Amy’s First Time (aka Amy and Her Two Brothers) – The Story

edit64Written by Elfen Sciuridae

My Two Brothers.

When we were younger, my brothers used to go out to do their own things but at the same time protect me from the neighborhood boys who tended to be bullies to the other girls in the neighborhood. Being the youngest, I am 2 years younger than my older brother Lyle and 4 younger than my oldest brother Calvin. My name is Amie-Lynn, Amy for short and I am 11 years old. Though I am a mouse, it seems that I am the smallest of all my friends, mouse or not. Some have stated that I’m actually 9 years old and got skipped a couple of grades, to which those who knew me since kindergarten have backed me up on. I’m just small for my age.

It’s been a couple of years since they had to step in to protect me as I have been fighting for myself because Calvin entered high school and Lyle entered secondary school. My brothers’ reputations keep the bullying boys away; many girls want to be my friend to get closer to my brothers even though they say they have their own girlfriends. Yet if I wanted one, I could not get a boyfriend; my brothers would scare him away.

We live in a tiny house, where I share a room with my brothers. They sleep on a bunk bed one on top of the other, while I sleep on my own bed on the other side of the room to them. Privacy is not much of a concern as we are comfortable with each other except for those times we want some alone times by ourselves. I tend to get the room by myself most of the time when they go out with their friends to play sports or hang out. The hard part is trying to figure out how long they will be out so I can have my alone time without worry of them barging in on me. In a couple of those times, I searched their side of the room and found some Sex Magazines they had hiding. I did not tell on them about having such `reading material’ but I did take a couple of them to school to show to my (girl)friends and discuss what was on the pages. Some of the girls talked like they knew it all and some even swearing that they had done some of those things with their brothers, cousins or boyfriends. Freaky-Ratty-Sara even admitted to me to doing it with both her three brothers and several male cousins at the same time on top of doing it alone with her dog, a big German Sheppard they have as a guard dog for their home, when she is alone. Whether it is true or not, I do not know, nor do I want to know even though she had told me. I’m just keeping it a secret to myself, so if word gets out, it will not be by me.

We girls also talk about touching ourselves and how we would like a boy to touch us and some practice kissing with each other, usually in the locker room for gym or swimming when in school or at a friend’s house after school. Some other girls have also brought in sex magazines, and Freaky-Sara has bought in a couple of MP4 sex video files on her laptop or tablet she said she got from her brothers or cousins which was ripped off from a DVD. In conversation, those who said they have done it say that is a thousand times better than just touching one ‘s self and having a boy’s dick inside their pussy is a whole lot better than putting one’s fingers in there. Some have even stated that they have had it in their mouth and ass and liking it! Listening to such talks has left me weak in the knees and my panties getting wet. Often I would rush to get home to get some alone time for a while and put my finger in me.

Usually, when they are not practicing for their sport teams, my brothers get home an hour or more later than I do for their school is farther than mine is. In fact, my school is a couple blocks away and I usually walk to get to and from school while they take a bus to and fro school. In days where I would want some alone time I would run home. Sometimes I would take out one of their Sex Magazines, lie down on my bed, pull down my panties past my ankles and get lost in the pages of seeing a girl’s pussy being stuffed by some guy’s dick while I shove my fingers into my tight hot wet hole. Times like this I wish I had a boyfriend who could put his dick in me and fuck my brains out. Lo did I know that I would get my wish come true, sort of…

In one of those alone times towards the end of the last school year, either I lost track of time or my brothers were let out early from school. Either way, as I was alone in my bed with my eyes closed enjoying a finger going in as deep as it can go in me when all of the sudden, somebody covered my mouth with their hand to keep me from reacting loudly. It was Lyle as he was shushing me to remain quiet. I was too focused on him, nodding in agreement and hoping that he would go away. But then I felt another pair of hands spreading my legs further apart at the knees that I had up. It was Calvin, both in their school t-shirts and shorts. I was lying there in my school clothes with my skirt pulled up to my waist and my panties on one of my ankles. Their shorts were partially pulled down, and their long hard dicks there for me so see them. Things were going too fast for me; I was reacting more than enacting consciously, feeling Calvin’s hand on mine which had my middle finger deep inside my pussy. He slowly takes my hand off my pussy with this and makes me take hold of his hard cock. It was long, thick, stiff and springy. I gave a slight tug downward and it feels like it wants to spring back up.

Calvin takes me by my hips and pulls me up onto his lap on his folded legs before putting his hand on mine holding his dick and pushes it down aiming it to my pussy, it feels strangely wonderful to have his cock up against me down there. As I slid off my pillow from Calvin pulling me onto his lap, Lyle has shifted onto his knees on my bed to face me. He holds out his stiff dick to my face. I turn my face to see him and his dick better.

