Billy’s Halloween

edit64Written by Billy Plats (2008)

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“Sir! Vebarlia has just reported that their troop has made contact with the locals of another country on Earth! She, Joogar, and Tilrodius are taking notes and planning to capture a city called Pouncefield. Tilrodious has become quite popular among its townsfolk. It won’t be long before this town belongs to your kingdom of Sypalupt, sire.”

“Very, well, you may take your leave.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Two aliens end their meeting in a dark room on board a spaceship. It’s unclear who they are talking about, but one thing is certain. There will be trouble for the people of Pouncefield. Who are these invaders? What do they want? And who are they talking about? All will be explained. But for now, let us go down to Earth, to the town of Pouncefield. Travel inside the halls of St. Lovejoys where we find Billy and the rest of his friends at play during recess.

“So, got any plans tonight, Billy?” Ed asks the platypus.

“Not really. I just want to have a calm night tonight,” Billy replies.

“You can’t, Billy,” Edna says, skipping up to the pair.

“Hey Edna,” both Billy and Ed greet her in unison.

“Hey brother. But, yeah, can’t have a calm night tonight. It’s going to be crazy! It’s Halloween! Spooks, vampires, zombies, that kind of stuff. Plus ‘trick or treat’!”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about Halloween. I guess that’s easy to do since it’s my first time celebrating it. Man, Edna, you’re right. It will be one crazy evening tonight,” Billy replies with a smile.

I can’t believe I forgot it was Halloween. I better get things started. Billy thinks to himself.

“Hey, I’ve got some kin coming in from out of town tonight. Would you guys mind coming and visiting them? Tell Laura and the rest they’re invited too. We’re going to be having a party. I would really, REALLY love it if you all came,” Billy says with a smile.

“Well, Paige and Jenny have their own plans tonight, but I’ll see if the rest can come,” Ed answers.

“Yeah, if all else, Ed and I will be there,” Edna adds with a smile.

“Well, that’s good. Like I said, tell everybody else that they’re invited,” Billy urges the fox siblings.

“Wait, what about Jen,” Edna asks.

“Oh, Jen? Yeah, she won’t be able to come. She said she’s going out of town to go to see a show. ‘Phantom Of The Opera’.”

“That’s not a bad show,” Ed chimes in. “You should see that.”

“Thanks, maybe I will,” Billy replies.

With that, the bell ending recess rings. Billy goes through his motions of going to class until the day ends. After school lets out, he rushes to find Ed and Edna to see if anybody’s going to be coming to his house. Not much time passes until he finds the foxes.

“So, what’d they say?” Billy asks, gasping for breath.

“Poke, Cynthia, and Laura said to count them in,” Ed answers.

“Cool, well, I gotta run. Gotta get everything set up for the festivities tonight. Swing by my place at 7 PM tonight.”

“Will do,” Edna says as Billy takes his leave of their company.
Billy, unable to wait for the bus, runs all the way to his house. He runs through the front door to his living room, where his parents are sitting.

“So, any of your friends coming tonight?” Stephen asks.

“Five… of them… are coming… tonight. They’ll… be here… at seven,” Billy replies, gasping for breath between words.

“Perfect, we’ll have a grand old time then,” Mary adds to the conversation.

Time flies as the trio of platypi get ready for their company, both from Pouncefield and from out of town. The doorbell rings at 7 PM. Billy answers to see Ed, Edna, Laura, Pokeinfo, and Cynthia, all in different costumes, standing at his front door.

“Come on in guys,” Billy greets his company.

“Will do,” everybody answers.

“Hey, Billy, this party ain’t gonna last too long, is it? Got me trick or treating to do,” Poke says playfully, yet seriously. Cynthia slaps him in the back of his head. “Ow, what was that for?”

“For being stupid. Don’t mind what Poke said. We’ll stay until we’re no longer welcomed,” Cyn says, apologizing for Poke who just crosses his arms and walks into the house.

“Trust me, you’ll be very welcome all night,” Billy replies with a smile. Upon hearing this, Ed gets shivers up and down his spine, which causes him to jump a little.

“Scared already, Ed?” Laura asks.

“No,” Ed whispers to Laura. “There’s something with the way Billy said that to Cynthia that just didn’t sit quite right in my stomach. Maybe it’s jitters from not knowing how scary this party’s going to get.”

