Charles Roberts in Pouncefield (Chapters 1 to 9)

edit64Written by Charles Dragon (2017)

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CHAPTER 1 – In Prime Universe

Charles is working on his time watch while getting the right settings and fixing it while he was looking at it too.

Charles: It should be done now. Let see if this works.

Then he push the button then it began to sent him into another universe, as he was falling and then he land on the grass hard.

Charles: Ouch next time I need be careful about the watch. So what universe am I at?

Then he saw the sing saying Pouncfield as he was looking, then seeing Teens anthros wearing school uniform as they heading to St. Love Joy school and he figure it out too.

Charles: By Joe I am in School Days universe. Let me see here about my counterpart.

Then it brings up a profile of Charles Bunnie and began to read it.

Charles: So this is Charles Bunnie my counterpart, it say that he go to this school St. Love Joy, drive a 2008 Chevy Malibu, live alone in a mansion he bought and also have a gender switch problem from time to time.

Then Charles looking as he was a girl bunnie and then began cover up.

Charles: How long it last?

Then Charles looking at her watches saying 4 hours.

Charles: That good and now I need get some clothing.

Then heading to the mansion, once he got to the mansion as he open the door since it was lock then she enters and then went to her room. As she opens the closet it was not only male uniforms and clothing but Females too.

Charles: At lease he got some girl clothing. Since it becoming night I will head to school tomorrow.

Then he went to bed and began to sleep.

Next day

Charles getting up as he was yawing turns his alarm clock off since it say 6Am and then he went to take a shower first. Then brushing his teeth, combing his hair and then put on his school uniform on with black shoes too.

Charles: Well Time to meet the locos.

Then he went to the table as he grab his car keys, then open the door as he close it and lock it. Then open the garage as he went to his car, got in and then turns it on as he backing into the street. Then he drove to St. Lovejoy School and began to thinking while putting his seat belt on.

Then he got to the school as he park in the school parking lot, then getting out while entering into the school and then he saw a female bunnie name Cynthia and her lion friend Pokeinfo. As he was in a daze and was looking at her too.

Charles: (Wow she is cute)

Then Cynthia was looking at Charles, as she smiles and went over to him while Pokeinfo follow her too.

Cynthia: Hello there, seams that you are new here and I am Cynthia this is my boyfriend Pokeinfo.

Pokeinfo: Hello

Cynthia: We will talk later since we got to head to class and bye.

Then they left as Charles was in a daze.

Charles: Cynthia she is cute.

Then Charles snaps as he realizes he need get to class and look at his watch. Saying that he go to English class first and then heading there fast.

Then he got to the English class but he was 5 seconds late and Teacher Ms. Trousers was not happy.

Ms. Trousers: Charles you are late. I want you go and sit in my chair. Also take your pants off and you going to learn why not to be late.

Charles glups as he took his pants off and then sit down on the chair, As Ms. Trousers remove Charles underwear down and then she sat on him, putting his cock into her tail hole and then began to bouncing on his cock hard as he moans.

Ms. Trousers: See class this what you get if you be late to my class.

Class: yes Ms. Trousers.

Ms. Trousers keep humping Charles harder, faster as Charles was moaning and panting.

1 hour later while she teaching the class.

Ms. Trousers made Charles cums hard into her tail hole while she moans and smiles. “Ok 10 page for homework class and see you next week.

Then the class left as Ms. Trousers get off of Charles Cock while Charles in a daze and then he put his clothing back on too.

Ms. Trousers: See Charles that what I do to my late students. Next time don’t let me catch you again being late or I am going to make you hump my pussy next time.

Charles: Yes Ms. Trousers.

Then Charles took his homework then heading to the next class.

After school class was over as Charles was heading home then he was stop by Cynthia.

Cynthia: Hello Charles so since the weekend coming up mind spending the night with Pokeinfo and me for the night?

Charles: Sure since I got nothing to do anyway.

