My Time in Pouncefield

edit64Story by Roo Fursworth

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A word from Roo studios editor:

I though we should arrange a cast list of the more permanent players:

Roo Fursworth, everyones fave marsupial, the newcomer to Pouncefield.

Paige Dingo, Roos best friend… pretty much the first one to speak to him, there are untold stories about these twos shenanigans more on these later though.

Jenny Katt, the better half of Paige, his long time love these two were together before Roo’s appearance.

Ed Foxx, Everyone knows Ed, everyone like him too… brother to the legendary Edna, Ed though is the yin to her yang very quiet and some would say shy… untold happenings though! He does have a girlfriend too, she joins us later.

Edna Foxx, Ed’s yiffy little sister and many would say “more” but to this date there are no confirmed happenings between the siblings, no matter how hard she tries!

Belle & Linda Coon, These two housed Roo in his early days and showed his the Pouncefield way, identical twins to the “untrained” eye, but during his stay Roo discovered a few little details, if you’re an avid reader you’ll know what we mean!

Pokeinfo, A lioncub not a close a friend as Roo would like… he never seems to be around except for school, where does he go?

Cynthia, Pokeinfo’s girlfriend, a bunny… did you know bunny kids are called kittens? the captain of the girls soccer team.

(NEW) Emma Snow-fox, Roo’s recent rescuer… after his accident she found him and got him to the hospital.
Looks like they are REALLY close already, so who knows? Maybe she’ll be a permanent cast member.


Hello, my name is Roo Fursworth and I’m from England “wow an English roo” you say?
My parents moved from Australia years ago. Anyway, I’m being flown over to this nice little town called Pouncefeild on a foreign exchange program.
My old teacher told me that they had to have some asshole Croc called Rodreguz, oh well maybe someone will turn him into a handbag!

The thing is, I’m looking out of the plane window and the place doesn’t look that great… but my mom always said ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but the ol girl also said ‘Look both ways when crossing the street’ she was hit by the no69 bus just last week! ah shes fine I know, she will be out of hospital within the month.

Hehe, you should of seen the look on the drivers face though!

The air hostess is from here and she is nice enough, I notice her paws tended to linger in the lap of the Great Dane sitting next to me when she laid out his napkin and it took her a while to get it straight too! She kept moving it back and forth really quickly, the Dane didn’t mind although he did yelp a little just before she was finished.

Just thinking about it, I have no idea where I’m going to be staying, the croc bitch of a mom would let me stay there so I’m staying with a family of raccoons, at least I will have someone to talk to, they have twin girls.
I have a photo that came with their letter, lets see ‘From Belle and Linda, we can’t wait to meet you. We know you will love Pouncefeild, see you soon x x x’

Looking at the photo there is only one difference I can see, they brush their hair to opposite sides and they must have been going to bed because they are only wearing their underwear!

Oh well the planes landing I guess I will meet them soon and their parents.


Standing at the terminal, with customs asking me stupid questions like ‘Are you holding any fruits or vegetables?’ and I begin to notice how close everyone is, all kissing, cuddling and holding paws.
I’m waiting at the pick-up point when a taxi rolls up, “Are you Roo Fursworth?” asked the driver, who was a stunning vixen.

“Uh yea, is this my lift to Mr and Mrs Raccoons?” I asked.
“Sure is” she said “Put your bag in the trunk and let’s go! the girls are dying to meet you”

Sitting in the front with my paws in my lap and after ten minuets the driver asks “Is this your first visit to Pouncefeild?”
“Y.. y. yea” I stammer “I’m here with the foreign exchange program”
“Judging by that lovely accent of yours you’re from the UK aren’t you?”
“Yep, born and bred” I answer

The car pulls to a stop outside a house a little distance from the school, I can just see the school bell peeking over the rooftops, I get out and retrieve my bag.

“That’s your one there” she says pointing to a house “Number 22”
“Thanks” is all I can say as the taxi speeds off into the sunset
I take a deep breath and knock on the door.


Listening I hear running footsteps and the door opens, standing there in their nighties were the twins Belle and Linda.

“You must be Roo” said Belle taking my bag,
“Come on in, make yourself at home” said Linda
With a coonie on each arm they show me the whole house, oddly they showed me their room twice!
“And heres your room” said Linda
“Thanks” i said “Where are Mr and Mrs Raccoon?”
“Oh they are always out working” answered Belle “We hardly see them sometimes”
“You two must have the place to yourselves a lot then, what do you do after school?” I asked
“You will find out tomorrow!” Linda giggles

The coonies leave then, I call after them “what’s happening tomorrow?”
“Goodnight Roo” they say in unison, the door closes and I’m left there alone…

Meanwhile, in Belle and Linda’s room…

“What do u think?” asked Belle as she shut the door,
“I think he’s cute, and that British accent! oh it makes my tummy tingle” said Linda as she sits on her bed, “You don’t think it was mean what we did do you?”
“Nah” answered Belle “He has no idea what this town is like, just wait ’till he goes to school tomorrow with Edna there, you know how she is with new guys, remember what she got up to with Paige?”
Linda nods, “But he’s ours first right?” asked Linda
“I will speak to Edna tomorrow and tell her she has to wait her turn” answered Belle
“Oh good make sure you do then, g’nite sis” Linda yawns and curls up in her bed,
“Sweet dreams Linda” Belle says as she switches off the light.


I awoke to the buzzing of an alarm clock, I got up to get dressed and, hmph no clothes! my bag was missing too!
Thinking about it where did I leave my bag? Belle brought it up for me didn’t she!?
I was about to call down the stairs when i seen her in my doorway, still in her nightie.
“What’s the matter Roo? are you missing something?” she asks
With a mischievous look in her eyes, she pushes the door closed.
“I c-cant seem to find my c-clothes, silly huh?” I stammer covering my lap with my paws,
Just seeing the hot coonie in her night dress again was enough to give me a raging hard-on.
“That’s ok school’s not for another two hours, you don’t need them yet” she teased “What’s that you have there? oh my, is all that for little me?”

