School Days

Characters’ Data Sheets


Chapter 1 – The new one


The misadventures of Edward Foxx has just begun. Available in English, Czech, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Chapter 2 – Beware of Mrs Trousers


Edward will realize that some students are just not good for sports and related activities. Available in English, Czech, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Chapter 3 – Not to run is not an option


Violence and bullying, what else do you expect in a school like that? But some luck is available too. Available in English, Czech, Russian and Spanish.

Chapter 4 – Bulletproof Love


Now Edna has her opportunity to bright with the love of someone near her. Beware of the crazy goat! Available in English, Russian and Spanish.

Chapter 5 – Addicted to win


Win, win and win! Is that the whole purpose of your life? Think about it, you can be hurting someone with your attitude. Available in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Comic – Edna’s Revenge


A domination and submission comic project by Ecchinemi.

Commissioned Works and Trades


Comic – The hunting

The naughty Twee Twins are here! And their cousin Pokeinfo will “suffer” because of them. Available in English, Russian and Spanish.

Softpaw Works

Special Pics


3D and Animations

St Lovejoy’s campus plans


Wallpapers related to the School Days universe, for your viewing pleasure.