My True Love

edit64Written by DC7RedFox

DISCLAIMER: “School Days” is a Palcomix production. Based on the lives, events and places created by Krezz Karavan and company. All characters belong to their respective owners. This story is concepted and written by DC7RedFox. All cubs involved in this story are of complete fiction, those who do not understand fiction, nor the antics the following cubs, or the situations involved, should not be reading this story. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.



Diary: a new beginning

-I can’t understand why……. do to my father job we are always moving to another city, he says this time he is going to stay until he retires, so that gives me a little of hope to make new friends at this new school. I think it’s called ” st lovejoy “, it’s a private school that has a lot of students of different kind and ages……. I repeat to myself ” what is wrong with me”. I’m not a bad person or an ugly looking guy, I’m not saying that I’m an Adonis, but if I where an ugly person I wouldn’t have any girl that want to be my friend, and that’s the point those girls are just friends and nothing more, at the others schools I had a lot of friends, both male and female but I hadn’t any girlfriend. I don’t know if i need to improve something or change it, or simply keep waiting for that special girl that makes me feel special and loved-.

Here it’s my friend David Red Fox writing on his diary, he likes to make notes of every interesting things that happens to him, his a smart guy, funny and very friendly but i think he is misunderstanded for a lot of people that doesn’t know him very well……. Strangely I feel identified with him, as well with this story, so let me start the first day he got to Pouncefield.

David went to Pouncefield by plane a Sunday in the night, he was listening to music when the seat belt sign turned on and the pilot said:

” attention to all the passengers we are about to land, please turn off every electronic device  and be prepared for a little turbulence “. David was disappointed because he started to think in all the times new cities hadn’t been as he liked, and he spend a lot of time without enjoying some of them, ” ooohhh god please, don’t make me feel that loneliness again, I hate to be like that, I beg you, let me have a new beginning in this city ” David thought as he turned off his iPod for the arrive to the airport. He just took his luggage and a taxi to his new home with his patents, as he was traveling he felt a little hopeless at that time, his parents looked at him and said ” no matter where we travel you will always have our support for everything you need, just ask for it when you want ” his parents said while giving a hug to his son.


David couldn’t wait to sleep that night so he took a quick shower and he dropped himself to the bed. The next morning he woke up and had a small breakfast, it was its first day at school, the only thing that crossed his mind at that time was ” don’t be nervous just be yourself “, he repeated that a lot of times as he was waiting for his parents to drive him to school. When they all got there he just farewelled his parents with a big hug and left the car, he first went to the principal’s office to ask him at which classroom he must go to, the principal just said ” go to the 1-C you will find it easily going straight and then upstairs, oohh sorry what impolite of me… I wish the best for you in your first day at ST Lovejoy have fun and I don’t need to tell you that must respect other students while you are here so relax and try to study ” David looked a bit surprised because of the good wishes of the principal, he got some strength to keep going with those kind words. At the time he got to his classroom he knocked the door and breathed very deeply before the teacher opened it, he entered and the teacher greeted him very happy ” you must be the new student, come in…. I must present you to your new classmate David ” the teacher said while standing next to him. ” hi everybody, I’m David , I came from other city to Pouncefield do to my father’s job but I hope to make some new friends here “. David was almost in shock after saying that but he went back to normal when his teacher asked him to sit down in the new chair at the bottom of the class. He tried to answer some of the teacher’s questions at the class to let everybody know he was a smart guy but the problem was that a mysterious person at the other corner of the class knew the same answers as him and even was faster to answer to them, he couldn’t look the face of the person but he knew it was a girl because of its voice tone.


When the bell rang he didn’t know that was break time but then two guy approached to him, ” hi… David right?, I’m Pokeinfo, the captain of the boys soccer team, nice to meet you “

” hi, I’m Edward but you can call me Ed if you want, is a pleasure to have you here at our school” both greeted him as they all were going to see the school yards

” thanks, is nice to know I made two friends the first day ” David said with a confident tone

” don’t worry dude, you can count on us for everything you want or need ” Pokeinfo said while Ed was showing him the school

” I know it’s not a normal question but I wanted to know the name of the girl that was answering all the questions in the past class hour, it seems to be very smart and has a pretty nice voice “

Pokeinfo giggled knowing exactly as Ed who was that girl that David was talking about. Ed also said with a big smile, ” why are you asking for….? Do you think she is pretty           ( giggle )”

“No…… Er…. Amm…..I… I …. Just wanted to know because it seems to be an interesting person…….and yes Ed, for me I think she could be pretty”

” want me to tell him or you want the honor” Pokeinfo said to Edward

” lets go to the cafeteria and then I tell him introducing him to the girls, David just for now I let you know that the girl you are taking about is called Edna” Edward said trying to imagine how David will react when he tells him that she was his sister.The three cubs were walking and talking in the main hall when a ferret boy ran and crashed with David making him drop the books of a girl, while in the ground David said  ” hey dude watch out where you are running you make me drop some things right here “

” sorry I didn’t watched you, I need to finish something important ” the ferret boy said while standing up and running again. As David was in the ground he picked up the books of the girl he crashed, he didn’t watched the girl face when he crashed so he wanted to bring those books back at the same time he look her face to apologize for making her drop them. David was standing up but he almost had a heart attack when he saw the girl completely,  she was gorgeous, her black eyes were like the infinite darkness of the universe, her brown fur smelled so good and it seemed to be pretty soft, her body was incredible more than any other girl he could imagine. Edward watching his friend almost stunned he went near to him and said ” well well my friend, let me tell you something, this girl it’s called Edna, the same girl that was answering the questions in class”. David couldn’t believe it’s luck he found the girl that he was looking for, and that girl was the cutest and most gorgeous girl in the universe, he fell in love almost instantly.


David snapped out and introduced himself,          ” I’m really sorry for making you drop your books, my name is David, I’m the new student it’s a pleasure to meet you ” he said while giving Edna her books. Edna’s reaction was almost the same, she felt a special connection with him so she greeted him with a kiss in the cheek after saying ” thanks David, don’t worry about the books, just few guys in this school are quite kind and polite with girls as you are, be free to ask me if you need something to make you feel more comfortable in this school “. David put a big smile after Edna’s kiss, he promised from that day that he will do anything to be Edna’s boyfriend and to be loved by her.