Cynthia: Cool see you later *Give Charles as kiss on the cheek*

Charles watch Cynthia levee as he was in a daze.

Charles: (Wow she is cute)

Later that night

Charles drove to Cynthia house as He Park his Malibu in Cynthia driveway and he got out of the car then looking around. Then he went to the door while having his suitcase with clothing and then knock on the door too. Then Cynthia answers the door.

Cynthia: Hello Charles comes on in.

Charles: Thanks

Then Charles enters into Cynthia home, as he looking at the rooms and it was nice too.

Cynthia: Well let go up stares.

Then they heading up stares to Cynthia room, then once he enters into the room Pokeinfo grab Charles as Charles was about to say but Pokeinfo kiss him, then he was shock while kissing back, then Pokeinfo turning Charles around as he pulling his pants down and then his underwear. Then Pokeinfo put his hard cock into Charles tail hole, then began to humping him harder and faster while Charles moaning as he was loving it. Then Cynthia took her panties off while taking her top off too and smiles.

Cynthia: Well I want you to be my boyfriend too since my other boyfriend Pokeinfo love bunnies and you will like it being fuck by him too. So I heard you like feet/shoe flesh well.  

Then Cynthia showing her marry Janes shoes and she smiles to him.

Cynthia: How about you lick, suck on them and then do them again with out the shoes too.

Charles blushing as he began to licking, sucking on Cynthia Mary janes shoes as she was murring and moaning to this.

1 hour later.

Cynthia took them off as Pokeinfo keep humping him since he cums 3 times, while Charles went to licking and sucking Cynthia feet paws while she was murring again.

2 hours later.

Pokeinfo keep humping, cumming into Charles 5 times now while was licking and sucking Cynthia feet paws.

Cynthia: Well that was good, now mate me and you are my boyfriend and Pokeinfo special bunnie boyfriend too.

Cynthia spread her legs as Pokeinfo bring Charles to Cynthia while Charles put his cock into Cynthia pussy, they began to humping harder and faster while Cynthia was moaning as Charles was sucking on her tits too while Pokeinfo keep pounding into Charles tail hole.

40 Hours later.

Charles was on top of Cynthia cums in her pussy, on Charles cock, Pokeinfo was on top of Charles cum in Charles tail hole and splatter on his butt too while Charles moaning. Cynthia smiles and kisses Charles.

Cynthia: That was fun both of you and you did good Charles. So Night my two boyfriends and I love both of you too.

Charles and Pokeinfo: Night Cynthia love.

Then they went to sleep.


CHAPTER 2 – Meeting Chuck Mouse

Saturday morning Charles Bunnie was getting up since what was next on Charles list, then he heard his phone rings as he went to the phone and then began to answer it too.

Charles: Hello?

Cynthia: Hello Charles

Charles: Hay Cynthia

Cynthia: Charles since me and Pokeinfo had go to a soccer meeting and it going to be all day. But I know how you can spend time to your self?

Charles: Ok how?

Cynthia: Since you do like crossdressers there is a Boy mouse name Chuck who love to crossdress and have fun too. So go, get him any female clothing to wear and you guys will have fun.

Charles; Ok I will do that and thanks.

Then they hang up as Charles getting his clothing on, then he brushing his teeth and then heading to his car. Then he drove off to the store.

Once he arrive at the party/sex store since they always open and decide get chuck a female costume to wear. Then he pick out a Girls Child 80s Pop Star Dress as Chuck will like and then went to buy it too. Then heading to Chuck place.

Once he got to Chuck house as he got out of the Car, then he take the gift and then went to Chuck door. As he knock on Chuck door, Chuck answer it while smiles and waving too.

Chuck: OH hello there. I know you since I saw you at school yesterday.

Charles: Yep, Cynthia told me you like to crossdress and also have fun in girl clothing too.

Chuck: Yep I do *Chuck blushing*

Charles: Well I bought you something to wear.

