School Days Diary – Part 1

edit64Written by Dingo Paige

DISCLAIMER: This is only fanfic fantasy, not reality. The author(s) do not advocate this sort of behaviour in any form. “School Days“ and assorted characters are © Krezz Karavan @ “Dingo Paige“ character © Dingo Paige). This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.

No. 1

I thought I should start keeping a diary of the crazy things that pass thru my mind and the even more crazy things that seem to keep happening to and around me! I know I’ve only been living in town for just a short few months, but it’s been cool getting to know some of the local kids in school. Pokeinfo seems pretty cool – he’s pretty tight with Cynthia I can tell (she’s pretty damn cute too!), and I’ve been getting to know the guys in the soccer team since I’ve been hanging around too. Edward’s an interesting one – he seems so shy, but the way he is when he’s with that super spunk Laura, it’s like he’s different person. I don’t think they can keep their hands (or other things!) off each other! It’s pretty cool to watch them together – wish I could have a g/f like her…

At my old school in Australia, us dingos didn’t have the kind of intimacy between friends that everyone seems to here at St Lovejoy’s School. It’s so cool here – and man! Some of these cubs are so damn cute! I don’t wanna get started on that young ‘un Edna – she’s some damn fine fox. Damn – why does she only have to be eight? I’d go out with her and catch her for sure if we were the same age. Damn! She’s so inquisitive tho… she’s always coming around here lately – not that I’m complaining, mind you. Ever since her parents (and Edward too) let her come over to my place after school for some basic music lessons a few afternoons each week, we’ve been spending a lot of time alone together [gulp!] I mean, this kid is an outright exhibitionist! As soon as she walks in the door – she’s stripping off! She just loves to walk about in the nude… which makes it hard to concentrate on any sorta music, cause she’s got such a cute little body too… damn, so much for us dingos not ‘liking them young’, eh? Damn man! She’s hot!

I feel such a twit for writing those stupid love notes to her too… all she wants to do is explore, play and try new things when it comes to sexplay rather than have a steady boyfriend – and that’s OK. It’s good my dad’s away so much and we can have the place to ourselves, because after we finish our music lesson, she starts wanting to know about some other lessons, and you know I’m willing to teach her whatever she wants to know! Watching her with those sweet cubby wet little lips wrapped around the recorder is a turn-on to start with – then she wants to just keep going further! Sheesh! I just wish I could stop thinking about her all the time… there’s so many other amazingly cute young things my own age in school I should be chasing after. Maybe I should spread myself around a bit more. Oh god, it’s so confusing having a closet crush on an 8 year-old fox cub! Damn! That Jenny’s pretty cute, don’t ya rackon, mate? [sigh]

No. 2

Since moving to this place from Australia, everything seemed so weird and strange. I mean, we never had a house with a swimming pool in our old town, but after mum went and pissed off with that bloody kangaroo and left us, dad did pretty well with the whole divorce stuff, I think. I mean, to move just the two of us across the world to start afresh is a pretty big deal, I reckon. My dad’s pretty cool, and I often wonder if he misses my mum at all. Maybe I should get him to meet Edward and Edna’s parents or something… bring them over for a pool party or something, just so he can meet some of the local adults. I mean, I’ve got a few new friends of my own, plus having Edna around a lot makes my life not as lonely as it might have been, hey. I know dad’s playing a bit of music again now he’s moved here. I mean, he used to play in an Aussie group called “The Dingos” years’ ago (before I was born), and he’s even got some gold records on the wall to prove it! Must be where I get my musical feelings from. Maybe he could play some stuff for Ed and Edna’s parents when they come over? Just a thought.

I took Edna out for an ice cream the other day, then she showed me around the town on a long bike ride together. I’m glad I can get to know her a bit more than just the physical side of her, you know? I mean she’s damn cute and all (damn man, the way she tosses that fine head of hair around and weaves waves of magic with her long luscious tail… shite!), but there’s times when I just realise she’s still a kid. But when she gets naked and that damn invigorating scent of hers heats up, she sure doesn’t act like any little cub I’ve ever know before! Hanging out with her is fun tho, and some of her little friends are pretty nice too – especially those twins! They are amazing – totally! My stupid brain is thinking of ways to invite Edna and some of her friends over for a swimming day over at my place or something… I’ve gotta see those twins in a swimsuit – what a dirty ol perve I must be! Hahahaa.

Oh diary, I dunno what I’m gonna do about Edna. It’s not right that we keep spending time alone together and getting… ahh… *musky*… I mean, she’s not going too badly with her music lessons, but once that’s finished, she really just wants to drain me! I dunno where she learned all the things she knows and does – maybe she’s just picking things up as she goes along, I guess. I keep saying it ‘cause it drives me nutty thinking about it – she sure aint like any 8 year old I’ve ever spent time with before!

Thank goodness dad wasn’t home the other afternoon when she was here… we were having a wow of a time 69-ing and just making a slippery mess, when I started nibbling on that oh-so-inviting little love-nub between her furry little legs. Gesus did she scream and shake and groan as she came again and again and again! I was exhausted just watching her! Anyone walking past hearing that racket she was making would have wondered what the heck was going down! Well… we were! Hahahaa. Dad would have busted my ass big time if he’d caught me doing that with her… but damn she tastes so damn good, you know?

No. 3

Life is good here since moving to Pouncefield. That cute kitty Jenny keeps appearing in my line-of-sight whenever I’m at school, it seems. Maybe it’s just me, but every time I seem to look around, Jenny’s around somewhere. She seems nice – quiet, but I hardly know her at all. She’s got a nice smile… sheesh, what am I saying? A dingo? Thinking about a cat? Aint we supposed to be mortal enemies? Geebus, crazy thoughts… I still reckon it’s the whole Edna-thing I’ve got going in my head that’s making me think crazy thoughts lately… what a week!

Before Edna come over for her music lesson this arvo, I agreed to meet with her and those cute young raccoon twins Belle and Linda down at the Mall near school. We just hung out for a little bit while the girls giggled and window-shopped (or whatever the heck they do at the Mall!), and now I’ve seen those twins up close, I’d really like to… geebus! What *am* I saying…?!? They’re just kids – moreso than even Edna is when she’s with them and Jessica. They’re kids, mate! Keep things in perspective! Geebus!

Anyway, I invited them all over to my place for a swim in our pool in a day or two. I got Edna to ask her little pink friend Jessica to come too. That’ll be nice. Thank gawd dad got a place with a pool – the weather over here is so different herre to where we used to live, so a pool comes in handy to cool down a bit and relax. Nice to do some laps and keep a bit fit too. My only problem having all those young pretty cubs running about in my pool is – trying to behave myself! Nah, it’ll be fun… geebus, it’ll be excellent!

School’s been good, but I’m glad Edward got his shite together and put that @$$hole croc Rodriguez in his proper place the other week. Ed’s a nice bloke, but so quiet still… he seems to be a daydreamer and sometimes it’s hard to get too much out of him just talking to him. I wonder what – or who – he’s thinking about…?

Edna’s obviously been having a bit of extra outside school ‘tuition’ along the way somewhere other than here lately, when it comes to her learning about sexplay. She’s been hanging out a bit with Poke and Cyn, so maybe… aw, who knows? I think it’s good… she’s really keen to put things she’s learnt into practise. Anyway, she was just as horny as usual after the music lesson had finished, and was on her knees in a flash and… well… practising her new-found skills using her mouth with much skill! Shit, she’s good at giving head! I’ve got a hard on just thinking about it… oh man! She’s only *eight*, remember?! I’ve just *gotta* stop thinking about her this way… but damnit, why does she have to flash that cute foxy tail at me when she runs about naked during our music lessons… we’ll never get beyond scales at this rate! She wants to know so much – *everything* and anything about sex, always asking me questions and wanting to find out more… it’s always so bloody hard to say no to her! Oh well, what a way to go!

Actually, I had a quick word in Pokeinfo’s ear this arvo about Edna, and all he did was blush and said nothing… I think it says more than words, eh? Hee hee hee. Little deev! Hahahaa.

At least having the girls over for a swim will hopefully help take away a bit of heat for me… sleeping hasn’t been so easy just lately… I can still feel Edna’s mouth wrapped around… ahem. Anyway, a bit of harmless fun with the girls should be harmless enough, right? Right?

Oh come on, who am *I* kidding, right?!

No. 4 – Pool Fun

I had the girls over this arvo for a swim. Edna and Jessica arrived together, and the twins Belle and Linda turned up soon after. My dad just laffed that I had some of the kids from school around to get some use out of the pool. He seemed cool that I was hanging out with just younger girls – he even joined us for a bit for a splash before he went out again. Lots of laughing and giggling and splashing and happy shouting… and the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves too. ^^ I tell ya, I was right wanting to see those sweet little raccoons in their swimmers… sheesh… I had a hard time hiding the bulge in the front of my shorts as it was! But then, the only kid who noticed was – you guessed it – that little tease, Edna! I spent a lot of time underwater trying to cool down enough not to make a twit of myself, with a group of 8 year olds splashing about all around me. It didn’t help tho, when Belle then Linda kept getting me to climb up on my shoulders and throw them up across the pool with a bloody big splash. Soon I had four young things clambering all over me wrapping their arms and legs around me as they climbed up onto my shoulders, taking turn after turn. It was hard work, but fun too… I thought no-one would notice I still had a hard-on happening underneath the water there…

Except Edna… she knew… she *knew* what was happening! Soon she started another game with all of us, taking turns to climb onto me and let me carry them around the pool in one direction, trying to make a giant whirlpool. They’d climb on, wrap their little furry arms around my neck and their legs around my waist as I’d run around the pool carrying each of them in turn. Not fair, just not fair! All that fine young furry pussy rubbing right against my dick, and they were unaware of it… well, not *all* of ‘em… Edna took great delight of bouncing up and down against my crotch as she took her turn wrapped around me as we ran around the ever-increasing current in the pool. Looking straight into my eyes, she kept grinding herself against me, teasing me with her young foxy sexy body… I had to take lots of deep breaths to try to control myself, with the other kids in the pool with us wholly unaware of anything happening. A few more turns each, and I was getting tired. Then Edna jumped on, and she wasn’t subtle in her humping and grinding as we ran around in the water together. It was getting more and more farking difficult to walk properly as things were coming to a head really quickly. She had to go and playfully stick her tongue in my ear, didn’t she? Rub thrust bounce lick – spooge! I came like a horse all inside my shorts and all over Edna’s sheer swimmers against her small furry crotch! Geebus, I came – right in my own pool! It’s not so easy trying to look casual in front of three other innocent kids when you’re shooting your load practically right in front of them, legs wobbling, breath rasping and brow sweating… sheesh! Edna got me *good*! Cheeky thing! Before I was able to lift her off, she whispered in my ear with a cheeky grin, “I felt that! Mmmm… yummy!”

Soon we were laying on towels drying of in the afternoon sun, and I’m trying to gather my wits and breath back. So, what do you think young girls laying out in the sun would think to do? First Edna, then Linda took their bikini tops off and layed down on their tummies. Belle and Jessica, seeing I didn’t say anything to sop them, slipped down the straps of their 1-piece suits down over their shoulders and rolled them halfway down their young furry bodies. Laying back down on their towels soaking in the sun, I had to try and lay on my stomach next to them… not such an easy thing to do when your dick is sticking straight out in front of you like a farking flagpole and digging into the grass beneath you!

I was slightly taken aback when it was Belle who asked me if I could rub some sun cream lotion across her shoulders and back. Then all four of them were begging me to do that to them, so I couldn’t very-well refuse them, eh? That was a tough assignment – I’m just glad that the girls were laying with their faces away from me and couldn’t see the tent pole in the front of me as I slowly and softly massaged the warm thick sticky cream into the soft delicate fur across their young supple shoulders and backs. Sun cream, I mean… oh yeah…! It didn’t take the girls’ innocent conversations begin to slow down as the warming sunshine bathed us all with heavy eyes. Relaxing, I’m sure that before too long the racoons and little cutie Jessica were snoozing happily. Only Edna kept her eyes open, staring at me as I tried to get comfortable on the towel beside her.

Without dragging on and on, dear diary, Edna got it all figured out to get me practically laying on top of her as she lay on her stomach. Keeping as quiet as we possibly could, we stealthily humped against each other as the other three kids snoozed beside us. Edna set me off when I felt her body quivering and shaking underneath me, and I spooged all over her crotch. I rolled off trying to breathe normally, despite watching Edna gentle fondling the fresh warm sticky ooze behind her tail in her fingers. Needless to say, Edna and I had to get ourselves up and jump in the pool to clean ourselves off – and to try an cool down as well. Our splashes attracted the kids’ attention, and in a minute all five of us were back in the pool again.

What a great day. They’re such good kids to hang out with. I sure hope the pool filters’ gonna cope with all my fresh spooge… hahahaa!

No. 5

Bloody hell, diary… dad brought some woman home with him last night he must have met at work or something… she stayed the night (that’s cool) but she sure was a noisy bitch! I didn’t get much sleep at all cause she kept yelling out thru the night as her passion rose out of control… dad must be exhausted today, cause it sounded like they were at it all night… hearing a woman screaming out frantically “fuck me harder!” and “eat me you big beast” and “cum inside me… oh GOD!” and so forth all night from down the hall was farking hot but a bit disturbing too…. Geebus, my dad’s getting laid!

I was driven to despair as my own farking horniness rose almost out of control just listening to that racket… I ended up humping my pillow, imagining I’d snuck into Edna’s room in the middle of the night and slid into bed beside her and… needless to say, there were two sets of sheets on the clothesline this morning! I didn’t see dad before I left for school, but I reckon he’d be walking with a stagger today! Lucky bastard! ^^

Geebus… dad sure was quiet over dinner tonight… he didn’t really meet my eye. Must have been just plain embarrassed. He tried to say something, but the poor guy only mumbled something about “I think I’ll keep my bedroom door shut next time, eh?” I love my dad, I mean it’s good to see him meeting women again, but it’s weird actually *hearing* it happening too! Erk! I’m glad Edna didn’t come round for her recorder lesson this arvo too… it wouldn’t been nigh impossible to keep control of myself and still treat her like an 8-year old rather than a woman… geebus, I’m still *horny*! Ack!

No. 6 – Music Lesson

I’m so glad Edna came around this arvo for her music lesson – I really needed to… well [ahem…] anyway, it didn’t help that she struts around in the nude sitting on the floor in front of me, legs crossed with her sweet young pussy exposed for me to stare into… she’s such an exhibitionist and a tease when she wants to be, slipping her recorder’s mouthpiece in and out of her little pouty mouth and staring up at me with those huge innocent glassy eyes of hers. We never actually finished today’s lesson, as she’d slid across on her butt until her face was directly in front of my crotch, as I sat on the chair before her, trying unsuccessfully concentrate on the music. Without unlocking her big staring eyes with mine, she pulled me straight out of my school shorts and took me straight into her waiting wet warm mouth, using her tongue as an instrument of pure erotic pleasure and torture at the same time. Where on earth did she learn to hum with my cock in her little mouth, eh?! Well, who cares, ‘cause it sure did the trick. She felt my cock suddenly stiffen in her mouth, and my gasping breath escaping my pursed lips forewarned her what was about to happen. Not flinching a second, she kept bobbing that furry foxy face back and forth along my cock as I erupted inside her mouth. Through my hazy eyes I think I saw her quickly swallowing the fresh goo in big gulps straight down the back of her throat with each fresh deposit. Shudderingly thrusting myself back into her mouth, hands clenched against the side of the chair, I totally surrendered to Edna’s desire. That awfully cute mop of fox-coloured hair swayed back and forth with her sexy bobbing movements. My balls ached I came so much, and she hardly spilled a drop. Once I finally finished lining the walls of her stomach with fresh semen, I was amazed at the awesome sight of a tiny trickle of creamy love potion dribbling out of the corner of her stuffed mouth. Not wanting to waste a drop of my sweet juices, she wiped the small spill up with her tiny furry fingers, and popped them into her mouth, sucking them dry. I was totally spent as I collapsed back against the creaking chair beneath me. Edna just looked up at me with a big smile, her mouth and lips coated with a layer of white spooge, licking her lips in appreciation! What a teaser – I dunno where she’s learning to do tricks like that (I have my suspicions, of course!), but – who cares! She’s got an amazing litttle cubby mouth and sure is getting some good practise using it.

It didn’t take me long to get totally naked with her and sitting on the floor beside her. I could taste myself inside her mouth, as my tongue disappeared down inside her throat somewhere. She gasped and moaned trying to fight my tongue with her own, our arms wrapped tightly around each other’s naked furry backs. I lay her down along the lovely soft rug on the floor, and commenced to slowly, lovingly, tenderly, gently, inch by furry inch, explore every patch of her beautiful young furry pelt from one end to the other. For the next hour, Edna was practically helplessly crying out as I teased her into almost cumming, then easing back allowing her to calm down a bit again before continuing. Her first totally all-over tongue bath drove this little young fox cub practically out of her mind – she’s writhing, wriggling, panting, gaping, hands grasping and clutching as the waves ebb and flow through her, yet never quite overtaking her. I made sure I never actually touched her crotch the whole time, just sweetly licking every other inch of her body without drawing attention to her cunny and clit just yet. Her own juices were dripping and clotting the fur across her thighs together in great soggy mats. Her sweet pungent foxy odour – unmistakably a fox-in-heat – filled the room with a heady pungency. She was almost in tears for need of wanting – no needing – to cum so bad. I mean, how much can an 8 year old naked fox cub cope with after getting a total tongue bath for an hour? Her tail was thrashing about wildly underneath her, and non-sensical noises dribbled past her gaping mouth, her eyes gassy and unable to focus properly even.