” I’ll wait you three in the cafeteria for lunch, me and the other girls will find a table ” Edna said while walking to the cafeteria

” ok we’ll be there ” David said while turning back to Edward and Pokeinfo

” GOD!!!! She is amazing, it’s so gorgeous, I think I’m in love guys, I have never seen a girl like that before ” David said really excited because of Edna

” tsk tsk tsk I haven’t seen that love since a long time ” Pokeinfo said being happy for his friend

” Pokeinfo, why don’t you go to the cafeteria, I need to talk with David ” Edward said

” ok dude but don’t take much time or you wont get lunch ” Pokeinfo said

” David I need to tell you three things, first I know how you looked Edna, so I hope you don’t have a girlfriend, second don’t think that making her love you will be so easy….. ” Edward said until David interrupted him

” wait a minute how do you know all of that…. You were Edna’s boyfriend ” David said like a bit scared

” (laught) never mind dude, just let me finish, answering to your question,  I’m Edna’s brother ” Edward said

“……….. ( giggle ) sorry if I react surprised but I don’t know how you didn’t tell me before about that “small” detail, I just want to tell you something, I’m in love with your sister and I will try until I die to make her feel the same” David said while looking firmly to Edward eyes

” you are my friend dude, it will be better that you date my sister instead other guys I don’t even know ” Edward said knowing that David’s intentions were truth

” let’s go to the cafeteria, I need to introduce you to the other girls ” Edward said. When both got to the cafeteria they made the line to pick their lunch and then Edward introduced him to the other girls

” hey guys, I want to introduce my friend David, it’s the new student ” Edward said while telling the names of the other girls of the group

” this is Cynthia is the captain of the girls soccer team and Pokeinfo’s girlfriend “

” hi nice to meet you Cynthia “

” nice to meet you too, if you want to join the boy soccer team ask my boyfriend, it would be cool, the team is needing a goalie” Cynthia said thinking in what Edna told her before

” this is Laura, my dear girlfriend and the captain of the cheerleader team “

” hi Laura, how are you doing “

” hi David, I hope you enjoy your new school”

” and finally as she introduced before, she is Edna my sister ” Finishing with that David started eating with all his new friends, while that he noticed that Edna couldn’t catch a dessert from the cafeteria table, so he asked Edna if she wanted his ” Edna I saw that the desserts were off when you arrived so do you want mine ” David said while giving Edna his dessert

” ooohhh really….. Thanks, is so kind of you, but are you sure that you don’t want it?” Edna said smiling with David’s gift

” I’m sorry if I say this, but I think with your cute and sweet smile my heart is sweet enough for today ” David said happily because Edna blushed with his flattering remark. It was really obvious that all the group was thinking in Edna and David as future               ” girlfriend and boyfriend forever ” because when David finished giving Edna the dessert they two looked almost lost in each other.


When the break was over they all went back to the classroom, but something was wrong with David and Edna, all the class they spent talking with small papers that they throw when the teacher wasn’t looking

“- so tell me what is your favorite hobby, what do you like to do on Fridays, what’s your favorite kind of food, stuff like that -” David  wrote

“- I like to bother my brother sometimes but I prefer to go out with my friends to the mall, on Fridays I prefer to do all the homework that are sent for Monday so I have all the rest of the weekend free to play video-games, watch movies or chat online, and talking about food, I really like ice creams and sweet dishes so I buy a lot of gummy bears and marshmallows, but the dish that i loved the most is any food prepared with Italian pasta. I love romantic-comedy movies……. And my favorite color is fuchsia jejeje. What about you ?-” Edna wrote hoping David like her little “brief” about herself

“- I really like video-games too, for me is a simple way to relax and spend sometime with myself, I think that your idea of making homework on Friday is really useful, because I have done the same since I was young and after finishing I had all the weekend for my own…. I hope we can see a movie soon, tell me when you have time so we plan where we meet-” David wrote trying to invite Edna to see a movie with him. Both David and Edna spend like that all day long, when classes were over David farewelled Edna and took the bus back to his home. He came with a big smile on his face, the first thing he did was think in how he would catch Edna’s heart

Diary: I met an angel

– ….. I don’t know how did I get such luck for today…. I made new friends, I got accepted for my new classmates and I think I’m going to spend a great time at this new school. The best thing that happened to me today was that I met a special girl, she’s like an angel, I got lost so many times in such dark eyes, her smell was a warm essence that made me feel like I was flying, her voice, when I heard it I feel like I’m in complete peace and relaxation and her body…. All I can say about it is, that when I see it, a strong shiver runs trough my spine almost paralyzing all my body, at the point I talk with her i feel like nothing else exists, just us like looking each other……. She’s incredible let me say, gorgeous, smart and has a big heart that is the reason why I’m still breathing, to try to make it feel something special for me. From today until I make her love me I won’t stop trying to make her spend the best time of her life hoping to know each other more and more until my love for her becomes ” OUR TRUE LOVE”. This day her name will be on my mind, heart and soul forever, whispering for my insides with her voice      “….EDNA….”.-


The next day David arrive to school, he was surprised to see Edna waiting for him at the bus stop, Edna approached to him to tell him something important

” hi David, I was think in the invitation that you proposed me yesterday, I want to go to the cinema with you this Friday, Do you have time?”. David didn’t wait to catch this opportunity, this was the first time a girl tells him “yes ” to his invitations. David was a little nervous trying to choose the right words to answer Edna because he didn’t wanted to spoil it

” oooohh yeah of course I have time that day, just tell me at what time you want to meet me for our date…..”. David tried to close his mouth before he said that last word but it was too late to even chew his tongue, but when he looked Edna she wasn’t mad or acting like he was being too forward with her, instead she was blushed and crossing his right foot with the left one like in an ashamed position,

” I…. I… Ha…ve no problem if you want to date me….. Its going to be really nice to have a date with a really nice guy like you ” Edna said lowly and with an ashamed but happy tone

” ( blushes )….. Thanks but having a date with a sweet hearted girl like you will be really nice too…..I’ll call you later to talk about the details of our date”. David said while farewelling Edna with a kiss in the cheek. Both were really happy, they couldn’t believe that something like that happened, with that, David felt really impatient to be at his first date with that special girl he was waiting from long time ago.

