School Days Memories

edit64Written by Dingo Paige

DISCLAIMER: This is only fanfic fantasy, not reality. The author(s) do not advocate this sort of behaviour in any form. “School Days“ and assorted characters are © Krezz Karavan @ “Dingo Paige“ character © Dingo Paige). This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.

“I just don’t wanna do this,” muttered the Dingo under his breath.

“Nah, come on, it’ll be just fiiiine, you’ll seeee….” Pokinfo trailed off as his voice raced away ahead of him, pumping his bike pedals furiously, tail flying.

I wasn’t convinced tho, no matter how much of Poke’s charisma tempted me. Was I just scared? Nervous? Yeah, probably. I just didn’t know what to expect, and that kinda unsettles me at the best of times. Stoopid dingo! Heh heh

I couldn’t imagine it… Belle and Linda, those simply-gorgeous Raccoon twins, sunbathing nude down on the riverbank?!? What were they thinking? Or more like it, Poke was just winding me up big-time. Yeah, that’d be right. Poke’s just giving me a good leg-pulling, that’s gotta be it. Oh well, might as well play along with it. I’ll leave images such as seeing those two cuties stark raving naked to my sleeping fantasies, I guess…

My breath was coming in gasps just trying to keep up with Poke. Sure, my bike was an old fifth-hand clunker compared to his, but I honestly thought I was fitter than this! Gagh! I think I’d been chugging back too much of dad’s pasta again [puff puff pant gasp]. All the same, Poke was riding like the wind itself, and that last little hill before you hit the riverbank was almost my undoing. My legs were starting to feel rubbery as I looked up to see the back of his furry head disappear over the top of the hill, down to the rivers’ edge. Sure, it was a hot, sunny, almost-windless day, but I thought I’d be able to keep up with him… dang!

My mind whirled in my sweaty flushed exertion. “Ahh, this’d be part of it… I hadn’t been to this part of Pouncefield before on my explorations. I’ve only been here a few months, an’ I’m still finding my way around the place… discovering new nooks and crannies. Wow, lots of trees right down to the water’s edge… a quiet, pretty spot… maybe I should bring someone special down here myself… hmmm…”, I thought almost aloud as my bike finally pulled up nest to where Poke’s had been discarded against the long grass.

Wiping my brow, trying to get my breath back, I momentarily wobbled unsteadily on my rubbery feet. Looking about, trying to focus, I noticed Poke’s tail swishing slowly from beneath a thick, full shrub, off to the right. Then his round, smiling, cheeky face appeared, motioning me with a finger-to-the-lips to keep quiet and come over there quietly. Stepping thru the tall swaying grass, I somehow managed to sidle up next to my lion cub schoolmate without making my presence felt. By now my breath had returned to some semblance of normality, but I think the sweat was still breading across my back. I looked at Poke, and he simply pointed thru a small break in the bushes surrounding us.

Curiously nervous, I peeked thru the bright gleaming sunshine from our darkened hideout. I still didn’t know what to expect… in the back of my mind I was kinda expecting Laura or Cynthia or Edward or Edna to jump out and pounce me or something, laughing hysterically. Shrugging harmlessly, I let my eyes adjust thru the glare to the small grassy bank leading down to the waters’ edge…

My eyes widened and I heard Poke stifle a giggle at the sound of my stunted gasp. Sure enough, laying on their stomachs, facing away from us, yet only 15 meters away from us, were Belle and Linda. Both their eyes closed tight behind their matching sunglasses, their tails curled up next to them atop their complimentary beach towels.

Yet their bathing costumes sat in a small heap next to their bare bodies.

I suddenly felt horrendously ashamed of myself. I felt like some sick furverted peeping-tom or something. I started to back out from beneath the shrubs tail-first, not wanting to somehow be involved in Poke’s playful nortiness. Not with the twins, anyhows… they always seemed so cute and innocent to me… I didn’t feel completely comfortable peeking out at them in secret without them knowing…

“Well, hellooooo boys…!” two young female voices rang out, and at the same moment a lion paw grabbed me around the wrist firmly.

“You aint going anywhere, boy-oh!” he hissed with a giggle.