Finally I knew either of us couldn’t cope much more with this after an hour. She was begging me to eat her – do *something* – to get her off, or I think we’d both go quite fucking mad! I moved my face against her crotch, and softly took her hugely-engorged clitty between my lips. With my tongue disappearing I dunno where up insider her soaking pussy, Edna came – and *hard*! She came so hard she kinda squirted all over my face in her frenzied excitement! I never knew a young cub could do anything like *that*! I thought she was gonna rip my tongue out with her shuddering clenching contractions and uncontrollable hip thrusting. And the *noise* she was making – luckily the neighbours didn’t bust in thru the door thinking something terrible was going down! Screaming and moaning the house down, she was – sheesh it was so *hot*! My poor *back*! Fox claw marks imbedded… I wonder when the bruising will go down! It took about 5 seconds for me to yiff up against her furry butt before I too exploded all over the base of her quivering lashing tail. Exhausted, we both just lay arm in arm in a heap on the floor, too wasted to move for a little while.

With one eye on the time, I carried my young lover out to the pool, and we took a bit of time cooling down and cleaning up in the refreshing water, trying to get our collective sanity back. Luckily we were in the pool when dad came home and not nakedly entwined in the middle of the lounge room floor… nearly busted! Mind you, dad never said anything about the school uniforms thrown in a heap against the lounge room floor tho… geebus! Thank fark I’d thought to open the windows too, otherwise the obvious musty smell of fresh sex would have been a dead-giveaway… but still dad said nothing, but gave me a big smile as he threw us both a dry towel and turned to walk back inside the house.

No. 7

After discovering the wonders of receiving a ‘tongue bath’, Edna must’ve dropped a little ‘love letter’ into my school bag praising the wonders of my tongue and what it does to her… I’ll have to hide it good so dad doesn’t find it, otherwise the shit’d really hit the fan big-time! Fark! Yeah, walking past Edna in the school hallway, I only had to slip the tip of my tongue out cheekily between my lips as I looked at her to make her stumble-trip-stagger in her tracks and turn a bright crimson. I’d keep casually walking past, and behind me I’d hear a little childish voice – it’d be probably be Jessica – asking Edna if she was alright? Who’s teasing who, eh? Hahaha. It’s been a crazy couple of months since I moved here to Pouncefield… I’ve learned more about sex and my own sexuality than I ever would have back in my old school, that’s for farking sure! I still write and get emails from some of my old mates from Down Under – they’d *never* believe me if I told them of some of the adventures I’ve had here lately – they’d just say ‘bullshit!’ and reckon it’s just bragging and making stuff up just cause it’s email and not face-to-face! Sheesh, nah that’s cool. I’m just glad Edna’s not coming over today, otherwise I’d have another restless night dreaming… dreaming… dreaming… it’s bloody catch-22 you know, the more yiffing and fooling around you do, the more you *want* to do… argh! My poor furry dingo balls! Someone suggested I should just hose my sheets and mattress down every morning… maybe that’s *not* such a bad idea! Hahaha.

I caught that nice kitten Jenny staring at me at school today for a few seconds, and when I returned a nice harmless smile back she quickly turned her head away, turned a bright red, and dashed off in the opposite direction down the hallway. What the…?

No. 8

Edna asks me what ‘yiffing’ means? She’s heard ‘people’ talking a lot about it, but she’s not sure exactly what it means… then she realised when we playfully dry-hump against each other, it’s sorta like ‘yiffing’… our playful fun is so harmlessly nice and pleasant for both of us – needless to say, Edna loves ’to play’!!! Makes me wonder who else she’s fooling around with too… not that I really mind – she’s almost insatiably curious when it comes to sex and stuff!

No. 9

Dad collared me today… I guess he figured out – or at last sorta guessed – some of the things Edna and I’ve been upto. Oh my GAWD! I wanted to crawl away and die as he started giving me “The Talk” – you know, the whole ‘birds-and-the-bees’ lecture. Not that I didn’t already know – St Love Joy School has always been a good place to learn about the facts of life (often first-hand!) But dad was kinda cool explaining things pretty clearly to me about the major differences between the male and female and the changes we’re all experiencing in different ways around now. Nah, seriously, it was really good to both be honest and frank, and I was able to ask questions about stuff without feeling too weird about it all. Of course I never gave the slightest hint of how I’ve been fooling around and yiffing in a major way with young Edna, you know! Geebus, at least with fooling around with an 8 year old cub, I don’t have to think or worry about fathering a litter of my own… do I…?!?

Speaking of Edna, she left behind a pair of her tiny white panties after one of our after-school lessons the other day… now I can fall asleep with her scent filling my nostrils as I lay her undies on the pillow beside me… freakin’-fwapping-fastic! Geebus, they’re small, but…! What *am* I doing yiffin’ around with an eight-year-old cub, huh? I think Edward’s keeping an eye on us… I’d better watch out for myself… he seems like one of those quiet shy types that’d just go bezerk if he suddenly felt like it! Ack! Nah, Ed’s a good bloke and a good mate too.

I managed to actually say hello to that cute cat Jenny this arvo before the final bell went, before she ran off with a giggling Laura… geebus, what *is* it with those girls, huh?

No. 10 – More Music Lessons

I opened the door this arvo, and while Edna was standing there holding her recorder for the music lesson, just from the look on her face and her pungent scent I could tell straight away that music was *not* on her mind today. Quickly checking we were alone (thank gawd!), Edna rips off her school clothes and explains that her panties are absolutely sodden, and by way of simple explanation says, “I’m in heat, DP*, badly in heat!” Before I even get a chance to say anything in shocked reply (I mean, how is it possible that an eight-year-old cub is on heat like a steaming vixen already…?!?), the doors’ slammed behind her and her clothes are in a pile at her feet, arms reaching up grasping around my neck. Our tongues entwine. She leans me over further and whispers breathlessly excited into my ear, “Please – fuck me…*hard*…” In a state of shock – we’ve done practically everything else except actually fuck (I‘ve been too scared to do it as I was worried it‘d actually hurt her – I mean, she *is* only eight!), she throws me onto my back and kneels above me… before I can do anything in way of reaction, she is all around me, and we are both shuddering lustfully…holy shite – no hymen – no resistence at all!
“Oh… my… GAWD [gasp]… I‘m… so…[pant]… FULL!!!… [shudder]…” she cried with a whine.
“Oh shit Edna,” I gasped in reply, totally overwhelmed by her tight wetness gripping and sucking me deeper and deeper inside her young desperate body. “Edna… I’m gonna… gonna CUM!… let me out… quick…!” I couldn’t stop myself – it was just an overwhelming moment. Then those three little words that will echo forever in my memory – from out the mouths of babes…
Tails flashing uncontrollably, sensible clearly-shaped words unable to be spoken, howls, whimpers, groans and cries filling the room, craws scratching against bare flesh of backs and hips, clumps of sweaty fur under grasping claws…. I must have emptied enough spooge inside this rutting fox to make even her granddaughters fertile! Mind you, the mixed sensations of one of the most shudderingly arousing orgasms in my life combined with the sensations of having my knot ripped off by her tight snatch were difficult to overcome for the moment… I was well and truly stuck – and loving it!

As we lay basking in the warming afterglow together, she says softly that she’s never known it to be that good before. She’s never had a boy cum inside her like that before. I’m still speechless, as I have no idea how an 8 year old fox cub could not be a virgin! Well now she most definitely is *not* a virgin! Edna is just full of surprises! I knew about her and Cheetah taking her from behind, but…?! After she left I felt so damn *guilty* – if my dad or even her brother found out what we’d done – they’d down right *kill* me! Then the thought pops into my head – those damn hairbrushes would have done the deflowering trick for her… but then she seemed pretty able and willing… and the way she’d been so anxious in her heat, playfully innocent by fully-woman… hmmm… a tricky, sexy and naughty young fox cub is that Edna!

Almost as soon as she’s got her breath and sanity back, she’s dressed and up out the door with a flashing smiling wave, “Thanks and see ya, DP!“I She seemed keen to get on home… tho I have no idea how she’s gonna explain her state to her brother when she walks in the door… what on earth will Edward think of his sister…?!? Then again, maybe there are some things that are best just left between siblings, eh? Hahaha. Poor Edward… perhaps I should call him and warm him… but how the hell would I be able to explain or say anything…?!? Oh well, he’ll just have to handle the situation as best as seems fit to him…

* “DP” is Edna’s latest nickname for me – cheeky thing! Hahaha.

No. 11

Dad’s been home so much lately, that while Edna’s been still coming around for her music lessons, we haven’t been able to fool around at all… except this arvo she kinda dragged me up to my bedroom, shutting the door behind us. On her knees in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed, she unzipped me and pulled me out, and took me hungrily into her wet waiting mouth. Her fingers and hands softly stroked me, with my hands helplessly caressing the back of her furry head. Not once did she take her eyes away from mine… being able to look straight into her eyes as she licks and sucks and nibbles on you is just the most awesome thing… her eyes were so open wide… gawd she’s a little spunk-rat… tease! Trying to keep my gasping to a minimum, I told her I was about to… but she didn’t skip a beat… she swallowed *every* drop, licking her lips to catch any small spills, staring straight into my eyes…
I picked her up and threw her down atop my bed, pulling up her school skirt and practically ripping her panties off. Going straight down on her, my lips and tongue attacked her soaking sex, poor Edna having to put a pillow over her face to stop her screaming aloud in ecstasy. Finally slipping two fingers up her butt, my tongue buried in her cunt somewhere deep inside, she shuddered, quaking and thumping up and down against the mattress. I thought her big bushy tail would fly off with the thrashing about it was doing. I swallowed her as she had me, as the taste of love juices drive me crazy – I love ‘em! And Edna must be the tastiest, man! Holy shite!
Laying there gasping, we heard dad’s footsteps coming up the stairs… quickly, hurriedly, rushing to throw clothes back on and look as normal as possible, brushing palms to straighten hair… dad knocked on the door, and as we kept rustling about we said he could come in. Sitting on the side of the bed, Edna and I pretended to have a rumble play-wrestle, as dad told us it was nearly time for her to go home. Dad turned and gave me a funny smile as he walked out, and as I turned to look at Edna, I couldn’t help but notice the small dribble of drying clear liquid that had pooled down to one side of her lips…

No. 12

It’s hard going out to the Mall with Edna, without it looking I’m taking my kid cousin (or something) out for the day… the age difference is a toughie – it’s not as though we’re deliberately advertising that we’re spending a lot of ‘homework’ time alone together either… Edward has his suspicions, but after confronting me about it, he feels a lot happier that his little sister is in safe kind and caring hands. It’s not as tho Edna and I are going steady or anything like that… we’re having too much fun just foolin’ about yiffin’ to think about anything like that, just enjoying when it happens! But it’s still so bizarre – one minute she’s moaning like a grown vixen in heat, then she’s off skipping and playing games like the 8-year old kid she still is!

What were we doing at the Mall? Shopping for a hairbrush, of course! A hairbrush…? Hey… young girls like to explore their bodies with the shapely handles of their brushes in the darkness of their bedrooms, you know… we went to three different shops together looking for just the right shape for her… when we finally decided on one (which looked like it was deliberately manufactured for female self-pleasure rather than for hair-care! Hahaha), a teenage rat-girl walked past us and sniggered, “That’s a beauty you’ve got there… works *real* good, hey!” she smirked and kept walking. I dunno who’s face was the more red…

The problem is that as I lay in bed at nights trying to drift off to sleep, I’ve got a mental image of Edna using that brush joyfully on herself… it’s farking hard to fall asleep… thank gawd for those tasty little foxy panties I sometimes keep beside my bed at times like that…. Holy shite, Edna’s a real tease!

No. 13

Edna admits she loves the taste of boy’s cum, the way it feels in her mouth, against her fur and how it gets all gluggy when she rubs it between her fingers and paws. Even its smell is special, she said unblushingly. Has this child no shame? Hahaha. It didn’t help that she was sitting opposite me, together alone in my house, totally naked. And yes, she tasted afresh not long after than conversation as well… followed by a nice long tongue bath and a foot job, which saw her furry little feet and legs all mooshed and spooged yet again. I don’t think I can get her scent out of my nostrils!
Oh yeah… I have no idea how it got there, but I found this pic in Edna’s music book this arvo… ( – source:… looks like she’s been spying on someone swimming in the pool, eh?! Cheeky foxy! ^^ ^^

No. 14

I think I know what Edna’s been upto with all her flirtatious activities around the place… yiffing furiously away this arvo after our music lessons, she’s bent herself almost in double (ahh, the joys of youth and flexible gymnastics practise!!!) licking her own pussy while I’m sucking on her toes. She’s practically out of control and incoherent sounds are escaping from her pursed quivering lips, until – clear as day – “Oh fuck… Cynthia!… uuuhhhh… Laura!… oh GOD!…” I didn’t say anything – I’m sure she didn’t mean to say it out loud – but the thought of those little critters doing gawd-knows-what together peaked me right off, and it was serious spooge-city. All these senseless noises… not the sorta thing you’d expect to hear coming from the throat of an 8-yo foxy cub, eh?! Haha. Thank gawd for the pool, otherwise I have no idea how I’d ever get all that stiff, mattered cum-burger fir clean for either of us before she trots off home, looking the picture of childish innocence… yeah right – bullshit! Lool I dunno how she gets away with it somedays… she can innocently flirt with some of the boys at school until they’re practically creaming in their pants, then run off and play jump rope with her girlfriends! Mind you, I can still make her blush as good as she gives… walking past her in the school hallway between classes, I lean down and whisper into her ear something like, “I can still taste you, girlie!”, then just keep walking and whistling… you can practically *feel* the heat from her face radiating against my back as she turns a bright crimson! Hahaha. I think we both like teasing each other this way somedays! Big kids, both of us… sheesh!
I dunno how they get away with it… by the time I get on the school bus of a morning, there seems to be quite a few girl’s heads bobbing quietly away on boy’s laps… some of the younger cubs are getting rather inquisitive with it all… can’t help notice Belle and Linda squiring their little furry raccoony butts on their seats either…
Dad bought home a piece of tail again last night, after I’d gone to bed tho. But I couldn’t help hear what they were getting upto in his room late into the night, even with his door shut this time. Lucky bastard! Hearing the bedhead banging against the wall along with loud rasping moans is not so easy for a young dingo to keep his cool, alone in bed at night – in the end I just had to grab my pillow and… creep out into the laundry first thing in the morning with my stained sheets! Shite! Dad looked pretty wasted this morning over breakfast… I dunno how he does it… by the sounds of it, I dunno if he got *any* actual sleep last night, horny bastard! Haha. Just glad to see him happy again.

No. 15 – Edward’s Lunchtime

I felt so sorry for Edward at lunchtime today… well envious and sorry, I guess… we sere sitting together with the girls eating our sandwiches, and that pretty cute squirrel Laura just goes and plops herself down on Edward’s lap, giggling. Pretty normal for round here, ‘cept this time Laura starts playfully wiggling that cute furry ass against Ed’s crotch… poor bastard… the look of shock, embarrassment and pleasure all mixed together on his face was priceless… he didn’t know what to do, and I guess we didn’t help at all by just sitting there pretending nothing was happening! Heh! Laura gave Cyn a long knowing look, and even Cyn blushed as small beads of perspiration broke out along her brow. Sandwiches forgotten, all of us sat and watched the spectacle just for us, off in the corner of the playground under the big trees. Ed had to just shut his eyes, his hands holding Laura’s waist to stop her from slipping off. Just as quickly as it had started, it was all over… Laura let out a short soft squeaking gasp, shuddering atop Ed’s lap. And this is when I felt sorry for Ed – he shuddered too, tightly gripping Laura’s hips as he obviously exploded – right inside his pants! Poor guy! Disentangling the pair, Poke and I took Ed off (with a sweater carefully positioned around his waist…) to the sports gym and helped him find a pair of dry clean shorts for him to wear for the rest of the afternoon. Ed gave Laura a frowning smile as we walked off, and Cyn just giggled as she helped her friend straighten up her crumpled school dress. Thank gawd that nice cat Jenny wasn’t sitting with us today… I think I would have died…. No, I mean *she* would have died… hmmm… another ‘normal’ day at St LoveJoys?!? Hahaha.

No. 16

Edna gave *me* a tongue-bath today! Talk about role-reversal… now I *understand* why it’s so good! It’s a total mixture between pleasure and pain… discomfort and bliss… wanting so badly for release, but being denied that much for what seems like such a loooong time! Edna used every single trick on me that I’d discovered giving her tongue baths over the last few months. I’d never seen my precum boiling out of me like that before… mind you, It’s not so often you lay flat on your back with a foxcub nibbling every inch of your body while you sit and *watch*, trying not to die! In the end she had to sit on my legs to stop me from unconsciously lifting my hips up off the bed in my lust, thrusting up into the air seeking some sort of release… anything! She loved being in control like this for a change…

When I felt her hot breath against my taught tense scrotum, I totally lost it… I dunno if I’ve ever spooged myself right on my own chin before! With a little hot wet tongue attacking the underside of my quaking cock, I totally coated my chest and stomach with my own hot jizz! Sheesh! Before it had a chance to cool down even one degree, Edna was straddling my chest, licking my fresh goo up with a busy tongue… still rock hard after what semed like 12 hours of anticipation (even after the big orgasm I just shared), I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto me, making sure it was what she wanted… could I stop her if I had to? Rutting, howling, quaking, collapsing… more mess all over my sheets… … more clotted stringy fur… more sweaty gasping bodies basking in the glorious afterglow… more windows to open to air out the room of the musty smell from fresh sex…. more trips to the washing machine… more dips in the pool to clean ourselves off… this ‘friendly yiffing’ is a *lot* of work! Hahaha!!!

No. 17 – Parents Over

Invite Ed, Edna and their parents (Ed brought his friend Laura too… she‘s got beautiful eyes!) over for a get together with my dad. Good for dad to meet new people, and he’s keen to meet my friends and their family too other than in the school setting, you know? Just kinda hang out and get to know one another. Cool. BBQ, pool, swim, a few drinks, running about… relaxed, casual, friendly. The adults looked like they were hitting it off pretty good… dad was flirting like crazy with Mrs Fox, and Ed’s dad didn’t seem to mind at all! Sheesh! Embarrassing – but good to see dad feeling like his old comfortable self again with other adults.