Lyle turns to face Calvin for a second, Calvin nods at him. Lyle then leans over a bit over me and pushes his dick onto my lips. I reach over with my other hand and take hold of it, and though in my mind something was telling me to push it away, I pull it to my lips and give it a kiss and then like the girls in those sex magazines, I open my mouth slightly and slide the head of his dick into my mouth. I lick and slide my tongue around the head of his dick inside my mouth before I begin to pump my tiny hand along his hard shaft. At the same time I begin to pump on Calvin’s cock with my other hand. I do not know why I am other than I am. Calvin leans over me slightly as well and gives a slight push with his hips, I can feel his cock slide past my hand and into my pussy. Worst, with my pumping on his dick, I push up against it making it slide deeper in me though I wanted to pull it out. But it does not work that way as it goes in deeper in me, I can feel my pussy stretch open to make him fit inside me. I want to fight back but I give in to their whims.

At least Calvin takes it slowly in driving his hard thick cock in and out of my very tight pussy. Thank god! He if were to have been rough with me he could have hurt me greatly. Lyle begins to hump his cock in and out of my hand and mouth, almost making me gag at times when he tries to shove his full length into my mouth.

I was half way to cumming when they interrupted me, and now being fucked by the two of them, I begin to build up to cumming again. Oh god, I can’t believe this is happening to me. I often dreamed of having sex with one or the other brother but not both at the same time like this! I cum awfully hard like I never did before, moaning and breathing hard with Lyle’s dick in my hand and mouth.

Lyle pulls his dick out of my mouth and looks at Calvin, “I would love to fuck sis in her ass…”

I look at Lyle with a wide eye expression in not believing what I am hearing as Calvin replies, “We can DP her if you like, but that depends on Amy… she is very tight. And we need to switch positions.”

“I don’t mind waiting…” Lyle adds.

Calvin looks down at me before making me let go of Lyle dick and lowers himself onto me, fucking me missionary style for a couple of strokes as he whispers into my ear, “Hold onto my neck and I’ll turn us around so you’re on top of me so Lyle can get up on you from behind.”

I just nod back at what he said before reaching around his neck with my tiny short arms and hold onto him. He slowly rolls over on the bed, turning my body with his until I lay on top of him. He then grabs my hips and raises my ass up into the air while driving them down to get the full length of his hard fat cock as deep as it can go in me. I can feel my pussy stretch as much as it can to accommodate inside me. Lyle crawls over behind me and puts his hands on my ass, pulling my ass cheeks apart slightly. I wanted to say no, I wanted to complain and tell him to stop but something told me to shut up and enjoy it.  Lyle is not as big as his older brother Calvin, but that is probably due to their age difference, and he is more than “big enough” to hurt me if he treated me too harshly.

“Ready for him?” Calvin asks. I just nod with my eyes closed in reply before I rest my head on his chest.

I can feel Lyle lining up the head of his dick up against my butthole, and I can only think of the girls who claim to have done it with their male sex partners liking it very much, some saying as much as having a penis inside their vaginas. But in thinking inside the fog of pain and pleasure Calvin’s cock is making with the inside of my pussy, I temporarily forgotten about Lyle being back there. My anus pops open by the intrusion of his stiff thick dick back here, pushing in deep as possible on the first thrust in me.

“OW! Lyle, take it easy with me back there!” I turn to face him.

“Sorry Amy. It’s just you’re so tight back here. I was making sure it went in.” Lyle replies.

“You should take it easy with her, I’m in here too.” Calvin tells his younger brother. Lyle lets outs a frustrated sigh. “Pay no attention to his frustration, Amy. He’s always trying to prove he’s better than me when we do this.”

“You two have done this before?” I ask.

“There’s some girls out there who want it this way… but they are older than you are.” Calvin begins. He throw in, “Lyle, in timing with me.”

“Alright…” Lyle relies.

Calvin looks at me for a second, “Alright Amy. Here we go…”

I can feel Calvin’s and Lyle cocks moving in and out of me, though at first they were not in unison. But soon, they get their timing together, sending dual waves of pleasure in both my pussy and in my ass. I drop my jaw for the moment before falling onto Calvin’s chest, moaning and whimpering louder than before. At first they took it nice and slow with me, allowing me to get used to their double penetration of my private parts below. It is obvious that they knew what they were doing as what they were doing to me was making my head spin! Then they started to intensify their humping and stroking of my holes, making me squeak on top of moaning as the intensity grew that much more! Lyle leaned over some more against my back as he pumped his hard boy-rod in and out of my ass as hard as he could.

In no time I had become to cum very hard, so hard in fact that I began to tremble between my two brothers. Never in touching myself had I cum so hard, though I had cum before through such actions. This was different; it was hard, powerful and raw. It hurt, especially my ass which Lyle was pumping his cock in and out of. My pussy was getting stretched past its limits with Calvin thrusting his big hard cock deeper than it should be able to go in. All I can do it just lay there and get fucked by both of my brothers as my body shook and writhed in ecstasy.