Clearly she could see my boner, so I took my paws from my lap.
“You must like me a whole lot Roo, tell me what do you like best?” Belle asks as she walks over.
“Its everything about you, your fur, beautiful tail and those soft lips”

As I said that she pounced, pinning me to the bed, she was surprisingly strong for her size but I didn’t fight, gazing into each others eyes we shared our first kiss, those perfect coonie lips pressed to my own just felt so right, wrapping my arms around her she let out a little sigh.

Taking her lips from mine, she kisses her way down my chest and onto my belly, Belle pulled at my undies, taking them off and dropping them to the floor.
As she took my throbbing roohood in her paws I knew I wouldn’t last long, she was using her tongue on my furry balls and fapping my shaft.

“Does my Roo like that?” she giggled
All I could manage was a weird gurgle noise as the darling coonie nibbled at my member, bringing me ever closer to climax.
My paws running through her hair, she took me in her hot mouth sucking my members end,

“Oh Belle I’m about to cu…”
With that I pumped steams of roo-goo into her mouth she was insatiable, swallowing every bit and still sucking me for more!
Finally taking her sweet lips from my throbbing roohood she smiles sweetly and says….

“Welcome to Pouncefeild”.


Sitting in my seat in class I looked around, I could see Edy who was a weasel I had spoken to on the plane, sitting next to him was a lion cub called Pokeinfo, at another desk was a Dingo (who i hadn’t met yet) a cute black kitty was sitting next to him resting her head on his shoulder and sitting next to me was a fox cub.

Suddenly an outstretched paw caught my attention, “Ed” said the bearer of the paw “welcome to St. Lovejoys”
“Uh….. Roo” I answered shaking his paw,
“You’re the exchange guy right?” asked Ed leaning back on his chair.
“Yeah, I’m here instead of Rodreguz” I told him
“A right nasty piece of work he is too, I hope your guys back home can handle him” said Ed
“Are you kidding?!” I laughed “The entire rugby team is in my class! They will sort him out for sure”
“Brilliant” he said with a huge grin on his face “Then with any luck he will be taught a lesson or two!”

Then I had to stand at the front of the class and say a bit about myself, with all the cubs watching me and whispering between themselves I could feel my cheeks redden,

“Hi my names Roo, I’m from the UK, I don’t know much about Pouncefeild but I am willing to learn, um… I’m staying with the twins ”
“Yeah we know, Belle told us!” shouted the dingo, causing the whole class to have a giggling fit.

At first I was a little embarrassed but I soon caught the giggles, (why does that happen? someone laughs and you start laughing too?)

On my way back to my seat the dingo stops me, “Sorry, but it had to be said!” he laughed “names Paige by the way, this is Jenny” The kitty sitting next to him gave me a little wave.

“Don’t worry about it Roo” Jenny said “thats part of living in Pouncefeild, you’re one of us now.”


The rest of the day was pretty ordinary except for the last class of the day which was free period, we were all sitting in our home room just talking and laughing around when this pretty young vixen cub came in and was looking all around the room.

“Holy shit, its Edna! You’re in for it now Roo-boy!” laughed Paige,
“Me?! what have I done?” I asked
She heard me, storming over with a determined look in those cubby eyes she plopped herself on my lap facing me with a leg each side she said “Hi I’m Eds sister Edna, and you’re the guy who’s staying with Belle and Linda aren’t you? Belle has told me all about you”
“Really?” I asked surrounded by giggling
“Come with me” she said standing up and taking my paw “I wanna show you something”
“I bet you do!” laughed Ed,

Edna flashed him a steel glare and turned back to my now standing self, Pulling on my paw she led me out the room, I just had time to call back “Uh bye guys, I’ll catch up with you later I guess”
The cute cub led me down the hall to an empty classroom, pulled me inside and closed the door behind her,

“Belle told me what she did with you Roo”
“Really?!” I asked with a blush,
She nodded “Yes, she also told me what shes going to do when you get back after school…….. but I want you first!”

Wit that she flung her arms around me, standing on her tippy toes a little she kissed me her tongue exploring my mouth, I did the same my arms hugging her tightly to my chest she trailed her paws down my back and to the front of my shorts, stroking my roohood through them
“Murr….” was all I could manage as she took my member from my shorts and began pawing me slowly, with a shaky paw

I reached under skirt to return the favour only to discover she wasn’t wearing panties, I started stroking her foxy slit rubbing her pouting clit with a thumb she giggled “I’ve been doing that for most of the day thinking about you, now I want you! will you yiff with me Roo hmm?”

This beautiful cub really asking me? “Y-yes I w-will Edna” I answered gazing into her eyes “I’d love to”
“Yee!” she squealed as she pounced me onto my back, sitting on my belly she kissed my nose saying “Lie still my Roo” with that she lowed he tight vixen slit onto my entire length, after a second or two she began to bounce slowly on me, my member invading her cubby hole.

The sheer tightness and juiciness of this rutting foxcub meant I wouldn’t last long, as little time passed she quickened her motions slamming herself down on me I could feel her squeeze my length with her pussy “Roo cum in me…. Go on” she panted

With those words I came, I could feel wave after of Roo seed pump into her and seeing the glazed look on her face she had too with Edna now lying on top of me I looked over at the door to see the furry faces of Ed and Paige watching through the glass, I felt myself blush but they high fived eachother and gave me thumbs-up through the window and were gone.

