School Days Chapter 8 – The Demonic Student

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

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Judy showed her two classmates, Ricky and Beth, the book she found in the attic of her grandmother. The girl was seemingly proud at what she had found. “Look.”, she said to the two wolfgirls. “I told you, my grandma is a witch. This book is about how to call demons.” Beth and Ricky looked at her and then at each other. “I still don’t believe it.”, said Beth finally and looked straight at the young mousegirl. “You are making fun of us, right? Those spells don’t really work, do they?”, Ricky asked her and looked a bit worried at the book. “Well, I read in it a little. You can call demons with it and make them fullfill wishes for you. We could make the demon do our homeworks or something like that.”, Judy suggested and placed the book infront of her two classmates. The two wolvettes agreed and began to read the ritual. Circles and mystic glyphs were drawn on the ground with white chalk. Judy explained her friends what to do to call the demon. “And then we have to give blood as some kind of tribute.” “Do we really have to?”, asked Beth and looked at Ricky.

Judy wasn’t sure herself. So she just shook her head no and smiled to the two wolfgirls. “Na. We leave that out. Blood is gross anyway.” The ritual reached its peak. The signs began to glow in a strange light as suddenly a creature began to form, right within the circle. It was rather small then huge and when the shadows finally vanished, a little winged rat sat in the circles. Holding a key in his paws.

The little demon looked at the three girls and let the key vanish in his fur. “You summoned me. Why?”, the young winged rat asked them. He seemed to be somehow in the age of 10-13, the girls guessed and moved around the circle. “You are tiny.”, gave Ricky as a complain. “You are cute.”, said Beth with a giggle and looked to Judy who was speechless from all the scene. “Why am I here?”, the rat-demon asked them again, glaring at them angrily. The girls didn’t sensed it, but right now, the young looking demon held his anger back quite well.

But once Ricky told him what to do, he exploded out of his anger. “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!!”, he shouted at them. “Do I look like your private teacher? I am not your butler aswell. People called me of the lowest things, but that does it. Doing your homeworks? Cleaning your rooms? I got mostly summoned, because for money, power, revenge or some other things like that. And you want me to do what? Why should I do that? You even didn’t summoned me properly.”, he told them and stepped out of the circle.

The girls backed away from him till to the edge of the room. “You shouldn’t be able to walk out like that and you have to do what we say. That is what the book says.”, Judy complained and began to cry. “Please don’t hurt us.”, begged Ricky. Beth fell on her knees and looked up to the ratdemon and began to beg aswell. “Please. We are sorry and we won’t do it ever again.” The eyes of his glew red like rubins. The fur of his dark like the night without stars. Standing above the three schoolgirls, they could do nothing but to look at him. “Please?”, asked Beth again and gave a little smile.

The sun was appearing at the edge of the horizon. Outside of the apartment-building, where Judy lived, birds were to hear. “Kids. Come down. Breakfeast.”, the mother of the little mouse called. How could she know that inside of her daughters room a demon was still fucking the cubs out of their mind. Ricky was still asleep from the 4 hours of nonstop mating. Judy had to watch how Beth was fucked in her pussy again, while her mouth was filled with the rattail. She suckled hungrily at it and began to stroke it, like she did his cock only 7 hours ago. Beth began to moan a final time before she loosed her consciousness again. The girls bodies were covered with cum and even their young folds were filled with the demonseed.

“Please.”, begged Judy and took the tail out of her muzzle. “Stop it. I am tired. We all are tired.” The demon placed Beth carefully on the ground and moved slowly towards the young mousegirl. “Tired? Allready?” “Yes. Please stop. I am hungry too and we have school today.”, she told him and looked scared at him. “Well, then go down. I will make your homeworks, while you eat. And then we can continue for more.”, he suggested and smiled. The girl could do nothing but nodding. “But what about…”, she began, but the young-looking ratdemon only waved with his paw. “Don’t worry about them. They won’t miss their class. I make sure of it. Just tell them, that they are still brushing their teeth or something. Oh, and it is not lying. That I can tell you.”

Judy thanked him, by kissing gently the demoncock. Judy’s parents bought the story and didn’t asked further questions. The girl was glad that her parents hadn’t recognized that she wasn’t wearing any panties today and the more she was glad that all the cum, that filled her pussy wasn’t leaking that badly out. Calling for her friends, she waited for five minutes before she left the house. She hoped that they would make it in time. Just when the young mouse was about to close the door behind her, she heard the voices of her friends. “Hey, wait. You forgot your homework.”, the two said with a chuckle and waved the textbooks in their paws. The demon held his promise, but still something felt not right.

The three managed to enter the class just in time, before it was beginning. “Say Beth. What happened with the demon.”, the young mousegirl asked. “Well, he is with us. He said he will enter this school too, so he will keep a close eye on us.” Judy was more then frightened by now. A creature like him at school? What would the teacher say, if demon told him, who summoned him. Nothing of that happened. The history teacher, a male gryphon who looked majestetic, entered the room, accompanied by a little brown furred rat. “Thats him.”, said Ricky and giggled silently. “Well, boys and girls. Everyone greet Scott. Scott just moved house with his parents to this town, so be all nice to him.”, the teacher said and gave the new student instructions where he was seated. It was not really a conincidence that he sat right behind the three girls.

