. You know how guys are when they get a hand on a girl’s personal musings.”
“No I don’t… and frankly, I wouldn’t want to know about that. Let’s get some sleep, I got Cheerleading practice after school tomorrow.”
“Yeah, I also have to talk with Cynthia about strategy for the game coming up.”
The girls turned in for the night, Edna moving the book into her arms.
2:30 a.m. and all is peaceful in the house of Fox. But the peace won’t last too long, not for one young cub anyway…. Edward’s subcon was another good night’s dream. “The Playfur Mansion… I never thought I’d be in this place.” Edward was all smiles and who wouldn’t be? This place is every male cub’s hedonistic desire, to be on the grounds of this place.
“I don’t know how you scored for us to get here, but I’m not worthy.” said Pokeinfo.
“I got people.” Paige answered. “They threw a few bones and here we are.”
“I got a fresh camera ready for some fond memories.” said Pokeinfo with a cheese grin.
As they walked in through the doors, they were greeted by the man himself, J.P. Nightwulf. He greeted the fellas wearing his traditional royal purple robe. “Welcome to my mansion, feel free to enjoy yourselves. And if there’s anything I can do to make your stay more enjoyable, simply say the word.”

After mingling with the man, Nightwulf himself, the guys went out back to the pool, where many of the Playfur Playmates were lounging poolside. This place is sweeter than I thought it’d be. thought Edward as he sat in the spa.
“Hey ladies, take a pic with me, please?” asked Pokeinfo.
“Sure.” the Plamates answered.
Nightwulf took the camera. “Okay, smile for the camera.”
Pokeinfo was a lucky cub, he was right between two hot Plamates: On his left, a red and what panda with short red hair and green eyes, and on his right was the new Playfur Model of the month, the lovely miss Swisse Cheddir. She was a millky white mouse with blonde hair and soft blue eyes. The picture was great for him, because not only was he inbetween the lovely ladies, he was also getting some lovely titty face. You know he was happy.
“Man, I love this place.” said Paige. “I practically have the tittygraphs of all my favorites. Mem’ries…. sweet mem’ries…” the young dingo was floating on air, litterally.

“Okay fellas, I think we oughtta step this good time up a notch.” said Nightwulf. “Let’s head to the set.”
“Sweet, this place just keeps getting better.” said Pokeinfo.
“Score!” shouts Paige and the two young cubs walks inside with the girls and Nightwulf.

Never one to be outgoing, Edward is just now getting out of the water to dry off. “You know, they say that the quiet ones are always the most interesting men.” Edward turned and there he saw her, a hot looking ewe. Her short horns curved forward from the side of her head and through her pink hair. Her hazel eyes glanced at him with interest. “I also did like the shy ones.” she said.
Edward just looked at the ewe, she was gorgeous, and not only that, she was shaved. Her pink wool looked like a tube top (which revealed quite the lovely amount of cleavege) and short shorts. her black hooves were just as shiny as the golden bell worn around her neck between those lucious torso hills. Damn, she’s gorgeous…. his mind ranted.
“I’m Woolen,” she introduced herself. “And you are…”
“I-I-I-I, I am Ed….ward.” the young fox finally managed to say.
“Edward, mind if I call you Ed?”
“You can call me anything you want.” Edward’s cheeks turned cherry red.
“How about I call you my bossom buddy?”
Out of the water and into Woolen’s arms, Edward had a lovely embrace as his face was pressed againt Woolen’s mammaries. Poor guy, he looked up at her, but couldn’t see because the fog was so thick on the lenses of his glasses.
But his fogged up glasses weren’t the only thing that caught Woolen’s attention. “Well, some has a nice long rool of quarters in his trunks.” she teased the young fox. “Wanna go somewhere private?”
“I’d be lying if I said no.”
“Good boy.”

Woolen led Edward to her private room and he simply sat down on the bed. “Now, let’s take a look at those quarters.” said Woolen.
“Uh huh…” Edward squeaked out.
Woolen pulled the string of Edward’s trunks, then began to pull them down, shwing!! “Well…. For a shy guy, you’re going to make a lot of happy girls with this thing.” she said as her hand moved down his member.
Oh god, yes…. Edward thought.
“Let’s try this.” Edward was placed between those happy hills and they rubbed against him, sending surges all the way down to his toes. “Ooh, you like it, don’t you?”
“Oh yeahahahahahahah….” Edward moaned.
“You know you want me, say it. Say that you want me.”
“God I want you. I want you so bad…”
“Well let me nurture you, Edward.”

Woolen pushed Edward on his back and began to straddle him. Sex with a Playmate, he couldn’t believe his luck. But what would he say to Laura…. not a damn thing. For what happens at the mansion STAYS at the mansion. After a while of being rode and watching her chest bounce, Woolen pulled him in for a hot kiss. “Think you can handle me, handsome?” she asked.
“I’ll try my bestest.” Edward answered.
“Then have a turn.”
Edward took over with Woolen and began to hit it from the back. At this moment in time, he wouldn’t mind if his dick started swelling up in this playmate, he was enjoying his time. Edward decided to chang positions with Woolen, so he did… bit when that happened, He found that he was doing Edna. “Ooh baby, you know what I like. Keep working my spot.” she said.
Edward shreiked. “What the…” he was shocked.
“Don’t stop now, work it like there’s no tomorrow.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he yelled as he woke up from what was turning out to be a seriously perfect dream. Poor Edward, tears began to river from his eyes. Why, why did it have to be that dream?! the young fox buried his face into his hands. I can understand the dancer, but why… why did you take my Playfur Playmate from me….
Edward’s mom opened the door and looked in on him. “Is everything all right, that was quite the scream?” she asked.
“I’m gonna get a glass of milk, Ma.” Edward responded, still in tears.
“Well okay, but put a robe on. I don’t want you walking out in your underwear and Laura catches an eyefull.”
“Yes ma’am.”

“Wow, that must’ve been one really bad nightmare to yell like that.” said Laura.
“I doubt it, Laura.” Edna said. “It was probably a dream where he’s winning some geeky computer game award, like getting 1000 kill in Starcraft or something.”
“That’s our Ed, always playing online games….” Laura turned back ovver to sleep.
Edna turned over to sleep as well, Yup, that’s my brother… he’s always like that. She was satisfied with ruining another dream for Edward, and of course, happy with the pleasant orgasm she gave herself while doing so.


Another day, another worn out ride on the bus. “You had another nightmare again, didn’t you?” asked Pokeinfo.
“Oh no, I slept like a baby.” Edward answered sarcastically.
“Well baby, you look like shit.”
“That’s not cool.”
“So, you gonna tell me about this one or not?”
“I might as well, it just might make me feel better.”
“I’m all ears.”
Edward took a deep breath and then started to explain. “Me, you and Paige went to the Playfur Mansion.”
“Oh, I like this already.”
“Paige had some people pull strings so we could get into the place, we were on vacation. As soon as we stepped through the doors, we were greeted by ‘The Man’ himself.”
“J.P. Nightwulf greeted us at the door? Sweet!”
“So we talked it up with him for a while, you took a couple of pictures on your camera, then it was off to the back for some time in the pool. All the Playfur Playmates were sunbathing.

“So I kick it in the pool and soak up the place, it’s so much better than I thought it would be. You were making memories with that camera of yours, having your pic taken by Mr. Nightwulf and you’re between two playmates.”
“Your smiling face was smashed between two sets of lovely tits.”
Cynthia popped her head up and looked at the fox. “Wait, he was getting double tittyface from two Playmates?” she asked.
“Yeah, and boy was he happy.”
“Well that killed my mood.” Cynthia turned around and crossed her arms.
“Hey, this is Ed’s dream, not mine.” said Pokeinfo.
“Well you can thank him for not getting off this morning.”
“Where’s Paige at during all of this?”
“Paige, that lucky bastard.”Edward continued. “He was filling his book by having the girls give him a tittygraph?”
“What is a ‘tittygraph’, Ed?” asked Edna.
“An autograph where the girl dip their tits in ink, black ink in this case, and her tits were pressed against the pages of his book.”
“Wow…. that’s the only fat on a woman that guys seem to love nowadays.” Edna looked outside the window.”
“What happened next?” asked Pokeinfo.
Edward continued his tale. “Mr. Nightwulf led you, Paige and the girls off to the set, probably to a shoot or something.”
“Typical.” said Cynthia.
“So I’m slowly getting out of the pool, the really good section, and there she is…”
“Spit it, brother.” said Pokeinfo.
“This pink ram chick witha bell around her neck. She was cute, shaved and has some big tits, I’m talking triple Ds here.”
The bus driver over heard the mentioning of Woolen’s bust and shook his head. Boys and their boobs. he thought.

