School Days Diary – Part 2

edit64Written by Dingo Paige

DISCLAIMER: This is only fanfic fantasy, not reality. The author(s) do not advocate this sort of behaviour in any form. “School Days“ and assorted characters are © Krezz Karavan @ “Dingo Paige“ character © Dingo Paige). This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.


No. 62

I swallowed hard, a bit shocked and embarrassed at Jenny’s simple question. But yeah — sure! Who wouldn’t wanna get naked with this cute kitten and play under a nice hot shower with her… alone together…? As she stepped into the warm shower – our cold shivers from the freezing pool water momentarily forgotten, I ditched my pants boldly and stepped forward. She giggled as she saw me… well, I couldn’t help it if my dick bobbled up and down as I walked, could I? I’d have to be farking *gay* not to be aroused by the sight of her wearing nothing but a smile, water cascading off her hair… I was just about to put my foot inside the shower recess, when…

“Oh gawd… that’s dad’s car! Dad’s home! Quick…!” I gasped with a shock at the sound of our car door slamming. I grabbed my clothes off the floor and made a mad naked dash to my bedroom, leaving Jenny to finish her shower, before we got… busted… I felt so stoopid, so embarrassed, so… I was all mixed inside as I tried to towel myself off and slip my dry clothes back on, suddenly aware of how farking cold it was! I heard dad open the front door and throw his bag onto the floor as he always does… he was just home earlier than I thought, that’s all.
“Paige… you home, son…?” he called out as he walked up the hallway.
“Yeah… in my room, dad…Jenny’s in the shower… don’t walk in… we tried to have a swim, but it was so…”
“Bloody heck! You kids, eh?” dad giggled. “Too cold to be swimming this time of year, bud! Don’t catch a cold, matey, alright…?”
“Ahhh… nope dad… thanks…” I wonder if he could feel my glowing embarrassment thru the door…

Before too long Jenny hurriedly stepped into the bedroom with me, now dry and dressed herself (damn!) We burst into giggles at our mutual momentary awkwardness, then just hugged each other tightly, swaying gently.
“That was… too close…” I blushed…
It never helps that whenever Jenny giggles in her cute singsong way that I get a screaming boner…

No. 63

Jenny sure has changed a lot since she shared with me her – sad story… she just seems a whole lot more confident, less shy in many ways when she’s with me nowdays… not that I’m complaining, mind you! I still totally respect her decision not to… you know… go all the way with her… not that we’ve really done anything together really yet anyway! Heh heh…

Whenever I see her at school now – gotta love being at St Lovejoys – I feel so excited just spotting her across the crowded hallway sometimes… if we’re passing, we blow each other a subtle kiss or a none-too-subtle wink… leaves us both giggling like idiots… the number of times Edward or Pokeinfo has to nudge me in the ribs to bring me back to earth… I think it’s starting to bruise! They just roll their eyes and smirk… mind you, they still try to pepper me for information about Jen and I… but there’s not much to tell… not the kinda stuff they wanna hear anyway… tho I can’t help that Pokeinfo gets all mooshy with Cynthia a bit lately after I’ve been talking to him about Jenny – he doesn’t think anyone would notice, but Cyn sure doesn’t seem to mind. I mean, she totally blew him away in a major way in the seat of the bus yesterday morning… everyone sitting around couldn’t help but hear what was going on… Poke was lucky he didn’t rip any of her fur out with his claws as he bucked and moaned into the cute little bunnie’s mouth… thankfully she swallowed… but there were more than a few red faces, bulging crotches and butts rubbing on seats by the time they’d finished… sheesh… school was *never* like this in Australia! wOOt!

This arvo was funny too… great memory.. I can still feel it… oh gawd… anyways…

Jenny and I went for our bikeride together after school, just hanging out and mucking about, enjoying each others’ company… very very cool. She just makes me feel so happy and relaxed and alive and… oh, shut up! [blush] We were about four blocks from her home when – whoosh! Out of nowhere we got caught in the middle of this amazing downpour! By the time we managed to get back to her place, the rain had absolutely soaked us! Literally dripping wet as we pushed our bikes into her garage, shivering but still giggling… we tentatively stepping inside the backdoor, expecting to get yelled at for getting soaked in our clothes, but… there was no-one home! Whew… a bit of relief… she chucked me a dry towel from the nearby laundry and we quickly dried off before we made a bee-line to the relative safety her bedroom. We were all giggly in between cold shivers as we stripped off, she rummaging thru her wardrobe trying to find something dry for me to wear… I don’t think an old tiny pink sundress is gonna cut it, Jen [giggles]. She stepped out to throw our sodden clothes into the dryer, and I was left standing there naked, feeling slightly weird being stark naked alone in my girlfriend’s room [oh ‘my girlfriend‘! I said it! Oooh!].

She stepped back in and giggled at the sight of me standing there, trying to act shy hiding behind my hands in front of my crotch. Well… she giggles… guess what happens… the hands can’t hide what suddenly pops up… I try to throw myself tummy-down onto her bedspread to hide myself, but she goes and pounces on me and straddles me above my back, still giggling…ruffling her fingers thru my damp hair, playfully bouncing up and down on my back… not too comfy when you’ve got a hard on underneath you riding a hole in the mattress beneath ya! Sheesh! Somehow I managed to roll myself over and playfully pulled her over with me, laying side to side and face to face. I slowly eased forward and kissed her gently on the lips, the scent of her mouth and damp fur filling my senses with… whoah! Suddenly I realised I was kissing a girl stark naked on her bed, and I dunno why but I got all shy and embarrassed… perhaps it was my cock throbbing against her thigh that didn’t help my… awkwardness…? Jen sensed my sudden discomfort and disengaged her tongue from mine [blush].
“Uhhh… oops… well… ahh… here we are!” she giggled shyly. Then inspiration hit me – I dunno where the thought came from, but I went with it anyhow…

“Jen… would you like to… have that shower together… now…?” I blushed in a small quiet voice. I was feeling to shy to look her in the eyes for the moment, not sure how she’d react, to be honest.
She placed a gentle paw under my chin and moved my line of sight upto hers. “Yes, Paigey… I’d like that…” she whispered nervously excited. She rolled off the bed onto her knees, and pulled the sweat top and t-shirt off, leaving her beautiful furry chest exposed to the cool damp afternoon air. Standing up, she wiggled out of the gray track pants and stood before me, just as naked as I was. She was beautiful… I swallowed… never have I imagined that a girl could look better out of her clothes than in them… Jen always looks so ‘plain-jane’ and modest usually, but once she sheds her ‘mask’, she’s an absolute beauty… I took her paw in mine, smiled shyly but reassuringly at her, and led her towards the bathroom…

By the time she got the water running, I’m not sure if her nipples were swollen from the cold or… what! I stepped under the warm running water first, letting it cascade down my head and chest, and offered my paws to help her step in next.
“Jen… I promise I won’t… you know…” I said with a blush, tho the water washed my momentary anxiety away.
She giggled shyly as she snuggled up next to me, the warm refreshing water dripping off our bodies. The sight of her hair and fur wet drove me wild, and it was all I could do not to… never mind… instead I gently put her head in my hands, looked into her eyes, and kissed her gently, softly, passionately. Warm water soaked our lips, and any chill we may have felt from that earlier rain squall now totally forgotten. We moved our bodies closer together, our chests pressing together, our arms around each other’s chests, kissing sweetly. As my stiff cockhead innocently brushed against the fur of her lower stomach, I literally jumped, pulling the lower half of my body away from hers… it must’ve looked silly, I guess… but I also knew that if I came into contact with her too much too soon… just as well we were in a shower, I guess… [blush]