Us young-uns were in the pool when we realised the grown-ups had kinda disappeared on us… we wondered what had happened. I quietly walked back into the house, and from what muffled sounds I could hear thru dad’s bedroom door, I think the adults end-up going for a threesome leaving us young uns to our own devices…! Holy shite! Mind you, it doesn’t take Edward and Laura long to disappear off into a bedroom, and Edna and I…
Cause we were all swimming naked anyway, my hard-on wasn’t hard for young Miss Fox to notice. Alone, she skipped out onto the back patio and bending herself over one of the deckchairs, looked back at me and giggled. He tail was already swishing in anticipation, as she held her small soft smooth pussy lips open for me teasingly. Her face peering over her shoulder, a small excited dribble escaped her parted lips. This kid was *always* up and ready for a bit of yiffing!
“Something I can help you with there, Miss?” I smirked
“Umm, yes please, Mister. I have a special itch that needs to be scratched, and… would be able to do that… for me…?” She giggled, playing along.
“Where abouts exactly, young miss?”
“Right here where I’m showing you, Sir. Please mister, I am *very* itchy… please make my itch better for me, will you…?”
“Is this where you mean, ma’am…?”
“Why ye-es, sir… oh god… DP… oh ye-es!…”
Before long I was crouched behind her, my tongue replaced my fingers, and my mouth was full of vixen love juices coating my throat. Little miss was making no sense in her heat, but the sound of her rising excitement mixed with the smell and taste of her writhing passion was pretty damn overpowering.

“Excuse me, miss? Is there something else I might be able to help you with?” I gasped with a laugh, pulling my face away from her and kneeling up behind her. Again, she wasn’t able to put into words exactly what she wanted, but from the incoherent sounds I knew what she was asking of me. Already my precum was bubbling out of the hole at the end of my swollen cockhead, in anticipation of Edna’s squeezing tight love tunnel. Using one hand to guide myself, I ran my dick along the sodden furrow of her secret swollen sex. She let out a loud squeak, and pushed back against me. In one long slow motion I eased myself into her youthful beauty. This time it was no squeak but a loud low howling moan that escaped from her throat. There was nothing else happening in the world at that instant – where I was was *it*! We moved together, building a quickening rhythm as our bodies shook, writhed, slithered, slapped… her tail thrashing uncontrollably against my face…
Just as she was about to go off, I quickly pulled myself out, just to ease her back. She nearly burst out into tears from frustration, and a deep husky voice I’d never before heard from this sexy 8-yo rutting fox cub demanded of me, “Fuck me DP, for *fuck* sakes, do it NOW!”

I threw myself back into her, and our frenzied rutting reached a new height. Suddenly her voice went silent – like the quiet before the storm… her young body started squeezing squeezing squeezing the length of my cock stuffed deep inside her until it began to actually *hurt*! Then she started squealing, writhing, as her legs collapsed underneath her. I managed to grab her hips and hold myself inside her as her cum swept her away, trying to ignore the painful pleasure her convulsions were causing my cock. Finally she started to calm down, her clamp-like grip around me began to lessen, and I was able to get stuck right in, humping madly away… as I started cumming like a garden hose inside her, she noisily came again, and we both collapsed breathlessly onto the chair beneath us. Our energy totally spent, I rolled her over and sat her softly shaking body onto my lap, gently folding my hand thru her tousled hair. She looked up at me with wide watery eyes, and even without the air in her lungs to say it aloud, she mouthed the words “Oh fuck that was *good*! DP!” I looked down, and long dribbles of fresh white and clear liquid was dribbling out between her red puffy swollen cunt lips, pooling down her small soft furry buns.

“Better get you cleaned up,” I said with a sigh, just trying to get my breath back, “before somebody finds us like this…”
She giggled tiredly. “I don’t think anybody else is gonna give a hoot about *us* at the moment, from the sounds of it, DP.”
She was right. In the silence of the night air there on the back porch, I could hear plainly the muted sounds of heated passion creeping eerily from two different ends of the house behind us.
Eventually everybody finally came back together looking quite hot and flustered after their private adventures, so we all hit the pool for a bit of a cool down. The grown-ups have no idea that we could hear their noise they were making in the bedroom, and they had no idea what the kids were getting upto while they were left alone too! I guess they assumed we just popped on a DVD or something… well, a good night… a good time was had by all!

No. 18

Edna and I joke about the stoopid ‘love letters’ I’ve written to her, and once again I tell her of my wild fantasy of being her big brother and sneaking into her room at night and… making a mess. She admits she’s dreamed of doing something like that with Edward, but knows it’ll probably never happen… Well, that’s what she’s telling me anyway… but I have my sneaking suspicions! She gets so horny alone in her bed at night, she said, and she can’t help but pleasure herself with her fingers – or even that hairbrush handle – to bring herself to a silent shuddering orgasm in the dark. She reckons she’ll have to get a new pillow soon, as the poor thing is getting chewed to pieces as she shoves a corner of it into her mouth to stop her from crying out in the silence of the night!

Here’s a fanfic I posted on Pal back in October/November ’05… I usually don’t write in this style, but it was fun to try anyway.
A School Days Halloween

Rodreguz felt amazing… he didn’t know if it was the two tablets of his dad’s Viagra he’d stolen and popped, or the funny-tasting mushroom stew his big sister had made for her college friends that was making him feel the way he was… all he knew was he had to get his rocks off or… or… he’d farking just shrivel up and die! Walking with a swaying stoop, he trundled towards the Fox’s front door. He wasn’t even sure why he was here… it seemed like hours since he’d left home… or was it? He was feeling like walking in a dreamland or something… plus there was something happening in the front of his shorts that was just plain weird…

Edna answered the unsteady knocking she’d heard, a little surprised to see the croc Rodreguz from school standing there. He looked a little weird – she couldn’t quite put her finger on it tho. She invited him in, despite being home alone – she knew he was OK if he was from school. Oh poor young gullible foxy cub! Before the door was closed behind him, the young horny croc was all over her, ripping clothes off as she screamed in shock and fright. Clamping a hand over her anxious mouth, he easily picked her up and dragged her upstairs to a bedroom. Edna tried to struggle and break free from his iron grasp, but the more she tried, the more useless it seemed. She’d never seen any boy like this before – the wild look in his eyes, the breath coming in ragged gasps, the hurtful hands… by the time they got to the bedroom door, Edna was pretty well freaked right out! The spaced-out Croc-boy tossed her onto the nearest handy bed and straddled her small red fur chest. Edna screamed as he ripped off the last remaining shreds of her clothing, as his drool dribbled out of the corner of his mouth.
“I’ve wanted you for too long… I can’t wait any more! Now or never!” Rodreguz kinda chanted to himself as if he was a long long way away. With one massive arm across her struggling chest, he ripped his own clothing off and tossed them in a forgotten pile across the room. Kneeling upright above Edna, she let out another piercing scream at the sight that met her… Rodreguz’ cock wasn’t it’s normal size – it was *massive*!
“It’s… it’s as long as… my school ruler…!” Edna thoughts froze. She tried to kick and scratch him to get away, but nothing had any affect on the crazed boy. His enormous cock throbbed and bobbed up and down above her quaking-with-fright chest with every beat of his racing heart, spraying hot slick precum all over the young vixen’s flat furry chest.
“Must be the Viagra…” Rodreguz thought fleetingly, surprised at the size of his own member shuddering expectantly beneath him… or perhaps it was just a dream…? He didn’t know what was going on himself, but he knew what he wanted – no needed – to do. Take her. Now! Do it!

As he positioned his body further down her struggling eight-year-old body, Edna’s fear reached new heights. Here she was home all alone with this monster who wanted to… oh my god – no *way* would it be physically possible – for that giant *thing* to fit in there! A giant hand covered her terrified screaming mouth as Rodreguz began to enter the kicking, crying child. Edna felt pain – pain like she never knew existed before, as he thrust his 12+ inches of muscle hurriedly and suddenly deep inside her. He felt her body change as he ploughed into her… things began to tear and rip somewhere deep in her as he pushed himself all the way to the hilt inside the hysterical cub. Edna’s pain was practically unbearable, and one of her last conscious thoughts was of the copious amounts of blood pouring out from her ripping pussy… as she passed out, Rodreguz renewed his lustful thrusting in and out of the blood-spattered crotch of his rag-doll-limp lover underneath him. He’d never felt anything like this before… her insides were so warm and mushy and totally wild… his own eyes were rolling into the back of his head as he began to convulse and jerk wildly. He could sense every drop of the gallons of spooge travelling from his swollen nuts thru the length of his turgid prick, and screamed in excited delight… the sight of all the blood drove him wilder with each thrust… then the massive cock swelled to obscene proportions deep inside the unconscious cub, tearing even more internal walls away violently. Cumming like a garden hose, the possessed boy grabbed Edna by the hips and rammed himself as deep as he possibly could inside the unconscious cub. The end of his knot briefly rubbed against a cracking rib as he filled his lustful desire inside this focus of his wet dreams of a whole year.

“Get – off – my – SISTER!!!”

Ed stood in the doorway, in shooting stance, his dad’s handgun pointing directly at the croc’s head. As Rodreguz turned towards to the new noise he was vaguely aware of beside him, his body kept automatically thrusting up into the bloody mess beneath him that was once Edna.

A short, quick click, a shudderingly-huge bam. One bullet.

The remains of the croc fell beside the blood-spattered bed as Ed rushed over breathless to see his sister. She was obviously dead. There was blood… so much blood… everywhere… and bloody grey spatter all over the opposite wall too…

Ed stopped and saw his reflection in the mirror. His sister was dead. Dead! How was he going to go on without her? How could he possibly imagine life without her as part of it? And now… he was a murderer as well… what had he done…?!?

He raised the pistol to his open mouth and cocked the trigger…

“Ed…? Ed! Wake up… wake up, bro!” Edna’s voice came from a long long way away, as she shook him back to consciousness. “You were having some massive nightmare Ed! You were really starting to freak me out! I could hear you calling out and yelling and thrashing about… are you alright…?”
Ed wasn’t quite sure what was going on. A dream…? No way… it was way too *real*!
“Come on, Ed. It’s nearly trick or treat time. Better get up. Remember, Rodreguz will be here soon, and he’s got those Halloween lollies he wants to give us, you remember? The ones that look like crazy little mushrooms and Viagra tablets…?”

Ed’s eyes opened wide as his stomach involuntarily spasmed and projectile-vomited all over Edna…

No. 19 – Sleepover

Well – it’s happened… I had a sleepover at Ed’s place last night. I still can’t believe we arranged it – like a dream come farking true! Edna put on a short musical performance for her family with some of the bits and pieces she’s been learning lately, and I backed her up with a bit of basic guitar strumming. She’s coming along fine, and her parents seemed happy to hear her playing too. Oh gawd, if only they knew what we really got upto…! Ack! Anyhows, I had dinner with their family and then watched a DVD, then bedtime saw me set-up on a mattress on the floor in Edward’s room. Edna was being an innocent flirt all night, driving her brother crazy, but I spent a lot of my time holding a pillow in front of my lap to try to hide the big bulge in my pants… sheesh…

Edward and I sat up and just talked about guy-stuff for what seemed ages, until I realised the conversation was only one-sided – Ed’d fallen asleep. It was dark, the house was quiet – and I needed to pee badly. Sneaking up the hallway, I found the crapper in the semi-darkness and emptied what felt like a bloated bladder into the bowl, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Shaking myself dry, I crept back up the hallway, but momentarily paused at Edna’s bedroom door. It was like my secret fantasy… a dream… should I do it…? Before my mind could tell me not to, I softly opened her bedroom door, slowly clicking it closed behind me. In the soft nightlight I could see her there – and her eyes were open and looking right at me!
“Oh God DP!” she gasped in a whisper. “I have been waiting soooo long for you to come! Quick, get naked and get – in – here!” she practically begged in her hoarse whisper, flinging the bedclothes back. She was quite naked herself…
We had to be so farking quiet… we didn’t wanna get sprung… laying locked together slowly rocking back and forth with each other, tongues hungrily sucking and fingers grasping damp fur…
It was a long night, and we didn’t get any sleep that night…
I dunno what time I awoke, but it was vaguely light outside, and Edna was still fast asleep sprawled across the top of my chest, her legs still straddling my waist. Easing her off myself, I felt a dribble of escaping combined spooge from her young puss splash against my stomach and thigh. She didn’t move – what a heavy sleeper – and I quietly slipped my pyjamas back on and silently slipped back down the hall into Edward’s room. Climbing back into my bed, trying my damnest not to wake Ed, he stirred, turned to look at me and said, “Is she alright?”
“Uhhh…” I mumbled, feeling embarrassed.
“It’s alright, Ding,” he whispered. “Just make sure she has a shower when she wakes up, alright? Try and get some sleep.”

No. 20 – Pool Party

When the girls were over here for a swim after school this arvo, I’m just sitting on a poolside chair watching, enjoying the sun, right? Edna plops her tiny cute furry butt down atop my lap – and starts wiggling and giggling. Trying to look unconcerned in front of the other kids splashing about not 10 feet away from us, I gingerly place my hands on her hips to hold her in place to stop her from falling off. Edna gets a real steady rythmn going bumping and grinding away on my now swollen boyhood, and all I can do to stop myself from humping back at her is to close my eyes and lay my head back against the chair’s headrest. She was really teasing me by flashing the tip of her tail against my face at the same time. I just couldn’t hold out for too long under all that specialized attention. I gasped loudly as I opened my eyes – only to see Jessica, Belle and Linda in the pool with their arms resting beside the pool – watching us quietly. I only locked eyes with Belle for like a second – but it was enough. Whoosh *spooge* – Edna copped it all over her bikini-butt. The girl’s eyes opened wide – both in amusement and in uncertainty at what was actually happening – as Edna kept bouncing up and down on me playfully, as I emptied myself fully all over her. I blushed a deep red as she got up and off me. The girl’s eyes were fixed on my crotch, and I’m sure they couldn’t help but see the gooey mess all over my lap. I tried to stand up to jump in the pool, just so I could cool down and clean myself off, but my legs were so weak as a result that I just fell on my ass! The girls just laughed at me, and I felt so embarrassed. Clumsily climbing into the pool, I thought I heard one of the twins say quickly to the other “Looks better than just a hairbrush, huh?!”

No. 21 – Videos at Pokeinfo’s

Edward and I were hanging out at Poke’s place on weekend when his parents weren’t home, and he slips on a secret porno vid his dad keeps hidden away. I’d never seen anything like this before – it was so farking *hot*! I was pretty embarrassed at first – but didn’t say or look or anything – when Poke slipped his dick out and started rubbing furiously away at himself. Edward and I were both feeling pretty damn heated up ourselves, and with a quick sideways glance at one another and a quick nod, an unspoken acknowledgement saw us drop our dacks and start at ourselves with as much vitality as Poke was! I’d never done *anything* like it in front of another bloke before, but the stuff on the screen was making my dick take control of the moment, and it didn‘t take me too long to become less and less aware of my surroundings and just focussing on what my paws were doing and the screen. Three young furry critters jacking-off furiously watching a hard-core porno video… thank fark we were home alone. The light from the TV reflected on our sweating faces as the couch beneath us creaked complainingly with all the hip thrusting thumping against it’s old wooden frame. Then I was aware of someone making a loud groaning moaning sound, and realised that Poke was emptying his nuts all over the floor between his feet! The whole thing got the better of me for sure, and seconds later both Ed and I were joining Poke making a mess on the floorboards beneath us. All three of us collapsed back satisfied into the couch and – *crack*! The old wooden seat just collapsed underneath us! Shite! In between stumbling about pissing ourselves laughing and pulling our pants back on, we managed to take a look at the seat’s split timers… holy shite! Pokeinfo gathered his sanity back long enough to tell us it was OK, it was a really old thing anyway they were gonna get rid of soon, so his parents wouldn’t be too stressed about it. Not that he’d be able to tell them exactly *how* it got broken, mind you…! Then Edward slipped arse-over-tit on the slippery spooge on the bare floorboards, and all three of us were on the floor holding our sides in pain from laughing.

No. 22

Walking down the hallway at school, just smiling and saying hello to Ed and Edna on my way to class, Edna bursts into peals of giggles… she’s such a little kid sometimes, but *what* a well-educated world-wise lover at the same time! Sheesh! Edna’s so popular with so many kids at school since she arrived in town. Fair enough too – she’s a real sweetie – and a closet prick tease when she wants to be!

This is getting plain *crazy*! Just this morning those adorably cute raccoon twins Belle and Linda kinda cornered me and ask me… no, practically *beg* me, to teach them some private ‘homework lessons’… this school is a crazy place! Everyone seems just over-horny 24/7! I dunno what I’m gonna do… sure I’d like to get alone with those cute coons, but they’re *young*, you know? Oh shit… I think I need to go for a quick dip and cool off and calm down and start thinking farking *clearly*! Too much yiffing is making me wanna yiff *all* the farking time! Argh! Hahahaa… not a bad place to be, I guess…

One upside to all this heat is that I’m able to get my head down and hit the schoolbooks pretty well… helps keep my mind off Edna’s scent and stray thoughts about that cute cat… hang on… back to the homework, stoopid! Dad was pretty happy with my last school report and marks, so he’s not too stressed cause things seem to be working out pretty good for us living in this new town over these past few months.
I’ve gotta try and make a break away from spending so much time alone with Edna… it’s plain crazy! I mean – she’s only EIGHT!!! The yiffing is awesome, but I miss having a girlfriend my own age to hang out with too… Edna’s great, but the age difference is pretty obvious to me a lot of the time. No offence at Edna, of course! It’s not as though we’re going steady or anything – just friendly sex – what a way to be friends, eh? Hahaha. Not ‘kissing cousins’ but ‘yiffing friends’!

No. 23

Talkin to Poke and Cyn and their friend Jenny during break at school today, that nice Jenny cat couldn’t get more than two words out in a row without stuttering or mumbling whenever I spoke to her… Poke and Cyn just laughed at her shyness, but I didn’t stay about too long – I didn’t know what was going down. I’ll have to have a word to Poke about that cat, I reckon.

