School Days Chapter 4 – Not to run is not an option

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

DISCLAIMER: Any comparison to names, dates and places are of pure coincidence and definetly not wanted. If you know a cub who did anything like that please send name, address, photos to Sexy TV, Pornstreet 666, 54307 Fickstadt, Crypt, Mars, or just to our email address. All cubs were under parental watch through the doing of this project and were taught by professional assistance to do the following scenes.

“Hey Edward.”, shouted the young lion as soon as Edward and his sister entered the schoolbus. “Is everything allright?”, he asked the young fox. “Yes, Pokeinfo. Everything fine, only that I had to be nude infront of everybody, including my sister and that I felt so bad back there.” “Its allright. That is quite normal for the first time. Later you will get used to it.”, the lion tried to cheer him up. “I will never get used to it.”, he said to him and sat down on one of the benches.

Jenny turned towards Laura and smiled at her “Come on. What happened? Did you catch him at the first day?”, the little kitten asked her. “Well.”, Laura began “I promised him not to tell. But I can really say that he is a real cutie and I would like to meet him again. Maybe I can bring him to make the homeworks with me.”, the squirrelgirl giggled.

Edna looked at her brother. She could only hope that he didn’t figured out what happened the last night. But Edward did behave in his usuall shy way. But once they past Laura and Jenny, he seemed to blush even more. Once they took their seats Edward turned towards his sister “Listen, what happened in school. I don’t want to think about it anymore. Okay? That was embarressing for me.”, he told her. She only nodded. She couldn’t really understand the fuss he made, but she knew how shy her brother was. Somehow Edna couldn’t believe that Edward would ever find a girlfriend with this kind of attitude.

“Hey Edna. Your brother is really cute.” Edna turned around and giggled. Jessica, a little ferret with pink coloured ears, greeted her in that quite unusual way. “Say, did you ever met the twins?”, the girl asked the little vixen. Edna shook her head no and looked curious what she meant. Right at the front were the twins. Two complete identical Raccoon girls. Those two really didn’t needed a mirror. The only difference where the styling of their hairs. While one brushed the hair to the left, the other one did it to the right. Also they way they waved was something. “Belle is left-handed and Linda is right-handed. You really don’t know if one of them climbed directly out of the mirror. You know. Like in one of those smurfs episodes.”

Edna was really amuzed at those two. “Hey, what is so funny?”, the two asked in stereo. Edna looked amazed at them and laughed “You two are amazing.”, she laughed. The twins couldn’t understand her at first and finally recognized “Oh yeah. We remember. You are the new one.” Edna nodded. It didn’t took long till they became friends.

The big break. Everyone liked it, since they could finally relax a little longer from all the stress in the class. The fuss the teachers made about the homeworks and also to get away from the fellow students who had nothing better to do, but to throw little papers at someones head. The most students had their corners. There were the cheerleaders, who talked about the next soccer season, where they were asked to cheer their people on. Laura, also the head of the cheerleaders, was about to give the girls some instruction, when suddenly Jenny approached her.

“Have you seen Pokeinfo?” “No. Why do you ask?”, Laura wondered and looked at the blackfurred kitten. “The Mathteacher wants to see him. Didn’t told me why. Just said that I shall get him for him.”, Jenny told her and looked at the team “Panties?”, she wondered and looked at the squirrel. “Yes. A team from out of town is coming. So, well, we have to be more descent.”, Laura giggled and smiled “Oh, you pooooor girl.” “Go on and find that guy. You have a duty, remember?”

Behind the gym the little lion, called Pokeinfo talked to two bunnies “Come on. You will like it. It is really fun and not bad.” “Mmmmmmmm okay. We do, if you catch us.”, they told him and made a dash. That kind of reaction was really unexpected. “What? Hey, wait for me!”

Edward was unaware of those scenes. But how important that would be later for him, he should find out pretty soon. It was in this very big break, when Rodrigez approached the foxboy. “Oh, there you are. You got me in trouble yesterday, for that you will pay, geek. Be prepared for a lesson.”, the huge alligator threatened the young fox. Edward tried to back away, but Rodrigez had him allready on his tie.