“Oh Ding… you’re so funny…” she smiled reassuringly, giving me one last long lingering kiss as she melted into my eyes. “Let me wash your back, then you can wash me, OK…?” she grinned, but there was a hint of shyness there. I didn’t want to make this precious moment between us uncomfortable either, so I turned around and put my hands against the tiled shower recess wall, grinning over my shoulder back at her, water dripping off my snout. Taking the soap in her paws, she lathered up across my shoulders and upper back. Each contact of her fingers against my fur sent electric shivers up my spine, and I had to concentrate to lock my knees straight in case they buckled from the intense pleasure she was inadvertently giving me.
“That’s awesome, Jen… you’re so gentle… caring… loving…” I whispered in a haze.
She leant forward and whispered into my ear with a tiny nibble, “You look so yummy… I wanna eat you all up!”
Hearing and feeling that… it was all I could do not to spooge the tiles in front of me… then her hands lathered up again as she started washing down the length of my spine and around my lower back. By the time she was lathering my tail between her paws, I was obviously panting short gasps… this was such a turn on for me… I’m getting all quivery just thinking about it…
She stood back and let the water wash away all the suds from my back and tail, and between my feet I watched them disappear down the small grate. I took a deep breath, trying to compose myself… I *had* promised her that I wouldn’t pounce, I reminded myself…

“Your turn, puhssy… turn around and let me… wash you back…” I gulped excitedly in a whisper. The water nearly drowned out my voice, but as she turned her lips met mine and we kissed softly with a reassuring smile.
“I won’t… you know…” I blushed, but as she giggled in response I thought I would spooge everywhere without even being touched! Damn! Why do I have to be so horny sometimes?!?
Just as she had done for me, I lathered up the sweetly perfumed soap between my paws, and gently, caringly, lovingly lathered her fur, massaging her shoulders under my delicate fingers’ touch. She let out a loud low sigh, and as she tilted her head back in her relaxation, I leaned forward and whispered straight into her ear, so that no-one else but us could hear the special words I had just for her.
“Jenny… I love you” I whispered with a proud glup, softly kissing her warm shower-wet earlobe.

I could feel her body shudder gently under my caressing soapy touch as I kept washing her carefully. Soaping along her spine, her shoulders, the middle of her back, the curve of her lower back… loving caring washing strokes, massaging and rinsing the suds off with the soft cascading water. By the time I started slowly massaging the soap through her tail, I knew that there was more than just water dripping off the end of my cock… her tail is so long, so thick, so flexible and pliable…the fur so soft and thick… I massaged her tail between my fingers, rubbing my hands along the whole length, causing her to excitedly shudder softly.
I think I moaned softly, “Whoah… you are beautiful…” The sensation of her wet body was so awesome, my tummy was turning to jelly at the sight…the sound of the water, her breath coming in small shallow pants, the touch of her wet fur, the smell of our damp fur filling my head with sweet aromas, the soapy perfume…

She lovingly reached around and with gentle paws pulled me to be next to her, behind her, my chest touching her back… but… that wasn’t the only thing to make contact… the whole turgid underside of my throbbing cock pressed against the crack of her adorable butt as she pulled me against her, and I closed my eyes trying to ignore it… I reached my arms around the front of her and cradled her tummy in my soft delicate hands, my muzzle resting on her shoulder, humming softly near her ear…
As I gently ran my fingers thru the wet fur of her soft tummy, she shuddered at my touch, her whole beautiful body shaking lightly beside me, letting out a low soft moan… her whole body shuddered, including her buttocks pressed around the length of my shaft…

With a sudden cry, wholly uncontrollably, I started ejaculating all over Jenny’s back and buttocks… it was all just too much for me… as I tried to pull away, more spooge shot out and splashed all over the middle of the curve of her back, mingling with the falling water. I tried to turn away, but she didn’t let me move far, her hands still holding me from behind her, her eyes closed in her own moment of pleasure… I’m not even sure at that moment she was aware of what was happening to me.. [blush] My knees started to give – this was one heck of a strong cum, and I watched thru hazy eyes as jet after thick long jet of thick white semen sprayed all over my beautiful kitten’s backside, my own body shuddering, breath coming in gaps, pants… my fingers clenching against Jenny’s tummy fur…

Finally my body began to ease it’s convulsions, and I kinda collapsed forward against Jenny, my hands holding myself up pressed against the shower’s tiled wall. She lay her head back against mine and we both sighed deeply… the warm water cascading down our electrified bodies…
“Oh gawd… Jen… I didn’t mean to… I mean… whew.. [pant] … I’m sorry… I…” I stammered.

She tuned to look at me, standing between my arms still holding myself against the wall. She smiled, looking straight into my eyes and whispered, “I love you…”

We managed to clean ourselves up and finish the shower sooner than later, both aware of how things might get if we… well… we are only furries after all…
“I can’t wait until the school camp this weekend, Paigey… imagine a whole weekend alone with you…” she blushed as we sat on the edge of her bed as I brushed her lovely long hair caringly.

No. 64

At the St Lovejoy School Camp, after bunking down in separate boys and girls dorms, in the middle of the night both Jenny and I bump into each other trying to sneak into each other’s rooms… a night under the stars laying on one of the sunken trampolines sees us touching each other gently, slowly, sensually, sensitively yet excitedly together until the sky begins to get light. After a lot of kissing and wandering hands between us, we eventually managed to be sitting on the trampoline in the darkness – both stark naked! She feels comfortable enough to show how she is really an amazingly sensitive, selfless caring lover. We were being more sensual together than just plain yiffy… like I’ve said before, when I’m with Jenny, it’s not all about lust… but, mind you, we did find ourselves getting rather enthusiastic (shall we say?) as the night progressed…

“Oh Paigey… I wanna see and feel what your cum feels like… please cum for me, honey…” she whispered breathlessly into my ear in the still cool night air. Delicately massaging me with her hands and fingertips, our tongues entwined, our breath quite ragged…
Jenny was amazed at the amount of ‘stuff’ a dingo makes when he squirts, playing with the warm, sticky goo in her furry fingers. This time she could see and feel what it was that coated her fur across her back in the shower the other day…

I returned the favour, using my tongue to massage every hair on her body. The night passed around us timelessly, as I made love to her body with my lips, mouth, teeth and tongue for about 90 minutes at least… “Jen… I’m trying to say something to you… not with words, but with what I’m doing with you… can you hear what I’m saying, my beautiful sweetheart?” Her beautiful gasps of short quick breaths told me I think she appreciated speaking a special language of love with her. Altho I admit I was tempted, I did not take her (Jenny still sees herself as a virgin and I’m not going to force her to do something she don’t wanna do…).
“I’m not going to… do anything, Jen, alright? I… want to show you that… you can… trust me…“
I adored watching her cum after cum with my body entwined with hers, our mouths busy, our hands, tails and fingers… We didn’t want the night to end – it was a magical moment frozen-in-time forever… our sensual self-expression of one-another had reached a new plateau that I thought would never feel as awesomely beautiful as it did that night…

But, trying to sneak back into the dorms again before everyone wakes up so we don’t get busted, we bump into Pokeinfo and Cynthia trying to do the same thing… interestingly their clothes seem rather scuffed-up and their fur rather muzzy as Poke gives me a non-too-subtle wink! Only at St Lovejoys!!!

No. 65

The rest of the camp was pretty boring, I guess… anything that took Jen and I apart from one another seemed pretty blah by comparison. Sure, we got into all the activities and games and competitions and evens swimming in a cold lakeside with everyone… but we couldn’t be together the whole time. Tis OK I guess… we need our own space, but dammit – I just wanna be *with* her all the time! Ack! Heh heh.

