Look Up at a Godess

edit64Written by Elfen Sciuridae

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If Pokeinfa (aka. Poki) was around during the Ancient Greek Civilization, she would have been elected into Mount Olympus as one of the gods and goddess. But this is Pouncefield 2021, where everyone is preparing for summer vacations and travel trips. Poki went to the local mall and picked out a Black & White Tie Up Bikini – where the main areas are black but the tie-up ends are white.

She decides to call Fernando over to show her new swim wear, knowing that the house will be empty for many hours and her parents and brother does not care about him being there as he has done his best to respect the family, their traditions and their daughter/sister. She leaves the house unlock for him to enter when he gets there, and go directly to her room instructed.

So she waited for him to arrive just wearing what she had brought, glad that it fits on her perfectly. He gets to her house and calls for her, she replies to come upstairs. He closes and locks the main door before going upstairs, then down a short hall to her room.

They have been going out for a few years, from late elementary, Jr. High and currently in High School. All this time she has always worn a white bathing suit either 1 or 2 piece. And white has always looked good on her, but now she wants to try other options and in finding a black tie-up bikini with white tie straps, she thinks it’s perfect for her! But what will Fernando think, the one she has been dating all these years, having a free, honest and open relationship with him.

He calls her as he approaches her room. She steps out into the hallway, literally bumping into him. A cat always lands on their feet, to which, Poki only steps back to the door. Squirrels – what ever side they fall on is where they land, in his case, on his ass. He just looks up at her in awe, looking at such wonderous beauty, that is only read in the ancient tomes of when gods and furs walked the earth. Poki can only look down all innocently at him and ask, “You OK, Fernando?”

All he does is sit there with his mouth open as he looks up at her.

“Well, from the looks of it, I think you like what you see…” She tells him.

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