Summer Days – Chapter 2 “First Night of Many”

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– First Night of Many –

The late afternoon just seems to hang there like, dragging slowly, slower than a snail making its way across a tree limb. The moving truck leave as the last of the family items are put into the house to make it a home. Grandmother thanks the moving men and various relatives who helped with the moving, giving them a thermos of hot coffee and wrapped sandwiches for their return trip to NYC. She turns to look at the house and gives a sigh before walking in.

In his room, Fernando goes through a box with his name on it, and pulls out his laptop- A Mac Powerbook, though a couple of years old, its his prized possession besides his microscope, telescope, samurai sword collection and the gun mom had given him before moving to Pouncefeild. He puts the laptop on his desk, positioning it just right on the flat surface. He then goes back to sit on his bed, the bottom on a set of bunk beds set one on top of the other.

Rachel walks into the room, seeing her brother on the bed, goes next to him, sits down and leans against him.

“Grandma says that dinner will be ready in an hour.”, Rachel tells him.

“Thanks.”, Fernando tells her. He continues staring at the room.

“What you thinking?”, Rachel asks.

“I’m just wondering when are you going to put your stuff out so I can get the rest of the space for my stuff.”, Fernando answers.

“I think I’ll keep them in the box for now. Neater that way.”, Rachel stated.

Fernando sighs and slightly shakes his head.

“What?!!”, Rachel asks.

“I was hoping to get all our stuff in order before bedtime.”, Fernando answers.

“I can do that during the week…”, Rachel explains.

“A week will be too long.”, Fernando complains. She notices her bro rubbing the temples at the side of his head.

“You OK?”, she asks.

Fernando pushes her slightly and crawls onto the bed and curls up into a ball.

“Do I look OK?”, Fernando keeps from yelling at her.

Rachel climbs over him on the bed and lays next him, facing him. She reaches out to him, pulling his head to hers until their foreheads touch.

“Can you take off your glasses so I can see your eyes?” Rachel asks quietly.

“The light will hurt my eyes.”, Fernando tells her.

“Aww… I just want to see if they’re purple. That’s all.”

“They’re fine.”, he tries not to yell at her

“But you’re not.”, she tells him.

“How I feel is my business.”, he responds.

“Its also my business. I want you to be happy and I will do anything to make you happy.”, she tells him, starting off on a non-stop rant.

“Rachel…”, he tries to interrupt her.

“You saved me, so I owe you everything. That’s a price I’m willing to pay you and only you, anytime, anyplace, anyway until forever. So, what do you want? A quickie feelie, maybe jerk you off, how about a blowjob, some hot nookie action, or a quickie yiffie? You say it and I’ll gladly give it.”, she continues, then stops to see if he would answer.

Fernando just sighs. “Why?”

“I know you boys are always horny, because we girls are just as horny if not more..”, she says as she snuggles up to him. “No matter how many girlfriends you have or what girl you stick your dick into, you have me for that when you get home or when we’re together because I’m your loving little sister who will love you forever.”, she adds.

Fernando tilts his head a bit and kisses her on the forehead. “Thanks for caring.”

“Your needs are my needs too.”, Rachel says.

“Rachel…”, he calls to get her attention.

“What?’, she finally answers in a question.

“Time to get out of this bed before we end up doing something. Besides, I can hear grandma yelling about answering the door.”, he explains.

“The door?’, Rachel asks.

“Yes…”, Fernando answers. Then she picks up on the faint sound of both the doorbell and grandma yelling.

Rachel jumps out of the bed and goes running out of the room. Fernando slowly gets up and straightens out the bed before stepping out of the room with his cane and looks down the stairs as Rachel opens the door. It was the neighbors from down the street, parents of Edna who was with them and her brother Edward. The parents were carrying large covered plates of food. Fernando starts to walk down the stairs.

From the stairs, he talks to them, “How can we help you?”

“We’re the welcoming committee. So, Welcome to Pounce Field!”, both parents said in unison. Fernando makes his way down the stairs, tapping each step with the cane.