I do not how long I came, for I was somewhere between passing out and being dizzy from the stimulation these boys were giving me. There were times when I nearly tore Calvin’s t-shirt from grabbing it while I was cumming. In the back of my mind popped up one those conversations mom had with me about being forced and raped, saying that if I had no other way to fight back or escape that I had let happen while I grin and bear it. In a way I now understand what she meant though I was not being forced to do anything and allowed myself to be taken by my two brothers.

Calvin gives me a soft shake on my shoulder until I was a bit more awake. He asks though he continues to slide his cock n and out of my tight pussy, “You OK, sis?”

I nod for a second, saying between breathes “I OK… I came.”

“I noticed. Your pussy clamped down hard on my dick when you did.” He tells

“So did her butthole on my dick!” Lyle says from behind us.

“Don’t be so crude, Lyle. This is our little sister we’re fucking. We should be treating her with more love and care if you want her to let us fuck her.” Calvin tells him, adding, “Don’t you want her to give up to us more often after this?”

Lyle does not answer but Calvin turns his attention to me, “How about, Amy, you willing to let us fuck you more often after this?”

Being delirious with pleasure and desire all I could do was nod to answer his question. It is hard to think when being doubled fucked and experiencing a prolonged orgasm that was slowly fading but still hanged on.

“I’m about to cum…” Lyle lets out.

“So am I, but we can’t just cum inside our little sister.” Calvin says to him.

I was still nodding on top of moaning and holding my oldest brother against me.

“You want us to cum in you?” Calvin asks me.

I continue to nod, not knowing what to expect. I barely remember some girls talking about boys cumming and how good it felt when they cum inside them though there was a danger of getting pregnant when it happens but that is the chance we take as girls wanting it all when we have sex without protection.

Calvin kisses me on my forehead before he begins to thrust his thick hard cock as deep as it can go inside me, with Lyle trying to keep up in time with him in my ass. It felt like I was cumming again though it could have been my continual orgasm going up again. Then Lyle thrusts his fat stiff dick onto me until his balls was up against my ass cheeks and it begins to pulsate inside me. I can feel globs of his hot sperm rich cum coating the inside of my rectum, making it hotter inside me. Calvin soon followed up with shoving his thick hard cock up against the top of my pussy where I can feel his balls up against my pussy lips, and his cock also beings to pulsate inside me. I can feel his hot thick streams of sperm fill up an empty space inside me, my uterus as I barely remember my Sex Ed in class and what mom talked to me about but such thoughts were just barely there and quickly faded as I came hard again.

It took a long while as their balls pumped their baby making goo inside me from both holes. All I could do was lay there on top of Calvin as the boys finished off pumping their sperm inside me. After a while it seemed to have stopped, and Lyle pulled his dick out of my ass. He fell back onto his knees. Calvin still had his cock inside me, still hard but not as hard as before. I can sense that he was tiring out or it seemed like it.

I shimmied myself up to get higher up on my oldest brother. Doing so, I can feel his fat cock slowly slide out of my pussy until it pops out of my hole and rests between my pussy lips.

“That was… wonderful…” I said to Calvin.

“You were great yourself, sis. What a tight little pussy you got between your legs. I could fuck it every day if you let me.” Calvin replies.

“You should try her tight little ass.” Lyle says from behind.

“Tell Lyle that he better be good to me or that is the last piece of tail he is getting from me.” I tell Calvin.

“Consider that a warning, Lyle.” Calvin tells his younger brother. He then looks up at his little sister, “How was it for you, Amy? Sorry we had to pounce on you, but watching you touch yourself like you were doing, a guy can only take but so much…”

“Yeah…” Lyle interjects.

“Lyle… go to the bathroom and wash your dick with soap and water. Even though it’s our little sister’s ass it was in, if you want her to suck it, it needs to be clean.” Calvin tells him.

Lyle thinks about it for a moment before he steps off the bed and heads to the bathroom. Alone with Calvin, Amy just rests on him for the moment. He kisses her on her forehead once again.

“What’s that for?” I ask.

“Just for being a great little sister. That’s all.” Calvin replies.

I let out a sigh before saying, “Thanks for being a wonderful big brother to me…”

“You can thank me anytime with that tight pussy of yours.” Calvin tells me.

“I’ll remember that next time, but a girl needs her `alone time’ you know.” I reply.

“You don’t ever need to be alone ever again with us around.” Calvin points out.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend to give you pussy, big bro?” I ask.

“I got plenty of girlfriends that I can fuck anytime I want alone or with Lyle. But there is only one girl I have at home and she is more important to me and I want her to give it to me, to us, as often as she wants it.” He explains.

I bite down on my bottom lip in thinking, to be fucked by either or both of my brothers. If I had a choice, it would be Calvin all the way but that seems to be a limited option and I would have to be fucked by Lyle as well. A girl can only be so lucky.