Edna and I just layed there gently nuzzling each other, you know I think I’m gonna like it here!


Upon arriving at my temporary home I found that the twins were already there, I could hear them giggling and playing so I went upstairs to my room and dumped my bag and began to undress, I needed a shower after that session with Edna! wrapping a towel around my waist I headed for the bathroom to shower as I closed the door to my room I noticed how quiet it was but thought nothing of it and headed for the shower.
(Meanwhile in Belle and Linda’s room)
“I can’t believe she got to him before we could” Gasped Linda
“Well, before you anyway!” Belle said as she licked her lips and patted her tummy
“I still owe you for that as well, you told me that we were going to wait!” said Linda
Linda opened the bedroom door a little and peeked out, “He’s in the shower” she giggled “shall we jump in on him?”
“I’ve got a better idea, lets wait in his room and jump him then! more room for us to share huh?” said Belle
Stepping out of the shower I dried my fur and brushed my teeth, pricking my ears up I could no longer hear the twins playing and wondered if they had gone out or something?
“Oh well” I said to myself “Im meeting paige and Ed later anyway”
I wrapped a towel around my waist and left the bathroom and went to my room and there on my bed were Linda and Belle.
“You wanted to know what we do after school Roo” said Belle
“We play games, but this is the first time a guy has ever joined our fun” replied Linda
By this time I knew what they meant, but decided to play the innocent,
“What sort of games?” I asked walking to my bed whilst I toyed with the towel
“Like this morning Roo” answered Belle tugging at the towel
I sat between the two coonies not knowing what was to come, they looked at each other and pounced me, with Linda kissing me passionately and Belle sucking on my now solid member, I was so lucky!
two stunning coonies on me at the Same time! nothing like this would happen back home.
Linda positioned her crotch over my face and I began to lap at her, her sweet cubby juices running down my throat I felt Belle take my roohood from her mouth and slipped her tight coonie pussy over me.
As Belle rode my length and Linda was nearing orgasm,
“Oh GOD! ROO! You are so BIG!” Linda moaned watching my balls slap against her sister’s butt…
“Cum inside me Roo!” squealed Belle.
“NO! Cum inside ME first!” retorted Linda, “You’ve had some Belle!”
Belle eased herself from me, my eyes opened wide at the red smear around the base of my cock.
“You took my sister’s CHERRY, Roo! Wow! … take MINE! NOW!!!”
Linda laid back on the bed and took my throbbing cock in her paw and guided me inside her,
Even though Linda said she had never actually yiffed all the way, she’d watched enough of her friends – and now her sister – to know what to do… as if her pussy was made for my cock alone, she totally surrounded me with her tight velvety clamp and pressed me inside her.
Her eyes winced briefly as her small cheery parted, but her body started glowing with pleasure as I began humping in and out of her pussy.
Her immatuire cuny muscles involunarily began to milk me, and I knew I would not last long, Linda’s tail thrashed wildly underneath her, as I began to ram inside her furry stripey body, my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth… my balls ached as they slapped against her butt, ready for release.
“SHIIIT!” Linda squealed, her nails grazing across my back. “Cum inside me! Fill me with your hot CUMMMMM!” she blabbered, her head thrashing wildly from side to side.
I rammed my cock home hard – and held it tightly, wedged against the coonie’s cervix… my eyes locked with Linda’s, and our bodies imploded…
As my cock bulged and throbbed, my balls squeezing my hot thick seed deep inside her virgin womb, my eyes swam in Linda’s who was weeping in joy…
Slowly we became aware of Belle’s tongue cleaning up the leaking mess around the union of our bodies. Hungrily she lapped up my precious seed, smearing it across her face… our panting moans filled the evening air, fingers clutching, toes curling, legs shuddering…
As Linda collapsed back onto her bed, my cock slipped out, and one last long thick spurt of hot semenal fluid sprayed right across her chest and splashed right into her forehead…
I fell forward against her, my fur mashing our sticky fluids together as we panted heavily together. Belle kept busy cleaning up as much of my sweet salty spooge as she could find, taking my balls into her mouth and gently sucking and licking them clean.


Hanging out at the park after school a few days after, Paige informed me that the school are taking a trip! ‘Holy crap, its nice to be told these things’ I thought,
“Don’t worry ’bout it Roo”said Ed “theres a number of kids not going for one reason or another, I’m sure you will be fine”
“Yea sure Ed” I answered with a little sarcasm
“No, its true!” said Jenny who was cuddling with her dingo, “I know a few girls who are staying, do you want me to arrange for you to meet them?”
“Hey that’s a good idea” Agreed Paige “Because the twins will be going as well, and I know you will miss them won’t you Roo-boy? hmm..?”
“Well….I…um” I felt my face burning “Ahem…… Y-yes of course I will, so Jenny who ya gonna ask?”
“I think it will be nicer for you if I let it be a surprise!” Jenny answered with a wink
“You’ll tell me though right?” asked Paige kissing Jenny on her nose, she shook her head
“No names, no impact drill! you should know that better than any of us Paige” said Ed
“Then Roo’ll tell me when we get back!”
“Tell you what?” I laughed “Besides I like the sound this ‘no names, no impact drill’ rule thing!….. when do ya leave? not that I’m trying to get rid of you of course..”
“Tommorrow after school” said Ed, “I think the other new guy is coming too, he’s just gotta win his parents over.”
“It’s only for a few days Roo, I’m sure you will be fine” Paige assured me.
I looked at Jenny who was counting to herself on her fingers and muttering under her breath, “Won’t he Jenny?!” Paige nudged.
She giggled “Oh I KNOW he will be!”.