The girls had spotted us, and even as they sat up revealing their pure furry naked glory, they made no attempt to cover their nakedness…

“Didn’t you know that Raccoons have a good sense of smell, Dingo?” Belle snickered, kneeling up and walking on her knees towards where we were enclosed. “I caught your scent about two minutes ago… strangely unfamiliar, but not threatening either”, she gleamed in the sunshine.

Linda sat up and joined her sister, like a bizarre mirror-image. “Sure, Paige… I guessed it was you… and we know well whenever Pokeinfo’s around, don’t we, mister?!” they giggled the last word together.

I don’t know what was feeling redder – the sunshine or my face. Nothing coherent came out of my mouth, my bottom lip trembling in a mixture of shame, curiosity and embarrassment.

A quick short shove from behind against my rump saw me suddenly out in the sparking sunshine myself.

“Gagh!… What the…?” I looked around in a momentarily blind panic, but all I caught was a fleeting glimpse of lion cub tail flailing back thru the scrub in the other direction, laughing playfully. I went to turn, ready to chase after him, but a small, soft, girl’s voice sang in my ear, right next to my head.

“Oh, please don’t go,” Belle beamed.
“Hello Paigey, won’t you stay here with us…?” Linda chimed in.
Both their faces beamed brightly in the gorgeous summer sunshine, glowing happily. Two pairs of little paws were softly resting against each of my shoulders.

Still my mouth wouldn’t function properly. My jaws were moving, but no sound was coming out. I felt so embarrassed, as though I was doing something very norty, very norty indeed. I guess the girls sensed my discomfort.

“Oh Paigey,” Linda giggled.
“It’s OK, it’s quite alright!” Belle smiled.
“We come here quite often…”
“At this time of year…”
“Yeah! It’s just so…”
“Lovely and quiet and…”
“We couldn’t resist the sunshine on our…”
“Bare backs…”
… “and fronts!” Linda winked playfully at her sister.

“…But… err… I… uuuh… Pokeinfo said that… I mean… ahhhh… he… I…” I stumbled nervously. I felt disconcerted sitting here in such an isolated spot with two younger-then-me naked female cubs… yet they didn’t seem to worried. Plainly, I just didn’t understand what was going on…

“Oh, you’re soooo silly!” Belle gushed.
“Paige, come on, it’s alright…”
“We don’t mind at ALL…”
“That you’re here now…”
“Oh yeah! You can be… our protector!”
“Yeah! Our bodyguard!”
“Watch out for us!”
“So big and brave!”
“Make sure we are safe…”
“And keep and eye on us…”
“Or both eyes…” Belle blinked up at me.

“But… errr…” I tried to speak, but my mouth was bone-dry. “I mean… I’m thirteen… and you’re both… just ten… errr… isn’t it wrong for…?” my voice trailed off. Their reassuring smiles were both reassuring and disconcerting. I had no idea what was going thru their minds – if anything at all!

“Don’t be silly, billy! We’re all from…”
“St Lovejoys, Paigey!” Linda continued after her sister.
“Yeah! Everyone at St Lovejoys are quite used to seeing each other…”
“In the fur!” Linda laughed out loud.

As Belle joined her young, innocent laughter, I couldn’t help but feel a little more comfortable.

“Anyways,” Belle smiled happily. “You can stay here and make us feel safe…”
“Here, all alone, down by the river…”
“All alone…”
“With no-one else to make sure we are looked after…”
“And now you’re here you might as well stay…”
“Unless you have somewhere else you…”
“Need to go to…”
“Or need to do…”

“Errr… well… I guess….” Maybe it was the medicinal effect of the gloriously-invigorating sunshine, the calming effect of the quietness and peacefulness of this riverside oasis, but I was beginning to feel that it might be OK after all. For the first time, I sat down on my haunches next to the twins.

“Errr…” I grinned shyly, trying not to look at their nakedness too closely. “I’ve never been… a bodyguard before… but… well, why not?!?”

“Yay!” Linda cried excitedly.
“Whoopie, our own Bodyguard, sis!” Belle sniggered with her sister, looking at each other happily.

“But… err… well… do you want to… I mean… ummm… do you want to put your… bathers back on, while I’m here now, I mean…?” I blushed again.