Then Charles show Chuck this dress and Chuck was happy.

Chuck: Thanks Charles. Come in.

Then they enter since Chick parents are out of town for a while, Chuck went to his room and put on the outfit. Then he came out wearing it with black flat heel shoes on his feet paws.

Chuck: How do I look?

Charles: You look cute Chuck.

Chuck: Thanks.
Charles: Here a game we will play

Then Charles kissing Chuck as Chuck wrap his arms around Charles, began to kissing back while he was murring and moaning too. Then they heading to Chuck room upstairs as they keep kissing, once they enter into the room, Charles began to pulling Chuck pants off and his panties off leaving his black heel shoes then began to sucking his cock.

Chuck moans while loving this as he rubbing Charles head, while Charles keep sucking Chuck cock more harder, faster while licking around and keep on sucking it.

2 hours later.

Chuck cums hard into Charles mouth while Charles drinking Chuck cum, then he sat Chuck on the bed as he began to licking and sucking Chuck Feet paws in his black Heel shoes while Chuck blushing. Then he went to the other side, keep licking and sucking it too.

3 hours later.

Chuck began to sucking Charles cock while Charles rubbing Chuck head as he was moaning, murring to Chuck licking and sucking his cock as he was loving it more.

3 hours later.

Charles cums hard into Chuck mouth as Chuck drinking Charles cum and Charles smiles as he was going to do next.

Charles: Ready for my cock cutie?

Chuck: Yes I want it.

Then Charles began to rase Chuck legs as he put his hard lube cock into Chuck tail hole while Chuck moans, then once it was in there Charles began to humping Chuck harder, faster while began to kissing Chuck and Chuck kissing back. Then Charles get on top of Chuck as he keep humping him more faster too while Chuck was moaning. Then They turn around as Chuck was on top of Charles, ridding his cock more harder, faster while Charles was moaning and humping him too.

20 hours of sex form top, to bottom, doggy style and every position.

Charles was back on top of Chuck as he keep humping him more harder, faster then he cums hard into Chuck as Chuck moans and kissing Charles while Charles kissing back. Once they finish cumming each other, Charles was panting with Chuck and give Chuck a kiss.

Charles: Night Chuck my best friend.

Chuck: Night Charles my new best friend.

Then they went to sleep cuddling each other and was dreaming too.


CHAPTER 3 – Next day Sunday

Cynthia told Charles that he should go see Edna since she is cute and dose dom Edward from time to time. So he decides go to meet her and hope this will be fun too.

So he went to his car, put on his seat belt, then drove off to Edna and Edward house.

Then once he got to Edna, Edward house he got out of his car and then went up to the door while turn his Alarm on his car. Then he knocks on the door, then Edward answer the door but he is wearing a maid dress with plastic sandals shoes on his feet paws. Charles snickers but seeing this and then ask.

Charles: Is Edna here Edward?
Edward: Yea she is here and please don’t laugh this what she made me wear.

Edna: Who is that?

Edward: It Charles.

Edna: Oh let him in!

Then Edward move to the side as Charles Enters, then saw Edna was wearing a Yellow top, skirt and matching plastic sandals.

Edna: Hello There Charles, Cynthia told me about you and you do look cute too.

Charles was in a daze. [Wow Cynthia did told me Edna was cute and she is more cuter too.]

Charles: Yea she did and I see you dom Edward.

Edna: Yep like my mom. Since she dom dad too. They say like daughter like mother.

Charles: I see.

Edna: Want to have some fun with me?
Charles: Sure.

Edna: Edward put a vibrate dillo in your tail hole and watch with out jacking off.

Edward: Yes Edna.

Then he took his panties off, put the vibrating dilio in his tail hole as he began to moans and was watching them yiff.

Then Charles move his pants down, then take his underwear off as Edna see his hard cock was bigger than Edwards, then she began to licking it first while Charles moans and then began to sucking it as Charles rubbing Edna hair.

