In Chaos

edit64Story by SF3P0X1

DISCLAIMER: First things first… School Days, Pouncefield, and all related characters herein are copyright of Krezz Karavan. Sonic, Shadow, and related all belong to SEGA and Sonic Team in a parody basis. This story is concepted and written by SF3P0X1. All cubs involved in this story are of complete fiction, those who do not understand fiction, nor the antics the following cubs, or the situations involved, should not be reading this story. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.

CHAPTER 1 : It Begins

“Give it up, Shadow! You know you’re never going to win!” shouted Sonic. His super form hovered some ten feet above the tallest tree in the forest, glowing brightly in the moonless night sky.

“Don’t be too sure of that, imposter,” retorted an equally bright Shadow, his own super form hovering at Sonic’s level, but fifty yards away.

The two ‘hogs glared at each other, ready to rush in once again. They had been fighting now for over two hours, and neither looked ready to quit. Back and forth, they streaked across the night sky, trading punches and kicks in blurred flurries of strikes, each trying to gain the upper hand against their opponent.

The entire fight had begun with a discussion over who should guard the Chaos Emeralds, should Eggman try anything. Sonic and Shadow had both produced three emeralds each, and Tails had appeared with the seventh. Knuckles had then proposed a fight between the two hedgehogs; a sort of Super Standoff to see who was the better fighter, and in turn, the better guardian. Without even a statement of yes or no, the two hedgehogs had powered up to their super forms, floating into the night sky to duke it out.

From the ground, an audience had formed to watch the two contenders fight. However, as the battle wore on, the audience grew bored, realizing that the two were an even match and that the fight could very well carry on for days. Since it was late, and since it was more than likely that the two would still be battling when they awoke, the audience had decided among themselves to retreat to their homes for much needed sleep.

Still, the battle wore on. Every collision by the two supers produced giant shockwaves that shook the ground for miles. With the hedgehogs colliding as many as three times per second, soon every tree and building for miles would crash to the ground.

Sonic soon realized this very fact. After successfully colliding with Shadow and placing a well aimed kick upon the side of his head, his attention was distracted for a split second by the sound of several trees crashing to the ground. Shadow had taken this opportunity to strike, sending Sonic towards the ground at a very high speed. Sonic collided with the ground, creating a crater.

“You’re losing your focus, copy,” remarked Shadow with glee as he continued to hover over Sonic. He watched his opponent recover himself from the crater his impact created, and soon a malicious smile crept onto his face. “It’s time to finish this.”

The red-striped super hedgehog then crossed his arms over his sternum, closed his eyes, and dropped his chin to his chest. He began concentrating, drawing Chaos energy into himself. His aura turned red and he grunted with the effort it took to keep the volatile energy under control.

Sonic gasped from his spot on the ground. He recognized this move as the Chaos Blast, a dreaded finishing move that, should it be released at Shadow’s current height, would decimate everything for hundreds of miles.

Sonic could only think of one thing to do to block against the move, and that was to use something called Chaos Control. Chaos Control shot a beam of light at a target, sending it through time and space to a completely random location. Sonic hoped, for the sake of the planet, that Shadow would be teleported somewhere that would not be as affected by the release of the deadly explosion.

Closing his eyes, Sonic concentrated on the energy of Chaos, and brought his hands in front of his body, with his palms pressed against each other as if he were praying. He too grunted with the effort of controlling the Chaos energy, and soon his body began glowing pure white. If anyone had been awake and watching at this moment, it would seem like a bright fire had erupted in the middle of the night sky, glowing pink as the two hedgehogs’ energies mixed.

As if on cue, both hedgehogs snapped their eyes open and glared angrily at the other. Each one muttered, “Chaos…” and paused as the Chaos energy reached its peak.

Sonic tipped his head back, shouting, “… Control!” At the same time, he opened his hands and placed the heels of his palms together, aiming his opened hands at Shadow’s red-glowing form.

At exactly the same time, Shadow tipped his own head back and yelled into the night, “… Blast!” He whipped his arms open from his chest, his hands opened and his eyes flashing red as the explosive energy cascaded from his body.