Edward went on. “So we talked for a minute and then she took my hand and led me to her room.”
“Tch, you are predictable.” said Cynthia. “You know a Playfur girl would never give you the time in life to do that. Some dream… you had sex with her, didn’t you?”
“Not right away.” Edward answered. “First, she pulled my trunks down and gave me some screamin’ eagle.”
Edna turned back to her brother. “Some ‘screaming eagle’, Ed?” the vixen found interest into the story.
“Oh yeah. It was so good, it almost made my toes curl backward.”
“Someone let it out early.” commented Cynthia.
“No, I kept it in. after that, my dick got sandwiched between those triple Ds.”
The bus driver shook his head. He really likes his boobs… extra large helpings of them too. he thought.
“After that, I started hittin’ it.” said Edward. “But…. during the hot sexin’ that was going on, she turned into….. into…..”
“Into what?” Edna asked, knowing that Woolen turned into her.
To save himself some face, Edward decided to lie. “She turned into this ugly ass troll.”
“A troll?!” Pokeinfo ans Cynthia shrieked. Edna also thought the exact same thing at the exact same moment.
The bus driver slammed on the brakes, bringing the bus to a complete stop, which placed a few cubs quite oddly. “You had a Playfur Playmate… and she turned into a troll?” he asked.
” I don’t even wanna know who else was listening in on this. Yeah, a troll.” Edward answered. “She was green, had pink warts on her big, long nose,” the other cubs began to picture what the troll looked like: “She had more folds in her skin than a paper fan, three rotting teeth in her black gums, and she was decrepped. She was so hideous that the Wicked Witch from Oz was pretty compared to this troll.”

A lot of cubs got grossed out by what their ideas showed them about the troll. The bus driver shook it off and kept on rolling. “Dude, that’s just wrong.” said Pokeinfo.
“You need help, dreaming about something that sick.”Cynthia said with a disgusted look on her face.
“Hey, that was a nightmare, Cynthia.” said Edward.
“You need to stop watching the Horror Channel.”

“I’m gonna be sick.” said Jenny.
No wonder he screamed so loud last night. thought Laura.

Words couldn’t describe how pissed off Edna was. Wait ’til we get off the bus… I’m gonna show you some ugly. she thought.

The bus finally got to St. Lovejoy and when Edward got off the bus, he payed for his lies. Edna smacked him hard upside the back of his head. “Ow! What’s wrong with you?!” he yelled.
“I’m thinking someone stole some award from you for playing one of your little online games in your dreams, only to find out you’re screwing trolls?” Edna’s still pissed.
“It was a nightmare!” Edward said in his defense.
Edna smakcked him upside the head again. “You sick little freak, can’t you have any normal nightmares?”
“It’s not my fault, blame it on the troll.”
“I got your troll right here.” and Edna whips out a giant mallet and starts chasing after her brother. Where the hell did the mallet come from?
Laura, Pokeinfo, Jenny and Cynthia watched the two siblings play cat and mouse. “Oh brother, she actually bought that thing.” said Laura as she scratched her head.
“Wow, are they like this at home all the time, Laura?” asked Jenny.
“No, no they aren’t.” answered Laura.
“Thank god for that.” said Pokeinfo.
“No, it’s worse than this.” said Laura.
Pokeinfo, Cynthia and Jenny fell over anime style. “Worse?!” they cried in unison.


Pokeinfo managed to catch up with Edward during passing period. “So, you holding up?” he asked.
“Pokeinfo, I just don’t get it.” Edward began. “This is two dreams that this troll ruins.”
“Two, what was the first one?”
“You and Raptor took me to a strip joint-”
“A strip joint?”
“It was a guy’s night out deal.”
“Why can’t I have your dreams?”
Edward shook it off. “So we go there and you guys are telling me that the place is so good that even the teachers go there.”
“Man, your imagination is incredible.”
“Anyway, this dancer comes out, a fine cat girl. She comes out in butt floss and tassles.”
“Unbelievable.” Raptor joins the session of “Storytime with Edward”. “A dancer catgirl wearing butt floss and tassels, I’d plug that chick.”
“Ironically, that’s what Pokeinfo said.” said Edward.
“Wait, what kind of cat are we talking about here?” asked Pokeinfo.
“A regular cat. So she pulls me up on stage, sits me in a chair and gives me a lap.”
“A lap, as in, lap dance?” asked Raptor.
“You lucky bastard.”
“I wasn’t lucky, she turned into a troll.”
“So you’re the one who got that troll shit started. You suck at dreams to be getting business from some troll.” and of walked away a disappointed Raptor.

Before Edward could continue, he gets clocked with the giant mallet. “Again with the troll? I’m going rid your head of that troll yet.” as Edna.
“Wait a minute, it’s not what you think.” said Edward.
“It’s wallopin’ time.”
And down the hallway the ran, Edna swinging along the way. Pokeinfo popped his collar, “I’m glad I don’t have any hammer-swinging relatives.” he said. “And if I do, I’m not in a hurry to meet them.”

Lunchtime hit the day and Edward had more lumps in his head than Prince William has in his tea. “Man, Edna went ballistic on your head, didn’t she?” Laura sits down next to the fox.
“Hardy har, har….” Edward trailed off.
“At least she has soccer today, so you don’t have to worry about more knots.”
“Laura, do you think I’m nuts for having these weird nightmares?”
“Not as weird as the elephant dude who asks for seconds of this crappy cafeteria food. I just think you need a lot of sleep… and probably some motrin.”
“Relax, everything will get better. So are you gonna wait for me after my cheerleading practice is over?”
“I will try.”

Gym came around and everyone was there listening to Lucy explain how to work the parallel bars…. well, almost. “Hey, wake up you slacker.” she shouted at Edward.
“Sorry, I haven’t gotten much sleep.” Edward explained.
“Whatever, Troll Boy. Get on the damn bars.”
The young fox was now peeved. “I ain’t no damn troll!” he yelled.
The gym doors swung open and in ran Edna with gian mallet in tote. “I got your troll right here!” she yelled.
“Not again.” and Edward started to run away.
Edna pursued while swinging away. “I’ll rid you of that troll yet.”
“This isn’t funny!” [yes it is! :)]
Lucy just watched the foxes run around the gym. ” I need to get me one of those for the rest of the slackers. Any of you who want to slack off, I’ll sick her after you next, now get on them bars.” she ordered. You better believe that all of the spectators listening to Lucy got on the bars.

The day was over and Edward went to the nurse’s office. He then fell out on a cot and was down for the count. while he was down, he began to have a dream:

Steam was in the air. Edward had opened his eyes to see a lovely view, the fox was in Kyoto at the hot springs. Wow, this isn’t so bad. he thought. I’m in an outdoor bath, looking up at the clouds…. not too shabby of a place. He looks to his right and there’s a saucer in the bathwater with sake on it. The young fox poured some into his cup and took a sip… amazed at the fact that he wasn’t coughing from its strength. “I wonder what I’m going to do next…..”
After his bath, edward took his towel and wrapped up, then put on his fresh robe and left the outdoor bath. “Edward….” someone called out his voice.
Edward turned to see Laura wearing a robe as well. “Where are you off to?” she asked.
“I dunno, looking around I guess.” Edward answered.
“Well come on, let’s play some pool.”
Laura led Edward to the game room and the two found an open table. “So, which game would you like to play?” she asked him.
“Um….” Edward was at a loss for words.
“There you are, I was looking for you.” Ashley walks over to the two.
“Hey Ash, what’s up?” Laura asked.
“You still owe me a match in Tech Romancer, you aren’t getting out of it.”
“You’ll get it, but after I spen a bit of quality time.”
“Sheesh, more?”
“Hey, I can’t help it if Ed’s been really stressed out, don’t get so mad.”
“You’re the only girl on the team who managed to bring her boyfriend along.” the black rabbit rolled her eyes.
“And instead of bringing Kevin along, you managed to bring Scotty.”
“I owed him one.”
“Uh huh…”
“Keep running away, Laura, you know you won by fluke.”

Ashley walked off and Edward just stood there. “Is everyone here?” he asked.
“Nope, just the cheerleading squad.” Laura answered. “Man, I know you’re having a time, you forgot that I brought you along for this conference. You really are something else, aren’t you?”
“Anyway, let’s get in a game of Rotation.”
“You wanna lose in Rotation pool again? Fine by me.”
Suddenly, the intercom went off. “Good afternoon guests, this is the manager speaking. I hope your hungry, because the food hall is now serving lobster.”
Everyone ran out of the room, almost trampling Edward and Laura. “You okay?” She asked him.
“I’ll manage.” Edward answered.
“Funny, that bone of your says otherwise.”
Edward just now noticed the odd positioning the two were in. “Um… room?” the young fox had a sweatdrop.
“Thought you’d never ask.” answered Laura.

The two went to their room and Edward was soon flat on his back laying on the bed. Laura went to work, making sure her mouth teased the hell out of the fox’s rod. Teasing turned to sucking and Edward was enjoying his job. After a while, Edward blew his load all into the squirrel’s mouth. “Someone enjoys me.” said Laura.
“Of course you’re enjoyed.” said Edward.
“Well, let’s get to the main event then.”
Laura took off her robe, revealing her practically nude body. She had police tape over her nipples and a skirt made out of sticky tabs. Wow… Pokeinfo was right, I do have an active imagination. Edward thought as he smiled at his girlfriend. “Well, how about a ride?” he asked.
“Fine, but ladies first.” said Laura.
“Yes, ma’am.” Edward play the submissive.

It didn’t take long for Laura to straddle and ride Edward. The young fox decided to work Laura’s nipples through the police tape, but managed to gently tear it off. After a bit of riding and moaning, the two enjoyed their precious sex. After a bit of fun, Laura sat there. “Ready for a turn?” asked Laura.
“You said it.” answered Edward.
Edward began to ride his girlfriend, slapping his waist against her rear, he enjoyed hitting it from the back for some reason. But who could blame him, doggy style is popular at St. Lovejoy now in this age. “Come on Ed, harder. Thrust harder.” Laura moaned.
“Thrust harder, Daddy.” Edward corrected her.
“Harder daddy, drive me wild!”
“That’s a good girl.”
Edward intensified his thrusts and was pumpin’ himself into Laura. Her moans only egged him on in his working her buttons. Yeah, this is perfect, just what I needed, a sweet out of town vacation to bang my girl. I’m enjoying this vacation. Edward was enjoying his sex, the fox had Laura drooling at the mouth from this sex. But then he noticed her tail. Wait a minute…. that’s not how Laura’s tail looks like.
Soon, Edna turned around to see him. “Oh Ed…. you know just what I like.” she moaned.
“What the fuck…” Edward trailed off.
“Oooh, you know how to work my spot.”