The next morning I awoke to two stripy sobbing faces sitting at the end of my bed, it took a little while for my brain to engage but I could guess why they were crying.
“I cant believe you’re not coming!” the said in unison,
I sat up and cuddled the twins close to me with me in between, “Its only for a few days!” I said nuzzling the two “and I will be right here waiting for you when you get back”
“Really?” asked Belle
“You will?” asked Linda, wiping her eyes
“Right here” I said, patting my bed and giving the cubs a kiss each.
“Ok then” said Belle
I suddenly felt a paw slide under my bed sheets,
“Feeling better Linda?” I asked and felt a second paw, ‘giggle’ “You too Belle?” they both nodded as they slipped under the sheets with me.
Belle had her paw around my roohood fapping away while Linda played with my balls, I reached under each of the coon girls night dress and
ran a finger over each of their tight coonie pussies before easing a finger in each of them, Belle and Linda mewed in unison as I slowly pumped a finger in each of them, I played with their clits with my thumbs, as I sped my frottings I pushed a second finger in each of them, their love juices
soaking my paws I could feel they were close to release as was I, both coonies licking and sucking at me! I felt myself pre-come, “Mine!” said Linda as she sucked on my swollen crest,
Belle quickened her fapping “Come on Roo….. please! for us!
I let out a moan and nodded as then twins were almost devoruring me I came, gushing spooge into the waiting mouths of Linda and Belle, as the licked their lips clean of me they each began to claw at the bed, squealing in pleasure they too came showering my paws in their own delicious juices.
“Mmmmm yummy!” I said as I licked at my sticky paws, the twins sighed and each rested their head on my chest.
“So will you miss us?” asked Belle.
“Lots and lots!” I answered.
“Good!” said Linda as we 3way kissed.
“Well time for school!” they said in unison breaking our kiss and play skipped out of my room closing the door behind them, all I could do was shake my head “those two are unbelievable” I said to myself.


All I could think about all day was who was Jenny sending to keep me company?
After earlier talks with Paige I knew everyone apart from Edy the weasel was going from home room, there was a real pretty ferret from art class called Jessica who was staying behind, other than that it was a mystery who was being left behind also.
I decided to give Edy a call to see if he wanted to hang out, we hadn’t spoke much since we came here apart from the odd “Hi” every now and then.
Finally the time came, after a goodbye pawing off from the twins I watched everyone board the bus for the trip, I waved to the twins and waited till I could no longer see the bus before I set off for home,
I’d have the house to myself as Mr and Mrs Raccoon had also gone away for a romantic get away, “I know we can trust you” said Mr Raccoon “Just make sure you’re here for the girls when they get back ok?”
I was sitting in the house all alone watching TV, and picked the phone up and called Edy all I could get was an answer machine “Hello and welcome” it said “you have reached the weasel residence, no-one is here at the moment, please leave a message….beeeeeep”
“Uh yea hi, its Roo calling for Edy, if ya fancy hanging out sometime just gimme a ring or whatever ok? cheers bud, laters”
Just as I hung up there was a knock at the door.


Was this the visitor Jenny had sent? I found myself standing and brushing myself down, was I crazy?! What would Jenny think if I tried it on with her friend?
A second knock at the door brought me to my senses and upon answering it I saw her, a blonde kitty, her looks very similar to Jenny’s but this girls hair went right to her butt! I attempted speech but no words came out.
“Hi I’m Lucy, Jenny’s cousin.” She said “Jenny told me you weren’t going on the trip so I decided to come over, I’ve seen you a lot at school and been too shy to say hello, silly huh?”
I finally found myself and said “Uh…. Yea um you wanna come in?”
“I’d rather go to the cinema, there’s a really good looking film I wanna see!” said Lucy
“Ok lets do that” I answered, stepping outside
After walking a while I said “So how come you didn’t go with the others?”
“Hm? Oh, my mom couldn’t afford it really, besides I’m kinda glad I didn’t go now” she said smiling, taking my paw in hers.


Upon arriving at the cinema Lucy points and says “That one!…. can we see that please?”
I didn’t really care what we watched, I was just happy to be with her.
I paid for our tickets and she paid for the snacks, we chose seats near the back so we weren’t surrounded by others, as we sat there I watched her nibbling at her popcorn piece by piece and smiled “so cute” I thought to myself.
The film she had chosen was ‘The Furtrix’ starring Brandy Harrington, I decided to give the ol stretch trick a go, I let out a little yawn and stretched my arms above my head bringing my right arm down to rest around her shoulders, Lucy looked at me and smiled, snuggling closer and resting her head against me.
After the film had finished we left, paw in paw heading for the front door where Edy and a pink Ferret who I knew to be Jessica (a friend of Edna’s).
I looked at Lucy and put a finger to my lips “shh” I said to her as I snuck up behind Edy, I pounced him from behind and got him in a headlock and messed up his hair.
“Hey Edy! I called you earlier, what are you doing here?” I said as I let him up
“You called?… see Jessica I told ya it was important!” Edy laughed “Oh and who’s this?” Edy asked looking at Lucy.
“This, my fine weasel is Jenny’s cousin Lucy and this” I said gesturing to Edy “This is Edy, a friend of mine from the UK and the lovely lady with is..”
“Jessica, yea I know her Roo! Silly!” giggled Lucy
“We just watched the Furtrix” said Edy
“Really? Us too!” I gasped “I didn’t see you there”
We all left as a group, the girls walked on from Edy and myself, talking ‘bout us no doubt.
I turned to Edy and said “You got left behind too? Ed said you only had to win your parents over”
“They said it was too shorter notice, but they are letting Jessica stay over to keep me company! More than fair if you ask me” said Edy with a wink
We walked on and got to Lucy’s house, Edy and Jessica waited at the bottom of the driveway while I walked Lucy to her door.
“I really glad Jenny asked you over Lucy, b-because I r-really like you” I stammered
“You wanna come over for dinner day after tomorrow?” asked Lucy taking my paws in hers
“Yea sure! I’d love to!” I answered
“Good, I will see you then!” she gave me a quick kiss on the nose and went inside, I just stood there overcome I suppose, until a shout brought me to my senses.
“Come on lover-boy! Lets go” shouted Edy
“Uh.. yea ok” I answered and hurried to catch up with the other two
“You like her then?” asked Jessica
“Yea” I answered “a whole lot!”
we got to my place and stopped by the driveway, I gave Edy a nudge and said “you wanna come over tomorrow? Im dead bored sitting in by myself, you can come too if ya like Jess”
“I would but I have plans” answered Jessica
“I will come over though Roo” said Edy “I will see ya bout lunch time! Your treat”
I giggled, cheeky bugger “okies Edy, see ya then! I waved as I went inside.
I chucked the door-keys on the table by the phone and checked the answer machine “BEEEEP! You have one new message.”