No. 24

Pokeinfo and Cynthia – and Edward and Laura – try to hook me up with Jenny, who I’ve been thinking a lot about lately… apparently, she’s been thinking of me a lot too, but has been just too shy to do or say anything about it… I caught up with Poke and apparently he got Laura to speak with Jenny, and before I know it I’m going out on a date! A real date! Geebus – I haven’t been on a date for… well, ages! Oh, calm down, dingo boy-oh! It’ll be finally good to actually spend some one-on-one time alone with Jenny at last – at least we can get to know each other a bit better… I mean, hey, I hardly know that much about her anyway, she always seems so shy… gotta remember to relax and play it casual and friendly – help her to relax and feel comfortable man, alright stoopid?! Hahahaa. Well, I guess meeting at the ice cream shop after school counts as a date, right? Huh? Fark it, I’m really looking forward to it, the more I think about it. Jenny’s cool, I reckon. Yeah

No. 25

Laura told me today that Jenny hasn’t stopped talking about me all bloody day! Hmmm… I think she’s looking forward as much as I am to our ‘date’ this arvo… hope I can relax enough so it’s all laid back and easy and stuff…. Shite this is cool…flowers? Is that going too far…? Fuck, I dunno man!

(Later…) How cool! I’m so happy! Still really up and feeling… happy, you know?! How cool was that? Just hanging out with Jenny was really nice. Once we broke thru that quiet timid shyness of hers, we were laughing and chatting like old friends… or maybe it was just the milkshakes? I dunno, but all I know is that before I walked her home we agreed to meet again… whoo hoo!

No. 26

Jenny and I have been going for some long bike rides together, enjoying hanging out with each other, and just stopping by the side of the road or wherever and just chatting. She’s so easy to talk to… I’m feeling pretty relaxed around her already… like I don’t have to ‘be on’ when she’s around an’ I can just be myself. Cool… it’s nice. Yeah, nice. Nice to get to know a chick – I mean cat – my own age, you know? Yeah, she’s cool. I think I’m starting to like her already… holy shite, listen to me, will you?! Geebus! Hahahaa

No. 27

Jenny has the most amazing long long silky black hair I’ve ever seen, man! I dunno how I control myself from not running my fingers thru it… let alone my knot! Shudap, idjut! Nah, she’s neat. There’s so much I didn’t know about her, so it’s cool to know some stuff to talk with her about, but we really don’t have to try too hard to find things to talk about… I accidentally brushed my paw against hers as we sat in the bleachers watching the guys at soccer practice at lunchtime today, and I dunno who glowed red blushing more! Wow, she’s got the deepest darkest eyes that just glisten and shine… whoa, listen to me, will ya! Idjut!

No. 28 – Another Sleepover

I’m still not quite sure how it was all arranged, but I was like the elder ‘big brother’ supposedly keeping an eye on those sexy young Racoon cubs Belle and Linda when Edna came over to their place for a sleepover last night! That was cool… I thought the kids would just hang out together and kinda leave me in relative peace. Oh crap… within 10 minutes of their parents walking out the door, all three of them were strutting about posing and dirty-dancing in just their panties, you know? Serious hard-on time… they knew what they were doing to me too, the little witches! Well, naughty ‘big brother’ ends up on their parents big bed stark bullocking naked along with the three young cubs! I always thought Belle was the more forward one, but it was her sister who readily started playing with herself and her sister at the same time, as Edna playing stroked me aching hardness. Sheesh, what a sight! Then the twins kinda got so carried away they were finger-fucking each other and then eating each other out right in front of us, making one hell of a racket! Edna was working her oral magic on me, and it didn’t take too long before I was moaning that I was gonna cum everywhere in a second! If it wasn’t the sexy hornbag Belle who cries out that she wants to see me cum, see me shoot off everywhere, that tops me right off… three young naked cubbies watching, panting excitedly, as their supposed mature protector blows his wad in a major way all over Edna’s eight-year-old furry face as they all eagerly watched. Holy shite – what a night!

Once we got ourselves cleaned up again afterwards and I managed to convince the kids to retire off to their room for the evening, I thought I was safe, right? Farking wrong! After about an hour of muffled girlish giggling from their room, Belle slips into my room where I’m sitting on the bed reading and trying to study, but it’s not farking easy keeping my mind on things I’m reading with the goings-on of the past hour or so! Having a stark naked obviously-in-heat racoon cub climb up on the bed next to you, crawl onto her stomach and raise her hips up and begging to take it up the butt isn’t something you can so easily say no to, for fark’s sake. I obliged… she was eager and willing – hot and tight, holy shite she was! I thinnk we exploded at the same time in anguished cries as the bedroom door burst open… I meet the wild open eyes of Linda and Edna as I’m literally shooting huge wads of spooge deep up inside Belle’s molten bowels!

Gawd, I feel so guilty in some ways… I shouldn’t put myself in situations like that… but the girls seemed so willing and keen… fuck man, they were begging me to do them! Seeing them at school today was a bit of a mind-bender… here’s Belle and Linda acting like prim-and-proper little schoolgirls, while one of them has a butt-full of fresh spooge slowly leaking out! Aaiieee!

No. 29

I’ve met Jenny after school almost every day this week, and we’ve either gone for a bike ride or just for a slow walk chatting chatting chatting… I still feel really relaxed around her, and she’s starting to not act so shy around me either… she can be cheeky when she wants to be! Cute! Oh shite, did I say that?!
Poke and Ed have collared me a few times at school to find out what’s happening with Jenny and I, but there’s not much to tell them, apart from just enjoying hanging out together. Ed wants to know more, but Poke just gives me a knowing smile, “I think you like her, man!” I think I’m starting to too.
Jenny is all giggles when this evening we put 2 and 2 together to figure out that both Cyn and Laura have been grilling her the same way Poke and Ed have been me! Aww shite, it’s not like we need their motivation or whatever – Jenny and I enjoy being together, you know? She’s like the first chick my own age I’ve really felt comfortable around, you know? I like it, yeah, I like it.

No. 30

Jenny and I have just come back from a nice long bike ride together through the quiet tree lined streets of Pouncefield. It’s naughty of me to ride behind her so I can catch lots of glimpses of her little white panties riding up her butt crack – but she’s sooo cute! That long dark hair of hers flowing in the breeze – whoah! Time for a quick swim, man…

Hey, our art class teacher told us this arvo that tomorrow we’re gonna try something with lots of colours, called a Rainbow Party…? What the fark is that all about, eh? I guess tomorrow will know…

No. 31 – Rainbow Art Class

We walked into the art room wondering what on earth was gonna happen today… on a table in the middle of the room was a whole collection of different coloured lipsticks, and surrounding that were four single chairs. The rest of the room was rather quite bare compared to normal. Ms Huggins got us stand around in a circle while she started to explain…

“Seeing as tho there are way more girls than boys in this class at the moment, I decided we’d try something a little different today, class. We’re gonna explore how different colours mix together, but in a very special St Lovejoy way, alright?”
We all looked around at each tother wondering wtf…? But she kept on.
“So, alright,” she took a deep breath. “Who’s ever heard of a Rainbow Party?”
There was a few moments of silence, after which Pokeinfo slow raised a shy hand.
“Ahh… miss? Am I *really* allowed to say what it is? I mean, in here… at school…?”
“Of course, Pokeinfo, go ahead.”
“Ahh… well, it’s like… umm, well, you see all those different lipsticks over there? Umm… well, the different girls wear a different colour on their mouths, and then they… umm… take turns… with a boy…” he lightly blushed as the little bunnies all giggled amongst themselves.
“Well done Pokeinfo. That’s right. We’re gonna see how many different colours a boy’s penis can be shown along it’s full length – and the girls are going to show us how it’s done!”
Some of the bunny girls gasped excitedly, and Cynthia nearly fell sideways as her legs gave way beneath her. *She* knew what was about to happen!
“But first, I need two volunteers, to show us all how we can begin our colour class for today. One boy, and one girl… anyone…?”
Cynth, without really thinking straight, pushed Poke out with her and sat him down on the chair. “I know what to do, Miss,” she smiled without a hint of shame, kneeling in front of Poke’s lap. She reached across and grabbed a bright red tube of water-based lipgloss, and as Poke watched with growing excitement, his own bunny girl Cyn used the shiny cock-shaped stick to paint her lips in as an erotic manner as she could think of. Stopping short of giving head to the object, she plopped it back down on the desk and moved closer towards Pokeinfo’s crotch. Poke sat with his hands by his side but his mouth agape, as his furry girlfriend seductively slipped down his fly in front of the whole class. His manhood bounced out at nearly full attention, much to the delight of the other bunny girls and Ms Huggins.
“That’s right, Cynthia…” she took another deep sighing breath. “You’re doing it just fine. Now, show us all what we’re going to be doing to see how different colours mix and match today, alright…?”

Cyn smiled up into Poke’s surprised eyes and ran a glistening tongue across her lust-red lips. Lowering her head down upon his lap, beside me I heard Laura gasp and turned my head to see her body shudder and clasp her thighs together at the sight and the thought…
Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she took Poke’s by-now throbbing piece of meat as far as she could down inside her gasping hot wet throat. Wrapping her lips around the base of his cock, she started sucking tightly but not moving her head from where her lips were positioned around the lion cub’s dick. After what seemed like an hour (but what really was only about 10 seconds), we all took a collective sigh as she raised her head to take a breath. A bright-red ring shone brightly around the base of Poke’s quivering spit-shiny cock, and Cyn smiled at her handiwork.
“Well done, you two! You’ll both get A’s for that effort!” beamed Ms Huggins. “Get the idea now, everyone? Each girl – only if they want to, naturally – grab a different colour lipstick, and apply it to their mouths.” The girls – every single one – raced each other to grab a small coloured tube from the desk. “Now, boys – as there’s only four of you, would you be willing to act as the models for the class, hmmm…? she grinned. Without hesitation, the ratboy (who has a ‘thing’ about tentacles) dropped his pants and sat down eagerly onto an empty chair. Ed and I looked at each other, smiling and nodded as we took our places in two empty seats. The large parrot-boy Chris kinda just stood there, seemingly unsure what he should do.
“It’s OK Chris, come on man, you’ve just *got* to be in it! wOOt!” Pokeinfo laughed. The lipstick-covered cubs, kittens and bunny girls giggled too, as Chris sat down gingerly on the last remaining chair. As I thought about it, I realised I’d never actually seen Chris without his duds off before, even in the school pool or anywhere. He seemed like all feathers, anyway… I guess he was just shy, but didn’t want to let us all down all the same.

The raccoon twins Belle and Linda grabbed a leg each of Chris’ shorts and slipped them off – and everyone in the room let out an involuntary gasp! For standing to attention from out between the thick feathers between his legs was the largest, thickest cock I know *I* had ever seen on a schoolboy! We didn’t get to see that much of his impressive manmeat for too long, as the twins practically fought each other to be the first to sample their lips along the length of its bright red heat. Before too long, there were five boys sans pants with a series of different cubs, kittens and bunnies kneeling down in front of them, leaving their telltale coloured markers upon each stiff member. The girls were getting more and more excited, taking turns as they went from boy to boy, as if they were sampling different items in a lolly shop! In between passing girls, thru my blurred vision I could make out a swaying Ms Huggins rubbing her ratty crotch with erstwhile vigour…

By now all five boys’ swollen glistening cocks were glowing with a vibrant array of multicoloured lipgloss along their turgid lengths. I knew I sure wasn’t gonna last much longer with all this attention going on, as each of the girls kept coming back for more and more and more… with his head flopping backwards over the back of his creaking seat, Poke let out a sudden roar. Everyone turned to see a young bunny girl’s face absolutely splattered with hot steaming lion spooge everywhere. It was too much for Ed too, who immediately started shooting his load into the mouth of his present attendee, a young kitten with eyes wide open and streams of thick good streaming out of the corner of her bright-orange mouth. Some of the young girls were losing control of themselves, as they openly rubbed their titties, clitties and slits with aggressive paw and palm. My own hips began to involuntarily rise up off the chair as I felt my balls contract and my cock swell and begin to throb… the next thing I was aware of was I was looking into the eyes of Belle as she mounted me and took my hot load deep inside her tight waiting ass. As my contractions began to ease, I looked across at the ratboy, who was similarly locked in a bodily embrace with the other raccoon twin, who was also receiving her fair share of fresh boy spooge for her efforts.

Chris, at this point, was practically beside himself, with at least five different mouths sucking, licking and nibbling along the massive length of his shivering shiny wet shaft and balls. Suddenly, Ms Huggins pulled the girls aside, and with a gasping moan, cried “I want some of this!!!” To everyone’s amazement, she lowered herself onto Chris’ huge member, which quickly disappeared in its’ entirety up inside the teacher’s leaking quim. Girls were falling over everywhere, cumming and screaming and gasping about the room. Girl upon girl… girl upon guy… When Ms Huggins and Chris came together, the whole room was silent for a split second, fearing that the parrot boy’s massive cock had done some sort of irreparable damage to his teacher’s insides. She screamed wildly as she exploded atop the boy, who bucked helplessly underneath her, emptying his own seed deep within the awaiting womanly womb. Eventually everyone’s breathing became more regular as their sweat began to dry with the classroom air-conditioning. Tired muzzy bodies lay about in all sorts of different positions around the room, all smiling hazily, their energies spent.

Ms Huggins came to her senses slowly, and she asked us if we could see the impressive results of our artwork on the boys. Well yes, even tho the five of us had shrunk back to our flaccid size, the mix of colours was obvious for all to see. “Well done, class! You *all* get A’s for this piece of artwork! Congratulations, and very well done to all of you!” she sighed contentedly.

At lunchtime, Edna was beside herself that she had missed it all. “Damn and fuck it! Why do *I* have to be in a different art class…?!?” she fumed. Poke, Ed, Laura and myself just smirked knowingly at each other. “It’s alright sis,“ Ed patted her flustered little mop of foxy hair. “Maybe one day the gang here can have our own little Rainbow Party of our own, eh…?“ Mind you, I think that quiet parrot-boy Chris is surely gonna get him some wrapt girly attention from now on – lucky bastard! Lol

No. 32

Pokeinfo told Edward and I about the Cumpetition they had a while ago at school, and between us we start thinking of ways to plan something similar, but maybe with just a few boys and girls alone… then it doesn’t help my horniness when Pokeinfo sneaked some of his dad’s porno mags into school to show the guys… there seemed to be many short trips to the toilets while the pages are being turned by the fellas! Before the lunch break is thru, I observe that Edna seems to be keeping a few boys busy behind the bushes around the corner… doing her civic duty, I suppose [a-hem]… she’s a classic little cum-slave sometimes, that little foxy! Hahahaa!

No. 33

Dad collared me over dinner tonight, asking me little probing questions about this new cat I’ve been hanging about with a whole lot lately. I told her we were just friends, that’s all, but I think the red blush on my bloody cheeks told him something I wasn’t quite saying… maybe I wasn’t even thinking about consciously? I dunno… I know I like it when we hang out together, that’s for sure… Fark, dad can be so subtle sometimes – NOT!
“So, are you two yiffing yet or what?”

No. 34 – Slumber Party

At a slumber party for quiet a few of the kids at Ed and Edna’s place (there was about 15 kids from school there, plus a few of Ed’s rellies too, I think, plus some Aunts and Uncles and stuff), all us St Lovejoy kids knew we’d better behave ourselves tonight, once the lights went off – too much chance of getting caught doing something we maybe shouldn’t be doing in the darkness… It felt as though I’d been asleep only a short time, but it must have been quite late when I felt a small naked furry body slip in under the covers and scoot up beside me in the darkness. “Edna!” I thought, as little furry hands began touching and fiddling excitedly under the doona cover, slipping off my pyjama pants. I turned over, and in the almost-darkness I found myself looking straight into the eyes of – Belle! Before I could open my mouth to gasp in surprise, she clamped her mouth against mine to shut me up, and just kept herself busy with her small hands and fingers. I couldn’t help but softly moan as her musky raccoon scent filled my nostrils, her young tongue doing a manic dance down my throat! Geebus – I always thought the twins were hot, but I’d never in my wildest dreams imagined anything like *this*! Turning around properly, my own hands began to respond and mirror what she was doing to me… her own nakedness in the darkness made my head spin with excitement… I hope we don’t get caught, I kept thinking, but my dick was doing most of the thinking, thanks to Belle’s supply steady hand movements. Whoosh *spooge* mess, and a hushed giggle in my ear let me know that whom I thought was sweet-and-innocent Belle – had enjoyed her midnight playtime adventures. Before I could even do anything but lay there in a state of shock, she’s slipped away and padded quietly out the door, still quite naked. Trying to noiselessly slide my pyjama pants back up without making too much noise, I heard a small voice whisper from across the darkened room, “You lucky bastard!” Pokeinfo had obviously seen – or at least heard – what’d been going on.

Next morning Poke pulled me aside and whispered asking me who was it? Was it Edna? Had to be Edna, right? I said nothing in response, but my inability to meet his eye – along with a bright red glowing face – told him more than words could that it *wasn’t* Edna making a special midnight visit! He kept trying to pester me for a name, but I wouldn’t give in – partly out of shame, and partly out of just plain embarrassment. Just then the twins walked past, said a civil ‘good morning’ and kept walking on their way to breakfast. My face turned even redder, and Poke just stood there with his mouth agape, unbelieving. “No waaay!” he hissed. My mouth had suddenly turned so dry I felt like I’d just swallowed a ton of sand and I couldn’t get any sound out of my mouth to even make a sensible reply. “You lucky bastard!” Poke slapped me playfully on the shoulder, his face bursting with a huge grin. “You’re the only one of us who got any last night, you sly dog!” he laffed, resting his head against my shoulder as his body shook in mirth.