I take in a deep breath for courage, “Alright, if you catch me touching myself, you can fuck me.”

“You’re making it that easy?” Calvin asks.

“You may never know, this could be the last time I touch myself.” I tell him.

“That could be true but I doubt that. Once a girl starts touching herself, she will always touch herself.” Calvin points out to me.

“What makes you an expert on girls?” I ask him.

“I have you as a sister, and I been observing you since you were little. And though you are like many girls out there, you are also your own girl as well. You’re not Sara the Freak who has let the school’s soccer team gang bang her all at once after practice behind the benches.” Calvin explains.

“Freaky Sara did what?! I hope you were not part of that. She tells me that she lets her dog fuck her.” I tell him.

“I’ve fucked her a few times; Lyle has fucked her more than I have, however.” Calvin explains, adding, “And I know she lets her dog fuck her. I’ve seen her do it on more than one occasion. What can I say, the girl wants dick, and she will get it however which way she can!” He looks at me for a second. “Hey. I hope you do not turn out like that freak. You want dick, you got me and Lyle to give it to you.”

“I think you do not have worry about that with me. You and Lyle is more than enough for me.” I tell him. I pause for a second before adding, “I’m worried about others finding out.”

“I won’t tell anyone, and I’ll make sure Lyle won’t either. Nobody will know.” Calvin explains.

I inch up on him and give him a quick kiss on his lips. I hope he does not complain about me sucking on Lyle’s dick earlier, I meant it out of affection and thanks. Instead of complaint or getting yelled at, he leans over to me and kisses me back. His hand finds its way onto my developing and sensitive breast, while his lips forces mine to open and his tongue enters my mouth. I remember the girls talking about how it should be done though I never practiced with a girl; I never thought that I would be tonguing it down with my oldest brother! As he kissed me, he works his hand into my school shirt and works his way back up to my breast which was covered by my bra.

Calvin breaks off from our kiss, “You wearing a bra already?” I look at him as innocently as possible as nod. He then asks, “Got your period yet?” Again I nod innocently. “So our little sister is all grown up…”

I smile a tiny bit, hesitant to answer but give, “As grown up as an 11 year old can be.”

“As grown up wanting to have your pussy stuffed with some dick.” He whispers in my ear.

I whisper back in his, “I’ve been touching myself and stuffing my pussy with my fingers since I was 9.”

“If I knew that back then, I would not need a girlfriend as we would have been fucking since then and you would have been my girlfriend.” He whispers into my ear.

I pull back a bit from him, saying, “I can’t be your girlfriend, I’m your sister.”

He works his hand into my bra and massages my sensitive nipple between his fingers, “You can be my little sister and my girlfriend at the same time if you like. I know I would.”

“As your girlfriend, what would I get that I would not as your sister?” I ask almost timidly.

Calvin reached behind and under me, taking his semi hard cock and taps it lightly against my pussy lips, “This, anytime you want it.”

“I know a lot of girls who let their brothers fuck them and they are not their girlfriends. Why should I be different?” I ask.

“You willing to let us fuck you as our little sister?” He asks.

“You’re on my bed and I’m not complaining.” I tell him.

“So what are you trying to say?” He asks.

I let out a sigh before spelling it out for him, “I would let you fuck me if you want to. If Lyle was much nicer to me, I would let him fuck me too.”

“You know that you are going to need to let him fuck you in a three-way with me.” He explains. After a slight pause he adds, “I’ll put him in his place so he be nicer to you and won’t bully you again.”

I reach up and give Calvin a kiss on his lips. “Thanks. If I can make a request, until he treats me better on his own, I will only let him fuck me if you are fucking me too.”

“I’ll see what we can do. But what about those times you and he are alone?” He asks.

“I’ll only let him fuck me alone if he has treated me nicely after a long while. Until then, I won’t do it with him unless you are there.” I answer.

“Let’s see what happens.” Calvin replies.

We lay together in silence for a moment.  Though Lyle does not enter our room, he does yell through the hallways, “I’m going out to Freaky Sara’s house!”

“Alright!” Calvin yells back.

In less than a minute the front door of our house and home slams shut. We look at each other for the moment.

“What do you want to do now?” I ask Calvin.

“Depends on you.” He replies.

“Before we do anything, let me ask, how you liked doing it?” I ask.

“How I liked doing? Well. Depends on the girl, but I like to stuff my dick inside her tight pussy and you have the tightest pussy I ever stuck my dick into.” He points out.

I bite down on my lip for a second, “Yours is the biggest dick I had in me. I mean I only had you and Lyle as of today and between you and Lyle, you are a lot bigger than he is. But in seeing pictures and talking with the other girls, I can say yours is the biggest dick I had in me and probably will be the biggest dick I will ever have in me.”

“I hope I did not hurt you then.” Calvin replies.

