The Best of Yiffing Friends

The Non Yiffing Edition – Sold out play at St Lovejoy

edit64Story by Mako Grey

DISCLAIMER: All characters and situations appearing in this work are fictitious, and are intended for mature audiences only. If you are not a legal adult, or it is illegal for you to read about adult situations, then you may not read futher. All characters belong to their respective owners. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.


Cast and Credits:
Scott Skunkat, Xavier bunny: Scott skunkat
Mako Grey: myself

Special Thanks to:
Krezz Karavan for creating School Days.
Everybody who let me use their characters.
Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the play and inspired me to become a better writer.
Edward, Edna, Jenny, Lucy, Laura, Cynthia, Pokeinfo and Rodriguez: Krezz Karavan
Ethan/Nathan Lupis: novaspectre
Billy Plats: The Shadow


The crowd sits in there seats on the first Friday night in October to watch a play. The adults look around and see the gym full of others furs here. They look at the curtain waiting for it to rise for the show to start. The curtain begins to rise as the crowd settles down. They see a street with a Siamese cat standing at the left end of the stage while four heads could be seen in a window of a house at the other end of the stage.

“Oh where has Edna gone because she was the love for me? She was the love for me and yiffed for the love of me. Oh she tore out my heart out and stepped on it to many times to count” said Mako and pulled a heart out and steeped on it with blood going on the floor.

The crowd claps and Lucy started to cry a little back stage.

Mako walked up to the house and knocked on the door and waited a few a seconds for someone to come to the door. A Skunkat answered the door while two foxes and a cat are sitting on the couch. Snow started to fall onto the stage. The front of the house comes up and the spot light is zoomed in on Mako with a dark red colour surrounding the spot light.

“I will kill that fox with my swords and make her suffer like I did. First his blood will bleed and his balls shall be cut. He will taste his own balls before his death.” said Mako and pulls out both his swords.

Cynthia a brown bunny with red hair came out dressed like an Angel and stands on Mako right side. Pokeinfo a lion with orange hair came out dressed like the devil and stands on Mako left side.

“Leave them be, my child because, this is not the way. Put your swords away, because she is happy at whom, she’s with. If you don’t do what, I say then you will, forever rot it hell forever” said Cynthia.

“Forget what she said, because everything thing she said, was a lie. Do it because you will fall, in love again. Kill him, destroy him and she will be yours again and this time forever.” said Pokeinfo with an evil smirk on his face.

“For what he said, is a lie and will get you to bow down, to his way. Oh sweet child you, will find love again soon” said Cynthia.

Cynthia started to levitate above the stage while she swings back and forwards.

The crowd claps to see Cynthia up in the air while they also noticed she had a white pair of panties on. Pokeinfo had a smile on his face at the nice view along with everyone else in the crowd except for Cynthia parents.

“From what you said, I’ll let him be and a peaceful solution, to this will come” said Mako and puts his swords away.

Cynthia turned towards the stage while still up in the air and noticed almost everyone had a smile on there face.

“You are a wise young cat, and you’ll be at peace with, your self now” said Cynthia while she blushed.

“Kill him, now” demanded Pokeinfo.

“No” said Mako in a calm voice.

“Yes!” said Pokeinfo in a more serious tone.

“No, I will never kill the innocent, except the one, who killed my family” said Mako.

Mako pulled out one of his swords and hit Poke in the stomach with the handle of it. Poke bent over on all fours and a trap door opened up near him. Poke rolled into the hole and disappeared. Cynthia swung back to the stage and gave Mako a kiss on the check.

The curtains closed to end Act 1.

The crowd stood up and gave a round of applause after the curtains closed. They wanted to know what happened next in this tale.


Mako walked onto the stage with a microphone in his paw and everyone looked at him wondering what he was doing on stage at this time. Mako cleared his throat and put the microphone up to his mouth.