Edna keep sucking, licking Charles cock more harder, faster while Edward was moaning this and trying to jack off but he can’t since Edna told him not too.

2 hours later

Charles cums hard in Edna mouth as Edna drinking his cum and began to liking too.

Edna: Wow your cum taste like Cookie and cream Ice cream.

Charles: Thanks and can I taste your pussy?

Edna: You bet.

Then Edna take her panties off then they began to head up stares to her room while making Edward follow them, once they get into Edna room as he went on the bed and spread her legs. While Edward went to sit-down and keep moaning. Then Charles went to Edna as he licking her pussy while Edna moans, then he began to sucking Edna pussy more harder and faster.

Edna: Oh Charles moans.

Charles keeps licking, sucking her pussy more hard and faster while Edna was moaning too.

2 hours later.

Edna cums hard in Charles mouth as Charles drinking her cum and smiles.

Charles: Your cum taste nice.

Edna: Thanks.

Charles: Mind I lick your sandals?

Edna: Sure.

Then Charles began to licking, sucking Edna sandals as Edna moaning and murring as she was loving this.
Then Charles stops as he looking at Edna.

Charles: Ready for my cock?

Edna: I Am

Then Charles put his cock into Edna pussy, then began to humping her faster harder, as she was moaning and then wrapping her legs around Charles waste as he was murring even sucking her tits too.

10 hours of sexual positions.

Then Edna was on top of Charles as she ridding his cock cowgirl style while he was moaning and murring as he was humping her too. Then they both cums hard into each other while they kissing too as Edna was on top of Charles while kissing him too. Then Edward cums hard too while he didn’t jack off and resting.

Edna: Hay Cynthia say that you can spin the night with me Friday after school, you can help me double team Edward and also my mom want to meet you. This way she can have some fun with us too, let my dad and Edward listen while wearing blindfolds too also have vibrating dilios in their buts too.

Charles: Sure I don’t got anything to do on Friday anyway and I will see you there.

Edna: Cool

Then Edna hugging Charles as Charles hugs Edna back and resting too.


CHAPTER 4 – Going to the Doctor

Charles heading to school while driving his 2008 Chevrolet Malibu while listing to his Deadpool CD. As he was thinking and then he park in the school parking lock while turning his car off. Then grabbing his book bag as he locks his car and then heading to the school.

In school Charles run into his girlfriend Cynthia and her other boyfriend Pokeinfo as they great him and Cynthia give Charles a kiss.

Cynthia: Hi Charles love and the school saying that you have to see Doctor Arthur for a check up. Just make sure you are ok and stuff.

Charles: Ok since I been to doctors before and I hope he not this bad.

Pokeinfo: Nope he great.

Cynthia: We be seeing you after school.

Charles: Ok Love bye.

Then Charles heading to the Doctors offices.

Inside of the Doctor offices

Charles enters as he sees a Male Otter wearing a doctor coat and well his cock was out too. He was looking at the sheet of paper on the check board.

Arthur: Hello Charles I am Doctor Arthur, I am the school doctor and also the school nurse is my helper but she is not here today. So I just plan give you a check up so if you please take your clothing and the Principal P. Bear exclude you form all classes today since this will be a all day check up till the bell rings for school out.

Charles: Well since you the doc.

Then Charles takes his clothing off as he put them on the chair and now he is a naked bunnie.

Arthur: Ok let see how the mouth is?

Then Arthur sit Charles on his knees, then he put his cock into Charles mouth as he began to humping Charles as Charles was sucking it and Arthur moans while saying this.

Arthur: That right keeps my cock for 3 hours and sees how well you do.

Charles complies as he keep sucking, licking Arthur cock while Arthur moans and looking at his watch.

3 Hours later.

Arthur cums into Charles mouth while Charles drinking all of it and Arthur take his cock out of Charles mouth.

Arthur: Wow you did well, that was better and your bereaving was good too.  Next Prostate exam.  So lay on the bed over there.