I look away from him for a second, saying to myself but loud enough for him to hear it, “Boy did it ever hurt…” I turn to face him, “But it a pain we girls go through and after a while the pain goes away and it felt very good.”

We look at each other for a moment.

I tell him, “Thanks. I needed what you and Lyle gave me today.”

“Well, we caught you fingering your pussy, so… Well… I know that girls do that sort of thing, I’m just wondering why you would do it.” Calvin almost asks.

I lie my head down on his chest before answering, “I’m just a stressed out little mousie girl.”

“Stressed out? From what?” He asks.

“Girls put a lot of pressure on other girls like me, and I have a lot of studying to do for tests and things. All that stress just builds up and I need relief from it. That’s all.” I try to explain.

“Well, for now on you got us to relieve you of your stress. What you think of that?” He says and then asks.

“I’d prefer if it were only you relieving my stress.” I reply.

“You seemed to have enjoyed the both of us earlier.” Calvin points out.

I bite my bottom lip for a moment because he was right, though it was my first time I was fucked by the both of them like I was never been fucked by anyone before in my dreams. I momentarily buried my face into his chest as I try to gather my thoughts.

Calvin speaks up and he holds me tighter against him, “I sorry, I did not mean too…”

I look up at him as I interrupt him, “No. It’s my fault. I mean, it was my first time so I’m no longer a virgin, but it was great and if I could have let it happen sooner before, I would. And it was you two that I did it with, and though some could say you two raped me, I allowed the both of you do it to me. I enjoyed having your dick in my pussy, I enjoyed having Lyle’s dick in my mouth and then later in my ass. Not many girls like that, especially on their first time. But I did and I have you two to thank. I just do not want Lyle to be pushy and bossy by demanding sex from me when I do not want to but I know that is what he is going to do to me.”

“I’ll have a talk with Lyle about how to treat you then. I know he can be bossy, especially towards you since you’re the youngest and a girl.” Calvin begins.

“But you’re not like that. You’ve always been nice to me.” I tell him.

“You’re our little sister. That’s why I’m nice to you. Now, if you would have been a brother, it would be noogies and wedgies to toughen you up until you can defend yourself.” He explains.

“Don’t tell me you did that to Lyle.” I tell him.

“And if I did, he deserves it. I mean, really. You think being a girl is hard? Try being a boy, where you have to stand up to all the challenges other boys and even some girls throw at you. You can’t be a sissy boy because they will beat you up. I’m glad that he grew up to be tough like me, but I know he can push too far, especially with you. But if you give him a second chance he will treat you better. I’ll make sure of that for you.” He tries to reassure me.

I let out a sigh, “Thanks Calvin.”

We lay there on silence for the moment, me on top of my oldest brother and I can feel his semi-hard large cock up against my pussy lips, as it has been the whole time since we ended having sex. For some reason I felt like I wanted more even though I needed the rest and I can guess Calvin needs the rest too.

“We have a couple hours before mom gets home from work. What do you want to do?” Calvin asks.

“I don’t know.”  I reply.

“Well, if I can ask, when you’re alone, since you said you do I assume that you are touching yourself, how long do you take?” He asks.

“I don’t exactly keep time other than getting it done before you guys get home. I did not expect you and Lyle to come home so early today.” I explain.

“So if Lyle and I did not interrupt you, you’d probably be touching yourself right now?” He asks.

“Probably yes.” I answer, then ask, “Why?”

Calvin kisses me on the forehead as I can feel his cock up against my pussy getting harder again. He then says, “No reason…”

In almost no time I can feel him at his full hardness that he had in me before up against my girlhood.

I ask him, “Do you want to have more sex?”

“That depends on you if you want too.” He points out.

“No, I mean, I thought because of what the girls talk about, that you guys when you finish having sex and pumped out your sperm and all that, that you cannot have sex for another 24 hours to `recharge your balls.”’ I try to explain.

“That might be true for some guys and older men, but not all of us and, well, I can be ready for you anytime you want it, even now.” He says.

“Even now?” I say with a gulp that I try to hide. In my mind, I would be willing to try for a `round two’ if Calvin’s up to it but I was not expecting it though feeling his big hard cock up against me down there is making me weak in mind and body. To be fucked again by my brother, I mean – wow…  I am awed by the thought of it all.

“If you want to do, how you want to do it? Me on top, you on top like before when Lyle fucked you up the ass, some other position or want me to fuck you in the ass?” He asks.

“God…” I thought “Calvin would rip my little ass apart with that massive fuck-rod of his.” I was hesitant in answering and instead rest my head on his chest as I thought.

He continues, “If you do not want too, `No means no.”’

I rise up a bit to look at him in his face, “Be honest with me, can you do it again? How often have you done that before? And with whom?”

“Some of the girls you know because they are your friends other than Freaky Sara. Other girls are older girls from my school and your school as well, some of them the older sisters of your friends. And let’s just say that as long as I have some time to `recharge’, I can do it again and again as often as time allow. So that is up to you on what you want.” He explains.

