Charles Roberts in Pouncefield (Chapters 10 and later)

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edit64Written by Charles Dragon (2017)

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CHAPTER 10 – Charles baby sitting Anna for Kyuna

Saturday 8 am

Charles was sleeping in his bed since school was out till Monday, as he was dreaming and was sleeping more. Then his phone rings as he waking up, then answer it as he was rubbing his eyes and yawing too.

Charles; Hello?

Kyuna (On the phone): Hay Charles

Charles: Yes Kyuna?

Kyuna: Can you do me a favor today?

Charles: Sure

Kyuna: I Need you to baby sit Anna for me since me and my wife Vex heading to the Nudest club in Webber City. We be gone for a day and be back tomorrow.

Charles: Sure I Will do that.

Kyuna: Ok, and we be leveeing at 1pm so you need get here by 12pm.

Charles: Ok

Kyuna: See you there.

Then Charles hang up as he getting up, take a shower, then getting dress as he getting his keys and then heading to the front door. He going stop at a fast food place get some breakfast then head to a shoe store get something for Anna and arrived to Kyuna house. So he got into his Car, then drove off to the store as he head to the shoe store and park his car. Then he enter into the store as he was looking for a special shoe for Anna to wear for fun and he head to the Infant area. As he arrived there he saw a shoe that perfect for Anna, a Mary Jane Rocker shoes as he pick them up and see a good price since his bunny form is rich and his parents must own a carrot company. He went to buy them at the counter and then heading to his car while he got in. Then heading to Fast Food Restaurant and buy some breakfast. Then heading to Kyuna house, as he once head there and he park his car on the side of the house. Then he getting out with the special gift for Anna and knock on Kyuna door.

Then Kyuna open as he was wearing his clothing since they are heading to the nudest club and smiles to Charles too.

Kyuna: Hay Charles you arrived on time and come in.

Charles; Thanks

Then Charles enters into the home as he seeing Kyuna wife Vex packing her clothing too and smiles to him.

Vex; Oh hello Anna is sleeping and she about to wake up now.

Then Vex went to get Anna as she bring her back down, then put her in the high chair as she went to get the food and began to feed Anna.

Kyuna: Ok Since Anna is eating her breakfast, her lunch time is at 2PM and Dinner at Six and Bed time is at 8PM.  So Take good extra care of her too.

Charles: Ok and good luck with your trip.

Kyuna: Thanks

Then the airport Taxi came as Kyuna and Vex saying there good byes.

Kyuna: Be good to Uncle Charles Anna.

Vex: Have fun with him and we will be back tomorrow.

Anna smiles and nodding too. As they hugging each other. Then Kyuna, Vex heading to the Cab as the Driver took there suitcase to the trunk of the cab. They got in and then drove off too.

Charles; Well it you and me for a day Anna.

Anna: Smiles.

2 Hours later Charles, Anna was watching tv as he look at the clock and it was 12 PM.

Charles: Well it lunch time Anna

Then he Take Anna to the high chair as he went to get her baby food and began to feed her as she ate.

1 hour later Anna solid her self as Charles sniff and smiles.

Charles: Time to clean you.

Then Charles took Anna as he turn the TV off then head upstairs to her room, then put her on the changing table as he began to take her diaper off and throw it in the trash bin, then use baby powder and baby wipes. Then seeing her pussy as he smiles and looking at her. “I got you something for being a good baby.”

Then he went downstairs, then came back as he took out the Mary Jane Rocker shoes as he put them on Anna feet paws and smiles. As she coos and like them too.

Charles; I See you like them. Now I want to have a special moment with you and you can keep a serect it form your dad right?

Anna nodding.

Charles smiles as he went to Anna pussy, began to licking it as he was licking inside of the pussy, Anna began to blushing as he began to sucking it and was murring.. Anna was showing movent as she was rubbing Charles head and was blushing more.

2 hour later Anna cums hard into Charles mouth as he drinking her cum and then smiles too.

Charles: Here come the fun part.

Then Charles began to licking, sucking Anna feet paws in her Mary Jane Rockers shoes as she was blushing more and was smiling too while he keep licking them. Then he went to the other side too began to do the same thing.

3 hours later.

Charles was done while rubbing his cock as cum came out, began to lube his cock for anna and smiles.

Charles: Ready for my cock Anna?

Anna nodding.