Whispering to them, he explained “Scott is my name in this form. You can still call me either master or mylord. Whatever suits you, when I am in my original form.” The girls giggled and nodded, turning their heads back to the teacher. He knew that he should tell them his real name. But not now. For now Scott would be enough. Taking a seat behind the girls, he had more fun with teasing the girls, then listening what the teacher said. After all he knew allready what he said, before he said it. A moan out of Judys muzzle distracted the teacher for a short while. About to continue with his lesson, Beth was the next that interupted him with an even louder moan.

Trying to stay calm, he glanced over to her. Only 5 Minutes later and Ricky gave a loud shreek, which resulted not only to wake everyone up who was half asleep, but also to raise the anger of the teacher. “Beth, Ricky, Judy. Stand up. What is all that moaning? Are you playing with yourself, while I hold my class? You know that disturbing class will be punished.” “No sir. We haven’t done anything like that.”, the girls answered him, partly panting and huffing. The gryphon seemed not to be much convinced at the words of the girl. “Raise your skirts.”, he ordered and looked at them. “What?!” “You heard me. Raise up your skirts. Show me that you haven’t been lying.” “No way. Please don’t make us do this.”, the girls pleaded, but the teacher didn’t listen to them.

Raising their skirts everyone in the class got a good look at their dripping wet cunts. The teacher only raised an eyebrow and sighed. “Running around without panties is one thing, but pleasuring yourself during class is another. Well, why don’t you continue what you were doing. But you have to keep silent and everyone will watch. Oh, and you get into the detention class for today.” The girls sighed and looked back to their master. The teacher felt that there was more and walked over to ‘Scott’. “Young boy. Did you have something to do with that?”, he asked and looked closly at the rat. “Me sir? No way. Why should I.”, he answered him and put on his best pokerface he had.

The teacher seemed not to be very impressed and looked closely at the ratboy, whos tailtip was still dripping with the girlsjuices. “Oh, I see. After class I want to see the four of you in the detention room. You girls will wear no skirts for the rest of the day.”, he ordered and continued with his lesson. Scott didn’t smile. If it wasn’t to keep his secret, he would teach this mortal some respect. But it wouldn’t be wise without having his full power to protect himself against followers of the church or such kind.

The girls felt humiliated as they had to stay after school. Everybody could look at their bare asses and their partly moist cunnies. Even though the most of their arousel had dried, still enough of the wetness was left. “Where is that little demon, Beth?” “I don’t know Judy. But whereever he is, I don’t think he is up to something good.”


The girls were right. While they had to be sitting in the dentention room with showing everyone their pussies, the demonic rat had turned himself invisible, while he was standing in the girls restroom. It was when a red furred catgirl entered the room that led him grow an idea in his mind. It took not much strength for him to see for whom she had fallen in love. Step by step he approached her from behind, while she was looking in the mirror to brush her hair. Her eyes were green like Topaz, the hair had a slight split at the front, while the length of her hair went far over her shoulder. Such a cute nose, he thought as he moves his paws along her waist and began to squeeze her breasts.

The girl shreeked in surprise as she felt how something began to molest her. Trying to break free from the grip, the demonic rat had different plans for that girl. Forcefully he bend her over and ripped her panties away from her. “NO! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! HELP!”, she began to scream, only to be silenced by a bite on her neck. “Be silent, girl. If you are obidient I will make your dreams come true.” “Please don’t hurt me.”, she begged “I am still a virgin.” Her sobs reached deaf ears, but a hungry tongue as he licked over her face. Suddenly an image began to form in the mirror right infront of her eyes. “See? I take the form of the one you desire.”, he told her, while he let her see the reflection of a foxboy, with a pair of glasses on his nose.

The girl reached for the image in the mirror with her both paws and gave a moan of fear and pleasure once she saw Edwards picture. But as soon she touched the cold reflection the mirror seemed to melt around her hand and lock it into a chain of steel. Unable to move away, the fox began to twist his fingers slowly inside the tight sphincter of the redfurred kittengirl. The way he forced his fingers inside were rather uncomfortable then pleasurable, but it seemed not to disturb him at all. Again she tried to scream for help, but this time he stuffed her muzzle with her ripped panties.

Hard he slapped her butt, till an imprint of his paw was left behind. “Do what I say, or you will be punished. After all, this is your deepest wish.”, he growled and began to rub his length against her virgin slit. Slowly he pressed a thump inside her sphincter. Any time now, then it should happen.

“HEY! What is going on here?!”, a young foxboy began to shout as he rushed into the room. Right behind him a squirrel girl and a large Alligator. Both armed with hockeysticks. “Good gods. Edward, that is you over there.”, the Alligator gasped.

To be continued…