Edward woke up screaming. He ran off to the outside of the school and in the process, ran smack dab into Edna. “Jeez bro, watch where you’re running.” she said.
“We’re going home.” said Edward.
“We have to wait for Laura.” said Edna.
“I’m right here, what’s wrong?” said Laura, who just showed up.
“This ends now, I’m tired of having this wacked out nightmares.” said Edward.
“Calm down, bro. Relax already.” said Edna.
“Relax…. relax? Everytime I try to relax, I end up…. I end up… end up….” and Edward just falls completely on his back.
“Wow, you don’t have to be that dramatic, Ed.” said Laura.
“Yeah, now get up and let’s go home.” said Edna.
Edward didn’t respond, he didn’t even move. “You okay bro?” asked Edna. Still no response.
“Ed….” said Laura. “Ed… Ed….” Laura took his pulse. ” SOMEBODY GET AN AMBULANCE! “


(Sometimes, father knows better than mum)

At the studios, we turn to Edward’s dad. He just installed new lighting and was heading out of the room. “That wasn’t too hard.” he said proudly to himself.
“Fox, a moment of your time please.” words from the fox’s boss and the two stepped into the room.
“So what’s up, give it to me straight.”
“Sure.” the head hancho begins. “I’m giving you the boot.”
The adult fox freaks out. “No, I can’t get fired now….”
“Fired? No, you aren’t getting fired. Your wife called, she said your son was rushed to the hospital from school today.”
” Oh god no! I’m comin’ Ed!” and off the fox ran.
“God speed, Fox. God speed.”
You better believe Edward’s dad was driving like a bat outta hell all the way to the hospital. He drove pass a college girl so fast that the slip stream ripped the girl’s clothes off, exposing some very nice underclothing. Which was followed by camera flashes so bright, you could’ve sworn that the fourth came early.

“Ed… Ed…. Ed…. run away from the light.”
“Knock it off, you can see that he’s stable.”
“Don’t die, Ed. Please, don’t die…”
“Okay, you’re leaving the room.”
“No! I’ll be good, just let me stay.”

After a while, Edward finally comes to. “Man, I feel like someone dropped a ton of bricks on me.” he groaned.
Edna ran over and hugged her brother. “Oh thank the gods, he’s alive… alive.” she cried out.
“Someone please get her out of the room.” said Edward.
“You heard him, out.” said Laura as she was fushing the vixen out of the door. “Relax, he still loves you.” The squirrel turns over to her boyfriend. “Do you remember anything from earlier on?”
“Not going to try.” Edward answered. “What happened to me anyway?”
“You had a stroke.” In comes Edward’s doctor. “It’s good to see you fought through everything, must be in the food.”
“How did this happen?” asked Laura.
“Well,” the doctor began to explain. “Edward’s blood pressure skyrocketed. You’re a lucky guy, you should be wearing a toe tag and a black bag because your blood pressure was so high.”
“Oh.” said Edward.
“You better not die on me. Not while my folks are away, I don’t wanna tell them ‘I’m crying because my boyfriend died.’ when they come back.” said Laura.

Edwards parents come inside of the room and they are relieved to see Edward finally awake. “I’m glad to see I still have a son.” said Edward’s dad.
“I’m glad to see you still have a shot at passing the family name.” said Edward.
“So Edward, what caused you to have such a stroke?” the doctor began.
“A stroke?” asked Edward’s parents.
“Edward’s blood pressure went so high, it gave him a stroke.”
Edward turn away. “I had a nightmare.” he answered.
“Are we talking Charles Lee Ray nightmares or some Freddy Kruger shit?” asked the doctor.
“You sound like my friend.” said Edward.
“Well what was it about?” asked Laura.
” I might as well spill it, but not the entirity. Family, it was about family.”
“I see.” the doctor wrote down. “Probably a preminition from the way your blood pressure spiked.” Edward didn’t respond.

The doctor, Edward’s parents and Laura went out of the room and into another one to talk. “Stress is a reall bitch nowadays.” said Laura.
“So what’s the prognosis?” asked Edward’s mother.
“Stress.” answered the doctor.
“Stress?” Edward’s parents asked.
“Stress. He’s pretty much stressed out, plain and simple. He’ll need some time away from school to recover from it. Also, he has blue balls.”
“Blue balls?” Edward’s mother.
“Yup, blue like velvet. But no worries on that one. Laura, your his girlfriend, right?”
“Yeah.” Laura answered the doctor.
“You can take care of that problem easy.”
Edward’s mom had a disdainful look on her face. “Is there another option on how to deal with Edward’s blue balls problem?” she asked.
“There is, but I wouldn’t perscribe to men.”
“What is it?”
“What is Scrot-o-Lax?” asked Laura.
The doctor began to explain. “The FDA just released a new way for men to help with their ‘buildup down south’ called Scrot-o-Lax. Edward would take a patch, place is on his scrotum and-”
“Absolutely not!” Edward’s father cut the doctor off.
“But honey…” Edward’s mother tried to explain.
“Doctor, that will not be needed.”
“I didn’t think so.” said the doctor. “In the meantime, there are still tests needed to be done, so we’ll need him here for the time being. If all turns well, he’ll be sent home tomorrow… maybe later this evening even.” and off the medic left the room.
“Laura, you’re sleeping with Edward until further notice.” said Edward’s father.
“How could you say something like that?” Edward’s mother wasn’t too pleased.
Sensing tension between the two adults, Laura headed out of the room. “I’m going to go check on Ed.” she said as she left.

The two parents began to argue. “How could you say that, are boy’s jewels are in need of attention.” Edward’s mother stated.
“Laura can handle it.” Edward’s father said.
“I don’t like that, let’s just get him the patches.”
“I wouldn’t even use those thing, so there’s no way in hell, I’m letting Edward use them.”
“But they have good results.”
“So does getting slobber and spit.”
“Why don’t you want our son using the patches?”
“Chemicals don’t need to go down there, those things have side affects, one might make him sterile.”
“I’ll take a chance at letting Laura have at treating Edward’s balls then some medical patches. There’s nothing a good blowjob can’t fix nowadays.”
“But honey…”
“Laura gets to work Ed’s dick, the decision is non negotiable.” and out Edward’s father left the room.

Edna was at her brother’s side, Edward was simply enjoying his time in the bed. I’ll take care of you, bro. Don’t worry. she thought and began togo the the end of the bed. But before she could get on the bed, Laura walked in. “I see you’re holding up.” said the squirrel.
“I need more support.” said Edna.
“Of course, we all do. Now get out.”
“Excuse me?”
“Leave, Edna.”
“You can’t kick me out, I’m Edward’s blood, his kin, his sister.”
“And I’m his treatment, perscribed by his doctor.”
“Well… I…” Edna was at a loss for words.
“Out… now.”
“Can I help?”
Edna was thrown out of Edward’s room, landing on her face. The vixen felt bad, despite the fact that her chances of completing her ultimate goal were thwarted yet again, this time by modern medicine. Why can’t I be the treatment?


With Edna ‘courteously’ ejected from the room, Laura went to work. She first locked the door, then checked the bathroom. No one in there, then the closet, no one in there. Her checking around of course catches Edward’s weary eye. “L…Laura… what are you looking for?” he asked, still a bit groggy from the medication.
Laura turns to the bedded fox. “I didn’t mean to wake you up, but I’m glad you’re awake anyway.” she said.
“Yeah, well, you know me… I die hard.”
” That won’t be the only thing of yours that’s hard. Good to hear that.”
Edward saw Laura close the blinds of his room, it was barely lit. “What are you…”
“Adjusting the lighting.” The squirrel adjusted the blinds so that the light covered Edward, as if he had an aura around him. “This little lighting technique is called ‘Bouncing.’ There’s just enough light to cover the compliments of your body… or something like that. Pretty cool, huh?”
“The light, dim as it is, is supossed to compliment the curves of a person’s body.” Edward corrected.
“That too.

“Moving on, it’s time for your treatment. But don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”
“You mean you have more stuff to drip into my IV?”
“No,” Laura began to undress, “I mean the other problem that you have.”
“I had a bit of a stroke, but what…”
“Your blue balls.”
“Blue balls? Wait, why are you only in your panties?”
“What do you think?”
Finally understanding, the fox began to panic. “Here? Now? But we’re in a hospital….”
“Relax, I know you need it too. Besides, it’s not called intensive care for nothing.”
“I… I don’t think I’m ready for this yet…. I mean… a stroke and all…”
Laura lowered Edward’s cover. “I’ll give you stroke, but one that’s worth it, instead of some nightmares that spooked the hell out of you.”
“Can it wait until after we leave the hospital?”
“Ed, don’t be a chicken shit. Besides, it’s doctor perscribed this time, so no excuses.”