I squirm a little bit against his hard cock against my pussy, pretending to be uncomfortable of it being there but not saying a word about it. I just ask, pretending in not knowing but rather guessing, “So… if you want to, right now, you could?”

“I could. What about you? Want to do it too? And how, me on top like we started or continue you on top? Or, I don’t know… what would you want?” He asks.

“Before I answer that, I want to know why you and Lyle have those sex magazines hidden in your side of the room?” I ask.

“We sorta knew you were looking at them because they were never in the same place we hid them in and sometimes a magazine would be missing for a couple days. And since mom never questioned us about it, it has to have been you.” He points out to me.

I take a gulp of my spit for a second, as if I was caught in some sort of crime. I push up on my arms against him to rise up above him, almost challenging him, “So what if I did. I even showed it to my (girl) friends at school to talk about it and they brought in what they had and we compared notes. But when I am done with them, I put them back where I found them. But that does not answer my question.”

“At least you were honest in what you said, and you do return them.” Calvin begins. He continues, “Alright. Why would Lyle and I have them? Why not? It’s a sex book. It teaches a lot of things we would not know otherwise. Like you girls talked about you saw on those pages, so did us boys. So yeah, without them we would eventually figure out how things work, but with them it made things easier to do because they are explained on those pages with pictures and words. Now, do you want to again, and if you do, how?”

I slowly lower myself down onto my oldest brother, letting out a sigh as I can feel his massive hard fuck rod slide against my pussy lips as I lower myself. I place the side of my face against his chest before letting out a sigh as I thought about it. Yes, I want to do it again. I just do not know if he would do it like how I dream it would be – him on top of me, both of us naked with our bodies pressing against each other as we kissed intimately and he stroking my pussy long and hard with the full length of his mighty cock. But as I thought about it, clothing was optional as he might not want to strip down to his naked body. A naked boy body I have seen many times before as we dressed in front of each other in our shared room. I’ve seen Lyle’s naked body too, but I can see why my friends want Calvin though some will even take Lyle too. And they too have seen my body naked as well while we dressed. I let out a sigh as I thought some more before giving my answer.

“I do, I mean, want to do it again. Like right before we switch and turned around so I can be on top of you so Lyle can fuck me in the ass, you leaned over and pressed your body against mine and gave me a few long hard strokes… like that, you on top of me and against me with us kissing…”I try to explain.

“Missionary style? I see no problem with that, other than you being on top of me right now, we got to switch places to get it done.” He tells me.

I rest the side of my face on his chest again before holding onto him tightly, “Go ahead and turn us over again.”

“Might be easier for you to get off me and lie down and then I get on top of you.” He points out.

It is not the option I want, “It’s OK. I prefer for you to turn us around.”

“If you insists…” He replies before he puts an arm around my waist to secure me against him.

Slowly he turns us around on my bed and then holds himself above me. We take a couple of seconds to adjust ourselves to our new position, I open my legs wider for him to fit into place against me. Looking down at me, Calvin reaches down between us, taking hold of his hard thick cock and adjusts it into position against my vagina’s opening. I reach up my arms around his neck to pull him down to me to kiss him. As we kissed, I can feel the head of his penis open and fill up my tight vagina, making it stretch again to accommodate his size within me as it went in. He takes the first several strokes nice and slow for me to get used having him inside me again before taking on a paced rhythm of sliding his large manhood in and out of my tensely tight girlhood. I was slowly getting delirious from his working of his manly shaft inside my tight pussy for the second time. In my mind I was being fucked as per how I had it happen in my dreams. Unknowingly I was moaning and whining softly as he increased his pace and force of impact against the top of my pussy, my cervix as I barely remember the names of my internal body parts. All I know is that despite the slight fading pain of being stretched, it felt so good being done lovely the way he did me.

Calvin fucked me balls deep for longer than I thought possible. And he recovered quickly for a “Round Three” with me. This time he wanted me to turn over onto my hands and knees and did me “Feral Style.” It was nothing but raw sex after that as getting some intimacy in this position was harder than with “Missionary.” Not that I was complaining but much of this was new to me, and I was learning what I like and what I didn’t like from this experience. Though what Calvin and I were doing was in the front of my mind, many fleeting thoughts were in the back of my mind: thoughts about my friends finding out that I’m having sex with my brothers; thought of getting caught by mom; thoughts of possibly getting pregnant. But such thoughts quickly fade away as Calvin pushes me into another orgasmic wave of pleasure. The only thought let left was how much practice in fucking other girls Calvin must have had to be this good with me.

He continues to thrust his mighty large cock up against the top of my pussy while I came, making my orgasm that much more intense. And as I came again, I barely wondered why hasn’t Calvin came yet. But that thought quickly fades as the orgasmic wave washed over it. I’ll figure to ask when I come down from my orgasm.