“Probably. Turn off your imagination for a few. Don’t want you scared stiff. Well, let me rephrase that, cause the stiff part actually sounds good,” Laura tells Ed.

“Not now, Laura, we’re at another kid’s house, in front of his parents, and he’s expecting company.”

“There’s always the bathroom,” Laura hints.

“Not right now. Let’s enjoy the party a little first. If it blows, maybe you can too,” Ed says with a chuckle.

The two laugh as they enter the living room, where Stephen and Mary are sitting. Everybody soon gathers, except for Billy. A half hour of conversation goes by before Edna starts to worry about Billy.

“Um, is Billy ok? We’ve been here for a half hour and he hasn’t joined the party yet.”

“Everything’s fine. Billy’s just making some last minute preparations,” Stephen assures the young fox cub. As soon as Stephen finishes, the door bell rings.

“I got it,” Billy yells in from another room. A few moments go by before Billy enters the living room with his new company.

“You were right, Tilrodius. These five will make fine pets,” one of the two guests says.

“Very nice work, Tilrodius, Vebarlia, and Joogar. King Zumbo will be pleased,” the other guest adds.

“Pets?” “Tilrodius, Vebarlia, Joogar?” “King Zumbo?” “What’s going on?”

The five cubs from Pouncefield start to panic, but before they can escape the clutches of their evil captors, they’re shrouded in a ray of light. One moment, they’re sitting in Billy’s living room. The next, they’re in a metal room with blinking lights and beeping sounds. A gas is released into the room, and all five fall asleep. Edna is the first to wake up.

“Huh? What happened?” Edna tries to get up, but can’t. She looks around, worried about what’s going on. She finds that she, her brother, and her friends are all strapped to five separate tables in a circle. She also realizes that all five are naked. “WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!”

The rest of the cubs wake up and do exactly what Edna did when she first woke up.

“Where are we?” Ed asks.

“You’re on-board my king’s spaceship,” a voice responds from a behind the table.

“Show yourself,” Poke demands bravely. From behind the table steps Billy.

“BILLY!” all five gasp in unison.

“My name’s not Billy. I’m Tilrodius from the planet Sypalupt. Me and my ‘family’ were sent to Earth along with other Sypaluptians to discover flaws in Earth’s defenses. My ‘family’ and I then were instructed to move away from where we landed to find other countries and discover any other flaws elsewhere. That’s when we found Pouncefield. I was instructed by my lord, King Zumbo, to infiltrate your society, lure you into a false sense of security, lure you back to our ship, and wait for Halloween to be beamed up onto this ship to be experimented on.”

Edna’s mind starts to run wild. Thoughts of metallic tentacles exploring her every crevice enter her head. One tentacle penetrating her back door, another entering her snatch, all the while her mouth and hands being explored by alien cocks. Her final thought is of Billy using his shaft to explore every nook and cranny of her wet, hot box. This thought causes a huge smile to form on her face and some juice to drip from her pussy.

“Edna, snap back to reality!” Ed cries. Tilrodius looks from Ed to his sister, sees what Ed sees, and laughs.

“Trust me, young fox. What we have in store for you will be much worse than you think, and you WILL NOT enjoy it,” Tilrodius reprimands the poor cub.

“Why us though? I thought we were your friends?” Laura cries.

“Friends? Don’t make me laugh. Why would I want friends who are dumber than rocks? You five, aside from that stupid dingo, his dumb girlfriend, and that idiotic tiger are the only ones who didn’t think of me as an alien. That’s why you. Easy targets. I just wish I could’ve gotten that dingo and those felines up here too.”

“You know, you will rue the day that you messed with us,” Pokeinfo growls fiercely at his alien abductor.

“Oh no, somebody save me from the big scary lion. News flash! You and your friends are strapped to my experimentation tables with no escape. There’s no way you can make me pay.”

A door in the back of the room opens. The only one who has a view of who it is is Ed.

“Another alien,” Ed sighs.

The alien approaches the group. Tilrodius kneels before the guest. The group also take a look at their new visitor, and see a crown upon his head.

“Hail, Lord Zumbo.”

“Arise, Tilrodius.”

Tilrodius stands up before his king.

“I see our guests are awake and comfortable. Have you begun experimentation yet?”

“Not yet, your majesty. I’ve been explaining to them about their problem.”

“Why would you tell them what we have planned? If you just kept your beak shut and just experimented on them, we would have all the intel I need to rule Earth.”