A message? I wondered who from, I rewound the tape and pressed play,
“Hi its Becky, you know the one from home room? Anyway Jenny said you didn’t get to go on the trip either so I though I’d call and see if you wanted to hang out, but I guess you’re not there, gimme a call as soon as you get in ok? My numbers 555-78236 see ya bye!”
“hmm, Becky….” I thought “Becky….. oh that’s the bunny that sits at the front” I said to myself.
I decided to call her back, I dialled her number and waited “hello?” a voice answered
I cleared my throat “I’m calling for Becky, is she there please?”
“one moment please” said the voice, I could hear a muffled voice shout ‘Becky! Phone for you’
“H-hello?” said a new voice “w-who is it?”
“hey its me, Roo, you asked me to call you back?” I said
“Oh its you! Im so glad you called! Its me Becky, Jenny said you need someone to hang out with..”. she whispered after “and maybe have a little fun with?”
“With you Becky?” I gasped “sure I’d love too! You wanna come over tomorrow, first thing?”
she giggled “can’t wait! bye Roo!” and she hung up
It dawned on me, Edy was coming over tomorrow! “Oh well” I thought “it may be fun…”


After my shower the next morning I stood at the top of the stairs looking at the front door, Becky would be here soon and Edy later,
I seen a shadow appear in the frosted glass of the door you could see it was Becky so I slid down the banister and opened the door before she could even knock on the door.
Becky giggled as I opened the door “Been waiting for me?” she asked
“Well….. maybe” I answered leaning on the open door “you wanna come in?”
“Of course silly!” she said as she walked in.
I fetched us a couple of drinks from the fridge and I sat on the couch with Becky.
We watched a movie while we chatted about general stuff’s, like where I lived and what I’ve done since visiting Pouncefeild, naturally I left out the details when it came to the twins but she already knew of my time with Edna and she asked if I knew Edy before he moved over.
“Sadly no” I said “I wish I had really, he seems like a great guy he’s coming over later too”
“Really?!” she asked with a huge smile
“I’ve never been with two before” Said Becky quietly
“Hmm.. what did you say?” I asked, pretending not to hear
“Oh nothing” she said, running her paw up and down my thigh “So…. What do ya wanna do now the movies over?” she asked glancing toward the TV.


I just looked at her! I knew what she meant, living here would educate anyone on the subject of yiff but still, me being me I played the innocent.
“Well I dunno, what do you wanna do Becky?” I said giving her a little nuzzle
“More of this” she answered, counter nuzzling
I kissed her quickly on the lips, she kissed me back holding me close as she sat on my lap facing me.
I could feel her heat though her panties under her skirt, we gazed into each others eyes as we carried on kissing, our paws exploring each others bodies as we slowly undressed each other.
My member stiffening between her legs, Becky took it into her paw and stroked me slowly before lining it up with her bunny hole.
“Shall we?” she said as she lowered herself onto my swollen roohood, holding my paws in her own she began to ride me, I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and I could feel her tightening herself around my member as she humped away at me.
Our slow yiff soon began to quicken as we both were nearing climax, she let go of my paws to pull me into her, kissing me deeply.
Becky let out a little squeal as I felt her come, as she slammed herself home I too came filling her bunny hole with Roo juice.
She stayed on my lap as we panted together, finally she said “I’m so glad you didn’t go on the trip”
Nuzzling her I said “Oh me too, me too!”


I woke early this morning and looked out of the window…white? I padded across the floor and shoved the window,
it had been snowing (just goes to show how much the weather guy knows!)
So after my usual morning routine I donned a sweater and walked to the bus stop to meet the twins.
The past two weeks had flown by really, mainly because I had some great company, but that now past and behind me it was time to pick up where I had left off.
It had been about 10 minuets by the time the bus peeked up over the hill, before it got too close I hid behind the grassy knoll and made a few snowballs,
as the bus slowed to a stop and cubs piled out I launched a few snowballs causing laughs and cubs to dive and start battles of their own,
through the hail of snowball I spotted the twins walking their way home.
(now if you asked anyone to the two apart they would look for the head fur style or to see which paw they wrote with, but I know of other things…
such as Belles tail ends with a black strip while Linda’s ends with a white one! But I guess things like that you got to get real close to know)

Anyway with my last snowball I launched it at them and it whizzed past Linda’s ear,
“hey!” she shouted turning round with a clenched paw raised.
It was then that I was jumped by Paige who at the same time dropped a load of snow down my back.
With squeals and yay’s I was pounced by the two kissing .
“Did you miss us?” they asked in unison.
“oh so very very much” I answered with a smile, hugging them tightly.
Blushing from cat-calls and wolf whistles the 3 of us made our way home.