With that, Laura finally got out of her tidy whities and lowered Ed’s tidies, revealing a semi erect fox rod and a blue bag beneath them….. Well, let’s get to work, he’ll need it. Deciding a safer shot at this, Laura collected her skirt. Then pulled two condoms from her pocket and slid them onto her boyfriend. Did she have this planned? thought Edward.
[/i]Time to wear you out.[/i] thought Laura as she once again felt Ed on the inside. “Remember, the point is for you to blow your load, so just go ahead and let it fly.”
Laura began to ride Edward as he lay in the hospital bed to take his treatment. He was a bit stunned, but the fox wasn’t complaining. It wasn’t Japan, but at least it was real this time and he didn’t have to worry about his girlfriend turning into his sister. Soft moans could be heard from outside of the room. Edna was sad as she heard all of the fun. [/i]Why can’t that be me…[/i] her sad thoughts went on. [/i]I wanna give him the treatment… it’s not fair, and I was so close….[/i] the young vixen wanted to cry.
Her mother then showed up to console her. “There, there. I know it’s tough, but we’ll get through this.” she told her daughter.
“Mom… could I sleep in Ed’s room tonight?” Edna asked.
“Well…. I’ll place it on the table with your father.”
“Yes! Yes! More! More! You need to have blue balls more often!” Laura’s cries of pleausre left the room.
” What the…. sex, in the hospital?! OH HELL NO!” Edward’s mom was really peeved now. She went to the door and turned the knob, locked.

“Laura, you’re too loud.” said Edward.
“I don’t care, I need this bad.” said Laura. “And you need it too.”
“But Laura.”
“If you die, you’ll die happy.”
“Open this door, now!” Edwar’d mother yelled and blammed on the door.
“Oh crap.” said Edward.
“You’re just hearing things, Ed.” said Laura. “Now work it, bring it home. Mommy likes, mommy likes.”
“You can’t leave me yet, I’ll get pregnant first!”

Upon hearing that, Edward’s mom stopped blamming on the door. O-kay, that wasn’t something I’d expect her to say. the adult viexn thought and stood there, completely zoning out.
Wow, Laura must really be worried. I thought I’d never hear her say that. Edward was at a loss of…. well, everything!

Does Laura really care that much about me? I mean, this was something way out of her character. Perhaps she’s just distraught….

“Mom, did Laura just say she’d get pregnant by Ed first?” asked a stunned Edna.
” I want to say ‘no’, but I can’t. I believe so, honey.” answered Edna’s mother.
Edna’s father walks up. “Did Laura just say she would get pregnant by Ed before he dies?” he asked.
“….Well, looks like she’s taking it harder than all of us, isn’t she?”

Laura continued to ride Edward, but she was the one who came. Damn, I got too spent. she thought as she huffed and puffed. She looked up and saw that Edward was asleep. Oh well, I guess this’ll do… for now. Moments later, Laura walked out of the room, fully clothed and closed the door behind her. “I’m good, let’s go home.” she told her boyfriend’s family. “Edward needs his rest.”
Three words could describe the drive home from the hospital: tense; long; silent. Not a word was said, the radio wasn’t even on and the three females in the car looked out of their respective windows while the man of the car simply drove. When the car pulled up into the drive way, the seatbelts came off. And when the car was parked into the garage, everyone got out, silent mood in all. It’s way too quiet… Laura thought. I guess we all just want to wish for the best…..
What’s wrong with Laura, is she mad… or madly in love? Edna couldn’t understand.
Neither her parents, who both had the same thought. That girl is taking it a bit too hard on herself.
Dinner rolled around and everyone simply ate. It was so quiet, you could hear, if it were in the room, a moth flying near the lights of the chandelier above the table. Conversing seemed nonexistent after what was heard from the squirrel at the hospital earlier on. The silence was broken by the ringing of the phone, but no one got up to answer it, so the machine hit it. “Hey it’s me, Pokeinfo. I guess you guys aren’t home yet, not that I blame you. Well, our family has Ed in their prayers, so you know that you’ve got more moral support. Well, bye.”
Two minutes after Pokeinfo’s message, the phone rang again. And once again, it took to the machine. “Hi, it’s me, Cynthia. I hope everyone’s going to be fine. I don’t mind if you want to stay away from practice or that game later on in the week because of this, Edna. Just let Ed know that I hope he gets well soon.”
Another call, another message left on the machine. “I’m just saying that everyone of you should relax, Ed will be fine. After that tussle with me, I know he’s gonna live… he better, or I’ll be kicking his ass all over the afterlife. Oh, my mistake. As you can see, this accident is taking its toll even on me, and I’m not the kind of guy who gets affected by this.”

That night, Laura slept in Edward’s bed. Though she disliked it happening, Edna just let it go and returned to her room. She then turned to her book, but couldn’t bear to read it tonight. Maybe I overdid it on him….. Edna had quite the problem on her hands and despite Laura’s worry, she was the most powerless of everyone in the house. I just wanted him to love me…. I didn’t want this to happen to him. What could Edna do? She could tell her parents about the reason of Edward’s nightmare is because of her hacking his dreams. But if she did that, both her parents and Laura would take turns killing her. She could remain silent like she is now, but the thought of her trying to fullfill her one goal ended up killing the one she wanted would plague her for the rest of her days. She decided to simply go with the last resort option: To forget about all of this and hope for the best. That night, Edna cried herself to sleep.


12:30 a.m. and Laura lays in Edward’s bed. The squirrel can’t sleep, her worries over Edward have taken quite a toll on her. I need a knock-me-out really bad…. With that in mind, Laura leaves her boyfriend’s room in search of something that will help her sleep.

Laura walked into the kitchen, along her stroll, she saw Edward’s mother on the couch watching the television. She wore the pink robe Edna got her over the holidays. The adult vixen saw her son’s girlfriend, but gave no response. After getting a glass of AJ, Laura sat at the table and stared at the glass. I really need to get laid and I can’t, he’s in the hospital. Laura’s mind was going through it again. I wish I had one of those Luvvy Bears, but I couldn’t get one. “So, any word from the hospital?” Laura tried asking Edward’s mother. The adult vixen gave no response. Let’s just say Mrs. Fox wasn’t… for sake a few words, up to talk. “Is this about the Scrot-o-Lax deal?” again, no response. “I’m sorry if I pissed you off for some reason. I mean-”
“Will you just stop talking…” finally, the adult vixen said. Too bad it was in a scolding tone.
Laura just continued to zone off into her drink. “Sorry.” she responded softly.
“I don’t know what to think of you now, young lady. That was, how you youths say, ‘Out of Pocket’ earlier today. But I guess I don’t blame you. Reguardless, you had no excuse for such an outburst.”
” So that’s what it’s about….. I guess you hate me now, don’t you?”
“Keep having that nightmare.”
“Thanks, that helps me sleep…” Laura’s tone turned smart-eleck.
“I wish this wine would help me.”
I could use some wine…..
” I’m going to try an unsugar-coated approach. So, how badly do you need to ride a dick?”
That one made Laura hit her head on the table. Whoa…. where’d that come from? she thought. Oh yeah, I’m definitely on her bad side. If your boyfriend’s mom asks you that, you’re in trouble.
“You didn’t answer my question.”

Laura simply looked at Edward’s mother, the question was entirely out of character, even for her. Or, at least that’s Laura’s take on the adult vixen. “I need a Luvvy Bear.” Laura answered.
” Yeah, her body’s screaming for it. Luvvy Bear you say? I remember my girlfriend in high school had one of those… she became a nun. You don’t need one of those, Laura, nor should you have a need for one of those.”
“Of course not, but…”
“Hush. So how long have you and Edward been ‘active’?”
“Honestly, since we met.”
“Uh huh. What happened, you do some teabagging?”
“None of that, not ever. I don’t think I wanna try something like that.”
“You have no idea about teabagging.”
“I know about teabagging and I’m not doing that anytime soon.”
“So you tell me about teabagging.”

Laura rolled her eyes. “Teabagging is the sexual act where a guy dips his balls in and out of someone’s mouth.”
Wow, she does know about teabagging.
“So, do you wanna drive to see Ed, or should I?”

The two took the car to the hospital, and ironically enough, Laura was behind the wheel. “I’m sorry if I made you mad at me, ma’am. Please don’t hate me for long.” said Laura.
“Keep having that nightmare.” Mrs. Fox told Laura. “You’ve changed my son. Edward doesn’t seem as timid as he once was, that’s thanks to you. But there are times that I worry about him while he’s alone with you.”
“You consider me some hiefer, don’t you?”
“No, but I do consider you as ‘something else’, I’ll say it like that anyways. But at least you make Edward happy and that’s all that matters, despite the seemingly healthy sex life you two might have.”
” Get used to it. Well, I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“You do that.”
The two got to the hospital and Edward’s mom took her place behind the wheel. “I’ll leave you to your business, but don’t think I’m approving of this little antic of yours.”
“Agreed, this is only for his treatment.”

Laura went off to see what Edward was doing, but it didn’t matter. The squirrel had one idea in mind: To make sure that Edward was doing something that night… her.


Edward was reclining in his bed, watching the television because he couldn’t sleep. Only in Pouncefield do the hospitals show porn on the tube. he thought. It may be snow on the channel, but the look of a scrotum can be noticed even under the heaviest tv static… Too bad the chick’s faking it. As much as it was to simply watch halfway viewable hospital porn, the young fox simply watched in an attempt to fall asleep, but super stiff one in reguards to a sapphire scrotum only made things uncomfortable. “Man, even the porn ain’t helping me.” Edward said to himself.
“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that.”
Edward turned to see Laura. “Hey, I’m glad to see you hear tonight.”
“So it the tent in your bed.” said Laura.
Edward turned away. “This isn’t funny, I can’t help it.”
“I know, but you need to get blue balls more often. Sex feels sooo much better when your Vas Deferens is clogged.” Laura closed and locked the door. “So I take it you need to get off big time…”
“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that.”
“Fine, then I’ll leave you for the night.”
“Laura, no!”

