School Days Chapter 5 – Bunnies

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

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Pokeinfo was happy that he could escape the bunnies the last day. Still he couldn’t figure out what was that all about. All he did was licking the girls feets and it seemed for sure that they liked it. All the time he had to think at that. Even at classtime he was bothered with the thought that those bunnies had something in mind. Preparing for the next class, he found a letter inside his locker. He looked to the right and the left, but couldn’t find anything suspicious. Fellow students talked to others and some of the boys were groping the girls. Nothing unusual on this school. Opening the letter he found an invitation to a party.

Again he looked around and wondered why he was invited to a party. And even more as the guest of honor. It wasn’t his birthday, he knew, so why would he get an invitation to a party as a guest of honor, he wondered. Curious and excited he thought of going to the party. As he looked on the date, he gasped in sheer surprise. The party was today. He really hoped that his parents would allow him to go to the party, even though it was right in the middle of the week.

Right after his lesson in History, Cynthia approached his desk. Pokeinfo was happy to see the bunnygirl. She seemed to like him alot, he thought. After all, she was with him most of the time. “So, will you come to the party?”, she asked and smiled. Gentle she scritched him under the chin. With a purr of joy he answered her with a yes. “Good, see you later then, stud.” “Yes, see you later, Cynthia.” He promised himself alot and couldn’t wait till the school was finally over. “And why did they do it? Pokeinfo?”, the teacher called him and dragged him out of his thoughts. The boy forgot everything around and looked befuddeled at the teacher. “Pokeinfo. Your grades get worse and worse. I suggest you call your parents that you will return later today. You will go to detention. Again.”

The poor lionboy moaned at that message. “If you thought it would be a good day, allways something bad happens.”, he mumbled to himself and sighed. After explaining the whole mess to his parents, he was surprised that his parents still agreed that he could go to a party. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, he knocked at the door, where Cynthia lived. “Uh, hi. I was surprised that you would hold a party for me.”, he said and smiled, once she opened the door. “Are we two alone or will more come.”, he asked, while he entered the house. “Everyone is here allready. You are just in time.”

Not recognizing the sound in her voice, the young lion entered the living room, where about all the bunny-girls from his school were sitting or standing around. “Uh, I am the only boy here.”, he told Cynthia, which she answered with a giggle. “What do you have in mind? Hey, you are the ones who tried to capture me. What do you want?”, he said and moved slowly back towards the door. The grip of Cynthias paw on his wrist let him stop. “Don’t worry. They want to excuse themselves for their behaivour. They are fans.”, she told him and giggled. The girls nodded to the words of Cynthia. “Yes. Please forgive us. We are sorry. You see, we are doing this party just for you. We all know that you like to lick our ears and feets, so we want to give you a lot of feets and ears to lick from.

Pokeinfo couldn’t believe what he just heard. He sat down on the couch and smiled “Okay. I forgive you. After all it is understandable, since I am the teamcaptain of the soccerteam.”, he told the girls, which shrieked loud in joy “You are soooo cool Pokeinfo. Yes, we admire you. Do you have a girlfriend? What girl is your type?”, the girls began to ask him. The young lion felt like a star amongst the girls. “Say girls. Isn’t it getting quite hot in here?”, he asked them. He recognized that it really was getting hotter, but didn’t knew why. He looked to Cynthia to ask her to open a window, but held the question back as he saw how his bunnygirlfriend began to undress right before his eyes, leaving nothing on but her pink panties.

Pokeinfo turned his head and gasped. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. But right now the show was replaying in front of his eyes again. Only that all the other bunny-girls stepped out of their clothes, leaving nothing on but their under garments. “Hey. I know that it is hot, but that hot?”, he said. He felt one of the girls opening his trousers, while another one was about to get rid of his T-Shirt. He shrugged mindly and let himself get undressed by the girls, only to see that he was complete in the nude. With being the only boy in the whole house and having over a dozens of bunnies around him, Pokeinfo felt something like fear, but also something like excitment. He looked to the girls and leaned back, enjoying how they began to treat his cock with their feets. “Pokeinfo, you want to like to play a game? The game is simple. We do things and you must behave. If you don’t behave we tie you up and you can only watch and do nothing.”

“Sure, no problem. I am game.”, he told the girls, who allready rubbed their feets along his whole body. He felt like melting. “Watch out.”, said one of the girls, but the lionboy found himself allready on the ground with over a dozens of feets on his body. “I like feets, but not being stepped on.”, he said with a quite angry face. “Pokeinfo, behave.”, all the girls cheered.

Once back on the couch, some of the girls sat next to him, rubbing their preteen snatches right infront of his eyes. “Who are you by the way?”, he asked. The girls asked him not to talk, but answered his question. “I am Brittany and this is my twin sister Jane. We are a few classes under you.” Pokeinfo guessed them to be at least 10 years old. He was brought out of his thought when two other bunnies climbed onto the table. He could at first not believe what he saw, but right before his eyes he saw a real lesbian show.

