Sasha’s Drama

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DISCLAIMER: “School Days” is a Palcomix production based on the lives, events and places created by Krezz Karavan and company. All characters belong to their respective owners. This story’s concept and writing is by YoMAMMA. All cubs involved in this story are of complete fiction, those who do not understand fiction, nor the antics of the following characters, or the situations involved, should not be reading this story. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.


After school hours, two students from St. Lovejoy sat on a mat in the gym intertwined. The sweat was running from their bodies as they moved rhythmically in motion to each other.

“GOD you feel so good inside of me…” the black cat said, purring as her pussy’s lips were penetrated, her purple eyes glowing brighter as the thrusts were becoming harder and more fierce. “Tell me you want me… tell me you want to cum inside of me…”

“I… want… to cum inside of you…” the male lion said while thrusting deeper inside of his other. “I… want you forever Sasha…”

“Keep going, fuck me harder my bitch…” Sasha spanked him square on the ass. He moaned in glee, loving the pain it caused, and she continued to smack his bottom, though no one else was around to hear anything that was going on. “Tell me you like that my slave.”

“I… love it… so much…”

“That is good my pet.”

“Sasha… I’m… about to…”

The thrusting stopped and his juices filled her deepest parts, after which the Lion cub immediately passed out, exhausted from working so hard for his mistress. Sasha closed her eyes, her pet still inside of her. She loved the ecstasy she was getting from this.

“That will do nicely my pet; I do hope you have a wonderful evening…”

She opened her eyes again, which were blue this time. She got up, got dressed, and left the school. “Until next time.”

Hours later, PokeInfo woke up from his nap, stark naked, laying on a gym mat, with his clothing surrounding him, thrown randomly around the gym. “What am I doing here?? What’s going on?” He gathered up his clothing and began to get dressed, the crescent moon shining through one of the upper windows in the gym. “What are my parents going to think about this?” After getting dressed, he wandered home, still curious as to what had just happened to him. “And why is my ass so sore…”

CHAPTER 1 – Part 1 – The ride to school

Sasha woke up the next morning (which happened to be a Tuesday) , still fantasizing about the wonderful sex she had last night while she dressed herself for school. “ I wonder who I could get with tonight , I really would like to grab someone who could shove it up my…”

“Sasha !” Her mother called up the staircase which led to her room. “The bus is almost here! If you don’t hurry you are going to be late!”

“I’m coming!”

Sasha put on her blue dress and her shoes hastily (She has an obsession with dressing fancily, and doesn’t appreciate how the cheerleaders at her school “show off”). She then came down the stairs, grabbed her lunch, kissed her mom good-bye, and waltzed off to wait for the bus with Edward and Edna.

Edna was fiddling with her fingers when Sasha walked up.

“Hey Sasha ! How’s it going? You look great today (as usual).”

“Thanks, I’m doing fine. How was the ride home after school yesterday?”

“It was horrible, the boys kept on singing pop songs, and they eventually got stuck in my head. All I could hear all night was “ Furrgylicious ” playing over and over again in my head.”

“That’s awful.”

“The bus is here.”

Edward and Sasha did not even care to look at each other. Edward was too embarrassed, while Sasha normally did not talk to any of the boys. Though she was widely known around school as a virgin, she and Edna both knew that she had in fact been penetrated before.

As Sasha , Edna and Edward got onto the bus, Sasha couldn’t help but to overhear a conversation going between PokeInfo and some of the other guys as she walked towards her usual spot in the back of the bus.

“Guys I can’t go to the concert on Saturday, my parents grounded me that day.”

“What did you do this time?” Said Kevin.

“Well I woke up last night naked in the school gym. I had no idea how I got there, my butt was sore, and on top of that it was 8:00. When I got home, my parents were worried and angry for me not showing up, so, they grounded me.”

“That’s harsh,” said Pietro .

“And on top of that, I didn’t even feel like jacking off afterwards to liven myself up a bit. All I wanted was to get some sleep, I was exhausted!”

Sasha smiled coolly upon hearing that as she took her seat next to Edna. Edna looked at her while she was still smiling, and her black cat smile quickly faded from view, turning into a straight face again. Her eyes were black, and Edna took note of this, but quickly dismissed it as her imagination.

“So what is it you were doing after school yesterday again?”

“I was… um… getting tutored… you know… a bit of trouble in math…”

“Really? Tutoring eh? By who?”

“Edna, you’ve known me for a while now, and I’d really rather not-”

“Who was it? Was it Paigey ? Was it Kevin? Ooooh I’ll bet you were being tutored by someone alright…”

“Edna, stop. You know I wouldn’t do something like that after-”

“At St. Lovejoy? Give me a break!”

The bus came to a screeching halt, and Carlos, the bus driver, shouted “everyone off! Don’t be late to class now!”

“ Saved by the bell ,” thought Sasha as she quickly stood up to get off of the bus. “ What a relief …”

After getting off of the bus, she prepared herself mentally for another exciting day at St. Lovejoy.

CHAPTER 1 – Part 2 – She may act shy… but she is dangerous…

The school day passed by as normal. Sasha sat in each class where she was used to sitting: in the corner, away from everyone else. At school, Sasha would avoid talking to people when possible, and would try and stay away from people during class or lunch time. Usually, at lunch, she would sit alone at a table, or at a table with Edna… when she wasn’t off sucking some fur’s dick (Edward didn’t like sitting with her sister, she made him feel strange, and he would avoid being around her at all times if possible). Today, Sasha was sitting at a table by herself, looking at the wall, when she overheard some people talking at the table behind her.

“So what is with that Sasha person?” Said Edward, while poking at his food. “She seems really strange to me… it’s like every time I see her she never cares to talk to me, and every time she is around Edna she seems like a new person, I really think that we -“

“Dude, relax,” said Kevin. “I think you are really overreacting to… something. I don’t really think there is much to her, I mean all she does is sit in the corner all day and I really don’t think that we have anything to worry about; she is just a shy kitten who hasn’t quite been accepted into the St. Lovejoy society.”

“She has been here for a year! Besides, have you seen her eyes change color? It’s so freaky! It gives you the chills… I think we should talk to Edna about what is going on, and that we should -“

“Chill out already!” The whole table said simultaneously.

“Fine! But when she starts weirding you out too, let me know.”

Sasha smiled at the thought of the next idea that came to her mind. “You’re naughty, very naughty, but I like suspense, and I like stirring up the school. I’m sure HE would be willing to put it there… and fulfill my desire…” She got up from the table, and proceeded to walk over to the table where Edward was sitting at. Sasha, with her eyes glowing a dark blue, walked over and whispered something in Edward’s ear.

“Would you be willing to stay after school for a bit to help me? I hear that you are good in math.” These words made him jump, which startled the whole table, bring their attention to what was going on. He spoke in a normal voice, “um, Sasha, I really don’t think that I should -”

“Pleeeease, don’t make me beg you more… I’m sure we would have lots of fun…” she said in an alluring tone.

Edward’s sack in his pants sprung to attention, and proceeded to do the talking for him, even though he wasn’t consciously aware of it. “Well I guess I could flip a few things around, and make it work…”

“Thanks Ed!” She said ecstatically. “Meet me in the math room after school. You won’t regret it!”

As Sasha walked away, the bulge in his pants slowly began to die down. He still had no idea as to why he had agreed to help the little black cat study.

“Maybe you were right about her,” Kevin said, looking a little sick, “but at least you may get some tonight.”

“Hey! I have a girlfriend! She doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am just tutoring her because she wants the help, that’s all!”

“Just don’t mess around,” said Laura.

“I won’t, trust me. I love you.”

“I just have a bad feeling about Sasha now… that’s all.”

After the school day was over, everyone had cleared out of the school as quickly as possible. “Must have been anxious to go home,” Edward thought as he opened the door to the math classroom.

As he opened the door, and saw Sasha, he dropped all of his books. The door slammed shut behind him immediately afterwards, and he failed to notice as he was perplexed and confused by what he saw.

“Sasha, what are you doing without any clothing on?”

“Waiting for you, silly!”

Sasha quickly approached Edward, who, unfortunately, was trapped against the wall, helpless to do anything about the cat in pursuit of his cock.

“I knew that you could help me!”

Her eyes were beginning to turn from dark blue to purple.

CHAPTER 1 – Part 3 – She does me, She does me not

Edward, now backed against the wall, was now facing a kitten crawling towards him on all fours, and he could tell that she was thirsty. “It’s like one of those horror movies, except that I’M the victim!”

“Sasha, do you really have to do this now, I really came here to -”

But it was too late. Sasha had his pants down and his cock in her mouth. As she started sucking, Edward’s eyes began to go blank. His mind was becoming one with hers. With his happy toy in her mouth, her tongue working its miracles, she began to speak to him.

“Thell ee ou ant ee.” “Gob ou aste thoooo goob…”

“Sasha… my mistress… I want you… I want… to…”

“Thhhh” she took his now elongated rod out of her mouth. “I hear someone coming! Quick, behind the door!”

She grabbed him by the dick and pulled him behind where the door opens, so that as long as she didn’t come into the room, she wouldn’t see them.

Edna opened the door a peeped in.

“Brother! Where are you?” She said with her head sticking out from the small crack in the door.

Sasha was just praying that Edna wouldn’t look behind the door.

“Sigh, I guess you aren’t here then… but…”

Edna opened the door a little bit further; Sasha cringed at the thought…

“Damn this thing is heavy,” Edna let the door close and walked down the hallway, her footsteps echoing down the passage as she headed towards the nearest exit.

“Well that was way to close,” Sasha said, beginning to stroke Edward’s manhood again. “Let’s say we continue our fun then, shall we?”

“Yes, my master.”

*Hours Later, outside of Edward and Sasha’s houses*

“I had a lot of fun tonight, you really know how to penetrate a woman… I’m sure you would make Laura proud.” Sasha’s eyes were still a glowing purple.

“I’m sure I would, my queen.”

“Until next time?”

“That would be best….”

The two kissed romantically outside of their houses, and Sasha whispered something into his ear.

Sasha walked through her house door and closed it. Upon closing it, Edward came out of his trance.

“Wha- Where am I? How did I get here? What time is it?”

He checked his watch – 8:30.

“Man am I going to get in trouble for this…”

Edward courageously walked through up the steps to his house and through the door, only to find his parents, waiting worriedly in the Kitchen. He knew that he was about to get the hounding of a lifetime…

Sasha walked into her house. “Hi mom!” She said enthusiastically.

“Hey, how was school?”

“It was great mom, but I don’t have time to go into the specifics, I’m just going to go -”

“Wait, I need to talk to you really quickly.”

“What is it mom? Is something wrong?”

“I am just a little worried about you, that’s all. When we came up with this ‘I don’t care about what time you get home and about what you’ve done’ policy, I really just wanted to give you more freedom. I know that as black cats we have a line of interesting situations which have happened. For me if I had kept all of that funny business a secret from them I would have been a lot happier.”

“It’s okay mom, I can understand that you are worried.”

“Just don’t get into too much trouble, okay?”


Sasha walked up the stairs towards her room. “I’ll try mom, I’ll try, but boys are too damn fun…” She closed the door and proceeded to get naked again, this time to sleep… and dream. “Edward you sure did treat me well for someone under my eye.” She reminisced about getting Edwards cock shoved up her ass on the floor of the math room as she fingered herself in her bed. “God Edward fuck me, fuck me harder… slap me… slap me silly…turn my ass red… make me your queen…” She came in her own bed, having an orgasm like never before, thrashing wildly and opening her eyes wide to reveal the mysterious dark blue which matched her covers. “Yesssss… you know how pleasure me don’t you?” She didn’t care about the wetness of her bed at the moment. “You give it to me… give yourself to me… and I’ll give myself to you…” Sasha eventually dozed off to sleep, lying naked in her queen sized bed, the moon shined through the window, brilliantly illuminating Sasha’s face.

“Until next time… Edward…”

CHAPTER 2 – Part 1 – Reverse Seduction

Sasha woke up, put on her purple dress, her earrings and her shoes. After getting ready, she went outside to wait for the bus. Edward and Edna showed up a short while afterward, but Edna didn’t even look at Sasha. She knew that something was up.

“Hey you guys!”

Edna managed to force out a small “hi,” while Edward responded somewhat cheerfully.

“Hey Sasha… so about that tutoring yesterday-”

“Oh it’s fine, I didn’t see you there so I left. I had just assumed that you weren’t able to work things out with your parents.”

“Well actually…”

Edna quickly slapped Edward in the groin. Edward tried not to yelp out in pain, and instead just stood there, bent over.

“Edna,” he whispered. “What was that for…?”

“Just shut up okay?” She whispered back.

“Edward is something wrong?” “You look like you’re hurt…”

“No, nothing’s wrong,” he managed to blurt out in-between the throbs of pain he was receiving from his crotch. “I’m… just fine.”

“Well, that’s good to know.” Sasha got onto the bus as soon as it pulled up, and headed for the back seat as usual.

Edna and Edward both got on the bus, grabbing seats near the front of the bus.

“Edna, what did you hit me for?” Edward said, still grabbing himself.

“We need to talk about what happened last night. Anyone could be a suspect, and I’m very suspicious of her.”

“She does weird me out, but I seriously just don’t remember what happened.”

“I think it was her, do you remember when PokeInfo disappeared?”

“Yeah, what about that?”

“She said that she was being tutored by someone… the same thing last night, except that you disappeared.”

“That makes sense… we can talk to some people about it at lunch…”

As the bus pulled up to the school, Sasha smiled mysteriously. “Whatever you are planning, it can’t possibly work…”

At lunch, Edna and Edward sat down at a table with Laura, Kevin, PokeInfo, and Pietro. “Guys, we have a problem,” Edna said. “Remember what happened to PokeInfo the other day?”