Later that day, David talked with Edward and Pokeinfo about what happened

” hey guys, guess what…. I finally got a date with Edna, we’re going to see a movie at the cinema this Friday ” David said really proud of himself. After David said that both Pokeinfo and Edward stayed like surprised for a short time

” how…. No.. Wait…. Sorry If I ask this, but are you being truth with us….?” Ed said like not believing David’s words

” of course I am, what would be the point of lying you and Pokeinfo, both were the first friends I made here “

” ok ok but how did you convince Edna to have a date with you…..?” Pokeinfo asked

” let me explain you David, my sister is an easygoing girl but she rarely accepts invitations so easy like that, instead she always have proposals from other guys but she always turn them down because my sister is waiting for someone else she says me, if you have gotten this far I hope you can keep going, since you have this ” luck ” with Edna I think is because she has seen something special on you” Ed said to David

” be kind with her, she is a sensitive girl that have waited too much to find the right lover, me and Ed have seen that. I wish you have a great date with her ” Pokeinfo said to David, while smiling trustily towards him

” don’t worry about that I’ll do my best to spend a good night seeing the movie with Edna I promise, but I need to ask your help for something, please tell me everything that you know about her, i can’t go there and just hope all goes smoothly, I need to know what she likes to make her happy, and to know her dislikes to avoid made her mad at me “. So they started to talk almost an hour on both school breaks, after that, David was confident enough to date Edna.

” thanks guys, I’ll tell you tomorrow how everything went this night ” David said farewelling Ed and Pokeinfo when school was out.

Later that day David needed to tell his parents about the date so you can imagine how embarrassed and uncomfortable was for him to tell that, but in the end their parents agreed with a lot of happiness for his son. David immediately called Edna after talking with his parents

” hi David, how are you ” answered Edna at the phone call

” I’m fine, are you ready for today in the night? ” David asked

” of course I will, pick me at 8:00 ok, I’ll be waiting for you, see you later”

” ok 8:00 pm sharp, see you ” David closed the call

At that time the fox went upstairs pretty fast and got dressed with his most  handsome-looking clothes, he used his most expensive perfume and tried to be calm enough to don’t look like eager or nervous. Then he took a taxi to Edna’s house at 8:00 sharp as he promised, when he got there Mr Fox opened the door


David was really nervous, was the first time he has gone to Edna’s house and worse than that he had never seen Edna’s parents before. Mr Fox opened the door……..

” good night sir, my name is David, I’m Edna’s friend ” David said politely and directly while holding some roses for Edna. Mr Fox were a bit uncomfortable with him while looking to his face, he said directly

” come in….”. When David entered Edna’s house Mr Fox took him to the living room, after that he just said

” Edna is almost ready…. Lets wait “.

There was a killing silence when both sat down, some time passed and then Mr Fox said

” well, I’m going to be clear with you. I don’t like bad students, I don’t like dirty and annoying people and the most important thing is that I don’t like cheaters, that’s why many couples have problems in the future, because of cheating people. If I get to know that you broke my little girl’s heart I promise that you will see my ugly side. Did you understand!

Mr Fox said almost shouting, but in that moment Edward went down stairs.

” hi dad what are you doing…… David hi, I didn’t notice that you came, ( because of that were all those shouts, Ed told to himself ) “

” hey dad did you know that David always get the same marks as Edna and me, he’s a great student and he’s very polite with any new person he mets that’s why all the teachers appreciate him ” Edward said while winking his right eye to David

” really?….. I see…… Is he polite and kind with girls? ” Mr Fox said

” he’s one of the most polite and kind guys in the classroom, specially with Edna ” Edward said trying to help David. Mr Fox just stared at David like trying to look if the words of his son were truth. David didn’t said anything he just tried to look self confident enough for Edna’s dad.

” ok David, i will give you just one chance but if you fail me and my family,  you won’t be able to enter this house never again “

” I promise sir that it won’t happen ” David answered firmly

Finishing with that, footsteps were heard at the main stair. David felt like hypnotized when he saw Edna wearing such nice clothes, she just walked to him and greeted him with a kiss in the cheek after that David gave her the roses

” thank you! What a nice present “

” let’s go or we are going to lose the movie ” Edna said with a big smile While putting the flowers in a pot with water


When the taxi arrived Edna farewelled his father and brother, first David went directly to Mr Fox and shook his hand firmly while saying

” I never fail to my promises, and as I told you I promise to be truth to your family and specially to your beautiful daughter “. Mr Fox just move his head in sign of approbation. When both got in the taxi they started to talk during the road to the cinema.

” thanks for coming with me to see the movie, I wouldn’t thought of having a date with such a beautiful girl “David said smiling toward Edna

” I think we will have a good night together, specially because I’m with you ” Edna said while looking to David’s eyes and taking his hand. When the taxi arrived to the cinema David paid and then both went out to choose the movie, David remembered of what Edna told him about her favorite movie types.

” do you want to see ” my funny love “, I heard that it’s a really good romantic-comedy movie”

” of course I want, Cynthia told me a lot about that movie, let’s go ” Edna said while taking David’s hand and running to the ticket seller. Edna was about to take her money to pay the ticket, but in that moment David asked for two tickets and paid both of then. When both were entering to snack bar Edna told him

” you didn’t have to pay for my ticket too, my parents gave me some money to do it “

” ( small giggle )….. And tell me what would be the point of taking you here if I make you pay for your ticket and food, I paid for you because I’m inviting you here, and I want you to spend a good night with me, it doesn’t matter if I have to buy the whole place to make you happy, because that would make me the luckiest guy for spending a great time alone with you”. After that Edna got close to David and gave him a kind kiss in the cheek, then she blushed while saying a soft “thank you” to David’s ear. She was really happy, she knew that David would make anything possible and impossible for her. After buying some snacks they got inside the movie room and waited for the movie to start, while waiting, Edna noticed that David had a golden clock in his right pocket, she asked for it to David…..

” hey cutie why are you carrying that old clock with you?”

” oohh…. This old relic, am… A…. It’s a long story but the short part is that my father gave it to me when I was young, he told me that he always carried it when he dated my mother, he also told me that, ” when you fell in love the time seems to go slower ” ( small giggle )…… You know what….. I didn’t believe him until I met you ” David said while blushing a little. Edna was shocked at that time, any other guy in her live have talked her like David did, never before. His eyes  showed determination and his kind words were full of love and they hadn’t any doubt on them. After that Edna hugged David while the movie started, they had a great time together they laugh a lot, and David was really happy when Edna hugged him kindly in the lovely parts of the movie


When Edna and David finished watching the movie they exited the cinema, but in that moment a strange guy approached to David……

” hey asshole watch out! ” the mysterious guy shouted trying to punch David in the face. Reacting faster to the punch David managed to put his head back and evade the hit. After that, David move Edna aside of the starting fight.