“Relax, I was only kidding, I need it just as much as you do, maybe even more.”
“So how’d you get here?”
“I drove.”
“When could you hotwire a car?”
” Very funny, ‘Little Boy Blueballs’. Your mom is in the car. And since she’s had a bit to drink, I drove.”
“Oh, my mistake.”
“Uh huh.”
The two simply looked at each other, a silent period was between fox and squirrel. “You gonna do your covers now, or what?” asked Laura.
“I thought you wanted that honor.” Edward said as he moved the cover down.
“Your gown even has a tent, who knew.”
“Laura…” the fox blushed.
Laura walked over and took Edward’s bone in her hands. “I think I’ll blow you through your gown, just for kicks.”
“Don’t be like that, you’re making my balls cry.”
No, your balls aren’t crying… but they will when I’m done with you.

Laura reached over and closed the blinds, the RNs need not see what’s about to happen, even if one of them cleared this as treatment. Edward’s dick was soon expoed to the air… and then into Laura’s mouth. Let’s see how much I can get out of you. thought Laura as she moved her tongue around the fox’s rod.
Edward sighed. Why am I having a bit of nostalgia right now? he wondered as he moaned. I’m having flashbacks of when I got my first bit of head from Laura. I even remembered how that white rabbit walked in on us and how embarrassed I was. I mean, sure I just sat in her lap as I took a piss. And sure it was my first day of school, not to mention I was hoping that I wouldn’t get in trouble about it all, but I guess this is how things really started out for me with her.

I even remember the lengths Laura went to after she kicked the door closed and worked me after I limped away. Edward simply enjoyed his head. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fox was practically asleep in the back seat of the car. Suddenly two taps were heard at the window and the adult vixen looked up to see the security guard. He was a red skunk. “Ma’am, are you feeling okay?” he asked.
“I waiting for my son’s fiancĂ© to come back fro visiting him in the hospital.” Mrs. Fox answered.
“You don’t look so good.”
“My son had a stroke and I couldn’t sleep, so I’m waiting for my son’s fiancĂ© to get back.”
“Well, all right, but don’t get any ideas, lady….”

Meanwhile…. “Aw man…. I can hold it anymore…” Edward was practically near his wit’s end.
Shut up and cum. thought Laura as she sped up on Edward’s “trouser-friendly” kiss. This of course tired the squirrel’s mouth, so she stopped, No matter, she also got a nice facial in the process. It even got into her hair. “Oops, sorry about that.”
“You know, the only way you’re gonna get cured is if you let it out.” said Laura. “So stop holding it.”
“When you two are decent….” the voice of the doctor was heard.
Laura just opened the door. “Hey.” she greeted.
“Hold still.” the doctor simply swabbed off some fox nutt from Laura’s face. “Be back in a few minutes, I’ll knock thrice.”
Laura closed the door and turned to her boyfriend. “It didn’t hit you to clean your face up?” Edward asked.
“Nah.” Laura answered.
“Why not?”
“Because I’m your perscription to cure your problem ‘down south’, And unlike most cures, I can deny you this treatment at any time.” Two raps were heard at the door. “Treatment in progress.”
“And I care because…” the voice of Edward’s mother was heard.
Damn, I didn’t even fuck him yet….

Laura opened the door and the adult vixen walked into the door, her face was spunk free this time around. “How are you doing, son?” she asked.
“I still have blue balls.” Edward answered his mother.
“Funny, they look a bit on the purple side from here.”
Purple, but I just got off… Edward thought.
Great. Laura thought as she fixed Edward’s cover.
The doctor walked in. “Well, your scrotal situation has gotten worse. But you already know that, I take it.” she explained.
“How bad is it?” asked Edward.
“Judging by your mom’s say on your… lemme see for myself.” The doctor saw Edward’s jewels. “Yeah, you’re gonna need to let it out every time you get hard. Otherwise, the blockage will have you injaculate.”
“INjaculate?” the three asked.
“Injaculation is a technique that guy learn to keep from releasing the hundreds of thousands of bullets from the ‘Love Gun’. If you injaculate now, it will cause a blockage so bad, that you won’t be able to let it out.”
“Meaning…” said Laura.
“His testicles will explode from the pressure.

“In this state, not even Scrot-o-Lax will help you. Aside from that, he’s practically able to be released from the hospital tonight.”
“That’s a good sign.” said Edward’s mother. “That means he can go back to school.”
“Wrong. He still needs to be away from school to get some R&R.”
“Your blood pressure is normal now, Edward, so you don’t need to be on watch anymore, unless your parents want to pay extra on the hospital insurance.”
“Get dressed, son. You’re coming home.”
“Okay, but, can we get twenty minutes, I’m kinda in a stiff predicament at the moment?” asked Edward with a sweatdrop.
Edward’s mother sighed. “Come on, doctor, give me the paperwork.” she said.
“Of course, follow me.”

After the adults left the room, Laura closed and locked the door again. She then stripped and sat in Edward’s lap. “Now, let’s get in a bit of play, shall we?” asked Laura.
“Sure, I’ll hit it from the back.” said Edward.
“Sorry, you don’t get a choice in this matter.”
“Hey, at least your balls won’t explode. Now remember, you can’t afford to hold it in.”

Laura took a breath and impaled herself into Edward’s lap. “Um, you might wanna get up.” said Edward.
“You’re kidding, right?” Laura asked.
Laura got off of him quickly. Two seconds later, Edward was shooting off. “Someone’s sensitive.”
Laura sighed. “Anal it is, then.”
Laura took the fox up her rear and simply straddled him. Edward just placed his hands on Laura’s hips and layed back as his girlfriend worked him over. Hearing her coo was the relaxing sound that he needed. As Laura continued to ride Edward, the two moaned in much needed pleasure. I’m glad I’m not dreaming this. Edward thought.
God, I needed this so bad… Laura thought.
“Okay, time for something new.” said Edward.
“What are you…” before she could finish, Laura was on her back with her legs in the air. Edward had his girlfriend in a nice position and began the driving of the stick into her rear. “This, feels, much, better.” said Edward.
He’s right, it does feel better. Laura mentally admitted. She then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist… but the fox kept her legs down.

Edward eventually turn Laura over and got to hit it from the back like he wanted. For some reason, he wanted to enjoy hitting it from the back tonight more than any other sexual encounter with Laura he’s had. Perhaps Eros is rewarding him for his patience? Maye it’s just a break? Whatever the reason, the moans from Laura only egged him on further. “You like it… uh… don’t ya?” Edward questioned while giving the bid’ness.
“Oh.. uh, yes… uh…” Laura answered.
“No you don’t.”
“Yes I do.”
“If you do, then cluck like a chicken.”
Laura turned to look at Edward. “What?!”
“You heard me, cluck like a chicken. Like your the lucky hen that got it on from the lone rooster who snuck into the henhouse at night.”
“But Ed…”
“I’ll stop.”
“No, don’t stop now… I need it so bad.”
“Come on chicky chicky, I don’t hear no cluckin’.”

For the sake of the moment, Laura gave in to her desires. “Baaaawwk, bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk ba-cack!”
“That’s not a chicken, come on. Put some effort into it, you hen.”
Everyone turned to the room. “Now impersonate a mule.”
“Honk! Hee-honk! Hee-honk!”
“Okay, now neigh like a bronco.”
“Ereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Laura’s niegh was so high-pitched, that it cracked the glass of the window.

“Oh yeah, he’s ready to go home.” said the doctor.
“And you were the one who perscribed this treatment…” said Edward’s mom.

“Now howl like the lone wolf at the full moon.” said Edward.
“Awoooooooooooooooooooooo! Ow, ow, ow, ow, arooooooooooooooooo!” Laura holwed like a wolf all right.
Edward’s mom had five sweatdrops on the back of her head. Man, that one brings back memories. she thought. We actually got kicked out of the Hotel for that one… that and we broke the bed.
“Now Squawk like a parrot.” said Edward.
“Scraaaawwwwk!” went Laura.
“They still do that? I haven’t heard that one since medical school.” said the doctor. “And they still have ten minutes left.”
“Oh god…..” Mrs. Fox was so embarrassed.


Laura was driving the trio home, she was muched more relaxed than when she left. But then again, sex has that effect on people… most of the time, we hope. Ed needs to have blue balls more often. thought Laura. I never thought his girth could swell so much…
“Um, Mom… could you drive the rest of the way home?” Edward asked. It was that time again….
“No.” his mother answered.
“But Mom….”
“But masturbating leads to an enlarged prostate.” Edward whined.
Edward’s mother rolled her eyes. “You don’t do it that often. Now you can risk a testicular implosion if you want to, ‘Cap’n Slappy’, or you can spank monkey.” Laura giggled from that shot.
“Mo-om…” the young foxed blushed.
“Laura, pull over.” The card stopped on the side of the road. “This card doesn’t start rolling down the road until you start spankin’ monkey, young man.”
“Fine, but I”m not cleaning up the mess.”
“Got that covered, catch.”

