Wish You Were Here…

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Wish You Were Here…

Living in the Non-Tropical zones of the Northern Hemisphere, the cold months of Fall and Winter are from Mid September to Mid March and sometimes extend well into April. This is something Fernando G. is used to – the cold and snow during these times and living life during these harsh times. In the Southern Hemisphere things are the opposite, with their cold season lasting from Mid March to Mid September. It is due to the Earth axis tilt and position in its solar orbit; Southern Summers during Sept to March are hotter as the Earth is closer to the sun. With the science out of the way, lets continue.

Adrian, Holly, Molly and their friends Minerva and Melissa live in Australia when not going to school at their second home in Pouncefield to attend St. LoveJoy’s Academy. Thus during the Christmas/New Years, they head home where it is Summer. Lucky them!

Minerva is a little red haired hamster that Fernando has been trying to ask out for a while but was refused because her over protective father would not want her to date anyone until he considers her old enough to date, which in his eyes could be anywhere from 25 to 65! But in asking her out and finding out who he is, she was getting a liking to Fernando. He has helped her in her art classes when she needed a male model. He has also helped her with her swimming class as a student teacher.

Thus during their winter vacation in warmer climates Down Under, Minerva sends Fernando a letter. It says, “Sorry I haven’t send much in the way of letters, but I’ll be returning home soon. I do hope we can meet again. Oh also I send some photos of my time at the beach. Enjoy. Minerva.”

Though there were a few pictures, we’re just going to post two. Maybe in the future more photos can be posted.

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