Mealtimes were our big daytime chance to be together… we’d line up together holding tails, and we’d choose each other’s food, then we carry each others tray to a table… it’s pathetic really, aint it? Heh heh. Lurve does that to ya, let me tell ya! The other guys would sit around us and giggle at the way we’re carrying on… we’d be blushing brightly in our own shyness, yet our tails held firmly in one another’s clasp below the tabletop.

That night was a playtime free concert in the rec-hall, where anybody could get up and do anything they wanted to do for a bit of fun in front of everybody. A few of us got our heads together and put on a really stoopid little play – we couldn’t stop laughing the whole way thru it, and the giggles infected everybody else – teachers and camp counselors included. Some of the guys got up and re-enacted their Xmas pageant stuff… like Russian Dancing and Arabic Dancing, stuff like that… Edward and Edna doing the Nutcracker… twas cool and fun.

It was a cold night… by the time the evening wound down, in front of the crackling huge big open fireplace saw Jen and myself just lazing about with Pokeinfo and Cynthia, just hanging, talking a bit, but really just enjoying the warming glow and the mesmerizing dancing of the flames… before long we kinda looked around and the whole place was empty… everybody else must have gone to bed! While Poke and Cyn threw some more wood onto the fire to keep it going, Jen and I snuck in and grabbed a handful of pillows and blankets for the four of us to just laze about in. Soon Jen and I were snuggled up together on a huge cushion-cum-beanbag, all wrapped up tight in a big blue blankie… her comforting purring filling my ears… Poke had turned the main lights off, so we sat together just with the red glow surrounding us… Poke and Cyn sat in their own private embrace about 10 feet away, kissing and just enjoying the closeness… we didn’t want to disturb them so we kinda left them to it and just enjoyed our own space and time alone together.

No. 66

The dancing firelight swam in Jenny’s deep dark bottomless eyes as I looked into her face glowing on the inside myself. I kissed her gently and delicately, savouring the taste and feel of her soft warm lips against mine. Our arms locked behind our heads and backs, our tongues sensually entwining around each others… we lay together for I have no idea how long, just really enjoying the feeling of our mouths and tongue… our bodies so close… soon under the cover of the blue blankie we managed to slip each other’s clothes off, and wandering hands and fingertips slowly and gently explored each other’s bodies as we lay entwined. We run our fingers thru each other’s fur across our back and shoulders, our mouths still locked blissfully together… jen’s nipples sprung to attention when I playfully teased them between my thumb and forefinger, twirling first one then the other around between my fingers… our breath came in long deep pants as we both enjoyed the intimate sensation of each other lay so close, so warm… I could feel her heart beating thru her chest we lay so close…

It didn’t take long before wandering hands found their way further south… ahem… Jenny took me in her cupped hand and slowly stroked me, while I ran a delicate finger thru her warm soft folds between her widening legs… I leaned forward and whispered directly into her ear those three special words that Jen and I share together, so quietly that they were only between myself and her as we lay together…

Suddenly our own consciousness was snapped awake by the sounds of two rutting furs not 10 feet away… their own blanket tossed aside, Poke had Cynthia from behind and was taking her extremely passionately… their own moans and gasps filled the room as they quickly shuddered and quietly screamed as they brought each other off in what seemed a major way… poor Cyn nearly swallowed the pillow from trying to muffle her cries… we really didn’t mean to watch, but there’s something unspeakably sexy about watching two furry cubs yiff in the intimate glow of the firelight… Jen could feel my cock twitch in her hand in response to the exciting show, and started to massage me a bit faster, more firmly, squeezing my cockhead in her palm, and slowly stroking my balls with her other hand… I thought I would loose it big time… I had to press my muzzle against her shoulder to stop from crying out aloud in my delight… with my own fingers I diddled Jenny passionately, finger-fucking her sweet kitty pussy with as much loving abandon as she was me… rolling her unsheathed clitty from its hood with my encircling thumb… her body twitching and shuddering under my sensual loving touch… as I could feel my own balls start to contract ad the muscles across my tummy begin to tense up, I knew I was about to spray everywhere with my love… she was making me feel like… like… a man should feel… I looked into her eyes and mouthed the words ‘I love you’ as my hips thrusted uncontrollably and my back arched under her loving touch… she wrapped her paw and fingers around my cockhead and squeezed tightly, looking into my own eyes with an excited glowing blush, her own breath coming in short sharp gasps, a soft moan between them… my first explosion coated her paws, and as I moaned into her shoulder as my body shuddered and shook, I sprayed my hot thick spooge all over the fur of her hands, arms, stomach and crotch… Jen’s reaction made me jet a few more thick globs out of myself, as she came just as strongly very suddenly, her own eyes locked on mine for an instant before slamming shut tightly as her body was wracked by shuddering convulsions, my fingers buried wriggling within her…

As we lay together gasping and getting our breath back, my head resting on her shoulder, our chests rising and falling heavily as our bodies slowly stopped twitching and shuddering, the sound of giggling and of a lone handclap bought us out of our trance… bloody Pokeinfo and Cynthia had been laying there, still locked together in coital embrace, watching us as we’d… Poke was kneeling upright, still buried deeply inside his bunny, and softly clapping us… cheeky bastard… heh heh.

No. 67

Free time in the arvo during camp was a chance for us to literally get some sleep… staying up at what seems all night just cuddling and spooning together and making each other almost cum for like hours at a time is pretty damn exhausting – especially when you’re meant to be sleeping! Cynthia and Laura made sure their room was vacated so that Jen and I had a quiet place we could just lay together and sleep… at these times we’d just lay together and hold each other and fall fast asleep without much effort.. Only to be woken what seemed like 10 minutes later by either Cyn or Laura padding softly into the darkened quiet room to wake us up in time for showers.

Later that night, I snuck into her room but the other girls’ giggling caused us to sneak back into my dorm room together… I thought Ed, Scott and Pokeinfo were asleep… but after Jen and I tried to be as quiet as humanly possible (soft tiny panting cooing breaths of ‘ooohh ooh ooh ohh‘ into each other‘s ears and shoulders, trying to muffle the sound) after bringing ourselves off just using our fingers under my blanket atop my bunk bed, Edward’s soft giggling came across through the darkness… “Will you guys try to keep it down over there?! I’ll end up pawing myself to death at this rate!” At which point both Scott and Poke giggled too… I knew I was blushing a deep bright red in the darkness, but I could feel Jenny’s blushing against my skin as well!

No. 68

By the end of the week-long school camp, it’s obvious to everyone, not just our close friends, that Jenny and I are a couple, openly holding hands and sitting together all the time and brushing each others’ coats. Walking together, tails entwined, holding hands, sharing a quiet gentle kiss from time to time… the girls like the raccoon twins, Laura, Cynthia, even cheerleaders Ashley and Jhaidy giggle excitedly as they mill around Jenny… but boys being boys… Poke and Edward just smirk and dig me in the ribs…
“You guys are soooo cute together… it makes me wanna hurl! Hahahaa”

The arvo of the last day I even gave my Jenny a special present… something my dad had given to me for a very special occasion, he’d told me… an old plain gold band that was my mums… as we sat quietly alone together for a few minutes under an old spreading tree behind the dorms, I slipped the small gold ring onto her shaking left-hand ring finger. “It’s a token of my love for you, Jenny. And a promise… I love you, you alone, and always will…” We both burst into tears… gawd, we are hopeless and mushy sometimes! Hahahaa.