” Tommy??!!! ” Edna shouted scared because of Tommy’s punch towards David

” – he’s really fast, he almost managed to hit me- ” David though, a bit impressed

” shit, what do you want ? “

” let my girl alone you asshole, or you’re gonna see how I sweep the floor with you….” Tommy said madly

” I told you that you aren’t my boyfriend any more!, you were always with other girls except me, and David is sweeter and kinder than you ever were! ” Edna shouted to Tommy while running and hug David

” i don’t want to fight, but if you keep bothering Edna like that I won’t go easy on you ” David said firmly

” hahaha, I would like to see that, you piece of scum ” Tommy said

” Edna step back…. This guy won’t understand, please don’t get too close….. And please……… forgive me because of what I’m going to do, i really don’t want to hurt your friend ” David said while moving Edna aside

” don’t do it David…… He will hurt you…. He’s really strong ” Edna said while taking David’s hand to stop him from fighting

” don’t worry about me….. I won’t let anybody hurt you…. I will be always by your side no matter what….. I can’t let him talk you like that ” David said while taking Edna’s hand off from his

” if you wanna fight lets do it!….. Bring it on! ” David shouted while closing his eyes

” take this!!!!!……” Tommy said while running really fast toward David to hit him

” – stay calm……. Breath……. Focus……- ” David said for his insides while opening his eyes. At that moment Tommy threw a flying kick to hit him, Edna didn’t wanted to look so she closed her eyes to avoid seen David getting hurt. David almost got hit by the flying kick but as a lightning he blocked the kick with his left arm and counterattacked with a palm strike to Tommy’s chest. Tommy got hit really hard, he was on the floor sobbing of pain, but then he stood up

” arrr…. ( cough )….. ouch….. mother fucker….. Now this goes interesting….. ” Tommy said while preparing to strike again. David winked his left eye toward Edna letting her know everything is going to be alright. Tommy was really mad, anybody managed to hit him that hard never before

” you asked for it, I won’t hold back this time ” Tommy said while striking forward to David. Both were fighting really hard, none of them managed to get hit by the other, but at that time David noticed one opportunity so he struck Tommy with his elbow. Tommy fell directly to the floor again but this time he was laughing while standing up again

” you’re really good, but this isn’t over yet, ” Tommy said while taking out a knife from its pocket

” promise me that if I beat you, you will let us alone!, ” David said trying to make a deal with Tommy

” ( small smile ), but if I beat you I will finish you with no mercy and I will take Edna with me again….”

” – I promise you won’t – ” David said for himself while taking out his clock from his pocket

” let’s finish this! ” both screamed. Edna couldn’t take that fight she felt really bad for both of them, but she stayed there because she believed in David’s promise…….. She started crying…..

” -forgive me David……- ” the little vixen said to herself.


Tommy was laughing at David’s ” weapon “, but David just focused in his moves waiting for the right time to make his final strike. Tommy came shouting to use his knife against David, he threw it to David, while jumping to hit him in the air, hoping he couldn’t evade both hits……. David managed to block Tommy’s hit but he got cut by his knife in the cheek, at that time he found Tommy unprotected while landing so he spun his chain clock really fast and threw it making the chain clock going directly to Tommy’s forehead knocking him out. David just came to the knocked Tommy to check if he doesn’t hit him too hard

” I’m sorry my friend, but I won’t let you or anybody hurt Edna never again…..” David whispered to Tommy’s ear. At that moment Edna came by its back and hugged him while crying

” sorry!……. I’m really sorry….. I didn’t want this to happen, you must be really mad at   me! ” Edna said really sadly

” …………….. Fo…..forgi….. Forgive me I broke my promise, I couldn’t give you the perfect night that I wanted for you…… ” David said feeling sorry because Edna was crying for him. Edna took David hand and they started walking to her house, Edna was kind with David all the long trip, both were in silence until they got to Edna’s front door……… At that time she put her head down

” I must tell you some things about me…..” Edna was saying until David interrupted her,

” I knew that you have lots of lovers, Ed and Pokeinfo told me, but don’t be mad at them, is obvious why you are so wished by other guys, you’re like an angel, every guy in this world would fall in love just with hearing your beautiful voice…… like I did “

” So why did you decide to came with me to the cinema ” Edna continued saying with her head down

” because the day I met you I made a promise to myself, to never rest until I make you feel the same that I do for you “. At that time Edna rose up her head looking directly to David’s eyes while some happiness tears dropped off her beautiful eyes, she move her hand and caress David’s cheek, noticing of his cut

” you even……… Hu…. rt….. to protect me, you are bleeding right now, ” Edna said really sadly and worried for David.

” you know what….. When I’m with you I never feel pain. You make me feel happy and loved……… please don’t cry…….. ” David said kindly to Edna

” I love you……. ” she cried while giving David a passionated and lovely kiss in the mouth. Both were in true love, that kiss sealed that feeling deep inside in their hearts……. While kissing David felt completed and really happy, he just can’t believe it….. He made Edna feel the same for him. When they stopped Edna caressed again David’s cheek to notice that he wasn’t bleeding now.

” David!……. Your cut stopped bleeding ” she said surprised

” i think that your kisses are my own medicine…… “

” ( giggle )……. Or I felt such love for you, that when you gave me that kiss my heart

stopped for a little of time ” David said playfully and kindly to Edna

” ( giggle ) so lets be sure you finish your treatment….. ” Edna said while giving another kiss to David. After that David knocked Edna’s door stepping a little bit back to cover his wound in the dark. Miss Fox opened the door, she knew Edna was really happy with David, after all she noticed how Edna came back after her first date and she wasn’t so happy like this day.

” so this is David…. ( giggle )….. He must be very good kisser to make you smile like that before coming ” Miss Fox said playfully. Edna blushed, she knew that her mother will notice that, when she come back

” anything to make Edna happy ” David said politely with a big smile on his face.