“Oh yeah I remember…” PokeInfo said.

“Well it happened to Edward last night.”

The whole table gasped.

“And we think that Sasha was behind all of it. She said that Edward just didn’t show up to her tutoring yesterday, and he showed up at the house at 8:30 and couldn’t remember anything…”

Laura immediately stood up, enraged, and started walking over to where Sasha was sitting on the opposite end of the room. Edward and Edna both had to restrain her.

“No!” Edna said, holding onto her leg. “We can’t let her know that we are on to her.”

Edward continued off of what Edna had started, holding her other leg down to the ground. “We can’t catch her if she knows that we are trying to do something!”

Laura calmed down a bit. “Okay, I guess you are right.” She sat down at the table after both Edward and Edna had released her legs. “But we need to have a plan to catch her doing… whatever it is she is doing to seduce us.”

“I think we need a decoy. It has to be either Kevin or Pietro, as neither of them have girlfriends. Kevin, you up for it? Kevin?”

Kevin was looking at Ashley who was walking past their table. “Ashley… What? You want ME to decoy? Well I guess, but I will only do it if Pietro watches to get some dirt on her.”

“Deal!” Pietro said. “Sounds good to me!”

Kevin walked up to where Sasha was sitting. “Hey, so I heard that the tutoring didn’t go so well yesterday…”

“Yeah, I got abandoned, but that can happen I guess.”

“Well, I was wondering if you would be willing to try again?”

Sasha sprung to attention. “Its like a dream come true… no guy has ever willingly tutored me before…good thing I know what they have in store for me…”

“Sure Kev, just meet me outside of the school, ok?”

“Sure thing.”

Kevin walked back to the table, and sat down. “Everything is set up.”

“Okay,” Edna said. “Just remember to tell your parents you are going to be home late tonight… you too Pietro.”

The bell rang, and everyone quickly flooded out of the lunch hall to get to their next class.

Sasha smiled again, her eyes still blue. “I’ll make you guys late, if that’s what you want…”

CHAPTER 2 – Part 2 – What happens in St. Lovejoy stays in St. Lovejoy

After school, after everyone had flooded out, Sasha and Kevin met in the Math room. As Kevin opened the door, he was a little bit scared, but he felt that it was safe to be there because Pietro was watching them from the cracked door of a closet.

“Hey Sasha, I brought my books. I hope you are ready for some tutoring.”

“Okay, cool. I am really having trouble with this homework…”

She pulled out her books and began searching for paper to write on.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad,” he thought.

After studying for a while, Kevin and Sasha took a break. They began to chat for a little bit.

“So Sasha, I never understood why you never had to abide by the dress code.”

“Well, my mom and I talked, and we really felt that the dress code was against my religious rights, so we talked to the advisor with proof of this, and he let it slide by.”

“Wow, that’s really neat, because you look really nice…”

“Thanks… can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Sasha was lying on the floor staring up at Kevin, who was sitting at one of the desks.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Kevin thought about telling her a lie, but didn’t want to be dishonest with her. She was growing on him, though he still had his mind set on Ashley Bunny.

“No, but I-”

“Then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if we had some fun then would you?”

“Well Sasha, you know I really would love to but-”

He was cut off by Sasha kissing him passionately. He tried for a little bit to get away, but eventually thought “What the hell, why not. Pietro is supposed to come out and help me anyways. ”

He went with the flow, stood up and began to move his claws around. First he moved then gently underneath her dress up to her chest, and the slowly progressed downward, still kissing her. Sasha also did the same, moving her hands down towards his manhood, sliding her hand underneath his shorts. After they both had a short chance to massage each other’s downtown areas, Sasha broke away from Kevin.

“What’s the matter?”

She gave him a playful look. “The clothes, they are too constricting.” She took her dress, earrings, shoes and socks off and made a little pile in the corner of the room. She then walked over to Kevin, and whispered playfully in his ear “Don’t you feel the same way?”

The bulge in his pants just kept on growing. Sasha took notice of this, and gently touched the tip of his tent pole through his shorts. “I knew you would agree.”

She began to take his clothing off, until they were both standing there naked, and Sasha immediately began to grab his cock and move her hand up and down. “You haven’t said anything in a while Kev, what do you think about me?”

“Well… Uh…”

“That’s what I thought.” She began to get on her knees, and put his cock in her mouth and began to move up and down. Kevin grabbed her head and moved her in rhythm to his liking.

“Mmmm gob Keb ou aw thwooooo bib… ou bedda fwil ee upw…”

“Sasha… where… did… you learn… to do that… with your tongue.”

Sasha stoped her motions, and joined mouths with Kevin. He was surprised as the taste of his own dick was still lingering in her mouth.

After a minute she stopped kissing him, and whispered in his ear “now you know how…” She began to suck his cock again, except this time, pawed his ass while doing it. Kevin jumped when her finger penetrated, and shivers were sent all over his body when she started going in and out on his butt hole as well as on his now enormous dick.

“I don’t… know… about that… Sasha… oh god… I’m about… to… explode… all over…”

When he came, she took the first burst into her mouth and swallowed, tasting his yummy fluids. After she took her fill of the plentiful cum, she took on last load in the mouth, and let the rest go all over her body, dampening her hair. When he was finished, he sat down on the floor, exhausted.

“We aren’t done yet, in fact, we are just getting started…”

“But Sasha-”

He was interrupted by another kiss, except this time, she filled his mouth with his own milk and forced him to swallow it. He did so, reluctantly, and when she was finished kissing him, she began to whisper to him again.

“Now clean me up please.”

Kevin groaned, but thought “Pietro should be out any second. Where the hell is he?” He proceeded to start at the top of her body and work his way down, his tongue working its way down to her pussy. When he got there, Sasha moaned in ecstasy.

“GOD you know how to get it in there… keep going… I’m at your mercy…”

He continued to work his tongue, and even began to use his fingers in the same manner in addition. He returned the favor to her by sticking one of his claws from his free hand as far up her ass as it would go, which, to his surprise, was all the way up. This was too much for Sasha, and she sprayed Kevin in the face with her juices.

“THAT was great… now…” She looked into his eyes, hugging him as she whispered into his ear, her pussy hovering above his long, throbbing cock. “Tell me you want me; tell me you want to give yourself to me…”

“Sasha, your eyes… on is purple and the other is blu-”

“That doesn’t matter; tell me you want my body…”

“I want your body.”

Sasha lowered herself onto his dick, and began to move up and down over and over and over again. After a while, Kevin pulled himself out of her.

“Sasha, what if I get you pregnant?”

“Don’t worry about that, it’s all under control…”

Sasha faced away from him, and bent over, showing him an unhindered view of her ass and pussy. She used her arms to rest her head, and looked at him from in-between her legs.

“It’s time for you to take your prize…”

He took his cock and put it in her pussy. The two kept on thrusting in motion to each other.

“Oh GOD you feel so full inside of me… spank me… make me your sex slave…”

The noise being generated by the two was so great, and it was fortunate for them that no fur was around.

“God Sasha… I’m about to cummmm…”

The rhythmic motions had stopped, and Sasha had a full tank. He had shot his load for the last time, and after exploding in her pussy, he was ready to call it a day. He sat down on the ground, ready to pass out.

“You are some good at that my feathered friend.” Sasha whispered to her new friend. “Lets get cleaned up…”.

Sometime Later

Sasha and Kevin, who were now fully clothed, kissed each other one last time and went in their separate directions. “Only at St. Lovejoy… she sure is good though…” Kevin thought as he flew towards his house.

Pietro stumbled out of the closet. “Guess she isn’t the one…” he thought. “What a waste of a day.” He too went in his own direction.

“Oh Kevin, I played you like a fool,” Sasha walked towards her house. “I know you don’t really love me, but I had to seduce you like this… you’ll see Kev… you’ll see…” Sasha walked toward the place she called home. Her eyes, now black, were beginning to blend into the oncoming darkness.

CHAPTER 3 – Part 1 – The Devil’s Game

It was Thursday morning and Sasha, in her purple dress, sat on the back of the bus listening to everyone else chatter about the night before. Kevin was telling everybody about what had happened with him and Sasha, and he was finding that it was hard to find someone as convinced as he was that Sasha was such a tease.

“I swear, she just mounted me right then and there. She said something about having fun, and then-”

“Dude,” Pietro was shaking his head, “There is no way that is possible because I was there the whole time. You two studied, and then you went home. Nothing happened.”

“Are you serious? You were there the whole time! You saw what happened!”

“Nothing happened, that’s my point!”

“Both of you just chill,” Edna interrupted their argument before it got any further. “I really don’t know what to say, both of you guys are really trustworthy, but I really have to go with Pietro on this one. It does seem really unlikely that she, the quiet one, would just go and yiff with you like that… I have no idea why you would lie though…”

“I told you, I’m not lying, doesn’t anyone believe me?”

No fur spoke.

“Watch, everyone come with me.”

Everyone followed Kevin to the back of the bus, where everyone circled around where Sasha was sitting at. She twiddled her thumbs while Kevin spoke to her.

“Sasha, can you please tell these people about last night? Tell them about how good you thought my cum tast-“

“Dude you have some imagination,” PokeInfo butted in.

“Please Sasha, tell them…just for me…”

Sasha looked directly into Kevin’s eyes. She could see the desperation in his facial expression, and could hear the sadness flowing through his words.

“You’re sick. All we did was study, you perv. Get away from me. I never want to see your face again.”

Sasha slapped Kevin straight across the face. It not only stung him on the outside, but left a permanent mark on his spirit as well. He had been betrayed.

“Guess now we know it isn’t her. We hit a dead end.”

“Why did you have to lie about it man?”

“Kevin? You alright?”

Kevin was sitting with himself leaned against the window, and he was staring out, wondering how in the world he could have been mistrusted by his own friends.

As Sasha was getting off of the bus, Kevin caught a glimmer of her red eyes, which shone bright like a fire burning in the crisp morning air.

CHAPTER 3 – Part 2

As Sasha took her usual spot in the corner, Kevin sat down across from her, and stared desperately into her now blue eyes.

“Why couldn’t you tell them about last night? Why can’t you be public about having sex?”

Sasha looked back into his eyes, which were now wet. His feathery face looked so lonely, his eyes were searching for help, and she knew it. Sasha finished off her sandwich, and then put her trash into her red lunch box before responding to the person opposite her.

“Oh the pains of men, wanting to know everything. The quest for knowledge is such a long fought one, and rarely ends well… You want to know why I betrayed you?”

Kevin nodded his head.

“How badly do you want to know?”

Kevin pondered this question for a while. He knew that she was able to do something very bad, yet, he didn’t know what. Though, on the inside, he was curious as to what had been happening to these people who had been disappearing. He thought that his search for the answers was going to be solved, and he was willing to go through a bit to get the solution.

“I just want to know what has been happening. I want to know why you are so mysterious.”

“Will you give yourself to me?”

Kevin thought for a little longer about this question, and, after a minute, still hesitant, he bobbed his head up and down.

Sasha’s eyes turned purple suddenly, and She reached a paw out and touched Kevin’s face, which was now frozen. She stretched herself out on the table and kissed Kevin romantically on the lips. After a minute, the bell rang.

“You know exactly what to do… don’t let me down,” she whispered in his ear.

“Sasha… I… can’t… control…”

“You’ll have to live with that, that was your decision to make. For now, you know what to do though.”

Sasha got up and went to class, leaving behind Kevin, who was now running on autopilot.

CHAPTER 3 – Part 3 – The plot cums together

Kevin and Edward both showed up after school and were waiting in the math room.

“So what did you bring me here for? Is it some kind of party or some kind of sex orgy or something like that?”

“I have no idea… Sasha just wanted me to bring you here… that’s all.”

“SASHA! But dude, you know how she-”

Sasha opened the door, and approached Edward, her eyes glowing purple. Edward backed up, but he tripped over his shoelace and fell crashing down to the floor. Sasha got on top of him and began to kiss him, working her magic on him. After she was done making out with him, his eyes were blank.

“Sasha, what did you d-”

“Strip. Both of you.”

“Both Edward and Kevin did as they were told. Kevin, though conscious, could not stop himself. He wanted her, and he didn’t know why.

“Sasha… why are we doing this.”

Edward and Kevin were now standing stark naked in front of Sasha. Sasha smiled at the creatures, as their cocks were still as limp as their arms, which were just sitting at their sides.

“We will have to fix that. Both of you stand across from each other, so that your cocks are side by side.”

As both went to fulfill their master’s request, their fish flopped helplessly. When they were finally in the required position, Sasha got on her knees, and put both of their flounders into her mouth, enjoying every last taste of them as they grew inside of her. She had maneuvered them now so that they were both facing her; she could now bob her head back and forth easily and amuse both of her ‘customers.’

“Sasha… this feels… a bit… strange… you know I’m not-”

Sasha took both of the now fully engorged dicks out of her mouth, and left them there, sticking straight out in front of her. “I know that you are not in any way homosexual, however, you now know that I can control men, and that anything you do in no way influences your own preferences.”

“But Sasha, I-”

“This is my reward for telling you the truth. You are under my control, and although I allow you to be awake, you will still be my pet.”

At this point, Sasha had hastily taken off her dress, panties shoes and earrings, thrown them aside, and had laid Edward on the ground. His member stood straight up into the air, the coldness of the floor was having no effect on it at all. Sasha raised herself over him and slowly lowered herself onto his full blown dick. After he was all the way inside of her she began to move herself up and down, with the help of Edward’s arms, which were guiding her, clenching her cute black butt cheeks as she danced on his pole.

Kevin just stood there and watched as his best friend got up with Sasha still on his member, and just held her in his arms as she spoke.

“Kevin, lay down on the desk.”