Sitting on the bus on the way home from camp, Jenny couldn’t take her eyes off me, nor the ring… she kept playing with it, rolling it around on her finger… I think she was in a state of shock or disbelief or something… in sign language I told her I loved her, as she laid her head softly against my shoulder, amidst all the noise of a busload of happy, playful campers…

No. 69

I tell Edna about Jenny and I before one of her music lessons, and I didn’t know how she’s take it. All she did was smile and say that she was glad you finally hooked up with Jenny – she’s had the absolute hots for you for so long! Cheeky thing – I didn’t know Jenny felt that way for such a *long* time…from when I first started at St Lovejoy’s, apparently… sheesh. Well, we’ve got some time to catch up on Jenny and I then, eh? Edna was so cool about it all – it’s not as thought she’s ‘in love’ with me or anything like that, because the whole sexplay and yiffing she gets upto with lots of different kids is all just an exciting game for her at her age. Thank fark for that! Edna’s still damn cute tho…

No. 70

Jenny and I spend a lot of time just brushing thru each other’s fur and staring into each other’s eyes during recess and lunchtimes at school… sometimes we almost forget to eat, or are even very conscious of other people around us. Some of the younger cubs, bunnies and kittens sit and stare at us from across the yard – I think they are drooling! Jessica, Edna, Belle and Linda sometimes hang out with us or sit beside us during break times, but it’s pretty obvious even to these cute young cubbies that jenny and I are quite be smitten with each other. I should be embarrassed – but damn it I feel *proud* to feel the way I do about Jenny.

Everybody wants to know what her small gold ring means, and we just smile and say it’s a love token, a promise… the younger cubs giggle, but Edward and Poke keep privately questioning me, thinking it’s an engagement ring or something! God no – not yet! Not yet! Jenny and I have been talking, but… not yet… not yet! I’ve *never* seen Poke speechless before! Hahahaa.

No. 71

I think Jenny wants to have an affair with my tongue! She’s absolutely practically addicted to the tongue bath and foot massages. The number of times we’ve nearly got busted by our parents spending like hours just nuzzling against each other in our rooms… I reckon the hot-water service at my place doesn’t get much of a work-out whenever I need to hit the showers recently… thankfully there are days when we do manage to knuckle down and spend a bit of good ol’fashioned study and schoolwork time together… you know, if our marks start to slip, I’m sure our parents would play a different tune about us spending so much time together…

You know, I keep thinking… wild, crazy things… things I dunno if I should even be thinking… should I marry this girl?!? Holy shit! I said it!!!

No. 72

I caught-up with Jenny’s dad – he sat me down and gave me an informal, friendly talking to, really about looking after his daughter and treating her well. That’s *not* gonna be a problem for this little wee doggy, let me tell you! I think I know where he’s coming from – his little girl is growing up fast and having b/f’s and stuff – it must be weird to see that happen to your kids, I think. I’m sure he must have had mixed feelings when he saw that little gold band on her ring finger… I’m glad Jen and I decided to call it a Friendship-Promise ring… otherwise our folks would probably freak right out! Mind you… Jenny and I have shared some… very interesting… shall I say ’long-term’ thoughts, dreams and ideas together…? Hmmm… I just can’t stop thinking about her, you know… even my dad just sits back and smiles whenever I start talking about Jenny over dinner or whatever.

No. 73

This arvo Jenny told me something that took me a bit by surprise… her mum took her off to the doctor, and basically… put her on the pill! She felt pretty embarrassed, but she asked her mum why…? Her mum just said that she’s getting to an age when it might be for the best for now… Jen was bold enough to blurt out, “But doesn’t that mean you’re giving me permission to… uhh…you know… have… sex..?!”
“You’re growing up beautifully, Jen. You’re old enough to make your choices about things like that, sweetheart,” her mum said with a tear in her eye, Jen told me. I’m just blown away… how cool are her parents?! No wonder her dad sat me down the other day!

Hey, this doesn’t mean that Jen and I can just go for it whenever… I’m still standing by my oath to totally respect her decision about her virginity and sexuality – and she knows it too – I told her that after she told me her big news. And, once again, we burst into blubbering happy tears… we are such sooks! I hope none of the guys at school ever see us like this! But when I’m alone with Jen, it’s so special. I really do love her so much… this is love and companionship and friendship all wrapped up together… oh gawd, I am soo happy! Even dad can see how different I’ve been lately… and he’s happy that my marks at school have been getting better too. This is more than a feeling… this is… this is… oh god, it’s just totally indescribable!

No. 74

Before Jenny and I went on our Friday night at the movies date, I knocked at her front door, feeling a mixture of shyness, pride and embarrassment holding a huge bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Her mum answered, and she smiled at the sight of a large spray of yellow daffs. She called Jenny down, and I coughed and spluttered as I offered her mum the small box of chocolates as a thank you for allowing me to go out with her daughter. Then it was her turn to blush! “Aren’t you a sweetheart!” she guffed, pecking me on the cheek – just as Jen walks into the room.
“Mum!” she giggles.
“Young lady! What do you mean by going out with this boy, huh?” her mum said rather strongly, hands plonked aggressively on her hips. Jen and I glanced at each other, both thinking WTF…?
“He’s just too adorable for you *not* to go out with him! What a fine young man. You are a lucky young lady, Jenny.” Both of us were blushing now, looking down, feet shuffling…
“Now, off you go. And Jenny…?”
“Yes mum…?”
“Have a *wonderful* time tonight with your special man, alright?”
Walking out hand in hand, Jenny meets my confused look with an embarrassed smile, “I think she *likes* you, you know! You’ve made a real good impression on my folks you know, Paigey. They really like you.”

No. 75

I’m making sure Jenny still makes time to spend time with her own friends, you know. I know we see each other nearly every day now, but it’s mega important that she still keep up with Laura and Cyn and the others apart from me too, you know. She’s cool with that too… they’re her friends, and I don’t wanna keep her apart from them, you know? Friends are important… for both of us… mind you, Pokeinfo and Edward spin me out sometimes the way they carry on with Cynthia, Laura and even Lucy somedays… like little kids somedays… awww shite, listen to me? I’m only a year older than them! I’d better pull my freaking head in! Gagh!

No. 76

Jenny loves having her nipples sucked and nibbled on… they stand out like little pencil erasers when she’s flushed with excitement. She doesn’t stop me from rubbing myself against her soft furry feet either, massaging her soft toes and soles with my swollen cockhead. She’s getting more and more comfortably relaxed with her sexuality and expressing it, and she’s really started to enjoy the whole sensation of feeling me jizz all over her fur! She gasped out loud as my hot spooge splashed all over her feet and legs as a result, and it only took a few seconds for Mr Tongue to bring Jenny off either… sexplay is so awesome, but geebus it’s *messy* sometimes! Hahaha.

No. 77

A farking close call! I had Edna knocking on my door this arvo, and from just a whiff of her and the look on her face, I could tell she was in severe heat! I admit I was tempted, but I just couldn’t – I just couldn’t do it! I apologised to her but told her I couldn’t see her like this any more, she‘s a special friend but we just shouldn‘t carry on the way we once did anymore… she turned sadly away, but I’m sure, being the popular girl she is, it wouldn’t have taken her long to find a willing mate to quench her bodily thirst!

What’s happening to me? I really can’t stop thinking about Jenny all the time… I mean, of course I’d like to yiff with her, but the largest part of me keeps saying no and to respect her decision about her virginity. She’s such an awesome chick – I mean, cat! Hahaha.