We walked out together into the kitchen, and sat down, only to realise we were perched directly opposite the twins, who were munching away on their cornflakes. Belle looked up from her cereal bowl and with her mouth ringed with milk, she gave me a big smile. I nearly spooged all over the bottom of the farking kitchen table! Luckily Poke sorta caught me and stopped me from falling backwards off the stool and making a total arse of myself in front of everyone. He’s a good bloke is that Poke.

No. 35

Going riding with Jenny is like a breath of fresh air. I really like just hanging out and being around her, you know? She’s so cool. And funny – she really makes me laff. I feel so happy when I’m with her, you know…?

And talk. We talk and talk… just sitting beside the road or on a park bench or wherever, just talking… it’s so cool being able to really say some things out loud, and know she’s not gonna freak out about it or go around gossipping madly. I mean, I’m really able to talk to Jenny about… my mum, you know? I haven’t really been able to put into words some of the mixed-up stuff in me head about the whole deal with her, running off with that kangaroo back in my old place, you know? But – she listens, appreciates, and sits close taking in every word. It’s just so cool hanging out with her. I mean I’m actually going to Cheer Squad practices and sports games just so I can sit next to her and hang out with her! Why haven’t I done this kinda thing before with someone like her? Maybe it’s just that she’s one of a kind, eh? Hmmm…

No. 36

It’s confusing trying to work out who to spend time with lately, Edna or the Twins or Jenny. Jenny seems willing to wanna go out with me and go steady, but I don’t wanna hurt Edna’s feelings either. I smuggle a special secret present just for Edna – a new hairbrush with an amazingly-designed handle covered with lots of little bumps and ridges for her to use on herself while she’s alone in her room of a night. She later tells me she’s been using it and her old brush with Jessica and the twins too!!

I am such a prat sometimes, diary! I had a mad dream last night about yiffing with Jenny last night – the first time that‘s happened! But it was so farking *real*, man! Scarily so! Talk about being stuck to your sheets! Sheesh, what a farking mess! I think dad must have guessed what’d happened when he saw me carting my sheets off to the laundry again this morning. “Hard night, huh son?” he playfully smirked above his breakfast newspaper. Stoopid bugger! But I still love ‘im.

No. 37 – Jessica

I’m sitting in an empty classroom one lunchtime, madly trying to finish a class project while I’ve got the chance with some spare time. I looked up from my focus, realising that Edna’s little pink ferret friend Jessica was standing there watching me.
“Oh… hi! Umm… how long have you been standing there? Sorry, I didn’t… didn’t hear you come in… I was too busy thinking’ about this thing…”
Jessica just smiled as she slowly clicked the door locked behind her and stepped over towards me. She sat down quickly on an empty chair next to mine, and suddenly giggled.
“Huh? Wassup Jessica? Are you looking for Edna or something…?”
“Or something…” she giggled again.
“DP… cum in my mouth, please? I want you to do it right here in my mouth – pl-LEA-se?!?”
Why does my cock do the thinking for me at moments like this? Bloody thing! Boing! Thar she blows – and pretty young Jess is fully aware of what’s happening in my lap as I sit there trying to act non-committal… she kneels… zzziiiip! Schloosch…

I sat there gasping, almost falling out of the chair, as young Jessica pulls herself back up into a chair. Grabbing a small flowery hanky from her pocket, she wipes any remaining sticky evidence away from her lips and furry face. Still unable to speak – more in a state of shock than anything, I smile weakly as she stands to go, saying “Thanks sooooooo much for that, DP! You *sure* do taste good! Mmm MMMm!”

During the last half hour of the school day, Poke pulls me up and asks me where I was hiding during lunchtime today? Or rather… who I was hiding *with*, he smirks in a whisper. “You wouldn’t farking *believe* me if I told you, you know, mate!” I said with a surprised roll of the eyes.
“Try me, cobber!” he slapped me on the shoulder.
“Well… have you heard of a… zipperless fuck, eh?”
“Uh huh… like totally spontaneous… oh shite…. Who with? No way!”
“Hang on hang on! What about a zipperless head job…?”
“… wha…?!”
“Mate, no names, no pack drill, alright? But I’ll just say that I’ll never think the same way about that singer ‘Pink’ ever again!”
That sure left him baffled… lol.

No. 38 – First Kiss

Oh gawd, I’m all crazy… first kiss! I’m still all wonky inside just thinking about it! Whoah, settle down… Jenny and I were in the lunch queue together tryin to decide what to have that wouldn’t poison us, you know… I leaned across to hear what she was saying a bit better, amongst all the noise of the school cafeteria, and she turned, smiling into my eyes with those bottomless black dewdrops of hers, and without even really thinking about it I just leant forward and gave her a quick soft peck on those soft lips of hers. She blushed – but she didn’t stop me either! How no-one else managed to see us I have no idea, but we somehow managed to sit down with everyone, trying to join in the noisy lunch banter. Every time Jenny and I looked at each other, we couldn’t wipe this damn smiles off our faces! Damn it if it wasn’t bloody Pokeinfo who slowly began to notice our little glances across the table to each other, looking at me then Jen then back at me… a nudge in the ribs bought me back to earth for a bit tho.

Before we broke for our different afternoon classes, quiet shy reserved Jenny grabbed me by the collar and dragged me to a little alcove in the hallway and planted a non-too-subtle kiss right on my mouth! Whew – I still feel weak in the knees just thinking about it. Plus it doesn’t help that I can still mentally taste her on my lips – all bloody day! Not fair! Not bloody fair! Geebus – I want more! Ack! I think I need to hit the pool and knock off a few laps to calm down, man! That darn cat!

No. 39 – Meeting the parents

Jenny is so cute, but still a bit quiet and shy. She likes kissing but she’s still feels a bit awkward and self-conscious about doing too much more. Jenny seems to be a ‘good girl’ and her daddy‘s pride-and-joy, but the way she uses her tongue tells me secretly she’s quite the opposite deep-down! Jenny invited me around to have a bbq with her family at her place, and it’s a nice relaxing time meeting her parents who seem to like me. Mind you, they seem to know all about me… all she ever seems to talk about with them is… me! Geesh! Not that I mind, mind you… it’s kinda embarrassing tho…

After I helped with washing up after dinner, Jenny and I end up laying on our tummies on her bedroom floor, browsing through her family photo albums for like 2 hours. As I lay next to her, my left hand stroked thru her long thick black silky hair falling in cascades along her back as we talked and laughed together. Seeing old school photos was funny too… there’s shots of Pokeinfo and Cynthia and Laura taken in like their kinder/1st class! They all looked sooo cute! I dunno what her parents thought we were doing alone together in her bedroom for like 2 hours, but they seemed kinda relieved to see us walking back down the stairs in time for sweets. I think it’s the first time Jen and I openly hold hands in front of her parents – and damn, it felt good!

No. 40

After meeting her parents, Jenny can’t seem keep away from me. It’s cool being with her at school, and great being able to hang out together after school and at sport and stuff. She’s still a bit too shy to want to try a bit of foolin’ around or even yiffing, but I think she might be wondering what it’d be like, from the way she talks to me about stuff. I do ask her if she’d ever consider spending some time ‘playing’ with me, and all she does is blush – but she didn’t say no either! All the same, we still talk and talk for hours, just hanging out together, really getting close heart to heart about things that we’d like to do, you know, hopes and dreams… big stuff sometimes… pretty deep too. But it’s pretty cool… never been able to do that with a chick before!

No. 41

Ed and Laura looked pretty weary and just plain worn out as they sat together on the bus this morning. As I walked up to them to sit in the seat behind them, the obvious dark mouth-sized bruises covering Ed’s neck and throat were pretty plain to see, and Laura didn’t seem to be able to get real comfortable sitting down either… gawd only knows what they got upto together last night! But I know they’re both gonna need a quick shower in the gym when they get to school before classes start – even from where I was sitting, that familiar musky smell… lucky bastard! Hahahaa!

No. 42

Just lately Jenny and I spend a lot of time just brushing thru each other’s fur and staring into each other’s eyes…not saying much sometimes, but just enjoying being together, really comfortable. Damn she’s a nice young kitten. I’ve no wonder she doesn’t see the obvious major tent in the front of my pants when we sit together like that, but she never says anything…I just adore running my paws thru her adorably-long black silky hair as she sits on my lap facing away from me… plus the little soft sighs escaping from her lips tell me I think she might be just enjoying it a little bit too! Farking idjuit! Hahahaa.

Y’know, I’m so embarrassed – again! It’s my dad… we were sitting together over dinner, and he starts talking about masturbation – as if it were discussing the footy results! Just casually, he starts talking about how he uses a hanky he keeps underneath his pillow that he uses to catch his… spooge… when he jacks himself off alone in bed at night… saves on forever washing the sheets, he reckons…
Despite my obvious discomfort at my dear dad’s attempts to be frank, open and honest about sex and his own sexuality, I have to admit that the whole concept of a ‘cummy’ seems to be a good one… easier to wash a protein-stained cotton handkerchief every few days rather than a whole set of sheets…
Now, if only the amount of sprog I was dumping into that thing was the same amount I could be squirting all over that beautiful Jenny… dammit, I think I need to go and do a few pool laps… back later after I cool down!

No. 43

Last night the whole St Lovejoy gang attend a concert at St Lovejoy School’s gymnasium by the latest pop sensation “DJ Fuzz”, and they got Edna up on stage to dance and get smoozed by the singer whilst singing their latest hit single, dedicated to all the kids at school, “The Power (of the Yiff)”…
Ed had to take his little sister home early, as she was totally overcome with her own horny heat and was almost unable to stand properly, after all the sexual attention under the spotlight. Gawd alone knows how Ed’s gonna help his sister with her condition… the mind boggles!

No. 44 – Power of the Yiff I

I’d worked it out with dad that we drove to pick up Jenny at 6.30 from her place. Tonight was a special night – not just for us, but for everyone at St Lovejoys. The latest pop sensation “DJ Fuzz” was gonna be playing – at *our* school gym! Everyone was going to be there, and of course as soon as we found out about the gig Jenny and I had made plans to go together. The only condition was that she had to be back home – and in her front door – at 10.30 at the latest, her dad ‘highly recommended’! He’s alright – he’s just protective of his little girl – fair enuff!

I knocked excitedly on the door, and as the door opened, for a moment I couldn’t speak. Jenny looked simply awesome – a very tight and short black pant suit, with her hair out and her fringe…
“…Hi!” I managed to stumble out. “Wow… I mean… wow!” Jenny just blushed, smiling just as excitedly as I was.
“Errr… so… are you ready then…?”
“Sure am, Paige! Let’s go! Let’s go!” she bounded out the door, grabbing my hand as she sailed past.
“Just make sure you’re back by 10.30 alright you two? If you do, it’ll mean I can feel like I can really trust you, sweetheart,” her daddy said softly, with no hint of negativity.
“Don’t worry, Mr Katt – we’ll be here!” I beamed back, with a gulp.
As we walked to the car, hand in hand, my head floating on a cloud, I managed to say to my blushing date beside me, “How on *earth* did you manage to get your dad to allow you to wear *that*! You look absolutely *hot*!”
“Well,” she giggled as we popped into the back seat together. ”I nearly had a fight about it with dad, but mum won him over in the end.”
As the car pulled away, I was able to stop and take a good long deep look at Jenny as she sat there next to me, softly glowing. *Gulp*! We didn’t let go of our hands the whole time, and before we knew it, dad had stopped the car at the school gate.
“See you two lovebirds at 10 past 10 – on the dot, alright?”
“DAD!… OK dad, thanks so much for the lift…”
“We really appreciate it, Mr Dingo.”
Walking up the pathway, the crowds had already gathered to see their latest pop star, DJ Fuzz… I held two precious tickets in my sweaty trembling hand… I hadn’t been to a gig or anything like this for a very long time… and not with such a fine young girl on my arm next to me… I kept thinking I’d better grab a fence pailing so I can use it to swat away the buzzing boys who’ll be sniffing after her all night…

“DP! Jenny! Hiya guys! Isn’t this so cool?!” Pokeinfo pounced up to us at the door, Cynthia attached to his arm. She looked pretty nice tonight as well – not as harsh as I thought she sometimes looked, but that’s just what I reckon… anyway. Not a second had we gone thru the doorway than we were accosted by Ed, Edna and Laura as well.
“How cool! Like *everyone* must be here!” Mingling thru the gathering crowd I could see the twins and most of the kids from the soccer team… all sorts of kids from school.
Just typically, the boys went one way and the girls went the other – dammit! Huddling up, comparing notes… I think we’re as bad as the girls! Hahahaa.
“My god, mate, is that *really* jenny? She’s looking pretty fhat tonite!” Ed slapped me hard, as Poke punched me in the shoulder. “Geebus man – I never knew that she could look… oh wow… sorry mate… I didn’t mean to be a perve, but… like… wow!” Poke blushed.
“Better keep you two apart tonight, or there’ll be trouble – the trouble of the yiffing kind!” Ed stirred.
“Nuh uh. Tonight is… is… for Jenny and me… nar nah!” I joked back. “Bugger this – let’s get back with the girls,&rdquuo; I sighed pushing past them into the pressing throng. “I wanna dance!”
“Yeah, sounds good to me,” chimed in Ed, as my two mates followed tightly behind me.

“Holy fwap, jenny, how on *earth* did you manage to get that amazing gear out of your front door past your dad, huh? You look simply gorgeous, girlfriend!” Cynthia oozed with a giggle.
“More to the point – how are we gonna keep that *dingo* boys’ hands off you, lookin’ like that, huh? That’s not playing fair now, is it, Jen?!” Laura pitched in with a playful pinch of her butt.
“I… wanted to… wanted to look special… for him, you know…” Jen said shyly, but deep down basking in the attention and appreciation.
“My god, girl! If he doesn’t like what he sees here, then I reckon he must be *gay*!” Cynthia laffed as she and Laura high-fived, with Edna giggling next to them all.
“Oh gees you guys,” Jenny blushed again. “Let’s get back to the boys… have you seen how Paig… I mean, DP looks tonight? Sheesh… now *that’s* one spunk rat!” Jenny almost couldn’t believe those words came out of her own mouth… must have been the excitement of the moment… must have…

No. 45 – Power of the Yiff II

The little huddle slowly pushed its way towards the stage as the lights began to dim…
A voice in the darkness boomed out. “Good evening Pouncefield! Are you ready to par-tay…?!?”
“Put your paws together for the one, the only, just especially for you, Pouncefield… D.J. FUZZZZZZZZZ…”
The room was pitch-black, yet I could see rolls of billowing dry-ice pouring off the front of the stage from underneath the curtain.
A low almost sub-sonic rumble filled the room – the music had begun…
A loud, low moan… the curtain glowed briefly with a hot pink light and quickly faded.
‘Oooohhh…” came the low moan again, the amplification and reverb giving it the sexiest quality I never thought possible, as again the washes of hot pink filled the closed curtain…
“ooooohhhH!” came the raptuous moan again, as this time the whole room glowed electric pink, as the curtains were flung back.
The whole stage was filled with glowing pink smoke (the fogger must have been working overtime!) and the dry ice smoke poured out from the edge across our feet.
“CAN – YOU – FEEL IT…?!?” boomed a voice. It wasn’t a question – it sounded like a command! Still the subsonic rumble filled our stomachs.
I was standing behind Jenny facing the stage, with both my hands bravely holding her around the midriff. I didn’t realise it at the time, but Jenny sighed and leaned back against my chest…
“CAN – YOU – FEEL – IT?”
I playfully moved my right hand and placed it on Jenny’s right butt cheek and softly squeezed. Whispering into her ear with a giggle, “Oh yeah – I CAN feel it!”
”Cheeky!” She playfully slapped my hand resting on her cheek, but she didn’t take her hand away again afterwards either…
The crowd around us throbbed in anticipation with the showman-like taunting pouring out over us, but we didn’t care – this was going to be sooooooo cool! Mind you, with Jenny leaning back against me, my arm holding her tight against my chest, just swaying lightly together, her hair brushing up against my face… I think I started to sweat slightly!
An overwhelming driving techno beat drilled thru us, and no-one present could not help but begin to move their bodies along in time to it all. We all knew this song – it was like No. 1 on the charts at the moment! “The Power (of the Yiff)“… Lights filled the smokey stage, and someone walked to stand at the very front edge… it was… DJ Fuzz himself!
The music got funkier, more pounding – almost hypnotic… Jenny and I couldn’t help but start dancing together, in our own little space of 1 square meter amongst everyone else doing the same thing! As the band and their dancers got into the swing of things, it didn’t take long for people to start copying what they were seeing on stage. Jenny just shut her eyes and started – she started…. How can I explain it? I never even knew she had it *in* her! You seen that old flim ‘Dirty Dancing’? Yeah, I know… Jen and I watched it and laffed too… but she was dancing like THAT! I mean… ALL over me… arms and legs and paws and her body sliding all over mine… I found it hard to keep up… I mean, I *love* to dance, but I admit I’m not really that *good* at it. But JENNY! Oh my GOD! She was like wildfire! Every pulsing beat was like a tremor thru her wriggling body, slowly entwining herself around me, her eyes tightly shut, intently focussing on what she was doing. I think I might have dribbled in the darkness… I was both shocked and excited… this was awesome!
“Where did you learn to dance… like *that!*” I manged to get a word in.
“Oh… we all… did… jazz Ballet… last year… we learnt… a few… bits and… pieces…” she said, still grooving away. She was totally relaxed, free and really letting herself enjoy moving her body along with the music. Seriously, I have *never* seen her like this – and I was almost standing there, just standing, watching in astonishment. It’s not so easy trying to look cool, calm and relaxed – with a farking hard-on the size of Florida filling your pants, man! With her hands over my shoulders, she slowly ground herself up and down my shaking thigh… mind you, the same thing was happening right on stage to… then she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine… we both gasped, and blushed… and really didn’t know what to do next!

