School Days Chapter 1 – The new one

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

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(Circa 2002. And everything begun…)

A several knocking on the door threw the fox-boy out of his dream. “Wake up Edward. Today is your first day in your new school.”, his mother said through the closed door of his room. Slowly he walked out of his room and entered the bathroom.

Just when wanted to enter to take a leak in the toilet he gasped and ran out again. “Edna, why don’t you lock the door if you are in there!?”

Edna was Edwards 8 year old sister. Not as shy like her brother, she liked to walk around in the nude. Once he had found her playing with herself in the living room and the worst thing she did that she jumped up and hugged him. Something had changed since then for him. He didn’t knew what it was, but this little vixen teased him now all the times. Edward was 13 years old by now and he had to wait 8 months till he turned 14. With his large glasses he looked like a geek. At least it was that what he thought.

At the dinnertable the father looked up from his newspaper and began to talk. “Listen boy. Since we are new in this town I want you to behave at the new school. Be nice to the other students and teachers. Don’t try to get into any fights if it is possible. And listen to what the teachers and elders are telling you. Since you are now one of the elders you shouldn’t worry about that. Keep a good look on your sister and make sure that she behaves in the freetime.” The list went on and on and Edward nodded to everything. “Dad, I will do my best, promise.” The mother brought the siblings their lunch box and smiled at them. “Now go and catch the school-bus. It should arive any minute.”

Edward and Edna stood at the front of the house. It was a respectable little house. He and his sister had their rooms to the garden site. Their father promised them to make a treehouse, once he found time for it. The room of their parents were to the street-side. If he didn’t knew better, then he would say the house was from the Simpson-Cartoon-series. He liked it from the first day he saw it. Each had they personal bathroom. Lost in the daydream he nearly forgot to enter the school- bus. “BRO!!! WAKE UP!!!!”, shouted Edna at him and out of the bus came like one voice “GOOD MORNING!” “Get into the bus young man. You are the new one, right? I am Carlos, your driver, now swing your cute butt in here.”

Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing and feared allready the worst from that driver. The foxes found a place behind a lioncub. As the boy turned back towards them he reached a paw over the seat “Hi, I am Pokeinfo. You must be new in Pouncefield. I never saw you before.” “Yes, we just arrived yesterday. Our father found a job here in a moviestudio.” “Oh, is he an actor? A real famous one?” “Nah, he is doing technial stuff. Electronics and all of that.” “Cool. Whats your name.” “I am Edward and this is my younger sister Edna.” The little vixen waved to the lionboy and smiled. The bunnygirl, who sat next to Pokeinfo gave him a soft hit in his sides. “Hey, if you are going to introduce, then don’t forget me.”, she proclaimed. “This is Cynthia.”, he chuckled and rubbed his sides “She is in our girls soccer team.” “Yes, and maybe your little sister wants to join us.”, said the bunny and looked with lustfully smile at the vixen.

In the back of the bus a little squirrelgirl looked at Edward and gave a soft sigh. “Is everything allright Laura?” Jenny, a dark furred kittengirl and friend of Laura looked at her with curiousity in her eyes. “What? Me? Yes I am allright, Jenny.” “Next stop, St. Lovejoy Private School. Everyone out.”, shouted the busdriver through the microphone.

The classes were more then boring, thought Edward and looked around in the class. Some here eating behind open books, reading comics or just sleeping. Some seemed to be sleeping with open eyes or were they hypnotised? The introduction of him were short and all welcomed him friendly. Finally it was a break and his bladder hurt him allready. “Excuse me sir, where is the toilet”, he asked an Alligator. If he didn’t knew better he would say that this was one of the teachers. “Sir? Who do you think I am, geek?”, said the huge Alligator. Just then he recognized that he was wearing a school-uniform just like him. “Just because I am near 6 feet tall doesn’t mean I am an adult, geek.”, said the boy. “Listen my name and fear it. I am Rodrigez and you sure have a lot of nerve. The toilet is the way down then right. Now run before you pee in your pampers.”, he said with showing his teeth.