Edward was tossed a “solution” to the mess problem. “A condom?” asked Edward.
“A Trojan.” Edward’s mother corrected.
“But this’ll break easily.”
“So will your neck.”
But I want my head….. Defeated, Edward rolls down the condom and begin using the preverbial hand crank. Laura puts the car back in motion.
“Laura, the only part of you down there on my son will be your hands and or mouth.”
” Yeah right… Can I use my feet?” Laura asked.
“Your feet?”
“Girls do use their feet now.”
“Sure, give my son Athlete’s Dick while your at it.” The adult vixen shook her head. Cubs today… sex isn’t what it used to be. I guess the days of slobber and spit are practically dead…

You better believe Mrs. Fox pulled out a bottle of Jack when she got home. Before going into the house, Edward chucked his sperm filled condom in the trash and took to his room with Laura following him. 5 a.m. the next morning, Laura and Edward lay in bed. “Ed, what’s the deal with those nightmares you’ve been having?” Laura asked him.
“I really don’t want to talk about it.” Edwdard answered.
“Spill it already, I promise I won’t get mad.”
Edward turned away from Laura. “It’s Edna.”
“Come again?”
“My nightmares involve Edna. The most recent one really just set me off.”
“Tell me about it.”
“You and the cheerleaders had some meet in Japan and you all were able to take a guest. You took me and Ashley took Scotty, said she owed him a favor. You also managed to get in some quailty time with me instead of taking Ashley’s rematch over the game Tech Romancer.”
“Tech Romancer?”
“Think of people in mechs fighting.”
“Like… Gundam Battle Assault?”
“Yeah, only it was made by Capcom.”
“Never heard of that game before, Ed. What system was it on?”
“Sega Dreamcast.”
“No wonder.”
“Anyway, we go to the room, strip down and get it on. Then in the middle of good sex, you turn into Edna.”
“Uh huh…. Well, I guess that would freak me out too.”
“But you’re not mad, right?”
“Of course not, but I am a bit concerned. You really need to deal with this problem.”
“Tell me about it.”
“No, I won’t.”

That morning, everyone had breakfast together. The table was quite lively that morning. After that, Edward’s dad went off to work, then Edna and Laura off the St. Lovejoy. “Hey Edna, how’s your brother doing?” asked Cynthia.
“Better, he’s home now.” Edna answered. “Mom got him last night, but Edward’s still going to be away from school for a while.”
“That’s good to hear.” said Pokeinfo. “Perhaps I might come and visit today.”
“I’m sure he would like that.”
As the day went on, Laura thought about what Edward told her earlier this morning. As the bell rang, she saw the young vixen, but didn’t chat with her. Why would Edward have sex with Edna in his nightmares…. the squirrel wondered. Maybe I should be him more “attention” so he doesn’t-
“Laura, are you there?”
Laura turned to see Jhaidy, who had been calling to her for quite some time. “Sorry, my mind was elsewhere.” Laura admitted.
The purple queen simply cocked her head. “You’ve been stressing a lot, you gonna be okay for you know what?” she asked.
“Trust me, J. I’ll be fine. I got laid last night.”
“That reminds me, there’s something new I wanted to try on a certain wolf of mine….”

After practice, Laura has a long shower, longer than normal to be exact. I know I said I wasn’t mad, but Edna being screwed in edward’s subcon is starting to get under my fur Laura shought as the water ran over her body. Why is she in his bad dreams? Why is he dreaming about her period? And why are his dreams, bad or otherwise, involve him having sex with Edna? I knew that sort of thing happens in some of Elizabeth’s H-mangas, but for it to really exist…. that’s just wrong! Maybe…. maybe this is getting to me because I might think of edna as my rival for Ed’s attention. I mean, it’s clearly there: The streaking around the house; rubbing his towel in her crotch before giving it to him; the chasing him around with the giant hammer out of fun…. god I hope it’s just me.

But… what if Ed loves Edna more than he loves me?
That’s when the squirrel made the biggest mistake she could ever make, picturing Edward and Edna having casual sex. That alone was enough to make her leave the shower and quickly dry and dress. Well Ed, I think I know how to handle this situation.


Two days pass as Edward enjoys his relax period. It’s dinnertime and Pokeinfo was over for the meal. Tonight is Sicilian. “So Ed, what did you do today?” the lion cub asked.
“Mom dropped me off at the bank.” Edward answered.
Pokeinfo was intrigued. “Sratring a bank account early, huh? Not a bad idea.”
“Wrong bank. Mom took me to the ‘bank’, Pokeinfo.”
“Oh… that bank. So you to Spanks, Spanks & Spanks.”
“No, that place is just too horrid.” Edward’s mother responded. “I dropped him off as Navy Vault.”
“I see….”
“I left him there for four hours, then picked him up later.”
“So how much did you give em’, Ed?” asked Laura.
“Well….” Edward turned away.
“Out with it.”
“Filled all the way to the brim…”
“You filled one all the way, nice shit.” Pokeinfo said as he sipped his juice.
“No, I filled up four.” Edward corrected.

Everyone simply stopped what they were doing, except Edward’s dad. “You filled up four tubs all the way to the brim?” asked a shocked Laura.
“Yeah…” Edward answered all red in the face. “I couldn’t believe it myself.”
“I couldn’t even get that much out of you.”
That’s my boy. thought a contented Mr. Fox.
“Man, I could give half of a tub on a good day, but you filled four?” Pokeinfo was stunned. “Man, I’m envious.”
I only want it more, now. thought Edna.
“Don’t be.” said Edward.
“So, how much money did you get from all of that?” asked Pokeinfo.
“It doesn’t matter, I gave it all to the Salvation Army.”
“How much was it, Ed?” asked the fox’s mother.
“It doesn’t matter, it went to a good cause.”
“In number figures, Edward.”
Edward sighed. ” $1250 .”

Everyone bit through the cup/fork/spoon that was in their mouths. “I’m ready to go home.” said Pokeinfo, then took the bit piece of his cup on the table.
“Edward, go to your room.” Edward’s mom was not happy.
“But, it was the Salvation Army….” Edward tried to explain, feeling that trouble was coming his way.
Not wanting to infuriate his mother, Edward went to his room. $1250, gone to charity…. I’m gonna get that boy. thought Mrs. Fox.
“I want Ed’s sausage.” said Edna.
“You had his potatoes, I should get his sausage.” said Laura.
“None of you will touch edward’s food.” said the adult vixen. “I’m putting his food up.”
Edna sulked. “Cheer up Edna.” said Pokeinfo. “Here, you can have my balls. Put these big boys in your mouth.” and the lion cub puts his balls on the young vixen’s plate.
“Come on, Pokeinfo. I’ll drive you home.” said Mr. Fox.


That night, during his head, Edward just kicked back. Man, Mom really let me have it. he thought as he began to flashback.

“Edward, what the hell is wrong with you?” Mrs. Fox asked. “You just gave away a nice lump of money without saving at least ten percent of it?”
“What’s so bad about the Salvation Army?” Edward took to defensive.
“You could’ve got a bank account with that money, or at least got some new clothes. Are you not thinking?”
“Being considerate about those who are less fortunate isn’t thinking? What is your deal about what I did with that anyway, it was my money anyway?”
“No excuses. You could’ve managed that money more wisely, that’s what I’m trying to get you to understand.”
“Get out of my room!”
“Don’t forget that I’m the parent here, Edward. I gave you life and I can take it away from you.”
“Some mother, you’re acting like a toddler who got her favorite toy taken from her. All you’ve done is cry about everything since I’ve come from the hospital. I’m not going to risk another stroke in arguing from you. Now get out of my room.”
“Keep testing my patience, just keep testing it.”
“I wouldn’t have to test your patience if you wouldn’t act like such a bitch!”
Mrs. Fox struck down her son. “Just for that remark, you’re grounded for three months. And if you ever use the derrogatory forms of speech against me again, I’ll really let you have it.”

As mad as we both were, she really was incredibly pissed. I relly wish I could repeat… I mean, redo that argument. I’d have used better wording.
Laura gets a face full of fox nutt. “That chat with your mom was really ugly. I heard you screaming all the way in the living room.” she said.
“Yeah, it’s probably that time of the month.”
“I hope I’m not that moody when I have kids.”
“Same here.”
“Good. As much as things with your mom have turned sour, I think she’s just stressing.”
“Who knows, I just don’t care anymore. I just want to deal with my problem concerning my nightmares.”
“About that…” Laura takes a breath. “I think this deal with you and your nightmares is starting to get me thinking.”
“You said that you wouldn’t get mad.”
“Ed… no, nevermind, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

The next morning, Edward was snet to the bus. He didn’t understand why, but his mother said that he shouldn’t miss too much school. “Hey man, welcome back.” said Pokeinfo.
“Thanks.” said Edward.
Edward got a lot of welcome backs, not just from his missed friends, but also his teachers and even his former bully. But he didn’t have any idea on what would happen to him dirung passing period. “Hey Laura, how have things been for you?” asked Edward.
“Fine, and I’ve given a lot of thoughton the matter.” said Laura. “I don’t take this bad dream thing too kindly. So I’ve decided one thing.”
“And that would be?”
“To face this head on.”
“Uh, and that means.”
“Have sex with Edna.”
Edward almost fell over. “That’s not funny.”
“Is everything okay with you two?” asked Edna.
“We’re good.” answered Laura.
“Okay, see you around.” and off Edna went.