Looking around, all the other kids were dancing almost the same way (but Jenny was the hottest and best… but, I *may* be slightly biased, u reckon? lol) The place was absolutely pumping… and we danced, like a wave on the ocean… (oh god… groan…) The music just kept coming, one piece flowing into another almost seamlessly… hardly a time to get a chance to stop and breathe, but we were loving it! Jen and I were dancing all over each other, as I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to imitate how she was dancing, and we were just laughing and laughing and laughing…

Eventually, we just *had* to stop and get some fresh air… we were both literally dripping with sweat – but we just didn’t care! As we were walking towards the door to get our passouts, we turned back to see what was going on… somehow the singer had got young Edna up on stage with the whole group – and she was dancing along with them all… bump-and-grind, the works! Jen and I just kinda stood there for a few moments with our mouths open, as Edna soaked up the atmosphere and the attention DJ Fuzz’s dancers were showing her… Jen squeezed my hand, and we walked outside into the cooler evening air, our sweat drying on our brows as we sipped our cold waters.

No. 46 – Power of the Yiff III

“Jen… you were… are… I mean… a-MAZE-ing in there!” I gulped as she flicked her long black hair across her back and shoulders. “Can you… I mean… will you… teach me..? Teach me to… dance… dance like… *that*?”
“Sure!” she said a little too eagerly, and we both got the giggles at our own nervousness and embarrassment.

The next bit of the evening is a bit of a blur, I’m afraid. There was a quiet corner under a tree, arms around each other, some serious necking, wandering hands… like I said, it was all a bit of a purple fuzzy haze…
Until my watch alarm brought us back to the world around us. “Shivers, it’s almost time for dad to pick us up! Bugger!” I said with a sigh. I was feeling like my feet hadn’t touched the ground all night. Just being alone with Jenny was… was… oh sigh! Somehow managing to pull myself upright, I helped Jenny up, and we ended up hugging tightly under the tree where we’d spent the last (amount of time – I really don’t know how long we were out there… but it went *too* fast!). Then we could see Edward and Laura kinda helping Edna out of the gymnasium doorway, and we went across to see if everything was alright. Edna looked flushed and sweaty, and wasn’t too sure on her feet.
“Is everything… OK, guys…?” Jen asked nervously.
“Oh yeah, yeah! She’s fine!” Edna’s brother smirked. “I think she’s just… how can put it… over-excited with all the pretend yiffing going on in there and up on stage and stuff…”
“I… just couldn’t… stop… cumming…” Edna panted heavily, her eyes almost rolling into the back of her head. The four of us helped her to sit down and laughed at it all.
“I *wondered* where you two got to, eh? Just… getting some fresh air, huh?” Ed poked me under the ribs with an elbow. Embarrisingly Jenny and I just blushed in response, which caused some more friendly laughter.
“Oh shit! Here’s my dad! We’ve like gotta go! Sorry guys!” I said despondently. “I promised Jen’s dad she’d be home by 10.30…”
“Hey, that’s cool… the gig’s finished anyway… it’s all over bar the shouting…”
“Will you be alright with Edna? Should I ask my dad if we can give you a lift home?”
“Uhhh, yeah, alright, sounds like a good idea, DP… she’s pretty wasted, as you can see!”
Edna kinda just sat there with glassy eyes and a smile stuck on her muzzy face.
We poured Edna into the car (‘she just got overheated with all the dancing’ we told my dad, who just smirked in the darkness in the driver’s seat), and climbed in around her. Excited conversation chirped around the back seat with lots of giggling and shoulder-slapping.

10.25 my watch read as we pulled into Jenny’s driveway. We eased ourselves out of the backseat (as Laura pinched my butt for a joke, which made me jump and crack my head on the doorframe! Ouch!), and Jenny was rubbing my head as we walked up to the door.
“We’ve still got four minutes,” she said with that awesomely cute shy smile of hers, her two little sharp teeth just sticking out from under her lovely soft full red top lip… taking her hands into mine, I gently drew her up to me, and as we leaned up together, we turned our heads to face each other. My hand gently cradling the back of her head, I softly kissed her, slowly, delicately, lovingly… luckily my other hand was holding her lower back as she went a little weak in the knees there for a second, poor Jen! Those four minutes seemed to last like four hours and four seconds all at the same time. My watched chimed 10.30, and we regretfully broke apart as I knocked on the front door.
“Well, hello kids? Have a good time?” Mrs Katt smiled down at us approvingly.
“Uh huh, it was excellent, wasn’t it, Paige?”
“Sure was Jenny. Thank you so much for coming out with me tonight. And thank you, Mrs Katt, for letting your daughter come out with me too.”
“Oooh, you are a sweetheart, aren’t you?” she beamed, ruffling a friendly paw thru the top of my hair.
“Good night Paige. See you tomorrow?”
“You bet! I mean… of course! 11 o’clock at the soccer field. Have a good night… see ya…”
As the door closed quietly behind me, I could plainly hear her mum’s voice… “Better go upstairs and have a cold shower, honey… I *know* that longing look…!” she said caringly.

No. 47 – The Power of the Yiff IV

Next stop was the Foxs’, and between Ed, Laura and myself we managed to get Edna inside alright. Her parents just smiled as we kinda handed her over – she was practically asleep on her feet she was so exhausted.
“Mr Fox, can Ed come over to my place and hang out for a while tonight, please?” I thought that was pretty bold of Laura to pipe up with that, but his dad readily agreed with a nod from his mum too.
Back in the car, Laura even asked my dad if I could come over too! It’d be cool just to hang out – maybe some of the others were coming around later too… I wasn’t sure tho. But dad just said sure, “Be home for breakfast, youngster!” He continues to blow me away sometimes – he’s still my dad an’ all, but times he’s like a really good mate too.
“Here’s Laura’s number, dad, in case you need to call me, alright? It’s… 867-5309..OK?”
The three of us nodded happily in agreement, then I suddenly realised something. “Uhh, you guys… wouldn’t… ahhh… three be a crowd for you..? I mean, if you’d rather…”
“Come on, DP, of *course* you’re always welcome, isn’t he Ed?”
“Uh huh, come hang with us and chill for a while” smirked Ed, slipping on his shades pretending to be super-cool. Three giggling youngsters bounced around in the back seat while dad dropped us off up the road at Laura’s place.

I dunno where they were, but we had the place to ourselves when we got inside. “Mum and dad must still be out… they can party when they wanna, you know, even for old people!” Laura kidded. “Come inside, and let’s get something to drink… last one to the fridge…”
We sat around the kitchen sipping our icy-cold soft drinks, just swapping stories about the amazing concert we’d only just come from – it was al still so fresh in our minds.
“Poor Edna! I think her hormones kinda peaked out there for a while – all that body contact and stuff…”
“I know how she feels…” I said quietly.
“Whatdoyamean, DP? You got it pretty good tonight, from what I could see…”
“Well, guys, I can only say this in front of you, but right at the moment, I… ahhh… well, I know the true meaning of ‘blue balls’! My crotch just *aches*!” I blushed.
Edward nodded, completely understanding. “Uh huh… I *hear* you!” he laughed. “This young squirrel here got me hot and steamy all night – thank you *very* much”, he sniggered, slapping Laura’s cute furry butt.
“Whoah… I think we *all* need to chill out a bit, eh? What about… what about if I get the spa happening, eh? Sound alright to you guys?”
“Cool, thanks, Laura.”
“Come on, I’ll get it ready… Ed, would you show him where everything is here, like the loo and stuff, while I go turn it on? Thanks foxy…”
Ed gave me the 2-cent tour of the house, and after I finished having a quick slash, I suddenly realised something.
“Uuh, guys…? I… ahh… don’t have anything to wear in the spa…” I muttered, opening the door and stepping inside the spa room. It wouldn’t have mattered, as both Ed and Laura were sitting on the top step surrounded by bubbles – both stark naked.
“Come on and get in, DP, the water feels just the best, mate… don’t worry about your togs, just ditch ‘em on the bench over there and climb in… plenty of room, eh Laura?”
I didn’t hear her response, as I was more keenly conscious of what was hiding underneath my jeans. Shrugging my shoulders, I just turned my back and threw my shirt across the bench with their clothes, then wiggled out of my tight blue denims. Turning around to step in, neither of us could fail to see my boner sticking straight out at attention, bobbling away as I walked.
“Uhh… oh gawd… I’m soo sorry…” I stammered, trying to hide underneath the water.
“Hahaha – don’t worry ‘bout it,” Ed giggled, standing up. “You’re not the *only* one with that condition tonight…”
Laura playfully grabbed Ed’s cock and pulled him back down into the water next to her. “Sit down before you take someone’s eye out with that thing,” she smirked happily. “It’s not everyday I get to sit in my own spa with two naked hunks with me…”

I dunno if it was the whole atmosphere of the evening, or what was going on, but three horny cubs ended up talking about something that I’m *still* not sure exactly *how* we got started talking about it… I can’t even write about it properly… hahahaa.
“Fancy a three-way, guys?” Laura announced, without a hint of shame.
Ed’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull at the thought, but I just didn’t know what to think… well, my brain was saying one thing, and old mr wang was screaming out something rather different…
“I don’t want these young boys feeling the perpetual discomfort of ‘blue balls’ for much longer now, do I?… I mean… what sort of hostess would I be, hmmm?”
Both Eds’ and my cock were plainly standing straight out of the water in front of our laps, as Laura kept going… she was obviously feeling just as hot, horny and frustrated as Ed and I.
“Oooh DP… I bet you rather be with jenny tonight…but here’s something that might… might make you change your mind, eh..?”
I swallowed – hard.
“Fuck me like you wanna fuck Jenny, DP… fuck my brains out!… Ed… in my mouth… now…”
“Ed… you know… I’m not… not gay… I don’t… you know… do ‘stuff’… with guys, you know…”
“Oh come on, man!” Ed smirked back at me. “Nor am I. I’m not gonna do anything to *you* here, DP… I think Laura’s the one who should get some serious attention from the two of us, wouldn’t you agree, hmmm…?”
Laura returned Ed’s smile. “Yeah DP… I mean, there are a handful of the boys at school who… well… how do I put it…?”
Ed chipped in. “Who like… their bread buttered on *both* sides… hmmm…”
“Really…? No way? Like… who…?”
“Nuh uh, mate… no names, no pack drill, you know… but yeah, there are a few of us… a few guys, I mean, who seem to… ahh… enjoy the favours of… other blokes… as well as the ladies, you know…”
“Well, right now, all I want is these two big cocks trying to make me cum – and cum HARD, alright guys?” Laura panted excitedly between her two horny friends. “No jerking about here… come on, you big fucking studs… TAKE ME!”

My cock took command of all my rational thoughts as I climbed on top of Laura, legs splayed on the floor beside the bubbling spa. Ed moved himself next to her head…
“Fuck me, DP! Fuck me as if you’re fucking Jenny’s brains out! FUCK ME!!!” she demanded.
With Ed’s cock stuffed in her puckered mouth, I drove into her – hard and fast. I mean, *really* hard and fast… things became a blur as the sweat poured out of us, breath coming in ragged gasps, bodies slapping together, fur matting… Laura seemed almost out of her mind with lust… she wasn’t making sense with whatever sounds were tumbling out of her stuffed mouth… even with Ed’s cock a few inches from my own face busy inside her slobbering sucking lips, I didn’t feel disgust… but I wasn’t tempted either! But… my god! I shut my eyes, and my head was full of images of… Jenny… just rolling hard with jenny… jenny… Jenny… As Laura’s claws started digging into my back as her body began to tense, I could feel my own balls contract with a huge impending explosion… Jenny Jenny Jenny… harder… faster… deeper…
Without warning, Ed exploded his thick creamy spooge all thru Laura’s gasping mouth. That was it for me…

“Jesus, mate… I think you really *did* fuck her senseless… she’s out cold!” Ed gasped as we collapsed one on either side of Laura’s unconscious frame.
“Nuh huh… I think you *drowned* her, didn’t you?” I kidded, as Laura slowly began to stir between us.
“You alright kiddo? Earth to Laura, come in, please…”
“…. oohhhhhh GOD…” she gasped, her body still slight shuddering uncontrollably. “For FUCK’s sake, Paige… if you *ever* do that with Jenny like that… give her *plenty* of warning first, alright…pl-ease?!?” she gased up at me with a dull dizzy smirk. I collapsed on the floor beside Ed and Laura, closing my eyes. I suddenly felt so tired… so very tired.
“Uh huh Ed… you want some too, I bet… lay down and let me climb on board, mister Foxxy butt…”
I was vaguely aware of my two horny friends yiffing away next to me, as I slid back into the soothing comfort of the bubbling spa water.

I woke up next morning on the sofa, a blanket over me, and somehow sometime my jeans had been slid back on me. My sleepy eyes slowly foccused on the image of Ed and Laura, snoozing happily huddled together arm-in-arm on a large matress on the floor nearby. The early suns’ rays slanted across their bare fur. I pulled my legs across and sat upright, rubbing heavy eyes. I didn’t mean to stare, but it suddenly dawned on me that Ed was still inside his sleeping partner, her legs wrapped around his waist. I fished about for the rest of my clothes, covered my sleeping yiffing friends with my blanket, and headed out the door for home.

Walking home in the blinkingly-bright sunlight, I felt really confused and mixed up inside. That was an amazing night of passion, lust – and just plain great yiffing! Yet one thing nagged me… had I just…’cheated’ on the only girl I have ever only really ever loved? What *was* I thinking? While the whole time I was inside Laura, in my mind I was with jenny, but still… I *wasn’t* tho, was I? What had I done? What should I do? I felt tired, guilty, confused, hungry… bloody stomach! All I knew was that I had to see jenny today at the soccer, and talk to her… but say… what? What *could* I possibly say? How could I *possibly* justify fucking her best friend of years? I know we were all ‘yiffing friends’, but still… My head swam with images… so, who’s the asshole who put this frigging lamp post in the middle of a footpath, huh? Fuck, headfirst… that hurt!

No. 48 – Power of the Yiff V

At about 10 o’clock the morning after the gig, there was a knock at the Fox’s front door. Ed was still half dressed, getting ready for the soccer game in an hour, when he answered the door. He couldn’t believe his eyes… standing there, right on his doorstep, was DJ Fuzz himself, together with his crew!
“Hey ya, young man. You must be Ed, yo? Is ur sis in, little bro?”
“…uuhh… EDNA…!!!”
Edna hauled her ass downstairs, still half asleep in her PJ’s, mad at her brother for getting her up. But she soon changed her mind when she found herself asking DJ Fuzz himself inside to her own living room.
“Young lady, you were the hottest’ chick there at our gig last night,” the man beamed across at her, taking off his sunnies. “We never got to say thank you for that brill dancing with us… you left before we got a chance to chill with you afterwards…”
Edna just kinda sat there with her mouth agape, Ed sitting opposite her trying to give her visual cues so she didn’t look so whacked out!
“Uhh… thanks, Mr Fuzz…”
“Call me DJ… all my friends call me, DJ, an’ you, young miss, is one of my friends. We wanted to give you some stuff as a way of saying thanks for making our night such a kewl blast here at Pouncefield…” He opened a bag and pulled out a stack of his CD’s and DVD’s, t-shirts and sweatshirts, which he all signed while he sat there in front of them all.
“Here ya go – enjoy. Thanks so much, Edna da Fox. Yeah!”
“…Uuhhh… do you want a drink or something…?” she stammered, still in disbelief that this huge international star was sitting in the chair opposite her.
“Thanks, but we… we gotta keep moving… we got another gig in Springfield tonight, so we should hit da road pretty soon. We really wanted to make the point of coming over and saying thanks in person, ya know. Thanks, Ms Fox. You know, here’s my private email,” he smiled, handing his business card to Edna’ mum. “Keep in touch, awl rite? Next time I do a video, I might give you a call… dancers are always a good thang, ya know? Kewl…”
“Uhh… OK… sure!”
“Well, we’d best be going. Thank you Mrs Fox for letting us come into your home. And thank you, Edna da Fox… see you again sometime soon, hey?”
And with that, they were gone.
Edna, Ed and his mum kinda just sat there, as if they’d just awoken from some strange dream.
“Did… did… did that really just happen…?”
“Young lady… exactly *what* did you get upto last night…?!?”

No. 49 – Power of the Yiff VI

It was so good to see Jenny at the soccer at 11 o’clock, but I still felt a real knot in my gut at the same time. We sat on the bleechers next to each other, and I think she picked up that something wasn’t quite right.
“Are… you OK, Paige? You seem kinda… quiet…”
“Oh Jen, I’m alright… I think… I just guess… I’m still in shock after last night… I had such a great time tho, with you, at the gig… wow…but there’s something I need to tell you… but it‘s a bit … embarrassing…”
The two sides of my brain screamed at each other – one side to shut up, the other side to ‘fess up.
“Hang on, me first. Paige – that was the *greatest* time of my life last night, with you… thank you,” she smiled, squeezing my hand. “But it didn’t end when I got home tho…” she blushed, holding her head down.
“Is everything alright?” I felt concerned, my own anxieties forgotten for the moment. “You know you can tell me… anything, Jen…”
“Well, when I got home, I had a really nice long bath… it was soooo relaxing, and… ummm… all I could think of was… you,” she said quickly, looking up at me. “The water felt so good… warm… relaxing… soothing…” Then she leant across and whispered into my ear, cupping her hand as if she was about to share the world’s biggest secret.
“Paige… I… touched myself… thinking about you… I came and came and came…” she bit her lip.
She sat back again. “Oh god… I shouldn’t have said that! I’m so sorry! Oh god! I am such an *idiot*! Paige, I didn’t mean to…” as the tears began to well-up in those bottomless dark kitty eyes.
“Ssshhh, shhh, Jen Jen Jen… would it make you feel any better if I told you that I, too… umm…I was feeling so… excited… thinking about being alone with you… and…”
“Oh gosh… really? You… you *did*? About… *me*?!?” she gasped quietly.
“Uh… yup… thinking… about you…” I blushed. “Uh, but it’s totally natural and normal, you know… to feel like that… when you feel…”
“I know… I know… it’s just… the first time… I’ve done it… thinking of you… that way…and… and…”
“And…? Oh – sorry!“ I said slapping my forehead in a mock gesture. “If you don’t wanna say, you don’t have to, you know…”
She held my hands tightly in her lap and looked deeply into my eyes.
“I *really* enjoyed it!”
Just then, Pokeinfo thought that kicking a soccer ball into the seats next to us from where he was standing on the sideline would be a funny joke… I think both Jenny and I practically shat ourselves at the huge *bang* right behind us! Talk about ruining the moment…

We never got the chance to pick up that conversation again that day… what with everyone huddled around us in the bleechers egging on the school team and cheering and all that kinda noise… Jenny and I were just happy to be sitting together, occasionally grabbing each others’ paw secretly underneath the blanket astride both our laps. I don’t know why sometimes we feel as tho we have to keep our affection we feel about each other a kinda hidden thing… I mean, it’s not as though our closest friends don’t know what’s going on! Well, they don’t know any details (not there are any to really give, anyway), but they know something has changed in Jen and my friendship with each other.