” I’m glad that my little daughter found a good boyfriend as you are…… and forgive my husband….. He’s a little overprotective with Edna, he doesn’t like any guy be with his

” little treasure ” because he’s afraid someone hurts her ” Miss Fox explained kindly

” don’t worry I understand Mr Fox’s actions, he just love to take care of Edna ” David said while looking back to Edna and caressing her cheek

” of course with such a beautiful treasure who won’t be always making the best to keep it safe ” David said lovely. After that Miss fox gave them some time to be alone before taking Edna inside

” your mother seems more kind than your father ( giggle ) “

” but after all I like to know that your mother seemed to like me ” David said happily to Edna

” don’t worry about my father, he just needs more time to understand that you are my boyfriend now “

” of course he also needs to know that anything in this world will make me change of mind ” Edna said lovely. David farewelled Edna after those kind words, he was thinking in all the day that he spent with her, it wasn’t a perfect day but he won’t change anything because now Edna was also infatuated with him and also he was her boyfriend now. He thought all of that during his way back home, at the time he realized that he opened his front door he remembered his cut in his cheek, but it was too late because his parents noticed it


David couldn’t manage to hide his cut but at that time David heard his parents asking for it firmly instead of madly

” I hope you have a good reason to come like that ” David’s dad said

” ……… I’m sorry but I met a guy that started bothering Edna and I couldn’t allow that….. So when I asked him to calm down he tried to hit me…… And well…. A fight started and I end up with this cut but the other guy still knocked out I think ” David said a little ashamed. After that his mom run to hug him really tight, she was really happy, David fought for Edna’s love and he managed to protect it, even if he got hurt because of that.

” my father always told me that the courage is the best weapon to defend the true love, that only gentlemans are able to use it…… Now I see that my little boy is now a man……” David’s father told him. After some time talking with them David went upstairs to his room.

Diary: the courage

– today is the best day of my life…… I wouldn’t change anything of it……. Now I can tell Edna loves me, and she also gave me a kiss to prove it. Her lips…… Each time I think in them my heart beats really fast and I don’t have control of myself, I just want to kiss her……

I don’t care to fight against the world if it’s necessary, but I promise to protect our love and defend my promise until I die. Today I fought with one of the Edna’s lovers, I thought I was going to lose, but in that moment I saw her…… Her eyes lit my heart with courage flames, I couldn’t lose…. I was in love……….

After writing in his diary David took a bath and fell asleep, he thought of Edna all night long, that was the best night of his life…

The next day David woke up really happy, he didn’t care it was school time because he just wanted to meet Edna there. After having some breakfast he took the bus just in time. When he got to school he saw Edna waiting for him at the bus stop, he loved that part of the day…. Always coming out of the bus to see Edna’s cheering face. In the moment he went down, Edna took his hand and pulled him really close to her face, she gave him a passionated kiss, while doing that all the other cubs that were exiting the bus started piffling and cheering them. David just smiled for his insides listening that

” I hope you don’t mind if I do this every single day ” Edna asked playfully. David a bit lost in that kiss answered Edna

“…….. Of course not, instead I would prefer to do this more often ” David said happily. After talking for a while they got into the school, both were walking taken by the hands all the way to the classroom. As they were walking they got the attention of everybody, the boys were whistling to the new couple, and the girls were whispering jealous comments about Edna because she managed to fish the new boy. Edna looked to the other girls, they were winking her eyes to David, but he doesn’t paid any attention to that, at that time Edna blushed and giggled knowing that David was just for her. When they got to the classroom they found Ed and Pokeinfo talking with Laura and Cynthia.

” hey look at that, my eyes are wrong or I’m seeing a new couple right there ” Pokeinfo said playfully

” ( David and Edna giggled while looking to each other), yesterday was a wonderful night, we met an unexpected person but it was a lovely night after all……” David said happily

” I bet that your  ” lovely night ” was a

” wild night ” ” Cynthia said teasingly

” and why did you said that…..” Ed and Laura asked

” just look David’s face

( Pokeinfo and Cynthia giggled ) “. Ed and Laura reacted surprised looking to David’s scar in his cheek

” Edna….. How could you be so tough with David in your first date “

” I agree with Ed, I could expect that from Cynthia or Pokeinfo, but David and you…… “

Ed and Laura said surprisedly

” ( David and Edna blushed )….. Hey stop your pervert thoughts about what we did yesterday……. ” Edna said ashamed

” let me explain you all what happened in the break time ok? ” David said a bit ashamed. At that time the teacher entered and the class started.


When the break time came, all the group was sat at the cafeteria with their lunch.

” ok first of all, we haven’t done anything naughty last night, I just had a fight with a guy called Tommy…… “

” Tommy!!!! ” they shouted in unison

” yes….. What is it? ” David replied

” dude, that guy is really skilled at martial arts…. And when I say ” really ” I mean I haven’t seen anyone better than him ” Edward said surprised

” he managed to defeat a group of gangs at a mall we arrived long time ago….. He saved Edna and Laura that day ” Pokeinfo said. David felt a little uncomfortable knowing that, he knew Tommy saved Edna that day and he still love her……

”  ( Edna takes David’s hand kindly ), he could saved me that time but I don’t care now……. Because I love you, I only care about you at this time ” Edna said while kissing David kindly in his cheek

” I love you too…… As I promised you, I won’t let anybody hurt you never again ” David said lovely

” I don’t even know Tommy until yesterday but let me tell you, that he is really skilled at martial arts, but he became so self confident during the fight that he couldn’t manage the fact of losing this time….. ” David was saying until Pokeinfo and Edward interrupted him

” you managed to knock him out!! ” Pokeinfo said surprised

” I did, because he started to fight in my date with Edna….. And he wanted to take her again with him, I couldn’t allow that ” David said firmly

” It wasn’t your fault, you just wanted to protect my sister as you said. If you weren’t with Edna last night I don’t know what would happen to her….” Edward said. After more talking about the good parts of yesterday’s date the bell rang and the cubs were preparing to go to the P.E class.