Then Charles went on the bed as he lay on it, then Arthur went to get the sperm catcher as he came back and put it on Charles cock.

Arthur: I need this to catch your sperm and see how well it is too.

Then Arthur get on top of Charles as he put his cock into Charles tail hole as Charles blushing to this.

Arthur: Well this how I do a prostate exam like I did with Billy.

Charles: I am ok with it anyway.

Arthur: Good.

Then Arthur began to humping Charles faster, harder as Charles moaning while Arthur began to hear Charles hart beat with his listing device as he keep humping him more harder and faster too.

2 hours later.

Charles was getting pound it doggy style by Arthur while moaning to this as he was liking this prostate exam and he was enjoying this too.

Arthur: Well your heartbeat is good too and another 2 hours I want to hear your lungs but you have to ride my cock too.

Charles: Ok {moans}

Then Arthur take his cock out of Charles tail hole as he lay on the bed, then Charles get on top of Arthur while Arthur put his cock back into Charles tail hole, began to humping him harder and faster again while Charles was bereaving though his mouth too.

2 Hours later.

Arthur cums hard into Charles tail hole as Charles moans as he cums into the sperm catcher and it was catching Charles cum. Then he fell on Arthur chest and resting as Arthur gives Charles a kiss too.

Arthur: Got to say Charles. You are the first student never complains my work. Other students complain but you never. Well I will see you next 2 weeks for another check up.

Charles: Hay I can take it and sure.

Then the School bell rings, as it was time to go and the students were heading home.

Then Charles got off of Arthur as Arthur give Charles a tissue to wipe the cum and then he took the sperm catcher off of Charles cock and then put it in a test tube.  As Charles put his clothing back on, heading to see Cynthia and Pokeinfo as they hugging each other.

Cynthia: So how was the doctor?

Charles: He was good and give me a good check up even a prostate exam.

Pokeinfo: I bet he did too.

Cynthia: Since we don’t got any homework for now. Want to head back to my place and Double Team me?

Charles and Pokeinfo: Sure.

Charles: I can drive you two to your place Cynthia.

Cynthia Aww that so cool of you love.

Then they head to the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu and they drove off to Cynthia place for some fun.


Chapter 5 – Christina meet BillyPlats

Next morning in Charles home.

Charles Bunny waking up as he was looking at a mirror, then he saw that he wasn’t a male and now he is a female bunny as he screams.

Charles: Gender change did it again and now it 24 hours, great well better enjoy this one and see what will happen.

Then Christina Charles Female self, as she put on a Girls school uniform on, with blue skirt, black mary janes shoes with socks too. Then she went in her car and then drove off to school.

Then once she got to school as she enters, then she was being tap by a male platypus name Billy Plats.

Billy: Hello there, I haven’t see you before and are you related to the new kid?

Christina: You mean Charles? Yea I am his sister. Christina Roberts.

Billy: Christina, name Billy Plats just call me Billy and you are cute.

Christina: Thanks so you are cute too and want to see me later on too.

Billy: Sure.

Then they heading to class.

Laster on after class.

Christina, Billy heading to swim class since they got that class and heading to the showers. As Christina was in the girls locker room taking her clothing off, then heading to the showers since they were join togever and then she was about to take her shower. As Billy hug her from behind.

Billy: Mind I do it to you before we go swimming since the teacher is late?

Christina blushing to Billy and she nodding too.

Christina: Sure.

Then Christina went down to her knees as she licking Billy cock while Billy moans, then began to sucking it as Billy was moaning more and rubbing her hair too.

Then Kyuna was behind the wall of the shower jacking off, while listing to this and smiles too.

30 Seconds later.

Billy cums hard into Christina mouth as Christina drinking his cum and licking it too. Then Christina getting up as she kissing Billy and Billy kissing back. While Billy push Christina to the shower as he turn it on and then put his cock into Christina pussy while she moans. Then they began to humping each other while they keep kissing, Billy went to sucking on Christina tits and in Christina mind.