Later when I was walking her home, Jenny leaned up close and rubbed her soft face fur against the side of my face. I stopped, gently taking her head between her hands, and softly pressed my lips against hers. Well… it wasn’t *my* tongue that made the first move… oh god, I hope she didn’t feel something suddenly ‘pop up’ between us! Not that I didn’t reply with my own tongue, naturally…

Why is it that friends can be a right royal pain sometimes? Why was it that, right at that moment, Pokeinfo and Cynthia rode past on their bikes, going home from the game. Bloody Poke yelled out, “Ahhh! It’s the power of the Yiff at work!” and rode off laughing. Mind you, Cyn quickly caught up to him and gave him a good slap across the back of the bike helmet…

No. 50

Both Poke and Ed pulled me aside on the school bus this morning, basically in their none-too-subtle way asking me if I’d been with that cat yet. I couldn’t believe my own reaction even as it came out of my own mouth! “Guys – it’s really none of your business, alright?!” All three of us sat there with mouths agape for a few seconds in combined shock, then we broke into stoopid giggles like little girls crumbling in a heap along the seat together… we are such doofus!
Pokeinfo got me later and told me he was sorry for being such a bastard asking that this morning. It’s not his fault – he and Cyn are always readily telling anyone partially willing to listen all about their latest exploits in their sexual adventures! He’s a good mate, and he kinda understood when I tried to explain – as much for me as for him – that it’s all different for me when I’m with Jenny, that it’s just special and… oh fuck I’m such a drip sometimes… I think Poke thinks I’m loosing my mind or something. But his knowing smile and slap on the shoulder reassured me that he can see where I’m comin’ from, and he’ll try not to be such a prat from now on. But Poke can’t help it – he’s just an outgoing kinda bloke and it’s just the way he is. He’s no prat – he’s a beaut mate I reckon, mate!

No. 51 – Picnic

Jenny and I went on a picnic alone together this arvo, down by the river. I just really have the strongest feelings for this kitten… it’s not lust… it must be… oh god… I think I am seriously falling in love with her! I mean, of course I’d like us to make love together (not *fuck*, but “make love“!), but today she admitted she’s never… well… been with a boy before (that‘s how she sees herself), and she’s a bit embarrassed about it all. She seems a bit reluctant to talk much about it, so I’m not going to scare her off or make her feel awkward or anything like that by keeping asking her about it all. I supported her by assuring her I would never do anything to hurt or harm her, and I would never do anything that we didn’t agree together to do. She admitted she’s fooled around a bit with some boys in the past, but she felt a bit funny about it… she’d rather be with someone she really cares for before she… No no, I really do understand.

We sat around for a bit longer, and started having a pretend food fight – we were just really happy hanging out andd started mucking about… well, the pretend food fight ended up being a bit too realistic… the iced cake I’d bought for us ended up in both our paws and fur and faces… we just rolled about pissing ourselves laughing at our own silliness..

Then I said it… “Jenny, I love you,” looking right into her eyes. Her eyes started glassing up, and she leant over hugging me, whispering into my ear, “Oh Ding, I’ve loved you for so long…”
We just sat quietly, arm in arm, for about an hour, just enjoying the golden glow of being together, not saying much, just basking in each other. I mean, at any other time, with probably any other girl, I’d seriously be trying to get into her pants… but it’s just not like that for me with Jenny. I assured her again that I totally respect her decision not to… you know… and I would not do anything that she didn’t feel comfortable to do. Shite – it *must* be love!

No. 52 – Edna – Team Mascot

After a soccer match, both Edward and myself are amazed and slightly embarrassed to discover that Edna has blown most of the boys on the team already over the time since she moved here! She may be only eight, but she knows know that boy cum don’t taste like vanilla ice cream – thanks Pokeinfo! Hahahaa. I’ve gotta talk about this some more, but dad’s callin’ me for dinner… damn! (to be continued…)

Cont’d… I knew I had to write about this, diary… this was an increasingly-all-too-frequent moment of sexual craziness that keeps happening around St Lovejoys School… not that I’m complaining, mind you… A few of us were hanging out at the weekend soccer match, just watching and mucking about. Jenny’s dad came and picked her up – damn, she had to go home – they’re having a family get-togetheer or something… not to worry. Anyway, after the game finished, just Ed and I were left with the guys from the boys team. I couldn’t help notice Edna kept licking her lips at many of the boys (while she thought no-one was watching her), while the boys in return blushed a bright red. I nudged Ed in the ribs and whispered, “Will ya check this out?” Between us, we descreetly observed quite a few of the other guys there checking Edna out in a major way as she started to openly flirt… surrounded by all that cubby testosterone Edna just goes a bit bananas, I think! Lol I mean, cubs trying to get changed out of their shorts and socks and shirts while a sexy young vixen is teasingly prancing about licking her lips and sucking on her finger… sheesh… even I sprang to attention without realising it!
“Hey Edna, give us a break, will ya?” Poke teased, his obvious hard-on bulging out the front of his shorts. “Now’s not the time to go around giving blow jobs, eh? I think the teams’ done enough for you already eh?”
“Huh…? Poke…?” Ed stammered.
“… oh shit… I mean… ummm…”
Edna’s giggles didn’t help, as a few more of the handsome young cub boys stood and gaped at the young fox girl before them.
“Ooohh… who haven’t I… sampled yet, boys, hhmmmm?” Edna smirked playfully. I’m not sure if she knew how big a flirt she was being… to her it was just fun playing! Much to my surprise, quite a few of the others in the team laughed nervously, lowering their heads and not quite being able to meet Edward in the eye at that moment.
“Edna…? Have you been…? With the.. team…?” Ed asked cautiously, slightly embarrassed.
Eleven boys in football shorts bulged, as did the girl’s own brother – and even me as well.
She giggled childishly again. “Oh come on, big brother… what’s a bit of harmless knot licking and spooge-sharing to encourage and support our *great* team, huh?”
Edward gasped – but he didn’t reaxt negatively either…
“It’s not as tho it’s been the *whole* team, now is it, boys…?” she giggled again, as everybody shared nervous sideways glaces between ourselves.
One of the fullback tiger cubs suddenly groaned and turned around quickly – but not before a sudden wet spot appeared in the front of his pants. We all shared his embarrasement – and knew exactly what he was going thru… there were a whole huddle of horny young guys trying to act nonchalantly and cool, and trying not to clack our own dacks as well!
“Hmmm… I haven’t tasted you yet, have I”? Edna circled playfully around one of the halves, who shuddered nervously and excitedly under her soft caresses across his bare chest.
“Mmmm… I think I’m feeling thirsty… can you give me something…. thick and creamy to drink, huh?” she giggled, kneeling in front of him. The rest of us just stood there mesmerized, mouths hanging open, trying not to drool. As she knelt, it didn’t help that her tiny white cotton panties rode right up her butt in plain view of us all.
With the horny young cubs’ crotch straining excitedly just an inch in front of her snout, Edna lifted her hands up and through his shivering thin football shorts, brushed a small finger across the boy’s hard-on. The poor bloke didn’t stand a chance… we all stood about, not intervening, not prohibiting any of this sexy weirdness… just all staring unblinking at the waking wet-dream unfolding before us…

Edna hooked her finger underneath the elastic of his shorts, slipping them down his thighs. Taking his quivering hardness into her tiny open wet foxy lips, the boy just closed his eyes in delight. At the sound of the first slurp, the left-winger standing next to me doubled-over with a small gasp – yes, he’d spooged right into his shorts as well! Well, the poor boy at the centre of Edna’s attention didn’t last much longer either… with a gasping moan, we all knew that feeling as his cock started to quiver and throb uncontrollably… then long white stringy strands of boycum were drooling out between Edna’s sucking lips… another boys who’d subconsciously started playing with himself, aimed his ball-load all over Edna’s little white shirt!

If it wasn’t for Poke’s warning call… he’d spotted someone’s mum getting out of her car and heading in our direction… I dunno what would have happened… instead a sudden hive of activity, of towels and bags and boots and socks and orange peels and football jerseys getting tossed about and giggling and blushing faces (but no incriminating looks… we are *all* as guilty as each other!)… no-one’s mum would have been none the wiser…

Geebus… I think Edward needs to get a leash for that little sister of his… hmmm, now *there’s* an interesting thought… anyway, I know for myself what a little prick tease she can be… ahem… Just the thought of it all is causing me to… I think I might have an early night tonight… now, where’s my cummy…? Oh gawd… Jenny… I miss you!!! Damnit!

No. 53 – Paige’s Name

Jenny and I were sitting down at lunchtime under the shade of the big trees, when she asked me, “Why is your name like a girl’s name, Paigey?” (I simply *adore* when she calls me that – it’s our special name for me, just her and I… mind you, she gets the giggles when we’re kissing and I start calling her my ‘puhssy kitten‘… we are such drips sometimes…) Well, it wasn’t until only a few years’ ago that I had no idea that my name *was* also a girl’s name! I asked my dad about it one day, and he sat me down and told me a story about stuff I didn’t know anything about. Apparently, I had a twin sister, but she died as a baby, like only a day or two old or something. I mean, really, I had *no* idea about this! Heavy shite, but dad told me straight up, which I appreciated, you know? No bullshit with him. He told me that they’d named her Gena and me Paul , and after she died they just started calling me a kinda combined name ‘Paige’, which kinda sounded a bit like both names together, I guess. Dad showed me my birth certificate (I was telling all this to Jenny, who sat there with her mouth hanging open, but totally soaking in every word), and yes, I never knew but my actual name is “Paul”! What a spin out, hey?! I’ve been called Paige for so long that I’ve always known myself by that name, and so does everybody, so no-one ever questioned it. She hugged me and wouldn’t let me go for a while… I mean, it was a few years’ ago now since I found all this stuff out, so it wasn’t so heavy for me now. I was just so glad to be able to tell Jen about it too… I hadn’t really thought too much about it in many ways lately. But something a loving, caring friend asked me right then made it all come back home rather strongly… Jen asked me, “Have you… ever seen a photo… of your sister…? Or where she was buried…?” Tears welled in my eyes… I didn’t mean them to… as she hugged me, I told her that there was one old fading black-and-white print of a little baby all bundled up in woollen blankets that just looked as tho it was asleep (yes, it was of my sister), and yes, soon after dad had told me about all of this, he’d taken me down to the cemetery and showed me the small plot and headstone where my sister was. It’s still a bit surreal thinking about it…

Dad told me how hard it was for mum and him at the time, but they sorted thru it all and kept going together… he got a bit sad remembering that she’d up and left him in the end anyway, so both of us sat there and hugged. Jenny was howling by this time, so I had to stop myself from sounding so gloomy (it wasn’t my intention!) and dry her eyes with my clean hankie.
“It’ alright, Jen, really, it’s alright. Life goes on, and dad and I are happier than we have been in a long time… and I haven’t been happier since… since I met you, Jen. I really *do* love you, Jen.” I leaned across and gave her a soft peck on the cheek, and she burst into tears again! Hahaha – silly girls! It’s just so awesome to be able to talk about stuff like this with someone… someone who really cares for me as me… oh gawd, listen to me, will you… you silly silly love-stricken dingo boy! Hahaha.

No. 54 – Jenny’s Changes

We were sitting over at Jenny’s place yesterday after school, just with our heads down – actually studying together! Yeah, books open and pencils scribbling a few notes and stuff… scary, huh?! Lol Suddenly she sat bolt upright, a really strange confused expression on her face.
“You ok, Jen…?”
“Uhhh… I think…. I need to… back in a tick…” she kinda stumbled, and rushed off out the door to the bathroom.
OK, fair enough. I just thought something she must have eaten at the school cafeteria had come back to haunt her or something, but I wasn’t really thinking. Actually, she was in there for what seemed like a long time. I quietly stepped up and tapped gently on the toilet door, just to make sure everything was OK.
“Ahh… you OK, Jen…?” I said softly.
“Oh! I… ahhh… oohhh…” came a soft reply. I could hear the embarrasement and slight tremor in her voice.
“Ummm… do you want… want me to get your mum for you… or something…?” I couldn’t even begin to think what could be wrong.
“Ummm… no, it’s not that…” came her soft slightly quiveing reply. “I think I… that my…oh gosh!” came a little squeak.
“Jen? What’s…? Are you *sure* you’re OK? I’m starting to get a bit worried here, matey!” I said, trying to put a smile in my voice.
The door opened a crack, and Jenny’s face peered out at me. She looked bright red with embarrasment, but also a bit pale with shock or fright… had a croc or something jumped out of the loo and bit her on the butt or something?!?
“Paige… I think that…” she lowered her voice even further.
“I think I just… started… having my period! I’m… ahh.. bleeding… just a little bit…”
“… ohhh… wow… uhh… is there something I can do? Or get for you? Or get your mum? Or…?” I didn’t quite know what to say! I’d never been in this situation before… well, *neither* of us had.
“Well… in the second drawer in the cabinet next to my bed, there’s a packet… of… oh god… this is kinda embarrassing…” she trailed off, closing the door until just a sliver of light crept thru it.
“No, No it’s not, jenny. This is just… all normal… just a bit of a surprise… that’s all… where are those things again? Did you say second draw? Don’t be embarrassed matey – it’s only *me*!” I said with a slow laugh, trying to lighten the moment.
“Umm, yeah… second drawer… a small pink packet… yeah, that’s them…” she said in almost a whisper, as I passed them through the door.
I didn’t want to embarrass her or make her feel any more uncomfortable than she was already feeling. “Do you want me… umm… wait downstairs, or get your mum, or something…?”
“Please, don’t go, Paigey…” she said quickly, from inside the bathroom.

Soon she felt comfortable enough to come out again, and we sat down on her bed together next to one another. I softly ran my fingers through her hair, trying to reassure her that everything was alright.
“I’m still here, Jen… you haven’t scared me off, you know…”
“I know, Paigey… it’s just… a bit of a shock, you know…”
“Oh Jen, uh huh, I really do appreciate that. I’m just hoping I’m not making you feel too… weird or uncomfortable by being here now, that’s all. I just want you to relax and get your breath back… you know what I mean…”
“Please, I wouldn’t want you to be anywhere else, hon. It’s just so… so… bizarre… like it’s just not real… I dunno. I kinda always thought it’s be a huge event with lots of sirens and bells and whistles and sorta pain and lots of blood and messy… it’s just not like that!” she blushed so innocently.
“Well, it’s not everyday that the love of your life becomes a woman in front of your eyes, you know…”
“Oh Paigey… why are you so sweet to me?”
In sign language (we’d learnt at school), I simply signed “I love you” and smiled, kissing her softly on the forehead.

No. 55

Jenny’s mum was very cool, calm and collected with her reaction to Jenny’s – new change. It was her dad that needed a few days to accept the news… I guess he’s really starting to realize his little girl is growing up right in front of his eyes. Jen and her mum had already had some good talks about ‘the changes’ leading up over the past 6 months or so, so they were prepared – in a sense – when things began. That’s why there was that packet sitting in her second drawer, just in case. I mean, jenny seemed pretty calm about it all, because I think she’d already been thinking about it, and had been aware of it all… For me, it was all totally new ground… of course I knew all the ‘clinical’ aspects of what a girl’s period is and all that stuff – I‘ve read all the PD books and stuff, but to actually see how it actually affects your best friend…
My best friend… yes, when I say it just like that, it’s true… she IS my best friend. I think we’ve both grown up a whole heap just in the past few days… this is so weird to be sitting here thinking about all this stuff… I mean, oh.. I dunno what I’m trying to say…

No. 56

Ring ring… ring ring… Hello? Oh hi Jenny, how are… wassat? Really? Flowers? Right on your doorstep?… and a card? Oh really…? Oh, I think you must have a secret admirer, then… who’d want to send you something lovely like that…? Really? On the card? Who’s name? Really? Mine? Well – fancy that! Hope you’re not allergic… no? That’s good. Jenny?… Jenny?… you can stop crying now… you are happy…? yay!

NB. Collaborative fanfic with ‘bubbles’ Oct 2005. ‘Bubbles’ is a fluffy pomeranian 1st grader.

On the bus that morning, Cynthia, Laura and Edna had gathered Bubbles sit with them apart from the other boys. Edna started first with a nod over toward the dingo boy. “Bubbles, would you do me a favor? See the cute, older dingo boy over there? Don’t look! He’s… a special friend of mine and…”
Cynthia picked up right where Edna trailed off, “He’s got this condition.” The bunny girl put on her best performance as she faked a sniff and the onset tears, “Blue Balls.”
Laura jumped in with her own Oscar worthy performance, “Yeah… and the doctors say its only a matter of time before… before..”
Edna finishes, on the verge of her own play-acted tears, “they explode… poor Paige…!”
Bubbles looked around at all the older girls, her glass-blue eyes quite wide indeed. “Oh my! H-ow can I help?”

