A School Days Halloween (2005)

edit64Story by Dingo Paige

DISCLAIMER: This is only fanfic fantasy, not reality. The author(s) do not advocate this sort of behaviour in any form. “School Days“ and assorted characters are © Krezz Karavan @ Palcomix.com. “Dingo Paige“ character © Dingo Paige. This story is not to be reproduced, copied, or otherwise published anywhere, in any way shape or form, without the express permission of the author.

Rodriguez felt amazing… he didn’t know if it was the two tablets of his dad’s Viagra he’d stolen and popped, or the funny-tasting mushroom stew his big sister had made for her college friends that was making him feel the way he was… all he knew was he had to get his rocks off or… or… he’d farking just shrivel up and die! Walking with a swaying stoop, he trundled towards the Fox’s front door. He wasn’t even sure why he was here… it seemed like hours since he’d left home… or was it? He was feeling like walking in a dreamland or something… plus there was something happening in the front of his shorts that was just plain weird…

Edna answered the unsteady knocking she’d heard, a little surprised to see the croc Rodriguez from school standing there. He looked a little weird – she couldn’t quite put her finger on it tho. She invited him in, despite being home alone – she knew he was OK if he was from school. Oh poor young gullible foxy cub! Before the door was closed behind him, the young horny croc was all over her, ripping clothes off as she screamed in shock and fright. Clamping a hand over her anxious mouth, he easily picked her up and dragged her upstairs to a bedroom. Edna tried to struggle and break free from his iron grasp, but the more she tried, the more useless it seemed. She’d never seen any boy like this before – the wild look in his eyes, the breath coming in ragged gasps, the hurtful hands… by the time they got to the bedroom door, Edna was pretty well freaked right out! The spaced-out Croc-boy tossed her onto the nearest handy bed and straddled her small red fur chest. Edna screamed as he ripped off the last remaining shreds of her clothing, as his drool dribbled out of the corner of his mouth.
“I’ve wanted you for too long… I can’t wait any more! Now or never!” Rodriguez kinda chanted to himself as if he was a long long way away. With one massive arm across her struggling chest, he ripped his own clothing off and tossed them in a forgotten pile across the room. Kneeling upright above Edna, she let out another piercing scream at the sight that met her… Rodriguez’ cock wasn’t it’s normal size – it was *massive*!
“It’s… it’s as long as… my school ruler…!” Edna thoughts froze. She tried to kick and scratch him to get away, but nothing had any affect on the crazed boy. His enormous cock throbbed and bobbed up and down above her quaking-with-fright chest with every beat of his racing heart, spraying hot slick precum all over the young vixen’s flat furry chest.
“Must be the Viagra…” Rodriguez thought fleetingly, surprised at the size of his own member shuddering expectantly beneath him… or perhaps it was just a dream…? He didn’t know what was going on himself, but he knew what he wanted – no needed – to do. Take her. Now! Do it!

As he positioned his body further down her struggling eight-year-old body, Edna’s fear reached new heights. Here she was home all alone with this monster who wanted to… oh my god – no *way* would it be physically possible – for that giant *thing* to fit in there! A giant hand covered her terrified screaming mouth as Rodriguez began to enter the kicking, crying child. Edna felt pain – pain like she never knew existed before, as he thrust his 12+ inches of muscle hurriedly and suddenly deep inside her. He felt her body change as he ploughed into her… things began to tear and rip somewhere deep in her as he pushed himself all the way to the hilt inside the hysterical cub. Edna’s pain was practically unbearable, and one of her last conscious thoughts was of the copious amounts of blood pouring out from her ripping pussy… as she passed out, Rodriguez renewed his lustful thrusting in and out of the blood-spattered crotch of his rag-doll-limp lover underneath him. He’d never felt anything like this before… her insides were so warm and mushy and totally wild… his own eyes were rolling into the back of his head as he began to convulse and jerk wildly. He could sense every drop of the gallons of spooge travelling from his swollen nuts thru the length of his turgid prick, and screamed in excited delight… the sight of all the blood drove him wilder with each thrust… then the massive cock swelled to obscene proportions deep inside the unconscious cub, tearing even more internal walls away violently. Cumming like a garden hose, the possessed boy grabbed Edna by the hips and rammed himself as deep as he possibly could inside the unconscious cub. The end of his knot briefly rubbed against a cracking rib as he filled his lustful desire inside this focus of his wet dreams of a whole year.

“Get – off – my – SISTER!!!”

Ed stood in the doorway, in shooting stance, his dad’s handgun pointing directly at the croc’s head. As Rodriguez turned towards to the new noise he was vaguely aware of beside him, his body kept automatically thrusting up into the bloody mess beneath him that was once Edna.

A short, quick click, a shudderingly-huge bam. One bullet.

The remains of the croc fell beside the blood-spattered bed as Ed rushed over breathless to see his sister. She was obviously dead. There was blood… so much blood… everywhere… and bloody grey spatter all over the opposite wall too…

Ed stopped and saw his reflection in the mirror. His sister was dead. Dead! How was he going to go on without her? How could he possibly imagine life without her as part of it? And now… he was a murderer as well… what had he done…?!?

He raised the pistol to his open mouth and cocked the trigger…

“Ed…? Ed! Wake up… wake up, bro!” Edna’s voice came from a long long way away, as she shook him back to consciousness. “You were having some massive nightmare Ed! You were really starting to freak me out! I could hear you calling out and yelling and thrashing about… are you alright…?”
Ed wasn’t quite sure what was going on. A dream…? No way… it was way too *real*!
“Come on, Ed. It’s nearly trick or treat time. Better get up. Remember, Rodriguez will be here soon, and he’s got those Halloween lollies he wants to give us, you remember? The ones that look like crazy little mushrooms and Viagra tablets…?”

Ed’s eyes opened wide as his stomach involuntarily spasmed and projectile-vomited all over Edna…

*End of story*