Merry Christmas is just for Cubs

edit64Written by DC7RedFox

DISCLAIMER: “School Days” is a Palcomix production. Based on the lives, events and places created by Krezz Karavan and company. All characters belong to their respective owners. This story is concepted and written by DC7RedFox. All cubs involved in this story are of complete fiction, those who do not understand fiction, nor the antics the following cubs, or the situations involved, should not be reading this story. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.


One week before christmas Edna was looking forward to spend a great night with all her family on the Christmas eve. Edna took one day of her week to write every friend that she know, when she finished she had written more than 500 letters but after all she felt so happy for that.

“I hope at least some of my friends send me back a thanking letter too” she thought nicely.

The next morning Edna couldn’t wait to send all those letters, so that day at school she tried to bring some letters of friends that she had there but she couldn’t find anyone, she felt a little bit sad because there where only 2 days left to give the letters to more than 30 friends that she had there and those days where Saturday and Sunday the worst days to try to meet your friends because everybody is always at stores buying gifts for the Christmas eve .

“At least I’m gonna meet Cynthia, Laura and Pokeinfo at the Christmas dinner so I’m going to give them my letter with their present, so let’s try to send the other letters so” Edna thought positively as she went to the post office.


As Edna was walking there she got a call of Cynthia,

“hi there sweetie, I’m really sorry for what I’m going to say but I won’t go to the Christmas dinner at your house” Cynthia said with a sad voice.

“but WHY??!! we have been planing this about a month I don’t understand why are you changing your mind at this moment…..” Edna was arguing until Cynthia stopped her saying

“I’m with my parents in a hospital…..” Cynthia replied almost crying, sorry, I didn’t want to disappoint you but my parents where driving when we where going out the city to see my cousins and we crashed with a tree because the road was too slippy do to the snow that fell yesterday…. ” Cynthia was saying until Edna interrupted her

“( crying ) I..I…… I’m really sorry you must be thinking that I didn’t care of what happened to you, I didn’t want to shout is just that I’m having a bad day…… Please forgive me, it wasn’t my intention to make you cry” Edna said while managing to don’t cry louder,

“calm down sweetie I’m not mad at you…. ( sniff ) you are my best friend that’s why I cry, because for me is important to be with you at the Christmas dinner in your house, not because I think you don’t care about me” Cynthia said with an encouraging voice.

“how are you?, how are your parents?,at what hospital did you arrive?…” Edna asked,

“don’t worry we will be find, I hope to be back to pouncefield after Christmas thats why I’m not gonna come to the dinner, again am really sorry” Cynthia said with shame,

“ok, don’t worry, the best of this situation is that you are fine…. I’ll take care of everything here so relax and call me every time you want to talk, ok?” Edna replied with a cheering spirit,

“thanks, I’ll call you later is a promise, bye” Cynthia answered.

As Edna was closing her phone another incoming call entered.

“hi there Edna ” Pokeinfo greeted,

“hi, how are you” Edna asked,

“a lil worried for Cynthia but I know my girl is pretty tough so I’m not too freaked out with that thing of the accident ” Pokeinfo said positively,

“if you want to go with Cynthia it’s ok, I wont be mad at you if you won’t come to the dinner” Edna replied like knowing the thoughts of the lion cub.

“ooohhh really ?, I was thinking how to said that without sounding tactless, thanks anyway I’ll go out today in the night, to be sure of getting there tomorrow in the morning” Pokeinfo answered in a relieved tone,

“don’t worry, i understand you, I would do the same for my boyfriend” Edna said,

“ooohh well, see you after christmas, bye” Pokeinfo farewelled.

Edna felt really bad now,she hoped to spend a good night with everybody but at this time it was obvious that any of her foreign friends or family members would come to the dinner.


When Edna continued walking she noticed at her clock that was pretty late it was 6:30 and the post office closes 6:35, the little vixen run as fast as she could but when she got there it was too late, there where only one postal worker and he was closing the main door, Edna didn’t try to convince him to open the door she just threw all the 500 letters and run away crying really sad, when she got to her house she just went upstairs and cry at her locked room, all her family tried to cheer her up but they couldn’t. Edna thought that everything was her fault and she couldn’t do anything to fix it. Two days ago the little vixen was pretty happy because Laura wouldn’t come to the dinner because see was at the cheerleader championship but know she noticed that nobody except her family will have dinner with her, and that make her feel like the worst person in the world for thinking that.