[at this point Roo-studios would like to say it has the right to not reveal what went on during the trip away,
the head writer assures his fans that no male paw was laid upon the twins… no MALE paw… the story will eventually tell itself,
as all good storys do so whatch this space.]

As the 3 of us reached the front door I heard a few whispers behind me…

“Shall we tell him?”
“No not yet, we’ll let him wonder for a bit”
“do ya think he kept his paws to himself?”
“What when those two were left here too? Nah we cant expect him to”
“I guess so, he is ours though right?”
“well we’ll se.. Shh he’s looking”

“what are you two talking about?”
“nothing” was their reply but I could see their wicked grins.
We bustled into the living room and I flomped down onto the couch, it was still morning but I was still tired, lorf knows why.
There were giggles behind me and I was tapped on the shoulder, as I looked back I saw the twins in their fur!
“okey doke mr roo, you must know how much we missed you by now!” said Belle
“mhmm” nodded Linda “be assured we kept the boys paws at bay”
“but you do know how close we are” said Belle as she cuddled and nuzzled her sister
“very close” added Linda stroking a paw over her sisters tummy and getting lower.
I was agog! Leaning heavily on the back of the sofa as the twins put on a show for me, just touching and kissing wherever they pleased!
Then the sofa tipped over under my weight and I ended up on my back at the twins feet.
“my my” they said,
“perhaps we teased him a little too much?” said Belle in her sing-song voice
“oh I don’t mind” I giggled, sitting up. Then without warning I was pounced by Belle who sat on my chest as her sister made short work of my clothes.
“You do know you’re ours…” Belle told me poking my nose playfully
“And we can play with you as we wish” giggled Linda
“oh so I’m owned now? Alright if you say so” I chuckled
“even if we do let our friends have a little fun with you every now and then”
At this point I blushed a bit, knowing they must of found out about my visitors while they were away.
“oh don’t worry, we know about them…”
“…yes, we knew they’d visit, Jenny did ask if we minded… and besides, its not as if any of us are together like DP and Jenny anyway”
“okie doke my mistresses!” I said as I pawwed at Belle, her familiar figure and silky soft fur heaven to touch as her lips met mine
I let out a soft squeak as I felt Linda’s lips around my member while she pawwed my nuts.
Belle repositioned herself so her moist hunny-spot hovered over my muzzle as her sister took her place with my member tween her thighs.
“we finish first ok?” said Belle
“Yes that’s an order!” giggled Linda
I just nodded as I licked along the moist coonie cunny hanging over my face, Linda moaned deeply as she sank down onto my roo-meat,
with the twins facing each other and each of them riding me as they saw fit it wasn’t long before the windows were steamed and our fur all muzzy…
if you didn’t know better you say it was DP’s house from the look of it outside! Anyone that’s seen Paige’s place will know what I mean.
Anyway with myself and the twins satisfied and everyone showered we set about tidying the place up.. Ya know, opening a few windows and setting the sofa right.
It was nearly dark when mr and mrs coon came home, the girls were very glad too see them I guess, it was a rarity to see both of them home together.
“did you girls have a good trip?” asked their father
“oh yes! And the welcome home was even better!”
I don’t think ive ever got used to the way those two are!
“you must be glad to have the girls back too huh lad?” asked mr coon with a wink
Eep! Did he know? Surly not!
“yes sir I am, I missed them a lot” I answered, trying not to give anything away.
Too bad the time for my departure was growin nearer.. Im not sure I wanna go.

Seeing as mr and mrs coon left early next morning the twins snuck into my room for a pre-school cuddle, as we arrived we went to our groups
(you know, lads with the lads, girls with girls… like always) I was pelted with questions.. Mainly from Paige
“so where did you three get to yesterday?”
“Home” I said with a smile and a shrug, I wasn’t too sure how open the twins wanted me to be, but judging from the giggles coming from their group
I could let a few details slip.
“yea I KNOW that! But what did you do?” Paige pressed
“Edna’s kinda peeved she didn’t get a welcome home too ya know Roo” said Ed
“Well the twins are quite a pawfull, shes not upset is she? I asked
“Seems not, shes over there with Belle and Linda now” pointed Ed.
Sure enough, there she was chatting with the twins, Belle nodded to something and Edna clapped her paws and looked over to me giving me a wave then scarpered.
Just then the bell rang telling us it was our time for our first lesson Yiff Literature, nearing the end of the lesson there was an announcement over the schools PA system.
“Roo Fursworth to the principals office”
My teacher looked up from her desk, “you had better go mr fursworth, it sounds urgent”
Aww hell! I thought this is the last thing I want!
I trudged my way down the hall to the office and knocked on the door, “Enter” came a voice.
Sitting at the desk was Edna with the principal standing behind her, “is this him?” she asked
“yup” nodded Edna “thank you Auntie F”
The principal smiled and left, ruffling my hair on the way out… her own fur smelling like coconut and cinnamon.
“playing principal today lil miss?! I asked, sitting in the chair opposite
“hehe, it helps to have family in high places… so, how come I didn’t get a welcome like Belle and Linda’s? I heard all about it”
I blushed a little hearing this “everything?”
She nodded “yep, it’s a pity I didn’t have you staying at my place… oh I’d have so much fun with you!” she slid off the large chair and sat on
my lap with a paw behind her back “that would have been great” she sighed and nuzzled against my cheek, then their was a chink sound..
As I was lost in a nuzzle she’d cuffed me to the chair!
I couldn’t help but wonder where the cuffs came from…
“so now mister! Im gonna get my welcome home!” Edna declared with a cute growl
“have you got permission from the twins? Im owned apparently” I joked
“of course! You’d give in anyway!” Edna giggled
“perhaps.. So did you miss me?” I asked, playing with Ednas bushy tail with my free paw
“ooh yes! I spent a lot of time with the twins though, im not allowed to tell ya anything!” she winked “ohh I have something for you”
Edna slipped off her tiny cotton undies and slipped them in my pocket
“you can keep these, I know you want to, now.. What have you for me hmm?”
Her paw slid into my shorts and stroked at me, I nuzzled and nipped at her neck as she slowly pawwed me off… she must have some sixth sense
because when I was just about to finish she dropped to her knees and took my full load back her throat!
“mmm that’s yummy!” she said licking her lips and unlocking the cuffs “you may go now mr fursworth” she giggled
“yes miss” I answered, as I opened the door in fell Paige, Poke and Cynthia.
“heh furverts!” I said helping the furpile to its feet
“you cant talk!” laughed Paige poking me playfully
I pondered over my days in Pouncefield… “yea I guess you’re right”
“I hate that you’ve gotta go though” sighed Poke, the others nodded