Two bunnies, maybe not older then the two next to him licked and fingered their tiny pussies. Revealing what is behind the little entrences, he could see that those girls were still virgins. Moving his paw to his cock, the looks of the other girls made him stop. Even though such a hot show was happening right infront of him, he would not behave if he would stroke his cock right now. Still, it asked for attention and those two greyfurred bunnies seemed not to thinking of giving him a helping paw, he thought.

Just when he thought it wouldn’t get any hotter, he saw how another bunnygirl was climbing onto the table. He knew that girl. She was in the same class like him. Her name was Miranda and was also about 13 years old. Wearing a strapon, he wondered where she got that from. With a begging smile, he looked to the twins and sighed. It was a mercy from the girls as they began to stroke his throbbing shaft, which only asked to shoot his load. But those two were really great teases and stopped everytime when he was about to cum. “If you want us to make you cum, then you must do something for us too, Pokeinfo.”, one of the bunnies told him and moved herself close to him. Presenting her young pussy to his muzzle, he knew right what to do and began to lick on the sweet tasting slit. Pokeinfo preferred to lick the bunnies feets or ears more, but to get a taste of a virgin puss was something aswell. That they were so forward he couldn’t believe.

Like promised the girls continued to stroke his shaft. “Close your eyes. We have a surprise for you.”, he heard Cynthia saying to him. On one site he wanted to see the 3 bunnies having sex with eachother, but then again he was curious of Cynthias plans for him. So he closed his eyes, like he was asked to do. Making sure that he wouldn’t peek his eyes were held close aswell. “Now lean back and enjoy.” The young lion didn’t need to be asked twice to do that and sighed as he felt a paw begin to rub and stroke his shaft. The girls giggled, since they all knew that one of them was actually a boy, dressed as a girl. Seeing the bunnyboy stroking the cock from the head of the soccerteam made them giggle. “Yes, that feels good. Stroke me faster. Make me cum, please.”, begged Pokeinfo and bugged against the paw. Not long it took and his cum was saved in a glass.

This must be heaven he thought as Cynthia took the glass and drink the sperm right out of it. “Mhhhh, a bit salty. I think you should eat less junkfood.”, she told him, which made the most girls laugh. With an angry look Pokeinfo grabbed on of the girls and snuggled her tight, pressing his muzzle between her ears. “I don’t eat that much junkfood.”, he grumbled and licked around the sides of the huge ears. “Hey, let go of Jane.”, Brittany said and pounced the lionboy. “I want my share too.” “Stop it sis. I like how he tickles my ears. That felt kinda funny.”, Jane giggled and pushed her twin sister away. Soon the boy found himself between two 10 year old girls who were fighting with eachother. Him in the middle, he got the most out of the ticklefight, where it finally ended.

Pokeinfo was about to give up, when Jane finally stopped her sister. Each of the girls kissed the boy on his cheek and left the couch. “He, what?”, he wondered and looked back to the 3 girls, who layed panting on the table. “Well, since this seems to be a party, why is there no food for everyone?”, he asked and looked around. Really, the girls forgot to get something to eat. “Pizza?”, one of the girls asked “PIZZA!” “Okay, I call one.” After dialing the number of the Pizza-delivery-service and ordering the food, she looked back to everyone. “Well, they be here in 30 minutes. Everyone collect some cash.” Looking at eachother dumbfolded, Cynthia gasped “I don’t have some cash either. How shall we pay them?”

30 minutes passed and still they didn’t figured out how to pay the delivery service. The ringing of the doorbell brought them out of their thoughts. One of the youngest opened the door and looked up to the boy who brought the pizzas with him. “Pronto. Pizza, 25 of them. You pay in check or in…”, he began to say and stopped as he saw the nude bunnygirl infront of his eyes. “Sorry, we can’t pay. We have no money.” The teenage horseboy looked at the girl and smiled “Well, if I can take some photos from you, then the pizzas will be on me.”

The girls inside the apartment were still figuring out how to pay and didn’t recognize what was going on outside. The pizza was brought inside of the house and the boy led in the bedroom, where 2 of the girls did a doubleteam on the bunnyboy, who was still dressed in the girlsclothes. “Sorry.”, the little bunny gave as an excuse and left the room.

Meanwhile Pokeinfo found the pizzas that was brought to them. “Uh, girls. The guy was allready here, I guess.”, he said, which brought the girls to complete silence. They didn’t recognize that he went in and brought the food in the apartment. Wondering who paid him and how, Pokeinfo got himself a pizza and sat back down. “Well, I thought this is a party. Lets get it on.”, he announced and the music was turned back on.

Till to the late night the party went on. The next day Pokeinfo slept half day through the classes, like every bunnygirl who joined the party. Even though they got detention for the next days all of them did agree in one thing. It was worth it.

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