Sonic’s white light met Shadow’s red light between the two hedgehogs, and it created a ball of twisting red and white light. The ball continued to twist and mix, resembling a tie-dyed tee shirt. The super hedgehogs concentrated more energy into the ball of light, which soon began expanding. The ball soon grew beyond their limits of control, and extended enough to encase them in the light, then vanished, taking the hedgehogs with it in a reaction called Chaos Berserk.

Sonic soon awoke in a large grass field, next to a road sign. He looked about himself, noticing he had reverted to his normal blue color. A quick inspection showed that nothing was amiss, so he turned towards the sign and read the words upon it.

Welcum to Pouncefield!

Sonic rose to his feet and dusted himself off, still looking around him. He spotted Shadow off in the distance, and without a second thought took off after the black hedgehog.

Shadow himself had also risen, noticing his reversion to his normal black coloring. He rose, dusted himself off, and looked about his surroundings. He saw buildings that resembled Station Square. He smiled to himself, thinking that he was in friendly territory, and took off towards what looked like the City Hall.

Sonic soon caught up with the black hedgehog, taking him by surprise by curling into a ball and spin dashing into him, sending him flying. Shadow rose, glared at Sonic, and began running back towards him, meaning to shoulder charge him. Neither hedgehog seemed to notice they had company.

“Whoa now… you two should be in school, not parading around buck-ass nekkid! Where are your parents? Ah, no matter, I’ll just take you back to St. Lovejoy’s and get you back to class! Education is the most important thing here in Pouncefield!”

Both Sonic and Shadow were hoisted off the ground by the scruffs of their necks, rendering them incapable of moving. Both just shifted their eyes towards the custodian, a gentle looking bear in a police officer’s uniform.

“Let’s say we get you into some proper clothes and back to school, eh?”

CHAPTER 2 : Innocent Acting

Okay, so where were we? Oh, right. Sonic and Shadow, through their own foolishness, have had themselves transported to the town of Pouncefield. Instead of trying to fins out about the town, Sonic (upon his arrival) sought out Shadow and opted to resume the battle with him that had made them end up here in the first place. As the two readied to fight, however, an unnoticed officer stepped in and grabbed them, talking about taking them to school. Therefore, we start this chapter with Sonic and Shadow glaring at each other in the back of the officer’s car. The car was at the gas station, with the officer getting gas pumped into the car.

“You know, if you hadn’t been so intent to use Chaos Blast back there last night, none of this would have happened!” exclaimed Sonic. He believed he was right, as does everybody when it comes to arguments with no clear winner.

“Oh, so it’s my fault for wanting to end the battle quickly? If you hadn’t been so quick to use Chaos Control, the battle could’ve been over that much quicker and I could have been on my way with my emeralds,” Shadow retorted.

Before Sonic could say anything to counter, the officer got into the car once again. “Nah you boys don’t get along well, I kin see that. Howevah, as long as ah’m in the car wit ya, ya’ll best be on ya’lls best behaviah. Unnerstand?” The officer looked behind him, and though the two hedgehogs looked grumpy, they both nodded their heads in his direction. Satisfied, the officer turned back towards the front, started the car, and pulled away from the gas station, with the car heading towards the big school in the distance.

Sonic turned towards his window. He was sitting behind the driver’s side seat, so his head turned to the left, and he stared outside. He hated being in these things they called cars. They were slow and disallowed him the free movement he needed. He sighed and continued to glance out the window. “Where am I?”

Shadow, too, had his head turned towards his respective window. His eyes were silently surveying the landscape outside, registering every nook and cranny he could see. The town was full of hiding space, as he could tell, and he would have to know his way around everywhere if he was to find those Chaos Emeralds first and leave this place, and if he was lucky, trap Sonic here.

It wasn’t long before the car stopped in front of the large brick building that was labeled as St. Lovejoy’s. The officer got out, opened the back door and wiggled his finger towards Sonic and Shadow, expecting them to follow him. Although reluctant, they did indeed.