” let’s go David, it’s your first P.E class and you wouldn’t want to be late ” Edward said

” but what’s the problem with P.E? ” David asked

” you’ll find out soon ” Edward said while running to get to the gym at time

” ( giggle ), I think he should take Lucy and talk her directly to solve that problem once for all” Pokeinfo said

” I got Ed’s problem now…. let me guess, Lucy is a girl that always teases him during the P.E class ” David said

” yup, and what is worst for him is that Lucy is the favorite student of Mrs Trousers the P.E teacher. ( sigh ) You can imagine how much he suffers every time she asks him to do tricky and hard exercises “

” ( giggle ) I had a teacher assistant like her in other school, don’t worry about that….. I know how to deal with people like her ” David said. When both cubs were exiting the lockers Ed was the first to be stood up very quietly in the gym, then a strong whistle was heard and all the cubs made a line were Edward was

” ok little babies, today Mrs Trousers didn’t come so I will be the boss this day ” Lucy said loudly

” be prepared because today we have a loooong class to work on the rope climbing “

” hehehe I have in mind a nice volunteer to be the first ” F ” of today’s class “

” Edward f…..” Lucy was about to say when David interrupted her

” ( cough ) ( cough ) “

” who was the funny clown in here that did that noise?! “Lucy asked madly

” ooohh sorry I didn’t want to cut yourself from choosing the volunteer ” David said following his plan

” well… Well I see we have a new rookie here “

” I hope you like challenges because you need to pass a complete circuit test and you must do it flawless jejeje ” Lucy said expecting the worst from David

” you can bet I like them ” David said being confident of himself

” let’s change that confidence into a big ” F ” for you, first let’s see you at the ropes….. “

” to make it more interesting why don’t make a bet “

” tsk tsk tsk, if you want to make your punishment even worst is up to you, but tell me what kind of bet do you have in mind “

” I bet I can face all your challenges flawless, if I succeed, you will have to kiss Edward in the mouth and apologize with him for all the times you made him felt bad and promise him to leave him in peace ” David said trusting in himself

” hahahaha ok, but if you fail, you will have to clean all the gym naked all year long during the cheerleader’s practices ” Lucy said accepting David’s conditions

” it’s a fair deal…..” David said  shaking Lucy’s hand to start the deal


Meanwhile at the girls P.E class in the soccer field….

” hey, Cynthia ” Edna called

” what is it sweetie ? ” Cynthia asked

” you know the boys and girls soccer practices are the same day here at school, and I saw you and Pokeinfo have a lot of time to be with each other those days…… ” Edna was saying until Cynthia interrupted her

” don’t need to tell me anymore, I’ll try to convince David to join the soccer team with Pokeinfo’s help “

” thank you!!!….. I really want to practice with him those days, I own you a big one right now” Edna said really happy

” just promise me you won’t lose David’s love…..

( sigh ) You both remind me and Pokeinfo the first time we had our date……… ” Cynthia said very happy remembering those memories

” I’ll never think of letting other girl take David away from me, I will love him until I die” Edna said lovely

Backing to the boys P.E class………

” ok rookie!! You have 4 mins to climb up this rope “

” ready, set, GO!!!!! ” Lucy shouted

David climbed really fast the huge rope that reaches the top of the gym roof, he managed to make it just in two minutes, Lucy was stunned, she had never seen any other guy that climbed up so fast…..

” ( taking breath )…… Ok Lucy I managed to make this one in record time, so what’s next?”

David said happily

” that was just the beginning, now you will need to make 25 laps running in this gym, to see if your cardio is good as your speed climbing the rope, but remember, if you stop just for one second to take breath you will lose this test ” Lucy said hoping the worst for David

” ok, tell me when to start, so I can win this one faster “

” shut up you moron……. Now…. Get ready, set, GO!!!! ” Lucy shouted

David faced all the laps at the same speed he started, he even run faster at the last lap

” well,  well I see you only have one more challenge to give me, and you better make it harder and challenging or you’re gonna lose soon ” David said with a big smile on his face

” fuck!! This guy isn’t a rookie at all, he managed to complete the 2 first tests flawlessly, but I won’t let him make myself humiliate in front all the class ” Lucy thought deeply inside of her

” ok David, I’ll make this third and last test impossible for you ( giggle )…….. You’re going to compete against me in a long jump contest “

All the cubs in there got really surprised hearing that, because Lucy had never lost any of these contests in her life, just because of the fact she was a chipmunk and David a fox made this contest really unfair but David didn’t fall back. They were about to start and they heard all the cheering shouts of the other cubs

” come on David you can do it !!!!! ” Pokeinfo shouted

” trust yourself David, I know you can defeat Lucy at her own game ” Edward cheered up

” ok, ladies first ” David said playfully

” I will teach you how to make a really long jump in here” Lucy said while running as fast as she could to make a great long jump, then other cub took a meter and start to measure the distance of the jump

” 5 meters!!! ” he shouted

” you’re just in time to surrender you little moron ” Lucy said giving one last chance to David for regretting

” you bet I won’t ” David said while taking energy from the promise he made to Pokeinfo to finally freed Ed from Lucy’s daily teasing. The fox cub run as a lightning, he managed to perform a great jump, when he landed the cub that was measuring the distance just said

” the winner with a lot of advantage is DAVID RED FOX!!!!! ” the young cub shouted. Claps were heard from all those cubs in the gym and they were also shouting to Lucy to face her part of her bet.

” hey Lucy, don’t be shy and kiss Ed right now”

a dog cub shouted

” yes Lucy, you made a bet and you have to make your part ” a ferret boy also said

” shut up you all!!!!! “

” I will do it, but shut the hell up!!” Lucy shouted. After that, Lucy walked directly to Ed and looked firmly in his eyes

” I’m….. I’m  ( sigh ) I’m sorry Ed, I promise to stop teasing you, please forgive me…..” Lucy said really ashamed

” kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!!! ” all the cubs were shouting at the unison

“…….. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to” Ed said calmly but a little embarrassed. In that moment Lucy got close to him and kissed him in the cheek

” I don’t like to ignore the fact of losing, but I also don’t want to kiss you, ok ” Lucy said ashamed

” ( giggle ) don’t worry, I have a girlfriend also, so I don’t want to think if she realizes that you kissed me ” Ed said happily

When both finished the bell rang and all the cubs went to the showers


In the way to the showers all the cubs rose David in the air and were shouting his name loudly, cheering and congratulating him for defeating Lucy in her own game. Both Ed and Pokeinfo went with him back to the classroom after taking a shower

” god!, finally you and Lucy are in peace thanks to David ” Pokeinfo said playfully

” I need to thank you David, Lucy was a real pain in my life until today, you managed to make her leave me calm and relaxed ” Ed said happily

“hehehe, that Lucy was really mad with me when she lost her bet, but the important thing is that you are finally free from her jokes ” David said sharing Ed’s happiness

 By the time the second break started, David saw Pokeinfo and Cynthia talking with Laura and Edward

 ” hey guys what’s up ” David said

 ” hi David, how is everything going on ” Pokeinfo asked directly

 ” nothing new, just wondering were Edna is “

David said to Pokeinfo

” ( giggle ) talking about Edna, do you want to join the boys soccer team? ” Cynthia asked directly

” I don’t know, I would like to think about it……….. Wait a minute, why did you refer to Edna if we are talking about the soccer team?”