Charles (in Christina mind): Wow Billy didn’t knew that I am Christina and I am going to enjoy this one. lol.

Christina wraps her legs around Billy as they keep humping each other faster, harder while she was moaning and panting.

30 minnets later.

Billy cums hard into Christina as she moans and kiss Billy too while they enjoy this. Then they let go while Kyuna cums too and then went to wash up. Then Christina washing the cum with Billy too and smiles to him.

Christina: You are good Billy and I will remember you too.

Billy: Same here. Let head to class.

Christina: Ok

Then they heading to Swim class.


Chapter 6 – Having fun with Cynthia, Pokeinfo and Kyuna

After Class

Christina since she got finish swim class as Cynthia came with Pokeinfo and Kyuna. Came to her too and smiles.

Cynthia: Hello Have you seen Charles?

Christina: Cynthia it me Charles.

They were shock hearing this and was looking at her too.

Cynthia: WHAT?

Christina: Long story. Since I was in other words, I Meet a Two tail Fox name Tails, we made out and then I got his curse that he can turn into a Female and back to a male. Now I can too. But if I am Pregent then I can turn back to my Male self in 1 month after the baby come out.

Then they smiles too.

Kyuna: You not the only one can turn into a Girl. *Then he turn into a Female version of him self.*

Pokeinfo: Same here. *Then he turn into his female version of him self too.*

Christina: How did that happen?

Kyuna: I was born with it.

Pokeinfo: The Tee Twins made a potion and I thought it was a drink then it turn me into a female. But I learn that I can change back to my male self. *Then turn back into his male self.* “See.”

Kyuna: Same here. *turn back into his male self too.* “Also I don’t mind having your cubs cutey.”

Christina blushing.

Cynthia: See I am ok with it. So what you go by as?

Christina: You can call me Christina

Cynthia: Ok Christina, want to have a 4 way sex with me, Kyuna and Pokeinfo?

Christina: Sure

Cynthia: Cool and we ride with you.

Christina: Ok.

Then they heading to Christina car, as they got in then Christina drove off while they put there seat belts on too and Christina turn the radio on for music. Then a 5 Hour drive they got to Cynthia house since her parents were on a vacation to the Islands, as Christina park the car on the drive way. They got out, Cynthia unlock the door and then they enters inside the house. Then Cynthia lock the door, heading upstairs to her room and they enter.

Cynthia: Ok I think Pregent is good. So Pokeinfo will pregent me and Kyuna will Pregent Christina. Then In a month later. Kyuna will Pregent Pokeinfo female self while Charles will pregent me. Then same way too.

Christina, Kyuna and Pokeinfo: Ok.

Then Kyuna began to kissing Christina as she kissing back, Pokeinfo kissing Cynthia while Cynthia kissing back too and then they taking there skirts also pants off. Then Kyuna went down began to sucking Christina pussy as she was moaning, Pokeinfo went down and sucking Cynthia pussy as she was moaning too.

2 hours later.

Christina, Cynthia cums hard into Kyuna and Pokeinfo mouth as they drinking there cum. Then they began to licking, sucking there mates mary janes shoes as Christina and Cynthia sit down on the bed murring. Then they take there mary janes shoes off, socks off as they licking and sucking there feet paws too as they murring more.

3 hours later.

then Cyntia, Christina began to sucking Pokeinfo and Kyuna cocks. As they licking, sucking them faster and harder as they moans.

4 hours later.

Kyuna, Pokeinfo cums hard as Christina, Cynthia began to licking and sucking there mates feet paws as they were murring too.

2 hours later.

Kyuna get on top of Christina as he put his cock into her pussy, as Pokeinfo put his cock into Cynthia pussy as they began to humping them harder and faster as they moaning. They keep humping more faster, harder as Kyuna knot growing then Kyuna push his knot into Christina pussy as she was moaning and lock it in too. Kyuna, Pokeinfo sucking on Christina and Cynthia tits.