“Forgive me, my lord.”

“You are forgiven, but do not screw up again. For if you do, it will be your head.”

Zumbo turns around and takes his leave of the room.

“Why do you put up with that? Now, you see, you had peace and respect on Earth. You had friends, now you have nothing but a dictator to deal with,” Cynthia starts talking to Tilrodius. “I think most of us would be willing to forgive you if you let us go.”

“Forgive me and be my friends again? Act like nothing happened?”

The cubs just nod slightly. Tilrodius starts chuckling.

“You Earthlings are too rich! Trying to play my emotions to escape. Nice try though. Zumbo demands that I experiment, and so I shall.”

Tilrodius walks to a station and starts pushing buttons. A saw, a drill, and laser all drop down from the ceiling of the room. The saw starts spinning as the drill and laser remain stationary. The saw starts moving toward Edna, who’s still daydreaming.

“Fuck no! EDNA WAKE UP!!!” Ed cries to his sister. But it is to no avail. The screams she lets out are enough to make even the toughest guy cry as she is sliced open at the waist. The blade continues to cut as it moves up to her chest. Tears form in Ed’s eyes.


The other three cubs just stare at the mess that was once Edna, one of their dearest friends. The blade pulls away from Edna’s body and stops spinning. Tilrodius steps away from his console and toward the deceased fox cub.


“I’m shaking in my webbed feet.”

Tilrodius stops inches from the young cub’s body. He reaches one arm inside and starts to pull out all kinds of organs. Each one he pulls out goes in a separate jar. When Edna’s corpse is picked clean, Tilrodius pulls his arm out, wipes it off, and heads back to his console.

“Well, you Earthlings got a lot of stuff on the inside. And it looks like each one is needed to live. Time to see what makes you creatures tick upstairs.”

Tilrodius, upon returning to his console, pushes two buttons. One raises the saw from its current position to its stationary position. The other starts spinning the drill.

Oh god. Poor Edna. Ed’s pretty useless now, and I can tell the girls are scared. I gotta come up with something quick before Billy finishes his work with Edna and moves on to his next target. Pokeinfo starts to plan an escape. How to pull it off though. We’re strapped down, unable to move our arms and legs. We can move our heads, but that’s pretty useless. Let’s see. Saw, drill, laser. Wait, metal tables, and a laser. That’s it. Hopefully, if I do this right…

“Hey, duck-dude. I bet you my life as a slave that you can’t nail my ear in one zap from that laser from where it’s sitting,” Poke yells to Tilrodius.

“And if I miss?” Tilrodius asks.

“You release us.”

“You’re on. God, Lord Zumbo will be pleased to hear he has a new slave.”

Tilrodius pushes a button on his console to stop the drill. He turns a nob to point the laser at Poke’s left ear. He pushes one last button, letting a small blast from the laser go. Poke’s reaction time couldn’t cut it any closer as he moves his head to the right just as the blast hits the table. The beam bounces off the metallic table, up to the metallic ceiling. It bounces off the ceiling and flies straight for Tilrodius’s console. It hits, causing an explosion. The explosion knocks Tilrodius across the room, and all the restraints are released. Everybody gets up off their tables, except for Edna. Ed rushes over to Edna and starts to cry, holding her head to his shoulder. Poke, Cynthia, and Laura walk up to him.

“I’m sorry for your loss, Ed. You gonna be ok?” Laura asks.

“Yeah. I’M GOING TO KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!” Ed yells in blind fury. He drops his formerly living sister and rushes over to where Tilrodius lies. Poke quickly rushes over and restrains Ed.

“Ed, no! You can’t kill him yet. We need him alive to help us get off. I have an idea.”


“Ed, I can’t imagine what you must be going through, but if he dies, we won’t be able to get off the ship. If we can unhook those instruments above the tables, we could slice and dice our way off, but he knows how to get us off and back onto Earth. Lame-man’s terms… He dies, we die.”

“But Edna…” Ed sobs.

“That can’t be helped. But are you willing to avenge your sisters life at the expense of your own and everybody else’s lives? Would Edna really want that from you.”

Ed just drops his head below his shoulders. “No, she wouldn’t,” Ed says with a depressed sigh. “Ok, so, what’s your plan?”

“Yeah, Poke, tell us,” Cynthia begs, tears in her eyes from all that’s happened.

“What’s the plan?” Laura adds to the questioning.