“I wished to not see Laura at the dinner, to spend a good time with everybody, but know I wouldn’t care to have a lot of Lauras at the dinner table to at least have dinner with one of my class friends” she said in a low and sadly voice.

The next morning Edna took a walk at the park to feel better. As she was walking she saw an entire raccoon family having a great time with each other, she noticed that the family had invited other friends to the house and they where having a great time all of them.

“now I see that the “merry Christmas” is just for cubs, when we grow up everything changes and that’s why we see the world in a different way” the little vixen thought roughly.


She spend all the day long at the park, when see saw that the sun was going down she decided to go back home and see a normal and boring Christmas. But at the way back home she noticed that her brother was running after her from at least 5 minutes, she stopped and waited for her brother.

” hi bro what are you doing running like that after me? ” Edna asked,

” ( strong breathing )……. ( strong breathing ) ok…now I’m ready to tell you….our parents and me have a surprise for you, but if you want it you most use this blindfold ” Edward answered almost breathless,

” ok, but don’t make me fell while I’m using this” Edna replied.

They where like just 10 steps to get home and Edna could hear some whispering inside the house, she thought that their parents make her a cake or something like that, but when his brother opened the door he told her

” know you can take off the blindfold”.

When she did it she find out that every person that she invited was there and shouted at the unison ¡¡¡MERRY CHRISTMAS EDNA!!!!.

She didn’t understand how,but the first thing she did was hug their parents and with crying eyes say,

” thank you to all, really I’m so happy that everybody could come “.

Then all the adults went to the main table to eat and talk about what happened, but Edna just went with all his friends to the kitchen table and started to talk about how do everybody could get to the Christmas dinner.


It was so strange, everybody had its story. First Cynthia, started with hers.

” ok well how shall I start, I was talking with you on the phone that day, so as I told you I hoped to be back for the end of Christmas, but those silly doctors told us that my mother and father needed a bone transplant do to the crash we had that day, but the point is that we just needed to rest all day long just because we had damaged our arms and legs tendons so we were felling pain like it were a break bone” Cynthia explained,

” but how do the doctors didn’t noticed about that?” Edna asked,

” I can answer that” Pokeinfo said.

” At the moment I arrived I hear two doctors talking about the results of the radiographic exams of the room number Cynthia was staying in, and other results of a major crash that happened near the city. When both finished they exchange the two packages with the results so they gave wrong news to both patients, but I managed to tell that to hospital director so Cynthia came with me the same day I arrived, the director said that she just need to rest and drink some milk each day, but I’m not worrying about that because I’m giving her a daily dose of ” good milk ” and after that she gets so tired that she fells asleep pretty fast ( giggle )” Pokeinfo explained while giggling,

” well well I think those doctors won’t have a ” nice and relaxed Christmas” after all they don’t deserve one” Edna said with a smile on her face.


Edna really wanted to know each ones story but she felt a little shamed to ask Laura directly in front to everybody, so she tried to ask in an uninterested way for her story.

” I don’t really care about how did you get here for the dinner but ok, tell us how you did it” Edna asked in an uninterested way,

” ok ok, I was going with all the team to the competition, when we got to the stadium the judgement told us that the other teams couldn’t came do to a strong snow storm in their towns, so we just needed to gave one presentation there to win the first place and to end the competition, so we did it and we easily won the first prize without any problem” Laura told being proud of herself,

” woow what a lucky day you had, wining the national championship that easy is quite good luck” Pokeinfo said,

” yes, good job Laura, I knew that all those practice sessions will give good results” Cynthia said felicitating Laura.

Edna didn’t want to show her happiness toward Laura’s story so she just said “congratulations ” with a big smile that showed her cutest side, and she started to bring the food to the table. When everybody finished eating, Ed took Laura for one moment to his room,

” I see that you heard my advise ” Edward said like relieved,

” just because your sister didn’t want to fight either. I didn’t know that she could wish to had a lot of me around her to be happy, I think that we two could be good friends if she finds a good boyfriend ” Laura answered with a big smile.

Edward wanted the best for his two favorite girls so he told Laura what Edna said about her when she was very sad, to avoid any kind of fights between them. As Ed and Laura went downstairs, all the families were gathered around the Christmas tree for the gift exchange.


Everybody had a lot of gifts for each of its friends, starting with Ed.