Kevin did as he was told, and swept all of the papers on the desk aside, which fluttered slowly to the floor. He lay down on the teacher’s desk with his butt resided gently on the surface, and his feet rested on the ground as support, his legs spread like a ‘V,’ though from the side he still looked like an ‘L.’

“What are you going to do to me?”

Sasha got off Edward’s cock, went over, and, touching Kevin’s hard-on with her hand, whispered in his ear.

“Nothing you wouldn’t enjoy.”

Sasha got onto the desk, and, while Edward held her tail, she slid her asshole onto Kevin’s member. As he penetrated her further, she slowly sank all the way down to his waist. Her fur was now touching his feathers, and he was filled with ecstasy, overtaken by what had been given to him.

Sasha, still mounted fully on Kevin, spread herself, using Kevin’s legs as support, giving Edward a full-on view of her craving, wet pussy.

“Edward, give me what my body wants, give me the thing you know I want.”

Edward now lodged himself in-between both Kevin and Sasha’s legs, and slid himself into Sasha’s Tunnels, making her dreams come true.

When Edward had finally pushed himself as far as he could go into her, the machine started working. All three slid back and forth in unison. Sasha moaned in pleasure as both cocks were slid in and out of her. She loved the feeling. She loved the sounds of Edward’s and Kevin’s sacks clashing together as they both enjoyed every second of her. She loved both boys’ moans as they struggled with the feelings they were getting.

Just then the door opened, and Edna walked into the room. The expressions on their faces filled with horror as they saw Edna’s face fill the doorway.

The machine had stopped.

CHAPTER 3 – Part 4 – Living Dreams

Edna looked at the three people before her, and immediately the anger rose within her, and her face became even more and angrier as she let the door shut behind her. Sasha’s face continued to be in a state of shock; she could not believe what was happening. She had to think of a plan.

“I knew it! You’ve been behind the disappearances! I knew that you had taken my brother away!”

“Edna, it’s-”

“No I know what this is. You’re somehow making them have sex with you. I know my brother and there is NO way he would ever willingly be in that position… with you…”

“But Edna I-”

“I don’t need to listen to you! All you’ve done is conceived us! Just wait until the rest of the school hears about this…”

“Edna, wait! I-”

Edna had gone out the door and proceeded to walk down the hallway. The door swung slowly shut after her.

Thinking quickly, Sasha carefully took both of her slaves out of her, and she got up off the table, the juices running slowly out of her wet pussy. Leaving a trail behind her, she went to the door, opened it, and stuck her head out. She could still see Edna at the end of the hallway.

“You want to yiff with Edward?” She shouted.

Edna stopped walking. As she thought about the possibilities, she became more and more wet. She turned around, looking back to Sasha.

“I know you’ve always wanted to, I can see the way you look at him; I’m not a moron.”

Edna slowly walked back towards the math room. By the time she got there, she was completely soaked.

“Do you think… would you really let me…”

“I would, under one condition: you can’t tell anyone about my secrets.”

“It’s a win win situation,” Edna thought to herself. “I can still tell everyone and get to have my dreams come true…”

“Deal. I won’t tell anyone. You have my word.”

Sasha smiled mysteriously at Edna. “Well, then come on in, the party has just begun.”

Edna entered the room to find the three people standing there naked, all looking at Edna awkwardly. Edna was only concerned with one person though, nothing else mattered.

Edna went up to her brother and embraced him as she began to come into contact with his lips, her tongue sliding smoothly into his mouth. As she kissed him, Edna began to stroke his hard-on while he returned the favor and slid his paw down her panties, beginning to finger her already wet hole. Sasha and Kevin were watching as the young fox’s dreams began to become a reality.

“This can’t possibly be real. There is no way he would ever do this with me.”

By this point, Edna had completely drenched her panties, but that didn’t stop their kissing. Edward pulled them down enough so that Edna could shake them off. Nothing would interrupt their passionate kiss. Edna had wanted it for too long.

Edward ripped off Edna’s shirt and skirt to expose her chest. Still embraced in their kiss, Edward picked Edna up and lowered her onto his pole. She moaned into his mouth as he penetrated her wet love tunnels. They were both too into their lust to notice Kevin and Sasha watching.

“They are really getting into it… I think we should go.”

“Where did you put my clothing?”

Both Kevin and Sasha found their clothing and redressed themselves. Watching Edward and Edna go at it made Sasha happy inside. She had found a way out, and Sasha wouldn’t have to have the whole school know her secrets, and that only people who couldn’t say a word would know…

After they had gotten dressed, Edward and Edna were now in the same embrace, but were down on the ground instead. Sasha took a little round white pill and popped it in-between Edward and Edna’s mouths. Edward forced Edna to swallow it using his tongue.

“mmmmpth!” Edna blurted out inside of Edwards mouth.

“Don’t worry, it will stop you from getting pregnant, consider it my thanks…”

Edna had already gone back to only paying attention to the person inside of her. She had already climaxed several times, yet Edward hadn’t shot even one load. Sasha could see that it was going to be a very long night for the two. As she and Kevin left the room, she could hear their moaning get louder as Edward came to a climax. The loud shutting of the door did not in the least disturb the two as they were making enough noise to drown it out to their ears completely.

Sasha and Kevin walked down the hallway now, leaving their furry lovers behind them. “You know Kevin, we really need to catch up on work… we really didn’t finish while we were back there.”

“Well, there really isn’t anything I can do about it. You are still in control of me…”

“Right now you are in control of your body. In fact, while you were penetrating my ass, you knew what you were doing…”

Kevin stopped walking. She realized that what she was saying was right: he had been under his own control and made his own decisions. Then he realized that he still wanted her.

“When should we catch up?”

“Well we will need a third, so you will have to bring someone else.”

Sasha and Kevin were now at the entrance to the school. It was still a little bright out.

“For now though… bye.”

Sasha leaned in and kissed Kevin quickly, and then began to whisper into his ear.

“Whoever you bring, bring them to my house on Saturday, knock at the front door three times, I’ll answer.”

Kevin and Sasha gazed into each other’s eyes. Sasha’s purple eye was very different from her blue one, and both shined at different intensities, though Kevin failed to point anything out.

“Who should I-”

“You’ll know. Night.”

Sasha walked away from Kevin, her tail swishing back and forth. Her strides were tall and proud. She didn’t even look back.

Kevin gazed at the backside of her dress until it had disappeared beyond the horizon. He flew in the opposite direction, towards his home.

Inside the darkest room in the house, a shadowed figure sat hunched over, watching a single television screen. On the screen, Edna and Edward were embraced in each other on the floor of the math room, their moans echoing through the bad quality speakers. The figure’s tail swished back and forth intensely as it watched the two going at it.

“I knew something fishy was going on, and I will make you pay… I swear…”

CHAPTER 4 – Part 1 – This Lucky Kid

Late at night, inside St. Lovejoy, Edward dislodged himself from his now sleeping sister, got dressed, and exited the building, walking towards his home, his facial expression blank. He left her laying in her own dreams, which he had fulfilled for her earlier in the night. No thoughts came to his mind, and all that could be heard on the streets at that time of night were Edward’s footsteps, clicking on the sidewalk as he slowly approached his house.

When he finally reached the doorstep of his living quarters, his thought process began again, and his memory failed him again as it had many times in the past. All he could think about was about how he had gotten there, and he couldn’t remember, hard as he tried. He knew that he had woken up in front of his house with the moon directly overhead. This situation seemed vaguely familiar…

He entered the house, and all was quiet again.

In the morning, around 6:30, Edna finally woke up from her night’s slumber; she was still exhausted from serving her ‘master.’ She could hear a ruffling around her, as she was now inside of a sleeping bag, naked with someone else, facing away from that person, his soft cock gently brushing against the fur on her ass. Without opening her eyes, she felt around until she found what she was looking for. She rubbed it up and down, making it hard… but it felt different this time… She didn’t care. All Edna wanted was to make sure that her dreams had become true. The male beside her was certainly awake, and Edna wanted to please him.
“Edward… are you up for some more fun before school starts?”
“You know,” the person beside Edna said, “all morning you’ve been calling me Edward… that’s not very nice.”
Edna stopped what she was doing, rolled over, and opened her eyes.
“What the… you aren’t Edward!”
She got up and covered herself with her hands, exposing to the other her body in its entirety.
“What did you do with Edward? I want to know now!”
Edna was enraged. Her brother, her dream had been taken away from her.
“Well… um… I can’t explain that… but… you did some really nice-”
“Get out of my sight! I’m tired of hearing this bull”
The person quickly got dressed and left the room, wondering what else he could do before school started.
“I could always go watch my brother do soccer practice… man was she nice while she was sleeping though…”

After school in the girl’s bathroom, all alone, Sasha asked Edna a simple question.
“How was last night?”
“I really don’t want to talk about it… I don’t know what you did, or how you did it, but I’m onto you.”
Surprised, Sasha stood there helplessly as Edna exited the bathroom, the door crawling to a close, leaving Sasha in the dust…

CHAPTER 4 – Part 2

At four in the morning, PokeInfo’s alarm went off, interrupting his sweet dreams about the girls in his life. He quickly got up, got dressed, and went next door to his brother’s room, which was completely dark, until PokeInfo turned on the lights.
“Wake up sleepyhead! Time to go to school!”
Ben sat up in his bed, his little eyes opened slowly. He blinked a few times before he came to the realization of the hour of day.
“Brother… it’s too early to be going to school… night…”
“I have early Friday soccer practice remember? You wanted to come watch me and the team.”
“Oh… now I remember…”
Ben looked around his room once, to make sure that everything was there. His computer, his Pokémon poster, his video game systems which were attached to his television, and his bed, covered in regular sheets. Everything was there.
“ This is going to be a good day ,” Ben thought.
“Are you going to get up or what?”
“I’m coming…”
Ben flung his covers off of his body, revealing his naked lions body, nothing PokeInfo wasn’t used to seeing, though as Ben started to get up, the hardness of his brother became seemingly apparent.
“Hey Bro, cover yourself.”
Ben looked down. He had forgotten about that. Embarrassed, he slid under his covers and began to search for his clothing, which was hidden somewhere in his sheets.
“I’ll see you in the Kitchen in a bit. Just remember that mom will be waiting.”

In 15 minutes, Ben came through the hallway which led from his room to the living room, ready to go. His face, though it looked like his brothers, was dull in expression. Ben was visibly tired, and PokeInfo knew why.
“Ready to go?” Their mom said.
“Sure,” both cubs said in unison, thought PokeInfo drowned out his younger brother. Their mom wasn’t sure about Ben’s state of being, but they still all loaded into the family car and drove towards St. Lovejoy.

Once there, PokeInfo quickly disappeared to find his teammates on the field, while Ben, who was uninterested in Soccer at the time, went to try and find some entertainment.
“ I guess I could start this weekend’s math homework, always more time for gaming. ” Ben wandered towards the math room with his backpack, and opened the door to find Edna, the girl of his dreams, spread out on the ground.

Ben dropped his backpack in awe, and just stood there, staring at the young fox’s pussy, which was very wet. He wanted it, but he didn’t know what to do. As he was standing there, Edna spoke into the barely brightened room.
“Edward… is that you… come… fuck me… now…and get me… a blanket…I’m cold…”
Ben could hardly believe his ears. His tail wagged viciously as he looked in his backpack for a small bag, which he pulled out and opened. Inside of it was a sleeping bag, which he unfolded and set on the ground beside Edna. Once he was finished, he placed his backpack outside the door, for he thought that he would need all the space he could get.

Once he reentered the room, he realized that Edna had already moved herself to the inside of the sleeping bag. Ben began to take off his clothing.
“Edward… come… put it… in my… asssss…”
This phrase was all it took to make Ben hard as a rock. He went over and got inside of the sleeping bag with Edna, who was visibly snoring. Ben noticed this and began to question his actions. “ I wonder if this is right? Taking advantage of a sleeping person is wrong… ” It was too late though. His cock had already come into contact with her fur, and this triggered her. She grabbed him in her sleep and slid Ben’s hardness into her, thrusting herself at him as she did so…

At around 6:30, Ben exited the room, and the door slammed shut behind him. He grabbed his backpack, and wondered what else he could do before school started…

Edna, who was still in the room, was confused. Did she just have a dream about Edward, when really it was this guy? Her lusts had been so real towards whoever was with her last night… could it really have been this guy who was in one of her classes?
“ Wait, Kevin! I remember that he was there when I walked in on the three of them! He will be able to tell me what happened! I’ll have to talk to other people too, though… ”
As Edna began to get dressed, she realized that her pussy and ass were both completely soaked.
“ Must have been some night… ” Edna exited the classroom fully clothed and began to look for PokeInfo, who was playing Soccer on the field.

CHAPTER 4 – Part 3 – Deception

Edna and Ben both spent the morning looking for PokeInfo, but neither could find him anywhere near the soccer field. (They both had figured out on their own by this time that he was probably getting in some other early morning practices.) As neither could find PokeInfo, both began to head to class, which was about to start.

On her way to class, in the busy hallways, full of people rushing off to some room somewhere in the building, Edna ran into her brother, who, admittedly, she thought, looked a little tired.
“Edward! Boy am I glad to see you! Listen, we need to-”
“Yeah, I’m happy to see you too (I guess). Mom went crazy when I came home late last night again, and she went even crazier when she found out that you weren’t with me, but I told her that you could fend for yourself. Anyways class is starting soooo-”
“Wait! We have to talk about…about…”
“Edna… no time… class starting…” and while Edna tried to gather her thoughts, Edward escaped to find his class in time.
Edna pondered what had just happened, but she passed it off as coincidence. She also ran off to find her history class, where they were learning about the history of pornography. “This should be fun.”