10 hours later.

Kyuna, Pokeinfo cums hard into Christina and Cynthia pregent them as they filling there womb. Now they going to have there kids too. As they went to sleep with each other.

Next 10 days.

Christina, Cynthia give birth to a male Wolf/Bunnie hybrid and a female Lion/bunnie hybrid too as Kyuna and Pokeinfo looking then smiles.

Kyuna: So what you going to name our son love?

Christina: How about Kyuna Jr. since he got your eyes.

Kyuna: It fine love.

Pokeinfo: What we going to name our kid love?

Cynthia: How about Veronica love?

Pokeinfo: Sure.

Now they taking care of there kids.


Chapter 7 – YagiKaroo

After Charles splits him self as Christina was there and another person while spending time with Kyuna and taking care of there kid. He heading to School as he see a Male Kangaroo name Yagi as he was getting ready for class.

Charles: Hello there.

Yagi: Oh Hello. Name YagiKaroo form Australia.

Charles: Name Charles Bunnie.

Yagi: Well you are cute. Want to come over my house later on?

Charles: Sure.

Then After Class Charles drove to Yagi home as he park his car on Yagi driveway and then he went to knock on Yagi door. Then Yagi answer the door and smiles to Charles.

Yagi: Hello there

Charles: Hay Yagi.

Yagi: Come on in.

Then Charles enter into Yagi home as he was living there with things form his home country and he was looking around too while Yagi lock the door.

Charles: Nice place you got there Yagi

Yagi: Thanks

Charles: Also you do got cute feet paws too.

Yagi Blushing.

Yagi: Thanks and want to have fun?

Charles: Sure.

Then they heading up-stares.As they got into Yagi room and then they began to kissing each other. As Charles remove Yagi pants while Yagi removing Charles pants, then Charles began to sucking Yagi cock while Yagi moaning to this.

30 second later

Yagi cums hard as he aroo to it while Charles drinking his cum, then he went to licking and sucking Yagi feet paws. As he keep licking, sucking on them Yagi was murring to this and arfing too.

1 Hour later.

Then Charles cock was hard while being rub by Yagi tail and he was moaning

Charles: Ready for my cock?

Yagi: Yep

Then Charles put his cock into Yagi tail hole, once it was in there then Charles began to humping Yagi harder, faster as Yagi wrap his legs around Charles waste while they were moaning and kissing each other too.

4 hours later.

Charles cums hard into Yagi tail hole as Yagi was moaning and murring more as he kiss Charles then Charles kiss back while panting too.

Charles: That was good.

Yagi: Same here.

Charles: Night Yagi

Yagi: Night Charles.

Then they cuddling each other and went to sleep.


Chapter 8 – Christina and Kyuna also there kid too

Since Christina is split form Charles, now raising a kid with Kyuna and she is a 2 year old baby now. She is wearing a Betsey Johnson White Printed Top with Black Pants set and Koala Kids Pink Hard Sole Ballet Flats with Bow and Touch Closure. Here name is Mary, Mary will walk around naked but wearing the shoes in Kyuna house since Christina is living with her. Mary just talking now since was learning how to talk and they were happy.

Inside Christina was feeding Mary as she was naked but wearing her shoes, same as Christina was wearing her ballet flats shoes. Then Kyuna came in after he took his clothing off since he is naked now and then hugging Christina while kiss her.

Kyuna: So how our kid doing love?

Christina: She is doing fine my sweet Wolf.

Kyuna: Want to put her in the bed since she is getting sleepy?

Christina seeing Mary was sleeping and finish with the bottle too.

Christina: Sure.

Then she went to Mary room as she put Mary in the crib, then smiles as she heading to there Bed room and Kyuna was there since there room was sound proof. Then he close the door, began to kissing Christina as Christina kissing back and smiles too.