” this one is for my pretty little sister, because you love teddy bears here is the fluffiest that I found at the store, I hope you like it” Edward said while giving the teddy bear,

” for Cynthia and Pokeinfo here I have a pro soccer ball, so you can practice every time you want before the championship”,

” and finally but not less important, the Christmas gift for my dearly girlfriend. My grandmother gave me this neckless when I was a child, she told me that it must be a gift for the girl I loved the most, so here you are, always by my side, the girl that never let me down no matter what” Edward said while helping Laura to wear the neckless.

All of his friends hug Ed when he finished to help Laura, by the way Laura get blushed because of the questions of the adults but she just answered,

” is Mr and Mrs Fox fault, because I wouldn’t be Ed’s girlfriend if them hadn’t made him so handsome” the squirrel answered with a blushed but happy face.

Then Cynthia and Pokeinfo started with their presents,

” for Edna my best friend here I have this diary, because I know sometimes everybody needs to talk about his most secret feelings” Cynthia said,

” but a diary isn’t complete if it hasn’t a pen to write on it, here I have for you, my best friend’s sister, a invisible ink pen, so you don’t have to worry if someone opens your diary. Here in the box says how to reveal the ink so keep the box in a secret place” Pokeinfo said with a big smile.

” for my best friend, no… Better than it, my brother. Cynthia and me save some money all the year to buy you this, the collector edition of the Starcraft saga, I hope you like it” Pokeinfo said pretty happy because it was his friends favorite game.

” for Laura here we have a new cheerleading shoes” Cynthia said,

” this shoes are for slippy floors so you will never fell in any competition” Pokeinfo said while giving the box to Laura.

” and this present is for my dearly girlfriend Cynthia, but I must ask you to open it tomorrow at school, because it is the other piece of the present I’m going to give you tomorrow after the soccer practice” Pokeinfo said while closing his right eye toward Cynthia.

” ( giggle ) thanks sweetie, but better I give you my gift tomorrow” Cynthia said.

Cynthia whispered to Pokeinfo when everybody were distracted, ” be prepared because we need to be alone for me to give you the present tomorrow, so I’ll wait you after the soccer practice to open both gifts, yours and mine ” Cynthia whispered while licking Pokeinfo’s ear.


Now was Laura’s turn,

” for my sports friends Cynthia and Pokeinfo here I have two new pairs of soccer shoes”.

” for my new sport friend Edna I have this pro goalie gloves so you never let the other teams score one goal again”.

Edna couldn’t believe that Laura bought her a nice present, both are always fighting for unimportant things, for example in her birthday Laura bought her a small chocolate box, and nothing more, she was mad at her for weeks because she didn’t even go to her party. But the point was that she was happy because of the situation, she didn’t expect a big gift of Laura but at least one that came from its heart.

” and finally but not less important I have this ring for my boyfriend Edward, the person that completes myself and always help me no matter what” Laura said while giving Ed a big kiss.

When Laura finished Edna said some words to everybody to start with her presents,

” my friends and my family are always wishing the best for me, that’s why, not only this day, not only this year I wish and I will wish forever, the best for everybody because without them I am nothing “.

” I was saving some money all the year to buy this bracelets for each one of my friends, but isn’t how much they cost, is what they have in the inside of the metal heart in the middle”.

When Edna said that, everybody opened the heart and found a nice photo of all the group, the photo was taken the first time all of them met at school, they remembered a lot of things with that photo, so they just wanted to cry for happiness and they did, at the same time they all hugged Edna thanking her for making all those good memories come back again


Everybody spent a good Christmas with her or his friends, at the same time they remembered that the spirit of the Christmas eve, isn’t what you get from your friends or family, is what you give to make the others have a good and happy Christmas. Ed, Pokeinfo , Cynthia, Laura and Edna had the best Christmas ever, they danced all the night, they sang a lot of Christmas songs and they understood the true meaning of having real friends. When everybody left Edna couldn’t wait to go and get a long nap, but when she got to her room she found a big mail box at her bed, when she opened the box she couldn’t believe what she saw, all the 500 letters that she “tried” to sent, where sent and she got 500 answers from all of their foreign friends,

“all that I needed was to believe and nothing more” the little vixen thought, as she put the box at her homework table to read all those letters tomorrow.

Never lose your hope, and never surrender, just BELIEVE