Later, in the hallway in-between classes, Edna tried again to talk to her brother about the previous night. She needed something to distract her mind from Ben, who kept staring at her during her classes with him. The same thing happened as before, and before Edna could pick up her train of thought, Edward ran off.
“Something very strange is going on… maybe I’m out of it today…”

At lunch, Edna sat down with her brother, Pietro, and Laura. Kevin was sitting at a table with Sasha in her corner, and Edna could see the pleasure coming from his face as Sasha caressed him from under the table, though nobody else in the room seemed to notice. Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their own things.
“Guys, we really need to talk.”
“You’ve been nagging me all day, so it better be good,” Edward said.
“Well, it’s just that… that…”
“Hurry up Edna spill the beans already!” Pietro said. Everyone at the table now seemed to be looking intently at Edna, who was trying to say anything pertaining to Sasha.
“Well… that… I… wanted… to…say… that…”
“Stop stalling!” The entire table said. Eventually, after about five minutes of not being able to tell the group about Sasha, she began crying and left the table.
“I don’t know what she’s trying to pull…” Edward said, now eating his food. “…she better be able to explain though.”
Edna was now frustrated at not being able to say anything to her friends. She wanted them to know that Sasha was the one behind everything. She wanted to ask Edward about last night, but she couldn’t, and when she tried again to tell random people who were passing by her in the cafeteria, and failed again, she just became even sadder. She decided once and for all that Sasha was her enemy, and she walked away. In the back of her mind she still wanted to try talking to Kevin, though, she knew what would happen if she tried…

After school, Sasha pulled Edna into the girl’s bathroom from behind, wrapping both of her arms around her as she walked by the doorway. Edna relieved herself of Sasha’s grasp after they were inside of the bathroom, and Edna was angrier then ever at Sasha.
“What do you want?”
Sasha looked playful, in spite of the anger that Edna was visibly displaying in her face.
“How was last night?”
Edna looked shocked that Sasha would ever ask that question, considering that she woke up with some kid who she didn’t even know.
“I really don’t want to talk about it… I don’t know what you did, or how you did it, but I’m onto you.”
Surprised, Sasha stood there helplessly as Edna exited the bathroom; the door crawled to a close, leaving Sasha and her blue eyes in the dust.

CHAPTER 4 – Part 4

Sasha was in disbelief as to what had just happened. “ Wow, I really thought that she enjoyed letting her brother yiff her brains out… ” she thought to herself. “ Something must have happened between the time I left and the time she woke up… but I wonder what? ” Sasha exited the bathroom and began heading for her backpack and then the exit. Tonight she would be home earlier than normal, and she pondered this.

As Sasha started the long walk towards her house, she began to think about the things the other furs were doing; dancing, partying, watching movies, having friends. All of these things appealed to her, yet she was hooked on her one desire, and nothing could interrupt that for her. She feared that if she had a social life, that her want for sex would just build up and become uncontrollable and unsafe. “ I have to be able to control it …” she thought. “… But my outbreaks have been becoming so much worse lately… I need to be able to cut back a little bit so that people don’t become so suspicious… I need one person to relieve me of my stress… and hopefully Kevin has enough energy… man I even want some of him right now…”

There were no cars on the streets where she was walking. In fact, no other furs seemed to be around, even though it was still early in the day. The street branched off into many alleyways, though it was fraught with empty houses. It was a very long street, but led almost directly to her house, and was the best route she knew of. As she passed by an intersection, she read the street sign. It read: “ Dead St .” This sign was a familiar sight to her, and she had never been bothered before by the name, but today it lingered in her mind, and she knew that something was wrong.

As she pondered the name and the meaning behind it, she passed by an alleyway out of which a pair of hands popped out and grabbed her and her backpack. At first she was surprised, but then she realized that it didn’t matter. She could feel the dick of the person who was holding her poking her in the ass as she was carried away, Dead Street was disappearing slowly from her view, and she could feel the arms of the person wrap around her tightly, as to not let his catch free. Suddenly, when the man had dragged her to the back of the alley where a mattress lay on the ground behind a dumpster, he dropped Sasha, and she turned around to face Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s arms hung dead by his side now, and his blank eyes stared into fate’s purple gaze. Sasha smiled maliciously. Her pussy’s quota for the day was about to be filled…

CHAPTER 4 – Part 5

Sasha pushed Rodriguez down onto the mattress. She joined him down on the old queen sized mat, which had no blankets on it, and began to take off Rodriguez’s pants, sliding them slowly down his legs and then tossing them to the side, letting them rest in the dirty pavement. She then glanced at the bulge in his underwear, which she thought was depressingly small.

“ Guess it’ll have to do the trick .”

Sasha took off Rodriguez’s underpants to reveal his stiff little member, and held the obviously dirty whities in her hand. He began to sit up to go in for a kiss, but Sasha leaned across his body to push him down, shoving his own underwear into his mouth. She unbuttoned his shirt, tossed that aside, and then went back to work, and began to stroke his hard-on. After that she then went down on the creature, sucking his cock and using her tongue to get him going, not even having to move her head up and down. Rodriguez started to groan, his underpants still in his mouth. “ That was quick ,” Sasha thought.

Sasha stopped sucking on him right before he was going to cum, and instead got up and slowly removed her panties from under her dress. When she was finished, Rodriguez had shrunken back to normal size, but still wanted Sasha’s loving badly. After setting her panties neatly on the side of the mattress, Sasha went over to Rodriguez’s face and removed the underpants from his mouth, which she replaced with her pussy.

“Satisfy me.”

He slid his tongue in and out of her, and just laid there flat while working on his mistress, with her dress covering their activity from anyone else’s view. Inside of this “tent,” Rodriguez worked his tongue, which (as it should be) was skilled in its craft. After about ten minutes of this, Sasha got herself off of Rodriguez, put his underpants back in his mouth, and went back down to his cock, which she stroked to make slightly bigger again. She then mounted herself on top of him, and slid his cock into her pussy. The dress made it so that no fur could see them at work, though it was still blatantly obvious what they were doing by the way that Sasha was bouncing. Eventually, Sasha finally started to feel what she needed, and as the wave hit her head on, a face appeared from behind the dumpster.

“Hey, cuz , what are you-”

Raptor and Sasha just stared at each other as Sasha let her juices flow onto the mattress, leaving a puddle for Raptor to see. Her fur was now standing on end, and her eyes were now burning red; she was mad.

She rose off of Rodriguez, her fur still on end, and suddenly her eyes sang purple, throwing Raptor into the same daze as Rodriguez. As she grabbed her underpants and put them on her, she thought about what she could do to punish such naughty furs.

Suddenly, her ears went up, and her fur flattened out. She smiled, facing towards the bully and his cousin.

“Rod, get on your knees and bend over…”

CHAPTER 4 – Part 6

Sasha was given a clean view of Rodriguez’s virgin asshole. She smiled in delight as she imagined what was going to happen next.

“Strip for your cousin Raptor.”

First he removed his shirt, and threw it aside. Then he dropped his pants and boxers. Sasha’s eyes opened wide as she gazed in awe at what she saw.

“Oh my God… there are TWO of them… and they’re huge…”

What she had pointed out was somewhat correct. Raptor stood there naked with one pole sticking out of him, except for that it branched into two equally large masses. To Sasha, they looked as if they were designed for female pleasuring, and she wanted to see them in action. Her pussy dripped at the thought.

“Raptor, penetrate him… do it now… give him what he deserves…”

Raptor got behind his cousin and prepared to stick one of his heads into Rodriguez, but they both stopped. Both of their eyes had cleared, and they snapped back to reality. First Raptor screamed, seeing what he was about to do to his cousin. Then Rodriguez looked behind him, saw Raptor, and started screaming loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood. As suddenly as it had started, the screaming had stopped, and the facial expressions of the two guys were blank again, leaving a dead silence as before. Sasha had had enough of this, and had also snapped back to reality. She needed to get home; her quota for the day had been satisfied.

She put an end to the fun. Both of the guys got dressed in their now very dirty clothing and left towards their home, unawares, while Sasha continued her journey to her own house. “ That sure was fun, ” she thought. “ I’ve always been getting it from Rod when I could have been having THAT cock shoved in me… I’ll defiantly be giving Raptor some more attention from now on …”

Sasha got home and went through the door she had become so familiar with, the strange symbolic carvings on the front of the wooden surface meaning nothing to her as she had known them her whole life. She went to the Kitchen to try and find her mom and found a note on the table instead. It read: “Sasha, I’ll be gone for the weekend, so feel free to roam as you choose. Have fun! Mom.”

Sasha smiled secretly at the thought. “ I sure will mom… I sure will… ”

Sasha ran up the stairs to her room, and immediately went through the door. It was a very designer style room, as the walls were painted with stars which had white lines painted on to form constellations. She had a walk-in closet full of dresses on one side of the room, and on the other the door to a bathroom. Directly across from where she had entered lay her bed, which was a large purple circle of many layers of different sorts of cushioning. She never slept badly. On that bed every night she would dream of what it would be like to make love to someone in that bed, with the moon shining through the transparent wall which lay directly behind her bed.

Sasha jumped onto her bed, and reached for the telephone which was on her bedside table. She started dialing numbers, generating beeping noises, and eventually she connected with Kevin.

“Hi. Kevin here.”

“Kevin this is Sasha. I want you to meet me at my house at about 7:30 tomorrow night. You can find the address in the school directory and then mapquest it. I hope that you remembered to find someone else.”

“Yeah, I found someone, but-”

“I don’t want to know about it. See ya tomorrow Kev .”

Sasha hung up the phone, which came down with a click. She got undressed, hung up her dress, put her earrings on her bedside dresser, and laid on her bed.

“ God how I love boys… we are going to have some fun Kev … ”

Sasha fingered herself until she eventually fell asleep; the luminous moon shined on her as her twitches slowly came to a halt.

CHAPTER 5 – Part 1

Saturday had rolled around. Sasha got up from her bed, looked out her window at the sunny streets overflowing with houses and then got up, not even bothering to dress. She found her way to the Kitchen and heated a Pop-Tart for breakfast. Naked, she thought about what she was going to do until Kevin came. “ God, there is so little to do around here. I could always get Edward over here for a usual 10:00 workout, but that would be too easy… I need a challenge…”

Eventually, while eating her small breakfast, it clicked in her mind. Her smile was innocent and brimming with energy, her black ears perked up, tail flipping. Her white eyes made the look all the more majestic and proud.

“ I’ll sing.”

Sasha got up from the Kitchen table, gently put her plate into the sink, walked next door to the living room, and put the shades on the windows which made the room completely dark. After the room was pitch-black, she sat down on the couch, rested her feet on the clear coffee table and let out a sigh. “ Where to start… I need to find it… I’ll know… ”

Just then, she stood up. She could feel the energy rising within her. She stood now in the middle of the room in the center of the rug, which had various designs of sorts on it. Though it was not visible, the carpet enhanced the room, as it matched perfectly with the white walls and furniture. Sasha could feel it coming, and she opened her mouth to begin what came naturally to her.

The emotion flowed out of her, and in return she poured her soul into what she wanted most. The words flew out of her mouth like the thunder of a storm, and she wielded that power with tremendous force. It was like her entire body, mind and soul were being thrown into the song, and it in turn thrived because of the extreme range and intensity of her voice. Her determination was clear by the expression on her strained face and her closed eyes. Eventually, as the song began to climax, she turned into a silky white. Light blue wings began to rise up from her back and she began to float upwards as she rhythmically soared through the skies. A white aura began to grow around her, illuminating the white room as the song grew to its full size. The nude Sasha shone like an angel coming from heaven. She was in a state of purity as she continued to pound out lyrics. She controlled the music, yet the music controlled her and guided her as to where to go next. She fought with it hard to make it work, and it did.

Suddenly, everything stopped and the darkness returned as she gently came back to the earth. She heard someone knocking at the door. She smiled with delight and opened her eyes. The blueness in them stirred as she pondered what it meant, and they slowly dissolved into a dark purple as she walked towards the door.

She opened the door and let the people on the other end walk through while she hid behind it. It was nighttime after all.

Kevin and Paige walked through the archway, and as soon as they had gone far enough, Sasha shut the door, alarming the boys. They turned to face Sasha, whose face was lit only by the moonlight shining through the door.

“Where’s the party?” Kevin said , amazed at what he was seeing.

Sasha smiled. “ Two firehoses …good thing too… I’m burning up just watching these guys grow…”

“It’s just begun.”

CHAPTER 5 – Part 2

Standing there, watching the boys’ bulges grow, she blinked a few times, and slowly, Paige faded from view, and instead Lance the dog, who was Kevin’s good friend, appeared. She scaled at his semi-muscular body, and wondered how she could have ever envisioned Paige walk through the door. Lance’s light brown fur just wasn’t like Paige’s at all, and he defiantly had a non-Australian accent when he talked. “ Must have only been a fantasy … they look so alike sometimes given the right lightning… ” Somehow, while staring down the two boys, she could sense Kevin’s uneasiness. “C’mon, we’ll go upstairs to my room.” She walked upstairs, yet only Lance followed. “You coming?” She said while spreading her legs and giving Kevin ‘the view’ of her slit.

“I still feel really bad about this, I mean he has a girlfriend and all.”

“So? I do it to Edward all the time.”

“But Lance and Leah have been together for so long… I wouldn’t want to disrup -”

“You know they can’t possibly find out.” Sasha maneuvered herself so that she was bending over on the staircase, giving Kevin yet another look that made him go wide-eyed.

“ Come with us.”

Kevin regrettably began to chase Sasha up the stairs. Lance, being the star athlete as he was, had scaled the stairs in seconds. Once Kevin caught up to Sasha, halfway up the stairs, he gave her a firm spank on her behind. She turned around to face him.

“ Ohhhh you’ve done it now.”