“Well, it’s like I said. We slice and dice our way off,” Poke reveals. “But we should find some clothes first. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m freezing my nuts off here.”

Pokeinfo walks to one of the metal tables and puts his paw on it. “I’m going to climb on this table. Ed, you climb on my shoulders and see if you can’t dislodge the saw, the drill, and the laser. Cyn, Laura, you two need to try and wake Billy up. We need him awake so he can tell us how the hell to get off this thing and back to Pouncefield.”
Poke quickly climbs on the table, followed by Ed. Cynthia and Luara move to Tilrodius.

“Ok, everybody ready? Be careful, girls. We don’t really know what Billy’s capable of.”

With that said, Ed climbs on Poke’s shoulders and starts examining the equipment.

“Yeah, I can get this stuff down. I can cut through the wires with the saw,” Ed says.

“Are you sure you should do that? What if they’re still live?”

“Don’t worry, Poke. That console controlled everything in this room but the lights. The laser’s a waste of time to pull off, because it needs the console to work. But we can hack and slash, like you said, Poke, with the drill and the saw.”

Ed starts using the saw to cut the wires to the drill and the saw. Laura and Cynthia shake Tilrodius to wake him up. Just as Ed finishes cutting the wires to the drill, Tilrodius regains consciousness.

“Hmm… huh? What happened?”

“Billy’s up, Poke. What should we… aaaggh!” Cynthia exclaims.
Poke looks over to see her swept off her feet, landing in front of Tilrodius. Laura is knocked to the ground and off to the side.. Tilrodius removes his shoes.

“Stop right there, you two.”

“Or what?” Pokeinfo demands.

“Don’t make me show you,” Tilrodius threatens Poke.

“Ed, get that saw loose. So, Billy, how’s it feel knowing you lost?” the cocky lion cub taunts the alien.

“Much like this…”

With that, he lifts his right leg up and crashes it down heel first into Cynthia’s heart. Cynthia let’s out a scream of pain. Moments later, her screams end, with her body going limp. Cynthia lays there, motionless, dead.

“CYNTHIA!!! NOOOO!!!!” Poke cries out.

“Damn it, I forgot about those poison barbs… gragh! Got the saw!” Ed grunts.

Ed and Poke hop off the table. Ed holds the drill as Poke takes the saw. They quickly corner the alien they know as Billy. Billy, as a last resort, pulls Laura up and holds her against him.

“Not so fast. You want me, you go through her.”

“COWARD!!!” the fox and lion yell in unison.

“Ok, so let’s save each other some hassle and get down to it. You want me dead and off the ship. I want you dead and me to live. How about we compromise. I get you off the ship and we both live?”

“How do we know you won’t turn on us?” Edward asks sceptically.

“You don’t. You have to trust me. What irony. Trusting somebody who moments ago was trying to kill you. You know, you could always kill me here, but then you wouldn’t be able to get off the ship. What’s it going to be?”

“Ugh… we have no choice but to trust you.”

“ED!?!?” Poke and Laura ask, shocked at Ed’s response.

“He’s right. But, if you try to stop us from killing any other alien, we will cut you down before leaving the ship. Also, you gotta let Laura go before we do anything.”

“Agreed. But if you turn on me, I will kill you three.”

Tilrodius lets go of Laura, who quickly rushes to Edward’s side. Tilrodius then opens the door to the room and leads them down a corridor. Needless to say, they encounter a few Sypaluptians along the way. Pokeinfo and Edward make short work of them. At the end of the corridor, the alien known as Billy opens another door and everybody enters the room.

“Here’s our teleportation device. You can use it to go home.”

“This ship have a self-destruct system?” Ed asks.

“Yes. To keep the ship out of enemy hands, it has a self-destruct system. Let me guess, activate it? I can’t from this room.”

“Well, send Laura back to Earth and then we’ll take you to the system,” Ed demands.

Upon hearing the demand, Tilrodius pushes a button on a pod-shaped machine. A glass door opens.

“Wait, I don’t trust him. How did we wind up in that room when we were beamed here, but now we leave through this?” Poke asks.

“Our ‘beamer’ is activated through this. It can teleport you to any location you choose, whether you’re in it or not.”

“Good enough for me. You two take care,” Laura says, ready to get off the ship.