No. 78

Jenny and I went out on a proper formal date last night. We promised each other that we’d try our best to actually behave ourselves for a change when we were alone together, and we *did* the whole time during a really nice candlelit romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant (it took me forever to save enough of my pocket money and paper round money to be able to do it – but I wanted to do something special just for her).

We went for a hand-in-hand walk thru the full moonlit street afterwards on our way home, not saying anything, just basking in the specialness of the time together. We stopped and sat down on a park bench, and… to cut a long story short, we ended up that we found it *too* hard to behave ourselves! With Jenny bending over the bench in front of me, I tongue-lashed around the base of her tail until she gasped and shuddered, practically collapsing against my face as the strength went out of her legs. She slipped a soft sensitive paw inside my pants, and in two shakes of a cat’s tail I was finished too. Lap lap lap – kittens still like their cream, I found out, cleaning up afterwards. Thank gawd no-one was walking past, or we would have been so severely *busted*!

No. 79

This weekend we had a triple date with Pokeinfo and Cynthia, Edward and Laura, Jenny and myself, swimming at the lake. We picked such a great isolated spot we all end up skinny dipping, and it doesn’t take too long before three young female pairs of eyes are bulging at the sight of their b/f’s swelling hardness under the glorious sunshine. Edward gets an attack of his ever-decreasing shyness and he and Laura go for a wander further along the shoreline together, leaving just Poke, Cyn, Jen and myself alone to…? Whilst Jen and I are satisfied with our wonderfully exciting mutual masturbation under the water, we can’t help but laugh as we see and hear the other two going for it like 30 feet away from us right there in the lake!

Jenny and my tongues were dancing together, our fingers and paws slipping aside cozzies and exploring each others’ bodies with a steadily increasing passion, as the cool lake water surrounded our heating almost-naked furry bodies… our breath coming in deep sighing gasps as I slid two then three fingers inside her, massaging her beautiful clit with my thumb, feeling her body twitch and jump with every swirling rub… her fingers stroking my cockhead, holding me tight and squeezing and releasing… softly sliding her fingertips along the length along the thick pipe along the bottom of my quivering length… sliding my other hand and fingers thru her soft tail, exploring her sensitive spot just at the base of her tail right above her butthole… making her legs get shaky at just the touch… soon our swimmers were floating away beside us as we kinda forgot where we were, just totally into each other, lost in the heated passion and blinding white light of the moment…

Splash splash splash! “Uugh! Uugh! Fuck! Fuck! Yiff yiff YIFF!” We were suddenly aware of the racket not far away from us in the water, as Poke and Cyn are really going for it… they kinda forgot we were there too… watching your best friends cum strongly and noisily while your girlfriend is trying her hardest to milk your cock with her fingers and paw is fucking a-mazing! Jen and I came simultaneously, looking into each others eyes as our bodies shuddered, clasping each other tightly…

We had to giggle afterwards tho… I never knew spooge could float? “What’s this in the water, Paigey?” Jenny giggled, pulling the long milky strand up off the surface of the water in her fingers as we stood there glowing together…

Soon the four of us were sitting on the bank warming up in the sunshine, as Edward and Laura came skipping back, their own fur looking decidedly muzzy… I can’t work Edward out sometimes… it’s like he can be the shyest creature I’ve ever met, but then I’m sure there’s another deep dark side to him… nice bloke, excellent mate – but kinda hard to know everything about him at the same time…

No. 80

Jenny and I catch Edna and Jessica the ferret fooling around behind some bushes at school… ahh, to be young again! Childish playing… geebus, listen to me, will ya? It wasn’t too long ago I spent most of my waking thoughts (and sleeping, come to think of it!) dreaming of yiffing with young Edna! Farking heck!
This arvo, Jen and I were sitting on her bed just cuddling, trying not to make ourselves feel too horny and carried away, just enjoying the body contact and the closeness without being too overtly sexual, you know? So, who’s this shy, quiet cat who slips her paw down the front of my shorts, looking into my face with her big dreamy-wet dark eyes, and asking me to make my special mess all over her fur? Mind you… just the thought of looking into her ocean-deep starry eyes as her body shudders and writhes as I make her cum like the way a beautiful young woman deserves to feel… well, it gives me a hard-on just thinking of it! [blush] Umm… now, back to the books [cough]…

No. 81

A tale that shouldn’t need be told… There was another weekend training camp, but it was basically just the school soccer teams, boys and girls. The leaders were pretty non-fussed about keeping everybody separated, and by lights-out there were little furry feet pattering about in the darkness between rooms… I was feeling pretty lonely as Jenny couldn’t come to this camp, so Pokeinfo, Cynthia, Edward and Laura were staying up keeping me company (I guess), sitting by the side of the little river alongside the campgrounds in the darkness. We swapped stories and tried to outdo each other with the grossest story – the girls too! It was a fun relaxing few hours, but we knew it was time to start heading our separate ways when we all couldn’t stop yawning. Softly creeping back into camp, a piercing cry went up in the darkness in the cabin almost in front of us… “No!” Stopping, wondering WTF was happening, we heard it again… “No! Don’t! SHIT!”

All five of us knew that voice – Edna was in some sort of trouble! I’d never seen Edward move so quick, and the rest of us charged off after him in the direction of the young cub’s anguished cries. Edward kicked in the door of the cabin, as from just around the corner behind him we heard Edna’s now almost desperate cry, “FUCK OFF! NO! NO!”

We rushed into the sight of that asshole bully crocodile Rodreguz crouched aggressively above Edna, her little fists beating helplessly against his large scaly chest, his right fist raised and poised… In one movement (I’m not farking kidding!) Edward flew across the room and crash tackled Rodregus onto the floor away from his kid sister. Then in an amazing display of aggression none of us had ever seen come from Ed before, he started to beat the absolute shit out of Rodreguz, kicking and punching him ferociously, Ed’s glasses flying. As the rest of us rushed over to where weeping Edna lay curled up in a small ball, Ed turned and picked up his little sister in one arm, cradling her safely against his pumped-up chest.
“Sis…! Are you… are you… alright…?”
Poke stepped in where Ed had left off, and even tho he wasn’t yet fully grown, this young King of the Jungle sure gave that asshole a severe what-for. Rodreguz lay writhing on the floor uselessly trying to fend off blow after blow raining down upon him in the semi-darkness. Edna was howling now, both from shock and plain fright.
“I’m… I’m alright,” she blubbed into her brother’s shoulder, as the rest of us crowded protectively around the siblings. “He was going to… and… I didn’t want him to… but he kept… he was going to HIT me… bwaaaaaaah..!” she sobbed.
Picking up his glasses Edward, accompanied by the girls, took Edna (still cradled protectively in his arms) off out of the cabin to a place with some more light to make sure she really was OK. Meanwhile Poke had stopped laying into the croc, who lay in a writhing gasping mess on the floorboards beside the bed. I don’t think his nuts are ever gonna be the same again – or if he’ll ever be able to find them again, that is. As both Poke and I stood above the asshole, just watching him squirm in his pain, a few heads poked in thru the darkened doorway, wondering what all the noise was about.
Thinking quickly, Poke just said loudly with a sense of authority, “It’s alright… a fight… but it’s all over now, isn’t it Rodreguz, eh?”
Even as I took a step toward the bully sprawled on the ground beneath me, he readily agreed, terrified as I throatily growled and bared my sharp teeth angrily at him. In an attempt to quell the situation in the sight of the new onlookers, Poke and I tried to help the croc up to his feet, but he brushed us aside, preferring to lay there sweating in his humiliation and pain. Clearing the room (before a leader came along and started asking too many questions), we shut the door behind us as we all left, with Poke and I making a bee-line to where the girls had taken Edna.

