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Guest-Starring: Jessica Elwood
School Days concept and Characters (c) PAL Team

As Edward walked morosely into the Science class, he could tell that today’s class was going to be another unusual one; Professor Xu (as he was called, not even the principal seemed to know his last or true name) was in his grey lab coat, and all the desks were in a circle around a steel Gurney in the center of the room.

“Everyone here now?” The Professor said. “Good, we can begin. Today! Today, we’re having a very special Lab class. I’m certain that you’ll all definitely enjoy it!” he continued, his jade-green tiger eyes flashing, and his long dark ponytail swishing around with his movements. “OK! Dr. Elwood, bring in the stiffs!”

At this, a back door opened, giving a peek at the storage-like mess within when two body bags on another Gurney rolled in, pushed by a voluptuous snow-furred blonde with mesmerizing eyes, a similar green to the Prof’s eyes. She rolled the large bags over to the other Gurney in the center of the room. Pokeinfo poked Edward on the arm to ask him what he thought, but all the other boys (and even some of the girls) were eyeing the Good Doctor’s partially revealed chest peeking over the top of her lab coat as she rolled one bag onto the other Gurney. The Prof himself was eyeing her backside quite happily. “Mm, thank you, Doctor, for helping me gather our subjects…”

“This one,” The Professor said, patting one bag, “was a bunnie beauty who died in a car crash, from internal hemorrhaging, to be specific. And this one,” he continued, thumping a paw upon the other bag, “was a well-hung hunk of a Bull, but he didn’t watch his diet, and died of a heart attack.” He then opened both bags, making most of the students step back instinctively for the smell, but none came. The Prof grinned and plunged one hand in an pulled out a blood-and-crud coated brush. “I took the liberty of scrubbing them out, so they’re actually quite clean.”

Now casually tossing the brush aside into the trash, he then took out a syringe containing a bright-green serum…

“C’mon, boys & girls”, he purred, “Come a little closer…. We’re gonna ReAnimate ‘em!”

He then jabbed the needle directly into the bunnie’s heart, injected in half of the serum, then swiftly moved to inject the bull, getting the needle in with a hard stab. All the students gasped in fright, then amazement as the bunnie stirred and began to rise, then the bull, with color returning to their exposed skin, with some green mist wafting out of their mouths and nostrils. First the grey-furred bunnie sat up, and slung her legs over the edge of the Gurney. Her breasts, though not quite as large as the Doc’s were still admirably large, her short red hair in stark contrast with the rest of her fur. As she rose, the Professor snapped a broken limb back into place, setting it instantly, then returned to his desk, where the lovely Doctor had been watching from.
Now the bull rose, brown fur with black horns, one broken halfway. But as he rose, his massive manhood also rose and thickened, getting impressed “Oooohs!” from a few young girls.

“Now, kids,” said the Professor, spooned up behind the doctor, both leaning over his desk as he pawed at her breasts. “Here’s your assignment for the day; who here is brave enough to- ah- interact with our specimens?”

Both of the “specimens” now looked quite alive, except for a certain coldness in their gazes. Edward only caught a few words of this, as he stood spellbound at the sight of the now healthy-looking busty bunnie, an irrational arousal growing inside him, and in his pants. Pokeinfo and Cynthia noticed this, and after a few quick whispers, Cynthia grabbed and unfastened the front of Ed’s pants, and Pokeinfo gave him a sharp shove forward, the whole motion making Ed’s pants fall to his knees, and tripping him face first into the nude bunnie’s awaiting lap.

“Very good, child, but you’d better get started, she didn’t like being made to wait! Don’t hesitate, and give it a try!” said the Doctor. The prof was busy licking her neck while a hand of his pawed through the folds of her lab coat down below.

After a moment’s hesitation, Ed obediently began to lick at bunnie’s warm and sweet womanhood. Apparently, that green serum was also an aphrodisiac, because almost at once, the bunnie began to moan softly.

As Ed began to relax and get his tongue more into it, Cynthia decided to take the bull by the horns, quite literally. She pulled herself up over the bull’s throbbing member, her dress lifting up to show she was pantie-less under her skirt. But, she dropped herself a little too quickly onto his lap, a yelp of pain escaping her as the bull’s massive privates tunneled deep into her. Pokeinfo watched with amazement and jealousy as Cynthia used the bull’s horns as handles to pull herself up and down on the bull’s veiny mass, a groan of pleasure from her as the sensation overtook her.

Over at the bunnie’s Gurney, she had gotten a hold on Edward and pulled him on top of her, his head nestled between her breasts. Now a look of dangerous lust glimmered in her cold eyes; she gripped his rump tightly and maneuvered him until Ed’s young cock slid into her now wet snatch. She proceeded to sling her legs around Ed, and rocked him inside her, making him give a heartfelt “Mmm!” as his cute young face reddened.

All of the remaining students watched in awe, some pawing off to the double performance on the Gurneys, others also stealing glances at the Professor, who was now audibly humping the Doctor from behind, both apparently delighted at the progress of the “experiment.”

Pokeinfo’s eyes darted quickly between the Doctor unbuttoning the front of her coat, revealing her nude body, and Edward’s progress with the bunnie, who looked vaguely like Cynthia, but older. Suddenly, Cynthia herself let out an ear-splitting scream as she orgasmed from being with the bull, and then fainted right out. Pokeinfo came to his senses just in time to catch her as she fell back, her body trembling from the release. The massive bull wasn’t satiated, apparently, as he got up and lurched over to the bunnie and Edward, and without a second’s warning, he lifted Ed’s tail and steadily pushed himself deep into poor Ed’s rectum!

“AAAAGH!” he screamed, a look of shock, pain, (and a surprising amount of pleasure) on his face; he had never felt this way before in his young life. The bunnie looked evilly delighted at this, with a young foxcock inside her, and a big bull in the tender fox.

“Woah,” thought Pokeinfo, “good thing I didn’t volunteer…..” Cynthia was still passed out from her bull run, bliss still evident from her sleepy smile.

Little Eddie was now between the busty bunnie and the pile of bull, his mind blanking out by the sensation. Both the bunnie and bull were now making heavy growling sounds, while Ed’s breathing became ragged and fast, until, with one final thrust from the bull that slammed their bodies together, the bull tossed his head back in a mighty bull roar, Eddie screamed, and the rabbit hissed as all three simultaneously came. This time, it was Ed who managed to stay conscious as the bull fell back with a heavy *THUD* onto the floor. After a few moments of Ed’s heavy panting, Pokeinfo managed to pry Ed out of the bunnie’s grip as the class bell rung out. The students quickly began to file out, with Ed, hiking his pants up, walking very slowly and veeeerrryy tenderly out last. Looking back, he saw Professor Xu sitting on his desk, his lab coat open, with Doctor Elwood straddling his lap while he licked at her nude breasts.

“ Mmmmh , Professor, I think the experiment was a complete success!” she purred, as she began to bounce up and down in his lap. “Now, I believe that you were going to show me your theory of Perpetual Motion next?”