“Folks I like to sing you a song, about Xavier. This is the story about a bunny, who’s yiffed almost every male cub, in the school. He has a boyfriend and loves him too. One day Edna found, about his little games and joined him in on it. They became the yiffing duo and are still that to, this day. They have some fun finding fresh meat for each other and both have fun with them too. Xavier dresses up a like a girl, to get a guy to yiff him, like he did to me before the play. Lucy going to be coming for you, to stick you to a wall where everyone cam see, you’re behind. We’ll make sure you can’t cum, but were just going to tease you. So Xavier you better watch out, you better not cry because she’ll be coming for you” sang Mako and pointed out to the crowd.

Everyone even Xavier who in the crowd disguised as a girl wondered if she was going to do it. He stayed very calmly in a chair so no one would know it him.

“I like to point out she will, becoming for you and I’m not lying. I like to thank everyone for coming and this play along, with my first yiff with Lucy will be on sale tomorrow for $30 in total” said Mako.

Lucy came out on the stage and smacked Mako in the head.

“What was, that for?” asked Mako while putting his right arm on his head.
“That for selling, copies of are yiff tape” said Lucy.
“I’m selling copies, of it so I can get you something special, for you on, are anniversary. There also a tape with, Billy with Edna, Ethan\ Nate with Edna and not to mention how many others are out there” said Mako.
“Ah that sweet of ya and I’ll let you sell the copies of the tape of us. I didn’t know there, were tapes out there, of other cubs are age yiffing?” asked Lucy.
“Yes, there are” said Mako.
“How do you know, this?” asked Lucy.
“Word spreads quickly, in the school” said Mako.
“Thanks for clearing that up and can we start the next act?” asked Lucy.
“Sure and now with out any more waiting we will start the next act” said Mako.

The two of them walked off the stage so the crowed can see act 2. Xavier happy no one noticed he was there and wanted to get a copy of that tape to see Mako nude any time he wanted to but was afraid of what would happen if he did.


The curtains open up and the crowd sees the five of them in the house. A fire is burning in the fireplace. The skunkat and Mako are facing each other while the others are looking at them in curiosity.

“Hello, can I help you?” asked the skunkat wondering who this is.

“No, you can’t, but that vixen can” said Mako and pointed straight at Edna.

Edna got off the couch and went to the door to see Mako. She grabbed him by the arm and headed to the far left of the stage. The two of them stopped and the vixen looked the cat in the eyes. The spot light closed in on them.

“What, are you doing here?” asked Edna with a little bit of anger in her voice.

“I came here to make, you suffer like I did, for the three months when I was alone, without you. You never ever sent me, an email or anything. I figured you, just forgot about me and you don’t want to, know what I did during that time” said Mako with anger in his voice.

“Well, I’ve been busy” said Edna with a smile on her face.

“With what?” asked Mako wondering what this is.

“You’ll see” see Edna snickering.

Mako put his hand up ready to slap Edna but knew it wouldn’t do him any good. He put his arm down and slapped Edna in the behind instead. Edna blushed a little from the slap on the behind. They headed back to the center of the stage and the other three wondered who this cat was.

“Mako, I like to introduce everyone, to you. This is Tommy, my boyfriend” said Edna pointing at the fox.

“It nice to meet you and you’re the one, to first yiff this vixen?” asked Tommy.

“Yes I am and you should hear the story of how that happened” said Mako.

“Not right now, Mako anther time alright?” asked Edna.

“Sure, I’ll tell it anther time” said Mako.

“This is Scott, who you met at the door” said Edna pointing at the skunkat.

“It nice to meet you, Mako and you gave us all, one great gift everybody is happy, with” said Scott.

“You too and sorry about, what happened earlier. What do you mean, by one great gift?” asked Mako.

“That ok and ever since she came here, she’s yiffed almost every student here” said Scott.

“Wow, that a lot of students. You sure, have been busy” said Mako surprised.

“Yes I have. Now this is Scott girlfriend Jenny but she’s really shy” said Edna pointing at the katt.