We found them nursing her now sleeping form beside the glowing coals of the bonfire, all looking concerned, Edward notably fuming.
“We all fucking *know*!” he stamped about furiously in a horse whisper, “that ‘no’ means fucking ‘No!’ *Everybody* in Pouncefield knows that, for fuck’s sakes!” he hissed, kicking angrily at the glowing coals with an agitated paw.
“Even us Dingos know the same thing back home, mate,” I agreed, putting a placating paw around his heaving shoulder.
“I just dunno what I’d do… if.. If anything ever… happened to… to my sister, you know…” he said heavily, and collapsed helplessly sobbing into my shoulder.
Edna was fine, just pretty shaken up. The six of us sat quietly in the darkness, brought closer together with a sense of group solidarity after such a horrible situation. Friends forever. Edna was precious to us all. We all shed a tear – it was a pretty intense thing, you know?

Back at school on Monday, a few people wondered why Rodregus was nursing a broken arm in plaster and a sling, but he just mumbled something about an accident on the weekend. Edward was so ropable with him, it took quite a few of us to placate him and keep them from bumping into each other during the next few weeks.

No. 82

Jenny and I, when both or families agreed to it, spent the night camping in my tent in our backyard last night. We both had no idea at the start of the night, but this would be like the defining moment of our future lives together. Sounds heavy shite hey? But seriously, tonight will *never* be forgotten by either of us – ever!

We had fun setting up the tent and arranging stuff inside it, and sat up for a while just talking softly in the semi-darkness of the soft lantern. Before too long we were making out, and soon we were both quite naked and enjoying the feel of each other’s fur against the other underneath the thick doona. Soon we were just laying side-to-side spooning happily, holding each other tight, nuzzling my head against the back of her soft hairy head. Jen sighed heavily, and I asked her if anything was wrong.
“Paigey… nothing’s wrong… far from it…” she whispered with a contented sigh.

Then she simply whispered a distinct, “Yes. Paigey, yes.”

“…Puhssy kit…?”
She turn to face me.
“Make love to me, Paigey. Yes, yes Paigey. I want you… I want you *so* much…!” she gasped with an excited gulp.

“Puhssy kitten… I’m gonna…gonna cum… oh Jen…” I gasped breathlessly. Then she locked her legs around my waist, so any fleeting thought of pulling out of my darling quickly dissipated. She couldn’t respond in words anyway – they were beyond her at that point. Her body – inside and out – were proclaiming aggressively what she was experiencing… her claws dug into my back (I guess… I don’t remember at the time, but there are some good scratches and bruises back there today!)

How do I even begin to attempt to explain what it’s like to melt into one being with the one you love with all of your being? We were one as we just vaporized inside each other… nothing else existed, just the union of our souls… I’m not kidding, this was almost a farking religious experience! After we regained a small portion of our senses, we both burst into tears of pure unadulterated joy! We felt so blissfully happy!

We were laying resting in each others‘ arms in the stillness of the dark night, when I tried to speak.
“Oh wow… whoever thought that making babies could be so much FUN, hey?” I giggled quietly into her ear. “I do love you so, you know Jen…”
“Oh Paigey, you are such a big pussy sometimes!”, she held me tight and looked into my eyes.
“I want to have your litter…”
“I want to be with you forever, Paigey, just you and me and our own litter. *Our* litter. I love you… please make love with me right now… again and again… and put your babies right inside me, Paigey… oh god…” she gasped.

Jen and I didn’t get much sleep last night. I have never felt so connected to any other single person in my whole life, like we’re both one. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’re both so young still, and Jen being on the pill, we’d get ourselves pregnant tomorrow! We spent a lot of time just quietly rolling the small gold band around Jen’s left-hand ring finger, quietly reassuring each other of how close and connected we both felt together. A life-changing night, mate!

No. 83

Monday at school some of the other kids manage to pick straight off what’s happened between Jenny and I by the happy glow that refuses to dissipate from our faces whenever we’re together. Jenny’s friends shower her with little gifts and cards, and the guys bag me big-time – it’s funny the difference between guys and chicks at our age. Guys always wanna be in love, and as soon as one of their mates finds it for themselves they wanna make a joke about it! Walking up to her while she standing at her locker surrounded by her friends. The girls part and we embrace with a long loving kiss, surrounded by the sounds of “oooooohhhhhhhhsssss!”

No. 84

Riding behind Jenny on one of our long bike rides this arvo, I nearly had an accident when I realised that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all! She took the lead and went down some bumpy rutted dirt tracks today, and I’m sure she was mushing herself up against her bike seat as she was riding… mind you, how I didn’t fill the inside of my pants with spooge I have *no* idea either. She’s such a little tease at times… and getting over her shyness too, cheeky lady! [sigh!]

Heh heh… I’m soooo embarrassed… Jenny was over at my place last evening, and we were yiffing away loudly and furiously on my protesting bed, trying to quench our pent-up sexual energies of the week… guess who forgot to shut his farking bedroom door, huh? From down the hall came dad’s muffled smirk, “Paige! Shut your door, boy!”

Jen and I got a severe case of the giggles as I leapt across to swing it closed after me, and I thought the moment might have gone. But Jen pulled me against her and whispered hoarsely into my ear with a wet tongue following, “Where are you going? We haven’t finished here yet, mister!” Hmmm… I think she’s overcome a whole lot of her original shyness nowdays, huh? Hahaha.

No. 85

“Paigey… I’m leaking!” Jen whispered into my ear at recess at school today. “I’m still leaking *you* out from inside…,” she giggled, nibbling at my earlobe. Trying not to spooge in my shorts at that *most* erotic turn-on for me (and she *knows* it too!!!), she softly smiled, “I love having you still inside me… I can carry you around inside me all day… here in school… slowly dripping out and making my panties all damp…”
“Geebus, puhssy kitten,” I whisper back, trying to look nonchalant in front of the gang sitting around us, despite the front of my shorts nearly ripping asunder. “… if you keep this up, there’s gonna be *plenty* more where *that* came from… so to speak…” we giggled.
“Come on, guys!” Pokeinfo kidded with a guffaw. “Get a room, will ya?! Hahahar!”

No. 86

I rang Jenny at home tonight, and I played a very norty trick on her… while her parents were like 10-feet away in the next room from her, I just talked like it was an obscene phone call… just trying to turn her on…
“Ohh Jenny… I wanna suck on your clit… I wanna feel how hot and wet your pussy tastes to my tongue as I fuck you with my mouth, your legs wrapped around my head… I wanna eat your pussy and make you cum so hard… I want to feel and taste your juice as it gushes out all over my face and down my throat as my tongue is buried deep inside you…’

Later, she told me she tried her damnest to act nonchalant as she slowly and quietly mushed her pubic bone up against the corner of the phone table, her pussy juices dribbling freely down the inside of her legs and coating her butt. Hearing me cum on my end of the phone was almost too much for her, as she had to quickly hang up and run upstairs to her room to finish herself off in private! As she sheepishly crept back downstairs after about half an hour, her parents asked if she was OK.
“Ahh… yeah, sure… I.. I mean, my period… just came on quickly, you know… I had to dash…”
“Oh, OK darling. Is that sweetheart boyfriend of yours doing alright tonight, then?”
From the bright red flush spreading across their daughter’s face, she didn’t need to respond to that question!