It took longer than I thought, or so it seemed, to come down from the sexual bliss Calvin threw me into. He had me little more as a nervous shaking, moaning and whimpering little girl enjoying being in very cold water on a very hot summer day times a thousand. Eventually I would open up my eyes and look up at him.

“Welcome back to reality.” He tells me.

“On my god, that was better than the first time!” I said to myself but loud enough for him to hear it.

“Well, it could happen again, as I am not finished.” Calvin points out.

“Huh? Not finished yet? How?” I ask.

“Well, it seems that it takes a longer time for me to cum again after cumming before. Lyle too. For you that means I get to fuck you for a longer time. Since this is your first time, who knows how many times you may come.” He explains.

I think about it as he slowly strokes the inside of my vagina with his hard swollen penis, the sensation of pleasure keeps breaking my train of thought. But eventually I ask with each panting breathe, “With… other girls… how often… does it take… to cum?”

“That depends on the girl, but on average, about 3 times. Freaky Sara seems to cum constantly once I get her going…” He starts to say before I reach up and cover his mouth.

“I’m not… Freaky Sara… so do not… compare me… to her…” I say to him.

“You are a whole lot better than Freaky Sara.” He tells me.

“So… how about… finishing… what you… started…” I tell him.

“I’m just making sure, since it is your first time, that I’m not hurting you.” He points out.

“It hurts, but it’s… been hurting… less and less… the longer we do it… and it feels… more good… than it hurts. A lot more good…” I state to him followed by a soft moan.

Calvin plants his lips against mine and slipping in his tongue into my mouth for a second before thrusting his large hard cock hard into my tight pussy. I can feel him pound and stretch my insides past its limits, making me moan loudly. I hold onto him tighter, thrusting my hips up at his trying to match the timing of every piston stroke he was throwing at me. But almost immediately, I can feel myself build up to another orgasm. I was getting delirious again, things were pulsating with heat and pleasure at the same time.

I lost track of time of how long we were at it. It seems like he was pounding my tight pussy forever with his massive cock. All I can do was lay there and enjoy it. He was giving me all a girl could want and then some, he was fucking me better than what I expected in my dreams. I started to cum again at the same time I could feel his thick hard cock pulsate inside me, pumping more of his sperm in me again. I was moaning loudly, perhaps too loudly. If mom were at home, she would have barged in on us to find out why I would be so loud.

It takes a couple of minutes for us to come down from our respective sexual heights. Then I can feel him slowly lift himself up off me and then pulling his still hard cock from my tight cum filled pussy. Once out of my girlhood, he lies down on his back next to me, his cum covered penis still erect and pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Like me, he was breathing heavy. He reaches over with his hand and puts it on top of my puffy mound above my clitoris.

“God sis, you’re good.” He says almost to himself.

“You and Lyle are my first and only, but that was the best fuck I ever had.” I tell him.

“Same here. I mean, you’re the best fuck I have ever had. Make me wish I could fuck you every day.” He tells me.

“Every day?” I ask.

“As often as you would allow.” He points out.

“With you, maybe every day. But you and Lyle, not every day, that’s too much for me.” I point out.

“You willing to have sex with Lyle?” He asks.

“Only if he nice to me, like I said before.” I answer.

“Even if it is you and Lyle alone?” He asks.

I hesitate to answer but I do answer as I slowly nod my head, “Yes. But again, he has to be nice to me.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that for you.” He tells me.

“Thanks.” I say to myself as I think about having sex with both my brothers – alone with each one and then with both at the same time. I turn my head to face him, wondering what time it is because mom should be home soon, “What time is it?”

Calvin looks at his digital watch before answering “4:15.”

I turn the rest of my body towards him, needing to close my legs for the moment and place an arm across his chest, “Good. Mom won’t be home for another hour and a half or more.”

“Afraid of mom catching you alone?” Calvin asks.

“I’m afraid of mom catching you fucking me. How you think she would react to that?” I say and ask.

“Don’t know.” He replies.

“She would probably think you were raping me.” I point out.

“What did she told you to do if you were to be raped?” He asks.

“Well… mom and I only had a few short talks about sex, and by short, I mean she tells me something and I’m supposed to accept it as fact. As for rape, she told me `Lay there and enjoy it.”’ I explain.

“That’s not good. Not even to fight back?” He says and asks.

“Well, she explains it as `If you fight back, they would beat you severely and probably even kill you. So it is better to just lay there, let it happen and enjoy it.”’ I explain.

“That’s still not good.” He says to himself.

I inch my way to get closer to him, “I’m not saying that you and Lyle raped earlier today but I did do what I had to do and that was to lay there and enjoy it.”

“Every girl out there seems to lay there and enjoy it.” He points out.

“You’re the guy, you the one that has to make sure that the girl enjoys it.” I point out to him.

“Then, from what you’re saying, you enjoyed it… right?” He asks.