That’s exactly what the older girls were hoping to hear, the kindergarten pom had bitten and now they went to reel her in. Edna leaned over to whisper the particulars in Bubbles ear. Bubbles eyes only widened further as she gasped and had to glance back at Paige. “You mean?…his nuts…?” The older girls nodded solmenly together as Bubbles continued, “And if I don’t…”
The older girls nodded solemnly again, Laura adding, “BOOM… all over the place.”
Cynthia, “We’ve done everything we can for him…but we need you help him now.”
Edna added a plaintice, “Please?? You gotta.”
Bubbles took a resolute breath, “I will!”
The older girls almost gave their little prank away just then with giggles but held steady. Laura finishing up their dirty work, “Catch him at recess today. He hasn’t got much time.” With a little nod from the young pom it was all set.

At recess/break, Bubbles headed away from her classmates toward the older cubs. When she saw Paige coming she ducked around a corner and crouched down in wait.

The dingo boy was with Pokeinfo and Edward who were poking around for details on Jenny and he again. The three boys were locked in conversation when a warm, furry paw snuck down into Paige’s pants, little fingers wrapping around his sheath and boyhood. The warm little paw gently squeezed and a concerned looking little pom pup piped up with her ears laid back, “Don’t you worry…I won’t let you ‘splode all over the playground from your blue balls… Come with me… I’ll help you.”

Not far off, Cynthia, Laura and Edna pretend to be talking but just couldn’t really contian their giggles…

“Blue balls…? How did you hear about…” Paige spluttered.
“Oh come on DP,” Pokeinfo piped up, being fully made aware of the practical joke from Cyn just a few minutes earlier. “You can see the little tike just wants to help… give you a helping hand… go for it, man! We’ll cover for you, won’t we, Ed?”
“Yah, tis cool DP… go for it, man!” And he addressed young Bubbles with a caring smile, as Poke had to turn his face away to hide his huge smirking laugh. “You’re a good friend to DP here, my young Pom. Help him out and help him, will you? We don’t want his blue balls to pop, do we…? There’s a good girl.”
Paige was led off with a curiously bemused expression behind some nearby bushes, as the boys egged him on.

“Oh gawd, Bubbles… I’m gonna… gonna… explode…!”
“Oh NO! No you’re not! I’ve got to stop that from happening! Here, let me go faster…”
“Oh shivers, little one… I’m gonna go like everywhere…” he gasped breathlessly, her little paw and lips sliding faster and faster over his glistening cockhead.
“Nuh uh! Some more of this, and it’ll all go away… let me use my tongue too… mmmMMM…”
“Oh GOD… ! I’m gonna POP… like a firecracker…!”
“His poor blue balls are gonna blow up in my *face* any second if I don’t hurry up and do something FAST!” the little Pom thought in a quick panic. Opening her mouth as far as it would go, she took as much of his slick throbbing dick into her small wet mouth as she possibly could. Then she softly petted his poor swollen testicles with a careful paw.
“I’m gunna BLOW…” the dingo moaned, thrusting his hips deeper into the Pom’s sucking mouth. “Uurrgghhhh…!”

Paige’s first thick wad of dingo goo slammed straight down the back poor little pup’s throat, before she knew what was even happening to her. Pulling her mouth off him, Bubble’s face copped a right cumbath from the quaking dingo’s throbbing prick in front of her face. She knew she was helping him with her little paws stroking his shaft and balls, and with the huge amount of white glistening spooge shooting out in long thick streams from the hole at the end of his quivering penis.

As Paige’s orgasm began to ease, and the thick spurts began to lessen to a mere dribble, Bubbles spoke up proudly. “There you go! I stopped your blue balls from exploding, didn’t I? And just in the nick of time too, by the sound of it!” She sat up and started wiping the goo away from her small furry muzzle. Suddenly she was aware of the boys – and those girls just over there – laughing hysterically, holding their stomachs and rolling about…

“Jesus, Paige… you sure can cum like a firehose, boy!” Poke slapped him on the shoulder. “Wow Bubbles… you sure helped him out big time, hey?! Look at this mess!” Ed piped in, laughing.
Bubbles stood up proudly, her little furry chest puffed out excitedly at the attention from the bigger kids. “I sure did! I stopped his blue balls from exploding, didn’t I, girls?” she squeaked excitedly at the girls who were now coming across to join them all.
“Oh yeah, young Bubbles! Well done!”
“You little ball-breaker, you!”

No. 57

I haven’t told you much about Edna’s music lessons lately have I, diary? Well – fair enuff… I’ve had my mind occupied mainly elsewhere! No, actually Edna’s music lessons are going really well… she still comes around about twice a week for just half an hour after school, but now I try to always make sure that dad is home, so she won’t… get too carried away… I mean, we used to… get pretty… (ahem)… anyway, she’s calmed down enough around me to be able to hang out with me without feeling as though she just *gotta* yiff or fool around! Edna’s turned into a pretty good, loyal friend. I know she’s Ed’s little sister, and kid sisters are meant to be the baine of your mate’s friends and all that, but with Edna, it’s just different… hell, *everybody* seems to like Edna! Sure she’s an absolute cutie, but she’s just fun to have around too. Yeah, her music and recorder playing is a lot better, and she’s got a lot more confidence. She’s happy to sit and play for Jenny and I if she comes around too. She just sits and smirks at us, knowing full well what we must be getting upto when no-one’s looking… the funny thing is – we *aren’t*!

No. 58 – Jenny’s Sad Tale

“You know how you told me about… your sister and stuff, the other week, Paigey?”
“Uh huh. You OK with it? Still thinking about it, eh? Anything I can do…?”
“No, it’s not like that. I mean, the stuff you were telling me… I felt like… you were being really totally open and honest with me…about stuff nobody else knows about….”
“Well, that’s *you*, sweetheart. I have *never* felt it so easy to be able to talk to you about anything! It’s a huge spinout sometimes!” I smiled, my arm around her shoulder appreciatively. “I know stuff I can tell you doesn’t go anywhere else… just stays between us… I really love that about us, you know…?”
“mmMMM, yuppers,” she smiled back with her arm around my back in return. Then she pulled her arm away, and placed her hands in her lap, her head downcast, going quiet.
“If I tell you something… something I… I’ve *never* EVER told anybody else, *ever*… not even mum or dad… promise you won’t ever tell anyone, or laugh at me, or…”
“Oh god, Jen, I swear! I swear! I swear… ‘on the presciousss…’ “I tried to make a stupid joke, but she was quite serious.
“Jen, listen – look at me… whatever you tell me stays between us, I promise.” I gently twirled the small gold band on her left hand. “You can’t scare me off, you know… anyway, I really do promise that to you… you can cut my nuts off and wear them as a necklace if I ever do…”
“Oh, you great dag!” she slapped me on the arm with a smothered giggle.
“Oh, it’s alright, I already know what you’re going to say… it’s alright… I know that you… came to earth as a baby on board a spaceship from a planet about to be destroyed, and you were raised by two loving people who soon discovered your super powers…”
“Ouch! Owwwch! My arm!” I rubbed at my sore muscle she‘d punched.
“OK OK… I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Jen… I didn’t mean to… I’m just trying to… oh, I think I’ll just shut up while I’m behind… I am such an ass sometimes…!”
“Good!” she laughed, but her head was still down low against her chest.
“I really dunno how to say any of this at all, so I’m just gonna start and go from there, OK? Like I said, in all honesty I’ve never ever said anything about this to absolutely anybody ever, alright?”
“OK, alright Jen. I’ll listen, you talk,” I said, sitting back on my hands. It was time to stop the stupid wisecracks and comments, and just allow her to talk. She seemed like she really needed to get things off her chest.

“I used to have an uncle… dad’s brother I guess… used to, because he’s dead nowdays… anyway, when I was a little kitten, like before I was even at school… Uncle Robbie… please don’t hate me, Paigey…”
I held her hands in mine and looked into her face, giving her my full 100% attention.
“Never ever. Keep going, Jen. I’m still here.”
“Well, Uncle Robbie… when I was only little… he… he… did things… with me… bad things…like… he touched me… I couldn’t stop him… I was only little…” Her eyes were brimming with tears, as were mine.
“He hurt me, Paigey. He really *hurt* me!” her voice rose as did her anciently-repressed anger.
“Why did he HURT me, Paigey? WHY?!? What did I do to make him hurt me, Paigey? I hated him… I hated him for so long…I could never stand to see him for years afterwards… I even was really glad when I heard he was dead a few years ago… yes, I’m glad the… the *fucker* is dead. Oh god…”
Her head was in her hands as she sobbed uncontrollably.
“Oh god… Paigey… for all these years… I’ve been so SCARED… scared to get close to someone… scared… scared of that they might… hurt me… I don’t wanna get hurt again like that, Paigey… I know *you’d* never hurt me… I mean I hated the way my FUCKING Uncle did that to me! I hate him! I really fucking HATE him!”
I let her go. I didn’t stop her expressing her anger. I’d never heard her use language like that before, but it was irrelevant.
“AaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhHH!!!!!!!!” she screamed, slamming her fists into the ground.
“Why? Why? Fucking…WHY…?!?”
She collapsed sobbing into my arms, shaking slightly as her body was wracked with her raging emotions. And she cried… no, she howled like a baby… the tears were pouring down my own face soaking her hair… and somehow deep down I just knew that all she needed to do was just cry, to howl, to just let it all out… so I didn’t stop her… my heart was breaking listening to her broken sobs reefed out from deep within her hurting soul. All I could do was softly stroke her head as she collapsed in my arms.

We sat silently like that for about 15 minutes, just cradling her head in my arms, letting her sobs pour out, allowing her just to let it all out. Soon she slowly started regaining a sense of self-consciousness.
“Oh god… look at me… I must look so awful…”
I handed her my clean hankie and helped her wipe at her tear-soaked cheeks.
“No… no… you’ve never looked more beautiful…” I whispered softly.
“Don’t be *nice* to me now – you’ll just set me going again…!” she smiled with a snuffle.

No. 59

Later Jenny was able to flesh out a few of the details… apparently this so-called uncle of hers was murdered in jail about 3 years’ ago… apparently he’d attacked a guard, and they found him hanging in his cell… Jenny was secretly pleased he was dead, but she’d never been able to tell anybody about what had happened to her, all those years ago. She never realised how it’d been eating her up inside. Like a secret cancer she’d tried to forget about. But somewhere deep down it had still been affecting her.

“Paigey, thank you. Thank you for just being there for me.”
“Hey, no problem, sweetheart,” as we made the sign together for ‘I love you’.
“I just feel so… so different somehow… now that’s all off my chest… it’s impossible to explain… it’s like it’s just not there anymore… like a big black dark cold room has suddenly had all its windows flung open wide to let the warm sunshine and fresh air in again…”

As we continued on our afternoon bikeride, we stopped as we passed a spot down by the river.
“Remember this place, Jen? Just here,” I smiled walking across underneath a large birch tree. “Just here… I told you I loved you… for the very first time, you remember?”
“I’ll never forget it,” she said with heaven’s entire stars reflected in her eyes.
“I still love you, and nothing’s gonna change that. Jenny Katt – I love you. I adore you.” I bent down to pick up a few daisies growing at my feet.
“These flowers are beautiful, as you are. But soon these flowers and their beauty will wither and fade away. But my love for you will never fade away.” I handed her the flowers as her eyes continued to glow in their brilliant inky blackness. Closing her hand around them with mine, I took her paws in mine and stood directly in front of her, facing her.

Nature can be a bitch sometimes… ever had a bird shit all over your shoulder at a moment like that?!? Jenny and I just rolled around pissing ourselves laughing as I tried to wipe the bird crap off my shirt…

No. 60 – Don’t Forget to Brush

*** Here’s a story that just materialized out of thin-air late one night on Flashchat last week! Thanks to those who participated. Credit to Edna and all at School Days. Enjoy the buffoonery!
This sounds like that start of a new School Days chapter…
“Don’t Forget to Brush…”

Edna Fox rushed upstairs to the bathroom right before bedtime one night, after her mum scolded her for not brushing her teeth after dinner.
“Make sure you get into all those cracks and crevices, Edna dear…,” yelled her mum after her.
“Yes mummy…” Edna smirked… a bizarre thought popped into her devious furry young mind…

As usual, Edna hadn’t bothered with one minor detail when in the bathroom alone… Edward walked in thru the unlocked bathroom door…
“Oh my GOD, Edna…! What the…?!?”
“Oh, Hiya Ed… just brushing like mummy told me to… oooh… ahhh…”
“Uh…. oh my… is that… your… TOOTH-brush…?”
“Uh huh… just getting into those tight little crevices…. gasp…”

“Oh my farking GOD, sis… your pussy is FOAMING!!!” Edwards gasped in astonishment! Would his little kid sister ever cease to startle and amaze him…?!?
Ed grabbed the nearest towel and threw it beneath his little sister’s feet on the floor, to catch the thick foaming droops oozing out of the horny preteener’s cunt…
“Am I doing this right, big brother? Is this how mummy wants me to brush myself…?” Edna smirked over her shoulder.

Ed just stood there, mouth agape, pants bulging… although he’d never admit it to anyone else, he secretly loved the sight of his little sister’s naked butt and cunt, now spread open just a foot away from him… he sighed deeply as he took a step forward…
“Let me help you, Edna… if I stand behind you like this…” he gasped as his paw grasped the sodden brush handle…
The smell of minty freshness permeated the small tiled bathroom, as Ed slowly worked the foaming bristles in and out of his little naked sisters clasping pussy… the sounds of soft churning filled his ears and a sudden hot flush spread across his brow…

Shloosh sloosh sloosh… Ed glanced down at the sight of his kid sister’s crotch, and his eyes nearly popped right out of their sockets. “Geebus Edna… it looks like you’ve got rabies of the pussy… there’s foam ferking everywhere!” he sniggered, working the bristles with even more intent against her red swollen clit.
“There’s like toothpaste foam all over the floor and your legs and… down my hands and arms and… oh my… if you lean back any further, little sis, I’m not gonna be able to…. oh shit…” Ed gasped at his own rising excitement.
“It’s not a ‘mad dog‘… it’s a mad pussy, sis! Help! Help! I’m trapped in the bathroom with a mad rabid foaming pussy! Save me someone!” Ed giggled into her ear under his breath.
Edna grinned over her shoulder at her big brothers’ obvious discomfort… she could feel the heat of his throbbing cock thru his thick PJ pants radiating against her back…
As Edna’s groans began to get out of control, he was afraid their mum would hear their noise and come to investigate… Ed slowly pulled the sodden toothbrush out with a soft ‘plop’…
“What… the… FUCK did you stop for…?” Edna’s face turned to face him in a mix of fury and lust…
Before he could open his mouth, he responded the only way he was capable of at that precise moment… grabbing his sister by the hips, he aimed himself at her sodden crotch… his swollen boner bobbling out in front of him, obscenely protruding from the front of his PJ’s… he positioned himself for the final thrust, and…

“Are you done yet, Edna?” came their mum’s voice from somewhere down the other end of the house.
“Almost mum… almost…” she tried not to grunt lustfully.
Footsteps… on the stairs…!!!
“Edna! I want you out of there right – this – minute! Do you hear me, young lady…?” their mum snarled from behind the door…
“Coming, mummy… coming…”

“Fucking hell, big brother… this gives a whole new meaning to ‘giving yourself a good brushing,’ hey…?” she giggled breathlessly, as they heard their mother stalk back down the house.

No. 61

Yeah, sorry I haven’t written much just lately, diary… Jenny and I have been busy studying and rehearsing for School end-of-year plays and things like that… while she was menstruating (which is still a huge mind-spin for me, but I think is like so cool all the same!), we didn’t put ourselves in a position where we’d get too carried away foolin’ around… tho our kissing and cuddling technique is sure getting a whole lot of great practise! wOOt!

We’ve still been going for nice long walks and bike rides together, when the weather is fine enough. One afternoon after a warmish day, we were stoopid enough to try and take a quick swim in our pool… while we’d come straight from school, Jenny slipped into a pair of my old shorts while I got changed as well, and we ran and jumped into the deep end… bad move!
“FUUUCK!!!” we both screamed as our heads broke the surface… arms flailing as we anxiously fought to get to the edge to pull ourselves out of what felt like near-freezing water! I managed to pull myself out, and I helped Jen up as we sat shivering beside the innocent-looking pool on the grass. As we wrapped one-another up with our dry towels, we laughed at our own silliness thru chattering teeth. Fuck, it was so COLD! I thought my nuts would just come off!
“Geebus, now I know how those people on the Titanic must have felt…. Geebus…”
I helped her up and we ran back inside, where I ran a lovely hot shower for her. “You get warmed up in there, and I’ll wait until you’re finished, OK Jen?” I offered with a friendly smile. Walking out the door.
I turned back when I heard her soft, “Ummm… well…”

Her towel had already fallen off, and the small pair of cotton shorts had already been slid down and were sitting around her ankles. It was the first time I had ever seen Jenny completely naked… and I held my breath. Before I was able to move or even say anything, my young body responded in a totally natural way at the sight of the world’s most gorgeous young woman standing naked in front of me… my cock immediately sprung to direct attention without any conscious intention…in my embarrassment, I turned around and threw my hands in front of the crotch of my shorts, but Jenny was too busy laughing that happy sing-song laugh that just melts all my fears and cares away.
“Oh, you silly dingo boy!” she giggled behind a hand held over her mouth, not easily hiding a face-wide smirk.
“I… ahh…. Oh, I’m, like SO sorry, Jenny… I really…. didn’t mean… mean to…. oh god…” I stammered with embarrassment, trying to put the towel back around my waist, but it helpfully fell in a heap on the floor. Jenny grabbed it with her toe and pulled it out of my reach, and before I could straighten up from trying to reach it, I realised I was almost right in front of her nakedness…

Jenny had kicked the towel and shorts off into the corner of the small tiled bathroom, and offered an hand to help me stand upright again. My eyes met hers, and we momentarily couldn’t blink…
“It’s totally alright, sweetheart, it’s quite natural…. it’s alright,” she smiled at me with a slight blush.
“Would you like to… shower… shower with me, Paigey…?” whispered her tiniest soft sing-song voice in the echoy room.