“Fight fight fight fight.”, everybody chanted suddenly and surounded the two. Edward was not prepared for something like that. He wasn’t a fighter. He hoped allways to stay out of things like that. Edward was close crying. He remembered the time in his former school, where all the fellow students made fun of him, just because he was the silent type.

It didn’t take long and he felt the first blow of the lizard at his face. It nearly knocked him out allready as he fell down on the ground “Come on. Is that all you have got?”, the alligator mocked him. Everybody laughed. He felt so weak, so vulnarable at that very time. He couldn’t figure out what was worse. The day before or the day at that very moment for him.

“Laura, there is a fight in the yard. Rodrigez is hitting someone again.” Laura sighed and looked at the parrotboy. “And? You know I don’t like looking at those kind of fights.”, she told him. The boy shook his no “You don’t understand. He is beating up the new guy.” Laura wasted no time and tossed the boy out of her way. She remembered on the way to the yard what Edward told her in the bathroom. Could it be really him, fighting against the guy? Fearing that he would be killed by the alligator, Laura ran as quick she could towards the yard.

In the meantime Pokeinfo was still hunting the bunnies. He tried his best to capture them, but those girls were definatly to fast for him. They chuckled as the led him closer to the front of the gym. He just could see how they entered the hall, before he finally reached the doors. The boy was out of breath, once he reached it. It took him some moments till he found the strength to open the door. “Ready or not here I ….” He couldn’t finish the sentence, after he opened the door. What he saw were about twenty bunniegirls. Only one thing crossed his mind. Running as fast as he could.

Edward was pushed down again. He wanted to run away, but there was no way out. “EDWARD!”, he heard someone scream his name. “Edward. Don’t fight. Please.”, he heard the voice again, but couldn’t figure out where it came from. He felt his body lifted. He closed his eyes and shivered in fear, awaiting the next blow to come. But that blow never came. All he could hear was another noise, which came closer towards their direction.

“HEEEEEEEEEELLLLP!!!”, the little lion screamed. Right after him about twenty bunnies on his trail. Rodrigez let the boy go and his eyes went wide as he saw how the crowed made place for the boy on the run. Just before the aligator could react, the boy and all the bunnies punshed him on the ground and stomped him deep in. Only the tail and his arms were not in. Dozens of footprints the girls left on his body. “One, two, out.”, said one of the male students. Another one looked down at him and nodded “Yep, definatly out cold.”

Thirty minutes later. Edward was in the vice-principals room. The foxboy swallowed hard and awaited the worst to happen. Being expelled from school this early. His parents would kill him, he thought. Behind the desk waited the vice-principal. He looked calm and friendly. “Edward, I heard what happened in the schoolyard. I saw also what happened from the window. You will not be expelled, but you have to stay after school, together with Rodrigez.”, said the friendly looking pandabear. “It is necessary that you get along. You don’t have to like eachother, but respect. I will talk to you both at another time about the differencies you two have, if haven’t settled it. If any of you students have any problems, come to me or to the counselour. That is what she is for. Now go. You are dismissed.”

Edward left the room and looked quite surprised at that reaction. Rodrigez stood suddenly next to him “He is a great guy. Sorry for hitting you.”, the aligator told him. “I I really didn’t peeked. Its a long story.”, Edward tried to excuse. “Hey, don’t freak about that. Allready forgiven. I kicked you for my own problems. Well, bye. Again Edward looked confused. Unsure of what just had happened. Was he dreaming? He saw a bandage around the Alligators head. Maybe there was one bunny too much on his head. He was sure that he would be the same at the next day.

Far away…. okay, not far away. Close behind the schoolpool, a little lion boy, known by all as Pokeinfo, looked around the corner, unsecure. He was able to outrun the bunnies after a long while and made a dash home. He didn’t knew what the next day would bring him.

(Stay tuned for Part 5: BUNNIES!!!! and see the adventure of a little lion. )