Crystal’s Tale

edit64Written by Crystal Mendrilia (2008)

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Chapter 1: Such a Crystal clear day!

“…Dwa…d…. ed…a..d….ake up Edward!” A calm and loving voice seemed to phase into reality as Edward woke up. His mother was at the door as usual. She opens up the drapes and gives a sigh of relief. “It’s such a nice day today! The sky is so crystal clear!” Edward sits up, rubbing his eyes with a yawn but looking terrible. “I think I’m going to make some apricot pie today.” His mother says ignoring the disaster before her.

“Ooo that’s great!” Edward says suddenly waking up with a grin. His mother walks out of the room, so he can get ready for school. It’s been a few months now since he started going to this new school, and he’s gotten so used to this daily ritual of going to the bathroom to brush his teeth and…

The door opens and naked on the floor, bent over with her butt up in the air towards the door, was Edna. She was presenting herself too Edward to get a good look. He gives her a nod, “Morning.” He says quietly and goes over to the sink and starts brushing his teeth. Edna, looks up towards Edward and says, “Good, morning…” as she gazes at him longingly. Edward doesn’t see this, nor does he see her starting to rub herself. He has gotten used to her doing this sort of thing in the morning yet he hasn’t realized how much his sister truly longs for him.

During breakfast Edward jumped slightly when he felt something crawling up his leg. He hates spiders! So he glances down and instead of finding a spider, he finds Edna’s foot instead. A slight blush crosses his face and Edna laughs.

Edward averted his eyes from the driver as he boarded the bus. He started walking down the aisle with Edna behind him as usual. On the way to their usual seat behind Pokeinfo, he noticed a new face in the back.

A white lapin was sitting in the back of the bus. Her hair is greyish white, with white fur. Her fur looks soft and well kept. She leaned against the window. Her presence was subtle, yet one feature stood out beyond any other, her red eyes. Half open, she idly gazed out the window, lost in her thoughts. She did not notice Edwards gaze.

Her entire body was motionless save for her eyes, which suddenly moved towards Edward who immediately looked away before their gaze met, because he just let out a big yelp. Edna whacked his butt, “Stop day dreaming!” she demanded with a giggle, because he’d been blocking the aisle. Once they got to their seats, Edna took the window seat as usual, her preference.

“I wasn’t day dreaming that long!” Edward says defensively.

Edna smirks, “The bus has been moving for a while!”  Edward looked out the window, she was not kidding. He quickly sat down as Pokeinfo and Cynthia look over their seat as usual, Cynthia with her suggestive grin towards Edna.

“So, whatcha think about the new girl?” Cynthia asks with a wink. Cynthia is on her knees turned around facing toward Edward and Edna, resting her arms on the top of her seat. Her butt is up a little and she wiggles it playfully, since Pokeinfo was eyeing it.

Edna glances out the window at one of the passing houses she usually notices. It had that strange orange coloured mail box. It always pulled her attention for a moment, kind of a land mark on the way to school. “I dunno, she seems shy. Out of place here.”

Pokeinfo smirks, “So is this little one” He motions Edward, “Maybe they’d make a perfect pair!” he says jokingly. Everyone laughs, but Edward grows a little shy. True or not didn’t matter. Being the center of attention at moments like this always made him feel awkward.

Suddenly Cynthia sits up, “Ooo! She’s got red eyes too!” in which Pokeinfo immediately looked up at the new girl.

“She looks lonely. Perhaps I should go back there and introduce myself and the group!” Pokeinfo suggests, in his usual out going, confident manner. Not really waiting for a response from the others, he heads over towards the back where the new bunny girl was sitting.

The others saw her deep, Red eyes slowly turn along with her head to look up towards the lion that has approached her. The others weren’t able to hear what they were saying, but her expression was quiet, lost, but appeared uninterested in talking with him. Perhaps she’s just antisocial?

No, if that were the case, he would have left already. Pokeinfo says something and points over towards the others. Her red eyes move towards the group. Edna and Cynthia waved hi frantically. Edward felt as though her eyes were starring straight at him, straight into him specifically. Her face however, showed no real emotion. It was as though she were trying to delve into their minds telepathically! Of course, that’s silly but that’s how deep her gaze seemed to be.

Shortly after, he said something and she actually made the first major movement of the entire conversation. She nodded her head yes, and said something. She hadn’t really said much during the conversation and this was no exception. It looked as though it were one word. Pokeinfo returned and told everyone what happened.

“She’s definitely an odd one. Quiet, but had a strange look. She doesn’t wear shoes, doesn’t seem to talk much, seems very shy and didn’t seem impressed about me being the captain of the Soccer team. But she agreed to meet with us during lunch!” he added triumphantly with his chin up high. Cynthia took advantage of his lowered guard, pulling him onto her, laughing at his surprise.

