Billy’s Birthday

edit64Written by Billy Plats (2008)

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The sun rise shines on Pouncefield, inviting it’s residents with a warm, basking glow. Some furs are waking, some are still slumbering, and some are already heading off to work. Most of the cubs in Pouncefield and ignore the glow, but Billy can’t. He rises from his bed as soon as the first light breaks and he dashes out of his room. He runs to the kitchen, to see his parents awaiting his arrival.

“Happy birthday son,” they both say to Billy as he arrives.

“Thanks mom. Thanks dad,” Billy says with a gigantic smile.

“The big 13 now. Congratulations son. You’re now a teen,” Stephen tells Billy.

“Yeah, I know. So, are there any gifts I can open up yet?”

“Honey, you should wait until your party to open any gifts,” Mary informs her son.
“Aw, ok,” Billy says with a slight pout.

The day is celebrated as best as Billy could have ever dreamed. Steak and eggs for breakfast, his friends all coming over early for a day of fun and games, and even Geoff calling up to wish Billy a happy birthday. The call was short and somewhat hate filled, but it’s the thought that counts is all Billy thought when he got the call. The day wears on and it’s soon for his party. He and his friends are all gathered in the kitchen with the cake and gifts.

“Hey, where’s Sonia, Alex?” Billy asks his silver-furred friend.

“Beats me. She’s been gone all day,” Alex replies.

“Come to think of it, Edna wasn’t home at all today either,” Edward adds to the conversation.

“Really? She’s not here either? I was kinda hoping to see them today.”

“For what purpose, Billy?” Poke playfully asks with a chuckle.

“Good ol’ Pokeinfo. Is there ever a time your mind’s not on yiff?”

“Nope. I’d rather die before I go a second without thinking about yiff. It’s the best sport in the world!” the lion cub yells playfully.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Billy replies.

“Ok kids. Settle down. We can either have cake first or gifts first,” Mary informs Billy.

“Ok. Well, start opening then.”

Billy starts with the smaller boxes and opens them. He receives a Wii from Edward, a bike from Paige and Jenny, and a weird ring from Poke.

“A ring?” Billy asks his friend.

“Yeah. Cock-ring. You put it on your…” Pokeinfo begins.

“I’d rather not know! Thanks none-the-less,” Billy says, cutting Poke off.

“Hey, don’t forget my gift,” Cynthia informs Billy.

“I’m not.”

Billy opens up another small gift.

“A box of condoms?”

“Open the box up,” Cynthia commands the confused platypus.

Billy does as instructed and opens the box. Inside there’s a $100 bill.

“What a unique way to give me money, Cyn,” Billy laughs.

“Just one more gift, honey. It’s a big one too,” Mary informs Billy.

Billy looks at the large box.

“Jeez, this is big. Ok, let’s open it.”

Billy unwraps the gift. He pulls the lid off the box contained within the paper and looks inside. Soon, the walls of the box collapse exposing three naked cubs. Sonia, Jen, and Edna.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” all three shout.

Billy blushes upon the sight.

“Uh… what’s… uh…”

“We’re your gift, silly,” Sonia tells Billy. “We all pitched in on this one. You have the three of us to yourself the rest of the night.”

“What’re we waiting for then? Girls, to my room. Now!” Billy says with a laugh. Within seconds, the four cubs disappear from the kitchen.

“Lucky son of a gun,” Poke says with a grumble.

And so this is how Billy’s first birthday in Pouncefield is spent. Happy birthday, Billy Plats.