I bite down on my lower lip and let out a sigh before answering defeatedly, “Yes.”

With this being all new to me, I do not know how to deal with it all. I’m not complaining about the sex, it was great, better than what I ever expected. But the After Sex, and the future of more sex and how that will happen. I will have to figure out those things as they come. Right now I’m still wanting but am tiring out, and mom will be home soon. And I can feel my insides filled up with the sperm of both my brothers in me, twice as much in my uterus with Calvin’s double load of sperm and my rectum filled with Lyle’s single load of his sperm. It feels all tingling inside me, I hope that feeling does not go away. If it does go away, maybe perhaps Calvin could give me a refill. In thinking of refills, I thought about Lyle fucking me in the ass. In talking with some of the girls, most say who have tried it, liked it; only a couple stated that they did not liked it because it was too painful for them. But even though Lyle was a bit rough with me back there in the beginning, despite the pain it was enjoyable as well.

While I was thinking, Calvin throws me a question I was not prepared to answer. In truth I was not ready to answer any question as I laid there with my thought in mind.

“You are going to tell mom that we raped you or otherwise forced you to have sex with us?” He asks.

The question caught me off guard, though we both sort of knew the answer. But I had to reassure him of my actions about what happened, “No, I would not.”

He lets out a half hearted “Good…” which was meant for himself even though I heard it.

I inch over some more and climb partway onto his chest, looking down at his face, “I would never do that to you nor to Lyle, not when I was so willing to allow it to happen.” I pause for a second to see what his reaction would be. He remains there staring at the ceiling for the moment. I let out a sigh before continuing, “Look. As corny as it may sound, when we have sex – whether it is you and me, Lyle or me or the three of us together, I know it is done with Love. At least I do it because I love you both as my brothers and that love is going to directions it never went before and I don’t mind that. In fact I want it. You two are my brothers and as your little sister, I would do anything for you both. I would never want either of you to be in trouble because of me.”

For a moment I saw him smile a bit.

He turns over a bit towards me, swiping my bangs from my forehead. “I love you too, Amy.” He then says to me.

“Tell me the truth. You having sex with me because you can have and want to have sex with me or because you love me?” I ask.

“That’s a rather loaded question.” He begins at first, but then adds, “Hope you don’t get mad, but the answer is both – because I wanted to have sex with you and because I love you.”

“I’m not mad.” I begin. I continue, “Though I’m rather confused about it because it is my first time, I have to say it is both for me as well. I mean, sex itself is great but I think it is a lot better because there is love in it as well.”

He leans over to me and kisses me on the forehead.

“Would you ever want to fuck because you just want to fuck?” He asks.

“I’m not there yet as I am new to all this. But I would have to say `Yes’ because I am a very stressed out mousie girl and I touch myself for that very reason to relieve the stress. You?” I tell him before throwing the question back to him.

“I have and would still would, depending on the girl.” He explains.

“Would you fuck me just to fuck me?” I ask.

“Only if you want too.” He replies.

I turn back on the bed and lie down on my back opening my legs again.

“Calvin?” I call to him.

“Yeah?” He replies.

“Fuck me one more time, please? If you are up to it, that is.” I ask.

“I’m more than up to it. I just want to make sure you are.” He replies.

“I am.” I tell him.

“Like before?” He asks.

“Yes…” I reply.

He inches up closer to me, planting his lips on mine and slips his tongue into my mouth where we tongue wrestle for the moment. As he kisses me, he slowly gets up on top of me, positioning himself over me. I open my legs wider to accommodate him in our shared space. I reach down between us to take his hard cock in my hand. Then I can feel his guided hard shaft into my tight hot hole once again. I let out a soft moan as he slides it deep inside me until he hits the top of my pussy and pushes against it a bit.

Mom would be home soon but I did not care. All I cared was having my oldest brother’s hard fat cock stuffed into my tight pussy for as long as we can fuck. He fucks me long and slow and at times hard, making me moan with each stroke he was giving me. In the time we had left, he made me cum 3 more times with the third last time being when he fills me again with his sperm. I do not know how it is all fitting in there as I feel like I have been filled up to the brim. We would be finished a few minutes before 5:30. It gave us enough alone time to lay there with each other before realizing that I needed a quick shower to wash up my brothers’ scent off me. I shared the shower with Calvin so he would get my scent off him before heading back into our room and I put on my school closed with the same underwear I had before and he in his team sports t-shirt and shorts. Some air freshener took care of the scent in the room. He went into his bed and I joined him in it.

Mom found us napping, Calvin holding me from behind as we laid on our sides. For now she did not say a word as it was something we did when I was younger, like 6 years old younger. But she would interrogate us later before dinner while we waited for Lyle to return home from Freaky Sara’s house. We used the excuse that somebody was bullying me at school and Calvin was comforting me before we fell asleep. Somehow, she believed us.

– End of Two Amy’s First Time –

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