Kyuna: Also Mary need to learn about sex too and I think we need set up a play date so she can learn.

Christina: Ok love.

Then Christina went to the bed as she spread her legs, then Kyuna began to licking and sucking Christina pussy as she was moaning while happy too while murirng to him.

2 hours later.

Christina cums hard into Kyuna mouth as he drinking her cum, then began to licking and sucking her black flat ballet shoes as she was murirng more and she was loving this too while he went to licking the other one. Then he took the shoes off while began to licking her feet paws too while she was murring more.

3 hours later.

Kyuna finish licking them while looking at her and smiles as his cock was hard.

Kyuna: Ready for my cock love?

Christina: Yes love put it in me.

Then Kyuna began to putting his cock into Christina pussy, then began to humping her harder, faster while she was moaning and panting as Kyuna sucking her tits too. Kyuna was pounding her pussy more harder and faster while Christina was in bliss.

8 Hours of Sexual positions.

Christina was on top of Kyuna as she was riding Kyuna cock, Kyuna knott was inside of Christina and she was moaning then Kyuna howls as he cums hard into Christina pussy. Then he kissing her as Christina kissing back and was murring.

Kyuna: I love you Christina.

Christina: I love you Kyuna.

Then they cuddling each other in bed.


Chapter 9 – Brother Love

Charles was driving in Pouncefield as he decide drop in on His brother Moon since he was living here, so he arrived at Moon home and park his car. Then he got out of his car went up to Moon home and then knock on the door.

Moon Voice: Who Is it?

Charles: Hay Moon it me Your bro Charles.


Then Moon open the door, then hugging his brother Charles as Charles hugging back and smiles.

Moon: SO Charles how you been Bro?

Charles: I am fine bro, just came here to live too and how you doing?

Moon: I am doing fine Bro just living here too.

Charles: I wonder if we have some brother love since you were cute in a dress.

Moon blushing to that..

Moon: He he he Well Want me get that dress and we will have it brother.

Charles: Sure.

Then Charles enters into Moon home as Moon close the door then went upstairs while Charles lock it too, then he came back down wearing a light purple dress with a pink bow, light purple bows on his ears, pink panties, socks and black flat maryjanes shoes.

Moon: How you like?

Charles: You are so cute brother.

Moon: Thanks bro.

Then Charles began to kissing Moon as Moon kissing back then leading them to Moon bedroom as they enter into the bed room, then Charles lay on the bed as Moon get on top of him and then turn around. As his cock was shown while began to take Charles pants, shoes and underwear off. As he began to sucking his cock, then Charles take Moon panties off and began to sucking his cock too.

2 hours later.

They cums hard into each other mouth, as Moon went to the other side of the bed, then Charles get up then went to Moon legs, as he began to licking and sucking on Moon Maryjanes shoes while licking around them too.

Moon: I know you want to do this with me bro.

Charles: Yep.

Charles keep licking, sucking on one then he went to the other one as Moon murring as he was loving this and was moaning more.

3 hours later.

Then Charles smiles as his cock was hard, looking at Moon tail hole and was ready too.

Charles: Ready love.

Moon: Ready.

Charles then put his cock into Moon tail hole, began to humping harder, faster while Moon moans as they kissing each other and Moon smiles.

Moon: I want your knot brother.

Charles: Ok bro.

10 hours later for every position they did.

Moon was on top of Charles ridding his cock as his knot enter into Moon tail hole while he was moaning, then Moon lay on top of Charles as Charles keep pounding into Moon tail hole and then he did the mating bite on Moon neck.

Charles: I am going to cum bro

Moon: Then Cum away brother.

Then Charles howls as he cums hard into Moon Tail hole, filing him up with cum and was loving this too. after Charles 20th cum he, moon began to kissing each other and smiles too.

Charles: Love you brother

Moon: Love you bro.

Charles: Also I am going taking you clothing shopping for some female clothing.

Moon Blushing More as they cuddling each other.


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