“See, told you he was blind.”, Edna whispers loudly.

“That’s not nice to mention someone’s handicap.”, the mother whispers back. Fernando walks up to them, standing behind Rachel.

“I’m not handicapped. Yes, I heard you from up the stairs, but handicap are those who cannot deal with their conditions. I can, and once I get used to living here, I won’t be needing the cane anymore.”, Fernando tells them.

The parents look at him as if he was something… he was something alright.

“Now, how can I help you? Did you go to the others first?”, Fernando asks.

“Oh! No, others from the welcoming committee are doing those houses. We choose your place cause Edna met you earlier… Hmmm… so where is the parents?”, the mother explains and then asks.

“Its just us 3, and grandma. Grandma don’t know English so we do all the talking and translating for her.”, Fernando explains

“Don’t know English?”, the father says to himself.

“We’re Puerto Rican. She lived on the island long enough not to need English in her life time.”, Fernando explains.

“*Ahem*”, the mother goes, nudging the large covered plate towards them.

“Rachel, show them to the kitchen, I’ll go get grandma.”, he tells her. Fernando starts to walk away, tapping the cane in front of him.

“Such a young age to be the man of the house.”, the father says, though not too loud.

“I HEARD THAT!”, Fernando yells from across the house.

“You have to watch what you say, Fernando has some very sensitive ears.”, Rachel tells them. “Come, the kitchen is this way.”

“So, a grandmother. No mother or father?”, the mother asks as they walked along.

“Mother was opposed to moving to here from New York City, so she stayed. As for a father, I would not know cause I’m adopted. The boys are not.”, Rachel explains.

“Adopted?” the father asks.

“Dear, lets not get into the details of their personal lives.”, the mother says.

“Too late for that.”, Rachel continues. “My mother was a drug addict, and bad things happened. Fernando’s family took me in to protect me from what was going on and later on my mom died from a drug overdose. Because she died, I became an orphan and they adopted me. That is all there is to that.”

“Your mother died because of drugs..?”, the mother asks.

“Yep. Cocaine, heroine, pot, crystal-meth, pills, you name it, she did chasing that high she could never obtain. She also did bad things to get those drugs”, Rachel answers.

“You see kids, Drugs are no good!”, the mother tells Edna and Edward.

“Not even cigarettes!”, the father added.

For a while they have been standing in a kitchen area, with a small table and chairs set aside as a dining area.

“You can put that stuff there.”, Rachel says as she points at the table.

For a moment they wait for Fernando to arrive with their grandmother in tow. Once in the kitchen, she goes to the sink and quickly washes up before turning to the neighbors.

{Translated from Spanish}

“Who are these people, Fernando?”, the grandmother says.

“They are the welcoming committee, welcoming the family to the town. They are here to help…”, Fernando tries to explain.

“If they are here to help, they should have been here hours ago!”, the grandmother says sternly to him.

“Grandma, lets be nice. They brought food for us.”, Fernando tells her.

“Food? We’re not the starving poor! How dare they think like that! Send them on their way!”, Grandma yells at him.

The father walks over to Fernando and the grandmother, trying out the bit of Spanish he learned but never used since high school. He extends a hand to the grandmother, in hopes for a handshake. “Hola, Sen-yourita… Me Queso es two queso…”, he says.

The grandmother looks at him as if he was stupid. She walks away complaining how crazy these people were, and ordering Fernando to send them home. Fernando starts to walk to the dining area, shaking his head.

“I thought I said the right thing…”, the father stated.

“Uhm… Latin women never shake hands with anyone, especially with men. Further more what you told her was ‘Young lady, my cheese is your cheese.’ You totally disrespected her maturity and elder status by calling her a young lady for one, and that whole thing about the cheese… what were you thinking?”, Fernando stated.

“Isn’t Queso House in Spanish?” the father asks.

“Queso is Cheese. Casa is house or home. I know they sound alike but they are not the same thing. Well… Anyways, Grandma wants you out. Maybe we can do this again, next year?!!”, Fernando tells them

“Next year?!!”, they all say at once.

