School Days Chapter 3 – Who is the foreigner Girl?

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

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(The following text was written by the foreigner girl)

I will tell what will happen in this episode, since Mr. McLeut is away for a few weeks. He told me not to say my name or where I come from. This will be told in another episode, he said. I find it stupid, but whatever. But he allowed me to tell about myself. I begin now. Ready?

I joined the school a week before Edward and his sister joined the very same school. When I entered the class, I was put in, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Everyone was staring at me, so I believed. Being from a different country I thought it would be hard to find new friends here. How I got to the school? My older school and the St. Lovejoy Private School had joined an exchange program and so I got here. All those eyes on me, I felt really strange, like a bait ready for all the predators.

Seated next to a dalmatian girl named Karin I felt a bit better aswell. The small glasses, that made her looking quite a bit like a librarian, let her still look kinda cute. Her ancestors came from Europe and she was named after her grandmother, she told me. I was glad that the first class I had was the native language. I wanted to find new friends as soon as possible and wanted to be able to talk with them a bit better.

It shouldn’t take long till I found out what was so special about this school. Sex between students was permitted. Teachers were not allowed to have sexuall intercourse with them. It was forbidden to disturb class of course. And also no one should be forced to do it. So as long the student remained happy, the authorities looked away.

Some teachers moved at the edge of the rule, but never broke it. When one day I saw Karin sucking the cock of a bull-boy, while she got tailfucked by a rodent, I think it was an albino rat-boy, something in me changed. This scene was so obscene, so pervert, but somehow I liked watching it. Yes, I liked watching my classmate doing stuff with the boys from other classes. The whole body of mine felt to strange and I had a tingly feeling between my legs and my chest. I didn’t recognized it at first, when my paw found its way to my little treasure.

But in the moment I touched it and my finger found the smooth slit, I couldn’t hesitate and began to rub it. It was the first time I did it. And all the time I was watching my classmate mating with the boys. It was the first time that this happend, but not the last time. Each day seemed to be worse then the last one and each time I found myself rubbing and carressing myself in the most private areas. Feeling how hot I got between my legs and how my nipples stood erect were such a turn on like the matings I was able to see. Everytime in danger to get caught let my pussy grow wet and let me cum, when they came.

It happened that I found myself looking for those kind of happenings. I wanted to see the students mate with eachother. See how they sucked cocks or licked pussies or did even more. One of the hottest scenes I was able to see were a happening between two bunny-girls and a lionboy. Somehow he was able to seduce them. It was quite funny how he brought them to lift their legs, so he could sniff onto their feets.

The boy really seemed to be something like a foot-fetishist. Each of the girls got their feets licked. They seemed to like it, sine the giggled at the behaivour of the boy and also I thought it looked kind of funny. But seeing the growing bulge in the shorts of the boy taught me soon the better. It made him actually horny. How does it feel to get the feets licked, I thought to myself and left them alone, since the bell rang for the next class.

Being afraid that I was sick, I went to the school-nurse, who did a checkup on me. The mink woman was friendly and gentle, still I couldn’t hold back a moan, when she moved the thermometer into my butt. But hearing that I was in heat confused me. It was the very same day I saw him. A squirrel girl was with him and talked to him, like they have been friends for a long time. His name was Edward, a foxboy. He looked kind of cute, but since he had a girlfriend he was out of range for me.

My classes had just ended, when I heard a moan behind the bushes, near the school. Something, that looked like a mixture of a reptilian and a snake was mating with another reptile creature. I recognized the larger reptile as the bully of the school whos name was Rodrigez or something like that. He was friendly with the girls, aslong he got his way with them, I was told. The snake was a female student. In the moans I couldn’t catch their names really, but watching them made me hot again.

My panties dropped onto the ground, my fingers found the allready wet cunny of mine. And just in the same rythmn the alligator was thrusting his cock into the snakegirl, my fingers thrusted back and forth into the tight pussy of mine. I couldn’t believe what I was doing right here in the open. Hearing someone approaching me fast, I stopped pleasuring myself. And I was just about to cum. I really was pissed at that, but then again, what if the others caught me? The aligator allready moved his head to my direction. It was time for me to leave and so I ran away, hoping that I wouldn’t be recognized or even worse, getting caught.

I was exhausted and panted. My legs felt wobbly and I also felt my juices run down my legs. Just then I recognized it. I lost my panties back there. I just could hope that no one would find them there, so I could get them back later. Slowly I moved back to the front porch of the school, still horny from what I have seen and I was doing myself. Yes, I really must be in heat I thought and blushed all over.

Right then Karin surprised me as she touched my shoulder “Hey. Are you allright? You are all flushing.”, she giggled and smiled at me. I smiled back and nodded “I am allright. Its nothing. What were you doing?”, I asked her and she answered me openly and with an answer I didn’t really expected.

“Me? Oh, I was fucking some boys in the class. Doing some homework for biology.”, she giggled. “What do you mean?” Laying her right arm around my shoulder, she giggled again “Well, Mr. Thompson, our biology teacher gave us homework. You remember? The sexual intercourse and how it is proper made.”

I must have looked really pale, because Karin suddenly looked all worried at me “Hey, don’t worry. He wouldn’t pick anyone to show it how it is made. It is just that we have to explain how to do it. And you know. Practice is better then theorie. You can take the books if you want to.”

Karin was sure a tease when it came to sex. I really hoped that she never would find my secret out. “So, what are you up to now?”, she asked me. “School ended so I go home, doing homework and after that I don’t know. Maybe I play house with my toys.”, I answered her. She looked at me and nodded “Can I come with you? We could do homework together and play together. Is that allright?”

I wasn’t sure at first, but then again I never had brought a friend home. “Sure, but let me ask first if it is allright.”, I told her and she smiled. When we were just leaving the schoolground I could see Edward leave aswell. His head lowered and the ears dropped, it seemed he had a bad day. I didn’t gave it a second thought. His girlfriend would take care of him.

The people I lived with were very nice to me and did allow me to learn with Karin. I was surprised when I heard that I had to live with buffalos. Expect what I thought at first, they treated me with respect, so I gave them my friendship. They treated me even like their very own daughter, who was now with my family. Playing house with Karin made really lots of fun, but somehow I wanted to have sex with her too. I didn’t tried anything on her. I didn’t wanted to startle her. I had seen that some of my schoolmates did it with eachother, even they were the same gender.

I shook away the thought and we both finished the homeworks and played for a long time. Mr. Awersome, that was the name I was living with, now I remember, brought Karin home. Mrs. Awersome laid a paw on my shoulder and smiled down at me. “She is a very nice girl. And I think you made a very good friend back there.” I was tired from all the work and the things that happened. And so I went to bed, sleeping till the very next schoolday.

(I hope that Mr. McLeut will continue to tell the story next time. I very sorry, but I ain’t as good as him. So stay tuned for the next episode of School Days. ‘Not to run is not an option.’)