She’s soooo cheeky… she returned the phone call about a week later…
“Paigey… make me pregnant! Do it inside me! Fill me up and don’t stop until I‘m overflowing… spurt your beautiful babies deep inside me… do it Paigey… make me pregnant… I wanna feel all slick inside me… I need to feel your big strong cock sliding inside me to the hilt… oh god, do me! Take me and fuck my brains out… slap your balls against my ass cheeks… fuck my ass with your tail… Fuck me fuck me fuck me! I need to have your children… I want you to make me all big and round with your litter… cum inside me, Paigey… ”
“…. gaaghhhg…”
“Oh gawd, thanks a *lot*, babe! I just sprayed the lounge room *wall* with spooge! Shit! I’ve gotta go… better clean this big mess up before dad gets back… oh gawd, that was so hot and so kinky, puhssy! Love you!”
…giggles on the other end of the line… [blush]

No. 87

Jenny must be making up for lost time… now that we have fully consummated our relationship, she just can’t seem to get enough of ‘the power of the yiff’ (as Pokeinfo keeps calling it! Lol).

Tonight, as we were laying in the warming melting bodily glow after a fairly strenuous yiff session together, arm in arm, legs and arms entwined, just whispering sweet nothings to each other as our heated bodies cling together, tails entwined… “What am I *supposed* to say to your dad next time I see him, honey? ‘Hey there, Mr Katt… I’m really soooo sorry for cumming inside your daughter…?’ I *don’t* think so!” I laughed out loud!

No. 88

You know, my dad is pretty damn cool sometimes, even tho he’s my dad… aww, I love ‘im anyway! [giggle] He told me about… how to drink! I mean, it’s like an Aussie tradition to drink! But he gave me some of his own wisdom – drink sensibly… about drinking slowly, having a big glass of water before you start… about eating as you go… have a soft drink between drinks… that’s the secret to being able to drink all night long and not act and look like a total asshole, he told me! You can have a ball without falling over and covering yourself in spew… eww… I’ll keep that in mind!

Mind you, it wasn’t long after this (which is what reminded me of dad telling me…), a few of the guys from St Lovejoys met at Pokeinfo’s place when his parents were away for the weekend. Scotty the gray rat walks in with a bottle of bourbon [where he got it from he never told us, but he smiled sheepishly…], and Poke started tossing around beers from his dad’s fridge… yeah, we started having a few drinks, getting silly and giggly, fooling about… it was fun! Then the guys start swapping their yiffing stories, and when it came to my turn, well, I was kinda reluctant to… tell too much detail, I guess… I guess I told them some of the stories of when Edna and I used to yiff like crazed animals in heat, dressed as tales about Jenny and I… mind you, there were a few mouths hanging open before I had finished… talk about embarrassed… then it kinda became ‘who could tell the biggest bullshit’ time, as all sorts of stories went around… Poke started on this Halloween story about everyone getting possessed and killing everyone, then Edward pipes in and keeps the story going… twas some crazy drunken moments of fun between some blokes.

Before too long, the piss had kicked in… Edward went to stand up to take a slash, and *wham*! Fell straight on his ass, laffing helplessly! I was feeling a bit giddly, but I hadn’t had as much as the other guys… the beers were almost all gone from the fridge, and between the four of us the bourbon bottle was getting a lot less full… Then Scott and Poke jumped up and started dancing and whizzing about pissing themselves laughing… I think the piss went straight to their heads… it was pretty funny tho…

In the back of my mind I remembered da’s advice about spacing your drinks out… I went to find something to munch on in the kitchen, finding a bag of corn chips, and bought ‘em back out to where the other guys were kinda rolling about the floor giggling. Somebody put on DJ Fuzz’s CD *loud* and we were all trying to dance, but were too busy falling about pissing ourselves laughing!

Before too long, Poke, Edward and Scotty were swapping swigs straight from the bourbon bottle… while they tried to act brave as they swallowed, the look in their eyes told the truth… to us, straight bourbon tasted not unlike fucking gasoline! I had one small swig, and thought my throat would burst into flames at the taste… too bad the coke bottle was empty now (it tasted much better to me with the coke mixed with it, ya know?) Before I realised what was happening, the other three guys kinda were laughing at me as they finished off the bottle, sitting back into the couch with a giggling slump.

Mind you, although they were trying to look cool and brave or whatever, the expression on Edward’s face was anything but… he looked decidedly pale!

No. 89

The guys were still obviously getting pretty pissed, as before too long it seemed to me their words were getting pretty slurry… I couldn’t really understand everything Poke was trying to say thru small hiccuping burps… I’d finished off the corn chips I’d offered to the other guys with a sharp dismissal… I was feeling giddy, but nothing like what the other guys were looking. I went and slipped on a DVD as we sat there, and soon I realised the other three guys were kinda quiet, not laughing as much… now Poke and Scotty’s face was looking just as pale as Edwards…

Suddenly, Poke just got up and ran out the front door… we kinda looked at each other hazily and followed him unsteadily… the sight of Poke leaning against the wall at the side of his house spewing his guts out was not a pretty thing to behold… then Edward started to gag himself, turned around, and threw up on the grass next to his feet… I stood there feeling not sick but concerned… then bloody Scotty threw a paw up across his mouth, trying to hold in what was obviously leaking out between his fingers… he ran off and fell over a small bush and I could hear him puking his guts out as well… Christ! What a mess!

It was a bizarre experience… I felt kinda giddy but not queezy at all… I guess this was what dad had been talking about, I guess…I helped Edward and Poke inside and grabbed a towel to kinda help clean them up. Christ they looked pale! Scotty was a different story… by the time I went back out to help him inside, he was unconscious – snoring laying on his back, draped over a small bush! If I wasn’t so worried I would have pissed myself laughing, it looked so funny! I kinda rolled him over so he wasn’t crushing the shrub, and he kinda came to enuff to crawl in on his hands and knees…

By the time I got back inside kinda following Scotty as he stumbled across the front steps on his hands and knees, both Poke and Edward were also fast asleep, but not looking their normal healthy colour… I rummaged around to find a few blankets and kinda left them where they were… I don’t really know what the fark to do! I kinda just hung around to keep an eye on them… sitting on the couch, before too long I must have fallen fast asleep myself… because I was woken by the sound of hurried footsteps and someone hurling their guts out outside the front door… Edward had managed to get up in time… but… not Poke… he’d spewed all over himself… ewww…

So… *this* is what dad was talking about, huh? Blimey! I think I’ll stay away from too much alcohol from here on in! A few drinks, sure… but no straight chugging for me! Heh heh.

At School on Monday, Edward, Poke and Scotty seemed kinda quiet and embarrassed… mind you they couldn’t remember too much of the evening anyway…
“Feck! I slept like a log yesterday! I think I woke up like after lunchtime! And… my head! Pound pound pound! Gagh!” Poke blushed quietly to us.
“Uurgh… you weren’t the only one…” Edward rolled his eyes and Scotty gave him a knowing nod of the head…

No. 90

Pushy kitten and I have a secret code word “CWM” we can whisper to each other in school, and make each other melt with excitement. CWM? ‘Cum with me’ of course! Jen admitted I got her good this morning during the morning break when I leaned over and whispered breathlessly right into her ear with a tender ‘CWM’ – and she practically melted on the spot! I wondered why she had to excuse herself and run off to the ladies room! She had to try and dry her sodden panties off! Hahaha – I didn’t mean to do that to her… I just said it to be special, and it must have been a combination of her time of her cycle and being in heat that just made her involuntarily dribble that awesome love juice of hers everywhere! Poor Jen! She just laffed when she told me about it this arvo tho… thank gawd for that! I thought she’d be really pissed with me!