The end of the day came eventually, I waited for the twins but I guess they dashed off early..
As I crossed the road by the grassy knoll bus stop, there was a screech and a horn blast then a lot of pain as I got hit by a car,
up and over the bonnet… ouchie I hear you say, all else I remember was reading a “how’s my driving?” bumper sticker.

Pouncefield General Hospital

With blurry eyes I awoke to many a face my mom, the twins, Paige and Jenny, Ed and Edna, a doctor and a face I didn’t know.
“hey guys” I croaked
“oh you’re finally awake!” my mom sobbed, hugging me tightly
“the doctor said it would be today! So glad your ok” said the twins
“yea good call doc” said Paige, helping himself to some grapes… why is it you get grapes when you in hospital? Do they carry some secret medicinal remedy? Heh
“yes he’s lucky to escape with just a broken arm… now he’s awake he can go home soon” said the doctor, not looking up from his charts.
“your were out for two weeks! Your lucky Emma found you” said Ed
“Emma? Whos Emma?” I asked
The new face then smiled and gave a little wave “I’m Emma, I saw you on the way home from soccer practice… and well.. I couldn’t just leave you could I now?”
Emma as it turned out was the goalie on Cynthia’s soccer team, she was a year younger than me and was a white fox by breed, with the most beautiful
blue eyes I ever saw. Her parents had moved to Pouncefield years ago where there was snow all year round, maybe that’s explains the white.
“you sure you’ve never met Emma? No way did I not introduce you to her” Cynthia asked, tapping her foot.
“ok ok, you cubs have got to go… im sure ms fursworth wants some time with her son” insisted the doc ushering them out
“yea yea alright” sighed Linda
“we’ll seeya later ok?” said Belle
“you don’t want these right?” asked Paige still clutching grapes
I giggled “no you can have them”
“alright!” Paige exclaimed and held his paw up for a high five, but soon dropped it down as Jenny dug him in his side
“oh sorry, I forgot… but we all signed it, your cast I mean not you arm” Paige flustered
I looked and sure enough it was covered in signatures, even Emma’s.
They all left with goodbyes and see you later’s, I didn’t really want to let them go just yet but the doc was insisting.
“two weeks? Really?” I asked mom as I sat up more.
“yep, heh you beat my record… buth a busted arm to boot, your friends were very worried…
in here everyday they were, I don’t think you’ve actually been alone at all.. Especially that Emma, in every day I think”
“Really? Wow I should find a way to thank her…”
“the car that hit you… it didn’t stop hun so theres nothing we can do about it really… but I have good news! Well I presume its good,
ive been offered a job here in Pouncefield and after speaking with your principal and the parents of your friends I don’t think it’s a good idea to move you back home so… would you like to live here? Permanently like, in Pouncefield?”
I couldn’t beleve it! It was like a dream.
“you mean we can stay?!” I gasped
“yes, I presumed you would so our stuffs already here we actually live at No.3 Pounceme Way”
Closer to the town too and schools closer and all! I thought as she stood and straightened her clothes.
“So your happy then? Apart from being written off and all?”
My mother, always full of sympathy
“hell yea! Couldn’t be better” I giggled
Just then a mink nurse walked in “oh im sorry, but its time for his sponge bath” she said
“ok I’ll see you later lad and behave yourself” my mom said
“ok mom I will” I answered waving my good paw.

