Geoff Bevar’s Christmas Spirit

edit64Written by Billy Plats

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The holiday season is always a happy time. Furs filled with joy, good will towards others, and general peace on earth. Everybody around town greeting you with a sincere smile and not so worried about making it in life or being better than the next. Everybody slows down and just enjoys the time of year and who they’re with. One little cub in the city of Pouncefield does not though. His name is Geoff Bevar. He used enjoy the holiday season when he was younger, but for the past four years he’s been unhappy. While in school before getting out for vacation, he wanders the halls, looking at all the cubs smiling and giggling, all excited about the season. They are all excited about getting gifts, spending time with friends and family, and having fun indoors and out. Geoff watches the happy cubs and sighs to himself, wondering why he can’t feel that way anymore. When all the cubs are let out for their vacation, he sits at home on the couch, still wondering what’s missing that is making him so miserable this time of year. On Christmas day, Geoff opens all his gifts from his parents, and every gift is one he wants and enjoys, but they cannot get even a smirk out of them. He looks at them and sighs to himself, again wondering why these gifts aren’t making him happy. He looks to his parents and tells them with a false smile “Thank you” before setting the toys aside and dressing up for some outdoor activities in the snow. The depressed beaver heads outside into the cold snow and walks the streets of town, occasionally looking into a window that doesn’t have it’s blinds pulled down or curtains blocking the view. He looks inside to see families smiling as they spend time with one another or cubs having fun playing with one another. As Geoff walks the streets of town, he happens upon the Tigre house. He walks up onto the porch and looks in through the window, watching as Jen and her father sit together on the couch, covered up with a blanket, and watch television together. Geoff sighs greatly and steps off the porch and heads for home. As he heads back for his house, the depressed beaver passes some cubs outside playing. They are throwing snowballs at one another, building snowfurs, and sledding with one another. Geoff frowns and continues along his way, heading inside once he reaches his house. He sits down on the couch and watches the Christmas specials on TV all day, zoning out off and on throughout the course of the day. The only time Geoff gets up off the couch is to eat dinner with his family. Once the late night rolls over the city of Pouncefield, Geoff climbs into his bed and closes his eyes. There is only one thing that the little beaver can think as he drifts off to sleep. “Why can’t I be that happy?”