The day went on quite like normal but during the longer break, rumours started spreading about the new girl. Lots of rumours. “Crastin tried grabbing her butt while she was looking at some books in the Library. She just stood there! No reaction! He tried caressing her more to make sure she was okay, she was, but when he went in to kiss her… SLAP!” one person said.  Another said she was seen taking her panties off while changing for P.E. class and didn’t put them back on after class! One person said she had taken off her panties and that wasn’t all she took off! Not the most uncommon thing at the school for panties to come off but most still wear them during the day at least.

“I saw it! She took off her panties, sat down on the bench and started poking herself and pulled out a dildo! From BOTH holes! They were already in her! After P.E. she put them back in!” Of course you must question how valid this is, because she still insisted the new girl kept her panties off, which of course would mean the dildo’s would have fallen out if not regularly pushed back in. Rumours were rumours after all!

Lunch time finally rolled around and it was time to see if she really was going to show up. Cynthia, Edna, Pokeinfo and Edward were sitting near a tree, behind some bushes off away from the majority of the students on campus. As promised, the new bunny girl showed up, holding a lunch bag with both arms. Her red eyes were looking deeply towards the four others but now, she looked a little more cheerful.

Once the new girl made it to the other four, she stopped and bowed respectfully. “Hello, my name is Crystal.” She bows again. “Thank you for having me.” She seems very different now from how distant she seemed on the bus. The others introduced themselves to her and she bowed once more respectfully before sitting down in the grass. When she sat, she took care to sit on her legs and knees so nobody could see up her skirt.

She ended up being a very fun person after all. Even though she’s really into video games, she’s a total book worm. Sexually active yes, but shy as well despite how she seems to have some, pretty deep fetishes. Edna did all she could to contain herself from laughing when Pokeinfo told Crystal his cum tasted like ice cream. It also seems that the rumor of her having a dildo inside of her ended up being true.

Cynthia had spent a while trying to get Crystal to be more open with them and trapped her in a game of truth or dare. She dared Crystal to spread her legs to prove if the rumour was true or not and Cynthia certainly had fun pulling out that toy! The rumour was partly true as there wasn’t a second one.

Lunch passed and she became friends with the gang. Despite how she seemed to be as shy as Edward, she was more out going too and  a lot more sexually open. Her eyes seemed to stare at Edward though, whenever they met his. She seems to have taken a liking to him and often sat next to Edna. They both seemed to be becoming pretty decent friends too, as they also share a class after lunch.

“So, is there anyone you like yet?” Edna asks semi energetically as she’s walking with Crystal towards the next class.

“Nobody in particular. Lots of people here seem to be very sexually open but you three are more fun about it. I like that.”

“Well my brother isn’t really sexually forward.” She says with a snort.

Crystal giggles at that. “Ah, so you’re attracted to him but he won’t make a move.” She states rather then asks. Edna was caught off guard by how blunt and forward Crystal was as she said that, seeming to ‘know’ rather then guess. The hesitation in Edna’s response only made Crystal giggle again and smile at her. “You never know what the future will bring!” she says giving Edna’s butt a pat.

Classes were boring, simple, creative, cute, or highly distracting from the academics Crystal used to endure at her old school. She understands what the principle of her old school meant when he said, “Someone like YOU will fit right in there!” but he meant it as an insult, just didn’t take though.

On the bus, she was sitting near the others now. “So what’d ya think of St. Lovejoy?” Cynthia asks, her eyes staring a little lower than Crystals eyes.

“Well, I was kicked out of my old school for, well…” she blushes as she glances around and leans in closer to keep her voice down. “for bringing toys with me to school too much.” Amongst other things. “but here, I seem more, accepted and have already made some really nice friends!” She seems quite cheerful as she says this.

And the truth is, she was quite happy after her first day at St. Lovejoy. As night fell, she sat in her bed writing in her journal. ‘Then there’s Pokeinfo who tricked me! But he’s a good guy. Dating Cynthia who seems quite out going like him… talk about an open relationship. Edna and Edward, Brother and sister. He’s adorable, and could be a lot of fun, just like his sister! The difference is he’s super shy, while she’s super not! I think she liked my idea too.’ ^_^ ‘I like my new friends here though, and even the people I don’t know are, very kind. One guy was rubbing me in the library which was real naughty! I was going to let him go further but then he tried to kiss me so I slapped him. That deterred him obviously but I can’t just kiss anybody!  Hmm, I hope that my friends don’t find that weird… I can’t wait to see what happens next though! I know I’m going to love this school and have a lot of fun with my new friends!’  ^_^! ‘Goodnight Journal!’

Sliding the journal under her bed, she tucks herself in feeling the thick blanket press itself against her nude form as she lets out a sigh of relief and closes her deep red eyes, a last goodbye to her first day, at her new school and her new life.

The End

Epilogue of chapter 1:

“Dad!!!!” Edward says with anger in his face as he lunges in assault.

“But! Argh! But, the pie was too good!!!” Krezz says hastily defending himself from the wrath of his angry son.

That night resulted in a trip to the ice cream store for the kids.