Opening the door, he was sure relieved to be away from this bully guy. He never thought of finding something like that in here. As he unbuttoned his troused and took his cock out of his sheath, he didn’t recognized the girl who was sitting on the toilet. A strange but good feeling touched Edwards prick and he opened his eyes only to see the squirrelgirl with his cock in her muzzle.”I I I I I am sorry.”, he said and wanted to move away from her. “Letting the cock go out of her muzzle with a blush she looked up to him. “This is the girls room, not that I mind you being here. You are a bit forward, but kinda cute.”, she said.

“No, wait, I didn’t mean to, just wanted to take a leak and that Rodrigez scared the hell out of me and I didn’t looked just went in. Please don’t tell the teachers. That is my first day in school.”, he stammered, his face quite red or embaressment. “Mh, let me think about that.”, she said and looked at the partly with salvia coated cock. “Well, why don’t you let me give you a blow job and I think of not telling the teachers this time.” “But I have to pee.”, he answered her with a blush. As she lifted up her skirt, he could see that she was about to do that aswell. “Well, then pee, but don’t hit my fur okay?”

Edward put his cock between the legs of Laura and let his bladder go. His cock nearly touched the opening of hers. Again there was this same strange feeling when he saw his sister masturbating. He could feel how his cock began to harden, while he pissed. After moving the prick slowly out of the toilet, Laura took it back into her muzzle and began to lick and suckle on the tip with a gentle grip on his hips. Her eyes were closed and so he was kinda glad that she couldn’t see his blush.

The door of the toilet opened and two grey-furred rabbit girls entered the room. “Oh, excuse us.”, the blond said and tugged on the sleeves of the other girl. Both hadn’t been much older then eight. Edward blushed and lowered his head after he recognized that he was caught in something he didn’t even knew from what it was. Laura believed that the cock of the fox was about to go limp, because of the intrusion of those bunnies. How annoying they were. As she rubbed over the butt of Edward, she knew how to let his young cock get hard again and pressed a finger slowly in his tailhole.

Edward gasped and his glasses jumped high, while his eyes went wide. Giving a loud shreek of surprise, he humped forward, with his cock returning to back to full hardness. Laura nearly chocked, as the climax of the boy filled her throat. Slowly she moved her head backwards to got a taste of the fox-cum. Laura slurped a further while to clean the cock of him properly “Did you like that?”, she asked and Edward nodded slowly. “Cool. Then you might like this school. You don’t need to worry about anything. Aslong you don’t push yourself against someone its okay.” Edward remind silent and brought his glasses back in place.

Laura promised Edward to show him the school that day. The gym, the garden, the school-zoo and the secret places where they could hide from the teachers if they had too. As they past the nurse-room, they heard a loud moan comming out of it. Laura took a peek through the keyhole and waved the fox over to look in the room aswell.What he saw he couldn’t believe. The nurse was putting something in the pucker of the girl and she seemed to enjoy it. Then again she was just checking her temperature. “No, you are not in heat. You have just a little temperature.”, said the nurse, which looked like an albino mink. He couldn’t make out what kind of species it was who laid on the table, but something touched his heart right there. “Who, who is this red-furred girl in there?”, he asked. “Oh? With the nurse? I think that is the ex-change student. She is a foreigner from another country. I don’t know her really. She goes into a different class then me.” Even Edward saw only her butt, he fell in love with her and didn’t knew why. “Hey, you look like you have never seen a girls ass before. As I heard of you have a sister.” “Hey, how do you know?”, Edward asked and the answer that came from Laura was simple “I was sitting on the back-seat.”

The bell began to ring and announced the next class. “Oh, my. Gym.””What is with Gym?”, asked the fox and looked at the frightened squirrel. “Well, the class is run by Mrs. Trousers. Beware of her. Beware of Mrs. Trousers!” “Why?” “You will find out soon enough.” Laura left and ran to get her training stuff. Also Edward moved on to get prepared for training. But what did Laura ment with ‘Beware of Mrs. Trouser.’

( … To be continued in Chapter 2: Beware of Mrs. Trousers … )

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