Laura then climbs into the device. Tilrodius pushes a button in it to close the door, and pushes one more button. However, insead of teleporting Laura out of the ship, the pod is raised up through the ceiling to a room above. Grinding sounds and screaming can be heard. Silence follows soon there-after.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?!?” Ed demands as he grabs the alien.

“Two Earthlings left. You’ll never get off this ship,” Tilrodius says with a laugh.

Without skipping a beat, Ed throws Tilrodius across the room, runs to where he landed, and impales the drill into his left shoulder. For the first time since abducting the cubs, Tilrodius not only screams, but fears for his life.

“That’s only one. I still owe you two more, and Poke owes you three. Now, we can collect now, or we can get off this ship. You’re call,” Ed threatens his former friend.

“You win. I’ll take you to our real transporters.”

The alien climbs to his feet and leads his captives across the hall into the room opposite the one where Laura had just died.

“Good, now activate the self-destruct sequence,” Ed demands.

“I can’t, not from this room.”

“DO IT OR DIE!!! I can figure out how to work these buttons, you can’t live if we kill you,” Poke threatens the alien.
With that, Tilrodius presses a button on his belt.

“Tilrodius to Joogar, Tilrodius to Joogar. Joogar, do you copy?”

“Joogar here. Everything going according to plan?”

“Yes. The cubs are all dead. Time to kill the king and get out of here. Activate the self-destruct system.”

“On it.”

Ed and Poke just stare at Tilrodius.

“You were planning on blowing the ship up anyway?” the pair asks.

“Not really. Joogar was planning it. I was going to turn him in.”

“You’re own father?” Ed asks, shocked to hear this news.

“He’s not my father. He only played it. But now I have no choice but to let him activate the self-destruct system.”

With that, sirens go off inside the ship.

“You’re attention please. This ship will self-destruct in two minutes. Please evacuate imediately. I repeat. You’re attention please. This ship will self-destruct in two minutes. Please evacuate imediately. I repeat…”

“Ok, Billy. Lock the door, and destroy the locking mechanism,” Poke demands.

Tilrodius turns to a console and pushes some buttons. A beep from the door is heard.

“Good, now send us home.”
The alien pushes another button on the console. Lights start to form underneath a ball connected to wires in the ceiling.

“Go under and you’ll be sent to Earth.”

“Good. Poke, go on ahead.”

Poke jumps into the light. He vanishes. Ed walks over to Tilrodius.

“You’re ok, Billy. Just a shame you chose to die.”

With that, Ed jams his drill into the temples of his former friend. The alien collapses imediately.

That was for you guys. Rest in peace Edna, Cynthia, and Laura.
With this, Ed takes his leave of the ship. On Earth, in Pouncefield, outside Billy’s house, the two cubs watch the explosion. Their suffering has ended.

“Ed! ED!!! Wake up Ed!!!” Ed hears Edna’s voice. “Ed, please wake up!”

Edward’s eyes open inside Billy’s house. He jumps up from where he is laying and looks around.

“But… but… what… wait…” Ed stammers.

“Jeez, I knew I’d scare you guys, but I didn’t think I’d scare any of you that bad,” Billy says with a laugh. “You scared me when you passed out from the light.” Billy points up at a disco light hanging on the ceiling. “Oh, by the way, these are my grandparents from Australia. They flew in to celebrate my first Halloween with me. We came up with the alien thing to spook you guys.”

“But Edna, and Cynthia… Laura… you all died! And Billy…”

“Ed, it was just a dream. Calm down,” Billy tells the worried fox assuringly. Ed does finally calm down, and they celebrate by watching a scary movie and telling ghost stories. 10 PM rolls around.

“Well, it’s getting late. I’ll catch you guys at school.”

“Goodnight Billy,” Ed, Edna, Cynthia, Pokeinfo, and Laura all say in unison as they walk out the front door.

“We’re going to go to bed too,” Billy’s grandfather says as he and Billy’s grandmother take their leave of the room.

Fifteen minutes pass. Stephen and Mary check the halls to make sure nobody’s lingering. They return to sit next to Billy on their couch.

“Those Earthlings look like they’d be good slaves. Don’t let them get too suspicious though,” Stephen tells Billy.

“Of course not, Joogar. Domination of Earth in name of Sypalupt is on the lines. Well, time for sleep. Good night Joogar, Vebarlia.”

“Good night Tilrodius,” both “parents” answer.

With that, Billy enters his room and goes to sleep. Thus ending Halloween 2007.