Once she was gone, Laura went on. “So, it’s time for you to get it on.”
“No way. I’m am not sick, Laura.”
” Then you leave me no choice. Fine. You got five days… Bed Edna, or I’m leaving you.”
“You’re gonna break up with me because I don’t wanna screw my sister?!”
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the two. “Five days, Edward. That’s all you have.” and off Laura went.
Edward just simply stood there, stunned. Just perfect…


Lunch didn’t get around quick enough for Edward. The poor guy was talk of the school, he was even more infamous now than he was on his first day of school… and he didn’t even have this to deal with. Okay, I lied to Mom about the money, it’s actually in safe keeping, but I can’t believe how thick the shit is that hit my fan as of late. He sat down at the vaccant table, the lunchroom was quiet. First, I get a stroke; end up with blue balls that I get “treated” over; I get grounded for what I did with my money; now my girlfriend’s ready to break up with me if I don’t bed my sister. God, just end the week now….
Paige sits across from Edward at the table. “Boy have you become quite the bloke, haven’t yee?” the dingo asked the fox.
“This, isn’t a good time.” said Edward.
“I think it’s the perfect time to for me, mate. I personally wanted to thank you for having me as somewhat of a playboy in one of your fancy dreams.”

Edward just left the cafeteria, but Paige followed him. “C’mon now, mate. Don’t up an’ give a cold shoulder. It’s not like you.” he tried to reason with the fox.
“I just want to be left alone to deal with my problems,” Edward said bluntly, “is that so much to ask?”
“Well bloke, I thought I’d help you.” Paige got up to the fox’s ear. “Let me handle Edna, I’ll give ‘er the bid’ness for ya, mate. Then you can tell your lady friend you got it done and can keep her. All you need is a good blindfold, we can play the ol’ switcheroo, and in ‘Boom, bam, thank you ma’am’, She’ll be down for the count. You can keep your girl and you won’t even have to touch your sista’.”
“That’ll never work.” over comes Pokeinfo. “It was a good shot though, but if it’s one thing about Edna, she knows her brother.”
“Eh, whateva’ pops the Fosters. But if you still wanna gve it a shot, lemme know. Later you guys.” and off Paige goes.

Edward sits on the grass. “Pokeinfo, what am I gonna do?” asked Edward. “I don’t wanna lose Laura, or screw Edna.”
“Ed my man, this is a test.” Pokeinfo simply told the fox.
“Excuse me?” Edward was confused.
“This whole deal is a test. Laura is simply testing you, something around the lines of showing how much you care about her.”
“I don’t think it’s a test of Love, Poke.”
“Well, why would Laura want you to fuck Edna anyway?”
“She said that-”
SLAP “Don’t answer it, dummy. Think about it. Let that question just swim around in that brain of yours, it’ll hit you when you least expect it.”
“Are you sure?”
“Very. Well, you have some thought to put in, good luck my man.”

After school during practice, Laura was practically bombarded by the girls. “What is this, a game of 20 questions?” Laura wasn’t too thrilled.
“Don’t get mad at us, girlfriend. You did it, not us.” said Elizabeth.
“Are you really gonna dump Ed if he doesn’t do his sister?” asked Ashley.
“For the fiftieth time, yes!” Laura yelled. “Enough questions, we have drills to go over.”

That night, Laura’s parents got back and took her home, leaving Edward to hand crank the rest of his treatment. “I’m worn out, this isn’t cool.” said the fox.
Two raps came to his door. “Lights out, time for bed.” were the words from his mother.
I guess I’m good for the night, off to sleep.
Laura was in her bed, looking at the ceiling of her room. Time isn’t on your side, Ed. she thought. Let’s see how this plays out for you.
Friday was finally here and Things for Edward weren’t getting better. Not only did he get ragged and ripped on, but also hounded… even the Nerd Brigade, which just recently formed, dissed poor Edward. After he walked down the hall, Rodriguez was there to run into him. “You know what,” he began, “just go up to that girl of yours and just say, ‘Fuck that, we’re through.’ to her.” he said.
“And that’s why you have no women at the moment, huh?” Edward shot at him.
“I’d normally hit you, but you have enough to worry about. But any girl who would want you to have sex with your sister is better off being without. There are plenty of broads to nail at this school, don’t sell yourself short over one cheerleader.”
“If you say so…” and Edward went on his way.
“That poor sucker, he’ll learn the hard way.”

Edward continued to wander on down the hall, then he managed to bump into Dezeray, knocking the young queen on her rear and giving the fox an eyefull. Something he really didn’t need to see. “Ow, you really should watch where you’re going.” she said as she rubbed her head. She then looked up to see Edward. “Oh, well if it isn’t ‘Lovejoy’s Most Wanted’.”
“Please close your legs…” Edward said with a blush on his face.
“Peeking are you, well let me help you out.” siad Dezeray and spread her legs wider. “Look as long as you like.”
“No, stop that, I have a girlfriend.”
“Not for long you won’t.”
“That’s not funny.”
“Yeah, but you aren’t like that, are you?”
“True, but–Ahhh, aw crap.”
The arousal took it’s toll on Edward as it gave him that unwanted stiff one. Dezeray was a bit confused, but that’e when she saw that tent behind the fox’s hands. Man, I’ve heard of hard pains, but I didn’t think they meant that. the leopardess thought. Eh, I need a shake anyway. Wasting little time, Dezeray took Edward’s left hand and led him astray as he groaned from his wood. “Man, this isn’t cool.” Edward said in pain.
“Relax, you’re in good hands.” said Dezeray. “Or rather, a good mouth.” the leopardess began to work on Edward’s zipper.
“This isn’t really… needed.”
“You got a rock hard that makes you cry out in pain… sounds like you need it to me.”
“No I-”
“Just relax and leave it all to me.”

As in a quick instant, the young leopardess went to work on Edward’s dick. Though he was fighting it the whole way, he was happy to get some head, even if he didn’t show it. “Ohhh…” he moaned out.
Damn this is a hard one. Dezeray thought. I guess he’s been holding out on her… Oh well, more for me. She put Edward’s hands on the back of her head as she blew into the struggling fox.
What’ll I do if Laura sees this…. thought Edward. Aw, man… why do theese bad things always happen to me…
Wow, he’s really tense, like he doesn’t want it. Oh well, you’re gonna blow before I decide to stop playing with you.
” Fuck it, I can’t keep this up…. Okay, that’s enough.”
Dezeray takes Edward’s dick out of her mouth. “You must be joking.”
“This won’t do, I need more than this.”
“But what about your girlfriend?”
“Turn around, bend over and grab your ankles.”
“Somebody’s touchy.”
“I can always complain.”

Dezeray turned aroud and touched her toes. “I don’t mind you wanting it, but don’t be an ass about it.”
Edward pulls down Dezeray’s panties. “You know this turns you on, so stop whining.”
He’s right, it is a bit of a turn-on. Not much, but it’s enough.
Edward took to the leopardess’s rear and just let it go. Dezeray actually kept from screaming out from the fact of Edward’s member being impaled into her rear, but she did manage to wrap her tail around his waist. During this “Emergency Sex”, the fox managed to sweel up three times the normal girth as he pumped and thrusted into the playful minx of a leopard named Dezeray. She wasn’t complaining, sex is something any feline needs anyway. Edward was simply (and finally) enjoying the week-end sex. Sure it wasn’t from Laura, but at least it wasn’t with Edna. And since his groing wasn’t going to let him live with not giving the feline one more time of the one hundred fifty quota a week, he might as well take it anyway. It was a helping hand… er, rather hump after all. I wonder if fox dicks know like dog dicks do… thought Dezeray as she took her rearing. At least he doesn’t have barbs on his dick like male cats do. Having them scrape against your insides isn’t fun, especially when the scraping is in your colon.

Edward, despite coming off of the high ride from feline humping finally looks at the bang he’s getting. “You’re not grabbing your ankles.” said Edward.
“You’re not thrusting harder.” Dezeray shot back.
“Picky, aren’t you?”
“I thought you knew, queens run sex.”
I wonder if that’s the reasons a lot of the male cats here are turning gay…
Man, this guy’s got spunk…
“Okay, I’ll admit it. Catgirl sex is pretty damn hot.” said Edward.
“Why you’re in trouble with your girlfriend with a dick like this… it’s a shame.” said Dezeray. “I understand you not wanting to waste this on your sister.”
“More it is, then.”
Edward put a little more speed into his thrusting, which ended up being enough to make that fine feline drain the aquaduct, letting out a nice, audible moan in the process. Being one that doesn’t make a good girl wait, edward filled Dezeray’s rear with that new colon cleanse cocktail. The fox pulled out of the leopard’s rear all limp and satisfied. But then again, ten minutes of sex just might do that for some people, it sure left them panting. “Well, I see you two had some fun.” And there was Laura, who managed to see the cause of such a nice scream.
“Laura, I-” Edward tried to explain….
…but Laura cut him off. “At least you found a way to deal with your blue balls.”
No wonder he was so hard. thought Dezeray s she pulled her panties up.
“When did you get here?” Edward asked.
“After I heard someone scream out in pleasure… which made its mark on someone’s leg and floor. You can fuck her, but not your sister, is that it?”
“She’s not my blood relation.”
“Just for that, I’m counting Saturday and Sunday as part of your four days. Make sure you save some of that for Edna.” and off Laura walked away.
Dezeray pecked Edward on the cheek. “Or you can let me know when you need to let out some unwanted guests downstairs.” she said. “That was fun, hon. Let’s do that again sometime.” and off the leopardess went to the bathroom.
Edward put his shuttle in the hangar. I just might do that, it sure beats ever having the thought of doing that to Edna. he thought and off he went on his way.

