School Days: A random fanfic tribute

edit64Written by Dingo Paige

DISCLAIMER: This is only fanfic fantasy, not reality. The author(s) do not advocate this sort of behaviour in any form. “School Days“ and assorted characters are © Krezz Karavan @ “Dingo Paige“ character © Dingo Paige). This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.

A Tribute: A Random Fanfic Tribute
By: Anonymous (c) 2007 Anonymous Inc.

Chapter 7, Part 52, Section iii, Subplot e.

Shadowfox was having gay buttsex in Subbic’s tailhole when Yiff Commander Zim summoned them to the Bridge of the SS Flying Tetris.
“Men, this is serious! We have run out of egg custard!” declared Admiral Homer Simpson, chomping on a Fox-flavoured donut.
The multi gendered asexual crew looked somewhat flummoxed, dressed in school uniforms.
“Prepare to engage the enemy… whoever they are… I don’t care… yiff them all! To death!!! Pouncefield will be overwhelmed by this time tomorrow,” spoke the big bald yellow man, spitting crumbs over them all.
Brandy stormed off in a bitchy huff, leaving Austin Powers looking groovy, baby. And everyone liked their fur.

As the Flying SS Tetris slowly advanced in a forwards and downwards motion reversing, Yiff fever suddenly struck them all, and they did it.
“The four red bricks came down sideways, and I had to fuck them…” confessed Edna, trying to stick a plunger on her arse. The big four square bricks came down gently to fill the gap left by the square, making all the bricks feel whole and full of life again, before they got zapped out of existence for completing a whole row.
And then Captain Spooge came all over them, and Lorf Eggishness (singing “I Am The Walrus, goo goo ga joob…”) transformed the blue square into Super Subbic, and then they floated off on an island to defeat the radioactive glowing cubs at Pouncefield with their mathamatical equations falling from the sky below them.
“Save us, Tetris!” they cried! So they did.
As Krezz was held hostage for Charles to supervise, Tall Tales sang songs about the old times. And bled from his shaved tails that were ripped off by a passing DonkeyKong with a collar.
They drank their coffee. Slowly.
Then they yiffed.
A lot.
Until they died. Sadly.

As Subbic went had buttsex with Pokemon, Edward was busy putting a butt plunger on Edna, whilst the doom of nations came all over their faces. Tentacles wavered dangerously in the green air.
“Suck my balls!” screamed an unnamed girl gleefully.
“Hahahaha hohohoho hahahahaa” said Captain Homer.
“It’s,” said Subbic.
“The,” said Shadowfox.
“End,” said Yiff Commander Zim.
“Of,” said Brandy.
“The,” Edna.
“World!” said Edward, his hand still inside Shadowfox’s butthole.
Slartibardfast strode onto the cricket pitch through a haze of smoke.

(Editor’s Note: Insert totally random gay/lesbian/bisexual/just-plain-strange yiffing scene here).

Once Edward had been transformed by Lorf Eggishness’ dayglow spooge, Edna was forced to become a transvestite, so that Pokemon could save Subbic from the radioactive Flying Tetris.
Captain Homer smashed the “D’OH!” button with his forehead.
Subbic, Tall Tales and Shadowfox realised they were naked, yet had no noticable genitalia.
“Suck my balls!” cried Sheila.
She shat on Subbic’s chest, and while he played with it he did things to her. Things I understand don’t know what the fuck I’m even writing about asparagus.
Someone slipped on a CD by The Pooh Sticks, and everybody danced naked upon the floating island, drowning in a sea of apathy and jelly wrestling dwarfs.
And so, it came to, pass that Homer Simpson, rode into Pouncefield on, the back of a flying Tetris, chased by Subbic, who was licking, Sheila’s balls. Brandy grabbed a piece of black construction paper and began to give herself Emo papercuts in a fit of dispair. Austin Powers smiled and said, “Groovy, baby,” because it was in the script.
And they did it.
With verve.

“Haaahaaahaaahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” said Pokeinfo.
“Ho ho ho ho hoooo,” said Cynthia.
“You sure are,” said Pokeinfo.
And instantly regretted it.

(Editor’s Note: Insert random gay/lesbian/bisexual/just-plain-strange furry yiffing scene here).

Meanwhile, Spongebob was having gay buttsex with Yiff Commander Zim, using furry handcuffs, whilst Lorf Eggishness flew about on his battle robots made out of custard throwing acidic spooge bombs at the floating island below. So, Subbic, having his fist around Edward’s plunger, screamed out in Gaelic.
“Look out!” said Subbic.
“Look out!” said Subbic again.
“Look…” Subbic said, pointing to the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster.
As Lorf Eggishness began to beat Spongebob and Austin with his metallic android Firehose, Subbic was still doing probability maths with Edward, and Edna was still trying to get the anal beads out of her butthole from before. Asapagus.
“You’ve done something so bad it doesn’t need repeating, so i’ll just whisper it in your rear,” said Brandy to Austin, baby.
Tentacles wavered dangerously in the green air.

In the meanwhile time, Super Subbic had uncovered Lorf Eggishness’ secret plan: to tear down all of St Lovejoy’s school buildings, and replace them with Tetris Bricks!!!
Rod, being a secret double-agent for the Mafia, called his boss. “He’s here, Osama!” he smiled evilly, slinking off to brush his teeth in hospital. The bandages covered his big toe. Battle metal made their eardrums bleed.
Yiff Commander Zim then began to build his 1,000-Year Spoogy Empire slowly and carefully, then collected all the bunny eggs for Easter, which Subbic can gleefully shove up Shadowfox’s butthole for Xmas.

Throwing eggs at furs heads, whilst overcoming a tidal wave of spooge, holding up his four fingers, Admiral Homer spoke again. “Prepare the Subbic bum cannon. No one can stand that kind of frontal attack from behind”
“Oh, I can!” said Sheila with a laugh, her head bobbing up and down on Edward’s dick, her balls bobing down and up and down on Brandy’s face.

“Come quick!” said Austin.
“Groovy, baby!”
“Look!” said Subbic.
“Look!” said Subbic again, and he did.
“There are Klingons on the poop deck!” said Captain Homer, spraying his Duff all over the console.
The crew broke into a spontaneous chorus of “Kingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow…”
“What?” said Yiff Commander Zim.
“What?” said General Schwartzeneggar.
“What?” said Shadowfox.
“What?” said Uncle Furvert.
“What?” said Subbic, his eyes glowing with disease.
The crew broke into a spontaneous chorus of “Kingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow…,” to make sure the Fox’s dildos would stay soaking in the tubby custard.

Suddenly Dr Who came into view, his long scarf really an anime fox tail. Dr Spock beamed up some fresh catgirls for their Cheer Squad, and Admiral Homer and Commander Zim congratulated each other with a straight twenty hours of gay bum sex. Shadowfox filmed it all.
“One for the album, Grommit?”
Bunniegirls threw off their school uniforms and chased the boys. Tentacles wavered dangerously in the green air. And lesbian sex went on there too. With whips. And strap-ons.

Everybody spanked everyone else in a circle happily, smiling with smiles on their smiling faces, happily. Asparagus.
Fapping to gay pron, the toilets in St Lovejoys were invaded by a large extremely-stoopid rodent. As Edward drained all the vital fuids out of Lucy’s body. For Halloween. Edna ate his potatoes. And put down her book of dreams. And went back to her music lessons.
Pokeinfo smiled as the Flying Tetris surfed the waved of semen flooding over the land.
Spongebob grew fat and bloated as a result. Patrick waved a wave.
“Suck my dick and balls!” said Brandy. Which she did.

As Captain Homer Simpson rode atop the swooping SS Flying Tetris over Pouncefield, suddenly, unexpectedly, without a hint of warning, preparation or forethought – nothing happened. At all.

Suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, Subbic exploded in a flash of blinding pure white light, and everyone was saved.

The End.