Life at No.3 Pounceme Way

After a few more days in hospital just to make sure I was ok I was allowed home… and when I say home I mean my new home.
The house itself was very much like Paiges but it had a big tree in the back yard complete with tree hose!
Mom said the previous owner had lived there since he was a cub and had built and kept it maintained.
Since the gang were still in the dark about me actually living here now I thought I’d go round telling everyone,
first off I told the twins who were overjoyed.. After a session of kissing, cuddling and petting I moved on to Paige’s,
judging by the open windows and distant pool splashings I guessed I had timed my visit well, anyone who knows him as well as I do will know the signs.
Letting myself in and making may way through the house to the back yard,
“Hey there you two” I waved, sporting my cast
“ah the broken roo returns!” Paige said swimming to the poolside with Jenny in tow
“Don’t be so mean you!” Jenny said giving him a quick dig “so how are you Roo?”
“not too bad, still aching a little though” I answered sitting on a deck chair, enjoying the full time summer that seemed to occupy Pouncefield all year “but I bring good news”
“Oh lemme guess! You and one of the twins are going out?” Jenny asked
“Nope, me and mom are living here now… over in Pounceme way”
“That’s Great!” gasped Paige
“Judging by the open windows I timed my visit well then?” I asked, making Jenny blush
“Well…we were just..”
“Spring cleaning?” I offered
“yes! We were” Jenny exclaimed
“heh Paige cleaning? This is most unheard of” I giggled, spotting Paige creeping behind Jenny
“I’ll show you cleaning!” Paige said pouncing her
“heh I’ll see you guys later ok?” I said leaving the pair to there own devices
Next I went and seen Ed and Edna, told them the news… Cynthia was there too, oddly enough her fur was all muzzy, she was upstairs with Edna… hmm,
anyway she gave me Emma’s address as I had to see her again, thank her and so on… what? That IS why I was going to see her! Really it is! Heh alright, I wanted to see her just because!
Now this may seem a coincidence to you but it turned out that Emma lived but a few doors down from me,
so seeing as the closer of my friends knew they were bound to tell the others so I trotted off to call on Emma.
Knocking on her door I noticed it sounded rather busy indoors… a bit of shouting, not my business but it sounded like her parents were arguing.
After a short wait Emma answered the door looking rather flustered.
“Roo! Oh so your home then? Well out I mean, not home ‘cos homes far away for you”
“hi Emma, yea I’m out and yes I’m home.. I’ve actually moved in down the road at No.3… listen, I never actually thanked you for before and… well… thanks, thanks a lot” I smiled seeing her smile back, those baby blue eyes of hers smiling too.
“so… um, when is it you cast comes off?” asked Emma sitting on her doorstep and patting the space beside her.
I sat beside her on the small step, not much room but I didn’t mind “oh it comes off next week the doc says, remarkable how ahead Pouncefield is… where I came from it took ages and ages”
“You wanna go somewhere on Saturday? I mean spend some time together… getting to know one another I mean” Emma blurted out
“hmm? Oh yea I’d love to! Um… so uh, you wanna tell me about yourself?” I asked
“Me? Not much to tell really, as you know I’m in the year below you at school… I’m in the school soccer team, not a total girly thing to do I know but it gets me out of the house…
and Cynthia’s a really good captain ya know, looks after her team… uh, I don’t have any brothers or sisters.. You prolly wonder about where we come from huh? Well our ancestors actually lived in the arctic… Like my great granddad did…
I’m sure my moms from Canada though, she has a weird accent on times.. Me though was born and bread here in Pouncefield, currently single” she giggled at this point and gave my paw a hold and a squeeze, was she hinting? Nah surely not! Not with me!
We just sat there for a short while with her paw in mine… it was one of those odd moments you don’t want to end, finally there was another shout from inside her house and she sighed
“I’d better go in Roo, see what that’s about… it was nice to see you again, I’m really glad your living here now” Emma said, slowly letting my paw go
“yea, so am I… thanks Emma, I’ll seeya at school Tomorrow?” I said as I stood up, she smiled and nodded.
“Of course, oh ya wanna watch the game after? Im sure you’d enjoy it…. Come on what else ya got to do huh?” Emma giggled holding her paws on her hips
“yea alrighty I’ll drop by… no doubt the others will be there too.”
“good, I seeya then Roo, later” and she went indoors leaving me outside… I wondered if her folks were ok, I mean all parents argue… but look what happened to mine… and Paige’s.
I decided it was none of my concern, reluctantly I went home.. I had been out all day so no doubt mom was worried, and I was hungry… And I had school tomorrow.


[Missing chapter]


[Missing chapter]


Leaving for school the next day I nearly fell over Jenny at my front door.
“hey you… um, can I ask you something?” Jenny said
“yea sure, where’s Paige?”
“oh I sent him on to school… what I wanted to ask was, whatever happened to you and my cousin? Did you not like her?”
“ah I did wonder if this would come up… you see then as far as I knew I wasn’t staying was I? so she and I thought it best to not have a full time thing that’s all… no other reason” I told Jenny
“oh.. Oh gosh ok and here I was all ready to give you a lecture!” Jenny giggled
We walked on to school and were met by Paige and Ed
“You better not be tryin to steal my girl roo-boy!” Paige joked with an oh so NOT threatening growl
“Who says I gotta steal her eh? Maybe Jenny wants a change?” I giggled hugging her
“psh! I don’t think so! See this?” and Paige did something with his paws which Jenny did back… lorf knows what it meant, whatever it was caused a huge kiss-cuddle reaction between Paige n Jenny… hmm, I wonder.
After telling my the story of why I was away about twenty times… (one pup thought I was dead! And another cub heard I was kidnapped by the FBI)… we all went indoors, getting my math book from my locker a note fell to the floor, it must have been slipped in through the gap in the door… for all Pouncefields greatness the school lockers are in a bit of a beat up condition,,, anyways as I was sayin this note.. reading it, it was from Emma:

“Dear Roo,
I really cant wait for Saturday! I stayed up for ages last night thinking about it… pity you weren’t here to keep me company, I would of liked a roo-hug.
Don’t forget to see the game after school, you can see me in my goalie outfit hehe.

See you at lunch,
Emma xxx”

“Well well, what have we here?” came from behind me as I finished reading, it was Paige “Not content with you futile attempt at muscling in on Jen but now you yiffin Emma too? Is there a single girl in pouncefield you haven’t spent ‘alone’ time with?” Paige giggled
“come now you know I’m not like that! And I’m not yiffin Emma… we’re just friends, besides I’ve not been with every girl!… Only the twins” I exclaimed
“And Edna… and lets not forget whoever visited when the rest of us were away on that trip… that’s a point! Who DID you have over?”
Stashing the note in with my books I stroked my chin and put on my best thinking face
“Hmm how does the saying go? No names no impact drill?” I said flashing the frustrated dingo a grin.
Anyways along came lunchtime and there was no sign of Emma so off I went in search of her, after a bit of detective work I found her in the girls bathrooms sitting in one of the stalls. Soft sobs and sniffles coming from within I tapped on the door.

*End of Story*