” because Edna is in the girls soccer team and she plays as the goalie ” Cynthia said looking to David’s happy reaction knowing that

” I didn’t heard you well when you asked me to join the team, my answer is a clear and direct “yes”of course ” David answered without doubt

” I told you that he wouldn’t even think to not join the team if he knew Edna was in there” Laura whispered to Ed’s ear

” well well I think our team has its new goalie, perfect because the training is today after school “

” great!, I’ll make a big effort this day to show the team their new goalie ” David said eager to go to the soccer practice

David waited for some hours more and then when the classes were over he went to the boys locker with Pokeinfo

” ok David, try this uniform size “

” it’s really cool and comfortable, I guess this is my size ” David said using the ST Lovejoy uniform. After that, the two cubs went to the soccer field

” ok everybody I want to talk about something, gather around please ” Pokeinfo said while calling all the team

” i have great news guys, we finally found a new goalie for our team, his name is David Red Fox, is the new one here at ST Lovejoy “

” lets see if he deserve to be in the team, after all our last goalie left during a game and we lost for default ” a wolf cub said

” I have no problem, If I need to be tested to join the team, what are we waiting for so ” David said really confident of himself. All the cubs made a line and took a soccer ball to try to score a goal to David, he was really nervous, he have never played as a goalie, but he was doing it just to be with Edna those days at the practices. Pokeinfo was the first kicking in the line, he tried to score but David catch the ball in the air at great speed. After a lot of cubs failing all the shots, Pokeinfo said

” I don’t think anybody is refusing to accept David on our team “

” we have our goalie!!! ” the cubs shouted

By the time the first part of the training was over all the girls went to see the boys at the other field. David saw Edna talking with Laura that was also in her cheerleading practice, he wanted to surprise Edna telling her he was the new goalie of the boys team so he managed to catch Edna by her back and cover her eyes with his hands

” hey who’s funny cub that is doing this ” Edna asked a bit uncomfortable

” close your eyes and promise me to not open them ” David said while kissing Edna in her mouth

” David!! ” Edna shouted in happiness while hugging him

” why are you wearing the boys soccer uniform? ” she asked

” that’s your surprise, I’m the new boys team goalie ” David said happily looking Edna’s happy face

” that’s incredible now we can spend some more time together ” she said while hugging him

When the second part of the training started, both Edna and David play as never before, they didn’t let anyone of the other team score even one goal. Both spend a great time at the practice, but when it was over Edna farewelled David with a passionated kiss and then she went back to her home. By the time she was leaving Laura went running to David to tell him that Edna forgot her backpack at the girls locker room. He offered Laura to give it back to Edna so he walked straight to Edna’s house when he finished taking a shower


When David got to Edna’s house he knocked the door and Mr Fox opened it

” hi sir, I just came to bring back Edna’s backpack “

” thanks David, sometimes Edna didn’t realizes of the things she’s carrying, wanna come in ?”

” thanks sir “

David was thinking in how Mr Fox invited him so kindly to his house, it was really strange comparing to the way he make him enter the house the date he was dating Edna. Both went to the living room

” David, I must tell you that Edna said she spend a great night with you at the cinema that day “

” I also want you to know that I’m sorry for how I behaved the day you came to my house to date my daughter, I just want to take care of her, that’s all, but know I understand I can count on you for taking care of her when I can’t ” Mr Fox said sorry but happy at the end

” don’t worry sir, you can trust me that responsibility and as I promised to you, I won’t fail you ” David said while shaking Mr Fox’s hand. After that Miss Fox talked to him and both said they needed to go to the bank to fix some problems there

” feel like in your home David, we’ll be back, we just need to solve an urgent problem at the bank ” Mr Fox said kindly

After that David went upstairs to greet Edna and Ed so he went to Ed’s room and asked him were was Edna’s room while greeting him

” hi dude how are you “

” I’m really good, I’m about to beat my highest score at starscraft, if you want to greet Edna go straight to the badroom and then take one door to the left, I would go with you, but I’m in a hot steak in here and I can’t lose this opportunity “

” ( giggle ) don’t worry I understand you,  beating a high score in that game is really hard, so I’ll will go alone “

After greeting Ed, David took Edna’s backpack and went to her room, he didn’t expect what he saw there……


David forgot to knock Edna’s door before getting in but that ” mistake ” was the first step in the best day of his life. When he opened the door he found Edna just wearing her panties, he could see almost naked all her cute body, when Edna realized he was looking her she just took David’s hand and pulled him inside her room. She locked the door and turn back to David winking her eye

” ( gasp ) ……….. Sorry….. I’m really sorry I must knock the door before getting in ” David said really embarrassed trying to resist the fact of seeing Edna almost naked

” ( giggle ), do you like what you’re seeing ” Edna said turning David’s head toward her cute body

” ( gasp )….. You… ar….. are beautiful…… ” David said really impressed

” now that I remember, you hadn’t being welcome to ST Lovejoy by any girl in here, and now that you’re my boyfriend why don’t we take advantage of this situation ” Edna said dropping David in her bed. After that Edna pulled down David’s pants and she started to use her skilled muzzle

” you’re huge, I think I’m going to enjoy this more than you will ( giggle )” Edna said while starting to suck David’s cock

David was shocked and speechless too, he didn’t say anything he just moaned to show his liking to Edna’s welcoming

” I’m close…… Don’t stop!!!!!! ” David said really excited

” ( loud moaning ) I’m…. I’m cumming!!!!!!! ” David shouted while cumming into Edna’s muzzle

” it’s too much! I can keep it all on my mouth ” Edna thought while David cum on his muzzle

In that moment Edna was really horny, and she couldn’t take all that cum in her muzzle so she decided to make a cute facial before David ended. After that Edna also came when David did but she even noticed that

” ( moaning ) that was incredible….. ” David said enjoying his pleasant orgasm

” let me help you cleaning yourself ” David said while using his tongue to clean Edna’s face. David enjoyed so much to taste Edna like that, she was really sweet and spicy at the same time, he licked Edna’s ear, she felt tickles while he did it

” Stop….. Jejeje it tickles!!!  Jejeje ” Edna said enjoying David licking her ears

” I see we have a very ticklish girl in here….. Let’s see where else you are like that ” David said while licking down Edna’s body.

