Halloween Symphony (School Days Special II – 2003)

edit64Written by Harry McLeut

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Cynthia invited Pokeinfo, Edna and Edward to come over to make a campout behind the house during Halloween. The siblings were the first who appeared. When the bunny-girl opened the door she had to chuckle. Edward was dressed like a little devil. Horns, a red costume with a tail and the fork made him look like a cute devil. Edna was the complete counterpart, since she was dressed in an angels costume, wearing a little nurse cap on her head. “Hi Edward. I am sorry, I tried to reach your girlfriend, but she had to visit her grandparents in Cincinnati.”

Edward knew that she could only mean Laura. Somehow he felt relaxed, since the squirrel sure had a lot of stamina in chasing him around in the school. “Edna, are you the angel of mercy?”, Cynthia asked the little fox-girl and giggled. Edna pointed to her nurse-cap and chuckled “Yes. I am the angel of mercy. And you are a bee.” “No, actually I am a Wasp. But as costumes they look kind the same I suppose.”, Cynthia explained to the girl and smiled.

Near an hour later finally Pokeinfo arrived. Cynthia looked quite angry at the lion-boy, who looked like young Dracula “You are late. What kept you?”, she asked the lion-boy. “Uhm, well, I had trouble with my costume.”, he told her and shrugged. In the garden behind the house a large tent was awaiting the cubs. “Don’t be awake to long kids.”, Cynthia’s mother told them and closed the door to the garden.

“And what shall we do now?”, Edna asked and looked to everyone. “How about we telling each other a ghost story.”, Cynthia answered and smiled. Edward waved with his paws and shook his head “I don’t know any. Sorry.” “Then you just listen. You might learn something for the next year.”, Pokeinfo answered and smiled.

Cynthia was the first who began to tell a story. After all it was her idea.


‘A young ferret girl, about the age of 9, has to baby-sit her younger sisters (5 and 7). She gets a phone call, hearing nothing but a moan. Angry she hangs up. 5 minutes later the phone rings again. Again its the moaner. “Leave us alone you pervert.”, she called in the phone and seemed to be really pissed at that kind of phone call.

You can guess that this wasn’t the last phone call of the night. Three times more the pervert called her and breathed into the phone very hard. “If you want something from us, why don’t you come here and get it?”, she cried in the phone. But before she could hang up, she heard him hang up first. She wondered if she really did it and kept that freak from calling them.

It was only ten minutes later when the girl heard a hard breathing from the room of her sisters. She thought that they played a trick on her and opened the door only a crack. What she saw she couldn’t believe. Her sisters where floating in the air and something seemed to stop them from screaming. White ooze fell out from the girls pussies down on the ground.

She couldn’t stand to see her sisters getting violated by a ghost and turned the lights on. Her sisters fell down on the ground and began to cry “Oww, sister. That was mean. First you invite a friend over and then you throw him out before we had our fun. You are mean. Why can’t we have fun too? It took us so long to make him play with us.”, they sobbed and throw their pillows to the door.’


Cynthia closed the story with that. “Not really spooky.”, said Pokeinfo and chuckled. “No, kinda lame.”, Edna agreed. “Oh, if you are so good
at it, why don’t you do it smart-ass?”, Cynthia growled and looked angry towards the little vixen.

Edna giggled and began to tell her story.


‘It was one of the nice and sunny days in Tiny-Village. The birds were singing, the bees were humming and the grass smelled fresh from the morning rain. The people greeted each other very friendly. One day a family from a different town came to Tiny-Village. They said that they were tourists and wanted to see the villages attraction. The villagers told them that they had none, but an old library, church and a museum. The family had 2 kids. A boy and a girl, who were twins. I think they were about 13. The parents were really proud of the siblings, since they got in their lasts tests good results.

The parents promised to buy something special for them after their vacation. The siblings hoped that the vacation would be over soon. And since the town they were in had nothing to offer, even no real advertisement, they asked their parents to drive to another town. But the parents wanted to visit the museum first, before they went on.

The siblings were sad but followed their parents order. The museum was big and had a lot of stuff from Indians and Incas to show. The parents allowed them to go a different in the museum, but they had to meet at the exit. Bored, the cubs moved already to the exit. But then the boy saw something really strange in one room. It was a huge penis on a little man. The boy looked at the wooden statue and chuckled “Hey, isn’t that your friend?”, he said to his sister and chuckled “You always say he is such a dick. So that must be him.”

The girl looked at her brother and gave him a swat on his ass, which made him jump and laugh. The sister chased her brother around in the museum. The museum was quite huge, so they got lost in it. Soon the lights were turned off. The siblings feared to get locked in the house at night, so they run towards the exit. Finding the door locked they couldn’t believe that their parents had forgotten them. But there was no way to open the doors and also their parents didn’t answered their calls.

They were not sure if their parents got locked in the museum as well, so they began searching for them. They looked in every room, on every floor, but they were nowhere to be found. “Hey bro, don’t look those statues over their just like daddy and mommy? Just much smaller.” The brother looked at the statues and shook is head no. “Nope. Not even close.”, he told her and continued to search. The girl looked at the statues again, but now they looked completely like normal Inca statues.’