“Hi” said Jenny while looking Mako up and down.

“Hi” said Mako while staring at her blackly.

“Jenny, the four of us have to talk, privately. It is ok, if I see you tomorrow?” asked Scott.

“Sure I’ll see you tomorrow, sometime” said Jenny.

“Thank you, Jenny” said Scott.

Jenny got her purse and coat on. The two of them kissed for a moment before Jenny exited the stage to the right.

“What do you, want to talk about?” asked Edna.

“It about you, actually and I think your going, to like this” said Scott with a smile on his face.

“What, is it?” asked Edna.

“Since we all have yiffed, you at one time, or another why don’t, we become yiffing friends?” asked Scott.

“I like it” said Edna.

“Me too” said Mako.

“I don’t know, if I should agree, to this or not?” asked Tommy with curiosity.

“If you don’t, no yiffing for, three months” said Edna with a gleam in her eye.

“Yes, I’ll agree to it” said Tommy.

“Sine that settled let’s, have are first yiffing, friends fun” said Edna.

“Ya” said the three boys in unison.

The lights went dark and Edward walked onto the stage with a spot light following him. He stopped in the middle of the stage and looked at the crowed.

“The four of them, had a fun time together. This was the first of many all four of them would, yiff together. Edna cleaned the boys, off and the boys did the same for her. Two hours have, passed and they put there, clothes back on.” said Edward.

Edward walked off with the spotlight following him to the other end of the stage. The light turned off as Edward disappeared behind the curtain. The lights came back on and the crowd could see all them sitting on the couch together.

“I’m glad I’ve met all, of you and we should do this again, someday soon” said Mako.

“Yes we should and I hope you make anther, girl as happy as I was one day” said Edna.

“I don’t make you happy?” asked Tommy.

“You do make me happy Tommy, but I’m trying to put it, in a nice way for Mako” said Edna.

“Thanks for clearing, that up” said Tommy with a sigh of relief.

A loud scream could be heard off in the distance. Mako picked up his two swords off of the floor and wanted to investigate where that scream was coming from.

“I’m going to investigate, that noise out. I’ll see all three of you later” said Mako.

“Before you go there a crocodile, who’s the school bully named, Rodriguez who likes to rape the girls in the school. He’s also losses a lot, but there a few times he’s won” said Tommy.

“Thanks for the info and now I must go” said Mako.

“Bye” said the three in unison and waved at him.

Mako headed off to the far left end of the stage. The curtains closed and the crowd applauded. The crowd was wondering how this play would end.


The curtain rises up and snow starts to fall onto the stage. The school is in the background with a chipmunk kneeling on the steps crying. Mako started to walk over to the chipmunk only to see a crocodile trying to take advantage of her.

“Leave her alone, Rodriguez or else, I’m going to make you loose something, that you won’t miss that much anyway” said Mako as he puts his thumb and his index finger very closely together.

“Do I know you? You should fear me and beg for your mercy. I will make, you pay for those words right now” said Rodriguez while he started to get really angry.

“No, but I know you because my friends, told me all, about you. You’ve lost almost every fight you’ve, ever been in. I’ll fight you fairly, just because I’m that kind of guy. To know the cat, that beat you just remember Mako” said Mako.

Mako pulled out two rapiers and passed Rodriguez one.

Someone backstage hit play on a cd player and the Mortal Kombat theme music began to play. The audience is cheering for Mako except Rodriguez’s parents and cousins to see his but about to be kicked. Mako put the rapier beside his head with the sword pointing straight up. Rodriguez puts his rapier pointed straight at Mako. Rodriguez runs straight at him with his sword only to be blocked quite easily by Mako with his.

“Your too slow Rodriguez, you’re never going, to win” said Mako and punched Rodriguez in the stomach.

Rodriguez bens over and dropped the sword while coughing up a little bit of blood.

“No swords Mako, I want to beat you, with my fists” said Rodriguez while cracking his knuckles.