She pushed him hard against the wall, causing there to be a bang. Holding her hands against his chest to restrain him, she began kissing him, her tongue finding its way down his throat. After a minute or so, Sasha pulled back all of a sudden and gave Kevin a naughty smile. She began to run up the stairs again, and once she got to her room, she pushed Lance in and shut the door.

Kevin finished the walk to her room, and when he got there, he tried to open the door; it was locked.

“C’mon Sasha, you can’t tease me forever.”

“Yes I can, give me a second.”

“But don’t you want my throbbing, huge, long cock inside of your slimy, juicy, naughty-”


“That’s what I thought, let me in.”

“No pants allowed. That’s the rule.”

As Kevin took off his clothing as fast as he possibly could, he could hear the click as the door unlocked. His member sticking out straight in front of him, he opened the door, this time with success.

He entered the darkness and shut the door behind him. Her bedroom, though no lights were on inside, was illuminated partly by the moon shining through the huge window behind her bed. He could clearly see the bed, which had Sasha spread out on it, though Lance was nowhere in sight. As Sasha beckoned him with her finger, Kevin’s cock spring to full action. Sasha smiled when she saw this, and moved her free paw down to where her legs parted ways.

“C’mon, I’m not going to wait all day” She said to the drooling bird.

Kevin snapped out of his daze, and moved towards the bed. Once he had reached the large round surface, he started crawling slowly towards his desires, his cock dragging underneath him. Sasha spread herself wider and removed her paw to give him an even better view of what he wanted, and once he finally reached her young body, Kevin began to lick her feet, and he worked his way up the mountain.

Sasha loved this. She began moaning even before Kevin was halfway up her leg. When he finally got to her cunt , she began making noises loud enough to bring down the house. Even with the increasing volume of her noises, he still continued with passion to slide his tongue in and out of her tunnel. After a while, she shrieked, and Kevin found himself drowning in pussy juice. He held as much as he wanted in his mouth, and after he got enough he let the rest wet the blankets underneath him. When her convulsions finished, he continued to work his tongue up her body, keeping the liquid in his mouth, letting a little spill out at a time onto her smooth and soft fur. When he got to her mouth, he let everything out and pushed a little of the juice into her mouth with his tongue, which she willingly swallowed. He swallowed the rest while kissing and embracing her, and was rejuvenated by the taste. Kevin continued kissing her more passionately then ever, holding her, pushing his tongue harder against hers. Sasha could feel this new burst of energy. She could also feel his long, hard cock press against her chest, and this turned her on even more.

Eventually, Sasha pushed Kevin back slowly off of her, and with Kevin staring into her purple eyes, Sasha moved her hand down to Kevin’s cock. Slowly, she slid in into place, and let it go further and further into her. Kevin understood. He steadily pushed himself into Sasha’s wetness. When he could feel her pressed against his waist, he began towards his lover again, sliding his tongue into hers and holding her as he began to make love to her. She moaned inside of his mouth as the movements got faster and faster.

Lance began to move from behind the door towards the embraced couple. His unprotected cock stood steady in front of him as he moved towards Kevin, whose asshole was showing completely, his tail was pointing straight into the air as he fucked Sasha. Lance got onto the bed, but no one seemed to take notice. Once he was within inches of Kevin, he put one of his fingers into Kevin’s ass.

Kevin stopped and withdrew his tongue from Sasha’s mouth. He was shocked. Lance’s finger was buried deep in his asshole.

“Sasha… what… the… fuck…”

“Just relax Kev , you’ll appreciate what’s next… eventually.”

Sasha pulled Kevin down onto her, and he fell completely onto Sasha. He could do nothing as Lance took his finger out of him, lifted his tail, and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to his little soon-to-be love tunnel.

“Sasha… why… why… now…I’m not-”

“Because I’m breaking that right now. You will learn how to satisfy yourself in all sorts of different ways if this works, and besides… it’s such a turn-on to see guys fuck.”

“But Sasha… I’m not-”

Kevin stopped as Lance pushed his bigness into him, expanding him. As the Dingo penetrated Kevin, Kevin was pushed into Sasha completely, making him even more pinned against the bed as he took it anally.

Kevin screamed in pain. Lance’s cock was too large for him to handle. Kevin felt Lance’s hands grab him as he realized that his “virginity” had just been lost.

CHAPTER 5 – Part 3

Kevin could feel Lance’s rod scrape his inside, and the thought of what was happening to him was sickening. Yet, somehow, he never managed to lose his hardness, and still it went in and out of Sasha, making her moan. Sasha knew that something had to be done quickly to assure that Kevin would not be horrified by the experience, or even worse, turned off to her forever. She saw the pain that Kevin was in, his eyes clenched tight as lance moved slowly in and out of him, small droplets of tears streaming down his furry face onto hers.

Sasha began to whisper into Kevin’s ear. “ Kevin, you can’t give up now. You’ve just turned me on more than any man has ever turned me on before, and I have my pussy reserved for your cock only. Show me your true feelings, fuck my brains out Kev … let me feel what you are experiencing…”

Kevin was torn. He was getting pounded by one of his good friends whom he had met at the beginning of the year. His true desire, though, was to keep going. He wanted more than ever now to just make Sasha orgasm, to see her juices flow onto his throbbing member, to feel his cock soaked. He wanted her, and nothing was going to stop that, not even his fear of homosexuality.

Kevin grabbed onto Sasha’s shoulders, puncturing her back with his claws. He used his back feet as leverage to thrust Sasha faster and faster, keeping in rhythm with Lance at the same time. Sasha could feel it coming on again. She could only imagine what was to occur next. As she edged closer to what she wanted the most, feeling Kevin’s desire, she spoke to Kevin: “ God… you’re… so… fucking… amazing… ”

Kevin was feeling amazing. He found that the sex which he was having right now was better than any sex he had ever had before with anyone else in St. Lovejoy. Somehow, his friend going in and out of him was actually turning him on. It was acting as a pleasure point for Kevin and, after he realized that he enjoyed his friend fucking his brains out, he proceeded to fuck Sasha’s out in return.

Sasha was experiencing the best orgasm she had ever had for there only being one person inside of her. She moaned and screamed loudly as her river began to spray everywhere. Her arms grabbed onto Kevin, her whole lower body going through convulsions as she soaked his cock completely in her juices, her fluids going all over the bed underneath her. Kevin was not fazed at all by this huge flow of Sasha’s cum, and the coolness running down his thrusting meat along with her claws digging into his back only encouraged him to fuck Sasha harder. As her flow stopped, she begged for more. “OH GOD KEVIN, FILL MY PUSSY… PLEASE… I NEED YOU…” Kevin gave her his all, going in and out of her as fast as he could. He could feel the sweat running off of his body, mixing with the other fluids on the blankets. As he did this though, he felt Lance pull out of him and could feel his cum, at first on the entrance to his ass, then all over his back. He pushed the thoughts of there being cum on his back aside, and proceeded to pound Sasha with all of his might.

Finally, he began to feel Sasha’s pleasure wrapped around him. He had reached his boiling point, and by this point he was absolutely exhausted. He collapsed onto his mistress as he sprayed her insides with cum. Both moaned in pleasure, holding each other as Kevin painted Sasha’s insides white, spraying his seed everywhere inside of her. After Kevin finished blowing his load, he rolled over and laid down on the bed, letting the fluids on his back smear the soft surface. Both Sasha and Kevin huffed as they slowly recovered from the wild sex they had just had.

Eventually, Kevin got up off of the bed and looked at the mess they had made. Cum, juice and sweat were flung everywhere. Lance was lying on the floor passed out, and Sasha was lying on the bed, her purple eyes shining and reaching out to Kevin, the moon illuminating her body. As Kevin looked at her beautiful face, her soft yet messy fur, and her dripping cunt , he took a glance at her tail, which was puffed up completely from the orgasm she had just had. He giggled to himself as he walked over to the bathroom where he turned on the water and let it warm.

Kevin moved the shower curtains aside and stepped into the hot water, letting it pour onto his messy body. After a minute of enjoying the water do its job, Sasha stepped into the bathroom, and stumbled into the tub as well, holding onto Kevin for support, feeling his body as the sweat and sperm were slowly washed down the drain.

Eventually, Kevin and Lance dressed themselves; Lance was still acting under Sasha’s control, and had no idea what he just did. Sasha stood there naked at the doorway as Kevin said his goodbye. Before they were able to walk out the door, Sasha pulled Kevin in and kissed him passionately. She didn’t know what their relationship was or where it was going, but he had just given her everything she had ever wanted. Sasha knew that she wanted more of him. After a minute of tongues clashing with each other and exploring each other’s mouths, they broke away, and Kevin and Lance left, departing towards Kevin’s house.

Sasha smiled as the watched their shadows disappear down the road from her living room window, thinking about what had just happened. “ You really have to be more careful in the future Sasha …”

Lance woke up in Kevin’s guest bed, puzzled as to what time it was or even what day it was. It seemed to him that he was totally out of it. He glanced first at the sleeping Kevin on the bed beside him, and then picked up his cell phone from the bedside table. It read “15 missed calls” on the tiny screen and, after taking notice of this, he navigated to the main screen. “11:00, Sunday, Nov 12, 2006” Lance read out loud from the gadget in his hand in disbelief. He groaned heavily and began to check his messages, calling his voicemail and dialing his password into the beeping devise.

Message after message played, all of them from Leah, his girlfriend. In the first one, she was ecstatic, and her voice just got more and more depressing to listen to as the messages carried on. By the thirteenth one, Lance was in tears hearing his girlfriend cry out to him over the phone, and he hung up, not choosing to hear anymore about what he should have been doing last night.

“ What could I possibly have done last night? ” Lance thought to himself. “ How can I possibly explain this one to Leah ?”

CHAPTER 5 – Part 4

Sasha woke up from her deep sleep, her long black hair spread all over her face. She got up, tied her hair back as she looked out her window at the empty horizon’s end, got dressed, and headed downstairs, her pussy still aching a little bit from the pounding she had received last night. She had a lot of thinking to do as she sat down at her Kitchen table to eat her pop-tart.

“ People are getting too suspicious, ” Sasha thought to herself. “ I really need to lay off of the sex… as good as it gets… ” She sighed aloud as she finished her meal and walked over to her living room window. She gazed longingly out of it as she thought of last night.

“ I’ll need the energy for my birthday… ”

She stood up and began to sing the blues, drowning her longing in song.

“Kevin, wake up,” Lance said desperately to his friend.

“ Wha … huh? What time is it?” Kevin replied lazily.

“It’s about noon.”

“Wow… we sure were tired huh… we must have been exhausted after last night…?”

“Yeah… but I was wondering… what exactly did we do last night? Leah called me wanting to do something, and I have no idea why I wouldn’t even pick up the phone to tell her that we were busy…”

Kevin’s heart was torn. He felt so guilty about what had happened, yet he couldn’t tell anyone. He knew what he had to do.

“I don’t remember much from last night either… it’s all very strange… but I don’t seem to remember any of it.”

“This is too weird… I can’t believe this, how am I going to tell her that? She is going to think that I was cheating on her or something.”

“There is no way, I was here with you, I can vouch for you. Tell her that someone played a bad joke and hid your cell phone or something…”

Lance sighed. “You know, we’ve been at this school for almost a year and a half now, and I don’t know if anything more strange has happened to me…”

“I know what you mean… I mean, even after the random encounter we’ve had at the school, after the random shit that happens with Rod, I still think this is even more strange , weirder than me not being able to have a constant girlfriend…”

“What happened to Ashley? I always thought you had this huge crush on her.”

“I don’t know… we just never saw each other ever again. Every time I tried to find her, she would never be there, and every time that I had the chance, I just never could find it in me to talk to her… I guess after a while I just gave up.”

“You should try again, she’s really nice.”

Kevin smiled at the thought of Ashley and him being together. He could envision it perfectly in his mind. They were like a couple made in heaven.

“You know,” he said, “I think I will try… thanks for the help!”

“No problem,” Lance said. “You’ve always been there when I’ve needed you.”

Eventually, the day passed by. All that was left of it by ten at night was a bunch of cubs getting prepared for bed, getting mentally ready to go to school in the morning, though none were ready for the weekend to end. Each student of St. Lovejoy prepared to sleep peacefully, and by midnight each student, happy, sad, or at peace with the world, had found his/her way into the world of dreams.

CHAPTER 6 – Part 1 – Keeping Promises

Sasha woke up bright and early. She dressed herself today in a vibrant green sweater and a pair of jeans and proceeded to head out the door into the cold, windy weather. She got on the bus, and instead of sitting with Kevin or anyone else, she just made her way to the back, dreading the week ahead of her. Along the way, she caught a glimpse of Cynthia giving head to PokeInfo , and managed to see the cum from his cock shooting into Cynthia’s mouth. This aggravated Sasha, as she was not going to experience anyone’s nutt for another week. She plumped herself down onto the lonely seat and wondered what she could do to pass the time. Her ears sprung to action as she thought of a mischievous way to pass the time without controlling people completely. She closed her eyes and tapped into Kevin’s brain, reading his every thought.

Sasha opened her eyes suddenly; she was aggravated at what she had just seen. “ Oh no you don’t… not again, ” she thought to herself. “ You know that I can never allow you to be with Ashley… something has to be done about this. ” As she began to come up with a plan to stop Kevin, the bus came to a screeching halt, and the cubbies slowly filed off the bus, making their way to their respective classes.

At lunchtime, Sasha saw the perfect opportunity. She was watching Kevin from the corner of the room when she saw Ashley make her way towards where Kevin was sitting, where PokeInfo was using his paw to pleasure Cynthia. Sasha focused herself, and clumsily, Kevin swept his dollar from the surface, and it floated underneath the table.

“Silly me…” Kevin said out loud as he went under to grab his money, catching a view of what was happening. He stared at the bulge inside of Cynthia’s wet panties, then realized what he was looking at, shook his head, and returned to the task at hand. At the same moment when Kevin was sheltered completely by the tabletop, Ashley passed by.

