A Saturday Well Spent

edit64Story by Roo Fursworth

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A while ago… well, just before the trip the guys had away I spent a day with Paige and Ed you know… a guys day out.
Anyway the whole point was to get away from the girls, not that we don’t spending time with them, but oddly enough after a while they all fall into the same heat cycle and we do our best but the lads need some rest! So we’re having a day.
Not really knowing Pouncefield at this stage I left it to Ed and Paige to decide where we went, as it turned out Paiges dad had a boat so after a long “how to” talk with the old guy we went down to the harbor and checked it out.
“So what are we looking at here?” asked Ed, looking a bit puzzled at the weathered boat bobbing in the water.

“A boat silly!” chuckled Paige
“I KNOW it’s a boat, but how’s it work?”
“Simple, I just put the key in and…oh, well I guess its bust” Paige flustered turning the key
“Lets have a look” I said ducking under the control panel “Pass me the multitool from my backpack would ya?” I asked from underneath
After a short rummage someone passed it to me, dunno who I could see see? xD anyways it turned out there was a loose wire or two and one wire was rotted through so I had to patch it from another wire… a bit of a botch job really, but I turned the key anyway and sure enough she fired up, spluttering a cloud of smoke before her engine ticked over nicely.
“heh easy when you know how!” I beamed
“Nice work!” congratulated Ed
“Well… I knew it was that, I coulda fixed it” laughed Paige taking his place at the boats wheel, checking everything just how his ol man taught him.
It was about 10am but the time we weighed anchor and we chugged our little craft out to sea, lorf know how far we went… we could still see the coast thought, Mr. Dingo told us not to go too far.
Anyways we stopped the boat in a quiet spot and all cast our lines, I myself am not really I fisher… but it was nice, after a while we got bored of the silence and flashed up the radio the band that were on “The Power of Yiff” had visited Pouncefield a short while ago… according to Paige anyway! So I wasn’t too sure how true that was, DP liked to pull the odd leg heh.
After snaffling all the PB and J sammiches my mom had packed for us we raided the onboard fridge, sure enough there were a few tins of beer in there along with a bottle of rum (all sailors drink rum, heh apparently) so bored with the fishing we attacked the rum… playing drinking games for shots… a round of strip poker, which I think Paige lost on purpose… an excuse to get naked I think.
Me and Ed gave the drongo dingo some stick for drinking water between his shots… his excuse was “knowing” how to drink or summit!
“ED! I have a question for yous” I slurred after losing a game of fuzzy duck
“oh myah?” said Ed trying to fit his tail in a shot glass
“do yooou… uh… you like guys right?”
At this point the pretty much sober Paige bursts out laughing, so much so he’s doubled over
“What!? No! what the heck gave you that idea?” chuckled Ed
“Its jus… like I never hear you talking bout girls n stuff, let alone see yas with one”
“As a matter of fact oh all knowing Roo, I have a girlfriend… heh she’s away on holiday”
“Ahhh I see! Right right, heh good! Here’s me thinking you fancied me too! Aww shame” I joked dealing the cards again
“I got a game for ya!” says Paige recovering for his gigglefit “like a race”
“I don’t think I could manage a run right now” said Ed giving up on his tail fitting in the glass
“Oh its not a run… we paw off over the side of the boat and whoever shoots first wins, loser has to down the last of the rum” instructs Paige
Im looking at this bottle, so far it seemed never ending there’s about three good gulps left in it.
“yea screw it, I’m game” I say standing
So we line up with our wangs out, completely in the fur each of us pawing off… I’m sure you don’t need a running commentary of that!
Anyways I’m sad to report boys and girls I lost! Ed won with Paige a close second… now I know why he’s nicknamed “Firehose” heh eww!
“And Roo are outta here!” cheered Ed
“Myah down the rum, argh like a real sailor” says Paige
So I grab this bottle I’m looking at it… “don’t pirates say argh?” I tease
“Whatever jus drink it” laughs Ed
“Alright alright 3..2…1” I close my eyes a gulp it down, not a good idea… all I could manage was “What’s that smell?” before I was out for the count.
(Pieced together from after we got home)

“Ha! Pricless!” Said Paige as he picked me up from the deck, lying me on my back rather than my face.
“Hey Paige… what IS that smell?” asked Ed sniffing
“Oh that? Smells like burning plastic” Paige said sitting in a deckchair
“What?! But Paige… we’re out at sea!”
“hmm? Holy feck you’re right!” Paige gasped jumping up
“It’s the panel! Look there its smoking!”
Now what happens next was totally unbelievable… I needed telling twice, all of Paige’s insanity and crazyness went out the port hole and he took control… calmly starting the boat and powering it ashore as fast as it would go.
Ed told me there was smoke everywhere and flames licking out and everything.
I awoke heavy headed on Poucefield Bay beach with Ed’s grinning face beaming at me.
“We’re lucky to be alive mate” said the grinning fox
“huh? We’re what? How’d I get here?” where’s my gear? Clothes and that?”
“oh on the boat” said Paige from behind me
I sit up “why are you two still undressed?”
THEN I get told the tale of Paige, along with the beach crash.. and the part where I get dragged… still sleeping mind you out of the burning shipwreck and then the part when the boat goes boom along with our clothes.
So there we are, all bolloky buff in front of Paige’s dad after we had to streak home… I just know we were seen, how we’ll live it down I don’t know.
“So the boats gone?” asks Mr. Dingo
We all nod, waiting for the yelling and punishment.
“yaaahooo!” cheers the ol guy “do you kids know how much that ol tub was insured for?” beamed MR. Dingo.
All in shock we just stood there.
“well it was a LOT! Now I can get a new one! Heh you three did me a favour!”

So we got away with it.. and MR. Dingo takes us out in the SS Dingo every Sunday, but I’ll never forget that Saturday… even Paige isn’t as mad as we all thought… and as it turned out Eds got a girl! Who I still haven’t met… heh I wonder if it was a blag?

*End of the story*