Then Charles put the cock into Anna pussy as it enters, then he paying while letting her get use to his cock and then began to push it all the way in. Then he began to humping her slower while picking her up, then grab a fresh diaper as he heading to the bed room and then lay on the bed on his back with Anna on top of him.

Charles: You going to ride my cock and then we will do the next position ok.

Anna smiles as Charles began to humping Anna harder, faster while she ridding his cock and was blushing while showing her movement to. As he keep humping her pussy since she can take it and she loving it.

6 Hours of the same passion

Charles cums hard into Anna as Anna blushing, loving the cum inside of her pussy as he rase up then kiss her while she kiss back and then smiles.

Charles; You like this and now made uncle Charles happy.

Anna Smiles and blushing too. Then she Yawing as she lay on Charles chest still the cock inside of her pussy and Charles smiles while rubbing Anna hair.

Charles: Night Anna.

Then Charles went to sleep with Anna and cuddling her too while they sleeping peacefully.


CHAPTER 11 – Charles X Cynthia date


Charles was getting ready for his date with Cynthia as he putting on his bow tie as he wearing his black suit, pants and shoes. Then he get the flowers that he bought, heading to his car as he got into his car and turn it on. Then he back up into the streets and drove off to Cynthia house.

Charles: I hope Cynthia love these flowers.

Then once he got to her house, he park in her driveway and getting out of the car with Flowers in hand. Then he heading to the door as he ring the door bell, then Door open as Cynthia came out and looking cuter. As she was wearing light blue top, light blue, white skirt and Shimmer Chelsea Flat shoes on her feet paws as she smiles.

Cynthia: Hi love and how do I look?

Charles blushing red.

Charles: You look super cute love. Also I got these for you

Charles showing the flowers to her.

Cynthia: Ahh thanks love.

Then Cynthia take the flowers as she take them to her vase and put them in then went to him.

Cynthia: Ready go to the Yiff Restaurant in Downtown Pouncefield?

Charles: Sure love

Charles then hold his hand to her and Cynthia smiles as she take his hand. Then they heading to his car. Then once he got to his car, he open the door for Cynthia as she smiles to him and get into the passenger side of the car.

Cynthia: Thanks again love.

Charles: Your welcome.

Then Charles close the door as Cynthia put her seat belt on then he open the driver side of his car, then get in as he put his seatbelt on and then starting the car while turning the radio on. Then he back up into the streets then they drove off to the Pouncefield Yiff Restaurant in Downtown Pouncefield and they enjoying the drive too.

At the Pouncefield Yiff Restaurant

Charles park his car in the parking lot then he took his seat belt off, then open the passenger door for Cynthia while she unbuckle her seat belt. Then then hold hands as they enter into the restaurant, then the usher show them to there table and this restaurant you can yiff while you eat.

Then they came to the greater and look at there names too.

Female Mouse: Charles Bunnie and Cynthia.

Charles: Yep that us.

Female Mouse; Ok Follow me to the table.

Then she take them to the table as others were there, Rod, the Female snake, Krezz, Ruby, Kyuna, Vex, Scotty, Samantha, Alex II, Frostcat, Yagi, Ecchi, Billy and Enda was there too. Then the Female mouse show them there table in the booth as they sit-down and Female mouse hand them there menus.

Female Mouse: Also if you two want to get yiffy. We have privet rooms over there for your pleasure.

Charles; Thanks

Female Mouse: The water will come to you.

Cynthia: Ok

Then she went away. Then Lucy came to the table as she was wearing a black top, Skirt and Black flat heel shoes on her feet paws.

Cynthia: Lucy you work here?

Lucy: Yep I do part of my school to work program too.

Charles; Wow didn’t knew.

Lucy: Yea also they let me yiff the single costumers if they need some let off.

Cynthia: I see

Lucy: So what you ordering.

Cynthia: I will have the Sailed with carrots and special cum sauce on it. Also with Carrot juice too.

Charles: Me I will have T-Bone stake, Rice and Broccoli. With Apple Juice. Also Add the cum to the T-Bone stake too.

Lucy writing it down.

Lucy: Ok it will be up soon.

Charles: Thanks.

*4 minnets*

Lucy came back with there order as she set it on the table and smiles.

Lucy: Here you go.