” lets try your cute nipples “

” ( moaning )….. Keep going….. ( moaning ) ” Edna said really horny

Then he went to Edna’s belly and played with his tongue there

” ( laugh ) not my belly no ( laugh )…… Please I beg you ( laugh ) I’m very ticklish there ” Edna said laughing a lot with David’s caresses and lickings there

” it’s getting really hot in here, let me get myself more comfortable ” Edna said while taking off her wet panty and handling it to David

” this is a little present for you, think in me everytime you want to smell it ” Edna said with a big smile while winking her eye

” now tell me do you like myself naked completely? “

” you’re beautiful…… I don’t know where I got such good luck to find a girl like you ” David said lovely while kissing Edna’s mouth. After that David used his hand rubbing Edna’s privates in her bed, also he licked her pussy very slow

” you’re really skilled ( moaning ), don’t stop!

( loud moaning ) ” Edna shouted really excited

” I know how to make you feel even better……. ( uses his fingers deeply in Edna’s pusssy )…… I found your G spot! ” David said while playing with Edna’s G spot

” AAAAAHHHH!!!! I’m cumming!!!!!! ” Edna said while getting really wet to then cum on David’s face

” ( licking her pussy ) you taste really good, I love your cum taste ( tastes his cum covered fingers ) mmmm just so tasty…… ” David said enjoying her cum

Edna pushed David to make him land on his back

” now I want to ride this wild cowboy ” Edna said while sitting on David’s cock

When their privates join they moaned in unison

 ” ( moaning ) its huge ” Edna moaned

” ( moaning ) its really tight ” David moaned

 Then Edna started to jump and ride David, David was touching Edna’s cute butt while she was enjoying his cock

 ” ( moaning ) i love your cute butt, it’s really soft and shaped….. ( loud moaning ) ” David said while feeling Edna’s wet walls squeezing his cock

 ” I’m cumming!!! ” both said while yiffing

 ” now it’s my time to ride you, but I’ll do it doggy stile “

 ” yay!! I love that position ” Edna said really eager

 David drilled Edna’s butt really deep, both were enjoying each other like never before

 ” ( moaning ) deeper….. ( loud moaning )…. Harder ” Edna moaning enjoying her ass being drilled by David’s cock

 ” I’m really close!!! ” David said

 ” I can’t hold it any more!!! ” David came his firsts shots in Edna’s butt, then he took out his cock and came in Edna’s back. At the same time Edna shot some cum to David’s legs, both were covered with the others cum

 ” I think we need a shower ” Edna said, winking her eye to David

 ” what are we waiting for ( giggle ) ” David said smiling

 Edna opened her room door slowly, then she realized that Ed didn’t hear all that moaning because he was playing his video games with a really loud sound effects, also her parents weren’t back so she turned back to David

” all clear, let’s go before my parents arrive ” Edna said happily

Both went to the bathroom and turned the hot water, then they entered the shower. When David saw Edna showering her body he got really hard

” I see you like me really wet don’t you? ” Edna asked playfully

” ( giggle ) watching you like that doesn’t help also “

Both started to yiff again in the shower, they really loved each other, and they weren’t afraid to show it at any place. When they came again, both started to clean themselves, in that moment they casually crossed their looks, they looked firmly to each other

 ” those eyes, those were the ones that made me fell in your charming spell, from that day I looked them I got mesmerized, you drive me crazy, I don’t know what would i do without your love……… I love you Edna Fox…….. ” he said while giving her a passionated and deep kiss

 ” ………. Your lips…. When I think in the way you kiss me, my whole body shivers and I can’t stop myself from getting more of you, when I kissed you for the first time, I couldn’t sleep, I felt truly infatuated that day and I couldn’t get you off my mind………… I love you David Red Fox……. ” Edna said kissing David back with all that love she felt for him

 By the time they were dressing after the shower they heard Edna’s parents coming through the main door. They both rushed themselves dressing up as fast as they could

 ” wait a minute what are we going to tell them when they enter? ” David whispered hearing Edna’s parents really close

 ” read me a poem from this book ” Edna whispered handling to David a poetry book

 In that moment her parents opened her room door, they saw David reciting a beautiful poem to their daughter

” For one look, one world

For one smile, one sky

For one kiss……. ¡ I don’t know what would I give you for one kiss ! ” David recited passionaly to Edna

After he finished Edna stood up and hugged David, happiness tears were dropping from her beautiful eyes. It possibly would be a trick to fool her parents, but David recited that poem just for her. Edna’s parents just left the room silently

” do you remember when we were their age “

Mr Fox said happily

” how could I forget all the love that you gave me those years, and you still doing so ” Mrs Fox said relaying her head on Mr Fox’s chest


David and Edna spent a great afternoon with each other, but that day was just the start of more and more days like this one. After staying some time more with Edna, David farewell everyone there and went back to his home. He spend all the road back to his home thinking in how lucky he was, he wished for so many years for a girl like her and he finally have Edna next to him, he was really happy, more than ever, that day David saved one of the best memories he will have in his heart. When he got to his house he greeted his parents and went upstairs to take a note of this day……….

Before telling you what he wrote, let me say that David managed to change my life completely…….. He is a part of me in other words……….

Because I’m David Red Fox……. And this is my story…….


Diary: the expression of love

– this day my soul found its missing piece,

this day my heart felt the true love running through my veins,

this day Edna and me have showed how much we love each other………..-“

David didn’t write more in that note of the day he and Edna loved, just wrote on the end of that page ” for my true love Edna fox “

Sometimes love doesn’t comes when we need it the most, but when we manage to feel it……. It never goes away. Find your love, fight for it and never let anyone take it away, because love is what makes your heart still beating.