“Hey, have any of you seen Kevin? I’ve been wanting to talk to him for some time now…”

Cynthia was nearing an orgasm, and moaned softly as PokeInfo got her to a stage of climax. Laura, who was sitting next to the pleasured bunny, pointed downwards and whispered: “I think he is underneath the table.”

Ashley’s eyes became as wide as dinner plates when she came to a conclusion about the situation. “ Ohhhhkay then. I’ll just leave everyone alone.”

As Ashley walked off, Kevin emerged with his dollar. He gave an awkward glance to PokeInfo and Cynthia and left the table, heading in the opposite direction from Ashley. Sasha smiled at her accomplishment. “ That should do… for now .”

As Sasha walked down the hallways, she felt a little remorse for what she had done to Kevin’s relationships over the years. “ God, Kevin ,” she thought, “ you know I’m only doing this for your own good. I know that you want a constant girlfriend, but you will get one someday. If you had gotten together with Ashley so early on, we never would have gotten a chance to be together, and you never would have gotten the opportunities that you did to fool around with the cheerleading squad … we’ve been fooling around for so long now… and I’ve only decided to let you know recently… someday you will appreciate it .”

Sasha turned into the girl’s bathroom, only to find Scotty and Dezeray embraced passionately. Before she could get a chance to disrupt them or see more, she left the room. “ Obviously when I can’t have sex this happens allll the time …”

After school, Sasha went home at the normal time, excited to see her mom, Sharon, back in town. They were both really close and shared a relationship very close to that of normal friends. They went shopping with each other, saw movies frequently, and loved to be in the company of each other. In fact, it was Sharon who taught Sasha to love singing, and they both shared a natural affinity for it.

Sasha got home and went excitedly through the front door to find her mom waiting at the table. Sasha sneaked up behind her and hugged her from behind. “I’ve missed you.” Sasha said.

“My little Sasha, I’ve missed you too…”

“How was your business trip? Did it go well?”

“It went very well, in fact, to celebrate; I thought that we could go see a movie.”

“That would be great mom!”

Sasha and her mom walked out of the front door, got into the car, and drove towards the cinema.

All that was on Kevin’s mind was Ashley. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, and when he got home, he laid on his bed, envisioning her perfect image in his mind. When nighttime finally rolled around, he decided to give her a call, anxiously waiting to hear her voice.

“Hello, this is Ashley.”

“Hey, this is Kevin. Listen, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, and I was really curious as to wheth -”

“Forget it Kevin, I wouldn’t want you to be cheating on anyone.”

Kevin was awestruck as she hung up the phone. He slowly put his phone down on the receiver and lay down on his bed, sighing. “ I guess she doesn’t like me… I wonder what’s gotten into her .” He thought about everything that could have been as he drifted to sleep.

CHAPTER 6 – Part 2

The next day, everything went normally. Kevin dreamed of what Ashley would be like, Sasha kept running into people having sex and yiffing in the most awkward positions and places, and everyone else dwelled about their own lives, worrying about the dramas existing for them in their own realities. A buzz started around the school though, when suddenly, the overhead buzzed during the lunch hour. It was the head of the school.

“This is a reminder to all of the male students that we will be having our annual all-male assembly on Monday, November 20th for two hours in-between 9:00 and 11:00. Attendance is required and anyone caught ditching will be in big trouble. Under no circumstances are there to be any girls allowed. Have a nice day.”

Sasha walked down the hall, and heard the general thoughts from the students about this announcement, though she had thoughts of her own.

“I really don’t remember what happened last year during this… I think they just lectured us the whole time…”

“Poke, I heard that it is just a huge welcome to all of the newer students at the school from a very reliable source…”

“Maybe it is just a basic introduction to safe sex…”

“I really hope that it is a huge orgy…”

“At an all-male assembly? Ewwww!”

The confused cubs of St. Lovejoy couldn’t help but be curious as to what was going to happen during the assembly. Sasha heard these words of exploration and only smiled as she walked down the hallway to her class.

Along the way, she managed to find Lance and Leah arguing. Sasha followed closely behind them and listened to them battle with words.

“Lance, please be honest, were you cheating on me? There are people talking around the school who are trying to convince me-“

“Leah, you know that I would never try and do something like that to someone I love so much. Honestly, I have no idea what I did that night, but I can tell you that I wasn’t seeing anybody else.”

“I just really don’t know if I can trust you anymore…”

Sasha’s class was right around the corner, and so she went in and took a seat. “They aren’t breaking up, so it’s okay. I can mess with people a little bit, but I really have to be careful about screwing up everybody’s mind…” She sat there and daydreamed about her night with Lance and Kevin, and about how much fun it was, yet in the back of her mind, she knew that there was something that she would have to confront.

Meanwhile, Ben was still in hot pursuit of his lover, Edna. He loved everything about her; her naughtiness, her flirtatiousness with guys, the way she looked at her own brother. “So kinky,” Ben thought. “I’ll have to get my hands on her again somehow.”

He turned a corner, and there she was, bent over picking something up off of the ground, and Kevin sprung to action. “Now’s my chance. I just have to do something so unexpected that she will fall for me in the moment.”

Ben snuck up behind her and, his lion’s tail staying perfectly still behind him, he pulled her up, wrapping his arms around her. Before she could do anything, he covered her eyes with his hand, pushed her forcefully against the lockers, and proceeded to kiss her passionately.

Edna never knew what hit her, but she was deeply in wanting of the person whose tongue was sliding down her throat. Suddenly, with Edna craving more, Ben pulled away and sprinted down the hallway, his tail swooshing back and forth as he jogged towards his class. Edna stood there, stunned at what had just happened. She wanted more, yet what she desired so much was running away from her. “Was that… PokeInfo’s brother?” Edna whispered aloud to herself.

The rest of the week went on very normally without Sasha meddling in other people’s sex lives. She just stayed out of the way, and let reality unravel itself normally, just being a viewer in the distance… at least for now. Sasha just watched as Kevin was lonely, Ben was lusting, Lance was sorry and everyone else was happy. She carefully observed how each of these people whose lives she had dramatically affected played out with and without her, like a biologist studying an organism growing. She now had newfound time to bond with her mother, and she got caught up in her mother’s love until the week moved onwards with time.

Friday came and everyone, buzzing with energy, left the school in a hurry. Sasha came walking out behind everyone else, and just chose to skip taking the bus and enjoy the fresh air. She needed the break from everyone around her all of the time, talking about everything. She had some deep thinking to do.

While Sasha was taking her usual route home she passed by a church, which had a huge representation of Christ on the cross in the background with candles and an altar in front of it. Sasha took interest to this and walked in. There was no one else inside. It seemed so lonely to her, but so full of energy like she had never felt before. She walked up to underneath the figure of Jesus on the cross and stared at it. She took careful attention to the nails which had been driven into his hands and feet and stared into his eyes, which, though were full of pain, expressed his hope for the greater good of the future. Sasha felt scared. She had no idea what this emotion inside of her was, but just staring into the face of Jesus made her feel for his acts. Sasha kneeled down and prayed silently, just blessing all of the opportunities and gifts she had been given. After about five minutes, she got up and walked away from the church, away from the lord’s house, towards her own home.

When Sasha got there she was full of bliss. She walked up to her mom and hugged her lovingly, and then went up to her room to think about her life, to reflect upon decisions she had made. The whole weekend she just kept to herself, thinking about her life, playing it over in her head. She wondered if things would play out differently had she not been there, and her blue eyes stared into the ceiling, reflecting the thoughts of the naked Sasha who was lying on the bed staring upward. She had never felt this way before: she no longer wanted sex, but wanted a truer, more honest love. By the end of the weekend, she had concluded in her own mind that she wanted no longer to abuse people’s lives, even though she did find her abilities extremely kinky. “After Monday… I’ll tone it down a lot… but I have to follow through with what I have set in place, after all, it is my birthday.”

Sunday night, Sasha laid down in her bed and crossed out Sunday on her calendar. The next day to the right of where the sharpie had made an ‘x’ was labeled: “Monday, November 20th,” and underneath it said “My birthday” in big, purple letters. She smiled, looked out the window at the moon in all its glory, and drifted off to sleep, only envisioning in her mind what her special day would be like.

CHAPTER 6 – Part 3 – The Birthday

Sasha woke up bright and early, excited that today was her day and her day only. She sat up and then stretched and yawned. She knew that today was going to be wonderful; she just had to make it perfect. Sasha put on a dazzling purple dress with silver sequins on it, got some matching earrings and some high heels. She didn’t even bother to put panties on, as she was not going to need them today. After she was finished getting dressed, she headed downstairs, where she found a card with her name on it. When she opened the card, there was an array of lights that glimmered and spelled: “Happy Birthday Sasha! May you have a wonderful fourteenth year!” Sasha smiled, remembering her mom in her heart, and took the card upstairs to put beside her bed. She then went back down the stairs again, ate breakfast, and then headed out the door to catch the bus.

Once inside the bus, Sasha scoped out her surroundings. All of the happy cubs were eager and waiting for the school day to start, though no one was more excited than Sasha that this Monday had rolled around. Sasha never told anyone when her birthday was, so no one wished her happy birthday or gave her anything so much as a glance as she was passing by the seats to take her usual corner spot. She noticed something weird though: Cynthia and Jenny were whispering to each other quietly, but when they looked up and saw her, they stopped and just smiled pleasantly ahead of them. Sasha knew that something very strange was up, but still went and sat down. “I need to be very careful…” she thought.

Sasha got off of the bus and walked merrily along to her first class. When she was finished for the morning at 8:50, she walked along to the auditorium to ‘set up’ for her birthday.

At 9:00, all of the male students in the building, upper and lower classmen, headed into the auditorium for their all male assembly. They had no idea what was in store for them, but they piled in anyways and grabbed a seat in front of the empty stage. At 10:05, once everyone had filled the seats in the auditorium, the doors shut by themselves and Sasha ran onto the stage, butt-naked. There were whistles and hollers from the room as she turned to face the crowd.

“Hi all, and welcome to our second annual all-male assembly here at St. Lovejoy.”

“I thought this was like the 15th or something?”

“Look at that body…”

“At St. Lovejoy every year,” Sasha said while sitting on the stage and spreading her legs so that the whole population of boys could see her glimmering slit, “we take time out of your school year to honor my birthday, and to personally make each student feel like an essential part of our community.”

She looked around the crowd. There were about fifty faces, all staring, drooling, wanting her displayed prize. She could see and feel that no girls were present, just as she had wished.

“I know what you all want… so I’ll give you all exactly what you would like…”

Sasha concentrated hard. She focused all of her stored up energy at the task at hand, each person in the audience gazing upon her, watching her weave her magic upon the crowd. She visualized every person in the audience and worked her powers on them. When she was finished, she closed her legs, stood up, pursed her lips and then clapped, raising her hands and bringing them together in front of her.

What happened next was that each boy simultaneously stood up from the stadium style seating and clapped, there being one loud rap as a result of the action. Sasha smiled widely now, her eyes glowing and flashing purple as she concentrated her energy onto making her wildest dreams come true.

“Okay my minions, I need all of you to take off your clothing, leave it in a pile in front of your seat, and come up here and line up single file, facing me.”

Each boy in the room did exactly as he was told and in a very short amount of time there was a single line of students, each one’s pole sticking straight out in front of them. It would be easy for Sasha to make a comparison this way. She started at the beginning of the line and worked her way down, grabbing each guy’s cock as she passed by them and made her verdict. “Too little experience… too small… WAY too small… no… ah, here’s our first then.”

Sasha held Raptor’s two-pronged weapon in her hand, stroking its length back and forth with her one hand. She pulled Raptor forward using his cock and rubbed his chest with her hand as she moved on in the line. Eventually, she had pulled Kevin and Paige forward as well. “Okay, I need the first seven guys, Scotty, Sean, and Edward to stay on the stage, and the rest of you can have a seat and put your clothing back on. I have no more need for you now.”

The people who were not selected walked back in an orderly fashion, put their clothes on and sat down, getting a front row view to the fun that was about to take place. When everyone was seated, and Sasha had her thirteen handsome, cute, big and small servants before her, she was ready to start. “Let’s begin then shall we,” she said aloud. “My pussy has been wanting this for a long long time…”

Sasha worked her energy into giving herself what she wanted. Each person that was on the stage effortlessly lifted her into the air, the tongues of thirteen cubs rubbing all over her body as she turned in midair. She was receiving the greatest tongue bath ever. Each squirming tongue had reserved a different patch of fur to rub while she was twirling and spinning around, the cycle beginning to take place. Eventually, tongues worked their way inside of Sasha’s ass and pussy and, squealing with glee, she let these random people explore her deepest reaches with their mouths. Cocks clashing, tongues fighting to please their master; it was everything Sasha had ever dreamed of. Eventually, when she was horny enough, Sasha screamed aloud, begging for her present, and each part of her working force helped to deliver that special gift that she had been craving all year long.

First, with Sasha still suspended in midair, Raptor was positioned underneath Sasha where he could penetrate both of her holes easily, and he was slowly slid into position, his big dick easily plugging her pleasure areas. As this was happening, Kevin was raised up on someone’s shoulders and was pushed into Sasha’s already filled cunt, positioned in-between Raptor and Sasha’s spread legs. Finally, Paige was lifted up so that he was standing over Sasha, her mouth around his aching hardness, his legs being held up firmly by people underneath Sasha. The preparation was complete: her present was ready to be delivered.