Saturday came around and Laura went to the library to look up some info for a report that was due Monday. “Man, I hate having homework… or at least this crap.” Laura had to research Sexual Values, not like she needed a place like this for that. As she looked for the proper materials, she grits her teeth. “Excuse me ma’am, could you help me find a book?” Laura overhears some girl ask.
“Okay, but I need to know which book you’re looking for.” the librarian at the desk asked.
“Um… what was that name again? Uh… something to do with dream hacking or whatnot.”
“O-kay, lemme check.”
As the search on the computer went on, Laura began to turn her attention away. That’s an odd title for a book. she thought.
But before she could walk away, the search was over. “Well, the book How to Hack Dreams is still out on loan. It’s loaned out to…. ah, Edna Fox.”
“Could you call me when it comes back in?”
“I can hold it for you too.”

That was all Laura needed to hear. Edna has the book on dream hacking and Edward is having nightmares of her… the squirrel began to think. And that’s when it came together like beans and rice. You sneaky little bitch. I’m gonna get you, and I’m gonna get you real good. Thank you, library lady. With her new bit of knowledge, Laura left the library and headed for home. Well, now that I know what’s going on, it’s time to pay a certain fox a visit.


Edward was laying on the couch, staring up at the ceiling on this Saturday afternoon. He would’ve been out and about normally, but of course, he’s still grounded. At least my balls don’t hurt….. he thought. Should I actually listen to Rodriguez though and just dump Laura over this deal? This is way too far-fetched for my tastes. But then again, Pokeinfo said the Laura was testing me…. I just don’t know what to do.
Edward’s father walked by and noticed his son on the couch. “Bored, aren’t you?” he asked.
“I’d be lying if I said no.” Edward answered.
“Son, off the record. What did you really do with that money?”
“…I put it up in safe keeping.”
“Go and get it, then meet me outside.”

Edward grabbed his money and met up with his dad, then the two went for a drive.


Twenty-five minutes later, the two got back. Edward’s father decided to put that money up for Edward into his own bank account. The two didn’t even mention anything about it. “So you see son, everything usually has a hidden meaning, your mother is just a little upset, but don’t get too mad at her.” Mr. Fox said to his son. “Just give her time and she’ll forgive you.”
“Thanks, I just hope things are going well for the girls.” said Edward.
Suddenly, Edna ran into the house crying, she covered her face from her parent and sibling. “Edna, hold on.” the two followed the young vixen inside of the house. “Edna, stop, what happened to you?” Edward asked.
“I don’t wanna talk about it.” Edna answered with a sob.
“She’ll come around.”
“Edna!!!! Get out here, I’m not done with you yet.” Laura storms into the door. Her hair is messed up, but otherwise than that and a peeved temper, she’s fine.
“Laura, what are you doing here?” asked Edward.
“Go get your sister, she has another black eye coming to her.” Laura answered.
“What’s going on here?” asked Edward’s father.
“Edna owes me money.” the squirrel was obviously lying. “I called in her tab and she doesn’t plan on paying up, so I’m gonna give her the business into the debt’s paid off.”
“When did this happen?” asked Edward.
“In the locker room. You can’t hide from me, Edna! I know where your room is!”
Edward’s father went up the stairs. “I’ll tend to Edna, son. And you can handle Laura.” he said.
“Da-ad….” Edward blushed again.
“Just cram your dick down her mouth….”

“You know, you aren’t making this easy for me.” Edward turned to Laura.
“Everyone has to pay their dues, even you have dues to pay, Ed.” said Laura.
“Why are you so hellbent on dumping me for not laying pipe on Edna?”
“Because I’m making you choose. It’s either me, or her.” Laura headed out the door. “You have until Monday.”


That night, Edward was headed off to take a bath. As he walked into the door, he caught Edna fingering herself yet again. “You know, I just give with you. I’ll never figure you out.” said the young fox.
“Wait, don’t leave yet.” Edna pled.
” What the hell, I’ve nothing to lose…. Just a sec…” Edward locks the bathroom door. “Okay, now we have somewhat of a private moment.”
“Ed, I need to know something. Do you love me?”
“I’m well aware about your position, which I find very messed up. But despite that, I need to know if you love me.”
“Edna…” Edward took a deep breath. “Here’s the deal: Yes, I do love you…”
“Really?!” Edna’s eyes lit up.
“Really, but only as your older brother. My love for you is the love a brother has for his sister. Sibling love, Edna, and nothing more.”
“Oh, okay….” Though it didn’t look like it, the young vixen’s heart sank. She was kindly rejected. “But I’m not going to give up on you.”
“Well, you better start.”
Edna’s chin dropped when she heard that. “Man, did you have to be so blunt?”
“When being sensible and everything else in the book doesn’t work, yes.”
“Edward, you are so insensitive. You wouldn’t even heave it with me to save your own relationship.”
“Would you really want if that way from me, knowing that it would keep me with Laura?”
“W-well…. I wouldn’t care how, actually. I see your point.”
“Good. Now a girl with your free spirit and smarts can have no problems at all getting a boyfriend. Just make sure I won’t have to break his neck over you, huh?”
“I promise.”
“And Ed…”
“….Nothing, it’s nothing at all.” and Edna left the bathroom. I’m sorry for almost killing you….

Sunday came by and EDward didn’t even touch Edna. Laura of course kept a close eye on Edward’s sister and edna knew the squirrel was watching her. As that day went on, Edward came to terms with his mother and was lifted of his punishment. He even managed to let Paige know about not trying that switch idea. “Eh, tis your funera, bloke.” he said.
“I’ll survive mate, I’ve been through worse.” said Edward. “I mean… Crikey!”
Paige slapped Edward. “Don’t mock me or any other aussie, especially the great Croc Hunter.”

Monday afternoon came along and Edwared was under a tree, enjoying himself as he reads a book. Well, my time’s just about up. he thought as he turned the page. I guess I could go out with another cheerleader, maybe that other cat… or that new rabbit girl that just joined the girl’s basketball team. Yeah, that bunny has a lot of energy.
“Ed, we need to talk.” Edward looked up from his book to see Laura. “Looks like you didn’t take your sister in bed these past five days.”
“Nope.” Edward said, then closed his book. “I guess this is it, huh?”
“Yeah, right. What kind of girl do you take me for?”
“So, we’re still…”
“Of course we sill are. To be honest with you, I planned on not dumping you at all, I wanted to see if you’d actually fuck Edna. And luckily, I was right that you wouldn’t.”
“Then why did-”
“There was something not right about your nightmares, so I decided to have you confront their source, while I did some research. Turns out, it was just a lot of ordeals and motion that you were going through.

“Now if you really did fuck Edna, then I’d have to castrate your sorry ass, but because you’re just as I thought you’d be towards your sister, I figured that I would reward you.”
“Dinner and a movie will do.”
Laura giggled. “No, I already bought you a reward. It’s also a thank-you for staying with me, even against the incredibly weird.” Laura handed Edward the white giftbos with blue ribbon.
“What is it?”
“I’m not going to ruin it for you, but open it later when you get home. I think you’ll have a pretty good use for it. Besides, I think you should get a little restitution over the whole deal where she decided to play Whac-a-Mole with your head earlier on in the week.”
“You know, I should, shouldn’t I?”
“Of course you should.” Laura kissed Edward’s right cheek. “Well, see ya’ tomorrow, Ed.” and off Laura went.
I wonder what this could be….. Edward though as he held the gift.


That night, Edward was up in the middle of the night, his balls kept him up. After he let it fly in the bathroom, he returned to his room. Well, I’ll be up for a while, so I guess it’s some television again. he thought. That’s when he looked on his dresser drawer and noticed the gift that Laura gave him. “Hmm… I think I’ll see what I just got from my gal.” Edward ripped the wrapping paper away to see his give was a black book. “Great… this is real helpful, Laura….” but as he turned the book around… “O-kay, I take that back. Let’s crack this baby open.” Edward opened the cover and began reading. The name of his new black book: How to Create Nightmares. >:3

One hour later.

“Oh Ed… it feels so good, you know just how to hit my spot.” Edna was having her usual dream. The best sex of her life with her brother.
“You like it, don’t you?” Edward asked.
“No, I love it. Give me more, MORE!”
“Okay, but first, I have a surprise for you.”
“Oh yeah.” Edna was soon blindfolded.
“Yeah, this’ll be fun.”
Edna was placed on her back and felt her brother thrust into her front door, driving the vixen wild. Suddenly, things didn’t feel right for Edna. “Ed… are you okay, brother?” Edna asked.
“Take off your blindfold, Edna.” Edward answered.
As Edna removed her blindfold, she saw that Edward had changed. “Aaahhh, zombie!”
“No, I’m a zombie troll.” said the the surprise. He was gray furred, decrepped, eyes popping out of his head and the flesh was melting off of the carcas
“W-where’s Edward?”
“I’ve been humping you this whole time. What’s wrong, don’t you love it anymore?”
“No, this is wrong!” Edna was panicking.
“It wasn’t wrong when I was hitting your spot.” said the zombie troll. “But because I have no hard feelings, I’ll pump your hole full of undead spunk.”
“No, stop. Don’t…”
“Here it comes….”
Edna woke up from her nightmare. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo!” the poor vixen screamed.

Edna’s scream was so loud, it was heard all the way down the street. And through it all, a certain male fox was snickering in his bed. Nighty night, dear sister. thought Edward as he turned into for bed. But for Edward, this was only the beginning and many more nightmares to come… and to cum for poor Edna.

“Payback may be a bitch, but the dog
that mates with Payback is a real Motherfucker.”


The End?