The officer walked through the large oak doors, with the two heroes behind him. As they each passed classrooms, the sounds of joyous laughter could be heard inside each one, noting that perhaps the bell had just rung, and the teacher had not yet taken control of his or her respective class. The two hedgehogs were led deeper and deeper into the school, finally stopping their march at a door labeled the Principal’s Office.

The officer pointed to chairs on either side of the door. “Nah ya’ll sit, an ah’ll be back out ‘ere quick as a flash.” The hedgehogs split and took one chair on either side of the door.

The officer opened the door, spotting the Principal at his desk immediately, finishing his talk with another student. The student rose from his seat, shaking the Principal’s hand, then took something out of his bag and placed it on his desk before whipping around and exiting. The Principal eyed the container slightly hungrily before noticing the cop, whereupon he smiled and invited him in.

“Ben! I didn’t expect to see you here so soon! So… you brought the two troublemakers you found?” The Principal got right to the point as the officer sat down.

“Yes ah did, but ther’s a problem wit ‘em. Ya see, ah found ‘em both nekkid and fightin’ each other, so ah think they might be brothahs, an they’re not from ‘round ‘ere. Ya don’ happen ta have any spare uniform for ‘em, do ya?” The cop shifted in his seat, but the Principal looked calm.

“That’d be no problem. You can call them in here.”

Ben rose from his seat, stepping outside into the hallway where the two were sitting. “Will ya two follow me.” It was worded as a question, but spoken as a statement, and the two hedgehog rose from their seats and entered the Principal’s office, each taking a seat in one of the two chairs that had been placed before the Principal’s desk.

“You two young’uns, meet yer new Principal. Sir,” the officer said, tipping his hat towards the Principal with the last word and turning on his heel. He strolled towards the door and opened it, then stopped. “I best not hear of ya’ll causin’ more trouble ‘round here, ya hear?” The officer then left the room.

Sonic and Shadow both looked at each other and smirked, raising a single eyebrow. The Principal looked at the two of them and smirked himself. “Troublemakers are not tolerated here at St. Lovejoy’s, understand? It would be most wise for you two to take Officer Ben up on his word.”

Sonic and Shadow both looked away from each other and immediately to the floor. “Yes sir,” their voices echoed.

The Principal looked pleased. “Now then… on to more pressing matters, such as your class placement and your uniforms. I have some spare uniforms left over from a while back, when we were supposed to get some exchange students from Japan, but they never showed. The students were meant to be hedgehogs, such as yourselves, so the uniforms were tailor-made to fit with your quills. I was never able to get shoes made correctly, so your shoes will have to work.”

Sonic took the lapse in talk as a chance to speak. “Shoes, sir? What’s wrong with our shoes?”

The Principal smiled. “Nothing is wrong with them; they just don’t fit the uniform. The dress code here at St. Lovejoy’s is black and white, with the exception of gym, which leaves its shoes open. I will talk with the rest of the faculty and see about having an open shoe policy initiated as a test policy… at least until we can get you two some proper shoes.

“I will make out your classes here… what are your names?”

Sonic perked up. “I’m Sonic… Sonic the Hedgehog,” he replied with a ton of pride.

Shadow also looked up, but his face retained its depressed, melancholy look. “My name… is Shadow the Hedgehog.”

The Principal chuckled. “Hmm… you speak your names as if you expect me to know you, or at least know of you, but I’m sorry that I can do neither. What I can do, though, is give you these class cards and send you on your way to lunch. Give these notes to your teachers, and they will find some books for you.” The Principal handed the two hedgehogs their respective class cards, as well as their excuses to class.

Sonic looked up. “… so we don’t have to wear uniforms today? Sweet.” He looked at the Principal with a gleam in his eyes, and the Principal chuckled.

“I was getting to that. Follow me.”

Shadow looked over at Sonic and waited until the Principal wasn’t looking, then raised his arm back and clobbered the blue blur right in the nose. “Idiot.”

*To be continued*