“Yeah. About a year for Grandma to get used to this place and you guys used to us so this wont happen again.”, Fernando stated before picking up the covered plate of food and handing it back to their mother.

Fernando starts to walk to the living room and to the front door of the house, “Look, no disrespect to you all, you are very nice people but grandma does not want unknown visitors in the house unless she can talk to them directly. Which means- brush up on your Spanish, and I caution you, she may not speak English but she lived in New York City long enough to understand it when she hears it.”

He opens the door to them and waits for them to walk out. They stand outside of the yard momentarily giving their salutations before walking out of the yard. As they step out of the yard and onto the sidewalk, two squirrel girls run into the yard and onto the house’s porch area, both knocking on the door. One was the white squirrel name Cathy that Edna met earlier. The other was a black squirrel, which she did not know. The door opens and they run in.

“Aren’t those the other new neighbor girls? Why would they be going in there?”, the mother asks.

“Because they all went to school with each other…”, Edna answered.

“They did?”, the father asks.

“They all know each other, they all came here from New York City because things were going bad over there.”, Edna explains.

“And you know this from…”, the mother starts to ask.

“I know it because Cynthia and I met with them earlier today while roller skating.”, Edna answers. Then she adds, “Can I go join them?”

“I don’t know.”, the father started to say.

“Go ahead dear, and take your brother with you. Come back before dinner time, and if anything happens, run back home immed…”, the mother stated.

Edna takes Edward by the wrist and pulls him through the gate before her mother could finish the sentence as she ran for the door. Somewhere along the way she yells, “THANKS MOM!” The door opens and Edna goes in, pulling Edward inside with her.

As they start walk down the street, the father starts their conversation. “Are they going to be OK in there?”, he asks.

“There are 3 girls and 1 boy in that house, and the boy is handicapped. Besides, Edna says she knows the girls, so what could possibly happen.”, the mother stated. “Best for them to be friends now than enemies later… just because somebody said something about their cheese, does not mean we can slight them…”

“I remember Queso being the male directive noun for house and Casa the female noun for home.”, the father stated in his defense.

“Well, one of us better brush up on his Spanish and Latino Culture and apologize to the little old lady before she gets offended again and declares world war 3 on the community.”, the mother says.

Inside Fernando’s house, the girls gather in the living room. Even though the couch and the other seats were put into place, they all sat on the floor, mostly around Fernando. Edna and Edward kept their distance from the crowd but stayed together. Rachel got some chips and drinks they got along the long day of moving, and passed them around to everyone before sitting back down with Fernando.

“So what brings everyone over?”, Fernando asks.

“Aint it obvious?”, Cathy tells him. “It not for Jorge or Grandma.”

“We’re here for you.”, the black squirrel says. “But who are you two?”, she asks pointing at Edna and Edward.

“You must be Juanita…” Edna started to say.

“That’s nice…”, looking sternly at Cathy. “Now who is she to know my name?”

“EEP!”, Cathy says to herself, realizing that she did not get the girl’s name earlier from before.

“So, we got people who know our names and where we live and we know nothing about them. Gee, thanks a lot girls.”, Fernando started to say. “I’m going to my room and you all better sort all this out before I need to take out weapons and defend my new home!” With that he gets up and trots to the stairs, leaving his cane behind. He trips on the first couple of steps but then rights himself and runs up the stairs, and manages to get into his room once he finds the door.

Rachel tries to go after her but Cathy grabs her tail and pulls her back to the circle, hard enough to make her fall on her ass.

“OW! That Hurts!”, Rachel yells at her.

“Let him go.”, Cathy tells her. “Unlike me being his girlfriend, you will have him all to yourself all night long.”

“Of course, I’m his ever loving sister…”, Rachel sticks her tongue out at Cathy.

“Ladies… we got company.”, Juanita says the them.

The three of them turn to face Edna and Edward.

“OK, you know who we are, now, who are you two?”, Cathy tells them in a stern voice.

Edna answers for them, “I’m Edna, and this my ever loving older brother Edward. We moved here about a year ago in the light blue house down the street.”