Cynthia: Thanks

Lucy: Once you get finish and decide to yiff before you go. Just levee the money since I left the bill there and I will pick it up.

Charles; Ok.

Then Lucy left as they began to eat.

1 hour later.

Charles, Cynthia was full as they finish there dinner and then looking at each other.

Charles: Want to yiff love?

Cynthia: Sure love.

Then they heading to the privet room after Charles left the money on the table next to the bill as Charles open the door for Cynthia, then Cynthia smiles as she enter and then Charles enter as he close the door then lock it too. Then Charles, Cynthia began to kissing each other as he began to pull Cynthia panties off, then Cynthia began to unbuckle Charles belt, then unbutton his pants too as she slid them down and then move his underwear down too showing his hard cock. Then Charles went down as he began to licking, sucking Cynthia pussy faster and harder as she was moaning while rubbing Charles hair too as she was loving it. Charles keep sucking more harder and faster while licking inside of her pussy.

3 hours later.

Cynthia cums hard in Charles mouth as he drinking her cum, then also hearing Krezz and Ruby yiffing each other in the next room,.Then Cynthia sit-down on the couch and showing her Shimmer Chelsea Flat shoes.

Cynthia: Get to licking love.

Charles began to licking, sucking Cynthia Shimmer Chelsea Flat shoes as he licking around them and sucking on them too. Then he went to the other Shimmer Chelsea Flat shoes began to to do the same thing.

3 hours later.

Charles finish licking Cynthia Shimmer Chelsea Flat shoes, then he showing her cock to her as Cynthia began to licking it then she began to sucking it while Charles rubbing her hair and moaning. As she keep doing this while bobbing her head up and down on Charles cock while Charles moaning more.

3 hours later.

Charles cums hard in Cynthia mouth as she drinking his cum and then licking it. Then she went on the couch as she spread his legs, then he get on top Cynthia then put his cock into her pussy, then began to humping her harder and faster while he was kissing her then she was kissing back. Then he move her top down and began to sucking on her tits.

4 hours later

Cynthia was ridding Charles cock cowgirl style as she was moaning while Charles humping her too, then he cums hard as Cynthia cums hard on Charles cock too, then they began to kissing each other while moaning and Charles was still cumming into Cynthia.

Then after they rested it, Cynthia get off of Charles then put her pants back on then Charles put his underwear and his pants back on. Then buckled his belt. Then he hold his hand to Cynthia as she take it and then head to there table.

Charles; That was good love.

Cynthia: Yep it was fun.

Then they saw the Billy been paid as Lucy left them change and paid bill too. As Charles took it and then they heading to the car. Charles let Cynthia into the passenger side Seat as Cynthia get in and then bucked her seat belt. Then Charles close the door, then get into the driver side as he buckle his seat belt and then drove off to Cynthia home.

Then they arrive at Cynthia home as he park the car, then open the passenger door for Cynthia as he was walking to her door and smiles.

Cynthia: I had fun with you Charles and we could do it again.

Charles: Well want to go to the movies next week?

Cynthia: Sure

Then Cynthia kiss Charles as she open the door and enters.

Cynthia: Bye love.

Charles: Bye Cynthia my sweet.

Then Charles heading to his car and then drove off.


CHAPTER 12 – Cynthia Twin Sister and a Prank for her lover too.

In Cynthia house. Cynthia got a call form her twin sister that she is coming over to stay for a few days since she will be living in pouncefield. 

Cynthia: Hay Keziah how you doing sis? 

Keziah (Oh Phone): I am doing fine sister and I am coming over to stay for a few days while I look for a house in pouncefield. 

Cynthia: That cool and also I think I want to prank my boyfriend 

Keziah: Who is your boyfriend 

Cynthia: Charles Bunnie and he is a cute one too. 

Keziah: I see and I wish I have a boyfriend too. 

Cynthia: Hay I got a ideal. How about we prank my boyfriend and we got the same outfit too that I bought. Like I blindfold him and he thinking he humping me but he be humping you instead of me. 

Keziah: *Giggling* That cool sis. 

Cynthia: That cool and come over so we can put on the clothing. 

Keziah: Ok I will be over there soon. 

*Later that Night*

Cynthia is wearing Top Buffalo Crochet Tank Top, Decree Knit Skater Skirt and Girl’s Shimmer Chesea Flat shoes on her feet paws. open the door, Keziah was there as Keziah came in and Cynthia close the door. 

