School Days Chapter 6 – Sisters in love

 edit64Written by Harry McLeut*

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3 weeks later.

The two Raccoon-girls Belle, the short for Jezzebelle, and Linda were still asleep, when the mother of the two knocked at the door. “Wake up you two. Its time for school. Don’t be late for the bus.”

Slowly Jezzebelle opened her eyes only to see her a few minutes younger twin sleeping next to her. Turning her sister onto her back, she looked at the body. The nightgown had moved over her belly and revealed her smooth lips of her girl slit. Gentle she traced along the soft slit and carressed the tiny lovebutton. “Wake up sis. Or do I have to make you?”, she teased and pressed her index-finger deep to the knuckle in the tight passage. With a yelp the younger twin opened her eyes and blushed bright. “Geez Belle, you are so naughty.”, she sighed in pleasure. Jezebelle smiled to her sister and nodded, just to thrust her finger fast and rapidly back and forth in her twins snatch. But just before she could reach her climax her sister stopped and jumped out of the bed. “Come on sis or we are late for school.”, she giggled and left their room, while she was still dressed in her nightgown. Brittanny was not happy that her twinsister left her hanging. She was about to cum when her sister stopped.


The driver was allways pleased to see the girls, since those two gave him a quick view of their pussy’s each time they stepped into the bus. The two chinchillas never wore panties, even not in the winter days. “Say, do you realize that all the boys want to play with us?”, Belle asked her sister. “Yes, but they won’t be lucky. Poor lil boys.”, Linda answered with a smile. All the teachers knew what sluts those two were, since they tried their stunts on them aswell. “You think we can make this cute lil foxy bring to play with us?”, asked Linda her twin sister. “You mean Edna? Oh, I am sure. I just have a plan.”


It was not easy for Edward to stay quiet in the library. And since Laura was with him it was harder then usual. The squirrel-girl was like a whirlwind as she grabbed every book that was needed for their homework. Why did they have to work together in the economics class, he wondered. If it would been one of the boys, he wouldn’t have the trouble with his feelings. He couldn’t explain why he felt attracted to this girl. Was it because of the blowjob she had given him at the first day, he wondered. Was it because of that, why they became friends? Laura looked at the troubled expression of her classmate “Hey Edward. If something bothers you, just tell. Or are your trousers just to tight for you?”, she whispered in his ear.

Edward shook his head “No. I was just thinking about something. But don’t mind. I am happy we are friends.” Laura smiled at the true answer of her fox-friend. Her muzzle touched his and now he was sure that she never would have licked his penis, if she would not have liked him. As he was leaning into the given embrace, he could see a red ear poking from behind one of the shelves. Did someone watch them? “Hey, no peeping.”, he said and soon the ear was gone from his sight. “What was it?”, Laura asked and looked towards the direction the fox-boy was looking at. “Mh, oh, nothing. I guess someone was just watching if we do our homework. Now lets continue. I need my good grades for the summer-vacation.” Laura smiled towards Edward “I heard those who pass the tests will travel to a special holiday camp. If it is the same camp like last year you will love it.”, she informed him.


Edna was caught by surprise as the two raccoon twins grabbed her by each side, once she was near the teachers lounge. The room was not quite what she expected. A candy and coffee machine stood in the far corner of the room. A few lockers for the teachers belongings were standing at the other side from the same room. Two doors with the male and female sign did show that the teachers had their own bathroom. A plain couch, a few chairs and 2 large tables to sit on. A shelf for the teacher-books she could see aswell. Edna believed to see something far more chilling and wonderfull, then a bad decorated room like that. No other teacher and student was in the room but her and the raccoon girls. “Hello. Remember us from the bus? Belle and Linda.”

“Yes, I do remember you. But what do you want from me?”, the little vixen wondered and looked at the two girls, who were both dressed in a Latex suit. While Belle was wearing a red latex-catsuit, her sister was dressed in a white colored one. Once she saw the strapon with the vibrator that Linda was wearing she looked at the two girl. “Well, we liked you the moment we saw you nude at the gym. Ohhh, you are so sexy. Please have sex with us. Please let us eat you out, please.”, the girls begged to her. Edna was confused at their behaivior and moved slowly a few steps back from them.

“Well, you see, you are nice, but well, I like someone allready.” The two girls looked at eachother and gave a knowing smile “Oh, we know you like boys. Specially that one boy you live with, right?” Edna gasped out loud. How could they know how she felt about her brother? Was it so much to see? But why didn’t saw it her brother then? “Yes. Please, can you help me? I do everything.” That was the cue the coon-twins had waited for. Each of them laid a paw on Ednas shoulder and smiled at her. “Well, we can teach you some tricks, but you have to do everything we say and do not do any questions.” Linda couldn’t have said it in a more serious way then she just did.

Edna nodded with a shy expression and let herself get undressed by the two girls. The twins began to lick over the young vixens small nipples. Her arms were raised and her armpits got cleaned aswell by tongues of the twins. Edna was too disatrected to recognize how the leather-cuffs were attached on her wrists. The girls continued till her whole fur was wettened by their salvia. “Bend down.”, Linda commanded and before the young vixen could even react, she was forced down by Belle, till her muzzle touched the crotch of the coongirl. She couldn’t to herself why she did, but something in her forced her to lick at the fake cock that was attached on Lindas crotch. She imagined that she was licking the cock of her brother, only to attack the toy with her tongue with even more passion. The twins were amazed at the behaviour of the young girl. Both could feel how their own pussies began to grow wet.

Linda couldn’t hold herself back anymore and began to thrust in the vixens sucking muzzle. Belle attached in the meantime a collar around Ednas neck. To keep this girl as their little fucktoy they would do everything, that was clear to both of them. Being turned on by the doing of her sister, Belle grabbed the tail of their new friend and began to rub it over her latex covered crotch. “Edna, we will be your best friends and make sure that you will happy.”, she groaned.

Both of them ever wondered if she still was a virgin, but the way Edna worked her muzzle on the dildo made them believe that she was no longer one. As Belle entered her pussy with her toe and felt her hymnen, she gasped in surprise. Edna screamed loud over the dildo, which was deep down her muzzle, once she felt the sudden intrusion of her privates. She wasn’t afraid of what was done to her, but feeling the toe enter her tight and wet passage did surprise her. Belle stopped her intrusion immidietly. She could feel the glare of her sister on her, as she carressed now the folds of the young foxgirl with her tongue. “Edna,”, Linda began “if you hang out with us more often, we will teach you alot of those games and even more. and we will help you with your brother.” Edna took the fake-cock out of her muzzle for just a moment “You really would?” “Of course. What friends are for, right Belle?” “Right.”


Within a private section of the library, Laura had taken care of the hard-on that she has given her fox-friend. She looked up to Edward, who began suddenly to sneeze. Her head was between his legs, his cock drawn out of his trousers. Salvia dripped from his erection. “Is something wrong?” “I don’t know. I think someone is talking about me.”, he told her. “Oh, I better warm you up, not that you get a cold.” Before the fox could do anything, the young squirrel girl took her place on his lap. He groaned out loud in pleasure once he felt her pussy clamp over his cock. “Mhhhh, I like you Edward. And specially I like your little Edward.”

Peeking through a part of the door, that usually was closing the private section, a red furred cat-girl pleasured herself. She was jealous at the squirrel-girl, but as she saw how the boy was taken by the girl it just turned her on. ‘Oh Edward, I wish you would do this to me.’, she thought to herself.

*NOTE: This chapter is a draft, and will remain uncompleted.