Slowly, the group of people began to rock the airborne people back and forth, the cocks of Raptor, Paige, and Kevin slowly moving in and out of their master. Eventually, once the group got a rhythm going, the movements accelerated faster and faster. Sasha just moaned as she was filled completely by her three dream men; she was in heaven. Everything that she had ever wanted from sex was coming true, and she was enjoying every second of it. She didn’t even have to do anything, as everyone else around her was working to pleasure her and her only. Raptor’s body holding her from underneath her, Kevin’s hands grasping her waist firmly as he pounded her, and Paige holding her head as she bobbed up and down on the fabled fire hose. It was like fantasy sex. “Dingos sure do taste yummy …” Sasha thought as she pleasured him with her mouth, her tongue sliding along his hard shaft. “It’ll be so exciting when he cums.”

After about fifteen minutes of the sex cloud going to work, Sasha thrashed violently as she began to reach her climax. She let the juices run out of her and they gushed in-between the two bulging dicks that were inside of her. The liquid forced its way out, and eventually the two throbbing pieces of meat were completely soaked as they continued to move in and out of her. Sasha found that everyone was unfazed by this shower, and the motions continued normally. Sasha was speechless. All she could think of to say was “Don’t stop… whatever you do… don’t stop…”

Eventually, each one of the three boys took their turns erupting inside of Sasha. Raptor was the first, spurting his seed deep inside of Sasha, coating her insides completely with mounds of gooey cum, the flow seeming to Sasha everlasting. Sasha had suspected that he was a little bit deprived sexually, but she never expected that he had a store up this bad. Very shortly afterwards, Paige came into Sasha’s mouth strong and hard, the liquid being gobbled up by Sasha whenever she could feel it hit the back of her throat. She was in pure ecstasy from the taste. As Paige was finishing feeding Sasha his milk, Kevin finally reached a climax, his strong jets of gooey white substance reaching deep within Sasha, exploring uncharted territory. Once everyone had finished giving Sasha what she had been deprived of for a week, she just laid there, the three poles resting inside of her. She could feel the cum seeping slowly out of her lower body, flowing like a river inside of her. She loved it. She would remember the taste and the feel for as long as she remained alive. After she was finished relaxing, the three guys dislodged themselves from Sasha, leaving three gooey and white entrances to her body.

Still suspended in midair, she reached down and stuck two fingers inside of her wrecked pussy, taking a swab of the mixed drink. She slowly, shaking, brought it up to her mouth and sucked her finger until it once again resumed its normal color of darkness. She never wanted the moment to end, yet she knew that it had to. She concentrated again on her imagination, and slowly, the tongues of the boys beneath her found a way to clean her up, leaving only no visible whiteness on her pure, silk, wet, black body. Eventually she was placed on the ground and wobbled, trying to stand upright.

Sasha glanced at the clock. 10:20… right on schedule. She knew exactly what was to come next. She was worn out, all she needed now was a little entertainment and she would give it to herself. She smiled as she visualized in her head the chain of events that was about to occur next.

“Ok, firstly, all of you need to get clean. There are a bunch of towels on the left side of the stage if you need them. Secondly, I’ll need Edward, Sean, and Scott to remain in center stage.”

Each student dried himself off and returned to his seat to put his clothing on. All, that is, except for the Skunkat, the Fox, and the light brown Siamese cat with his dampened down hair. When everyone was seated, and just the three boys were left up on stage, Sasha spoke from behind them.

“Entertain me.”

Each of the already horny boys did exactly as they were told. They began to engage in a three way kiss, the tongues colliding in the middle, but because of time restrictions, Sasha elected in her mind that they skip the foreplay. Both Sean and Scotty worked their way quickly down to Edward’s throbbing member, which quickly disappeared inside of Scotty’s wet mouth while Sean went to work on Edward’s testies. Sasha was excited: she had always loved seeing gay men in action, but she had never seen a live demonstration between three guys before. Sasha laid on the stage, fingering herself as two boys went to work on Edwards’s cock.

As they were all already horny, it wasn’t long before Edward erupted inside of Scotty’s mouth, the cum oozing out, dripping onto his cock which was already being teased by Sean’s hand. When Edward was finished he willingly bent over, lifting up his big, bushy tail, giving both Sean and Scotty a tempting view of his tight tail-hole. Sean took the bait and proceeded to push himself into Edward, whose wasted pole was already spent.

Edward, Sasha, and Sean were all moaning as the two boys rocked back and forth. Eventually, Scotty joined in, mounting the other kitty and pushing himself deep within Sean. Sasha noticed that it slid in much easier this time. “Funny,” she thought as she fingered herself, watching the three go at it. “He must be used to this sort of treatment… I need to get a better view of this.”

Sasha carefully slid underneath Edward who was on all fours taking it in the rear. She worked her way carefully up until she was underneath Sean, who was both taking and receiving other people. Sasha just watched as Edward and Sean were penetrated and as all three boys were pushed against each other. She saw each motion as one person’s dick disappeared inside someone and then reappeared again, only to re-submerge. She could sit there watching the motions all day with her purple eyes, Edward’s legs brushing hers as he was pushed back and forth. Finally, she could see that Sean and Scotty were starting to climax, and as she did not want to get herself dirty again, she watched from a distance as the two boys erupted inside of the rump in front of them.

When they were finished, Sasha had them clean each other off, dry and then get dressed quickly while she also got her clothing on. Finally, sitting at the front of the stage with five minutes to spare, she snapped each boy at the same time back to reality, and the crowd of blank eyes began to become animated again, the color resuming its natural place.

Each boy awoke with a dazed look and glanced at Sasha who was on stage. It appeared as if she was just ending a long, boring lecture. Each guy was glad that they remembered nothing about the assembly, though, her pretty sequin dress stood out to them for some reason.

“…and that is my introduction to safe sex! I hope you all have great lives from here on out! You can all leave now!”

Each student lazily walked out of the auditorium, Sasha just smiled as the last guy left the room.

“That sure was fun,” she thought while heading out of the room to her next class in the day, “but I should probably quit for now… I need to find a real relationship now… I want to really love someone…”

As Sasha left the room, an unnoticed camera blinked in the upper corner of the room, having had a full view of what had just occurred in the last two hours. Behind its glass eye, in a dark room, seven faces were in shock. Pure horror filled their faces as they stared at the screen. They could not believe the events that they had just witnessed.

“I told you she was fucked up.”

“What can we do about this?”

“Something needs to happen.”

“We have to mess her up.”

“Yeah we have to make sure that she will never mess with our guys again.”

“And if anything ever happens, we can claim that she possessed us.

“Yeah! We’ll make her pay!

“Okay… so you’ll do…”

The seven faces plotted Sasha’s demise as Sasha unknowingly walked down the hallway, dreaming about everything that had just happened and about everything that would be to come.

CHAPTER 6 – Part 4

Sasha walked into class and sat down. “Biology…” she thought to herself and sighed out loud as she shuffled to the desk in the corner. As the teacher spoke, she noticed that there were three seats missing in the fairly small classroom, but easily passed it off and went back to her daydreaming, ignoring the teacher’s presentation, just lingering in her own mind. About halfway through the class, Cynthia, Edna, and Jhaidy all burst hurriedly into the classroom together in the middle of the teacher’s lecture.

“And just where have you girls been? Class started a half hour ago!!!”

Cynthia tried desperately to explain. “Erm… we’re sorry Ms. Mouse… we’ve just… been-”

“I have no time for excuses! You three see me right away after class and we’ll talk about what you have been doing… anyways back to our specimen, we see that…”

As the teacher kept talking, Sasha eyeballed the three girls very cautiously. She knew that something was up. No one was supposed to have been absent except for her, and she was able to coax the principle into letting her ‘help out’ at the assembly.

When the lunch bell rang and the class ended, Sasha bolted out the door, leaving the other classmates in the dust behind her. She didn’t want any unnecessary encounters with people who might harm her.

At lunch, Sasha found an empty classroom to go and hide in. She just sat there, a little hungry, but very scared as she thought to herself what could happen if something had gone wrong.

Throughout the rest of the day, she acted very spastically, trying to get away from anyone whenever possible. She had no idea who was involved, and couldn’t possibly know what people had planned. She took the most obscure routs to her classes, arriving just on time so that the class would start without her being pestered by anyone, though she started to notice the strange looks and awkward glances she would get from the cheerleader girls. Each time a bell rang, she jetted as fast as she could out the door, leaving everything behind her.

After school, Sasha was working her way through the dark hallways towards the back of the school, where she could walk home without being afraid of anyone harming her, when she passed by a hallway with a female fox and a male lion in it. She could see very clearly Ben’s closed eyes as Edna worked her magic on him and bobbed up and down on his crotch, his pants dropped casually to his feet. “That’s odd,” Sasha thought, “I didn’t know she liked him that much…” Sasha kept on walking, and eventually found the door and opened it, the light shining through, the hallways brightening up as she pushed forward. At last she was free. She could go home.

Sasha opened the door and ran upstairs to the bed she knew so well. She took off her backpack and shoes and just let herself fall onto the purple bed sheets, letting herself bounce up and down. She buried her face in a pillow, staining it with wetness. She had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to her now. She just sat there and thought about everything that had happened in the last few days. She pondered the universe and its mysteries. She thought about everything that had happened to her recently, forgetting about the far past. So much time passed by with her just analyzing the situation, and eventually, she threw the pillow off of her and opened her eyes, the redness shining through. She regretted everything that had happened, and she had no idea why until it hit her head on like a bullet train.

“No… it can’t be…” Sasha thought to herself. “Could it really end this way?” Sasha’s jaw was left dangling in amazement of the realization that had eluded her for so long.

Another voice inside of her spoke out in her mind; “Whatever happens must happen, destiny is destiny, you can’t reverse that.”

The two went back and forth. “But… everything… everyone…”

“I know.”

“But… so much… people’s lives…”

“Everything will sort itself out”

Sasha sighed out loud. “If it must be, it must be, there isn’t anything I can do about it now.”

Sasha rolled over and dozed off, the white moon shining through the black darkness, forging a path to spread its blessing.

CHAPTER 7 – Part 1 – Just a reflection… Just a glimpse… Just a little reminder…

Nightmares, horrible, terrible dreams; they just kept coming, coming like a bullet train. Sasha could see it now, the voices; so many voices in her head, telling her everything, nothing. She thought that they were so familiar, but she just couldn’t lay a finger on it. Sasha had no idea what was happening, but she was scared, surrounded in complete darkness, people whispering, shouting, and pointing into where she stood. Everything she had been so afraid of was coming to life in her mind. She had never feared like this before.

Sasha woke up in the middle of the night, surrounded by only the sound of her own shriek as she begged and pleaded into the darkness for the horror to stop. She opened her eyes, only to see that nothing was around her except for what she knew best. Sasha was free for the time being. She wanted to badly never to return to that horror again, and was just glad to be freed from her inner demons. She looked into the moonlight, which shone brightly onto the tears rolling down her black cheeks, her transparent eyes making not so much as a ripple in the beautiful radiance soaking her skin.

Slowly, Sasha rolled out of bed, tears in her eyes, and found her way to the door, which she opened. She navigated her way downstairs through the dark, and found her way past the kitchen to a big wooden door with holly laced around the edges, looking almost as if the person residing in the room was trying to keep bad spirits out. Sasha turned the knob and walked in, seeing her mom’s personal dwelling area in all it’s glory. Incense filled the air as candles were lit in various places all over the room, and Sasha’s sleeping mom resided on the glorious queen sized bed with blue sheets, a drape hanging from the ceiling around her. All that could be heard was a loud thud as the door closed, though the silence afterwards was broken by an innocent, sad voice.

“Mom…” The tears rolled down Sasha’s face, soaking her cheeks in saltiness. She could say nothing more as her mom rolled over in the bed and looked at her devastated daughter.

“Hey sweetie, what’s-”

Sasha stood in front of the entrance, the tears glimmering in the light from around the room, the sobs escaping her mouth as she stood there in just underwear, her arms wrapped around her torso, sheltering herself, her hair draped loosely over her face, her eyes making no impression at all on the light. Her mom could see Sasha’s tail spiraled tightly around her leg as she got up and moved towards her scared daughter.

“Oh honey… it’ll be alright… everything will be okay…”

The two black cats hugged lovingly, the younger of the two sobbing onto the shoulder of the motherly figure. It was love, and both of them wanted the moment to last for eternity.

“ Thank you mom ,” Sasha thought to herself while pouring her emotion into the hug. “ Thank you so much .”

The following morning, numerous amounts of cubs poured out of a bus parked in front of St. Lovejoy, each child having its own destination, its own desire. Coming out of this bus in the midst of the crowd was none other than Sasha, whose purpose was to stay blended into the crowd and away from harm. She could feel a bad omen rising within her, and she wanted more than ever to suppress that feeling for as long as possible.

Sasha walked down the hallway, afraid of everything, everyone. Her white sweater and blue jeans did not aid her in her quest for safety as she still stood out to everyone. “ It’s lunch time, so surely I’ll be safe now ,” she thought to herself while cautiously wandering down an empty hallway. Her tail flapped everywhere from her nervousness, the sweat pouring down her body as she tried to avoid any fur contact. She jumped at first when she saw Ben come around the corner, but thought that it would be okay, as he did not have anything to do with her. She was very surprised though when he talked to her, nervously speaking to her.

“Hey Sasha, do you… erm … think that you could… you know… come with me for a second? It’ll be quick I promise!” he said to her suspiciously.

“What do you need me to come with you for?” Sasha asked while raising an eyebrow.

“Well… it’s just that… fuck it.”

