School Days Chapter 7 – Cubporn

 edit64Written by Harry McLeut*

DISCLAIMER: Any comparison to names, dates and places are of pure coincidence and definetly not wanted. If you know a cub who did anything like that please send name, address, photos to Sexy TV, Pornstreet 666, 54307 Fickstadt, Crypt, Mars, or just to our email address. All cubs were under parental watch through the doing of this project and were taught by professional assistance to do the following scenes.

“Camera 1, 10, 15, 25 back online.”, shouted the 30 year old male weasel to his partner. “Only had to change the cable this time.”

Once the two technicans left the video-room, Edwards father looked back towards the monitors. The pictures he saw gave him a raging hardon. He continued to massage his cock, which was quite impressive, even for a fox. On one of the monitors he could see his own son in the nude, while he had to do some private excercise with Mr. Trousers and her little helper lucy. That girl sure looked hot in her red leather outfit. Even though the only thing his son did were situps, he could clearly see how the teacher moved her hand under her leggings to rub her crotch.

He concentrated himself to look at another monitor were saw a young skunkgirl, not much older then his daughter, was fucked in the shower by a much older male. He guessed that one as her father. Turning the sound on, he could listen to the moans of the two. “Darling, if you finished helping our daughter to get clean, make sure that her fur is not getting static again.”

The male fox had to chuckle as he thought of a fluffed skunkgirl.

*NOTE: This chapter is a draft, and will remain uncompleted.