“Yeah, why would we want to do that?”
“Don’t you think we look pretty enough?” Belle winked playfully, her sister giggling behind a paw across her smiling face.

“No no, it’s not that… I just meant… oh, I’m so embarrassed!” I stammered. I felt like a right twit! I put both paws over my muzzle, trying to hide my glowing red face.

“Ooooh…. You’re so KUTE!” Belle gushed.
Linda piped in, “Yeah! We have our own cute private bodyguard…”
“Who will look after us…”
“… over us…”
“And keep us safe! Yay!”
“Yay yay!”

The girls bounced up as one and playfully threw themselves over my back, and we tumbled gently across the grass together. Rolling and covered with two sweet giggling girls, I suddenly felt alright. Yeah, this was alright. It’s fine, it’s fine. Maybe I was still trying to convince myself.

“Alright, alright, young ladies!” I put on a playful ‘Bodyguard’ voice, crossing my arms across my chest as I sat up purposely. “If I am to be your Bodyguard, then I need to have you both back on your towels, and sunning yourselves straight away! Off you go!” I tried not to smirk at my own silliness.

“Ohhh, yes sir!”
“Straight away! Yes, sir!”
“Wheeeee…” sang two voices in unison, as they raced across the long grass on their knees, trying to be the first back to their towels.

As Belle hit her beach blanket, she plopped up onto her knees, wiggling her tail and little black-and-white butt in my general direction playfully, before laying back down again. With a funny smile at her sister, Linda blushed as she bit her lip, laying down next to her.

I tried not to look… honestly…

I sat down, cross-legged, hands-on-knees, about 15 feet away from where the girls were laying. I have to admit, the sunshine was glorious. Sure, I still felt hot and maybe still a bit sweaty from that bloody bike ride chasing after Pokeinfo. But now a light breeze was keeping me cool enough not to feel uncomfortably overheated. I mean, we weren’t sitting under the nearby trees or anything.

I looked curiously about at this place. I stopped as I slowly swung my head around, taking in this picturesque spot down by the riverside. The tall grass softly swayed in the breeze, as it fell right down to the waters’ edge. The river flowed nicely, yet only about knee-deep, and not a swift current. Small yellow and white flowers spotted the surface of the grass in patches. The song of birds softly filled the air, as they made their rest in the tall, leafy trees overhanging the river just upstream from us. Apart from the sound of some nearby crickets singing their mating calls under some hidden rocks, only the gentle bubble of rippling water could be heard. I suddenly forgot exactly where I was. This wasn’t just on the outskirts of Pouncefield itself, surely? I felt like I was sitting beside some quiet bush billabong, back in Australia, as a little kid…

My reverie was awoken from a giggle from the direction of the beach towels.
“Oh Mister Bodyguard?!?”
“Can you help us for a bit, pwease?!?” echoed the second sister.

“What can I do you for, ladies? At your service!” I smiled playfully, returning to my large ‘Bodyguard’ voice.

Then Linda quickly but playfully slapped her sister on the butt, as Belle quickly whispered something into her nearby ear. I noticed Linda bit her lip again softly, as they both looked back up at me.

“Ummm… we need some more… sun cream put on us…”
“Pwease, Mister? Can you put some sun cream on us, so we don’t…”
“Get burnt in the sun? Pwease…”
“Mister Bodyguard?!” they guffawed together.

I pulled myself up to me knees and waddled across to where they lay on their stomachs. Now they had turned around to face me, their hands resting on their chins, and both their tails were gently swishing behind them.

“Errr…” I stammered suddenly. Then I remembered who I was supposed to be.
“I mean… [cough] Well, ladies. Where is the sunburn cream you speak of? May I be of assistance to yourselves, perhaps? I would not want my charges to get sunburnt on such a glorious day as this.”

“Here it is, in my tote bag here,” Belle smiled happily, handing me the small cotton bag. I quickly found the bottle of sun lotion, perfectly formulated for fur to prevent over-exposure from the effects of the sun.