Ben leaned forward and engaged lips with the cat queen. She at first tried to push him away but fell in love with the feeling; that feeling of being with someone who wants you. She loved having a throbbing and willing tongue inside of her, and she let her mind wander as to what else it could do. Without thinking, letting her sexual desires turn the cogs inside of her head, Sasha veered to the left and pushed Ben through the girl’s bathroom door, still kissing him. She let him push her inside of the first entrance they could find. With the stall door still open, Ben pushed Sasha kinkily against back wall, noticing a nail sticking out of the wall above and to the right of Sasha’s head, about an arm-length away from where he was now kissing her passionately, beginning to work his hands down her body. As Ben was beginning to please the fur pinned on the wall in front of him he began to question to himself as to why Edna wanted him to do this, but he didn’t care really. He was getting more action than he ever had before. He may have been puny, but as long as the girls liked him, he didn’t give a damn about the motivations behind their sexual desires.

Sasha stopped everything as she heard the door to the bathroom slam open, her eyes opening wide, the color shifting from blue to clear. The fur in front of her just kept on going as she deduced slowly what was going to happen to her. The voices on the outside matched the voices of her nightmares; those angry, frustrated, resentful, spiteful voices. She wanted them out, out of her life. She had never meant for things to go this far. She wanted them to go away, but they just kept on coming, until finally, the reality of it all hit her head on.

Sasha pushed Ben aside and crouched down to try and escape underneath the sides of the box, but it was too late; the girls had already found her stall. Sasha looked up only to see angry people in red uniforms grab her and pull her up from the floor, pushing Ben out of the way. She could hear them saying things, awful things about her, about what she had done, about how she was going to pay. Sasha struggled to break free by any means possible, kicking and screaming. Two of the girls took the fighting Sasha by the wrists and forcefully slammed her into the wall, one girl pushing her chest hard, knocking the wind out of her, though that wasn’t what she needed to worry about at the moment.

Sasha could feel the cold nail go straight through her hand, puncturing it, the nail becoming red, sending a horrible feeling through her body. She screamed out in pain, unable to do anything except for cry and beg for mercy to these people. She wanted so badly for it to end, so badly for everything to just disappear, but she couldn’t do anything about the pain throbbing in her hand. She had never felt so miserable in her life. She heard some murmuring, some snickering, some talk about how she was going to repay her debt in full, and some words about how nothing would stop them from administering the said punishment. She could feel their hatred, their spite, their want to harm her even more, to hurt her in so many ways. She just wanted it all to end, to stop forever.

Sasha heard a beacon of hope as Ben, in sudden realization of what had just happened, struggled to get to Sasha, to set her loose, to let her go. Cynthia grabbed the short fighting boy from behind, holding her arms around Ben’s face and pulling, making sure that he fell to the ground, unable to do anything to her now. Eventually, the cub gave up, his kicking and yelling slowly coming to a halt. Cynthia thought that he had just stopped in realization of the situation, but only one person in the room knew what was really going on. Sasha could feel Ben’s life slowly slipping away as the people in front of her called her names and took out their anger on the cat. She wanted to do something, anything, but she was unable to. Between the pain pulsating through her body from her bleeding hand and the people screaming at her, telling her that she was a horrible person, all she could do was cry, beg, and watch from a distance as Ben’s spirit slowly disappeared from his body.

CHAPTER 7 – Part 2 – The Beginning

Two furs, a boy and a girl, walked everywhere together, doing everything together, both being content with each other, loving each other truly. Sasha could see everything clearly in her mind, her, the white cat with her innocent spring dress, wandering carelessly with a male fur… she could not see the body of the guy, but instead could only make out the face of love shining upon her. It was everything she had wanted. The two wandered down the hallway towards their next class, hand in hand, kissing at every moment.

Sasha looked at the dying lion in front of her. “ I can save him…I can save everyone ,” she thought to herself. “ But… I can’t… I can’t do it… not now…” Sasha felt the spirit slowly drain from the body of the lion.

She could see herself now, with her lover, walking out of class, out of school, the various students around them not mattering, only them being important. She could see the end-of-day bell ringing, signaling that there was only one place for them to be going: home. They got on the bus, still holding each other’s hands, and sat down in an unoccupied seat, alone in a world full of people. Sasha, the white cat, leaned on her boyfriend; it was the only thing in the world that she desired.

“ I have to… he’s going… to die… I have to start over again… set things straight…”

Sasha could see the two get off the bus. She still held hands with her lover, kissing him innocently at every chance she got, pausing for a moment to open the wooden door that was so familiar to her, yet now, it seemed so different, like a new world, a new place. There being nobody home, Sasha headed upstairs with her boyfriend and opened the door to her room. The walls were different than what she was accustomed to; half of the room was painted in dark colors, with a moon on one side, and half was painted brightly, the green stems of the plants and the light colors of the butterflies giving the room some illumination. She could feel the emotion rising within her for the person next to her. She wanted him purely for reasons of love and love only. They both got onto the bed and started kissing each other passionately, wanting solely to express desires of their emotions for each other.

Sasha felt as the last of his soul was drained from his body, Cynthia still being unaware of the situation at hand. “ no … he’s dead… I let him die… ” Sasha raised an arm up and pointed at the corpse being held in Cynthia’s arms, crying heavily, the sobs escaping rapidly from her mouth, getting every girl’s attention as they followed Sasha’s finger. When Cynthia realized what had just happened, she screamed and backed away from the body in horror and shock, leaving it mangled on the floor, backing away to the wall, terrified. All six girls surrounded the crying, sobbing kitten now. “What the hell did you make her do!?”

Sasha could see the passion develop further within her and her lover as she could see more and more clothing hit the floor. She could see the sweat pouring off of the bodies of the two as they worked to appease each other. Eventually, the male was positioned over Sasha, his cock at the tip of her wanting cunt , ready to give her the love that she had desired for so long.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I love you so much… and I wouldn’t want to harm you in any way…”

“I love you, I love you more than the world itself… I want this to happen… for the both of us… I want this to be true love… our love… I want to show you how much I care… I love you.”

“I love you too Sasha…”

As Sasha could feel the cock enter her slowly, it slowly making its way into her, she could feel every memory pulsate through her. She could see every time she had had sex in the past… all of that mindless, loveless acting; she wanted more then that. She wanted what she was getting now, and that was sex through true love.

Sasha came to reality, her eyes flashing all colors; she knew exactly what she had to do.

“You’re going to pay you little whore!”

A fist got ready to slam into Sasha’s face. As it came towards her, all she did was smile before opening her mouth to sing. A single tone came out of Sasha’s happy, unworried mouth with the sweaty, clenched, anger-driven hand just inches away from her face.

As the attacker’s fist hit the wall behind Sasha, her body still there, the girl screeched, stumbling onto the floor, staring upwards into the translucent eyes of destiny, the white angel of time. Sasha floated through the hands of the people restraining her, which suddenly grasped nothing, up into the air, through the ceiling, towards the sky, singing her heart out. She floated high above the school, able to watch the sun in the distance, the rows of houses and buildings just blending in beautifully with the golden earth’s ceiling, the people pointing up at her, walking, doing everything normally. She just continued to pound out lyrics, her voice echoing, hitting every corner, every side street, the beauty inside of Sasha being heard by all, the world being silent for her song.

Then everything stopped, and Sasha, with her glowing wings, her angelic smile, and her white radiance, had an eternity to think while singing her tale to the still world.

“ If it has to end this way… then it must… but deaths… they can’t be reversed by time… they happen… they can’t be undone… it won’t work… ”

“ Everything will work itself out… you know Sasha… time has its way of mending things… ”

“ I’m ready to leave all of this behind… to forge a new future… to do what’s right… I’m ready to put everything behind me…even my powers…”

Happy tears rolled down Sasha’s cheeks as she sung the beautiful melody, pounding out lyrics, directing the world to roll backward. As she continued to fight with her voice to produce beauty, scaling up and down her range, expressing every emotion, every thought, time began to reverse itself, the planets rotating backwards around the sun, the moon rapidly spinning around the earth, the only person doing anything being Sasha, working so hard to make her dream come true, risking everything to reverse the wrong she had done, the harm she had caused. All she did was smile and sing, watching days, months, and years rewind in what seemed like just seconds.

Then finally, her song ended, and she floated gently downwards to the ground. Her wings disappeared, and her eyes now had a bright green color within them, her fur being a pure angelic white. She was ready to go home now, the glowing moon dangling over her head, illuminating her as her feet made contact with the fresh ground.

Sasha smiled; she was a new person inside, starting a whole new life. “ I’m ready .” Sasha thought to herself, just being still, enjoying the fresh air.

Sasha walked beyond the horizon, towards the moonlight, towards her house, unafraid now of anything, to prepare for her first day of school at St. Lovejoy.


An excited white cat sat up in her bed and yawned, stretching her arms out above her. As she looked around the room, her fur shone brilliantly in the sunlight. Her wall was filled with different signatures of various sorts, paw prints in different colors, and drawings and paint splotches everywhere. All she could do was smile as she remembered back two months to her first day of school, and to all of the friends that arose to greet her and welcome her. She loved being surrounded by so many people that enjoyed her company, and when her newfound friends offered to paint her dull white room, she was more than happy to welcome them to. What better way was there to be in the company of people who cared about you? She had thought about hiring a professional to paint the room with moons and stars, to remind her of the past, but thought that it would be better this way. Getting out of bed now, Sasha walked across the room and looked up at a picture of a black Sasha, a dark Sasha, sketched in charcoal by an artist she had really liked, the eyes of the painting shining from the glittering rainbow jewels that were glued into where her eyes were. Sasha shrugged the memories off, and pulled some clothing out of her drawers to dress herself with.

Sasha ran down the stairs to the kitchen, her blue short-skirt bouncing a little bit, and her white t-shirt blending in with her fur as she trotted merrily towards food. After she finished eating, she saw her mom in the hallway, and ran up to her and hugged her, the black fur of Sharon contrasting with Sasha’s white fur. No doctor could ever explain to her why the color was different, though one said that they suspected that there was a “Recessive gene” somewhere – whatever that was supposed to mean. “Hey sweetie! I can see that my little angel is happy today.”

“You bet mom! I have singing lessons after school today, so can you pick me up at 4:30?”

“Sure! Now you need to get going, you don’t want to miss your bus!”

Sasha looked at the clock, kissed her mom on the cheek, grabbed her backpack, and ran out, shutting the door behind her with a quick “see ya !” on the way out. Sasha’s mom smiled as she watched Sasha get on the bus through the window and sit down next to her usual friends. As Sharon left the room towards the hallway, she glanced back into it. Ever since she had been little, she had wanted a gorgeous room, and moving to a new town because of her business had been her opportunity to do that. The room that she looked upon was nothing short of her desires. The walls were lined with wood, and carved into with furry angels smiling upon the people in the room, everything being painted white. Warm feelings went down Sharon ‘s spine as she went to go make phone calls. “ Man that guy did an awesome job… ”

As the bus rolled up to St. Lovejoy, Sasha’s conversation with her friends and all of the acts of sex occurring on the bus by other students stopped, and slowly people piled out of the bus towards their first class of the day. As Sasha rose up the steps of the school, she looked back and caught a glimpse of Kevin and Ashley walking gracefully out of the bus, hand in hand, the only things on their minds being each other; true love. All Sasha could do was to feel happy for them, and for the love that they had as she strolled towards history. True, somewhere inside of her, she did feel sad that she could not be with Kevin, but she knew that it wasn’t meant to be. She was beyond that. Still happy, Sasha strode to class, where the teacher greeted her good morning as Sasha took out her books. Being a “straight A” student really paid off for her, as it got her onto the good side of all of the teachers. Even more than that, it just showed to Sasha that she had her priorities in order.

After lunch, Sasha and some female friends on the cheerleading team talked about guys and other such things, but trailing behind them were Kevin and a very sad PokeInfo , who walked out of class talking closely.

“Man… I want Sasha so badly… she’s just so hot.” PokeInfo walked gloomily down the hallway, his desires not being met. “Cynthia even gave me permission to try it with her, because apparently she is still a virgin. I tried putting the moves on her, and she pushed me away… wouldn’t even talk to me the next day. I tried everything! It normally works on every other girl… but on her… she’s something else.”

“Oh… you just have to move on, that’s all.” Kevin said , putting a hand on the lion’s back. “There’ll be other people for you to be with. Although…” Kevin wandered into thought, “she is some form of hot I’ve never seen before…”

“Yeah, I know right? I’d give almost anything to have one night with her… ”

“You know, call it strange, but for some reason I feel like I’ve been with her before… but the only person I’ve ever been with has been Ashley, and I love her. Sometimes I have these dreams where a black cat walks up to me who looks just like her, kisses me on the cheek, smiles, and walks away, and then I wake up… it’s the strangest thing…”

“Yeah, that’s some strange stuff. You know, sometimes I feel like I had a little brother. I have these scary dreams in which a little kid that looks like me gets strangled, and that I can’t do anything about it… weird stuff.”

“Yep… very strange… so what things do you have for lunch?”

As the two cubs passed Sasha, who was walking in the other direction towards her locker, she smiled at them, hearing what they were talking about. Sasha stopped at her locker, alone in the hallway, and opened it to find a different drawn picture of her black self pinned to the inside of the door above a small mirror. The drawing was something that had been done in art class where the students were each assigned a person to draw. Kevin just happened to get Sasha, and at the end of the class he presented her with the picture of the black Sasha he had seen in his dreams, which she really liked. Sasha stared hard at the picture, into her own eyes. A soft tear rolled down her cheeks as she was reminded of the horrible power she once had, and of the awful things that became of it. Then, for a second, she glanced at herself through the mirror, and looked deep within herself through her now green eyes. Most of the time now, her eyes were transparent, but she had known them to change color on occasion when she was experiencing a deep emotion. As Sasha noticed that her eyes were shining at her, she smiled happily, realizing that all of that was behind her.

Sasha grabbed her book, slammed the locker shut, and walked down the hallway continuing to grin. Humming a happy tune, and searching always for true love, Sasha continued down the seemingly endless hallway without a doubt in the world. All she could think about now was about how happy she was in her current life. Sasha was finally free, and she knew it.