Cynthia: Oh good you here and Charles will be here in  1 hour go and put the clothing on also take the glasses off too since we have to look alike for Charles. 

Keziah: OK 

Keziah went to bedroom and put the clothing on. Then she came back wearing the same thing as Cynthia. 

Keziah: So how I look sis? 

Cynthia: You look good sis. Now go back in my room and I will put the blind fold on Charles eyes so he can’t see but feel me or us. *Giggling* 

Keziah: *Giggles too* 

Then Keziah went to the bed room as a knock on the door, Cynthia open and Charles was there too. 

Cynthia: Hi love and I got a spurise for you. 

Charles: You do? 

Cynthia: Sure come in and I will put the Blind Fold on. 

Charles: Ok 

Then Charles enters into Cynthia home as she close and lock the door. Then she put the blind fold on Charles eyes and then guid him to her room. 

Then Once they Arrive in the Room Keziah was not wearing any panties as Cynthia push Charles on Keziah as Charles Feeling her too. 

Charles; Is you on the bed Cynthia? 

Cynthia: Yep I am *Giggling* 

Then she went to the Chair as Charles feeling her pussy, then he went down on it, licking it inside of her skirt and then began to sucking on it as Keziah moans with Cynthia too while Charles keep licking and sucking on it too. 

3 hours later 

Keziah cums hard into Charles mouth as Charles drinking Keziah cum instead of Cynthia. 

Charles; Your cum taste good love. 

Cynthia: Thanks. 

Then Charles went down as he began to licking, sucking Keziah Girls’ Shimmers Chelsea Flat shoes as he licking around, then under while on top too even her feet paws as Keziah was murring to the feeling while Cynthia giggling more too. Then Charles went to the other side and did the same thing too while Keziah was murring. 

3 hours later. 

AS he done that then his cock was hard also Cynthia lube his cock while he was sucking on Keziah feet paws and murrs too. 

Charles; Ready for my cock love? 

Cynthia: Sure 

Then Charles put his cock into Keziah pussy as he began to humping her faster, harder while remove the arm hold of the top down while he went to sucking her breast. Keziah was moaning while murring to the feeling. 

3 hours later. 

They Change position as Keziah was ridding Charles cock cowgirl style while Cynthia was doing fake moaning too with Keziah moans. 

3 Hours later.

They Change position as he was humping Keziah doggy style while pounding her to her pussy while Keziah was moaning and she was loving this. 

3 hours later 

Charles was humping Keziah on her side while pounding, rubbing her tits as Keziah was moaning more and panting while she was loving this. 

Keziah thinking *Oh wow I never knew Charles was so passion it. Gust my Twin cousin told me the truth.* 

3 Hours later

Charles Pounding into Keziah pussy while doing missionary style and then he cums hard as Keziah cums too while murring. 

Cynthia: Ok Charles *Then She took Charles Blind fold off* You hump my sis instead of me. So you got Prank. *laughing* 

Keziah was laughing too as Charles was shock then laugh also and looking at his love. 

Charles; Oh Cynthia you got me good there and I didn’t knew you had a Twin sis. 

Cynthia: You never ask. Also I thinking I want to Peg you. Keziah want to join in on DP Pegging Charles Butt? 

Keziah: Sure. 

Charles smiles and do love get Peg by Cynthia too. 

Cynthia: First Lick and suck my Girls’ Shimmer Chelsea Flat shoes. 

Charles: Yes love. 

Then Charles began to licking and sucking Cynthia Girls’ Shimmers Chelsea Flat shoes. As he licking them, around them too even the top and then he went to the other side did the same thing too. 

3 hours later. 

Then Keziah have a Strap on Dilio on her pussy too as Cynthia put her into Charles butt then began to humping him then stops as Keziah went to his back as she put the strap on didlo into his butt too, then they began to humping him harder and faster as he was moaning. 

8 hours later. 

Then Charles Cums hard on Cynthia chest as he was moaning and keep cumming while they fell on the bed even resting while Charles looking at Cynthia then to Keziah. 

Charles; That was good pegging love and you two Keziah. 

Cynthia: Thanks 

Keziah: Thanks 

Charles: Well good night my sweet and Keziah.

Cynthia: Good night my love

Keziah: Good night Charles. 

Then they went to sleep.


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