With that Edna closed her story and smiled proud. Cynthia seemed not to be very impressed and also Pokeinfo sighed “Well, for a young girl like you it isn’t bad, but you made a lot of mistakes.”, Cynthia began “Like what species was this family? What happened with the parents? What happened with the siblings and many more mistakes I can’t count. To end it that way really sucks.” Pokeinfo agreed to Cynthia and sighed “Seems I have to save the day. All right. Here comes now my story. I heard that it is a true story. Something that happened not a long time ago. So if you are weak at heart, better leave the tent.”

Everybody looked at the young lion-boy and waited for him to begin.


‘It was a night like this. But it wasn’t Halloween. It was the night of the witches, which the Germans call Walpurgisnacht. On that day the witches gain great power to ban or call demons. It was on that very night when three little kittens went into an old house. Nothing but mere ruins were left of it after a fire broke out in it. The circumstances were never found out.

The three little kittens were from three different families, but they had one in common. All of them were families of witches and wizards. The girls were warned about their power and that they had still a lot to learn, but since when do girls listen to their parents? So it happened that those three met in this very house, one of them carried a book of summoning with them. Taking of their clothes they draw different circles on the ground.

Lightening the candles they brought with them, they began to dance and sing around the circles to call forth a little demon-rat. Wings on his back, the eyes like red burning fire, the fur of his was dark like the night. It was so black that it seemed to swallow the light. The demon looked to the girls and smiled “What do you want?”, he asked them “No matter what you want, your souls are mine.” The girls stepped back and shivered in fear

“No, you must do what we say or we will banish you in hell forever.”, the red-furred kitten said, while she still shivered in fear. “So? I must do what you say. Then what do you want me to do?”, the evil rat asked and gave them a very evil smile as he stepped out of the circle, which should have kept him in.

“I will grant you your last wish.”, he told them, so all of them spoke at the same time “We don’t want to die as virgins.” They looked begging to him and shivered in fear. “I will grand you the wish.”, he told the girls and laughed. His tail darted forward and fell from his tail base, attaching itself to the clit of one of them.

The tail moved on the girls cunny like a snake. And how it moved, it became one. The girls screamed in horror as one of their friends had a snake, where once her pussy was. The girl moaned in pleasure as the snakes tail moved within her.

The second brown-furred kitten moved slowly over to her girlfriend. But as she came closer to her, the snake hissed at her. “One of you will loose her virginity to the snake, like she did. The other I will take. For one it will be painful. For the other it will bring pleasure. Well, painful at first.”, the demon told the girls and waited for their decision.

The young red-furred decided to take the snake and pushed the her friend towards the demon. “Please don’t hurt her.”, the red-hair spoke and moved slowly towards the snake, who sank its teeth only a short way above her opening in her young and soft flesh. No scream came out of her muzzle, but a moan of pleasure.

Slowly the head moved in the girls passage and let the two groan and whimper, begging the snake to stop, even though both girls pressed the lizard deeper within their bodies, where the now double-headed snake began to devour on the girls juices and grew fatter and fatter within their cunnies.

The other kitten looked in disbelieve of what happened and soon she saw only the darkness from the young demon’s wings, which began to swallow her body. Only a muffled scream could be heard from under the wings as the demon took from the girl what she had offered to him. Blood was running along he girls legs as each of them lost their virginity and their souls at the same time. The eyes went blank, like those of corpses.

Now you ask what happened to those girls. Are they dead? Did the demon left earth to move back to its plane? To both questions I must tell you no. I stayed and he kept the girls as his very own slaves. He is still out there, looking for more slaves and servants who can full-fill his desire for young flesh. Maybe he will come even to you.’

“I wouldn’t mind to be his slave, if the demon is a hunk.”, Cynthia said and giggled. Blushing bright red, she looked to the siblings whose faces were flushed as well. “Well, I guess that is what you call spooky-erotic. A tail that changes into a snake, a demon who seems to behave like count Dracula a tiny bit. That story was really freaky.”, Edward gave as his comment. “Yeah. And that should be a true story? There are no demons on this world. Demons are just part of fairy-tales.”, Edna told the lion-boy and giggled.

“Oh, but there is more.”, Pokeinfo continued.

‘So it became on a day like this. On a Halloweens day, when the power of the demons and ghosts are the strongest, that he went out to have some fun for himself. On Halloween a lot of cubs run around in their costumes to show the fiends that they are not afraid of them. The costumes should give the demons the creeps, to make them run away and hide from them.

But not this demon. He saw one little boy in a costume of a vampire. Just like that one that I am wearing. Since it was Halloween, the boy thought it was a costume as well, that what he saw. But he was wrong. Not even a scream was heard when the demon took the boys body.’

“And why should he do that? Oh Pokeinfo, you are such an idiot sometimes.” “But dear Cynthia. I am not Pokeinfo.” “Oh yeah? And who are you then? Count Dracula?”, the bunny said to the lion-boy with a mocking voice. The skin of the lion-boy ripped apart as the winged rat climbed out of it “HAR HAR HAR, more souls for my collection.”, he said in a deep, echoing voice. The cubs ran out of the tent as fast as they could.


Pokeinfo whined and whimpered as he was tied naked on branch of a tree, near his own house. Swinging in the cold night-air, tears of unhappiness dropped on the ground. “Why me.”, he thought, shivering as the cold wind was blowing over his testicals. “Help? Someone help me? I wanna of that tree. I wanna go home.”, he thought and this was all he could do.

*End of Story*