“Hmmm… this is good stuff, Ladies!” I smirked playfully, still in ‘Bodyguard’ mode. “This will keep you safe and sound from the sun.” By now I was feeling a whole lot more relaxed and comfortable in the situation I’d been literally pushed into. Tho I inadvertently glanced at Belle’s naked butt and tail slowly swishing, and suddenly wished I hadn’t. I forced my eyes elsewhere, and concentrated on the task at hand.
“Right… who’s first…?”

“Me! Me!” they shrilled excitedly in unison. My own grin burst out as a deep laugh.

“OK, OK… ahhh… I think I can do that… two at once? Let’s give it a try…”
This time I couldn’t help notice both Belle and Linda softly clamp on their bottom lips as they blushed softly at each other. This was getting kinda… weird…. Cute tho… Anyways, back to the task at hand, Mr Bodyguard!

I managed to kneel between both coon twins, and with some sun cream in both palms, slowly started rubbing the lotion into their small bony shoulders. Both girls sighed gently as I applied the cream thru the folds of their fur. Luckily they had their summer coats on, otherwise there just wouldn’t be enough lotion to go around. Their fur felt really lovely to my touch. I’d never touched a raccoon like this before… we don’t have them in Australia. Well, I’d never experienced running my fingers and palms thru their fur, marvelling at how soft yet pliable it was. It did have a different feel to mine, yet somehow lovely as well. I spurted out some more of the thick cream onto my palms, and moved down further across their backs.

With their arms curved above their heads, their faces turned to face each other, I thought they might be starting to fall asleep or something. They seemed so relaxed. Maybe it was this virtual back-massage they were getting, or just the sunshine.

Soon their shoulders and backs were covered well, and I thought I’d better stop there. There is only so much a ‘Bodyguard’ can do…

Belle suddenly looked around at me and said plainly, “Don’t forget my bum, Paigey… I mean, Mr Bodyguard!”

I blinked… and again. I swallowed. I hadn’t really been expecting to do that. “Errr… I dunno… is that… I mean… you… won’t mind if I… put the stuff… on your backside…, girls…?”

“Of course not, silly! We’re used to it. Maybe you should start getting used to the Pouncefield lifestyle a bit more too, … Mr Bodyguard!” Linda giggled, as Belle nodded in agreement.
“We don’t wanna get burnt asses!” Linda blurted out, and her sister gave her a funny, kinda disapproving look.

Putting some more of the sun cream between my hands, I practically averted my gaze from exactly I was rubbing on the lotion. Both girls were giggling and wiggling their butts happily.
“That tickles, Mister!”
I quickly realised that I’d better wind up this certain activity, or I’d need to take a quick dip myself to cool down. Perhaps it was just the sunshine…

I finished my task, and moved back out from between them, kneeling down and putting on my Bodyguard voice.
“Alright, ladies. All seems to be in order,” I smiled playfully, my arms folded across my chest again in character. “Enjoy your rest. I will just be sitting over here, keeping watch.”

“Ok… OK Mr Paige-Guard!” Belle sniggered, settling back against her towel. Linda smiled happily, her eyes now sheltered behind her sunglasses again. Her sister slipped hers back on, and they lay face-to-face whispering quietly, just out of earshot.

Looking over at the sparkling clear water burbling past nearby suddenly seemed very inviting. I was feeling rather warm again. My mind wandered for a bit enjoying the quietness, when I somehow managed to pick-up just one small snippet of childish-whispering.

“… but I’m so wet…”

A lump formed in my throat. What was…? No, I must have misheard… or just the wrong part of the whispered conversation, surely?!? I shook my head from side to side to try and clear my thoughts. Before too long my gaze beheld the cool crisp rippling water again, and I knew I needed to cool down a bit. At least get my feet wet.

I tried to clear my throat, but it only came out as kind of a broken croak. “I’m… errr [cough] just gonna get my feet wet… cool off a bit…I’m just going over there so I’ll still be able to… err… keep an eye on you both… OK?”

With almost one balletic movement, both Raccoon girls jumped up to a standing-upright position atop their towels.
“Let’s go for a swim!”
“Yeah! A good idea, Mister Bodyguard!”

And, before I could even raise a paw in reply, they were bounding off across the long grass in the direction of the water.

*End of story*