“Have it your way, Rodriguez, I’m still going to beat you” said Mako and drops his sword.

Rodriguez charged at Mako and missed him with his right hook and tried to counter with his left. Mako did the splits and punched Rodriguez bellow the belt. Rodriguez only got angrier and you could see steam coming out of his ears.

“This is the part, where you’re supposed to give up, Rodriguez, because this is not, part of the script” said Mako while dogging Rodriguez relentless attack.

“Screw the script, I’m going to kick your but, in front of everyone here” said Rodriguez while trying to hit Mako at least once.

The crowed started to yell kick his but and were cheering on Mako. There were some cheers for Rodriguez but were silenced very quickly. The track on the CD player changed to the song you’re pitiful.

“Doesn’t this song, sound a lot like, you Rodriguez?” asked Mako, managed to trip the big crocodile and landed face first.

“No, it doesn’t, it sounds a lot more, like everyone in this, school and you’re the worst one of them all. I’m the best, in the world” said Rodriguez and gets off of the floor after punching it hard with his fist.

“No, your not and I know who is” said Mako.

“Who that?” asked Rodriguez.

“You’ll never, find out” said Mako

A fire lights up in Mako eyes because he knew this fight had to end now no matter what the cost. Rodriguez wouldn’t want to stop this fight because if he won here everyone would want to be on his good side. Mako runs off into the crowd and exits the gym with Rodriguez following him. The crowd followed them to the girl’s bathroom where Mako ran inside. Rodriguez stood at the door with his hands shaped as fists.

“I got to find away, out of here and as soon I, open that door Rodriguez, while be waiting” said Mako while pacing.

Mako noticed a vent shaft and took off the vent very carefully. He set it on the floor and went into the shaft. Rodriguez decided not to wait anymore and opened the door only to see Mako slip away.

“Shit, he got, away” said Rodriguez and punched a stall door down.

The crowd backed away from Rodriguez. The crocodile eyes turned red and smiled because he was enjoying the chase. He could heard creaks above his head and followed it up to the roof of the school after grabbing two things from a locker near by. The crowd stood in the parking lot to see how this fight would end. It started to rain and lighting could be seen with a full moon going behind the clouds in the sky. Mako was getting soaked along with some other furs that didn’t have a coat on.

“Come and pay the piper, Mako because this will, be where you will loose” said Rodriguez while cracking his knuckles.

“Never, Rodriguez, but what ever happens here, everyone will see what the monster, you are” said Mako while backing up.

Mako stood at the edge of the roof and noticed a car that said Rodriguez #1 on the roof below him. The crowd stood back from the cars and looked up at them.

“Just like last time, Rodriguez, where we first fought” said Mako.

“Yes it is and Lucy won’t, help ya this time” said Rodriguez.

“No she won’t, because I told her, before hand we started this, I wanted to handle this, on my own. I know she’s watching, this fight also” said Mako.

“This is where Lucy, will see her love fall” said Rodriguez.

“One more step, Rodriguez and I will jump. I wish I had those swords, with me right now” said Mako.

“You mean these, swords?” asked Rodriguez holding them out in front of him.

“Yes, those are mine and where did you get them?” asked Mako.

“Well, too bad and I got them, out of your locker before, I came up here” said Rodriguez and snapped them in half.

“No, you monster those, were from my father’s” said Mako and dropped to his knees while crying.

Rodriguez started to walk over to Mako only to see him fall off the roof. He looked over the ledge only to see Mako hanging from his tail onto a pipe below the ledge. He swung up and grabbed Rodriguez by his shirt. He pulled the big croc forwards and flipped him towards the car below that had his name on it. He landed on the car and destroyed it. Mako pulled himself back onto the ledge and bowed to the crowed. His tail was bugging him after he pulled that stunt and won’t try that anytime soon. A police officer came over and to put cuffs on Rodriguez for what he has done.

“You’re going, to be put away, for at least six months, for what you have done to all, your fellow students here. It a shame I got to miss, the end of the play, but I think everyone will be happy, to see you gone, for awhile” said the cop.