“Ever loving… you sound as bad as this one.”, Cathy says as she points to Rachel.

“What do you mean by that?” Edna started to say.

“Had it her way, she would have her brother do her lovely. Now what is it with you younger sisters wanting to do your older brothers?”, Cathy states and then asks.

“Its normal to fantasize about someone you greatly care about. Don’t you have a brother of your own?”, Edna explains and then asks.

“I got a twin sister, and she did not want to move here so she stayed in New York City.”, Cathy answers.

“Oh…”, Edna replied.

“Maybe we should go home…”, Edward spoke.

“No!”, Edna said aloud as she pulled to get Edward to sit down again. “How else are we going to be friends?”

“Excellent point.”, Juanita added. “But…”

“But what?’, Cathy asked.

“What about Fernando? Shouldn’t he be here with us?”, Juanita stated in question.

“I’ll go get him…”, Rachel started to say as she got up, buy had her tail pulled by Cathy to stay seated on the floor. “OW! Why you being so mean today?!!”

“I’ll get him… somehow.” Juanita said as she got up.

She walks up the stairs and following the foot prints in the rug, she goes into Fernando’s room. She finds him laying on the bed with a pillow and an arm over his eyes. She sits down by the edge of the bed, taking his arm and giving it a nudge.

“Fernando, dear… can you come down?”, Juanita asks.

“No, I don’t want too.”, he answers her.

She fights to take the arm off the pillow but finds it futile to do so. She then takes the pillow and yanks up over his head. He immediately sits up and grabs the arm with the pillow. For a moment they stare into each other eyes. His pupils seem to close up as they do.

“Cathy told me that they were beautiful but I never expected them to be as she describes.”, Juanita tells him.

“Oh yeah- what colour are they?”, Fernando asks.

“Red mostly on the inside and yellow on the outside with a black ring.”, Juanita answers.

“Red means I’m angered as I am about to kill you and yellow means my pain killing endorphins are running high from what you did to keep the pain to a minimum.”, Fernando tells her.

“What did I do?”, Juanita asks. “All I was trying to do is get your attention to get you down stairs, that’s all.”

“You exposed my eyes to light, and that hurts… a lot! Now I cant see! Why you think I wear those glasses- for show?”, Fernando tries not to yell at her.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I forget!, Really! I did!”, Juanita tells him.

“Just shut up…”, Fernando tells her. He bows his head and closes his eyes.

“But…”, Juanita tries profusely apologize.

“Juanita, lets end it right there before one of our feelings gets hurt.”, Fernando tells her.

Fernando tries to go back to bed, gets entailed with Juanita who was trying to go after the pillow she yanked away from him before. They both fall on the bed together, with her on top of him.

“Juanita…”, Fernando begins to tells her.

“I didn’t mean too, I was going to give your pillow back.” Juanita tries to explain.

“By trying to go over me?”, Fernando asks.

“The pillow was… over… there…”, Juanita was trying to say but realizes the futility of pointing to where the pillow was if Fernando could not see where she pointing to. “How can I make it up to you?”

“You cant.”, Fernando says.

“Why not?”, Juanita asks.

“You owe me too much since the first day we met, girl. From smashing my fingers with your locker door when you tried to hide me in it, to dropping a shelf full of books on my head at the library while trying to hide me in the fire place! I swear, if you were to suck my dick you’d probably bite it off by accident.”, Fernando tells her.

“I Would Not!”, Juanita almost yells. She spins about to start unzipping his pants and reaching into his briefs, taking his penis from inside.

“What are you doing!”, Fernando yells at her!

“I’m gonna show you!”, Juanita started to say before putting it into her mouth and begins to perform fellatio on him.

Though at first Fernando protests, he stops as she continues. In his mind her momentarily curses Juanita out but the thought quickly fades away for obvious reasons. Though for Juanita it was the first time, she remembers what Cathy had said about the subject on more than one occasion.

Cathy thinks that what ever is going on upstairs, it was taking too long. She decides to go up stairs and find out. The others follow. Soon they were at the door and enter the room.

