School Days Chapter 2 – Beware of Mrs Trousers

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

DISCLAIMER: Any comparison to names, dates and places are of pure coincidence and definetly not wanted. If you know a cub who did anything like that please send name, address, photos to Sexy TV, Pornstreet 666, 54307 Fickstadt, Crypt, Mars, or just to our email address. All cubs were under parental watch through the doing of this project and were taught by professional assistance to do the following scenes.

Ever had a female sports teacher who looked gorgeous in elementary school? Those students sure had trouble with this kind of teacher. She seemed to know the secret theme of the school right from the beginning. Whenever the cubs were under the shower she had a good look on them. Mostly feared were her sudden examinations. ‘As a good sports teacher I must be sure that my students are healthy.’, were her words all the time. Vanessa, a 10 year old chipmunk, was the helper of Mrs. Trousers and no better then her. No, even worst.

Vanessa stormed into the boys locker room and caught the cubs with their trousers down. “Mrs. Trousers has a new rule. Everyone who fails in the first half of the training to give the best has to make the rest in the nude.” The boys moaned loud and chook their head. “Everytime it is something new.”, said Pokeinfo and seemed not to be happy about the whole situation “I end up in the nude and all the bunnies look at me instead of me at the bunnies.” Edward looked at the lioncub and smirked. “Oh, and all the new ones must perform topless.”, Vanessa continued and left the locker-room.

Edna had more luck that day. In Cynthia she found a friend right away. “You have a beautiful body, Cynthia.”, said the little vixen. “Thank you. But yours is not bad either.”, answered the bunny. “Here in the lockers are leotards for us girls. Fits all sizes.” Edna couldn’t believe what she saw. The blue leotard with red stripes on the side did fit. Even though her fur was pressed tightly against her skin, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but what made her blush was the fact that her cunny and butt were good sights by now. “Its tight but not uncomfortable.”, said the little vixen. Laura smiled to her and giggled “You must see the boys then. You can see their sheaths very well. And if they get stiffies, then you can see it too.” Edna didn’t knew what Laura meant with that, but hoped to see it very soon.

Pokeinfo was the first one who got a hardon in his gymshorts. The girls giggled at the sight. That was the part which the lioncub disliked the most at gym-classes, but there was no way to get rid of that. It seemed that all the boys had that kind of problem, when they saw the girls in the tight leotards. Edna ran over to her brother and hugged him dearly. “Hey bro, we all share same class now.”, she said, while she rubbed herself against his hard prick.

“For todays lesson”, began Mrs. Trousers, a ferret who seemed in her late twenties, “we all work on the barrens.” The most disliked the barrens. Specially the boys, who failed to hop over like as easy like the girls did. So it didn’t took long till nearly half of the boys and about a third of the girls stood there without any clothes. “Oh my.”, said Mrs. Trousers. “I expected the worst, but not that worse. 5 Minutes rest, then I will think of something else you littles teases.”

The cubs saw her leaving in the teachers room. Each of them looked to eachother and began to giggle slightly. “You have a hard-on, bro.”, said Edna to her brother. He felt like he could sink deep into the ground. The other students were no help for him as they looked to the siblings. The boys sure had no less problems than him. Edna looked at her brother and smiled “I love you bro.”, she said and touched his hard prick. That was enough for Edward and he began to run, crying. Edna looked confused to Cynthia, who shrugged.

Edward ran out of the gym, he didn’t cared if he was nude or not. His sister, his little sister had just touched his hard prick. That he didn’t came right at that moment was a miracle. He felt so wrong and sick. Tears ran out of his eyes and so he didn’t saw what hit him as he ran against someone. He looked up to see what happened and if he had hurt someone, but he only could see a red tail vanish behind a corner. No trace of another person. Something seemed familiar about the tail. Maybe it was the same species like the foreigner girl.

Just when he was about to raise his body, he felt two strong paw grab him on his shoulder “You again? Now, is the geek a peeping tom aswell?” He couldn’t believe his luck. It was this bully Alligator again. “Uh, hello Rodrigrez. No, I am not a peeping tom. I just ….” “You are just nude and your cock tells everything.” Edward felt trapped. There was nothing he could do. “Why don’t you let him join us, Rodri.”, said a girlish voice. The fox turned his head slowly and saw a cobragirl lying on the ground. Her paws hid her breasts, but the size was not this easy to hide.

Never before had Edward seen a snake-girl. He was curious of how about they mated, since they had no legs to spread. The cobra-girl had only hid her breasts, which made it possible for Edward to see her tight and wet slit. Rodrigez still held the boy in a firm grip and looked over to the snakegirl. “What is your idea, Julia?”, he asked and smiled. “Whatever your idea is, better forget it you two.” The students looked pale. The one who interfered was Mrs. Trousers personally. “Have you forgotten the school-rules? No one is forced to do anything.”

Grumbling, he let Edward go. Julia looked in aww to the foxboy and licked over her muzzle. “Lets go elsewhere, sssweety.”, she said and moved over to the Alligator. Both picked up their clothes and left. As Edward felt the eyes of the boy on him, cold it ran down his spines. “They are gone now. Here are you clothes. For today I let you go, but next time you must work twice as hard as before, understood young boy? Otherwise you will really get in trouble.”, said the adult ferret and left.

School was over for today. And what kind of day. First his sister, later the blowjob in the girlsroom, not that he didn’t liked it. Somehow he really liked it. As he lay in his bed and looked on the ceiling he sighed. This foreigner girl sure had a cute butt. He shook his head as he let his thoughts pass. No, he didn’t wanted to think like that. Not about a person, he even didn’t met and who seemed so pure. Okay, he only had seen her lower half and her tail, but still. But then again, was it her who spied on this bully and his girlfriend?

That squirrel-girl seemed kind of nice, but a bit forward. Well, she must think of him the same way, thinking of how he met her. But there was something strange about this school. Everyone seemed to be so free. He had to find out more about this school and why all the students behaved that way. It began to intrigue him aswell. He moaned, with his eyes closed. Just thinking of how the girl must look like and how she was sucking his cock made him allready cum.

“Ohhh yes, please be gentle.”, he moaned. He believed to feel her tounge carressing the tip of his prick, just like Laura did. Maybe the foreigner was a kitten or a canine. It could also be a rodent or a mixed breed. But when he heard her moan in the nurse-room, he sure believed that she must be cute. He couldn’t hold any longer and came.

Edward was to much lost in thoughts and hadn’t recognized how his little sister entered his room. The girls told her that if they give the boy they like a blowjob, then it is something special for both of them. Edna didn’t understood what the girl ment, but she loved her brother alot. Something in her wanted to be with him very close. But each time she tried to seduce him, it seemed that he tried a bigger distance between them.

Now she saw him, with his eyes closed, his cock freed from his pyjamas and erect. It seemed that he carressed the prick, just the time for her to take the initiative. She tried it as secret she could. Once she felt her brothers seed flowing in her muzzle, she moved away and crouched under his bed. “I love you bro.”, she thought and swallowed the cum which she held in her muzzle “Mhh, taste kinda salty. Want more.”, she sighed silent. She hoped that her brother would fall asleep very soon, so she could sneak back in her room. But somehow, she fell asleep, right under his bed till the next morning.

(If Edna will get caught by her brother and what more will happen I might tell another time. But you will soon find out more about the foreigner girl in our next episode called: “Who is the foreigner girl?” Stay tuned.)

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