“Sweet!” said all the students and began to clap.

“I swear that cop, look’s familiar. It someone, from the past” said Mako and got lost in thought.

The cop and one of the parents helped get Rodriguez off the car and into the cop car. The cop closed the door in Rodriguez face, got into the driver seat and drove off.

“I know that, cop” said Mako with a smile on his face.

Everyone looked at him wondering what he was talking about.

“Who was, that then?” asked Pokeinfo.

“I’ve only told Edna this, but now it time for everyone, to know. I won’t be able to do, anything till twenty nine days from now” said Mako.

Mako told everyone about who that fur was in the cop uniform and all about his past. After he told the story everyone walked back into the gym to see the play end. They were all wondering what would happen to Mako on Halloween this year. The crowd began to settle after they knew nothing they could do would change this Halloween. The two of them remembered where they were in they play and continued where they left off.

“Are you ok miss, I hope that monster, didn’t hurt you?” asked Mako bending down on one knee with his paw out.

“Yes, I’m fine and please call me, Lucy. Who are you?” asked Lucy with tears down her face.

“I’m Mako and you’re the most, beautiful girl in the world” said Mako.

“Thanks and you’re the first one, I can act calm around. I’m also felling something I’ve never felt before and I don’t know how to describe it” said Lucy and her face turned red.

“It, love” said Mako blushing.

“Then, I love you” said Lucy blushing.

The two kissed on stage and the crowd applauded. They never saw this side of Lucy before and the girls cried at this tender moment. The curtains closed at the happy ending to this play.


The curtain opened up one final time to see all the members of the cast on the stage. They took a bow and the crowd applauded. Mako bent down on one knee and pulled out something from his pocket.

Will you marry me, Lucy here tonight?” asked Mako as he showed Lucy the wedding ring.

“Yes, I’ll marry you Mako because, I love you too. Where did you, get the ring?” asked Lucy while blushing.

“My mom gave it to me, before I came here. She said ask her, to marry you now, because I want to see you happy, before I go. I also did this play, to tell you something” said Mako.

“Which is?” asked Lucy in curiosity.

“You remember my birthday and the only reason I said, to come over later is Tommy, Scott and Edna came over. We all yiffed and had cake later. They left twenty minutes, before you came over and the secret was, killing me” said Mako.

“Thanks for telling me, my love. I’ll forgive, ya” said Lucy.

Mako slid the ring on to her finger and the two off them kissed each other on stage.

The crowd stood up and clapped to see the couple tying the knot this early in life. Everyone on stage congratulated them also. Xavier walked up to the stage still wearing a dress and everyone wondered what was going to happen to him.

“I’m sorry about, earlier and I’ll do anything, you want instead of me getting, stuck to a wall and mooning everyone. I like to congratulate, you two also” said Xavier.

“Anything?” asked Lucy.

“Yes, anything” said Xavier hoping it wasn’t anything to bad.

“Alright, you’re going to sell the tapes, sitting down, with ice down your pants. More ice will be added, every twenty minutes, by Lucy all day, at my house. Also you’re going to, be giving head, to anyone who wants it, after they buy a copy” said Mako with a smile on his face.

“That sounds fair and I’m going to get, that skunkat yet” said Xavier and shivered at the thought of ice down his pants.

Xavier walked away from the two of them and is not looking forward to tomorrow punishment. He also knew that if he messed with Mako again that the punishment would be even worse.

“Let’s go, to tell, my mom?” asked Mako.

“Sure, I bet she will, be happy” said Lucy.

The two went through the crowd to see his mother still sitting in her seat. Mako wondered why his mother wasn’t moving. He checked for a pulse, heartbeat and realized she died while watching the play. He hopped she got to him proposing to Lucy and her accepting the ring. Mako turned to Lucy and started to cry into her arms to see his mother dead. Lucy comforted Mako as long as he needed it before they went back home to her home.