“JUANITA!!!”, Cathy yells at her.

“FERNANDO!”, Rachel yells as well, but unsure why. It has happened before, but Cathy being caught before.

Juanita pulls away from Fernando’s penis, but still holds onto it. “ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!”, she yells at them.

Behind the girls, Edna starts to giggle at the scene, as her and her brother saw the whole thing when they entered the room.

“YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY BOYFRIEND NOW?!!”, Cathy yells at her.

“ITS NOT WHAT YO THINK!”, Juanita tries to explain.


The two continued arguing, eventually leaving the room. Rachel sits down on the bed next to her brother, “You got a lot of explaining to do…”

Edna takes her brother by the hand and takes him home, saying, “I think they need some alone time…*giggle…*”

After a while, the house was quiet again. Jorge arrives a couple of hours later. Grandma sets dinner for the family, and after clean up and a couple of hours of TV, everyone retires to their rooms.

Fernando lays on his bed in just his briefs and a blanket to cover him, staring up at Rachel’s top bunk, but not able to see a thing. Rachel was wearing a t-shirt and panties, as she always did, holding on to the side of her bed as she looks down at her older brother from the top bunk.

After a while, she begins to tire out from holding on. She climbs down to the floor and kneels down besides Fernando’s bed.

“Fernando?”, Rachel asks. “Are you awake?”

“What is it this time?”, Fernando asks

Rachel climbs into his bed and under his blanket. He wanted to protest but it would have been futile, as she seemed to always get things her way. The sudden rise of his blood pressure made his dick get hard, and she was the first to notice the results.

“Happy to see me?” she asks as she tapped the end of his joystick with her finger.

‘No!”, he whispers loudly at her taking her hand away from his groin area.

“Then what is it?”, Rachel asks with some concern.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.”, Fernando tells her.

“Its Juanita… isn’t it?”, Rachel blurts out.

No answer from Fernando, as he tries to turn away from his little sister on the bed.

“I know what will put you to sleep.”, she whispers in his ear.

“What?”, as he turned back to face her.

“Let me finish where she left off, and they will get you calmed down enough to sleep.”, Rachel tells him.

“Look, we cant…”, Fernando started to say.

“Cant what? Fuck? Do the wild thing? Have sex? Come on, we’re mammals, so lets do it like they like do on the Discovery Channel…”, Rachel went off somewhere between being nice and telling him off while pinning him down on the bed. “I’m not real your real sister, just an adopted one, and even then, before the adoption we were friends! And We Used Fool Around Back Then!”

“I cant see right now..”, he says softly to himself but loud enough to be heard.

“Not being to see has no impact on what we do… WAIT! What do you mean you cant see?!!”, Rachel started to say but suddenly switched.

“That damn Juanita is so accident prone, she exposed me to the light in the room and my eyes shut down, and all she could say was how beautiful they were… ARGH!!!”, Fernando kept back from yelling.

“So, Uhm… how she ended up polishing your knob?”, Rachel asks.

“I told her outright that if she were suck my dick, that she would accidentally would bite it off. Then she went off and tried to prove that she wouldn’t do that!”, he explained.

“And that was when we came in and caught her…”, Rachel says to herself while trying not to laugh. “So your eyes are shut down again?”

“For at least 3, 4 days, if not a week.”, he tells her.

“Well, that’s no problem for you, right? You been blind so many times before.”, Rachel stated.

“Not in a new place where I haven’t remembered where things are at. You see my problem is?”, Fernando tells her.

“I’ll always be there for you, you know that.”, she tries to reassure him. She adds a kiss to seal the deal with.

For while there was silence, but they were still awake. Fernando goes to sleep first, and Rachel notices. She waits for a while longer as she lays on top of him lightly playing with his whiskers and hair. About a 1/2 hour later she crawls under the blanket and gives her brother a blowjob while she played with herself until he came.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to clean herself up, she returns to her brother’s side and goes to sleep as she holds him like a giant teddy bear.

– End of First Night of Many –

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