No. 91

Jenny accidentally walks into my dad in the bathroom, just after he steps out of the shower… she didn’t realise he was in there, and for a few seconds they stood facing each other with mouth agape in shock. Jenny quickly turned to go, and as she rushed back into my room and into my arms, she began to tell me what happened. I reassured her it was all a total accident and not to worry. But what she said next was what floored me…
“It’s not that, Paigey. Your dad… well… he’s… his… ummm…”
“Wassup, honey?” I tried to reassure her.
“He has… he has an *enormous* cock, Paigey! I didn’t mean to look, but I couldn’t help but see it… it’s so… so long…!” she embarrassingly gasped.
“Oh Jen,” I laughed, holding her tight and assuring her. “Relax! It’s not as though he’s gonna use that thing on you, hey?! Anyway,” I smiled. “They reckon that as I get older and keep growing… well… like father, like son…?”
Jenny’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as her jaw hit the floor… “Oh… my… GOD!” she gasped, eyes closed, clasping her thighs tightly together, shuddering involuntarily…


NB. The following entries are incomplete at this stage…

Paige’s dad offers his son some advice about spending time alone with jenny, and gives him some ‘toys’ for them to try out. ‘Make-out’ music… while it may sound really old and corny even, slowly uniting passionately with your lover to the strains of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is a wholly erotic experience…

Pokeinfo, Cynthia, Edward, Laura, Jenny and I spend the night together at my place while my dad’s away for the weekend… a mini-cumpetition and a real mess sees us all frolicking nude in the pool at 2am. Poor Jenny’s a little embarrassed to hear Laura totally let go and really vocalise loudly what the boys are doing with her, but it really seems to make her even more horny. All three couples couple in the pool to end the evening. Our poor pool filter – trying to clean away all that spooge!

Jenny and her parents go away for 3 weeks to France for a holiday… seperation is almost intolerable… after a week, Jenny’s parents and dad arrange for me to spend the rest of the time in Paris with Jenny and her folks… Her parents meet me at the airport and we arrange how we can surprise Jenny, as they tell me the itinerary of the next two weeks… clue-up one of the hotel‘s manager to our little surprise… “Room Service, ma’am” “Come in,” she said sadly. “Your parents thought you might like something to take your mind off things, maa’am.” “Just leave it on the table, thank you.” “As you wish, ma’am.” As the manager closed the door behind him, I stood just inside the door, silently holding my breath. For about 10 seconds, jenny sat with her back to me, staring aimlessly at the flickering TV screen in front of her, the sound distracting her thoughts.

“Is there anything else ma’am might be needing…?”

Mr & Mrs Kat were so excited to hear their beautiful young daughter so excited with the surprise, they themselves retired early for the evening to celebrate in their own special way.

Jenny and I have made the biggest decision of our lives… as soon as she turns 16, we are going to get married! We want to have a litter together – it’s as easy as that. But we want to finish our schooling first… it’s all so huge and exciting and scary and wild and… holy shite! I love her so much! *** in front of the altar at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, I dropped to one knee and…

Jenny and I tell her parents our plans over dinner – we want to get married on Jenny’s 16th birthday. Her mum bursts into tears while her dad just stands and slaps me on the back, beaming! “Of course! Of course! Yes, absolutely! Young man, please! You would make not only our daughter happy by being her husband, but we would be so proud to have you as part of our own family! Yes yes yes…!” Mr Kat yabbered excitedly before he started sobbing tears of joy himself, setting Jen and I off as well! What a bunch of sooks – the four of us sitting weeping happy tears in the middle of a Parisian resteraunt, while other diners sat wondering what the hell was going on. “A toast! A toast!” Mr Katt stood, turning around addressing the entire room. “I propose a toast to the happy couple! To Jenny and Paige – may they forever be together!”

On Jenny’s 16th birthday, at 10am in St Lovejoy School’s beautifully decorated gymnasium, Mr and Mrs Dingo became one, in the presence of practically everyone in Pouncefield. But a very special wholly unexpected guest arrived quietly just as the newlyweds were walking down the ‘aisle’…


A 15-year St Lovejoy School reunion sees almost everyone coming back for a weekend of events and activities. Some of us haven’t seen each other for like 10 years. But ‘the gang’ have been in regular touch with email and picture phone, and the occasional get-togethers whenever we can. It’s hard with us nowdays spread almost all over the country, but we do make the effort to stay in touch. Everyone is awaiting the entrance of Edna… to us who know her so well, she’s just ‘Edna’ – one of the gang, one of our loyal close friends. But to a whole lot of other people, she is a hugely-famous world-popular singer/songwriter/artist/dancer/actress/star Edna F – and it is she they are waiting for. We know her better than that… despite her meteoric rise to fame, her talent and beauty blissfully evident to all who behold her, she’s still the same girl to us. There’s no airs-and-graces or a put-on when she’s with us, and we adore her for it.
When Edna’s limo turns up, there is a push towards the door, and from where we are standing we can see the hail of flashlights surrounding the doorway. Instead of stopping to bask in the spotlight and attention, she pushes her way straight thru the gaping-mouth crowd at the reunion, and makes a bee-line straight for us. Our friendly, warming group-hug makes front-page news next morning…
We moved ourselves off into a darker corner of the room, so we could all catch up in relative privacy, away from those fucking photographers.
“So DP… Jenny… how are you all going? You both look *so* well! Marriage is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to you, I reckon!” Edna beams, sitting on my lap and playfully flicking the tip of my tail across our noses.
“Matey, we *couldn’t* be any happier. And the kids are a handful, but – we just *wouldn’t* have it any other way, would we, honey?” I smiled joyously across to Jen.
“Have you seen Ed’s latest movie?” his sister beamed proudly. “It’s like soooo good… he’s sooo talented, isn’t he?” she laughed as she grabbed Ed and dragged him onto her lap with me as well. “An Oscar this time I think, big bro!“ The three of us hugged each other happily, Jenny glowing excitedly beside us. Edna leans back and whispers into Ed and my ears, “It’s been a while since I’ve had my first two boys’ sitting on my lap, hey…?” With a nervous giggle, Ed and I turn bright red, and mental images of all the crazy things we used to get upto together when we were just kids flashed across my mind. “You know, after all this time, I have never, not for one instant, ever regret our growing up together, you know?” Holding us close, an arm around each of us, she laughed again. “I love you guys, seriously I really do, you know that, don’t you? You’re like family, the lot of you,” she smiled at Jenny. “Well, you know what I mean… Ed *is* family, but you guys… oh shivers, I am such a twit somedays…” We all broke up laughing.
“Wow Laura… you look awesome! When… when are you due?”
“Heh heh… well, it’s only about a month to go… this one will be easier after our first one, won’t it, honey?”
“Sure will, my gorgeous nutser. Another niece or nephew for my sister soon hey, Edna?” Ed beams proudly, gently patting his wife‘s rounded tummy…
“Hey, how’s your dad going too, DP?” Edna asks.
“Ha ha, funny you should ask… I’ve got another brother or sister on the way as we speak! Kids everywhere in our household, hey Jen?”
“Oh god yes – we *love* it!”

Later in the evening, as the crowd slowly begins to thin out, Edna quietly collars Jen, myself, Ed, Laura, and Poke and Cyn as well. “How about a bit of rollicking fun… like we used to, huh? I’ll loose my minders, and we can hit my private digs here for a bit of… private fun…? Anyone keen…?”

It’s not everyday that you can take a world-famous pop diva and actress from behind, while she’s eating out your wife, as her brother humps into her from beneath, while his wife sucks on his butt… thank gawd none of *this* will make the papers! Hahahaa!